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December 21, 2010 5:34 pm
2010 Stats Seahawks Buccanears
Record 6-8 8-6
Total Yards Gained 4,258 4,606
Total Offense (NFLRank) 304.1 (27) 329.0 (20)
Rush Offense 85.2 (31) 122.1 (9)
Pass Offense 218.9 (16) 206.9 (19)
Points Per Game 19.9 (23) 20.0 (22)
Total Yards Allowed 5,274 4,844
Total Defense 376.7 (29) 346.0 (20)
Rush Defense 117.7 (21) 136.5 (29)
Pass Defense 259.0 (29) 209.5 (12)
Points Allowed/Game 25.9 (27) 20.7 (14)
Possession Avg. 26:57 30:42
Sacked/Yds. Lost 32/189 25/160
Sacks Made/Yds. Lost 32/207 20/124
Interceptions By 11 18
Penalties/Yds. 93/810 90/761
Punts/Avg. 64/43.0 72/39.9
Turnover Differential -9 (T26) +8(T4)
Statistics, Stats, etc.
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  1. This is a very winnable game, with merely average QB play. Trouble is, the whole league seems to know to jam 9 in the box against Hasselbeck and let him try to beat them on intermediate and deep routes.

  2. yakimahawk says:

    Donovan Mcnabb 2010 Stats
    13 3377 14 15 77.1

    Shanahan benches him to evaluate QB talent

    Matt Hasselbeck 2010 Stats
    13 2977 12 17 73.1

    Carroll….well you know the rest of the story

    If we are re-building for the FUTURE, why is Carroll doing this? I know there is a playoff spot available, blah blah blah. But for the sake of the team I do believe we need to fish or cut bate soon..I hope Matt realizes he has personally cost his team 2-3 games this season.. And yes I am a Matt fan but do not know how we keep him around next year. I had a full head of Dark brown hair before the season started now I am going bald and grey..Shees

  3. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – They do? Atlanta did seem to think that way which made their decision to ditch the run all that more puzzling.

  4. rramstad says:

    yakimahawk, it’s easy. Washington were eliminated from playoff contention on December 14th, and their last three games are meaningless. Of course they’d start auditioning for QBs for next year.

    Conversely we have a very good chance to go to the playoffs. (Especially good if the Rams beat the 49ers, so the Tampa game means less.)

  5. I don’t think the Bucks have beat anyone with a winnig record, with that said, the Hawks still lose, 10 to 24, or something like that, or just get murdered like 3 to 40 like they have been all year. When’s the last game they lost were it wasn’t a blow out, I guess the score will be more like the latter won.

  6. pabuwal says:

    Matt sucks.

    We suck worse than the early 90s.

    Matt sucks.

    Our road record the last 10 years, or whatever, sucks.

    Matt sucks.

    And the cycle repeats itself.

    pabs – please say something else for once. Try to limit the above to once per day. I have no right to say this individually, but I do think the general masses would agree. I know I repeat myself too, but not to this crazy of a level. How about something like analying our OL. I know I do that a lot but I’d like to hear your input on the entire unit, position by position, who is good at what, who you would keep and why, how you would fix it, etc. Or do it with the defensive line or some until you think is in need of the most important makeover. Or analyze our defense vs. the Tampa Bay offense. What are the keys? Or how about a list of the 10 most important Seahawks and why? Something different that doesn’t involve the QB position, our road record, or the incompetent early 90s Seahawks. And I don’t care if you say Hasselbeck sucks, he has been sucking, but once a day is enough. We get it. It would also save you hours of typing each day.

  7. ***I used to with Hutch. Once I broke myself of this habit, I found inner peace. :) lol

  8. BobbyK – how about we just agree to ignore each other as you continue on your quests to find the BobbyK chat impostor and prove why one of the worst 3 year stretches in franchise history is everyone else’s fault except for the one constant?

  9. chuck_easton says:


    I’m going to have to throw some numbers at you here. You keep saying that this is the worst team in Seattle history and it is one of the worst three year stretches in Seahawks history.

