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Carroll on starting QB: “Both guys are getting ready to start”

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 3, 2011 at 4:18 pm with 28 Comments »
January 3, 2011 4:18 pm

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll once again did a masterful job of deflecting questions on who his starting quarterback will be for Saturday’s game against New Orleans.

Carroll said that as of now both Matt Hasselbeck and Charlie Whitehurst will split reps with the first unit, and that he has not made a decision on who will start this week, leaving Seattle’s starting quarterback situation in limbo for a second straight week.

According to Carroll, Whitehurst also got banged up during one of his scrambles where he failed to slide yesterday.

“Right now our concerns are about health and making sure everything is okay,” Carroll said. “The way the game worked out, it really helped us. Charlie did a great job to survive that game and the rush was on him. He was running for his life sometimes, so it help us that he was out there.

“It was a game that would have been better for Matt not to be there under these circumstances in his short attempt at trying to return. He would have gone if we needed him, but the way it worked out, it helped us get ready for this week.”

Carroll went on to say that Hasselbeck looked good during pre-game in a controlled setting, but there was some concern how he would have dealt with the pass rush in a live situation.

Carroll did say that Hasselbeck will be practicing at full speed tomorrow, and that part of the issue with Hasselbeck playing on Sunday is the Seattle head coach had concerns about the veteran quarterback’s ability to fully function with the strained hip not fully healed.

“I hope you just understand that there’s no reason to call this like you want me to right now,” Carroll said. “And so we’re not going to until we get all of the information and we can make the best choice we can make. … Both guys are getting ready to start. Both guys are getting ready to play football”

Seattle will be missing a couple guys on Saturday. Offensive lineman Chester Pitts suffered a concussion on the first play he came in during the second quarter, and will not be available this week. And tight end Chris Baker suffered a fracture in his hip and will not play this week as well.

Carroll said receiver Brandon Stokley, who missed last week with a head injury, will be questionable for Saturday. However, Carroll said he believes there’s a chance he could play.

Carroll also gave props to defensive ends Chris Clemons and Raheem Brook. Both have career highs in sacks (Clemons lead Seattle at 11 and Brock is second with 9) and have a combined 20 on the season.

“They’ve been really good for us,” Carroll said. “This is one of the areas that we had to do is help us pass-rush wise, and John (Seahawks GM John Schneider) found a way to get Clem (Chris Clemons) here. And we were able to find Raheem when we got him. And both those guys have brought the kind of energy and pass rush that you really love.

“Both those guys are really quick. They have high motors. Raheem was all over the place yesterday, not just in the passing game. And both those guys bring an intensity that if you’re not getting off the line of scrimmage, they’re going to get you.”

Carroll also said he thought the offensive line struggled a little bit with Tyler Polumbus getting his first start at left guard.

“They had a lot of penetration on us and we did not protect as well as we had in other games,” Carroll said. “You saw them – they are a really good pressure team. And it’s not just with their front four guys, it’s the rushes that they combine and the looks and all they do. … So we have to be a lot more effective this week protecting the passer.”

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  1. williambryan says:

    Eric, (or Duke, i know you like to answer questions) I think McCoy is on IR right? so will there be a roster move to bring in a tight end? what should we expect to happen there?

  2. McCoy = IR

  3. Williambryan: Anthony McCoy is on IR, and right now they only have two healthy tight ends on the roster. So they could make a move, particularly with how much they use two TE sets. But for right now they have not placed Baker or Pitts on IR.

  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I like that! Keep the saints guessing all the way to game time! P.C knows darn well who he’s gonna start.

  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Eric, Anyone,

    When will Matt get that glove off? I know I have asked this several times before. Mabey it has already been answered and I just missed it.

  6. MattandCindy says:

    Yeah…I just got my PLAYOFF tickets for this Saturday. It still is so damn awesome to say….PLAYOFFS. Eat it hard, doubters.

  7. Carroll being very cagey here – and why not – the benefit it slight, but can only help.

    I’m sure we all know the play where CW got banged up – he took a real shot on that time where he was about to slide.

  8. 1970s 0
    1980s 4
    1990s 1
    2000s 5
    2010s 1 and counting

    It’s good to start the new decade and PC era with a playoff appearance. Here’s hoping the Seahawks win three Super Bowl titles this decade. (Yeah, I know, we’d be thrilled with just one. That’s what Pats fans said a decade ago.)

