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Morning links: Hawks want to dance

Post by Eric Williams on Jan. 1, 2011 at 9:32 am with 67 Comments »
January 1, 2011 9:33 am

Mike Silver of Yahoo Sports was in town this weekend, talking with players about the possibility of being the first team in league history in a non-strike season to reach the playoffs with a 7-9 record.

And as we have reported throughout the week, most players don’t care much about that dubious distinction; they just want a shot to get into the dance.


“(Lawyer) Milloy, a key player for the Patriots when they won their first Super Bowl in 2001, understands that the Seahawks have a chance to close the credibility gap and take advantage of this unlikely scenario.

“Even getting to play in a game like this, on prime time, for our younger players – that’s huge,” Milloy says. “No matter how you get there, it’s an opportunity to be a champion. You get that taste, and let it propel you into the tourney, and you have a chance to be a champion of something bigger. It’s a grand opportunity we’ve been handed, given our situation. Who knows why it happened like this? But there it is.”

“Milloy says he isn’t bothered by the fallout that might occur from the presence of the NFL’s first 7-9 playoff team, including a possible push to institute rules changes preventing teams with inferior records from hosting first-round games – or even to remove the guaranteed postseason spots for division winners.

“Doesn’t matter to me,” he says, laughing. “It’s not gonna be this year.”

Bucky Brooks of the NFL Network says the time is now for Charlie Whitehurst.

Silver and Tiki Barber of Yahoo Sports debate who will win Sunday’s game in the video below.

Clare Farnsworth of offers some notes from Friday’s practice.

Sterling Sharpe, Brian Baldinger and Joe Theismannof the NFL Network break down the Rams-Hawks matchup in this video link.

Seahawks tight end John Carlson is interviewed by the NFL Network in this video link.

Kerry Bryne of Sports Illustrated breaks down the game here.

Nate Latsch of Fox Sports Midwest also previews the game.

Howard Balzer of the Sports Xchange writes that the NFL should rethink re-seeding the playoffs with the winner of the NFC West hosting a playoff game next week. He also proposes eliminating divisions all together.

Rob Rang of discusses the draft prospects of this year’s draft eligible Huskies, including Jake Locker, Mason Foster and Chris Polk.

More Rang: He sets the table of players to watch in bowl games today.

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  1. Didn’t look like John was enjoying that interview. Maybe he was thinking about all the balls he’s dropped this season.

  2. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Bradford hasn’t really been lighting it up of late! One td, and five interceptions in last four game’s. Can’t wait to see how the crowd noise will effect him.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Happy New Year, everyone!

    I like Carlson a lot, no nonsense player. So no nonsense I think someone needs to take his pulse. Lol.

  4. Audible says:

    “Hawks want to dance”

    Hey guys, how’s about just play football?! Leave dancing to the cheerleaders.

  5. Let’s hope the team can start this new year the best way possible, with a win over the Rams and playoffs! I can see enough reasons why we wouldn’t want to go, but man, go Seahawks, and yeah Happy New Year guys.

  6. Eric – what is your opinion on how Whitehurst looked in practice this week compared to the rest of the year?

  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I would rather see the Seahawks and Rams battle it out for the division title then the preseason favorite’s 49ers and Cardinals!
    It’s a game of the age’s!

  8. Pabuwal: Whitehurst looked good in practice this week and is playing with better patience in the pocket — he’s doing a better job of letting things develop and not rushing his throws.

    But I think it still comes down to how well Hasselbeck moves during pre-game warm-ups. If he can do everything that Carroll asks of him, I think Hasselbeck goes.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Eric, Do you know what bowl games Seahawk scouts are attending, or have attended? Curious what games they are attending, maybe try and get a sense of what players are on the radar at this stage. Thanks.

  10. madpunter88 says:

    The Blue Wave’s on a roll…ain’t gonna stop til the Super Bowl.

  11. Dukeshire: No, I don’t. Scouts don’t usually divulge those things. And even if they did, it could be smokescreen and they could be more interested in another player. I really don’t start listening to the speculation until late March, early April to try and get bead on who the team might be interested in. Everything else up until that point is just talk.

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I’ll make this prediction right now. If Locker Is still around when the Seahawks are up P.C will take him regardless of how many other player’s that our scouts are high on!

