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Hasselbeck: “I feel like I let the guys down”

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 12, 2010 at 10:45 pm with 19 Comments »
December 12, 2010 10:45 pm
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck fumbles as he is hit by San Francisco 49ers linebacker Travis LaBoy (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez).

There were plenty of glassy-eyed looks from players in the locker room after Seattle’s 40-21 loss to San Francisco. To a man, no one expected the game to go like it did, with Seattle turning over the ball five times, resulting in 20 points for the Niners.

Perhaps fullback Michael Robinson said it best.

“They came out swinging, and we didn’t match it early in the game,” Robinson said. “And they did a great job of holding onto the ball offensively. They didn’t give us anything. And we knew were going to have to come out and take it to win this game. We gave it to them.”

Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck stood up and owned his poor performance. Hasselbeck has thrown eight interceptions in his last three games, and now has more interceptions (15) than touchdowns (12) on the year.

“More than anything I feel like I let the guys down in terms of protecting that ball, because that’s my No. 1 job, and I didn’t do that job well,” Hasselbeck said afterward.

Both Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and Hasselbeck said there was never any discussion about Hasselbeck coming out of the game in the final quarter, even though Seattle didn’t have a chance to win at that point.

“Really what Pete said to me on the sidelines was, ‘Hey, let’s just try to get better,’” Hasselbeck said. “Let’s try to catch them on the scoreboard. If there’s not enough time to catch them, then there’s not enough time.’”

Players discussed Deon Butler’s apparent broken leg that occurred on the final offensive play of the game, a 2-yard touchdown reception by Butler. As he hauled in the catch, Butler’s leg was struck by another San Francisco defender, and he remained on the ground clutching his right leg.

Doctors put his leg in an air cast and carted him off the field to the locker room. Butler stayed in San Francisco at a local hospital overnight.

“You could see something sticking out of his leg, so it didn’t look good,” said Ruvell Martin said. “It was one of those things when you see one of your teammates in a situation and you can’t do anything. He just looked at me and goes, ‘My leg.’ All I could do was just give him my hand and say a prayer for him and try and comfort him as much as I could.”

The Seahawks twice went for it on fourth down, again throwing a fade ball on fourth and four from San Francisco’s 32-yard line. Hasselbeck’s attempt was over the head of Martin.

“It’s kind of what this offense is,” Hasselbeck said. “You want to leave that guy by himself one-on-one, we’re going to throw it. We’ve done it with Mike (Williams). We’ve done it with Golden (Tate) some. Ruvell was playing that position, and we don’t mind that throw.”

Hasselbeck also failed to connect with fullback Michael Robinson on a throwback pass that could have been a touchdown had he hit him in stride, but should have at least been completed for a first down if Robinson could have tracked the ball down.

Seattle is now 3 for 13 on the year on fourth down.

Brandon Stokley suffered a hamstring injury in the second half and did not return.

Carroll also was fired up about the slippery footing on the grass field at Candlestick Park, and felt it contributed to his team’s poor play on defense.

“We missed so many tackles and banged right off guys because your footing doesn’t dig in like it normally would,” he said. “I’ve seen it for years. I’ve watched it happen here and made an adjustment about it. I was hoping it wouldn’t happen and I should have done something about it.”

I talked to the players in the locker room about it and nobody said it was an issue.

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  1. How much is Whitehurst making in his one season to not even be considered when Hasselbeck is having a career-awful day? That is a clear vote of no confidence in that guy.

    Much props to Butler for hanging on for the td after breaking his leg.

    After this game, I almost wish we weren’t in the playoff hunt. But we are so GO HAWKS!!

  2. The team needs some remedial work in tackling – both offense and defense. Somehow their STs players have been making good tackles.

  3. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Whitehurst would have only been worse. The tackling is awful. The blocking is awful. THOSE are fundamentals. You gotta block and tackle.

    It is easy for haters to slam Hasselbeck, but he showed his true colors as a leader by not ducking out of his poor performance.

