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WR Williams not ruled out for Niners’ game

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 6, 2010 at 3:20 pm with 39 Comments »
December 6, 2010 3:20 pm

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said receiver Mike Williams has a simple, first degree ankle sprain on the same left leg that he suffered a foot strain, and his status for Sunday’s game is in question.

Carroll said they will know more about Williams’ chances to play on Sunday at San Francisco on Thursday or Friday.

“We think he’s got a chance,” Carroll said about Williams. “It was not a real bad sprain, we just kind of couldn’t tell what happened with the sprain and the foot problem that he has. He couldn’t get up on it and get running. But the doctors think by Thursday or Friday we’ll know a lot more, and have a chance to see where he can go.”

Carroll said the team is more concerned with Williams’ ankle than his foot.

On Ben Obomanu’s cut hand, Carroll said the team will have to wait and see how he recovers until later this week. Carroll said that Carolina safety Charles Godfrey’s helmet hit right on Obomanu’s hand on the hit, causing a deep cut between his fingers that required stitches.

“It’s going to come down to how they can protect him so that he feels okay,” Carroll said about Obomanu playing status this week. “And then can he function with the protection he’s got to wear. He’s got to be very sore today. He took a real shot, so we’ve just got to wait.”

Carroll said that as of right now they do not plan to make a roster move to bring in another receiver, and that they already have a couple extra receivers on the roster.

Cornerback Roy Lewis (knee) is doing well and expected to play this week. And defensive tackle Colin Cole will be full go on Wednesday and is expected to play in his first game in six weeks.

The same cannot be said for offensive lineman Chester Pitts (ankle), who likely will not return to practice until later this week, and probably will not play on Sunday.

“He’s much better,” Carroll said. “It might not be the first, couple days, but by Friday we’ll try it out.”

Tight end John Carlson (hip) should make it back later this week.

Carroll said the return of fullback Michael Robinson helped jump start the running game. Carroll also said he liked that offensively they finally punched a couple runs in the end zone, and the fact that Seattle ran the ball 31 times helped get the offensive line and running backs in to a rhythm.

Carroll was particularly pleased with the way Justin Forsett ran. Forsett finished with 60 yards on 10 carries for a robust 10 yards a carry.

“Justin Forsett was on fire yesterday,” Carroll said. “He had three terrific plays, getting out and making guys miss. … He had a big role in what was going on, as well as Marshawn (Lynch).”

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  1. MattandCindy says:

    As I’m watching NFL Replay…..

    The Denver Broncos have fired Josh McDaniels.

    That was cute while it lasted.

  2. I can only imagine how much it must hurt to take a helmet to the hand/body from a guy moving as fast as Godfrey was yesterday.

    I don’t see how you can play in a pro football game w/stitches and a giant gash on your hand – but these guys have surprised me before. And btw, the fact that Roethlisberger (like him or not) played w/a broken bone in his foot, is unbelievable. I broke that same bone in my foot several years ago, and also got a walking boot, which worked almost magically well in terms of getting the pressure off the bone – but cannot fathom how someone could run around and get hit with that injury.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    McDaniels… He was a disaster for the word go. He’ll be back as HC again in a few years after he grows up a bit. If I’m a Bronco’s fan, I say good riddance.

    Great news about Cole. Even with Gore out, their line is a powerful bunch and Dixon and Westbrook will still run it.

    I don’t expect BMW to return but if he does, that will be a nice bonus.

    I predict Obo will play. He’s a warrior and he’ll figure out a way.

  4. freedom_X says:

    If Michael Robinson was such a key in getting the running game going (which I do believe to be true)…

    Why didn’t Seattle sign a fullback to fill in during Robinson’s absence? This front office has no problem signing raftloads of people to play 1 game. Was it that unthinkable to bring in a blocking back for 3 or 4 games? Instead, they preferred to run Carlson out of position, which neutralized both Carlson and the running game.

