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Morning links: Reaction to Hawks 40-21 loss

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 13, 2010 at 6:52 am with 53 Comments »
December 13, 2010 6:52 am
Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez).

Some links to get you started this morning.

Seahawks fullback Mike Robinson on the loss: “We gave them a Christmas gift.”

Matt Hasselbeck said he never considered coming out of the game, even with his poor performance.

Deon Butler held on to the ball on Seattle’s final play of the game, even though he broke his leg.

John McGrath of The News Tribune says enough with the playoff talk.

Dan Brown of the San Jose Mercury News writes that San Francisco’s offense followed running back Brian Westbrook’s lead.

Check out stats and highlights of the game here.

And here’s a photo gallery from Sunday’s game.

Clare Farnsworth of writes that Seattle still remains in the playoff hunt after a miserable day in San Francisco.

Jerry Brewer of The Seattle Times says the Seahawks are playing hard, but flawed.

John Boyle of the Everett Herald writes that Ruvell Martin stepped in and had a good day in place of an injured Mike Williams.

ESPN’s Mike Sando writes that confusion reigns in muddled NFC West.

Matt Maiocco of says that San Francisco quarterback Alex Smith responded to boos with a career day.

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch writes that the Rams are now tied with Seattle at 6-7 after predictably losing at New Orleans, 31-13.

And yes, even the Arizona has faint playoff hopes, writes Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic, after the Cardinals surprising win over Denver.

A New York Jets coach stuck his knee out and tripped a Miami Dolphin player while he was running down to cover a punt. Check out the video here. The coach later apologized for his actions.

Here’s video of the Metrodome roof collapsing.

Morning links
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  1. Charlie Whitehurst must have the lowest self-esteem of any QB in the NFL right now.

    The 2008-2010 Seahawks might just match the 1992-1994 Seahawks in terms of record and cumulative point differential before this is all over. Right now the 1992-1994 team actually has the better cumulative point differential. The 1992-1994 Seahawks had the misfortune of playing against 2 of the greatest QBs in NFL history in Elway and Montana.

  2. CDHawkFan says:

    There was a lot of talk on the game chat yesterday about the draft, about taking a QB in the 1st. While I can see the reasoning behind that, and 50% of the time I agree, but another thought would be to draft a CB in round 1 and a WR in round 2. The thinking is that KJ and Butler (sorry about the leg, tough kid) are the 2 weakest starters we have. How much less would we all complain if those 2 position where upgraded with a round 1 and 2 selection? I know that a QB would be for the future and is the most important position in sports, but those holes/drop off in talent at CB and WR just keep showing up. And I know about the OL and DL issues. Just a thought.

    Also Eric, the game chat seems to really slow down and struggle in the 3rd and 4 quarters, its been like that all season.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    There is so much blame to go around on this one, it’s impossible to pin it on any one person alone. But Hass certainly needs to take his. 4 picks is just awful.

    This just in; Seattle’s not winning this division.

  4. Clearly, the Hawks didn’t show up for this game…. Pretty much from top to bottom except for special teams….
    Eric…. CD is correct, the game chat really hurts in the 3rd & 4th qtrs….

  5. If there’s a live chat today, I’m sure “BobbyK” will show up but it won’t be me (again).

  6. If the Seahawks make the playoffs, I’ll be happy. If they don’t, I’ll still be pleased that they were better this year.

    I hate it when they’re eliminated in November and all we’re thinking about is the draft. I also hate it that the draft is in April. February to April are the worst months for me as a football fan. I get sick of all the draft talk. (Sorry, just getting that off my chest.)

  7. bulldog80 says:

    Amen Canfan.

    I’m glad to see Matt own up to his performance. He has done this so many times I can’t even count. After his second turnover you know that he’s going to press and it’s just gonna get worse. He’s done it throughout his career. This would have been an entirely different game without 5 turnovers. We might have still lost the game, but it wouldn’t have been anything like this loss.

