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Carroll: “This was an attitude day”

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 5, 2010 at 6:33 pm with 36 Comments »
December 6, 2010 11:08 am

Pete Carroll was in much better spirits after his team’s performance in the second half of the Seattle Seahawks 31-14 win over Carolina.

Carroll said his team finally got back to the way they were playing earlier in the season, experiencing a change of attitude after a halftime conversation from their head coach.

“This was an attitude day,” he said. “I’m really fired up about it. We had a lot of fun with it. These guys; the physical and the mental and the personal challenge hit at halftime today. I’m happy we turned it around, we played a really good football game at the end.”

Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck said his team made the most adjustments at halftime that they’ve made all season, something that was partly out of necessity because both Mike Williams and Ben Obomanu were unavailable.

“The thing that I heard him say over and over was that, ‘Listen, I don’t want to hear one person talk about anything that happened in the first half. I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to hear about woulda, could, shoulda. All that matter is what we do going forward,” Hasselbeck said.

As far as the injuries, Carroll said Obomanu suffered a severe cut on his right hand, but did not have any broken bones

“He had a really, really nasty laceration there that was more than just a couple stitches,” Carroll said.

Obomanu said he’ll be ready next week.

“I’m fine,” he said. “It was just a big hit pretty much. But I’ll be back, and I’ll be able to play next week, too.

“I knew it was coming. It was one of those things where when you run across the middle of the field, you understand that a lot of people are going to be flying around. I tried to catch it and get down, but he made a good play, and I’m glad I held onto it.”

Williams rolled his ankle on left leg, the same leg he had the strained foot injury. Neither receiver has been ruled out for the San Francisco game. And in fact Williams tweeted that’s he expects to go next week.

“Mike turned his ankle, a totally different thing than he went into the game with, and wasn’t able to get it right,” Carroll said. “Ben split his hand open on the play over the middle on a great catch, really a courageous play. I don’t know what to tell you on the future on that that one, but it was really a nasty cut that he took. We’ll see what that means.”

Carroll said that cornerback Roy Lewis has a sore knee, but that it does not look like a typical knee sprain. Carroll said Lewis has soreness in the back of his knee and will be re-evaluated on Monday.

Leon Washington said on the 84-yard punt return when he was caught from behind by Carolina punter Jason Baker that he slowed up and raised his hand as he neared the end zone, both no-no’s that he’ll never do again.

“He got the back of my heel and I got off balance,” Washington said. “So I can’t do that. I guarantee the next time I’m in that position I might do a ‘Forest Gump’ and run all the way through the stadium!”

Linebacker Lofa Tatupu said his 26-yard interception for a touchdown was a result of being in the right place at the right time.

“I was fortunate enough to be the man with man-coverage on the fullback at the time,” he said. “It was kind of like a pick-route, which usually allows the fullback to get over out into the flat, usually by himself or with a man trailing. I just got over clean enough where I said, ‘If the quarterback throws this ball and I turn around, I’m going And I’m just going to take my shot.’ And so I did.”

Some Tidbits

* Seattle rushed for a season-best 162 yards for the game. They rushed for 126 yards along in the second half – which is better than an every other game this year except for the 144 yards they rushed for in the team’s first game against Arizona. Marshawn Lynch finished with 83 yards on 21 carries and three touchdowns.

* Hasselbeck did not have one of his better games. He finished 17 of 30 for 229 yards, no touchdowns and two interceptions for a 53.3 passer rating. Hasselbeck also was sacked twice. But he also made some plays to set up touchdowns for his team.

* With both Williams and Obomanu, the rest of Seattle’s receiving group stepped up. Brandon Stokley finished with four receptions for 47 yards. Deon Butler had four receptions for 43 yards, and Cameron Morrah finished with three receptions for 69 yards.

* Carolina’s Jonathan Stewart finished with 92 yards on 21 carries and a touchdown in his return home.

* Seattle held Carolina to 5 of 15 on third down, and converted 5 of 10 opportunities offensively. Seattle also finished 2 of 3 inside the red zone, and 2 of 3 in goal-to-go situations, both areas the team had struggled.

* Linebacker David Hawthorne continues to earn that new contract. He led the team for a third straight week in tackles with a combined 14. Raheem Brock finished with two sacks on the day, and Chris Clemons added a sack. Brock now has five sacks on the year, and Clemons has 8.5.

* Tatupu’s pick six was his first interception for a touchdown since his rookie season. It was also Tatupu’s first interception of the season.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Good news about Obo, all things considered. That was a big time catch, knowing the hit was coming. That’s a man, right there.

    I’m curious about Matt’s knee that appeared to buckle toward the end of the half. Anything to be concerned about there?