  13. variable575 says:

    GeorgiaHawk says:

    “I’ll make this prediction right now. If Locker Is still around when the Seahawks are up P.C will take him regardless of how many other player’s that our scouts are high on!”

    -it would make sense. That kind of move(if it happens–which I doubt based on a gut feeling) would add a lot of intrigue with the local fan base regardless, and might even bring a good amount of Husky fans over to the Hawks–of course that wouldn’t be relevant in making the move and I’m sure Pete couldn’t care much less, just my opinion.

    It will be interesting to see if Luck enters along with a few others including Moore. Depending how things unfold, I could see Locker, quite easily, being a top 5 pick. Like they say, one team is all it takes as we saw with Tebow–great name.

    ….again, here’s hoping we resign Hass and draft Moore, providing he enters into the draft.

  14. I’d be okay with resigning Matt and drafting Locker/Mallett.

  15. GeorgiaHawk says:


    I agree with your comment’s about moore. He’s an interesting prospect. He should do well in the right system.

  16. SeahawkFan12 says:

    “…again, here’s hoping we resign Hass and draft Moore, providing he enters into the draft.”

    Variable, I’m TOTALLY with you on this, but Moore is coming back for his senior season. That said, It would be GREAT to see Seattle draft OL and defense this year and get Moore next draft.

  17. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Question to anyone.

    1-Would you draft qb that has a college career 53% completion rate? And who is that player?

  18. Dukeshire says:

    Thanks E. I know passes to the bowls are are dolled out on something like a lottery and not every team can go to every game. Just interested to know what game(s) they have interest in (or if they maybe had traded with another team to go to a specific game), but it makes sense they wouldn’t reveal that.

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    One last question.

    Would you consider trading for a ten year qb that has a 54% completion average and 158 career td’s to 157 int’s?

  20. Audible says:

    Here’s my prediction.

    CW throws for 300 yards and we roll into the playoffs.

  21. GeorgiaHawk – Fair question and I totally understand where you’re coming from, but, to me, it depends on the talent that the QB had to work with. Not many QBs can do it alone. Not having a decent OL and WRs can handcuff any QB. Do you think Joe Montana would have been Joe Montana if his WRs were well below average, didn’t have a running game, and didn’t have a good offensive line? If Drew Brees played on a team like the Bills, do you really think his numbers would be anything close to where they have been with the Saints the last few years? There’s always variables that you have to look at. So, if the college QB has a passer rating like that and played with horrible WRs and had a line that sucked, yeah, I could definitely see drafting him if I thought he’d succeed with actual talent around him.

  22. pabuwal says:

    Audible – that would solve A LOT of problems. Hopefully, we don’t see the second coming of Rick Mirer tomorrow like we did last Sunday.

  23. pabuwal says:

    And if Charlie can somehow do it tomorrow, can he look competent again on Saturday, January 8 at 4 PM Est against the Saints?

  24. GeorgiaHawk says:


    You are right! so many thing’s to consider.

    Many are so high Luck this year and rightfully so, however is Luck really that much more NFL ready then Locker?
    If Locker was on Stanfords team this year and Luck was on Washington’s team this year I believe we would be looking at who is more ready in a different way!

    Luck has had three of the top pac 10 lineman to block for him. And an all around better team.
    Locker had 28 sacks last year and 19 this year. that wouldn’t have happened behind Stanfords line.
    However Locker had four wins on the last drive of the game this year.
    Luck may have a higher completion average but if the game is on the line than I want Locker.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    The talent around Locker wasn’t as bad as all that. Kearse is one of the top receivers in the Pac 10 and Polk was 12th in the nation in rushing (second in Pac 10). I think Goodwin was even a top ten Pac 10 receiver (I’ll have to double check). And in college it’s far easier for one supremely talented player to make up for the deficiencies around him. With due respect to Bobby, it’s not quite like the NFL where where great players flounder because they have nothing around them.

    Locker may develop into a fine NFL QB, he’s got the talent, there’s no question about that. But at some point the excuses for his failures will run out and he’ll have to be seen for what he is. And right now he’s not a terribly good QB. Talented? Very. But that’s not the same thing.

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Bobby K
    You made my point that I was trying to make with my Question’s.

    The player that had a 53% passing completion rate in College Was Brett Farve.

    The ten year NFL player that had a 54% completion rate and 158 td’s to 157int’s was John Elway. Remember how we all feared that guy when we played the Bronco’s.