    I don’t want mediocrity anymore. We need to move on from Matt as fast as possible. Now, If you like 8-8 seasons and inconsistant performances from week to week then resign Matt by all means.

  8. getALife996 says:

    According to a mock draft I saw this morning (I was bored and trying to find what round’s we did and didn’t have picks in – didn’t find what I was looking for though), we are slated to be picking at about #13, at which point it has us taking Locker. At #3, they have Cincinnati taking Newton. Here’s my question, assuming this was correct, are we better off taking a young Locker, or is it bad to think about trading for Palmer? I love the huskies, just not sure Locker is ready to be thrown in as a starter in the NFL. Other possibility, live with Hasselbeck for another year, and have Locker learn under him. For some reason, I like Palmer also. Probably stupid questions, just thought I’d throw them out there.

  9. CaliSeahawker says:

    Duke is spot on. This team is pathetic, with no chance to make the playoffs. We are losing out folks. There is no D; Bradley needs to be fired, and John Fox needs to be hired as D-coordinator. We need corners, D-line depth, Mankins and a few others on the O line, and we need a future franchise QB because Whitecrap is not that guy. We also need to lock up Leon. Great move by JS and Co.

    St. Louis got demolished. but they are not losing at home to KC so unless SEA wakes the **** up, and steals one of the next two games (just not happening unless 8-15 major injuries occur in the next week to ATL or TB), week 17 won’t mean a damn thing.

    Time to start thinking about the draft folks.

  10. getALife996 says:

    BTW, the mock draft I spoke of is at

  11. Carson Palmer is worse than Hass. When I say that the Seahawks should sign Hass, I would prefer that he be a mentor and veteran backup for the drafted QB, whoever that might be. However, I’m pretty sure a few other teams will offer Hass more money to be their starter than the Seahawks will be willing to pony up for a veteran backup. So in all likelihood, this is going to be Hass’s last year in Seattle. I’ll be sorry to see him go.

  12. chuck_easton says:

    I hate to say it, but I don’t want to be ‘the team that gets into the play-offs with a 7-9 record”.

    I still think we will finish 7-9 but I would rather have that label stuck on another team.

    If we could pull out an 8-8 season (possible but not likely) then I would be OK with making the play-offs.

    I know we don’t want to start talking Draft now but reality says it’s time. I still would rather draft around 13-15 with a 7-9 record than 20-25 with a 7-9 record and have a bunch of other teams with better records drafting ahead of us.

  13. The Rams MUST beat the 49ers for the Seahawks to make the playoffs. But then again, there is nothing more destructive than winning a 7-9 division title in the worst division in NFL History with a 35 year old QB who ranks among the league worst.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    If I may; trading for Palmer makes little sense to me. He and Hass have nearly identical numbers, only Palmer has every “weapon” a QB could want. No, I see no net gain in either the immediate or long term by bringing in Palmer.

    I could be mistaken, but I believe the ‘Hawks would be picking 14th right now (losing a tie-breaker to the Raiders). Never-the-less, the question about Locker stands. He’s a project, obviously, and I had read a couple weeks back (National Football Post maybe? Don’t remember off the top…) that quoted an unnamed scout that said many teams at the moment, have Locker no higher than a 2nd round pick. And that is guys like McShay and Kipper that have got the public believing he’s a first. Take that for what it’s worth…

  15. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – My, how your tune has changed.

  16. The Rams MUST beat the 49ers for the Seahawks to make the playoffs.

    Last I checked, the Seahawks still have a better record than the Niners and still control their destiny. If the Seahawks upset either the Falcons or the Bucs and beat the Rams, they’re probably in. If BMW and Obo are back, anything is possible.

  17. Duke – It will still be fun to win the first 7-9 division title in NFL history, but it doesn’t make it any less destructive to the future of the franchise. But if Carroll doesn’t care, than why should I?

  18. “But then again, there is nothing more destructive than winning a 7-9 division title in the worst division in NFL History with a 35 year old QB who ranks among the league worst.”

    OK, I’ll bite – give me your rationale as to why ‘nothing is more destructive’ than making the playoffs?

