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Hawks-Panthers stats

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 30, 2010 at 12:23 pm with 21 Comments »
November 30, 2010 12:23 pm
2010 Stats Seahawks Panthers
Record 5-6 1-10
Total Yards Gained 3,292 2,851
Total Offense (NFLRank) 299.3 (29) 259.2 (32)
Rush Offense 77.9 (32) 101.4 (22)
Pass Offense 221.4 (17) 157.8 (32)
Points Per Game 19.0 (27) 12.7 (32)
Total Yards Allowed 4,389 3,698
Total Defense 399.0 (30) 336.2 (14)
Rush Defense 120.4 (22) 130.5 (25)
Pass Defense 278.6 (30) 205.6 (8)
Points Allowed/Game 25.0 (23) 25.1 (24)
Possession Avg. 26:44 26:59
Sacked/Yds. Lost 26/151 33/228
Sacks Made/Yds. Lost 26/170 18/127
Interceptions By 9 13
Penalties/Yds. 71/639 70/598
Punts/Avg. 55/42.7 63/43.5
Turnover Differential -1 (16) -8 (29)
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  1. Rematch of the NFC championship game, with an identical score expected. If the Seahawks lose, we can kiss the playoffs goodbye.

  2. mojjonation says:

    If the Seahawks lose, you can kiss a lot more than the playoffs goodbye. There should be e major shake up among the coaching staff and the players if Seattle loses to a one win team at home.

  3. chuck_easton says:

    Just a thought…

    2009 NFCW order of finish:

    St. Louis

    Possible 2010 NFCW order of finish: (Unless Seattle get’s it’s act together)

    St. Louis

    Not sure that has ever happened before, but it might.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    mojjonation – Why? This is the first year of a total rebuild. Not a failed patchwork that the previous FO and staff were in control of.

  5. GriffinNW says:

    If we lose, then come Monday (well maybe a little later…) we’ll start talking drafting and who needs to go.
    I think even if we win this game, this is still the Rams division to lose.
    There was no urgency or determination on Sunday.
    9ers looked pretty good Sunday, just as good if not better than us. Too bad for them they screwed themselves early in the season, but I loved it. Also love hearing Gore is done for the year. Dude is insane.

  6. Yeah, if we lose to Carolina at home my spirit will be fully broken.

  7. chuck_easton says:

    My prediction (which when combined with 5 bucks will get you a coffee)

    Seattle 5-6

    Carolina W 6-6
    SF W 7-6
    Atl L 7-7
    TB L 7-8
    St. Louis ??????? (for all the marbles)

    St. Louis 5-6

    Arizona W 6-6
    NO L 6-7
    KC L 6-8
    SF W 7-8
    Seattle ?????????????? (see above)

    SF 4-7

    GB L 4-8
    Seattle L 4-9
    SD L 4-10
    St. Louis L 4-11
    Arizona W 5-11

  8. CaliSeahawker says:

    This team needs to beat Carolina, needs to beat San Francisco or Tampa Bay, and then needs to beat St. Louis in the final game.

    St. Louis needs to lose two games before the final matchup, so we are rooting for NO, KC (in STL), and ARZ in Arizona. I am hoping after that Derek Anderson tirade, they put up a decent fight. If they do, and pull out a win vs STL Sunday, and we take care of business vs Carolina, then essentially we can lose two games in the standings to STL before the final game – beat them then, and get blown out by 176 in the playoffs at home.

  9. GriffinNW says:

    CaliSeahawker says: then essentially we can lose two games in the standings to STL before the final game – beat them then, and get blown out by 176 in the playoffs at home.

    And lose many spots in the draft. I hope after no one complains about how terrible we played and how our depth sucks.

    It will be a wild one going into the week of that game though if we got that far! Spirits will be sky high, and any given sunday, who knows I suppose.

  10. I hope the Seahawks use the game against the Panthers to experiment a little, especially on defense, because what they’ve been doing the past few weeks isn’t going to win the division. If they can’t fix the run defense, then the Niners will kill them.

  11. Hello? You play to win the game! (Herm Edwards)

    2009 Draft
    #4 pick – Aaron Curry
    #26 pick – Clay Matthews

    2008 Draft
    #6 pick – Vernon Gholston (sucks)
    #8 pick – Derrick Harvey (sucks)
    #12 pick – Ryan Clady (stud)
    #24 pick – Chris Johnson (stud)

    2007 Draft
    #4 pick – Gaines Adams (sucked – RIP)
    #9 pick – Ted Ginn (sucks)
    #23 pick – Dwayne Bowe (lol)
    #29 pick – Ben Grubbs (good)

    There’s no guarantee that we’re going to pick a super stud at #10 overall and would have swung and missed with the #20 pick. That’s why you play to win the game.

