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Hawks vs. 49ers live game chat

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 12, 2010 at 12:28 pm with 79 Comments »
December 12, 2010 12:28 pm

Dave Boling will be your host today. We’ll get started at 12:45.

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  1. No comments from liars (“BobbyK”) from now until after game (on blog).

    See (probably) Pabuwal. Either way, doesn’t matter… some LIAR.

  2. You are a moron.

  3. SandpointHawk says:

    BobbyK…. forged again? This needs to stop…

  4. SandpointHawk says:

    Moron….harsh words my friend ….

  5. For whatever reason, BobbyK is accusing me of posting as his name on the chat – lkike I have nothing else better to do.

  6. At least Butler gave himself up to make the game look like less of a blowout – thats heart.

  7. SandpointHawk says:

    Gee another wide receiver out….does it get any better???

  8. Dukeshire says:

    Poor Deon Butler, that is awful. Leon Washington type. Hang in there!

  9. SandpointHawk says:

    The ease of changing your log in handle on the chat has been my fetish all season. This can be fixed if TNT wants to upgrade.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – I can’t tell if that’s sarcasm or sincerity. It’s in pretty poor taste and classless if it’s the former.

  11. You should send an email to Ian and let him know the steps to do the upgrade.

  12. Butler played hard and made a play that in the grand scheme of things is meaningless. He paid the price. That’s heart.

    And you should know my main target is Hasselbeck. He didn’t deliver on that 70 QB rating.

  13. SandpointHawk says:

    The guy is injured. No matter our opinion on things ….none of us want to see our boys hurt…

  14. Next week Hawks face the best team in the NFL. Blowout home loss won’t help the team’s morale

  15. Dukeshire says:

    You spread it around, don’t kid yourself. Regardless, I’m glad to hear you’re not piling on.

    Nope, missed it by 10.

  16. SandpointHawk says:

    77- 14 Atlanta

  17. Dukeshire says:

    Best team in the NFC perhaps. The Pats might dispute they are the best in the league. They are for real however.

  18. hawkfan777 says:


    Why do you let that bother you anyway? What did the liar BobbyK say that was so horrible?

  19. hawkfan777 says:

    At this point I dont see the Seahawks winning the division. Their schedule is way too difficult and the Rams and 49ers schedules look much easier.

    If they do happen to beat the Rams in the last game they just arent good enough to win a playoff game. Especially against the Saints.

  20. Dukeshire says:

    Speaking as someone whose name was hijacked several time last season during the live chats, it’s not so much what they say, as it is frustrating that someone goes out of their way to be a jackass. We should all be taken a value for what we say. Not what others say pretending to be us. In short, it’s just retarded.

  21. Maybe the Cards come back and win the division?

  22. Duke – how about when someone like BobbyK starts making guesses on who is hijacking his handle and starts pointing fingers – where does that rank?

  23. Dukeshire says:

    That’s between you and Bobby. (My rankings aren’t official anyway.)

  24. STL: 6-7 to 7-9: vKC (w/Cassell) L, vSF L, @SEA W
    SF: 5-8 to 7-9: @SD L, @STL W, vAZ L
    SEA: 6-7 to 6-10: vATL L, @TB L, vSTL L
    AZ: 4-9 to 7-9: @CAR W, vDAL W, @SF W

  25. Did Butler break his leg? I didn’t see the replays. That’s terrible – and agree that it was the kind of play that will make me never question his toughness again.

    What to say about the game – yeah Matt blew it on at least two of those throws – but really to say it’s anyone’s ‘fault’ kind of misses the point in my opinion. We’re a team with plenty of holes right now. It’s not like either of our units is carrying the other.

    Somehow we’ve scraped together 6 wins – and maybe we’ll get to 7 or 8, maybe not – but I think the overall mediocrity in our division has led to the mirage that we are better than we are.

    I have to say – i’ve got a few concerns re Carroll’s (or Bates, but still) playcalling – and that bothers me some, b/c I’ve really bought in to the concept that he is going to take us back to a top level team. Hopefully, that’s still right.

    Next week ain’t gonna be no picnic . . .

