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Carroll mum on starting QB for Tampa Bay

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 19, 2010 at 6:27 pm with 31 Comments »
December 19, 2010 6:28 pm

Head coach Pete Carroll was noncommittal on who will be his starting quarterback moving forward after pulling Matt Hasselbeck at the end of the third quarter because of poor play.

Hasselbeck finished 10 of 17 for 71 yards, two interceptions and a fumble with no touchdowns. Hasselbeck’s 28. 9 passer rating was his lowest mark since an Oct. 24, 2004 game at Arizona (18.9), a 25-17 loss.

“I know you’re all wondering what it means, but we’ll go back to work next week and take a look at everything like we always do,” Carroll said. “We’ll evaluate what we need to do and all of that. I’m not doing anything or making a decision about the quarterback situation. I know you’re all going to ask me about that stuff, I’m not doing anything right now. We’ll go back to work, look at the film and see what’s right for us.”

The Seahawks were in the same situation last week against San Francisco, but Carroll opted to stick with Hasselbeck. But this time he made the change.

“I just thought, ‘I want to see what Charlie can do,’” Carroll said on making the change to Charlie Whitehurst at the end of the third quarter. “I wanted to see how he would do in that situation. And Matt struggled in that third quarter. You can’t give him that fumble in the end zone. That happened. But he did throw a couple of balls that got away.”

And how did Whitehurst do?

“Charlie did an okay job,” Carroll said. “He went in there and handled himself all right. He made a couple mistakes with the cadence and things that got some penalties for us that looked like it was an O-lineman, but it was the quarterback. So he didn’t function as sharp as we would like, but he did move the club a little bit, and he made a couple plays with his legs, and he made a couple really nice strokes.”

Hasselbeck said he was again forcing the issue instead of taking the check downs and living to see another day.

“Looking back, I seem to do stupid things when we’re losing,” Hasselbeck said. “When we’re down by two touchdowns or more, that’s where I have to be way smarter. That’s where I’ve really failed recently. That’s on me. I know better.”

Hasselbeck also said the play in the end zone where he was sacked by Atlanta’s Jamaal Anderson and fumbled for a touchdown actually could have went for a touchdown the other way had he got the ball off to Ben Obomanu.

“I had Obomanu for a touchdown on that play, and it resulted in a touchdown for them,” Hasselbeck said.

So who will be the quarterback next week?

“We’re just going to look and see what’s going on and figure it out,” Carroll said. “Matt’s been our starter all the way through. He’s put us in position at this time, and it seems to me that that’s really important for us to understand that. And there’s a lot of guys playing football, it isn’t one guy out there, the whole team’s playing. To point it all at one guy isn’t the right thing to do. So we’ll figure it out next week and we’ll let you know.”

As far as injuries are concerned, Marcus Trufant suffered from back spasms and had to leave the game. Junior Siavii had a bad knock on the head and suffered a neck stinger, and Will Herring had a hamstring issue.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Eric – I’d imagine it’s too early to tell but I’ll ask anyway; are the “spasms” that Tru suffered similar to what benched him last year?

  2. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Eric- If we are tied with the ram’s at the end of the season do we win the tie breaker?

  3. Only if we beat the Rams in the final game, GeorgiaHawk.

    But the Niners will win any 7-9 ties. So we have to root for the Rams next week and take care of business in the final week.

    I’m not that excited about making the playoffs, but better the Seahawks than the Niners or Rams.

  4. variable575 says:

    Lofa played like he was lost and didn’t care to give his all at times. Seattle needs to rethink it’s LB situation along with everything else. I know there’s some on here that look at Lofa’s stats(usually the guys that say not to look at stats) and use that as argument to validate his play as good enough. He ends up spectating on too many plays that he should be in the thick of—making a stop!

    I say trade Lofa and Curry in a package. Resign Hill(and hope he stays healthy) and let Heater take over at MLB(he played way better at that position last yr then Lof a Crap is playing this year). Let Anthony Heygood duke it out with a draft pick on the other side.

  5. variable575 says:

    Lofa is too slow in space, coupled with a tard in space(curry) and that’s too much space given to the opposition.

  6. variable575 says:

    ….Is Bates beyond reproach with Carroll this off-season? I hope they go out and find the next Charlie Wise.

  7. Okay, Pabs….I’m reluctantly joining the bench Hass club.

    I still think Whitehurst has some potential…..and I think it’s now or never for him.

    I want Hass benched next week so we can see Whitehurst play an entire game. If he blows it, perhaps we give Hass another chance against St. Louis….I’m so sick of this crappy offense.

  8. Yolohawk says:

    Now Lofa would make a great a great coach.