    1976 2-12
    1977 5-9
    1978 9-7
    16w 28 L .363 winning percentage

    1980 4-12
    1981 6-10
    1982 4-5 (strike year)
    14 W 27 losses .341 winning percentage

    1992 2-14
    1993 6-10
    1994 6-10
    14 W 34 L .291 winning percentage

    2008 4-12
    2009 5-11
    2010 7-9 (projected)
    16 W 32 L .333 winning percentage

    So, you are close. It is the SECOND worst team in Seahawks history and it is the SECOND worst three year period.

    But it is not the WORST as you keep saying.

  10. Imagine how those numbers would look if you could somehow adjust for strength of schedule or strength of division.

  11. The QB scenario for the Tampa game is now making some sense….. (to me, at least)…. I’d say some decisions have been made…..
    I would count on us starting Hass again next year unless we are fortunate to access one of the top of next yr’s draft class QB’s….. PC has determined CW is NOT going to lead this team anytime soon….. That decision is being underlined ‘with astericks’ this week…… The door was clearly open…. winning this week has little significance….. winning/losing “NEXT WEEK” changes MANY things!!!! PC is making it clear…..

  12. I don’t think getting into the playoffs by default with a losing record and then getting destroyed at home by an actual playoff team and then drafting later then teams with a winning records is an ideal first year success story for a coaching staff. Start your evaluation of what we got and can work with now should be the priority. Haven’t we been going threw this the last two years now. It seems like most of us want to see what we have and move on. Not keep playing the same old, litereally old, players when we obviously need to move forward in rebuilding. CW should start, and all are young talent should should start seeing the feild a lot more in my opinion. Anyone who has a shot on being on the team next year should be be aditioning and gaining experiance.
    Also, I don’t see the Hass in a Hawks uni next year, he’ll get offered more by another team and move on.

  13. I think PC is being politically correct and trying to appease the masses and ownership with a playoff appearance.

    That’s why MH is starting this week. They’re hoping Matt will snap out of his slump and help us steal a win in Tampa, which may be more likely than Charlie stepping in with limited experience and a limited playbook and lighting it up.

  14. I think some of us may be reading too much into this and really right now, we’re kind of a victim of our own crappy division, which is making this bogus division title possible.

  15. chuck_easton says:

    And if we are just talking about THIS year’s team.

    Let’s say they finish 7-9.

    2009 5-11-0
    2008 4-12-0
    2002 7-9-0
    2000 6-10-0
    1996 7-9-0
    1994 6-10-0
    1993 6-10-0
    1992 2-14-0
    1991 7-9-0
    1989 7-9-0
    1981 6-10-0
    1980 4-12-0
    1977 5-9-0
    1976 2-12-0

    That’s 14 other Seattle teams that finished with an equal or worst record.

    So, the 2010 Seattle team isn’t the worst team in Seattle history by far.

  16. Chuck,

    That’s if you just go by win / loss…

    However, if you factor strength of schedule, points scored, and points allowed, you may see that we had worse losses this year than others. I can’t remember a year with more lopsided losses.

  17. Chuck – Can you pull up some type of point differential stat for each year?

  18. chuck_easton says:

    If we did that we’d find out this year was TERRIBLE. And it would ruin a good rant I’m on. :)

  19. I think you have it right, Audible. In a way, we are victims of being in contention in a crappy division. Carroll promised to produce a winner and he is focused on wins and hosting a playoff game at Qwest field. He is not focused on next year yet. That is why Matt is starting. Carroll believes Matt gives him the best chance to win this week. This says nothing about what he thinks about Whitehurst for the future; it just means he thinks Matt has a better chance of producing the W this week.

    Looking at the stats above, one would think this would be a nice week for Jeremy Bates to start giving his RUNNING GAME a chance, eh? If the Seahawks can run the ball and avoid turnovers, there is no reason they can’t win. (d’OH! I think I said the exact same thing before last weeks game!)