  26. Oops – that would be SF ending up 6-10, if they lost to AZ

  27. We needed a win today to have a good chance of finishing 8-8 and winning the division. I still don’t see us winning against the Falcons or the Bucs, and I’m starting to wonder if we’ll beat the Rams either. Strength of remaining schedule favors the Niners now, in what could be one of the biggest comebacks ever.

    The foul-weather fans who have been wanting a high draft pick got their wish today. 6-10 has become a realistic possibility.

  28. Hawks STs are pretty good!

  29. Pabs – my guess is it’s you (since you and I couldn’t be more different in some aspects of our being fans). I could EASILY (not to be confused with Kenny; different last name spelling) be wrong. And if I am, I apologize. Only you know if my apology is geniune though.

    777 – nothing today… my problem goes back to the live chat a few weeks about when “BobbyK” supposedly kept making stupid comments about a certain topic on the live chat.

    A few people (handles) showed up for it and then magically disappeared when the “BobbyK” comments “all of a sudden” showed up. All I have to go on is what was in that chat then and today. That’s not much and, again, I could easily be wrong.

    Either way, it’s childish and sickening to the point of not wanting anything to do with this crap (blog or on field product).

  30. If there’s a lock out, can teams still somehow acquire players in their downtimes?

  31. irrationalexuberance says:

    No surprise in a QB driven league. Anyone still want to re-sign Hasslebeck?

    I agree with Kevin Calabro on espn 710 last Friday, Hass doesnt show up its time to look toward the future.

    Well he didnt show up is it that time or do we still hang on to this hope that he is somehow not at fault and he will do better with a new contract?

    Its still surprising that New England has a defense that mirrors the Hawks in statistics if not worse but yet they are 11-2. Branch is paying big dividends for me on my fantasy squad. What a coincedence he plays good with a good QB.

  32. BobbyK – that is very flawed thinking. Its as flawed as you think my opinions on Hasselbeck are and as flawed as I think your opinions on Hasselbeck are. Not much more I can say to that.

  33. Unfortunately, a 6-10 finish isn’t gonna get that high a draft pick. But it might end up in the top 10. What Hawks need is JS to really get some good free agents. Depth is a major concern on this team. The idea is that every starter is supposed to be pushed hard each week for his starting spot. With good depth, when the starter goes down the team actually experiences a lift. Hawks aren’t there yet.

  34. irrationalexuberance says:

    I thinks it funny that the guys on Q13 are saying there is no QB controversy. I wasnt aware a QB controversy is benching a player who has 20 turnovers this season thus far 15 Interceptions 5 fumbles.

    I believe a QB controversy is when you have two capable QBs that have different strengths that can help your team win and you have to choose. I say its time to bring in Whitehurst explore your future options. Even if Seattle wins the division can you realistically see them hosting GB or NO or even ATL and having a chance to win. It would be an embarrassment just like making the playoffs at 7-9.

  35. letsworkitout says:

    Cardinals are the 2nd worst team in football. lol

  36. 6-10 won’t get us a top five pick, but it will be a lot higher than where we’ll be picking if we somehow find a way to some upsets and a division championship.

    On other note, is there any other NFL franchise that compares to our record of unexpectedly stinky games? We weren’t like that in the pre-Behring era, but ever since then we’ve had a habit of coming into must-win games and playing unbelievably bad. I don’t think the (uninjured) talent on the current team is Super Bowl caliber, but I also think they’re a better team than they looked today.

  37. Dukeshire says:

    pdway – He did. While he was in the air, he was clipped in the shin and it snapped like a twig. It was grotesque.

  38. Hass has three more games to prove that he’s worthy of being re-signed. Obviously if he stinks it up like he did today, the Seahawks will say “Good luck, it’s been real.”

    I don’t think he’s finished, not by a long shot. But he needs to play better in the last three games to return. If he plays great against either the Falcons or the Bucs, as well as the Rams, and the Seahawks make the playoffs, you bet he should be re-signed. But we all know that it’s time to draft/trade for his eventual replacement.

  39. I think Hass is gonna get signed to a 2 year extension unless we manage to trade for Kevin Kolb.

  40. strange stat from the game – we outgained them in total yards, and time of possession was almost exactly the same.

  41. I do still think we should re-sign Hasselbeck. Of course we need to find our next QB – it is without a doubt the single biggest priority – but in the transition, and then even potentially as the back-up, I think he still has value to us.