    Very strange, unless there were absolutely no blocking backs out there.

  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I was happy to see how Lofa played! He had an intensity that I hadn’t seem in a while. he really is the key to this defense.

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:


    What do you think is the major key for the seahawks to win this next game with the 49ers.

  7. DFloydd says:

    Hopefully McDaniels has to get a job at McDonalds now…i couldn’t stand watching that punk on the sidelines….good riddance…and I DESPISE the Broncos…

  8. Dukeshire says:

    freedom – If I may, I think it’s two things. 1 – They really don’t run too many two back sets. Their Posse grouping (3wr, 1te, 1rb) is their “base” offensive formation. My feeling is that as well as they were able to move it through the air recently, running lanes would open up as a result. They didn’t. 2 – Most of the recent moves had to do with issues they were having up front and the injuries there.

    In addition, I think they may have underestimated his injury, thinking he might return sooner than he did. Also, it’s possible that until yesterday afternoon, they undervalued the importance of the position. The was clearly some importance as they lined up Carlson there, but it’s possible that until they had Robinson back, they didn’t fully realize the impact he was having.

    I guess what I’m saying is that it’s a combination of things, IMO. I’m sure Eric and other can shed light on this as well.

  9. freedom x – they tried… they brought quinton ganther back for a game, but he failed… the reasoning must have been that carlson knew the plays and had a better chance to performing better than a brand new fullback with no playbook experience.

    think about how that would change the offensive gameplan – having a fullback that doesnt know any plays. it would cripple any creativeness.

  10. georgia hawk- lofa got blown up a lot… that’s kind of what i remember about his play.

    I want to see kam chancellor come in and support the run defense on more snaps. Milloy and Thomas are bouncing off running backs like spitwads

  11. Dukeshire says:

    quelly – In fairness, it’s not as though their running concepts are terribly complicated.

    Stewart is a load, clearly he’ll need to be gang tackled. That has nothing to do with Milloy’s not taking to him.

  12. How do you get a giant gash in your hand by getting hit by a helmet? They aren’t playing with those old WWI german helmets with the point on top? If the chinstrap snaps turn into cuisinarts on impact they better get that changed – velcro?

    How long before DEN approaches Bates to be their HC? At DEN, Bates used 2-FBs + RB mostly in kneeldowns. I still remember GB smashing through Hawks DL with that combination. Hawks could do that once their left OL gets up to speed.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    By the way, Keyshawn Johnson just called Leon Washington, Leon Johnson twice during their C’mon Man segment. Look moron, if you’re going to call someone out, at least get his name right. He botched it twice! ESPN is ridiculous.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    klm – Are you kidding? I’m surprised more players don’t get gashed. Where the facemasks connect to the helmets, above the forehead and on the sides, are anchored into hard, edged, plastic. Then take into account the speed at which the players are playing around. Think about being cut with a butter knife on your hand or forearm and the force that would require. Likely on a part that doesn’t have a lot of “meat”, so to speak. Painful and violent and tearing. Even the facemask itself, the hand and lower forearm has very little room to absorb the blow. But rather a hard bone to slam up against and split the skin. Brutal… I bet that thing pealed back like a banana.

  15. “Think about being cut with a butter knife on your hand or forearm and the force that would require.”

    Hey, I just saw “127 Hours”, and this brings back bad memories.

    Relief actually that it’s a laceration, even a bad one, with the way they had his arm covered in a towel like that, I was thinking compound fracture.

  16. My 86 yo mom tried to sit at a booth and missed both the seast and her walker, and falling backward hit the back of her hand on a wood portion of the bench seat. Result: sore bottom and she tore the skin on the back of her hand. The skin tore on the back of her hand from where the middle finger knuckle shows nearly to where the wrist connects. Hadn’t seen a skin tear like that before. That was caused by aged (thin) skin and lotsa force. Was an ugly lookin wound, but it was only skin deep and healed in less than a week. Moral of story – if you take your ol mom to lunch, don’t try sittin at a booth. Eat at a table that you can scoot her chair in. Also, if Obo’s wound is a tear and not a gash, then I can see him playing at SF.