    But to hallucinate that CW would make this team any better is delusional. Stop focusing on the joke of a contract we gave him. He is nowhere near the leader Hasselbeck is and could not pull out of the dive this team is in. If anyone can right the ship, it is #8.

    Re-sign Hass, draft Luck (NOT LOCKER! GOD PLEASE NOT LOCKER), and allow him to mentor the guy. That is a better dream than putting CW in and hoping this team will be any better.

  4. usuckbananas says:

    I give Matt props for owning up to his suckage. I also understand not making the change though. They’re still in the playoff run and Matt still gives them the best chance to win. No point in shooting down his confidence level by benching him for the rest of the game.

  5. yea 12, just “draft luck,” the more than likely first overall pick. I’m sure he will get past the bills, panthers, cards…oh wait

  6. butler’s injury is going to give me nightmares… it looked like both the bones in his lower leg snapped and good lord that was gruesome… that was a leon washington type injury.

  7. bigmike04 says:

    OK Memo to all big UW fans who believe in Locker as QB, Get over it, If Locker goes in NFL it not as QB as he not a QB at all, arm ablity not good, don’t feed me any garbage about breaking school records, been in college how many yr 5yrs as should have been gone last yr, The guy is overated and in QB ablity and passing it just not that good.. Forget drafting guys like Cam Newten or Locker their not going to make in NFL as QB if all they do is run.

    What the diffrent between Locker and Tim Tebow is Tebow is winner and locker is loser…

    If Seahawks were to draft QB than try someone who can play the position in college and be pocket passer QB which Locker is not and will not ever be period.

    I say resign Hasselback or go after veteran QB, sorry but this team doesn’t need rookie QB unless that rookie QB is Bradford, Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco type taht actual play the position.

  8. bigmike04 says:

    For Hasselback hater out their that is wanting Whitehurst to start, did you guy leave your brain at the door? I mean Whitehurst only started 1 game in NFL that as Seahawks and he did terrible, he couldn’t be a 2nd String QB when he got into NFL, he was handed the 2nd String QB position in seattle. Charlie Whitehurst need to be shown the door at the end of season.

  9. I understand all the Hasselback supporters and the Whitehurst haters but heres the problem. We know at this point what we are going to get with Hasselback. We dont know what we could get out of Whitehurst. Hasselbecks first few games with the Seahawks were terrible. He had a QB rating of like 48 and 45 respectivly after his first two starts. You cant look at one or two performances by Whitehurst and say with any kind of confidence what kind of QB he could be. Long term it would not be hard for him to surpass Hasselbeck performances as a Seahawk. I love Hasselback but its time to move on. I am willing to take my chances elswhere. Hasselbeck has hit the wall as far as development. He’s as good as he is going to get and its only going to get worse from here on out. If this was Matt’s 5th year in the league I would say no way but its not. Its time to move on.

  10. Southendzone says:

    Toughest thing about this loss is that the 49’ers are so un-special. W/O Gore, and with A. Smith as QB they have no business beating the Seahawks, or probably 26 other teams in the league.

    Truly a frustrating and poor performance by the Hawks. And in the same week that they send out my playoff invoice.. C’mon man! Why should i be remitting payment for something that has about a 1/3 chance of happening?

  11. yakimahawk says:

    Here is situation..As Schneider says “They are in a total rebuild” mode..which means they ARE NOT going to bring in a veteren QB..We already have 2 over the age of 28..They will NOT even have a remote chance to get Luck unless they trade away every draft pick which they will not do..Locker is a project which may or may not work out, I know Big Mike was saying Locker’s “Arm Ability” is not good. Dont know what you mean but his arm strengh is incredible but his accuracy is horrible (CW)…Kellen Moore is a Phenom QB but is to small to take the punishment of the NFL but that is what they said about Brees..Cam Newton, though I think he is special talent on the College
    level will be a average at best NFL QB.. They need to sign Hass and draft a SMART LEADER type QB in lower rounds. It takes more than an Athlete to play QB in the NFL. It takes Leadership and a type a ‘Football Nerd” quality in study and descision making to become great. And they may find it in the lower rounds..But all of you who are talking about Luck just stop it, he will be LONG LONG gone..