    Even today, once the debacle of the 2nd quarter (and 1st poss of the 3rd quarter) faded – he threw some very nice balls downfield. He can still play some, and showed it some of the games earlier this year (Cards, N.O.).

    That said – I think we probably do have to use our #1 on a QB in the next draft, unless the coaches have been hiding something about CW, or we manage to trade for Kolb.

  42. Well there was the TO TD, there were 2 TOs that pretty much started them in the red zone. For the most part outside of the 17 points from those situations the defense didn’t seem to play that poorly. 23 – 21 looks like a completely different game.

    I was actually kind of curious as to what the stats looked like, was a lil too angry to bother looking at them right away.

  43. The only reason I don’t think we are going to draft QB is outside of Luck the rest of the QBs in the draft look like complete busts or total projects.

  44. “The only reason I don’t think we are going to draft QB is outside of Luck the rest of the QBs in the draft look like complete busts or total projects.”

    I’m admittedly not a big college football guy – so I can’t dispute it – but are there really no other 1st round worthy QB’s? There always seem to be at least three or so in the 1st round.

    Nobody on this list worth taking?

  45. Geeze, just saw that the Cardinals beat the Broncos 43-13. How bad are the Broncos?

  46. I don’t really see anyone outside of Luck that jumps out at me on the list. Cam Newton is not going to be an NFL quality QB. Kellen Moore is too small and isn’t going to have an NFL arm probably going in the 4th round or somethin. Mallet I think is a lil inconsistant though he would be off the board by the time we draft anyways. Outside of that Ponder and Locker both had god awful seasons so I don’t really see a 1st rounder worth picking up. I personally would like to go either CB or DL on the first pick depending on where we are positioned. Second pick to a RT and go from there.

  47. oh boy, i am so dissapointed, i don’t even know what to say. very disgusted with this team. i do not see them winning another game which means they improve their win total by 1 from last season…pathetic.

  48. More and more rookie QB’s are playing in the NFL and some, like Sam Bradford, are doing quite well.

    Maybe it’s no longer true — if it ever was — that a QB has to sit on the bench a few years before he’s ready to play?

    If we re-sign Hasselbeck it should be as an insurance policy, not because we’re blindly making what could be an outdated assumption.

  49. I think if you look at the stats generally speaking QBs with a year to sit end up having better careers. I’m not saying that is always the case at all. The problem is I don’t see a single QB in this years draft that has the potential to come in and be a factor right away outside of Luck.

  50. Probably can forget about getting Kolb out of PHI in ’11. Re-sign Matt for 2, get Locker in the 2nd or somebody else in the draft to groom, and take the best talent available in each round of the draft. There isn’t any place that doesn’t need better talent, even STs needs a PK (unless Mare plays forever). Hawks need JS to get the best talent in FA that fits Hawks schemes, and PC, JB & the ’11 DC, whoever that ends up being, need to have full input. Starters and backups need to be potentially the top talent at each position for PC’s Hawks to become the ‘win forever’ ideal.

  51. Does it really make sense to hold on to Kolb for Philly though if he could bring a 1st and 3rd or something along those lines in return? They are going to need to trade him at some point. Vick is by far the best option for that team.

  52. QB 8 Hasselbeck, Matt, 12 TDS, 15 INT, 2,906 YDS, RTG 75.2

    Matt has the same number of ints as Peyton & Donovan. Manning has been forcing the ball to backup receivers – so has Matt. There isn’t a QB controversy.

  53. we don’t want a division title with a losing record. personally, i don’t want the team i love to have that distinction.

    i’d rather draft higher and come back next year with a vengeance.

    with the way we played today, screw this season. chances are pretty damn good that we’ll get destroyed at home next week. i’m still very proud of the way we’ve played as a team with a new head coach and through injuries.

    next season will be better. much better as long as the strike doesn’t happen.

    Matt is done. we need to aim for a replacement. much appreciation for all he’s done for us, i love him, but it’s over.

  54. klm008, I like your plan.

    Perhaps I should have clarified: I do think Matt should be re-signed if possible.

    If we had any other coach than Pete Carroll, I’d be concerned about a reluctance to play a more talented rookie rather than a veteran. But Mr Always Compete will give whoever we draft a fair shot at the starting job.