  17. Also, NFL shouldn’t permit players puttin butter knives in their helmets.

  18. freedom_X says:

    If Leon Washington still played in New York, I wonder if Keyshawn makes that mistake?

    The media is strange. I just watched Deon Branch catch a 25 yard TD pass for New England, and the ESPN cameras follow Wes Welker slapping hands as he runs towards the sidelines. ????

    I don’t think anyone has to worry about losing Bates to a HC job. The McDaniels flameout will make people think long and hard before giving the job to a really young, inexperienced coach. (besides, it would be a pretty hard sell to turn over a team to a coach presiding over the 28th ranked offense, no matter the extenuating circumstances.)

  19. Maybe the Broncos will hire Jim Mora? lol

  20. rramstad says:

    Math check

    “Carroll was particularly pleased with the way Justin Forsett ran. Forsett finished with 60 yards on 10 carries for a robust 10 yards a carry.”

    Err, that would be six yards per carry, right? Otherwise, 10 yards per carry with 10 carries would be 100 yards, and I’d have free coffee at Top Pot. (Just sayin’.)

  21. Dukeshire – “In fairness, it’s not as though their running concepts are terribly complicated.”

    I don’t think that’s a realistic statement… it’s not easy to do ANYTHING if you don’t know the playbook….. you, being a seahawks fan, should know how easy it is to mess up a play even after having MONTHS of practice….

    “Stewart is a load, clearly he’ll need to be gang tackled. That has nothing to do with Milloy’s not taking to him.”

    What does that even mean? Are you saying Milloy is a better tackler than Kam Chancellor? I would disagree.. Chancellor is going to have an easier time tackling someone because he’s 4 inches taller and 30 pounds heavier than Milloy….. And i’ve seen Kam blow people up on special teams and during the pre-season. He’s a presence in a way milloy can only try to be. Milloy is more aware in coverage, take better angles, is a more crafty blitzer etc. but he’s not a better run supporter

  22. Gamebook sez Force had 6 carries for 60 yds.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    quelly – I believe that is quite realistic. We’re talking concepts here. Seattle’s (primarily) zone scheme is quite simple, that’s the whole point. Regardless, if they were to bring in another fullback, it’s expected they would bring one in familiar with zone schemes (or conversely, if they ran man, a FB familiar with those concepts) and have him learn only a handful of plays (presumably short yardage) and use him in those situations. Playbooks, language and schemes are not entirely different for all 32 teams. We’re talking stop-gap FB here, not a franchise QB.

    A with due respect, none of us have seen enough of Chancellor to say that he’s better in run support than one of the best tackling strong safeties in the league, the past 10+ years. Tackling incidentally, has far less to do with size than technique. Perhaps you mean hitting. Regardless, I do like Chancellor as well and look forward to him taking over for Milloy and having a Thomas / Chancellor back end for years to come.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    pdway – Not sure what 127 Hours is (but I’m going to Google right now…), but I couldn’t agree more. I thought Obo had a compound too. So glad he doesn’t.

  25. Klm, your 86-year-old mom’s hand healed in less than a week? Perhaps BMW needs to see her doctor!

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Yes Broncos hire Jim Mora, he’s the best one and done joke,i mean coach in NFL history!!!!
    Playoffs, Playoffs, you mean Playoff’s, My daddy taught me every thing I know about coaching! And I say when thing’s aren’t going right first blame the kicker!!!!

  27. I’m talking about execution NOT schemes. I never mentioned schemes. The reason i dont mention schemes? cause you and i could probably learn a scheme and mess up the execution of a play more than quinton ganther did. knowing a scheme means NOTHING. otherwise you’d have coaches playing football.

