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Morning links: Niners back in NFC West hunt

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 30, 2010 at 10:36 am with 17 Comments »
November 30, 2010 10:38 am
San Francisco running back Anthony Dixon celebrates a touchdown against Arizona (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin).

David White of the San Francisco Chronicle writes that the San Francisco 49ers have jumped back into the NFC West title hunt with a dominating, 27-6 win over the Arizona Cardinals down in the desert. The Niners, who started the season at 0-5, have now won four of their last six games.

But the Niners will have to go the rest of the season without Frank Gore, who broke his hip against Arizona. Reserve running back Brian Westbrook played well in place of Gore, finishing with 136 yards on 23 carries and a touchdown.

You probably already saw this already, but Arizona quarterback Derek Anderson had a meltdown when asked by Arizona Republic reporter Kent Somers about a moment caught on live television Monday night between he and offensive lineman Deuce Lutui that shows him laughing in the final moments of his team’s drubbing at the hands of the Niners. Check out the video below.

Somers explains himself here. I thought he did a nice job of presenting the question and certainly gave Anderson some wiggle room. Anderson obviously didn’t handle the situation well.

Here’s what Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck had to say about the Seahawks losing four of their past five games by an average of 24 points and sitting a game below .500 at 5-6, still tied for the NFC West lead with St. Louis.

That’s a little weird, right?

“Oh, it’s real normal,” joked Hasselbeck. “Yeah, it’s weird. But I don’t think right now this team is focused on the division.

“I think what we need to focus on is just getting better, and improving and fixing our errors, and finding out who we are, and getting an identity in certain areas, whether that be running the ball, or short yardage or third down – whatever those things are. And just try to get better, try to just keep improving. Because focusing on that big goal at the end, there’s a lot of stuff that we need to do first to get that done.”

Steve Wyche of the NFL Network points to Seattle’s Jan. 2 contest against St. Louis as one of eight games down the stretch that will decide what teams make the playoffs.

Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network believes the Rams will emerge in the NFC West.

Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post provides a must-read primer in his first part of a series on the continuing NFL labor negotiations.

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  1. Too bad Dennny Green couldn’t have coached Derek Anderson. That would have made for a great post-game press conference.

    The 49ers are as good as 4-8 after they get hammered at Green Bay on Sunday.

  2. And we’ll hopefully be 6-6. But that division game in San Fran is getting tougher and tougher, sadly enough we don’t play Derek Anderson and the Cards three times a year.

  3. variable575 says:

    Last time I checked we were not tied up. Maybe record but NFC west belongs to the rams. Technically speaking. Nice spin though

  4. chuck_easton says:


    Yes, the 9rs fall to 4-8 this weekend.

    Seattle SHOULD beat Carolina 6-6.

    What happens with StL and Arizona? Given what I see from Arizona I’m going to say StL also goes to 6-6 and Arizona gets eliminated 3-9.

    Still anybody’s prize to take. IF Seattle can go into SF on the 12th and pull out a win we have a shot at 8-8. Lose that game and it comes down to January 2 where we win the division at 7-9 or lose the game and StL takes the division at 8-8.

    Who would have thought a division could have been won without one team being above .500?

  5. “Who would have thought a division could have been won without one team being above .500?”

    Yeah, could be the last year for awhile though. I haven’t watched him play too many times this year – but the numbers and the talk re Bradford seems to get better every week. If he’s getting the Rams to 8-8 this year as a rookie, with a severely depleted WR corps – then we should expect them to only get better next year and thereafter. Of course, hopefully we’re trending upward too . .

  6. bigmike04 says:

    49ers are not in the hunt, sorry but they will be elimated out of the hunt sunday when they lose againt Packers.. their season is pretty much over after sunday.

    The NFC west comes down to Seahawks or Rams, their is no 49ers as seahawks are 1-0 against them, Rams are 0-1 against 49ers.

    Let see 49ers schedule as of now is packers, seahawks, chargers, rams, Arizona… Let see they get beat by packers, San diego because their making run, Rams I am betting will beat them and Seahawks maybe..

    How in the blue are they going to make a run is laughable.

  7. DA didnt handle that well, but that reporter was a total douche. DA should have pulled an Andre Johnson on his punk azz.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    Somers couldn’t have kid-gloved the question any more than he did. And considering the Gruden called out Anderson on national television (although Anderson may not have been aware of that at the time) it was a reasonable question. Quarterback can’t react like that, no matter how badly he may want to. Leave those emotions for a WR of defensive players to express.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    *or* defensive…

  10. Why wasn’t that game flexed?

  11. Dukeshire says:

    That’s only for Sunday night games. Thursday and Monday night games aren’t eligible.

  12. GriffinNW says:

    This division is for the Rams to lose.
    Being at the game and watching what we ran out there against KC, and watching the 9ers, they are just as good as our current team, if not better.

    Their remaining schedule looks rough, much like ours possibly will be.
    ATL I really don’t see a win.
    @SF and @TB are both games that could easily be losses. Our team is so beat up and underperforming I can see both taking wins from us. vSTL I don’t really know. Bradford is doing great, I can see them coming in and squeezing a win. I saw no determination or must-win vibes from our team on Sunday. They ran at will against us, and when the run didn’t look good for them, they threw at will.
    I unfortunately think the Rams will be reppin the NFCW this post season, but who knows, Any Given Sunday.

    This Sunday is OUR season. I expect a win, but if they blow it then we can all shift our talks to who and what we’re drafting.

  13. The SF media is saying if 49ers only win their division games, they will make the playoffs. So, if they beat Rams, Seahawks, and Arizona they will have a 7-9 record.

  14. csungrad says:

    I see L’s for the Rams against NO & KC. We lose vs ATL and TB. All comes down to JAN 2 at Qwest.

  15. “Somers couldn’t have kid-gloved the question any more than he did. And considering the Gruden called out Anderson on national television (although Anderson may not have been aware of that at the time) it was a reasonable question. Quarterback can’t react like that, no matter how badly he may want to. Leave those emotions for a WR of defensive players to express.”

    With all due respect, I totally disagree…not that it matters all that much…but for the sake of fairness…

    It was a reasonable question to ask once, but not multiple times. That’s over-the-top. I don’t see a need to continue needling someone who’s already frusterated. DA will be accountable for his bad play and maybe his actions at the podium, but that douche reporter won’t be held accountable for being an punk. Not quite as weak as DA’s actual performance, but weak nonetheless.

  16. Dukeshire says:

    Well, my perspective is that Somers was trying to give DA a platform to explain, not just his smiling or chuckle, but how frustrated he was. DA was combative right from the get go.

    We always want more information. How many times on this blog alone, does someone say they wish a reporter would hold a coach or player accountable for the non-answer answers they give? I thought Somers was doing just that in a firm but polite way. I don’t see his question or follow ups out of line, considering the answers that were given. But, we each have different takes on it I suppose.

  17. ruminator1 says:

    the guy was upset. the question was an accusation no matter how framed. who knows what was actually said between the two players that made DA smile. maybe it was self critical, for example. what if the other player said something like “man don’t feel bad. we stink too” who knows. regardless DA made it clear that he didn’t think he was laughing and that he didn’t want to discuss it any more. that should have been enough. one thing should be clear to any right thinking person: DA was not taking lightly the beating he and his team were experiencing. look at his facial expressions throughout the entire game (except for that one smile)–sombre and unhappy.

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