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Morning links: Reaction to Hawks 31-14 win

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 6, 2010 at 7:42 am with 21 Comments »
December 6, 2010 7:42 am
Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch (Elaine Thompson/AP).

Some links from Seattle’s victory on Sunday to start your day.

The Seahawks respond to a fiery pep talk from defensive coordinator Gus Bradley by holding Carolina scoreless after a 14-0 lead and scoring 31 unanswered points for the victory.

David Boling of The New Tribune delves into the enigma that is the 6-6 Seahawks.

More Boling: Walter Jones is honored to have his No. 71 jersey hanging from the rafters at Qwest Field.

Doug Pacey of The News Tribune writes about Seattle’s revamped run game.

Tight end Cameron Morrah steps up with Mike Williams and Ben Obomanu out with injuries.

The Seahawks grades are a little better than last week.

Clare Farnsworth of writes about what head coach Pete Carroll’s challenge to his players at halftime.

Art Thiel of writes that Seattle’s defense discovered it’s dignity against the Panthers on Sunday.

Doug Farrar of notes that Seattle rediscovered its running game.

Matt Bowen of the National Football Post notes that Seattle finally ran the ball well in the end zone.

Yahoo Sports Shutdown Corner has video of Leon Washington’s early celebration.

Some sad news today, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback “Dandy” Don Meredith, who became famous for the Monday Night Football broadcasts has passed at the age of 72 years old this morning.

Morning links
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  1. Palerydr says:

    I was at the game yesterday and several people, myself included, were ready to leave at halftime. Everyone around us couldn’t believe that we were losing to these guys and not just losing but getting dominated. To come out and go 97 yards(another blunder by Washington bobbling ball what was he thinking yesterday?) and score a TD was great but man the energy came up like a cannon shot for Tatupu’s pick six. Just for something to do I timed how long it took before the Panthers actually ran another play and it was 8 mns really killed the buzz in the crowd Jeez commercials SUX! Overall folks were happy with the better play in the second half. Look forward to seeing the team keep up the level of second half effort we had next week against the Niners otherwise next weeks comments aren’t gonna be nearly as cheerful as they are now.

  2. Cameron Morrah played well yesterday. Aside from the drop on the quick hitter/screen, he played himself a good game. With only being in his second year he looks like he could be a real contributor next season in that magical receiver third year leap (not to mention continuing to help the rest of this season!). It’s nice to be excited about young talent like the draft class of this past season (most notable exception – EJ Wilson) and a guy like Morrah from ’09 (even though the early returns from that class aren’t anything overly special — still early though).

  3. Yeah, kudos to Lofa, for a really huge play. I’d been thinking that his play is down this year, and I do still think he’s not the in-the-backfield explosive player he’s been in the past – but that pick and return was maybe the single biggest play of the game for us yesterday. He had another key tipped pass in coverage as well. Loved how the D played in the 2nd half.

  4. Palerydr says:

    I also focused on Okung during the second half and he’s looking exactly as advertised a foundation/cornerstone Left tackle for the next 10 plus years or so. I didn’t see him get beat on any play I watched which was almost every play in the second half.

  5. pabuwal says:

    So the 7-9 division title dream is still at hand. If they can win any game over the next 3, that can become an 8-8 or greater division title.

    But make no mistake about it, a 7-9 division title may feel good today but will cost this team in the long run. They are doing it with older players at key positions and these older players aren’t particularly good.

    We can feel good about the future if they can beat some of these upper end teams, get to a winning record and have better play from the QB. A 53 QB rating at home against a 1-11 team with very serviceable pass protection is completely unacceptable.

    And yeah, he lost both starting WRs, but a 53 QB rating is still unacceptable. Mike Williams is a possession guy and will never run away from DBs and therefore will never command double teams. He is a future 100 catch, 1000 yard guy. Important, but shouldn’t cause the QB to go in the tank.

    Big Play Ben is the big loss. He demands double team and even with those will still put up 1400 yards next year as a full time starter and a 15 yard+ average per catch.

  6. “But make no mistake about it, a 7-9 division title may feel good today but will cost this team in the long run.”


  7. “And yeah, he lost both starting WRs, but a 53 QB rating is still unacceptable.”

    And his starting TE.

    The picks were poor throws imo – but he absolutely did his part on the long drives that turned this game around. Nice throws downfield to Morrah. Nice conversion to Butler on a 3rd and 17, too.

  8. pabuwal says:

    The NFFL (National Fantasy Football League) is a QB driven league. The median QB rating of starters is in the highs 80s – unheard of a few years ago .

    The only reason to keep a 35 year old QB around is if the QB is playing at a high level or the team is on the verge of regaining elite status – a SB contender. But to keep a QB around for the mere purpose of winning a 7-9 division title in one of the worst divisions in NFL History, prevents a team from building for future greatness. It’s not like the Seahawks have close losses like the Rams or 49ers – when they lose its franchise and NFL historic.

    So if the team goes 7-9 and wins the division then they will draft number 20 next year. Can they find a franchise QB there? Possibly, but how long until he plays while behind a QB who just “won” a division? How much of the developmental process for the future greatness is stunted? Do we have to wait until 2014 to regain elite status? Will the Rams have it next year? The team with the elite, young QBs are the teams that hope – even if they are losing close and respectable games.