    How about Okung and Thomas suffering career ending injuries? Isn’t that more destructive?

    If your argument is the lowered draft pick (somehow I think it’s not, but will instead involve some dig at #8), then I’m not convinced. As others have pointed out repeatedly, high draft picks guarantee nothing – plenty of teams have them every year and continue to stink.

  19. Not too much to feel good about today – I’m just reconciling myself to a new set of expectations. As I said earlier – the weakness of the NFC West, the chance of a playoff spot, and that great start, got me thinking that this team is better than it is.

    And then the injuries, and the flaws in our team, pretty much put all that to rest. We’re still better off than we were a year ago, and another year’s draft and free agents, should make us better still. It’s just going to happen as quickly as it seemed there for a moment.

  20. Pdway – if a coach is going to play a bottom 5 QB, at least play one that has a future, not one who self destructs against the weaker teams in the NFL when the entire offense is not perfect.

    By definition, no QB can produce worse results than consistent 30 blowout losses so why play one with no future?

  21. I thought it would be wise for the Seahawks to draft an OL or DE in the first round and a QB in the second. But this article has me re-thinking the wisdom of waiting until the second round for the QB:

    There I go, contradicting myself and talking about the draft …

  22. pab – but what does that have to do w/making the playoffs or not? I think Carroll has shown he’ll play the best player at any position, period. Making the playoffs isn’t going to automatically change his mindset re the QB spot (or any other spot) for ’11.

  23. Not that it matters – I actually don’t think we’re heading for the playoffs this season anyway. The team isn’t strong enough on either side of the ball.

  24. Anybody think the Seahawks need to draft a RB too? I’m not sold on Lynch. I’d rather have Forsett getting more carries.

    In order of priority, I think these are the team’s needs: OL (guard and right tackle), QB, DE, CB, RB, WR.

  25. chuck_easton says:

    I’m still happy with what Seattle has achieved this season. We are farther along than anyone thought we would be.

    It’s a re-building year
    It’s a re-building year
    It’s a re-building year.

    Now for the downer part. You re-build through the draft. We need draft choices and HIGH draft choices to continue down the path that was begun this season. Making the play-offs may be a feel good thing for the fans (and I would be right there rooting for them for that one play-off home game), but it does little to help in getting more quality people here.

    Our two best draft choices this season (Thomas and Okung) who appear to be cornerstones of the team for a decade or so were both taken BEFORE the 15th spot in the draft. You draft 20th or later and you are taking your chances.

    More likely to hit a homerun with a draft choice in the 10-15 range than the 20-25 range.

  26. Pdway – I actually thinks this team makes the playoffs provided the Rams beat the 49ers.

    And I actually think they wouldn’t have made it had they started Whitehurst over Hasselbeck. But at least the team would have a better understanding of the future of the most important position instead of the bleak situation they are in now.

    Sometimes you have to bite the bullet to get better and the last coach to do that was Holmgren in 2000.

  27. In terms of measurable, on-field results, is this team only better this year from last year due to Kurt Warner and Leon Washington?

  28. Dukeshire says:

    It is a re-building year, but there are some fundamental breakdowns that have to be a concern; penalties, missed tackles, turnovers… and these really have nothing to do with talent, or a lack thereof. To have a roster comprised predominantly of other teams’ castoffs, executing inconsistently and getting blown out (especially when the quality starters they do have miss games) is to be expected. However, lapses in the very basic fundamentals cannot be tolerated. And they appear to be, I say that simply because they continue to happen.

  29. grizindabox24 says:

    I still think that OL, DL, and CB are higher priority than QB and because of a lack of quality options, Hass is resigned.

  30. grizindabox24 says:

    I also think they lack a playmaking wr, but I hope that Tate progresses from year 1 to year 2 and can step into that position.

  31. “Anybody think the Seahawks need to draft a RB too? I’m not sold on Lynch. I’d rather have Forsett getting more carries.