  55. If Hass had one of either Obo or BMW to throw to Hawks would have won that game.

  56. Yeah, not having Obo or BMW in really hurt us, not sure it changes the outcome but man that killed us today.

  57. “You can see something sticking out of his leg so it didn’t look so good,” teammate Ruvell Martin said afterward.

    I got that quote from the pft story on it. I didn’t realize it was that kind of bad – the poor guy – I hope it heals well for him.

    Anyone else notice how calm and together Butler was after the injury? – like no yelling or writhing or any reaction other than just being very serious. Tough guy.

  58. 13:34 2nd Qtr, pass to Robinson – Spikes pick off deflection, ended in 3 pts.
    9:45 2nd Qtr, low snap Matt fumbled – Matt picked it up and ran for 5 yds.
    9:06 2nd Qtr, Matt strip-sacked, fumble recovered by SF, ended in 7 pts.
    1:39 2nd Qtr, deep pass to Butler – int by R.Smith, ended in 3 pts.
    14:21 3rd Qtr, pass to Baker – Goldson pick-6 (7 pts).
    10:30 3rd Qtr, pass to Stokely – Clements int in SF end zone. SF drive ended in punt.

    Matt’s strip-sack (left wrist in cast) eventually cost SEA 7 pts.
    Matt’s ints immediately cost 7 pts and eventually cost a total of 13 points. So 20 points total came from Matt’s mishandling the ball. With Matt’s cast, whoever called the plays should not have expected Matt to have to hang around in or out of the pocket for long without an outlet. Especially bad when WRs run behind pass defenders. Get well BMW & Obo!

  59. Dukeshire says:

    pdway – That’s why the Leon Washington reference.

  60. bird_spit says:

    Put me in the camp that it is time to give the ball to Whitey. At the very least, hawks need to know if Whitehurst has anything worthy in semi-meaningful games.

    What an embarrassing performance from Hass. If hawks resign him, I would hope it is for back-up position, not starter money.

  61. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Sometimes I hate this blog. What a bunch of donut-eating, newbie, fair weather fans. For every BobbyK and Duke we have 10 or more pabuwals and bird_spits.

    Go b!tch and moan and denigrate your “team” somewhere else.


  62. Except for the picks, Matt’s performance was OK. (I know, “other than that, how did you like the play Mrs Lincoln?”)

    What I get most tired of is the number of injuries Hawks seem to get at WR. If I was Goodell, I would try to get the rules committee to institute a rule that sez any team’s player who causes a (verified) injury to another team’s player, that offending player’s team has to ‘non-injury reserve’ their own player at that same position (& same string) until the injured player is medically cleared to return to play. When their own team runs out of WRs, their coach would make some effort teaching their players to make stops without causing the injuries.

  63. Unless the Rams win the next two and the Seahawks lose the next two, the Seahawks won’t be eliminated from playoff contention until the final game. So you can expect CW’s butt to remain glued to the bench.

    Everyone’s getting their panties in a bunch over the possibility of a 7-9 playoff team. In the CFL, teams with losing records routinely make the postseason (six of the eight teams make the playoffs) and two 8-10 teams have actually won the Grey Cup! Do you think fans of those teams didn’t celebrate?

  64. Hass didn’t have a great game, but I believe his poor performance was partly the result of having to throw to second-string WRs who couldn’t get open/make plays. However, I also know that Tom Brady is making Deion Branch look like a Pro Bowler (he had 150 yards today).

  65. SeahawkFan12 says:

    I know it is kinda obvious but ha anyone heard anything on Butler’s injury? (other than gruesome)

  66. I like donuts.

    Sounded like a broken fibula. Didn’t sound like it was compound. If set and casted he could be back on it in a few months, depending on if they have to operate, place a pin, etc. Certainly he’s IRd for now, but should be back for OTAs, minicamps, etc.

  68. Tom Brady is a FA in ’11.

  69. adamtoth says:

    How can anyone say that Matt’s play was OK? I really love the guy, but he is just not bringing it any more. He acts completely scared and timid. I haven’t seen him step up in the pocket and be willing to take a hit in quite a while. He seems to panic and roll away at the littlest sign of pressure. He did that in the KC game when he panicked, turned his ankle, and basically sacked himself.

    He can’t ever get anything going until about his fourth drive of the game or later, until he warms up. By then our defense is already playing behind and deflated.