    But I’m not ready to say bye to 51, that’s my away jersey.

    Let’s pick on Jennings. That piss-poor cal by the stripes on 4th wouldn’t be a factor if Jennings wasn’t so gullable on 3rd.

  9. It takes more than just 1 or 2 games to determine if a QB is NFL material. They wasted the last few months chasing this 7-9 division title. This year looks identical to last year, with the exception of Kurt Warner leaving the division.

    If they play Whitehurst the last 2 games, we just have to hope he can be the guy or else it might be a difficult next few years searching for the next starter.

  10. variable575 says:

    …Me to Audible. Treat it as a pre-season game and let hass play the 1st or 2nd half. Unless the 9ers win out, it really doesn’t matter if we win next week anyhow.

  11. Anybody watching Matt Flynn against the Pats? Maybe the Seahawks need to make another trade with Green Bay for a QB. I hope the Seahawks bring in a really good prospect to compete with CW next year, not a fourth-round draft pick.

    Pabuwal, if CW had played better in practice, PC would have turned to him sooner, I’m sure. CW seems to have the arm and the legs, but whether he has the mind of an NFL QB remains to be seen.

  12. variable575 says:

    You beat me to the Flynn post, Canfan. Flynn or kolb, whichever one is cheaper. However, I’d also take Moore in the second if he enters and lasts that long.

  13. I’m with Audible… Make the decision early and open…. Make CW the starter
    at Tampa…. It’s either that or “get off the pot” with him….
    Most of us know many athletes that are “Gamers”, players that just rise to the occasion, but only in game situations……. He may be one of those… I’m not sure Charlie is that, but we sure need to find out, at least for offseason player movement and the draft….

  14. GriffinNW says:

    Matt needs to take a seat. He doesn’t do much against bad/decent teams, doesn’t do much against better/good teams. Too many excuses are made for him.
    We NEED to see what Whitehurst has. I really hope to see what he has these final 2 weeks. If he fails, then its nothing new to what Hasselbeck has been doing.

    Jennings is awful. I’m really bummed we kept him over Wilson (though I’ve seen Wilson picked on at times in Baltimore- at least he has playmaking ability).
    Does it seem like all of our corners play a prevent Defensive package? Week after week it seems opponents WR’s are comfortably open for catches, and then tackled after.

    Its a bummer how many holes this team has, and thinking about how long its gonna be till they get filled.

    Seattle Sports…

  15. There is definitely plenty of blame to go around:

    Mr. Happy needs to look himself in the mirror and ask why his team gets penalized so much. Then he needs to find out why some coaches (see Holmgren, Mike) consistently had teams who were among the least penalized in the league and incorporate some of what he’s learned into his way of thinking (may not be able to fully do this until the off-season). The penalties are absolutely ridiculous and that’s coaching. Sure, there are individual boneheaded plays that coaches shouldn’t take the rap for, however, on average, a majority falls back on the coach(es).

    I haven’t been hard on Bates this season, in part, because I don’t know of any offensive coordinator in the history of the world who can take a team with crap for an offensive line and get them to perform at a high level. However, a few things have been coming that raise some red flags. Unless a team has a huge brute that can’t be tackled like Ben Rapistburger, that’s about the only way I know a team can survive a horrible line.

    There aren’t many who support Matt Hasselbeck as much as I do, but Charlie needs to be given the start next week. I know some of what’s happened the last few weeks aren’t Matt’s fault, but much of it is too and it’s not acceptable on this large of a scale.

    We all know that Charlie has to have been bad in practices this season — that’s all we hear from various reporters who attend these practices — but maybe IBgoofy is on to something with him being a gamer and we could use more of a sample than the Giants game. At this point, as much as I love Matt, he needs to watch from the sidelines. If Charlie performs well in Tampa, give him the Rams too. If he sucks at Tampa, turn the “NFC West (probable) Championship Game” in Seattle in two weeks back over to Matt.

    I will be perfectly happy being a worthless 2-14 team next season if that team sucks at all positions except for having a young, franchise QB and an OL who are all 22-27 years of age (and TALENTED). I don’t care who gets traded in the process (minus Okung). The final pass Whitehurst threw today was almost a pick-6 and I really have no confidence that he’s the long term answer either. Sure, how can I say for sure? Simple. If he hasn’t unseated Hasselbeck until now then those practice reports of him sucking must be true and that doesn’t have me overly optimistic.

    No matter how we look at it, we have to have the worst offensive guards in the NFL, and our right tackle position is pretty pathetic too.

    I know I’ve been pretty quiet since the fool who uses my name on the chats really ticked me off. It’s probably easier to boycot the chat though — so if any moron uses “bobbyk” in the chats, just know that it’s not me and tell that clown what an idiot he is. I love the rest of this blog though!