  20. Reminder…. for us to make the playoff’s, this week’s game means nothing….
    The following week we win, we top the division outright or on tie breaks…. Lose next week, we lose outright or on tie breaks…. The Tampa game only means something to the Bucs, for ‘their’ playoff chances….
    That’s why it was the perfect time to start Charlie, except PC has clearly made the decision that Charlie is never going to be our every game starter….

  21. Let’s say we do make the playoffs….there’s a chance we could host 2/3 of the games if we had luck on our side. It only takes a couple of key injuries and a few mistakes to level the playing field against a stronger team.

    I know it’s farfetched but what a Cinderella season this would turn out to be. No doubt, they’d make a movie about it. lol

  22. IBGoofy – the Seahawks need to win on Sunday if the 49ers beat the Rams on Sunday.

  23. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Audible you are so right on! Anything can happen! However we have to get to the playoff’s to have a chance!

  24. GeorgiaHawk says:


    You say that the Seahawks defense held Atlanta to 266 total yards! However you forgot to add that in the first half our defense gave up a 15 play drive and a 14 play drive and a13 play drive! Can’t win that way!

  25. “I think PC is being politically correct and trying to appease the masses and ownership with a playoff appearance. ”

    Actually, I think he is showing his independence from the will of the masses by starting Hass instead of CW. It feels like it’s at 75/25 among the fans (and 100% of the sportswriters), in thinking CW should start on Sunday. I respect him for making his own decision on this, even if I don’t necessarily agree with it..

  26. Dukeshire says:

    “…appease the masses and ownership with a playoff appearance. ”

    Um, isn’t that the whole point? Getting into the playoffs and preferably wining a Super Bowl…? He damn well better be trying to do that.

  27. Eric…. might check out the spelling on Buckaneers…. ;-)

    (got a typo…)

  28. Plus, if we somehow win against TB (and for some reason i have a feeling we are – and I’m not normally one for crazed optimism) – we will all be pretty skyhigh for the Rams game to end the season. And there’s nothing at all wrong with that.

  29. maddog12 says:

    How about another theory? What if PC is protecting PC by not playing CW now. If he does not play CW, this season becomes Matt’s last gasp. He is gone. PC can try to move up and get a blue chip 1st rounder like Luck or Newton, if not he has CW who will not have been too badly stained by this years events.

  30. Not a bad theory – I think it’s very possible.

  31. Let me interrupt with a fantasy f-ball question (and an important one b/c I am in the finals, which means $$ if I win):

    Would you start Jonathan Stewart (98/92/133/137 rush yds the past 4 games) playing at Pittsburgh and their #1 against the rush D; or Marshawn playing against TB’s pretty weak run defense?

  32. It’s sad to think that some people (not all, mind you) might be upset if the Seahawks backed into the play-offs, caught some calls/breaks, and went to the Super Bowl. It’s far fetched and most likely wouldn’t happen, but nobody thought Villanova would beat Georgetown, nobody gave the ’87 Twins a chance to win the World Series, and I don’t know of too many people picking the Cardinals to go to the Super Bowl a couple of years ago. I don’t see it happening, but isn’t that why they play the games? Who would have thought we’d go into Chicago and beat the Bears earlier this season?

  33. pdway – the Steelers aren’t the same without big hair guy, but they are still pretty dang good. It’s not my money, but I’d almost go with Lynch since the Bucs are without their DTs. Even our interior OL could get some push against a unit like that.

  34. I don’t get your theory maddog. Why can PC “try to move up and get a blue chip 1st rounder” only if he starts Hass now? He and Scheider can do that in April regardless of what they do now.

    PC is trying to win now because that is what he is paid to do. (it may not look like he’s trying to win, but that’s another story..)

    As for Whitehurst, I think PC and Bates showed their hand in the 4th quarter last week. All they asked Whitehurst to do were short passes, mostly to BMW, all safe easy plays. Even so, he nearly got intercepted once. I think its apparent they don’t think Whitehurst can be trusted with the whole playbook. That doesn’t mean they think he’ll “never” be ready. They think he’s not ready right now.