  12. grizindabox24 says:

    Yakima, I agree with your comments and think they resign Hass just because there is not a better option out there.

  13. Hasselbeck MUST do something to change his decision making process. At 36, as a seasoned veteran, why is he still throwing the INTs where it was such a painfully bad decision? We need him to be making veteran decisions not heaving it into coverage out of frustration. I’m not advocating a switch to Whitehurst, but Hasselbeck is making it really hard to make a case to keep him, in my opinion.

  14. Hass should be resigned and Bates should just resign. That’s what I think.

    On the positive side, Aaron Curry shows enough flashes to be optimistic that he will turn into a good player.

  15. Ocho, I’m a Hass fan, but I did think a few of his throws were mind-boggling. It’s as if he thought every WR was Mike Williams and could grab anything that came close to them.

    I hope Hass plays better against the Falcons. The Panthers rushed for 207 yards against the Falcons, so maybe the Seahawks have a chance of doing the same and taking the pressure off Hass.

  16. Hass was called out by his coaches for being too conservative. They told him to play “like a Boston driver, not a student driver”. That means Hass was told to have more faith in his receivers coming down with the ball even when they’re covered. Then coaches/SF took away his WRs. BMW – nope, got an ankle. Obo – nope got a hand.

    Stokely, OK – caught 3 of 4 for 35, then knocked out of the game later with an injury after Nate Clement’s pick in the end zone. Butler, OK – 5 of 7 for 68 yds. At the end of the 1st half R.Smith’s pick on the throw to Butler looked like it was forced into SF’s bushwack coverage, then got a gruesom LW-type injury on the TD catch (Nemmers hadta check to see if he really caught it). Can he come back next season? Dunno. Where’s Tate? Dunno, not sure what he’s doing or where he’s gonna be at any given time, but he caught 3 of 4 for 29 yds. Martin? Yes, wide open in the end zone, 11 yds TD! Plus 3 other catches for 73 yds. He’ll do. Why hasn’t he played all season? Lynch? OK, he hung onto it and caught most everything thrown his way, 7 of 8 for 37 yds. Where’s Carlson? Dunno, but he must have been covered all day cause he never got thrown to, plus maybe he’s still a little injured? Who else – OK, throw it to Robinson. Oops, right thru his hands, and yes, SFs got it. How bout when he’s wide open & lob it to him? He’s a STs player, he should be able to field a punt, no? Yess . . . oops, guess not. 0 fer 2. Morrah and Baker each caught one of two thrown their way, and Forsett and LW each caught one of 3 thrown their way. Gibson caught one he shouldn’t have.

    Really, what’s a QB sposed to do? Even that one strip/sack was Okung’s not being able to handle Travis LaBoy’s speed off the edge. SF was way better than SEA in every stat except STs and number of wins. STs is only 1/5th of the game and number of wins is a terribly misleading stat.

  17. How about, when a ball comes down to a OL-guy behind the LOS, either 1) knocking it down or outta bounds, or 2) batting it like a volley-ball forward to one of SEA’s open receivers?

  18. Too bad they waived Zac Robinson and lost him earlier. Maybe try Morrah at WR? Michael Robinson as #2 QB. Tough season for injuries, if they go to 18 games they will need 63 man rosters.

  19. nighthawk2 says:

    You think you let the team down (and the fans) there, Matturnover? Gee, 4 interceptions and 2 fumbles, one of them lost, for 5 turnovers on the day…yeah, you let the team down. Because you suck. 32 interceptions in the last two seasons to date, and you only played in/started 14 games last year (12 TD’s to 15 INT’s this season, with 3 games to go, and 17 TD’s to 17 INT’s last year in 14 games). There’s only two seasons here where he single digit interceptions, his first year 2001 when started 12 games and played in 13 (8 INTs) and the Super Bowl year with 8 INTs.

    Career to date in Seattle: 176 TD’s, 126 INT’s, 55 fumbles, 24 lost fumbles, sacked 308 times, lost 1892 yards in sacks. YOU SUCK, HASSELBECK.

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