  12. bsinnitt says:

    I agree with Canfan’s opinion on using this game to experiment on D. Particularly in regards to finding a replacement for Balmer. Even once Cole comes back, if we’re still starting Balmer we’re going to have issues.

    Watching the highlights of last nights game and the injury to Gore, the hip injury that ended Bo Jackson’s career came to mind. If you’ll remember, that one didn’t look very serious at the time but he never played again despite being in his prime. I’m sure the medical treatments have come a long way since then though.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    That’s good news. I’ve been wondering how Carroll / Schneider would handle him. He’s been a little slower to adapt to Will than I would have thought and he only plays in their base and short yardage packages. But he’s played well lately and is one of those guys that just keeps working and working. Very good.

  14. Time for Mebane to get extended!

  15. Next years draft I am hoping for 2 startes for the O-line and a QB for the future in the first three picks. Then solid depth for the D-line rotation in the rest of the draft.

    Short of that, any of the above that we can get in the FA market (if there is one) would also be a good thing.

  16. IdahoHawk says:

    I was reading an article earlier today about the negotiations to take place this off season.” If (hell I can’t remember who said it) the salary cap gose away it would never come back.” So like baseball you could by championships. Do you think this would make the Seahawks the Yankees/Red soxs of football. We all know Mr. Allen has the dough of the NFL. God please don’t come to this. P.s. like the heater signing.

  17. I’d like to see Forsett or Leon Washington get more carries against Carolina. I don’t think Lynch is working out, especially with this OL. If Forsett/Washington fail, then I suppose the team will have to rely on Hasselbeck’s arm. Very important to get BMW back.

  18. Is Pitts still expected out this week? We need to find a left guard who can play next to Okung, and we need to run the ball.

    Okung and Andrews seem to be the only two guys we have who can move defenders. Maybe a line reshuffle is in order.

    I’m reaching here… but it can’t be any worse. :-/

  19. nighthawk2 says:

    This team needs a personnel and coaching shake up anyway. I never wanted anyone from Mora’s staff retained yet we have Mora’s DC and DL coaches still here; and guess what, we have problems with the defensive line and the defense as a whole.

    Worst to first and first to worst? That would be quite a shakeup.

    Anyone who thinks this game is a gimme is mistaken. Not the way the Seahawks have played this year, even at home. Nothing changed last week either, another Sunday, another ass kicking. Let us review:

    Turned the ball over? Check. 3 times (2 interceptions and a fumble lost by Hasselbeck).

    Pathetic run game? Check. 20 yards rushing (counting -2 by Hasselbeck) on 12 carries (2 by Hasselbeck). Marshawn, Marshawn, Marshawn. 2.9 ypc is not why we traded for you dude. Only 3 carries for Forsett. 10 running plays to the backs, total. Even though we were only down 21-10 at the half and 21-17 at the end of the 3rd quarter, Carroll and Bates abandon the run.

    Carlson completely ignored again? Check. Only targeted twice (same as 3rd stringer Cameron Morrah), yet Chris Baker gets the TD pass. Whatever kind of doghouse Mr. (Un)Happy has, Carlson must be in it to be so ignored.

    Piss poor pass coverage again? Check. 10 yard cushions by Jennings even at our own 10 yard line, 170 yads and 3 TD’s on 13 catches to Bowe. Gee, maybe he’s the one guy that should have been double covered out there Gus?

    Piss poor run defense again? Check. 173 yards and a TD (a DE vultured one) to Jamal Charles. 270 rushing yards to 20 for us.

    Generally taking an ass whipping in all phases? Check. 80 total plays to 51 for us. 6.3 yards per play, 503 TOTAL YARDS and a 64% 3rd down conversion rate for them (compared to 25% for us), -2 yards on punt returns, 41 minutes TOP for them to 19 minutes for us, 0 for 2 on 4th down, giving up 4 passing touchdowns–to Matt freakin’ Cassel!

    Seattle is 30th in total defense, 30th in pass defense, 22nd (that high?) in run defense, 29th in total offense and dead last in rushing offense, 29th in scoring offense. Our opponant may have only one win (thanks to a missed FG at the end of regulation last week) but they’ve given up 700 less yards than our D has, are 14th in total defense and 8th in pass defense. Any saving grace comes from the fact that they give up the same amount of points we do, they’re dead last in total offense and pass offense (although even their 3rd string halfback has averaged well over 100 yards of total offense in the 3 games he’s started), dead last in scoring. We may actually be evenly matched this week.

  20. Yeah, nighthawk2, we certainly can’t look past the Panthers. This is a game I really hate because a win doesn’t really gain much (aside from going to 6-6) in terms of credibility. Everyone will say, “Oh, it’s just the Panthers.” But a loss would make them the laughing stock: “They lost to the Panthers!”

    The worst thing would be for the Seahawks to not try anything new in this game.

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