    What I have stated above only applies in the event of a 7-9 division title. If they can go 9-7 or better, than it takes on relevance.

  9. pabuwal says:

    That last line should say “takes on LESS relevance.”

  10. Agreed, pd, Matt faced a lot of adversity yesterday and didn’t have his best day – hand injury and all – but he showed how a savvy veteran bring a lot of tools to the game to do all the things it takes to win. Gritty.

  11. I really have to hand it to the entire offense for that great second half effort. We’ve been ragging on our O linemen for some time, but they proved in the second half they are no where near the chumps we sometimes say they are.

    As always, I was impressed with Okung’s shocking power and balance, but this was not his best game. He’s sill learning. Still, the whole line executed zone blocking much better, and a lot of that had to do with our much-maligned interior linemen. I’ve maligned our OGs a lot lately, and especially Gibson, but he actually impressed me with some key blocks. Spencer and Andrews showed ability to get to the second level and take linebackers out of the plays to key most of the longer runs Forsett and Lynch had. Watch the replay of Lynch’s 22 yard run in the 4th quarter – and some of the other second half running plays – and our zbs blocking as a unit was textbook. If Alex Gibbs was watching, he was proud of his linemen yesterday.

    I’m starting to believe in our O linemen, and I’m believing in Coach Valero who definitely is getting through to these guys. The Panthers front 7 is not as good at the 49ers, but after the Panthers whipped us in the first half I was impressed that our O linemen proved they would not be intimidated. Beast Mode!

  12. Dukeshire says:

    A little perspective here, Carolina has one of the worst rushing defenses in the league. Now, if they follow this production up next week against SF, then we’ll have something a bit more encouraging to discuss. That said, it was nice to see some production on the ground regardless.

    In addition, I don’t think it was an accident Robinson’s return coincides with better production on the ground either.

  13. jeez, Duke, ya hafta go bringing “perspective” and “reality” after a win. sheesh! ;-)

    Yes, we should have beat the Panthers, and we did. Next week is a Bigger Test. If our O line continues to play this way, and Cole and BMW return, I’m thinking our team can make a statement next week too.

  14. “so if the team goes 7-9 and wins the division then they will draft number 20 ext year. Can they find a franchise QB there? Possibly, but how long until he plays while behind a QB who just “won” a division?”

    I’m with you on some of your logic – but you lose me in the above paragraph. In most draft years, there’s maybe 1 ‘sure thing” QB prospect (and those guys don’t always pan out – see Jamarcus Russell and Alex Smith) – and to get that pick you have to go 2-14. So picking a QB at #20 (as opposed to say #10) can work just fine, you just have to have that combination of being smart and lucky in who you pick.

    In terms of the new QB sitting behind the guy who just ‘won’ a division – well, I think most rookie QB’s benefit from a season as a back-up (obviously Bradford is an exception) – and as I’ve noted in other posts, I think Hasselbeck is probably a pretty good candidate to groom the next QB, and if we hang onto him, will eventually be the kind of solid veteran back-up that all good teams have on their roster.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    Yeah, next week is going to be fun. A tough test indeed, both lines will have their hands full. I’m cautiously optimistic about their ability to build off this. Cole will be a very welcome addition and Obo and BMW seem like they’ll be good to go which will help keep the 9ers D from keying on the run alone.

  16. My best hope is that somehow the first drive of the third quarter yesterday was a turning point for the season and they can win one or more of the 49ers, Falcons and Bucs games. At the very least, playing close games against all of these teams would be a sign they are on the move upwards. This would validate their decision to go with Hasselbeck this year as more than a one year hope experiment.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    When considering a young QB here, let’s keep in mind Schneider was an integral part in “pushing” Favre out for Rodgers. He’s not afraid of making a decision in the best interest of the team’s future regardless of the QBs past (recent or otherwise) successes.

  18. QB rating can be a very misleading stat. Hass didn’t have a great game, but it wasn’t as terrible as the 53 rating might indicate.

    If we go by QB rating, we should be kicking ourselves for letting Jon Kitna go. He has a QB rating of 89.5.

    Hass’s 2010 rating is 76.9., not far below his career average of 82.7.

  19. Starting to think that Mike Williams can’t play hurt. I’m hesitant to think he can be counted on in the long run. He was quoted in an online chat with the Seattle Times las week as having a ” low pain tolerance.” Maybe they should game plan like he is not going to play every week, and it is a bonus if he does.

  20. Dave Boling says:

    On the ratings discussion, I think it’s always good to remember that it’s generally called “passer” rating rather than “quarterback” rating for a reason. It’s designed to measure passing efficiency. But quarterbacks are so much more to a team, obviously … scrambling, buying second chances, checking plays, leadership, poise under pressure, timely big plays, etc. etc.

  21. I want to see what Michael Robinson does next week to the 49ers LB’s. If he opens holes against them like he did yesterday I would vote him MVP for the offense. The guys was a monster yesterday. Seriously, those of you who record the games and like to watch them over and over (I know I’m not the only one!) and pick out the good and bad, keep an eye on Robinson.

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