  35. BobbyK, I’m pretty sure NONE of us would be upset if the Seahawks “went to the Super Bowl” as you say.

    However, some of us might be upset if we back into the playoffs, get blown out there, drop 7 spots in the draft by virtue of being a “playoff team”, and miss out on drafting a good QB prospect.

    That said, there really is nothing else to do but try to WIN.

  36. “It’s not my money, but I’d almost go with Lynch since the Bucs are without their DTs. Even our interior OL could get some push against a unit like that. ”

    That’s where I’m leaning too – also b/c you have to figure that Pitt is going to be up early and ahead most of the game – and it’s never good to bet on the RB of the team getting blown out. Of course ML has had his share of 10 carry 20 yd games this year . .

  37. I disagree. I think some would be upset b/c of their hatred for #8.

  38. pdway – it’s one of those choices that no matter who you pick, it’s actually going to be the other guy who has the better stats! :)

  39. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I would rather make the playoff’s with a 7-9 record then miss the playoff’s with a 12-4 record!

  40. If Hasselbeck starts and loses the final 2 games of this year, he will end his Seahawks career with a November-December-January regular season record of 39-39 which seems pretty average.

  41. Dukeshire says:

    pdway – Lynch. Stewart’s good numbers came against Cle, Sea, Atl and Ariz. At times good fantasy Ds but in no way Pitts.

  42. The one stat that jumps out at me is the fact that the Bucs have been outgained by over 200 yards this season. They have been doing so well, but, as Mr. Happy preaches (and team doesn’t practice enough) the turnovers will kill you.

  43. I would rather make the playoff’s with a 7-9 record then miss the playoff’s with a 12-4 record!

    Well-said, GeorgiaHawk.If the Seahawks make the playoffs, I’ll consider it compensation for the ’86 Seahawks (hottest team in the NFL) not making the playoffs.

    All I want is an exciting finish to the season. So this Sunday, I’m rooting for the Rams and the Seahawks; next Sunday the Seahawks and the Cardinals. (Hope I don’t have to root for the latter).

  44. GeorgiaHawk says:


    This season is not lost!
    If we get into the playoff’s anything can happen!
    also I am getting tired of the mr happy comment’s!
    If you don’t have respect of our coach then find a new team!

  45. You OBVIOUSLY are new to the blog and DO NOT understand the “Mr. Happy” comments. In no, way, shape, or form, am I being critical of Mr. Pete Carroll when I call him “Mr. Happy.”

  46. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Wrong! not new to the blog, just new to the posting!
    Yes I do understand the mr Happy comments and they are pathetic!!!

    Again if you do not like our team find another!

  47. First of all, who are you to tell me to find a new team? If you don’t blindly support your coach, does that mean you aren’t a real fan? Wow. Maybe Lion fans were wrong to wear paper bags over their heads a few years ago when they didn’t win a game the entire season? Maybe they should have blindlessly supported their coach and GM? What traitors! Nevermind, that’s not the case with me. I am actually SUPPORTIVE of “Mr. Happy!”

    Rich Kotite, Brad Childress, Les Stecker… they all deserved 100% support from their fans b/c they were the head coach, right?

    Maybe I should have blindlessly supported Ken Behring and Tom Flores, afterall, you MUST support your team (no matter what), right?

    Seriously, though, go back some months to the last time I explained my “Mr. Happy” analogy (then eat some crow).

    If you’re too lazy… he’s a good guy… a hyper guy… a positive guy… a “happy” guy… that’s NOT a bad thing… ESPN did a special when he was the Jets coach almost a couple of decades ago about how he had changed the culture and how players enjoyed his training camp; yet they got their work in (i.e. players coach)… they said something along the lines of “Camp Happy” or something or other… I have NO idea why that stuck with me and I remember that… but when he became OUR coach, I remembered it… Initially, I wanted Mike Shanahan, but “Mr. Happy” wasn’t a bad alternative. If I didn’t like “Mr. Happy,” right NOW is the time for me to attack him (starting Hasselbeck this week, not doing anything besides Okung to better a pathetic OL this past off-season, etc.) but I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt. Sure, there are some things I have been critical of (Josh Wilson trade) but I’m damn well in “Mr. Happy’s” corner. Ask the actual regulars of this blog, of which you’re supposedly a “follower,” if I am fine with Mr. Happy or if I hate the guy.