    I just see Jake Locker as having similar skills and intangibles that these guys had.

    Steve Young was another. His completion average was so bad his first year in college (40%) that the coach almost put him on the defensive side for his second year.

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:


    Then what do you say about Elway his first ten year’s in the NFL.
    How many other qbs in college this year has led his team to victory four time’s on the last drive of the game?

  28. I’ll defer to Duke on the Locker stuff b/c I’m not going to claim that I’ve seen a lot of his games. What I have seen of him it seems that his WRs are rarely open or good and his line has never impressed me.

    GeorgiaHawk – That’s a good point about Steve Young. I vaguely remember seeing a little bit of him when he was with Los Angeles and then Tampa Bay and never thought he looked very good/accurate (but had extreme physical skills). All of a sudden he got coached up, had talent around him, and went off like few ever have in the history of the league. Of course, aside from Okung and our RBs, and agruably TEs (Carlson should be good and Morrah has really flashed lately), there’s not much talent under contract for ’11 on the offensive side of the ball.

  29. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Kearse who totally got manhandled in two game’s agains’t Nebraska? Tom brady couldn’t complete a pass if his reciever’s can’t get any seperation.

  30. Before my comments get taken out of proportion, the Locker line was much better than expected the other night, but then the WRs were pushed around and rarely open so it didn’t really do much good to have more time because not many people were open anyways. That doesn’t really make sense but I can’t really explain it either.

  31. I do believe in Golden Tate even though his R year has definitely been a disappointment.

  32. from the Silver story:

    “While some Seahawks have privately expressed surprise about Hasselbeck’s status and wondered about the severity of the injury, quarterback play is hardly the team’s only question mark. ”

    Eric – any insight into the above? Is the implication that some players on the team think that Hasselbeck is dogging it? Or am i misreading? Or, is Silver just stirring stuff up for not good reason . . .

  33. Dukeshire says:

    Georgia – I don’t know what you mean about his first 10 years in the NFL. Elway dominated in college on bad teams though, something Locker hasn’t done. I’m not going to compare a college career of one guy vs the NFL career of another. Too many hypotheticals to have a sound debate, for me. But I agree that Locker has everything one would look for in a prospect, aside for anything resembling consistently good play.

    I know it’s something like blasphemy to criticize Locker, he’s achieved cult hero status in the NW. And I could very well be wrong about him. As you illustrate, there are examples of players who have gone on to great NFL careers that have mediocre college numbers. But outside his talent, I’m not impressed.

    As for Kearse (and Locker really) this conversation is about more than one game, yes?

  34. “I do believe in Golden Tate even though his R year has definitely been a disappointment.”

    I still hope you’re right, though he hasn’t given us any real reason to believe. For a 2nd round pick, I’d say his rookie year has been kind of a disaster. You really hope to get starters in the 2nd round.

  35. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t know about starter first year, but at least a contributor. Rang called his effort into question, in the podcast. Yeah, seems like there is something going on there we are not fully aware of. I agree, his rookie season has been a bit of a disaster, all things considered.

  36. His natural talent is unbelievable. As they also said in the podcast, he was 1st round talent. I don’t dispute this one bit from what I’ve seen of him.

    I’m not a Notre Dame fan but I have always thought that a majority of their guys are less of a character risk than some other schools due to their academic requirements and things of that nature. To me, in my wrongly distorted view, it would seem that Tate playing at a Notre Dame would raise less of a risk. Of course, character and work ethic are also different to a degree.

    I think we’re going to see him come out of his shell next season. The talent is there. He’ll have had an NFL season under his belt. And he’ll know the organization isn’t going to simply throw him out there because he’s talented (or they would have done that this year). It should serve as a good motivator for ’11 and he’s not going to truly get “rich” if he’s not kicking butt by the time it comes to that second NFL contract. Next year is his second “first” chance at getting to that second “mega” contract that NFL players strive for (except the worthless Aaron Curry’s of the world who suck but get paid anyway just because they were high picks). Speaking of Aaron Curry — where is that bust guy these days? Curry still isn’t any good based on his contract/production, so I figured that guy would still be blasting him here and there.

  37. GeorgiaHawk says:


    OK lets compare college careers.

    Elway dominated on bad team’s and Jake Locker Did not.

    Dominated who? Elway never won a bowl game in college. Elway never even went to a bowl game!