    I agree with Carroll about attitude. Team showed character to come out they way they did to start the second half. I’d love to hear a copy of him at half.

  2. MattandCindy says:

    II’m thinking he said the “weak, wheezing, little math nerd is out there wrecking your house. Go be a bully and depants that nerd before you give hima swirlie.”

    ad-libbed, of course.

  3. I can’t believe how well the offense performed considering:

    Both starting WRs were out.
    The starting TE was out.
    Both projected LGs were out (Hamilton/Pitts).
    The starting RG was out (Unger), even though he’s been out quite awhile.

    That’s almost half of the starting offense out with injury.

  4. Matt didn’t have a great game, but he did make some critical plays. Not sure if CW would have made them. This season has been a comeback of sorts for Matt. He’s not a Top Ten QB anymore, but he can still help a handful of teams. And we’d better not let Arizona get him next year.

  5. bird_spit says:

    Great win against a one win team, at home. Not overly impressed, but I’ll take the win..

  6. It’s a win we all knew we had to get – and I’m happy to see that this team, flawed as it is, has the capacity to buckle down, and thoroughly outplay a lesser team.

    The 2nd half was maybe our best half of the year – and I know it’s against a lousy opponent, but there was some pressure there, going down early and all the players knowing this was a game we had to have. And the team, esp the defense, really rose to it in the 2nd half.

    Matt had some real poor throws on those picks – but he still makes plays for us – and he’s without a doubt the leader of the offense – I basically threw up my hands in defeat when I thought for a minute that he might be out for the game w/the knee.

    So great to see Lynch and Forsett being a 1-2 punch again, and nice speed and athleticism from Morrah too.

    We’ll need a better start to beat the 49ers for sure – but with Gore out and Troy Smith at QB, of course we’ve got a chance to win that one.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Morrah and speed aren’t often in the same sentence. lol.

  8. bsinnitt says:

    Outstanding win today, not because we beat a 1 win team coming West but because of the determination and fight we showed in the 2nd half. We got it handed to us in the first half and everything was looking earily similar to last week’s drubbing by KC. For the Hawks to come out fighting in the 2nd half shows that the character and mentality that Pete is trying to instill is taking hold. Does anyone remember a complete reversal like that in the past 2-3 seasons? This is yet another testimony that Carrol has this team going in the right direction. In recent years past there’s no way we play a 2nd half like that after nothing going our way offensively and injuries to our top 2 receivers. Winning teams aren’t just built in the draft and free agency. True champions fight until the final whistle blows and the final game has been played. Those so called fans that want us to miss the playoffs don’t understand that football is as much a game of will and passion as it is raw physical talent. Case in point, look at The roller coaster that has been the Dallas Cowboys. To those fans I would say spare the rest of us your negative attitudes until whatever media talking head you listen to has proclaimed the Seahawks as contenders and you’re able to loose the chip on your shoulder. For the rest of us, let’s enjoy watching the developement of a good young team. The feeling of fulfillment will be that much greater when the Hawks complete their return to the top of the NFC weather it’s sooner or later.

  9. bird_spit says:

    Okung had another game towards proving he is anything other than a bust. His tackle after one of the interceptions was absolutely a nice example of his athletic ability and should be on a highlite reel of his career once he has secured non-bust-ism status, and multiple pro-bowl appearances.

  10. Russell Okung is a beast; the real deal; a man of men; a great pick; a franchise anchor at LT.

  11. Washington has simply got to be kicking themselves to taking Trent (I suck) Williams over Okung at #4.

  12. bsinnitt says:

    I agree with the optimism about Okung’s future. I thought a telling moment was on Lynch’s TD after Leon’s kick return. Lynch chose to cut back left behind Okung rather than follow his fullback into the pile. Okung rewarded him by collapsing the left side a couple of yards into the end zone. Good stuff right there. Some long awaited success in short yardage.

  13. Southendzone says:

    I have to nit-pick on something that really irked me in the game.

    End of 1st half after the replay review of the run play that may have been a TD, then false start penalty.

    Now we’ve got 49 seconds on the clock, 2 time outs left and I believe 2nd & goal from the 6 (Maybe 3rd down though). The officials announce a 10 second runoff but the Hawks elect to use one of the time outs to prevent the 10 second runoff.

    I think this was a big mistake, you aren’t preserving those 10 seconds for you, you’re preserving them for the Panthers last drive of the half. At this point you WANT the 10 second runoff. 2nd and 6 with 2 TOL you’ve got the time to do just about anything conceivable with just 39 seconds except a possible situation where you get a auto 1st down penalty.

    After the FG, Carolina ends up with 32 seconds at around their 40 yard line. It was moot because Claussen gets sacked, but given the information at the time the decision was made this seemed like a coaching blunder that could have potentially cost us three points.

