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Morning links: Glass half-full for Hawks

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 29, 2010 at 6:57 am with 16 Comments »
December 29, 2010 6:57 am

John McGrath of The News Tribune says the glass is half-full as the Seattle Seahawks try to get into the playoffs with a losing record, using some examples from other professional sports leagues like the 1938 Stanly Cup winners, the Chicago Blackhawks, who got into the playoffs with a 14-25-9 record.


While the Seahawks are hoping to defy history – as well as a porous defense, an unstable offensive line and a backup quarterback less inclined to harbor deeper thoughts than Billy Madison – they should remember that a team that once won 14 of 48 regular-season games is recognized on the oldest, most hallowed pro sports trophy in North America.

As far as the potential embarrassment of lugging a 7-9 record into the playoffs? It can’t be denied: Never has an NFL or MLB team qualified for a postseason berth after losing more games than it won. (I’m discounting the 1982 NFL season that was truncated by a strike.)

Lack of a Pro Bowl invitation could serve as motivator for Hawks.

Clare Farnsworth of takes a quick look at the St. Louis Rams.

Rod Mar of offers these photos from the Tampa Bay game.

Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated pens his Media Awards for 2010 column, a very entertaining, must-read that breaks down the year that was in sports television.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated writes that Sam Bradford’s rookie numbers compare favorably to Peyton Manning’s numbers as a rookie.

Rob Rang of offers his all-rookie team for the NFL.

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch says the Rams have a chance to finish an impressive turnaround, with the possibility of going from 1-15 in 2009 to 8-8 this year with a win over Seattle on Sunday.

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  1. It’s fun to read the all rookie stuff after having spent so much time on the draft last year.

    Crazy to think that Jason Smith, the stud left tackle #2 overall pick in ’09, is a bust for the Rams that he, as a 2nd year player, couldn’t beat out a rookie 2nd round pick in ’10, for the Rams starting LT job. Granted, the rookie has done well, but still, he’s Aaron Curry-ish for the Rams.

    And Suh is simply sick. Do I have a mancrush on him? Yes!

  2. Well the flipside to not making the playoffs as a 7-9 team who has played very poorly over the past 2 months is the draft positioning. Yesterday’s upset was huge.

    The Eagles will now rest their players in Week 17 giving the Cowboys a strong shot at winning. If the Cowboys win, the Lions beat the Vikings in Detroit and the 49ers beat the Cardinals in SF, the Seahawks would end up picking number 8 overall rather than number 21 overall. That is a massive difference for a team who needs a QB in the worst way.

  3. Palerydr says:

    I wonder if the Hawks have given any thought to putting Curry at DE and make him a full time pass rusher? I believe that he could rush from the LEO spot in a rotation. I would think that the higher the Hawks pick the more likely they will try and trade down to stockpile more picks.
    Top needs as I see them:

  4. Palerydr – I have pretty much always thought of that about Curry and the Leo position. He’s raw there, that’s for sure, but does have more talent for that position, IMO, than he does at SAM. Nobody thought this on draft day (including me), but it seems, again IMO, his best chance for success in the NFL. However, one disturbing thing about him at Leo is he doesn’t seem to disengage blockers very well with his hands. He’s raw there though, so there’s time for improvement, whereas he’s always been an OLB who has had to drop into coverage and he outright sucks at dropping back into space. It’s frustrating. I know Clemons is already playing that position, but I think, and again it’s just one man’s opinion, he should play there from the start of off-season workouts and get coached up at that position. You can never have too many good pass rushers (we know that more than anybody). And when Big Red leaves the field from LDE on obvious pass rushing situations, we can always put Curry or Clemons there so our two best pass rushers are on the field attacking from the edge (assuming, Curry, becomes one of our top 2 pass rushers – which I think he could/will). Besides, a pass rusher is so much more important than a SAM and would help justify his hefty salary.