    Bottom line Locker- 1 Elway- 0
    The huskie’s however do have more talent then last year. It just took them awhile to put it together.

  38. Not trying to solely look to next season, when we’ve still got a division championship to win tomorrow, but Tate could still take a 5 yard pass against the Rams and turn it into a 40-50-60-70 yard reception/run. Or he could catch a bomb from Charlie where he outfights a defender for 40-50 yards. Hopefully, we’ve still got some more games to play after tomorrow!

  39. I’m not so high on most quarterbacks in this draft except Luck and kind of TJ Yates but he’s developmental prospect which could end up fitting okay, providing that either Matt or Charlie doesn’t suck next year. Kellen More is kind of my guy but he is not entering, there’s a bunch of talent in the first few rounds though. If we win tomorrow, enter the playoffs and draft in the 20’s, at this point, Anthony Castonzo is the player I’d rather have us drafting, very good right tackle prospect I think, even though he was a left tackle at Boston. This O-line need to be fixed, I’m tired of us not having a running game making it more difficult for our average/below average quarterbacks to function in this offense, and even starting a young QB behind this line/the hopefully upgraded line is scary, even if he doesn’t start before the 2012 season. I think we might have a shot a trading up for Luck, if that is what the organization wants, whether it’s a good idea or not, I do not know.

  40. Pdway: Players are not questioning Hasselbeck’s ability to come back from the injury. However, there’s been some questioning of the way Carroll has presented the severity of Hasselbeck’s injury to the media, leading us to believe that the injury is more serious than perhaps it is. We’ll see what happens on Sunday.

  41. Dukeshire says:

    GeorgiaHawk – Elway’s numbers were better across the board. 80TDs to 53. 60% completion to 53%. 9349 passing yards to 7639 including Elway’s 294 yards per game to 205 for Locker, in each of their senior years.

    The fact he did that on terrible teams, as you seem to acknowledge, is more impressive. To me, in any case.

  42. pabuwal says:

    I figured the only way Carroll would have known so quickly that Hasselbeck would not practice at all during the week is because the injury was going to prevent him from playing. But then again, I am still mastering my Carroll-Speak.

    Also, you can’t compare QB stats and bowl appearances across eras due to “inflation.”

  43. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – Hope you’re right about Tate.

  44. GeorgiaHawk says:


    Is there any update on Matt’s hand?

    When will or has that pesky glove- cast or whatever it’s called come off?

  45. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – You’re not impressed with the pageantry of the Beef O’ Brady Bowl…?

  46. Georgia, there weren’t nearly as many bowl games in Elways day. A .500 team wouldn’t be playing in bowls 20, 30 years ago.

  47. pabuwal says:

    Playing in a Bowl Game is like winning the NFC West nowadays, almost any old team can do it.

    Man, I am so close to my near 4 month old prediction of the first 7-9 division winner in NFL history won by one of the worst teams in franchise history. This team can set so many franchise and NFL records for futility tomorrow, this could be our most historic Seahawks team ever!

  48. GeorgiaHawk says:


    With all due respect, until the last four game’s the Huskie’s where not consistently very good at all. And the first two year’s of Locker’s career he was playing for one of the worst team’s in the nation if not the worst.

    Well, if one great player in College can elevate his team so much like you say they can then why couldn’t Elway elevate his team to a bowl game?

    Again my argument is that you don’t have to have a high completion rate or pass for a ton of yard’s to have a impact on the game.
    Locker has proven that in college, and Elway has proven that in the NFL.

  49. GeorgiaHawk says:


    True, you have a good point there are more bowl game’s!

    Some can also say that the Pac ten is much stronger from top to bottom these day’s.

  50. pabuwal says:

    Georgia – you need to look up the number of bowl games played in 1982 vs the number played in 2010 before constantly bringing up that stat.

  51. GeorgiaHawk says:

    One last thing about Luck and Locker is the sacks allowed the past two year’s
    Luck has 11 total sack’s.
    Locker has 47 total sacks.

    Good debate Dukeshire. you got some valid points. I am not even 100% sold on Locker or Luck for that matter, Until They can prove it In the NFL.

    Gotta run.

  52. pabs – are you really telling someone not to repeat themselves? lol

  53. pabuwal says:

    I was afraid Georgia was going to pull out Terry Bradshaws stats and start using them as a basis of comparison.