    Anyone agree or am I making something out of nothing?

  14. hawkdawg says:


    I thought the same thing. 39 seconds with two timeouts was enough for anything.

    We didn’t need the time. We needed a clue as to how to score a TD.

    Looks like we got that clue in the second half.

  15. Good point, Southendzone. I didn’t really think about it, but you’re absolutely right.

    We need more high-percentage plays in the red zone. Throwing a fade to a rookie is not a high-percentage play.

  16. bird_spit says:

    My thoughts after this game…

    Next year, I’m hoping for a 1st round pick of LG. I feel strongly that a line of Okung, R, Spencer, Unger, and Lock/Andrews/FA will carry the team for many years. I think a rookie on the DL and CB should round out our first 3 picks.

    I have been a hopeful fan of Jennings, but am ready to end that charade. Besides, Tru is not the lock down corner either.

    We need to sign Hass to an extension only if the contract is incentive based. I’d love to see a FA QB come in and compete for QB. Whitey might be the QB of the future, so why go out and draft one high. Lets fill some holes on this team before drafting a franchise QB.

  17. MattandCindy says:

    I think it was third down on that play, which might explain the time out. A “lets get our stuff together because our last two tries did squat” kinda breather.
    I was pissed anyway. We had the momentum to punch it in and just stopped.

  18. bird_spit — There are two good/great LGs who will be available in free agency. We can/should sign one of them. Let Okung play next to greatness and let us have a dominant left side again.

    No matter what happens, I hope our starting center for 2011 was in Qwest Field today (Spencer, Unger, Kalil).

    That would give us 3/5 of a line that was/is good. That’d be huge from what we’re used to.

    If Unger is at RG next year, I think we could do worse. He got beat too much physically for my liking in the opener and the pre-season games, but he was playing at a Pro Bowl level in pass protection (in no way am I saying he was playing at a Pro Bowl level overall because he wasn’t). And if we had a dominant left side to run behind in short yardage situations it would be more acceptable to have an Unger at RG (who wasn’t overly great in the running game, but made up for it with superior pass protection stills from that position). Kind of like Gray in ’05. He was a fine player, but he wasn’t a mauler we ran behind when we needed a yard (yet he was an asset).

    Another positive of Unger: he started all 16 games last year and had no injury history at Oregon so it’s not like he has an extreme injury history. He had proved to be quite durable.

    Signing a top flight LG would also allow us to go into the draft with greater flexibility with the 1st round pick. As it stands right now, the 1st rounder (with no free agency) MUST be used on an offensive lineman and, as you said, a left guard specifically. I’d rather be able to pick between a QB, OL (LG or RT), or DL instead of being almost forced to take a LG by the end of the 2nd round.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    Southendzone – I think you make a great point and agree.

  20. I have really soured on Jennings the last two weeks.

    However, I am all for bringing him back as a 5th CB next season.

    I am not as down on Trufant as some of you, but I do admit he’s not playing up to the level of what he’s getting paid.

    Resign Josh Wilson in free agency!!!

    Go into ’11 with Tru/Thurmond as starters, Wilson the nickel, and then Lewis/Jennings! That’d be cool! And good!

  21. bsinnitt says:

    I agree with Bobby K on signing one of the young LGs in free agency rather than the draft. It’s worth the money to have a proven commodity there rather than take the risk of having a draft pick not work out. I’m also hoping they’ll make it a priority to sign Leon Washington to an extension. His impact on our field position has been invaluable.

  22. pabs —- Where are you? Your dream of a 7-9 division title is within reach! Merry Christmas!

  23. Another thing about making Logan Mankins or Carl Nicks EXTREMELY rich is that everyone in Seahawkland knows that left guard is a black hole. It hasn’t been filled since HE-who-shouldn’t-be-said-here left for Minnesota (although I’ve mentioned that guy’s name many times and “many” is an understatement).

    AND Russell Okung is already overpaid based on his draft position (not the production we’ve gotten from him on the field when he’s played — b/c he’s a stud) so it’s not like we’d have to be worried about jealousy (which is human nature, too).

    Pay the left side a lot of money and be happy!!! I know I would be!!! I’d have to find something else to complain about. I’d go DL depth. But that’s for another time!

  24. The definition of a WINNER:

    “I knew it was coming. It was one of those things where when you run across the middle of the field, you understand that a lot of people are going to be flying around. I tried to catch it and get down, but he made a good play, and I’m glad I held onto it.”

  25. Winner indeed. We could do a lot worse than BMW and Obo as our starting WRs. I’ll take them over D-Jack and K-Rob any day.

  26. Skavage says:

    Two points I’d like to make.

