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  1. scottftlc says:

    One for the ages…maybe we should call Marshawn Mr. January. As timely in a big situation as Reggie was.

  2. Classic!!!

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Lol, I’ll never tire of seeing that.

  4. This just made the #1 play in the Top 10 on Sportcenter. They also said it was one of the greatest runs in playoff history. And that honor is well deserved. This very well may have been the best run in Seahawks history, considering how many tackles he broke, the stiff arm, the TD and the fact that a playoff game was on the line.

  5. What a great day! Just finishing up watching the DVR of the game. The Lynch run is indeed one for the ages. This season has far exceeded anything I could have hoped for. I dare to dream of us pulling off another upset. GO HAWKS!!

  6. BobbyAyala says:

    How many backs in this league can make a run like that?


    Peterson maybe.

    Just an epic run. Best ever in Seahawks history. Maybe the best ever in playoff history.

  7. 1 CAR
    2 DEN
    3 BUF
    4 CIN
    5 AZ
    6 CLE
    7 SF
    8 TEN
    9 DAL
    10 MIN
    11 DC
    12 HOU
    13 DET
    14 STL
    15 MIA
    16 NE from OAK
    17 JAX
    18 SD
    19 NYG
    20 TB
    21 (NO?)
    22 (IND?)
    23 . . .

  8. SeahawkFan12 says:


  9. Terryomsn says:

    The St Louis and Saints games were both wonders to behold.

    KLM008, who really cares about the draft right now. Just to add to that, whereever Seattle picks, I sure have a lot more confidence that Schneider and Carroll will only make year 2 better. I suspect that you will be complaining in September of next year, wanting an 0-16 team so that you can pick first in 2012.
    Go Hawks. Dallas here we come.

  10. Too cool. I’m going to be replaying clips of that run for the rest of my life. And laughing my a$$ off every time.

  11. Terryomsn (or Mr Williams) –
    I’m always interested in the draft – that’s why I pay attention to college football. College footballers are fodder for the pros.

    This year I’d heard the draft slots for teams in the playoffs are supposed to be based on how soon they lose in the postseason. So does that mean the teams that lost on Saturday pick before the teams that lose on Sunday?

    Or, is slotting based on some combination of postseason record and then regular season record (e.g. the teams that lose today and the teams that lost yeaterday, the better regular season record picks later)?

    And yes, it is also interesting that JS ‘s mentor, Ted Thompson, generally eschews FA and builds (selects starters) through the draft. Hawks took wild advantage of a lower-cost segment of free-agency (player cutdowns) to build their roster, but it meant they had little TC, and a short time to train with this team. After TC, there doesn’t sound like there’s too much opportunity to ‘train’, except ‘walk-thrus’. That may have effected the team’s record some.

    And yes, if Luck is available in 2012 draft, I would engineer the best-played 0-16 record for that season if I was HC to get him. And I’d fully expect every fan – who is a fan – to be in lock-step with the results. Getting a franchise QB locked up for 15 years, with at least 10 of those years spent winning the super bowl.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    klm008 – No. Teams eliminated Saturday would not necessarily draft ahead of teams eliminated Sunday. It’s determined by round (wildcard round, division round, etc…) Both yesterday and today’s games are part of the same round, so draft order would follow the standard process, tie-breakers, etc… Not the day of the week.

    And I presume that this;

    “And yes, if Luck is available in 2012 draft, I would engineer the best-played 0-16 record for that season if I was HC to get him. And I’d fully expect every fan – who is a fan – to be in lock-step with the results.”

    is sarcasm, for your sake.

  13. scottftlc says:

    Take a close look at The Run…and there is something pretty amazing and something pretty funny. The Saints’ #22…the guy that Marshawn threw to the turf with the straight-arm…he gets up and pursues Marshawn in what becomes something like a comical chase. Does it look to anyone else like he’s not all that committed to catching back up to Marshawn? He appears to be running about 3/4 speed (at best), sort of like he wants to show the coaches that he’s hustling and making a show of it…but definitely not like he’s committed to taking on Lynch once again!

    And at the end of The Run there are a bunch of Seahawks already in the endzone or right there…even Hasselbeck is at (or very near) the goal line when Marshawn crosses, and when the play started he was moving toward the other goal line about 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage. I had no idea he could run that fast. The entire team was in supreme-hustle mode.

    It’s very easy to tell from this run which team wanted this game more.

  14. Duke – not sarcasm. Do whatever you gotta do to build a team that will “win forever”.

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