  54. Dukeshire says:

    GeorgiaHawk – Yeah, this is a classic, fun “bar” debate. Locker’s a good kid and as talented as the come and I wish him the best, but I’m skeptical. It will be fun to watch him during the Sr Bowl week.

    Bobby – Lol.

  55. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Locker is Tebow Lite.

  56. I hope we get the right QB for what we’re going to do for the next decade. It’s simply makes me sick to think that we could pick another Stouffer, McGwire, or Mirer… and then stick with them for a few years while they suck and then realize it’s time to move in a different direction. In the meantime, years were wasted fumbling around with that single most important position that a franchise can have.

    Mr. Happy and Bo have such a tough decision this off-season. And that single decision (who will be our next QB) will define whether both of them are seen as NFL winners or losers.

    If Mr. Happy gets the wrong QB, his tenure in Seattle won’t be great, and his NFL legacy will be seen as a joke. People will always say he was a winner at USC but couldn’t cut it in the NFL. If we fumble the QB position this off-season, Bo will also probably never get another shot at a GM gig in the NFL (in addition to not getting a contract extension from the Seahawks). Based on constant practice reports we get and the little game film we have seen, it seems that Charlie was a swing and a miss.

    The safe (and perhaps smart) route would be to resign Matt and draft someone they like (maybe it’s Mallett, maybe it’s Locker, maybe it’s???). Or trade for a guy with some NFL film like Kolb. However, if they go with a veteran like Kolb, they need to understand that he’s not going to look like in Seattle that he did in Philadelphia. The last I looked, the Seahawks don’t have a line as good, overall, as the Eagles, nor do the Seahawks have a DeSean Jackson or Maclin. People need to understand, yet rarely do, that surrounding talent helps define a QB too.

    This is an important off-season for the most important position on a team. Once they make a decision, I sure as heck hope that the OL gets addressed so the new QB has a chance to live, rather than die. Some of us have “only” been b!tching about OL for years and years. Maybe this regime can be smart enough to actually improve it? I know Okung was a big investment, but our OL sucked in ’06-07-08 and that was when we had a guy manning LT that Okung will never be as good at too!

    Memo to FO — having an interior OL that sucks on an epic level really gets old year after year.

  57. pabuwal says:

    They love Rob Sims in Detroit.

  58. Surprisingly, he has turned out to be a decent NFL player. Crazy. That guy severely sucked in his early years though. There’s no getting around that.

  59. Dukeshire says:

    Just think, tomorrow night at this time Seattle will have either made history or we’ll be facing another long off-season. I’m getting really pumped!

  60. I wish I knew who was going to be starting at QB!

    Either way, go Hawks!

  61. pabuwal says:

    My money is on Whitehurst. I’ve always seen him as a boom or bust type and all we have gotten is the bust type so far so hopefully we get the boom.

    As far as Bradford, his numbers by no means scream “future elite QB.” Since 2003, future elite QBs who started in year 1 or 2 have hit 7.0+ yards per attempt either in their rookie year or no later than their second year. At 6.1, he is not even close yet.

  62. Sam Bradford has “it.” “It” cannot be measured by stats, rather, it’s the talent, charisma, and intangibles that he brings to the table. If we judged players by “stats” then Dan Marino would be a multiple Super Bowl winner. Bradford has a decent OL (not great, but not terrible), a good/great RB, and less than stellar play at the WR position. The reason some people think he’s good is because they watch him play and can tell he’s a special young player. D. Culpepper had elite 1st year starter (2nd year pro) numbers but it probably had more to do with Randy Moss in his deep threat prime and the surrounding talent, rather than Culpepper being a future Hall of Famer. I never thought a rookie Rick Mirer looked like he had command; but I see a young man in Bradford that looks like he has “it.”

  63. Playoffs or #13 draft pick. That is the ?…………………..

  64. i know it’s OT, but georgiahawk, you need to learn the proper use of apostrophe’s…


    John Clayton was told by Cards insiders that they would not be drafting a rookie QB early, but will try to get a good veteran in free agency. But I could still see that as a ruse. Jake Locker, behind Russ Grimm’s (improved) OL, throwing to Fitz, Breaston, Doucet, et al, and complimenting Hightower & Wells could make a difference in the Cards competitiveness next year.

  66. Then if Clayton is right and Jake gets past AZ, what could he do in SF? 9ers might then have just the QB they needed to win the NFCW.

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