    “it’s expected they would bring one in familiar with zone schemes (or conversely, if they ran man, a FB familiar with those concepts) and have him learn only a handful of plays (presumably short yardage) and use him in those situations.”

    That’s my point, I don’t think they wanted to take anything away from their playbook. “having a fullback that doesn’t know any plays… would cripple any creativeness.” because they’d only be able to run the handful of plays they were confident teaching a brand new fullback.

    It’s another argument that creativeness and playcalling flexibility play a role in the success of a running game. but i think it’s obvious that it does… if you put a fullback in for 3 or 4 different short yardage plays…that’d be a terrible waste of 500,000 dollars and a crap ton of recruiting effort. mike rob is an athlete with speed, hands, and a head of steam. he’s not some schmoe you sign off the street.

    you were assuming there’s a FA fullback out there that can actually do better than john carlson… who wasn’t that great… he never made it through the hole.. probably because he doesn’t have experience seeing plays develop from the backfield.

    Kam has 4 years of college and a preseason on his resume. He had 9 tackles in the last preseasons game against oak. and he also has 17 tackles in 12 games worth of backup snaps…. The kid can tackle.. no question. and he puts people on the ground in more situations than milloy can. it’s physics

  28. DFloydd says:

    man, you all crack me up…thanks for all the laughs..Mora…haha…

    @Duke you are one informed fellow…good lord, the hawks need to hire you as a coach of some sort…do you even work?
    i am seriously impressed with your knowledge…dang…i learn alot just from reading the stuff you and Bobby & the other regulars post…you dudes are hardcore…and i dig it….keep on keepin’ on..

    and regardless of our record the goal is to make the playoffs..i am tired of hearing about the weak-ass NFC West..who cares if the Hawks make the playoffs at 6-10?? just frickin get there..
    .and as said before if the NFC West is so weak then there are quite a few teams in this league that should be embarrassed they let horrible 2 NFC West teams beat them and make 2 out of the last 5 Superbowls….I am tired of the NFL and media CONSTANTLY mentioning it..alright we get it…you all think the division sucks..get over it…like it doesn’t matter but correct me if i am wrong….regardless of record if you make the playoffs you have a chance at the superbowl?? right?? geeeeeeeeezzzzz…..

  29. @duke – was referring to the movie where the hiker fell down the crevasse, and had his arm trapped under a boulder. after 127 hours, and out of food and water, well, he was forced to take drastic action to free the trapped arm.

  30. Dukeshire says:

    quelly – With due respect, you talk about the ‘Hawks playbook like Bates is Walsh or Belichick. And when teams lose starters and have to sign players off the street, as it were, the playbook shrinks. That’s a fact, unless we’re talking about a veteran who’s previously been involved with the OC and that OCs concepts. Stokley is a prime example of this.

    And those “3 or 4 short yardage plays” that you dismiss can mean the difference in a win or loss. Simply said, there is a reason Schneider and Carroll are so active in signing FAs when they lose players to injury.

    As for knowing schemes; nothing shrinks a playbook (or creativity) like not understanding your teams’ concepts and schemes, inside and out.

    All that said, I’m not surprised they didn’t sign another FB, for the reasons I detailed in previous posts above. I don’t assume there was a better option than Carlson. My initial comment in response to you, was regarding your overestimation of how complicated it would have been for a FA to come in and fill a gap, under the right circumstances. Clearly they didn’t feel there was a better option.

  31. Dukeshire says:

    pdway – I want to see that movie. I’m familiar with his story. Yikes…

  32. Dukeshire says:

    DFloydd – Lol, thanks. But we’re all learning. I have so much respect for coaches and how much they study and how innovative some of them are.

  33. Bobby, I agree… the Broncos deserve to hire Mora. ;-)

    I understand people wanting to see more of Kam Chancellor, since it looks to me like Lawyer Milloy may be wearing down a bit. That’s not surprising at this time of year for a guy his age. A 36 year old safety can’t be 100% for 16 games.