    In order of priority, I think these are the team’s needs: OL (guard and right tackle), QB, DE, CB, RB, WR”

    Too many other holes to fill to look for a RB right now. I’d otherwise agree with much of your list, with the exception being that if we see a QB in rd 1 that we think is worth it – then we take him. Plenty of good QB’s have been lower 1st round picks.

  32. Dukeshire says:

    I do not believe wins and losses can accurately measure whether this team is better or worse than last years’ team. That is, if we’re looking at the big picture. If we’re looking at only this year, I don’t see how it’s productive to hypothesize why they are better, if you are acknowledging they are in fact better. That is “we’re only better because X, Y and Z.” Changing they dynamic, especially one that applies to another team all together is conjecture. There is now way of knowing how things would be, we only know how things are.

  33. “Pdway – I actually thinks this team makes the playoffs provided the Rams beat the 49ers”

    I don’t know – who do you see them beating to get in? I suppose the Rams in the final? I don’t know if we’re good enough to even do that right now.

    That said, for all of my football blues today, if the the final game is still for a playoff spot and we win it, I’ll still be happy about it.

  34. All three of the remaining opponents have playoff aspirations, so they’re all going to be tough games. But just as the Seahawks surprised us in Chicago, they could do it again.

    Let’s face it: there are no good teams in the NFC West. So which team is the least worst? I think it’s the Seahawks, but we’ll soon find out.

  35. chuck_easton, good to see you show up today with some common sense, even after a horrendous spectacle of a loss. It is, after all, a rebuilding year. This roster is understaffed. We knew that coming in. A few injuries and we weren’t going to win. We know that.

    Turnovers: good teams don’t allow them.
    Pass Rush: Good teams bring it.

    The turnoevers get hung around Hass’ neck and he has to own this loss, along with an assist from Jeremy Bates. Hass was thrown out there with no receivers other than Stokley, so it wasn’t entirely surprising what happened. This happens to 35-year old QBs who lack a supporting cast. It happened to Brett Farve and Peyton Manning this past season too. I liked the way Bates got Lynch into the passing game early, but they didn’t stick to the short game. I still don’t get why he didn’t include more plays to their TEs. There was nothing wrong with the Seahawks ground game and short passing game, early. It was working. It was not the day to try to stretch the field, yet Bates and Hass couldn’t resist it. They got burned by their lack of patience. An unprofessional performance from both of them.

    As for our D, I’m torn between anger at our DBs and anger over our lack of pass rush.

    Obviously, Kelly Jennings is a holiday treat for every WR who gets to face him, but the rest of the DBs are culpable too. Sorry, ET, but when I watched you wrap your arms around Brian Westbrook, dangle off him, then fall away without even slowing him down on his TD run, I thought to myself “there’s a little guy who doesn’t deserve to go to Pro Bowl this year”.

    But the lack of pass rush annoys me even more. Along with the INTs, the worst thing that happened yesterday was the D allowing Alex Smith to get comfortable in the first half. Smith came out to BOOS from his own fans! and threw crappy passes in the first quarter. His starting LT was missing, yet our D failed to attack and rattle him!!! Ugh! Clemons, Bradley, and the rest of the D need to own that. They let SF arise from the dead when they could have put their foot on SFs throat early yesterday.

    That’s partly Hass’ fault too, since the D was defending a short field after every Hass INT, but if the D had rattled Smith early and often, It could have been a different game.

  36. Here’s some good news: Sando reports that the Seahawks-Bucs game has been moved to 4:15 p.m. ET. A better starting time for the Seahawks. Plus all of us can now go to church and pray for a victory. What’s more, we’ll know if it’s a must-win game, because the Rams-Niners game is earlier.

  37. For those who continue to beat the we are (rebuilding) drum my question is how friggin long does it take to rebuild a team? Seems the Seahawks have been rebuilding for the last 4 years and they are truly not any farther then were when they had Shaun Alexander for Pete’s sake. The developing facts it seems to me are this! The Seahawks will never amount to anything in the near Future and can rebuild for the rest of all time and still never end up with a rebuild.