    I’d love to blame a lot of this on Bates (our horrible red zone percentage is systemic and certainly should have been fixed by now with coaching). I just think a large part of our anemic offense has to do with a lack of poise and confidence at the QB position.

    When you know that you know, it shows.

    Not saying we bring in CW right now, but I’m not sure he warrants a contract extension at this point.

  70. bulldog80 says:

    I have come to the realization that many on this site are going to defend Matt no matter how badly he plays. Guys, I don’t care who’s out of the game, it’s not ok to turn the ball over 5 or 6 times. He was ridiculously careless with the football today and he should have never played in the second half. He’s never been able to pull himself out of that funk once he starts going down that road. Today was no exceptione.

    Now que the Hass supporters and tell me about how it was all of the other players fault.

  71. bulldog80 says:

    Beside’s, Pete will probably go after Carson Palmer.

  72. Oops, M.Vick & K.Kolb are both FAs in ’11, too – don’t have to trade for them, just outbid everybody else. So is Peyton Manning. Lotsa other FAs in ’11 too:

    WRs Vincent Jackson, Miles Austin, Plaxico Burress, Mark Clayton, Brian Finneran, Santonio Holmes, Legedu Naanee, etc. are also FAs in ’11.

    RBs Joseph Addai, Ahmad Bradshaw, & Steven Jackson, etc. are also FAs in ’11.

    TEs Vernon Davis, Kevin Boss, etc. are also FAs in ’11.

    DEs Gotta re-sign Brandon Mebane. Ray Edwards, Shaun Ellis, Mathias Kiwanuka, Haloti Ngata, & Pat Williams, etc. are also FAs in ’11.

  73. Thanks for your FA list, klm.

    The Hawks clearly need to either re-sign Hasselbeck or sign another veteran FA QB (and also draft one). They need to re-sign Mebane. They will be free of Houshmandzadeh’s contract (freeing up $6M next year), so its time to start wondering if they may go after any other big name FAs. I have to think they’ll be conservative in FA, and build through the draft.

    But here’s a few more FAs you didn’t mention:
    Evan Mathis, OG, CIN
    Carl Nicks, OG, NO
    Nick Mangold, C, NYJ
    Jared Gaither, OT, Ravens

  74. I’d take those, but I’d also look into OL coaches too, maybe?

  75. Where are the post-game threads….appears that the trib guys are too disgusted to show their faces.

  76. I would have to agree with bulldog80 on Hass today. He was god awful, you can say he had 2nd tier recievers in an or whatever but the bottom line is Hass has to pull his head out of his a** and make better choices out there. I would have pulled Hass after the int in the beginning of the 3rd quarter and let Whitehurst get some reps in. Is Whitehurst the answer for the future who really knows when you play 1 meaningful game. I remember when Hass came to seattle many people were not too fond on that idea because never really played in a game that meant anything, Whitehurst is in a similar situation where he is getting no playing time so give him a shot when the game is out of reach. Is Hass the better of the two QB’s? yes as of right now he is but trading 2nd round spots for Whitehurst, the Hawks better evaluate if Whitehurst was worth it.

  77. I thought the cost of CW was a 3rd round pick? PC & Bates know what they have in CW. We don’t, but that doesn’t (and shouldn’t) matter to PC & Bates. We buys our tickets and watches the show. I think PC may be a little stunned by the realization of just how awful his team can really be, when given the chance and circumstances. He has to get a full grasp of the task ahead of him. To make this a ‘win-forever’ type of team is a monumental task. But JS and PC are up to it. May just take a little longer than they had thought.

  78. klm008, you are probably correct on the 3rd round pick. I think our mindset of winning the division got clouded when we did win a few games early but it is came back to bite us when we have no depth. When the Hawks are bad they are fugly and we seem to forget that it will take time to get the pieces in place to compete every year. I do think it is somewhat exciting to find out if week 17 against the Rams will be for the division or will SF somehow take it? It does make me sick to hear that SF with a 6-8 record can still win the division. If I was another division I would be like BS but I guess you deal with the cards you are dealt with and go from there.

  79. Dukeshire says:

    Brady signed a 5 year extension in September. And yes, CW cost a 3rd and trading places with San Diego in the third this past draft.

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