  48. I’ve got a better idea, have the blogMaster, Eric, tell you if I’m a “Mr. Happy” supporter or not. It’s his blog. He knows all of what’s written on it for months and maybe years. Send him an email. It’s on this site. Ask him if “bobbyk” hates “Mr. Happy” or if I’m in his corner.

  49. SandpointHawk says:

    I’ve been away….did I miss anything?……

  50. Blind loyalty to teams is why owners have built themselves billion dollar operations as they gouge the average fan for more and more each year.

    These players and coaches aren’t war veterans here – they aren’t noble warriors who deserve unrelenting support. They are professionals who in many cases have taken home tens of millions of dollars for their efforts.

  51. I got to agree, and I beleive I’ve also said this before, but Bobby is totally correct. Just because you oppose what your team is doing and voice your concerns doesn’t mean you need to find a different team. I was born in B-town, live in B-town, and unfortunately will probably die in B-town. If I ever do move, I will still remain a loyal fan. The Hawks are my team, along with UW, Mariners, and the Sonics (Hornets in the future?) when/if they come back. Fans that blindly agree are the ones that should find another team. Thats what cows do on the way to be slaughtered. Thats the reason that this country is so f’ed up. If the fans are to just follow an organization just to claim they are loyol, wouldn’t we be supporting a team in Los Anglas now? Anyways, my definition of a loyal fan is one who wants success for their team and isn’t satisfied with medioacracy. A loyal fan should have a voice, and be able to critize if things aren’t going well. It’s our rights as ticket holders. Your paying for a product, it should live up to its value. Throwing out suggestions, venting and questioning decisions should be expected, not condemed.

  52. In any case, the goal at the beginning of the year is to make the playoffs. This should always be true. This year however, the situation is a joke. Obviously, the team can not just throw in the towell or purposely not try to make the playoffs, it’s a messed up ordeal. If the Hawks do make the playoffs, the bottom line is that they will get blown away at home in front of everybody. Every good team that has came in here this year has done that, with the exception of SD, but they probably would of too if it wasn’t for their special teams. How does this help the Hawks? Better teams will be picking in front of the Hawks and the team will probably regress from being demoralized at home in the playoffs and will forever be remember as the only team with a losing record to get into the playoffs. The NFL might even restructure how the playoffs go because of this travesty. With all that said, you play to win the game. I think CW should start, give the younger guys and players that potentially have a chance a being on the team to show case or make a case for themselves and push forward. If we win, we win, if not, beleive it or not it will probably be better in the long run. Just my opinion. I will be rooting for a win still, I know, I’m a hypocrit.

  53. GeorgiaHawk says:


    I’ve seen your post’s and without question you are a die hard Seahawks fan!!!
    Lately there has been a lot of bashing on this team and I was just getting tired of it!
    Had a few beer’s and was in attack mode!
    Although I don’t like the Mr Happy stuff your overall input to this blog is of great value to me!

  54. Chuck – in order to try to quantify whether or not this is the worst or one of the worst 3 year periods in team history with adjustments based on strength of schedule, victory, point differential, etc – I went to Pro Football Reference.

    It seems they already do this year by year. Ranking the worst 3 year periods comes out as:

    2008-2010 -26.1
    1976-1978 -19.8
    1992-1994 -14.6

    The worst years were:
    1976: -15.1
    1992: -10.0
    2009: -9.3
    2008: -9.2

    The best 3 year periods were:
    1984-1986: 19.7
    2003-2005: 10.3

    The best years were:
    2005: 9.1
    1984: 9.0
    1986: 6.4

    The column of note is “SRS” all the way to the right side.