  16. SeahawkFan12 says:

    variable, I’m with you on Moore but he’s staying at Boise State for his senior year.

    Contrary to what the Hass-bashers think, we need to re-sign Matt so he can mentor the heir-apparent (which is NOT Whitehurst…sorry). CW cannot do that with his awe-inspiring bench-riding experience. It would be nice to have Hass teach a rookie the ropes, but we’ll see what happens.

    Kellen Moore is going to be an amazing pro.

  17. i give up…at this point all i can do is laugh….so ahahahahahahahahahaaha….

    and i am sorry, hate me for it but the officiating this year is ridiculous…hate the steelers all you want but i watched that game today and they were just picked on….yes, i am a die hard hawks fan and a steelers fan,,,,i get the hawks fans hatred for the steelers but at this point it is ridiculous..( and i agree the hawks were robbed in superbowl XL)…but if you are not Tom Brady or Peyton Manning you don’t get the calls….and to back it up i watched Matt Hasselbeck get his face mask ripped in many different games and no calls…a few calls today were suspect but in the end the hawks gave it away again….what a bummer…..the NFL is starting to become a joke…seriously….unless you are the elite team then defenders can pull hawks receivers to the ground…no flag….

    ok, again, my apologies….i am just tired of one sided officiating…goodell is a moron…

    i am a rambling idiot…sorry…just mad at the hawks, steelers, NFL and just plain football in general this year…..see you all next year, i am done at this point…

    all hope is on Clipboard Hey-soos… good luck wierdbeard…..

    Pete…get your sheet together, get the right people and players…get rid of OC Bates & chew out the D coordinator…no excuses a this point…

    OK on that note. HAPPY HOLIDAZE everyone….Merry Christmas and a happy new year….go hawks in 2011!!!

  18. SeahawkFan12 says:

    BobbyK, I have been right there with you as one of the more ardent supporters of Hasselbeck,and I agree he should sit vs. Tampa. If CW sucks, give it back to Matt against the Rams…totally agree with you.

    There is more than enough blame to go around, it is just too bad Matt’s worst performance in recent memory is eclipsing some other awful areas this team must address.

    For now, give CW the shot and see if he can play like the multi-million dollar started we paid him to be.

  19. I’d love to re-sign Hass to mentor the heir-apparent, but I just don’t think Hass will re-sign for backup money. If it happens, I’ll be happy. Would love to see him retire as a Seahawk.

    I’m all for seeing what CW can do against Tampa Bay. CW is going to make mistakes, but after seeing some of Hass’s mistakes, it couldn’t get much worse. CW probably won’t be the answer at QB, but we need to give him a chance.

  20. it is time for the Beard to show us what he’s got….which i can guarantee ain’t much……time for draft talk…..6-10 this season….boooooo

  21. Dukeshire says:

    These are some interesting comments by Mike Williams after the game;

    “That first drive was supposed to be a preview of what we could do today,” he said. “They had given up almost 400 yards rushing in the last two weeks so we knew we could give our backs some room to run. We were on pace and we found a way to take ourselves out of the game.”

    They ran the ball 8 times on that first drive and ended with 21 rushes total. (This includes 5 consecutive passes while going 3 and out on consecutive possessions, in the second quarter.) I guess what I’d like to know is if BMW is saying they ought to have stayed committed to the run throughout the game (it was only a one score game 5 minutes into the 3rd quarter) or if he’s commenting on the fact they had 3 consecutive turnovers in the third quarter that no longer allowed them to run it?

    My guess is that he’s talking about abandoning the run (seemingly) while the game was still competitive. If that’s the case (a big if) that would be the second offensive player to take a shot at Bates’ play-calling. But again, perhaps I’m reading too much into it.

  22. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Yeah, I thought it was peculiar that they ran three consecutive pass plays to go 3-and-out, and not short passes either, to open the 3rd. Seemed like a total abandonment of the run game in the second half. Interesting.

  23. Random Thought:

    Did anyone else notice Okung when the fists were about to start flying in the heat of the moment during the game? He wanted to go in and kick some ‘A.’ There’s a pattern I have been noticing with him and I like it. If Okung would have seen Matt get his throat you-know-what by Dockett last year, I have a feeling Dockett wouldn’t have been able to finish the game. That’s what you want/need. I’m glad Okung is on our side.

    What I wouldn’t give for him and Carl Nicks to be side-by-side next season! Nicks will actually be 26 on May 14, 2011 and Okung will be 23 at the start of the season (doesn’t turn 24 until Oct. 7). One thing I know about Nicks from his Nebraska days; he likes pancakes. Wouldn’t it be nice to kick ass on the left side of our line? Has it really been that long?