  38. grizindabox24 says:

    jegggo, under PC they have been rebuilding for less than a year. Previous to that they were not trying to rebuild, they were trying to patch a failing franchise with no success.

  39. People think they are rebuilding because they have turned over the roster. But more than ever, this is a QB driven league – the National Fantasy Football League. This truly can not be called rebuilding with a 35 year old QB who is at the end of the line. They can assemble top flight talent but if they have to groom a new QB once that talent hits its prime, then the rebuilding process will actually begin at that point. However, the new QB will unnecessarily get the blame, much like Tavaris Jackson did in Minnesota.

    The Bucs and Rams are two prime examples of rebuilding teams at this point and teams whose fans are probably pretty happy after losses.

  40. Rams spent a long time down low before getting to a place of rebuilding – but you’re right – I’m sure their fans are feeling great about it now.

    I don’t think anyone on here would dispute that if we have the chance to draft a good QB prospect, we should do it.

    I still think you can’t play to lose. Rams fell far enough to get the #1 overall pick – and this time it worked out for them, but the same oppty presented to Oakland and SF in recent years, and their #1 pick QB’s have failed – so it’s no sure thing.

  41. HawkfaninMT says:

    One thing the Rams did before they got their QB was solidfy their OL. Getting Jason Brown and using their previous early pick on a starting LT are part of the reasons for Bradford’s success.

    Hawks started that this year by drafting Okung. I feel like Spencer can be a solid (not pro bowl) calibur Center, but the OG position is where the Hawks need the biggest upgrade in my opinion. Go out and spend the money on Nicks or Mankins, draft a RT in the 2nd and this OL is going to go from a weak link to a strength really quick.

  42. In 1991 when Tom Flores decided to get rid of Dave Krieg and gut the team I was very upset. The team had a good defense and competed VERY well against the upper echelon teams, losing games generally by 3 points. I thought with a few more weapons the offense could have been better. Maybe the 1992 Chris Warren in 1991 would have been the difference.

    This team is losing by historic margins with Hasselbeck at QB. This isn’t the first year either, its the third year. How much worse could a young QB do? At least there would be hope for the future in the NFFL. I am not saying you play to lose, but you play realizing this team is awful right now and the only way out is finding (sometimes stumbling) on a good young QB of the future.

    I actually don’t think Whitehurst is the guy – but at least we could find out and it wouldn’t be much worse than it is now. If we see he has no hope, they could get rid of him instead of possibly trying to justify the trade next year. As it is right now, we are simply wasting years when part of the problem has been painfully clear for a while.

  43. Dukeshire says:

    The Rams and Bucs are also at least a year further along in the re-building process than the ‘Hawks.

  44. Pdway – the Rams were awful for just 3 years and all while they were holding onto Bulger. The Seahawks have been awful for 3 years all while holding onto Hasselbeck.

  45. chuck_easton says:

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.

    In a perfect world ‘spending the money’ and getting Mankins and/or Nicks sounds great, but why would either player want to come to Seattle right now?

    They both play for a play-off contender right now. They will have numerous options if they do get to FA (I’m betting one or both get Franchised and the discussion is moot).

    What high quaility FA is going to want to come to Seattle right now? Yes, in a few years when the team is further down the re-building path that might be an option.

    For now DRAFT, DRAFT, and DRAFT some more. That’s the only way this team is going to improve.

  46. grizindabox24 says:

    pabuwal, I agree that the Hawks need to get a younger, possible franchise QB, but I am not sure that guy will be available to the Hawks this offseason. Gut tells me Hass is re-upped and starting again next season.

  47. Pabuwal: “This truly can not be called rebuilding with a 35 year old QB who is at the end of the line.”

    Nonsense. Turning over half the roster, changing the GM, Head Coach, and Offensive Coordinator cannot be called anything other than “a rebuilding year”.