    That said, I would be careful putting Chancellor on the field too much in place of Milloy this year. Kam plays the run really well, but no safety has that luxury every down. Chancellor is pretty raw in coverage and would be targeted by offenses if he was starting. Maybe next year he’ll look more ready. But damn, I love to watch him hit running backs.

  34. The 49ers have a QB Controversy brewing! Looks like Alex Smith will be back in as starter next week and Troy Smith backing up, and lots of fans won’t be happy with that. If we can get to Alex early and rattle him, we might get some help from the boo birds in San Francisco. They love to bitch down there. Stay tuned.

  35. So many threads going what exactly are we debating?

    The importance of scheme/concepts – Scheme/concepts are strategy level implementations that have impacts on tactics and operation level behaviors. My point is that scheme and concepts guide things like an individual’s routes (tactics) and route running minutia (operation level) toward a goal.
    I believe it would have been too difficult to get a street FB to be able to execute the routes and route minutia to the extent that it would successfully contribute to the overall strategy. Unless they picked up the next Mike Alstott. It’s EASY to pick up a scheme or concept… it’s HARD to get someone to execute it naturally… I don’t understand how I’ve overestimated the complexity of anyone’s playbook. I may have overestimated how hard it is to get someone to do the right thing during a game… but based on the performance of our team, I’m not convinced that it’s easy to execute any coach’s concepts.

    What do you know about Bates’ playbook? A play in Bate’s playbook is not any less complicated than a play from Bill Belichiks. Fullbacks run through the hole and block someone to the left or right. The point is, if you haven’t practiced the play… you’ll run into the QB, You’ll run into a pulling lineman, you’ll hit the wrong hole, you won’t be paying attn to the second level because you’ll be thinking about what hole to hit, etc. etc. You’ll know the concepts… but you just won’t execute.

    I think we’re saying the same thing here.. but you think I’m talking about Bate’s offense.. I’m talking about getting a FB on the same page as the rest of the team in terms of small behaviors like keeping your eyes on your assignment and not overthinking what you’re doing. That stuff takes time.

    There’s no doubt we’re a greatly improved run team with a fullback clearing a path for lynch. I saw at least 4 key Mike Rob blocks where he blasted linemen and linebackers, giving lynch time to hit the hole in stride. Carlson just never accelerated through those gaps as fast as MRob could and Ganther was taking up a valuable spot on the roster and wasn’t a special teams contributor.

    Remember how many fullbacks holmgren went through after mack strong? He did not like leonard weaver. and owen schmitt loved to hit ppl so much that he would go hit the wrong person half the time.

    Btw, i appreciate the dialogue.. I hope I don’t sound too flaming. Listening to people at the bar bashing matt hasslebeck for mistakes made by o-linemen is kind of frustrating. my only desire for hass is that he navigate the pocket better… the best qb’s buy themselves a little more time with mobility and their ability to read the pocket, as well as manipulate the secondary.

    Stevos – I agree, Kam is definitely a liability in the pass game because he doesn’t have the practice rushing the passer and doesn’t have experience reading routes and keying on the appropriate cues. I think we should put him in on short yardage plays, where he’s the 8th man in the box. Man him up on the TE or backer so his responsibilities are clear and he can be physical.
    And in a way… I can’t really see him making our secondary any worse than it already is. On the other hand, I want Thomas to have Milloy on the field so that he can feel confident with his assignments.

    Side note- did anyone cheer when we defended the screen play?

  36. Dukeshire says:

    I’m not sure how to respond to all that, or at least know where to begin, so I won’t, other than to say I stand by everything I said.

  37. ruminator1 says:
  38. ryanryan says:

    “The importance of scheme/concepts – Scheme/concepts are strategy level implementations that have impacts on tactics and operation level behaviors.”

    WOW, that sounded like the time joey got out the thesaurus to write about monica and chandler.

    no offense

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