  9. mocarob says:

    Speaking of Clem and Brock… There was one stretch that Brock made the tackle 4 or 5 times in a row.. (whether it was qb or rb)

    Furthermore, I’m getting pretty frustrated at the times I see C&B hustle and get down field and make tackles in front of Curry. Curry looks like he doesn’t want to have anything to do with hitting these big RB’s lately. Coaches need to work with him.

  10. nighthawk2 says:

    I hope all the Whitehurst haters and idiots that pronounced him a “bust” are all still soaking their heads right now.

    “Charlie! Charlie! Charlie!”

  11. The AaronCurryIsABust guy was right all along. He appears entitled (from earlier season tweets), disinterested, sloppy fundamentals, lacks instincts, etc. Basically, his future is probably as a rush end but from one of the tweets earlier this season he was bitching about being an OLB and not something else. Well, buddy, you suck as an OLB. You’re an overpaid loser. Granted, you’re a rich loser, but with your demeanor on the field, if you have any pride in yourself… I have no idea how you could look at yourself in the mirror with respect to your professional career. I believe you have a bright future in the NFL as a rush end, but if you’re too good for that, that’s fine. You can be the loser you’ve become. As Duke pointed out to me, Curry played in the biggest game of his professional career yesterday. Zero Tackles. None. More worthlessness from our overpaid bust. Thanks, Ruskell.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    The fact the Rams were able to get close to consistent pressure has got to be a concern heading into the Saint game. Granted, Charlie bailed at times when he may have not needed to, but the Rams were able to blitz up the middle fairly successfully. Got to tighten that up.

    Carroll is so hard for me to predict. That said, I bet he goes with Charlie again. If he falters they’ll bring in Matt. But I think Matt would be more adept at coming off the bench and performing well, under these circumstances, that CW would if Matt were to start and get injured. That’s not necessarily how I’d approach it, but that’s my guess as to what Carroll will do.

  13. If that’s what your guess Mr. Happy will do, you know he’s going to do the opposite, right?

  14. hawkfan777 says:

    Matt will start.

    Charlie did a good job in relief. I was very happy to see that. I actually think if the Hawks handle him appropriately he may have a shot of becoming a good QB in this league some day. He just isnt ready yet. The Saints will be ready for the dinking and dunking that he did the whole game. He wont be able to get away with that in a second game and it appeared that he struggled with the intermediate and longer throws which surprised me. I thought that was supposed to be his strength.

    Matt played the Saints well and his confidence will be high. PC will give him the start as long as he is healthy enough to play.

  15. Yolohawk says:

    If Stokley is a go, then Matt starts….. If not I see CW starting.

    The part I liked best about seeing Chuck toss the ball is he isn’t seeing the routes that are being run the wrong way, he was seeing the guy who is open,,, (no excuses or whiney looks), after looking hard at his first pick he’s hanging on and running to beat hell!

    If PC want’s to play a head to head with the Saints then by all means put our leader/Hass in. If PC wants to get people wondering who Martin, OBO, or the guy scrambling then throwing 40 yards for a 10 yrd TD (I don’t see Hass making that TD) is then play Chuck.

    I hope Stokely is a go and I love that we have a versitile/unpredictable offense. Matt isn’t done and deserves tha chance to save face, and Chuck can do what he has to to keep us in it.

    Strong Dee, and we win!!!
    27-20 HAWKS!

    Either way, Norelins better be ready and play better than they did last week!

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Charlie is average and thats better than bad! There has been a few average qbs in the past that have started for a superbowl winning team.
    At this point I am glad that he is on our team, and I hope he gets better.

  17. SeahawkFan12 says:

    “I hope all the Whitehurst haters and idiots that pronounced him a “bust” are all still soaking their heads right now.

    “Charlie! Charlie! Charlie!”

    Charlie is average…at best. He did a fine job of MANAGING the game last night. As a major CW detractor (not a hater) I held to my word and supported “whomever started”…which ended up being Whitehurst. But get off the kool-aid buzz. Charlie beat a very inexperienced team who had deer-in-the-headlights performance last night. He is NOT the future of the franchise. Sorry.

    If he starts and beats NO Saturday night, call me out.

    As I said before Sunday’s game, I will support WHOLEHEARTEDLY either QB that starts, because I believe in supporting the team in feast AND famine.