  5. The 8th pick in the draft makes a ridiculous amount of money too. It will help handcuff our available funds for our own and on the open market.

    Give me a 7-9 division title and Jake Locker at 21 and I’ll be happy. Heck, let us pick worse than 21 and I’ll even be happier!

    Clay Matthews + Aaron Curry + 2009 NFL Draft = I don’t care where we pick, just make the pick count that you have.

  6. SeahawkFan12 says:

    If we don’t make the playoffs, we’ll be 6-10, not 7-9.

    I, too, would much rather have a 7-9 division title and a #21 pick than lose for the sake of losing. I cannot believe people think losing is the better option, but whatever…

    Jake Locker isn’t even the best QB in the Pac-10, but he might be a decent option for the foreseeable future. Who knows, he might end up being the best option for us. Either way, it comes down to how you develop the player, how you arm him with weapons (in this case an O-line that can block, a running game that can provide options, and WRs that can get open and catch) and an O-coordinator that can call plays that give the guy a chance to win.

    Looking forward to a big win at home Sunday night…


  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If Jake Locker has a decent game this thursday he may not be there at eight.

  8. McGrath mentions a couple of CFL teams with losing records that did well in the playoffs, but fails to note that the 2000 BC Lions and 2001 Calgary Stampeders both won the Grey Cup after posting 8-10 regular season records.

    It would take a few miracles for the Seahawks to do the same, such as Drew Brees injuring his wrist on a quarterback sneak.and Matt Ryan pulling a butt muscle without anyone touching him.

    There is so much potential boom-bust type variation in selecting an early QB in the draft, that it would make me very hesitant to pull the trigger on one. If Holmgren’s offense can make a 6th rounder into an effective QB (once you get the WRs & TEs to run proper routes, and an OL that gives all day to throw, & your OL run-blocks well enough that you can run the ball in any situation, even when the opponent knows you’re going to) then maybe Bate’s offensive environment needs far more improvement before we take a QB and throw him to the wolves?

    We could take a QB and play him behind this OL – but he’d likely end up like Carr in HOU, Harrington in DET, or maybe Mirer in SEA. Even STL’s Bradford has a run-game, as well as better talent on the OL. Maybe we should build up the OL into one who’s stats are in the top half of the NFL, rather than what we have – which is near the bottom? Maybe we could also get a FB, a #1 WR, and have an offensive scheme that is taught thru mini-camps and TC to players who’re actually on the team at the time and thru the season? Maybe we could let CW be the bridge QB for next year and get early 1st, 2nd & 3rd rd OL help, and patch the defense until we can field an offense that can keep the defense off the field for 30 minutes? Play to win the game, but know you will draft early again in ’12, but this time we will have an OL that can protect the early-pick QB and keep him from getting smashed to bits thru a whole season.

  10. Yeah, better to develop the OL if a stud guard or RT is available, than take a gamble on a QB.

    The Seahawks have enough needs that they should be able to take the best available athlete, whether he’s a QB, G, RT, DE or CB. If a really good QB isn’t available where they pick, it would be better to sign or trade for a veteran QB and let him compete with CW in 2011. Let’s not waste a first rounder on the next Dan McGwire.

  11. JAMAN8901 says:

    Kyle Orton

  12. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    Locker is not worth anything higher than 5th round. Why on earth would the Seahawks want yet another qb who can’t throw to receivers accurately?

  13. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    I’ll take or ton over hass, whitehurst, and locker any day.

  14. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Locker is the best QB in next your’s draft period!

  15. JAMAN8901 says:

    Orton is accurate and doesn’t need everything perfect. Holmgren wanted perfect and Hassleback was good with Mike in his butt. Since Hol left, and he has had more “Freedom”. Really not as good. And the OL has sucked, unfortunately. Draft youth at key positions and depth. Forget QB, unless 5th or later and get orton. Playoffs and not like this year.

  16. JAMAN8901 says:

    And I think he has a little Brees (Purdue). Moxie

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