    1) Okung – Did anyone see him on the swing pass to Lynch? 25 yeards+ down the field and he’s trying to pancake some guy in FRONT of Lynch and he did with an attitude. Great hussle.

    2) Robinson – Game ball to him imo. His lead blocking was OUTSTANDING. One of Lynch’s TD runs (first I think it was) he just simply cleans out the LBer on the play and makes it easy pickings for Marshawn. And another off tackle right play he again get’s to the second level and takes out the LB for a gaping run. Plain and simple he was a difference maker and one reason it is so important to have a good lead blocker with a power running game.

  27. bulldog80 says:

    I love this blog, I can always get the good, the bad, and the ugly from you guys. Here’s my list:
    The Good:
    1. Special teams continue to be good.
    2. The Heater is our best linebacker(yes including Lofa)
    3. Clemmons plays hard every game.
    4. We actually have half time adjustments
    5. Gritty comeback

    The Bad:
    1. We don’t press or jam WR’s EVER!
    2. You don’t know which D-Line will show up game to game
    3. Lynch needs to start hitting cutbacks that are there
    4. I know Carlson was injured, but has Morrah just replaced him?
    5. O-line false starts

    The Ugly:
    1. Jennings looks like a 6 year old trying to find his mom at Wal-mart
    2. Balmer will let a RB through the line just by asking him nicely
    3. Goal line passing plays are horrendous
    4. Matt’s needs to remember the concept of throwing the ball away.

    Looking forward to the big game next week already.

  28. If the Seahawks are going to win the division, they need to get Cole and BMW back. I read on PFT that Jason LaCanfora is reporting that Adam Schefter tweeted that Jay Glazer heard that BMW’s injury will keep him out of the Niners game and perhaps longer.

  29. “Another thing about making Logan Mankins or Carl Nicks EXTREMELY rich is that everyone in Seahawkland knows that left guard is a black hole.”

    It would be great to fill that hole this way – but it’s not sure thing we’re going to be able to sign guys away from super bowl contending teams like NE and NO. I’d love it too, but don’t think we can count on it.

  30. “Morrah and speed aren’t often in the same sentence. lol.”

    Maybe so, but you have to agree that he beat his man downfield on those long plays yesterday, no? Haven’t seen too much of that from the TE spot this year to date.

  31. williambryan says:

    Okung is amazing. If he could have been healthy for every game, I think he alone accounts for a few more wins. I think the team needs to sign a LG in free agency and draft a guard in the second round (apprx.) I think the team needs to draft DL in the first round and there shouldnt be a question about it. If Hasselbeck is brought back, the team can win games, If Hass is let go and CW is the guy (My personal favorite plan) I think the team will win games, but it would be hard for me to see drafting a QB at the spot where the team will most likely be drafting. I would like to see a QB in the third or fourth round and a middle LB in the same range. I like Lofa but he has been “just a guy” lately (he had the pic6 but the rest of the game he was getting swallowed by Olineman who got through to the second level way to easy, If cole was in maybe that doesnt happen as much but he hasnt been in so…). I think he and the team would benefit from some healthy competition. And I am fine with the WR’s the team will have assuming that BMW and Obo are brought back, Tate will be there, stokley, and I could do without Butler, maybe he is worth a fourth rounder???

  32. “Okung is amazing. If he could have been healthy for every game, I think he alone accounts for a few more wins.”

    And you were right in an earlier comment – his stick on that INT return probably was the best defensive tackle of the game. You can tell by his build and the way he moves that he probably would have been a damn good D-lineman too . . .

  33. chuck_easton says:


    BobbyK has his fantasy about Mankins or Nicks.

    While I wouldn’t lose sleep if one of the two DID sign with Seattle I still have nightmares about ‘he-who-shall-not-be named’ taking the money and running out of Seattle only for us to be stiffed by Dielman when Seattle was offering more money.

    All the money in the world isn’t going to get a player to come to Seattle if they don’t want to. That is why Seattle has to draft better, and then hold on to their own players by overpaying for guys.

    Or we can trade away first rounders (Branch) AND overpay.

  34. chuck_easton says:

    Seattle traditionally has one of the highest payrolls in the NFL and it isn’t necessarily because we have the elite talent. It’s because the team knows they have to dramatically overpay for NFL players to leave the East Coast and come all the way to South Alaska.

  35. Dukeshire says:

    Chuck – We’re getting closer to Okung’s 4 game start streak… You getting ready?

  36. HawkfaninMT says:

    While some are talking free agency…

    It seems like Gainther (SP?) from Baltimore could be available. Any thoughts of him coming as a RT, or converting him to LG like the ‘Boys did with Leonard Davis?

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