  24. Duke – Interesting point.

    I actually liked the playcalling on their second drive. I liked the long throws to Williams and then Obo. That put us into a 3rd and 10 and we didn’t make it. But that could/would/should even make it easier to run the rest of the game (which we didn’t — maybe he’s referring to that too?).

    Maybe you are reading too much into it. Maybe you’re not. I don’t know. (how’s that for a great analysis? lol)

    To try to be funny since it was such a sucky day… maybe Bates hates drives like the Seahawks used to grind out in ’05? They were probably too long for him. Since he already had one long drive on the opener, maybe he wanted to get them over with quick the rest of the day (feast of famine)? lol

  25. Dukeshire says:

    Yeah, just reading quotes it’s difficult to understand context. But on their second possession, 1-10 Forsett ran for no gain, then 2 passes and out. Then their third possession, 3 passes and out (5 consecutive passes without a first). I think part of the reason I’m reading into his comments because I wanted them to keep the same approach they did on their first possession. If nothing else, keeping the Atlanta offense off the field was a net gain. But they started taking shot after shot without moving the chains. I guess I’m old(er) school than Bates; I like dink and dunk and play-action pass and being selective with your shots. I love the way the Pats run their offense, right now. But, that’s my own preference which has nothing to do with Bates I suppose.

  26. Did you guys see Matt Flynn tonight??? I say go after Matt Flynn, or Kevin kolb. That simple boys and girls.

    Go Seahawks…..

  27. I remembered the second possession wrong… oops.

    That Atlanta offense really reminded me of our ’05 team today (to a certain extent). They controlled the clock and kept their subpar defense off the field. After that first drive, they were also able to eventually get them a lead to play with, making any defensive unit better.

  28. freedom_X says:

    For all the people who want Matt Flynn off of one game:

    Don’t forget to bring in Flynn’s receivers, tight ends, and offensive coordinator/offensive system too. If you want him to do the same thing in Seattle.

    At this point, the playoffs are irrelevant. They have to get better. They have to try and improve. And Hasselbeck is no longer giving the rest of the team the best chance to improve. Last week, it could be argued he was forcing the issue because the defense was so hopeless, but this week, the defense was decent (relatively speaking) and Hasselbeck killed them.

    I still believe he can help a team, but it doesn’t look like Seattle. His best hope is that he’s Kurt Warner – St. Louis let him go and he failed in New York, but he found the right team in AZ. I think if he’s playing for the 49ers, under Jon Gruden, they’re 10-6. I actually think he still has physical ability left, but he needs to be in a precise system. He can’t deal with sloppy, undependable receivers, and he can’t improvise when things break down.

    But he won’t get Seattle where they need to go. He can’t be the bridge to prop up a young Seattle team to let them mature, because he’s not able to help out the young team anymore.

  29. Who will be the franchise QB? I want one too, but I don’t think we’ll be able to get one this year. As it stands right now, Vikings, Redskins, Cardinals possibly the Titans and 49ers might all be looking for QB’s, they might all pick before we do and who will go in the first/second round this year? It’s hard to get a good look at the draft, but at this point I’d almost take every QB that’s available, I’d like to pick TJ Yates in the later rounds, let Charlie play out his final year while Yates/whoever it might be learns, because at this point I don’t see us getting a good QB in the first few rounds, sadly.

  30. Freedom_x: “At this point, the playoffs are irrelevant. They have to get better.”

    Well, yes. Almost. I really wish the playoffs were irrelevant, because right now the Seahawks have a 50% chance of backing in.

    Trouble is, the playoffs are not irrelevant. If our Seahawks beat the Rams two weeks from now they will not only make the playoffs but they will also immediately drop about 6-8 spots in the first round on draft day.

    We all saw further proof yesterday that there is no greater need for this team than finding the QB of the future and beginning to develop him. The sooner the better. A playoff game at Qwest would be a rare treat, but one we would all soon forget. Drafting at #15 instead of #21 could make all the difference for this team.

  31. Well, if either the Rams beat the Niners or the Seahawks beat the Bucs, you may have two exciting games to enjoy at Qwest.

    PC is such an optimist, he probably believes the Seahawks can win their remaining games, get on a roll and win the Super Bowl.

    The defense played pretty well yesterday. The game would have been a lot closer if three things hadn’t happened:

    1. Hasselbeck had not handed out early Christmas gifts.

    2. The refs had not jobbed Seattle on that fourth-down QB sneak.

    3. The Falcons had not gotten all the lucky bounces/rolls.

    The Falcons deserved to win, but the score could have easily been much closer. Of course, nobody cares about that. Everybody wants a win.

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