    Sure QB happens to be the most important position, but with about half or the 22 starting positions needing replacement after last season, you can’t expect every one of them to be upgraded in one year. You’re going to have to face the fact that finding a new starting QB can take several years of efforts, and several failures, before they find the guy. They started the process with Whitehurst, so we can check one failure off the list. Check. You know that the front office is working overtime to identify the next QB prospects for next year. This is a rebuilding team.

  48. chuck_easton, You’re right that Mankins won’t be available as a free agent. The Jets love him and Ryan values his O linemen.

    But Nicks could definitely be available since New Orleans just overpaid their other OG by a ton this season and likely won’t plan to overpay both of their OGs. We will have to compete for Nicks, but he may be more of a ‘sure thing’ than most other OGs we could find.

    If we overpay for any FA this offseason, please let it be an OG or QB.

  49. “Pdway – the Rams were awful for just 3 years and all while they were holding onto Bulger. The Seahawks have been awful for 3 years all while holding onto Hasselbeck.”

    Right – and when the oppty is there to pick the next QB, we should do it. Rams had the worst record in the league, and ‘earned’ the #1 overall spot, and it happened that last year there was a QB who looks to be living up to that high draft position. I’ve been a fan of Hass for a long time, but I’m of course not saying we continue to play him with no plan for the future.

    I suppose the team will look long and hard as to whether we can get through another year filling some of the other holes on the squad, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see us pick a QB in the 1st round.

  50. Funny I thought pabuwal said yesterday he wouldn’t be posting this week. But 9 out of the 44 posts are from him. now thats being absent. But it doesn’t matter because unfortunately he is right to a certain degree.

    On our draft status – I think most players especially QB’s that are busts are guys that teams drafted out of “need” and reached out of that need. That is where we are going to be in trouble. We will draft a QB because we need one – not because he is a good fit for our team or ready for the NFL.

    I think our future at QB is bleak!! there isn’t a single NFL guy out there. (okay probably Luck – IF he comes out) and don’t give me the hype on Kellen Moore. NFL teams don’t like his measurables, or lack there of, at all. He will probably get drafted and be a back up for a few years.

  51. HawkyHann says:

    Please share with everyone that is a Seahawk fan. DO NOT, FOR ANY REASON, sign Jake Locker. He is not a good QB right now, and will maybe, maybe, one day be a good one years down the road Most likely he’ll be the next Isiah Stanbeck.. Don’t need another local story about the hometown boy. Could care less. I wish the press would attack Trufant for getting owned every game he play in. Morgan had an easy catch yesterday then blasted him for a TD.

    I don’t care one bit about the combine either. Aaron Curry proves that thing is a joke. Be smart!!

  52. nighthawk2 says:

    I was wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong, to be optomistic about this team, this year. I just forgot. I forgot who the quarterback is, I forgot the defense was near the bottom in run defense (or all defense), I forgot this was a road game (still trying to figure out how we beat Chicago on the road), I forgot that the defensive co-ordinator and DL coach are holdovers from the Jim Mora disaster, I forgot who are corners are, I forgot how overrated our linebackers are, I forgot the offensive line is crapola. Forgot everything.

    I do not think this team is capable of winning any of the last three games, no matter how many of the Bucs starters go on Injured Reserve. Hasselsuck killed us with 4 interceptions and a lost fumble (2 fumbles total), in the name of all that’s holy please put this rag arm has-been on the bench and play Charlie Whitehurst these last three games. We now know why the 49ers cut Michael Robinson, he sucks on offense. Marshawn Lynch maintained his scintillating 2.9 ypc average (at leas the caught 7 passes for 37 yards), Forsett and Washington got 7 carries combined (for 15 yards)…god it just makes me ill to look at those stats. 6-10 ought to give us about the 10th overall pick, maybe 12th.

  53. If you think most of the first round QBs in the coming draft are crap, don’t worry. Arizona and San Francisco will likely be drafting right in front of the Seahawks and will likely take a flyer on whatever QBs are there before the Seahawks can get to them. Both those teams are good at drafting bust QBs in the first round. Hopefully the Seahawks will be too smart to draft any QB other than the one they really want.

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