  55. What I don’t get are the “fans” who refuse to admit that Hasselbeck and Shaun Alexander were very good players, if not great, in their prime. Along with Walter Jones, they were the best Seahawks in the last decade. I’m not saying that Hass and Alexander are Hall of Fame-worthy. They’re not. But they belong in the next tier of players, the ones who were just a notch below. And they both deservedly belong in the Ring of Honor.

    Hass is at the end of his career and doesn’t have much left, but let’s not forget what he did for this franchise.

  56. Pabuwal, I consider 2005 to 2007a better three-year period than 2003 to 2005 because we had playoff victories in all three years. 2003 was a very promising year — making the playoffs after a three-year absence and giving Green Bay all it could handle. But 2004 was very disappointing, losing the Rams three times, including that comeback that made me sympathize with Giants fans this week.

    I also think 2010 is far better than 2008 and 2009. Maybe there’s not much difference in results, but I do see lots of positives, including BMW, Okung and Thomas.

  57. The differences between the the 2003-2005 and 2005-2007 teams were marginal in their scoring system. I think the 2003 and 2004 teams were better regular season teams with a better NFC West (remember 2 teams made the playoffs in each of those years) and the 2006-2007 teams had more success in the playoffs.

    The 2007 team also had an incredibly weak schedule – most of the opposing QBs did not play for the same team the following year and ended the year with the only blowout playoff loss of the decade.

  58. Dukeshire says:

    I find it really hilarious that people are debating whether this is the worst team / stretch in team history, or if it’s another team / stretch is. Who gives a rip? pabuwal is determined to show this is the worst things have ever been. Chuck / all, just let him have it. Regardless of what statistical analysis he provides, anyone old enough to remember the Behring years, or who was a fan then, knows what true desperation is. Including relocation of team headquarters to Anaheim and the very real possibility of a permanent move to blacked-out home games for years to having both players AND coaches arrested… It was like being a fan of the Indians in the movie Major League, only without any hint of success.

    No, while victories the last 2+ seasons are few and far between and the margin of loss is at an all time high, things now don’t compare to the futility Seahawk fans witnessed during most of the 90s. But if someone wants to believe things have never been worse, feel free. You’d be wrong, but that’s your prerogative.

  59. Duke – to you beating the Jimmy Clausens and Max Halls of the world is just as good as playing close, meaningful games against the John Elways and Joe Montanas of the world.

    After the Seahawks were 4-2 and destroyed the immortal Max Hall, I remember you saying that 4-2 meant good things and when some of us questioned whether or not the bottom could fall out with such poor QB play, you said things along the lines of “so you want good QB play like Philip Rivers with the poor record of the SD Chargers?”

  60. Palerydr says:

    This Game does make a difference for the mental state of mind playing the Rams the following week. A win on the road against a team that beat us last year will be a lot more satisfying than a loss. We need to stuff the rock down their throats against a run D as bad as our own.

    As for debating about what stretch of teams were the worst OK but it doesn’t change what’s gonna happen on the football field right now this year. It’s just something to argue about IMO. Seems to me that you all are just feeding this guys ego for letting a complete column in the blog become a meaningless argument about bad football teams.

  61. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – What you don’t remember is that those comments, and ones like them, were and are in context of a larger picture. That is, good QB play is simply not enough to win championships and the Chargers are a perfect example of that.

    As for you first paragraph, that’s not only incorrect but stupid as well. I don’t feel that way nor have I ever said anything remotely close to that.

    And yes, at 4-2 considering that this team has turned over more than half it’s roster from last season (and having beat Rivers and Cutler), there was plenty of reason for excitement. But as I’ve said all year long, success of this particular team will not be measured by wins and losses, for me anyway. (I also said the CW ought to start coming out of the bye, but you seem to have forgotten that as well.)

  62. Yes, BobbyK is a Mr. Happy supporter….I don’t really like the nick-name either…makes Pete sound like a clown, but Bobby gets special privileges around here because he’s one of the guys who make this blog good. Keep in mind that he lives in Minnesota =)


    We’re just talking wins/losses and point differential…hopelessness was not one of the factors…Ken Behring almost destroyed this franchise, and I still hold the Nordstroms family responsible for selling it to him.