  18. “As I said before Sunday’s game, I will support WHOLEHEARTEDLY either QB that starts, because I believe in supporting the team in feast AND famine.”

    Yeah, like plenty of people on here, Matt has been my favorite Seahawk for the last several years, for the reasons we all know, but I had zero problem rooting for and cheering on Charlie yesterday. It actually came very easily.

  19. I don’t think a lot of people expected Whitehurst to play well at all Sunday, unfortunately. His critics have been too quick to judge, though rightfully displeased. I’m glad he played well- this guy is the future of the franchise. Not Jake Locker, not Kellen Moore, not Ryan Mallett.

    Georgia, didn’t even think about that. Carroll should hide his hand all week, kind of a genius move.

    Why not start Whitehurst? Talk about growing up fast and getting some experience. I know Hass at his peak is a better player, but I’m not sure I trust him. I expect multiple turnovers from Hasselbeck, something a quarterback can’t do, especially in the postseason. Hasselbeck is my guy, but he’s done.

  20. Dukeshire says:

    Lol, that’s a lot of fun. Thanks for posting. “… and it wouldn’t be right to separate him from his brother. 20 did some great stuff tonight!”

  21. For a guy who’s almost 60, PC sure acts and sounds youthful. Love his enthusiasm. Watching that video, you’d think the Seahawks were 14-2. So glad they got rid of Mora and hired Pete.

    I wonder how Dennis Erickson feels, though. He had four seasons just as good, if not better, but couldn’t sniff a playoff spot.

  22. Okay After watching the Orange Bowl tonight I noticed a few things

    1. I would give my first born son for Luck on the Hawks (too bad I don’t have any sons)

    2. I also believe the RG from Stanford would look AWESOME in a hawks unform. actually I think I would draft all three 5th year seniors from the OL. they run block, they pass block . . . Bobbyk’s dream come true!!!!!!!

    3. I bet we could get one of the Stanford TE’s late in the draft.

    4. T. Taylor actually didn’t look that bad either, when he wasn’t getting punished!!!!

  23. I have to think the O-line health dictates who starts at QB
    We have Pitts out already and at the end of the Rams game Okung was walking on 1 ankle and Polumbus limping.
    Those guys both go I see Matt behind centre, one of those guys doesnt go or they both go but impaired I think Pete starts Charlie purely because he is more mobile

    So for me it rests on Okung and Polumbus to who starts at QB

  24. Luck is a reshirt sophomore and I saw him check down with more field awareness on almost any one drive than I’ve seen out of Whitehurst in all of his Seahawk snaps combined (pre & regular season). Before we go with the “but Luck plays now” argument, lets not forget this was a criticism of Charlie in his college years of starting too (when he was a full time starter himself). Yeah, that kid is the real deal. They say if you have two QBs that you really don’t have one (unless you’re the early 90s 49ers). Lets just get ONE!

  25. hambone08 says:


    I was listened to a replay of the Brock and Salk show last night and prior to that, I was convinced Hasselbeck was going to start this Saturday. I had thought Pete went with Charlie vs. the Rams in order to rest Hasselbeck and give Whitehurst a start since he’d taken all the snaps with the ones and developed a gameplan around him. After listening to Carroll on B&S, I think you’re right – Whitehurst will start.

    Listening to some of Pete’s comments, I get the feeling they’ll start Charlie and if we get into trouble early, i.e. maybe down by two touchdowns in the first or if he’s struggling and we’re just not moving the ball, then he’ll put in Matt. We’re in a catch twenty-two really because I feel much, much more comfortable with Matt’s ability to read what Williams will throw at him as far as defensive looks and blitzs but his mobility, or lack thereof, is a big issue and I think Bates will want to move the pocket and there’s a huge question mark as to if Matt will be able to move around. Basically, either option is has its risks, but I think it’s a much bigger gamble to start Matt, have him go down for some reason, and then throw Whitehurst in there and expect the O to put up points with the defending world champs – that’s almost guaranteed failure. I’d prefer Matt start this game, but I get the feeling Pete will give Charlie the nod, pull him if it’s evident we won’t be able to put up a fight early, then plug Matt in there if needed since he’d be more adept to jump in mid-game as opposed to Charlie.

  26. Dukeshire says:

    That’s interesting, I’ll check that out. But like Bobby said, if we’re guessing one way it’s almost a given Carroll goes the other. lol.

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