    Paul Allen should be an honorary member of the circle of honor.

  63. variable575 says:

    Quick everyone!!!!

    Everybody mob Pabuwal. Dukiepoo is leading the way with his XO, BobbyK! And look, just behind them is Staff Sargent Chucky_easton!! C’mon you mindless automatons!!!

    Dukeshire says “that’s not only incorrect but stupid as well”.

    -If I could only count on 50 hands how many times Duke has been incorrect, whew. According to him that’s a lot of stupid posts as well.

    Don’t worry Pabs, guys like that get on this blog to dominate because they just reached down to itch their junk and got really depressed thereafter.

  64. chuck_easton says:

    Let’s get the focus back where it should be.

    Bottom line. If the 49rs beat St. Louis this weekend and Seattle loses to TB then the January 2nd game is irrelevant as the 49rs will win the division with a 7-9 record. Yes, I’m already putting the Arizona game in the win column for SF as I don’t see how Arizona can win that game given the way they’ve played to date

  65. Dukeshire says:

    variable575 – I’ve never claimed to be right, all the time. I’ve been wrong and admitted it many times. What made what he said stupid, is that he completely made up something up and implied that’s what I said.

  66. chuck_easton says:


    I’m not taking sides either way. I just provided some data for pabuwal to use as he pleased.

    If pabuwal wishes to think that this is the worst team in Seahawks history more power to him. I will always look at the Ken Behring years as the darkest time in Seahawks history and nothing will ever come close unless the team once again threatens to leave Seattle. Just my opinion.

    I simply threw some numbers out there to facilitate the debate.

  67. hahaha…wow…i mean this in the nicest way: all this fighting and bickering between you fans/bloggers is kind of a testament to EVERYONE’s frustration with the Seahawks. makes for a great blog read though….but at the end of the day, i think we are all fans regardless….this all reminds of a players on a team that is imploding because no one agrees and is blaming everyone else. i still (like many) maintain that this team sucks because the OL & DL are terrible. and our OC play calling is AFWUL for the last 3 qtrs of EVERY game….Bates is not good at adjusting…..fix those and we would be looking at a team about to go 11-5 or 10-6….

  68. Look at every position on the Seahawks O, D & STs, and the players they currently employ there. Look at their athleticism, and the tools each current player posesses. Hawks’ players really have plenty of potential. Then look at the preferred schemes for each position, the kinds of tools players need at each position to help them carry out those schemes. Then look at the skills each player at each position currently possesses within those schemes. Hawks have numerous mismatches between scheme and current position players in both tools and skills that need to be corrected. Skills can be learned and honed, but tool mismatches really can’t be corrected. Lofa tried to correct a tool mismatch of a previous GM/HC’s scheme (size), with bad results. The last thing is the expected useful span of a players NFL playing life. Several players are much nearer their ends than their beginnings.

    Hawks are rebuilding. If you use a kindofa gas gauge to represent each position, where “full” shows the position is fully stocked with excellent starters and the backups are 99.9% as good as the starters, and pushing them, then you can say “empty” means there aren’t any starters or backups that are qualified to play that position. Most of Hawks positions are nearer empty than full. The ideal way of rebuilding is to get all of the gas guages to read the same. Each position is comparable to every other position in terms of needed resources. ATL is a near example of that ideal. The 1st step is to get players with the needed tools at each position. Then, hone all of their skills, both off season and during the season. As the players skills improve, at all positions the gas gauges all start moving towards full.

    Wisdom used to say that coaches should change their schemes to fit their players. But these coaches were hired because of the success they had with their schemes, so we’re most likely moving the players to fit those schemes, turning over the myriad of player/scheme mis-fits as time and available resources allow. There isn’t any particular starting place – position-wise, that needs the greatest help at the expense of all of the others. There are positions that are further behind. Hawks appear to need several ZBing starters. I doubt this coaching staff will totally drop the ZBing scheme, but will build towards it.

    Just some thoughts. . .

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