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Williams a question mark for Carolina

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 29, 2010 at 3:59 pm with 48 Comments »
November 29, 2010 3:59 pm

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said as far as injuries from the game, center Chris Spencer got kicked in the left ankle but should be okay. Spencer has a bruised ankle.

Marcus Trufant made it back from his ankle injury and should be fine going forward this week. There was no mention of David Hawthorne’s chest injury, so we’ll find out if he practices this week.

Carroll said receiver Mike Williams will try and come back this week from his strained foot.

“We got to wait and see,” Carroll said about Williams. “Today they looked at him and there wasn’t a lot of improvement, so we’ve got to wait and see Tuesday until Wednesday. We’ll have to go day-to-day, and we’ll rest him until he’s ready to run fast, until he can really go. We’re not going to push him back on this thing until we get resolved.”

Carroll went on to say that the team would shoot to get him ready for Sunday’s game against Carolina, but ideally he would like to get Williams some practice time before putting him back on the field.

Michael Robinson also is expected to make it back from is hamstring issue.

Carroll also said they are trying to get defensive tackle Colin Cole going this week, but that he had a pretty severe high ankle sprain. I talked briefly with Cole in the locker room and he appears to be in good spirits.

“He’s not ready yet,” Carroll said. “He’s not ready to get up and going on that thing. But he feels it. He wants to get back, and he’s working real hard in rehab. And so we just have to wait it out.”

In terms of replacing the production of Cole and Red Bryant, Carroll said general manager John Schneider and his personnel staff is aware of what’s out there, but that they just have to get guys already on the roster better prepared to play on Sunday.

As far as where this team sits, Carroll said they told the truth, on “Tell the Truth” Monday at the team’s headquarters, with the usually upbeat head coach taking on a serious tone with his players.

“We had a very serious meeting today to get us on track,” Carroll said. “And we to start up again, and get going. So that’s what this week will be all about. We need to be very serious about it – our sense of urgency needs to be at its utmost, and I’m counting on that from these guys.”

Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck echoed those same sentiments when we talked to him afterward.

“I would say it was very honest and very serious, very blunt,” Hasselbeck said. “Our team meetings are always different; they’re never the same. Today was just basically say it how it is. It was good.

“It was a tough day all the way around. We came in – everyone came in. Guys that were hurt got treatment, and everybody got their lift in. We did some stuff on the field. We lifted weights. We ran. All through that time, the strength and conditioning coaches are talking to us, kind of getting the mindset right. We had a team meeting, and Pete laid it out. He showed some film, and showed some good stuff, too, it wasn’t just the bad.

“And basically he said, “He guys, I need you to believe in how good you can be.’ There was some good stuff. Special teams met, then the offense met. We met with the offensive coordinator. Our defense I’m sure met with the defensive coordinator. That was a tough meeting. Then we split up. We met with our position coaches got graded on every single thing, from pregame, to the night before, to stuff that happened on Wednesday and Thursday in practice.

“So it was a long day of work in terms of just getting everything straightened out. And just laying it on the table and saying it how it is.”

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    I’m sure those were some awkward meetings, especially when they turned the film on. The fact is though, there’s only so much coaching up you can do with inferior talent. CC and BMW will be very welcome additions when they are able to come back.

  2. chuck_easton says:

    Not that I’m in the practice of looking past any team, but my feeling is that I’d much rather have both BMW and Cole fully healthy for the trip down to SF than to risk them playing this weekend against Carolina.

    Even without those two I see us being equal or better than Carolina and the home field advantage should carry the day.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    I agree fully about CC and BMW and it seems that Carroll isn’t in the habit of rushing players back, at least from what it appears this season.

    I would also say that no Seattle fan should be looking past any team in the league at this point. At home. Away. Anywhere.

  4. IdahoHawk says:

    So no chance of getting Max back at all this year? Isn’t turf toe a hyperextension of the toe? I had when I was high school (painful as hell), but It never took three months to heal.

  5. IdahoHawk says:

    I thought Okung was suppose to turn the run game around?

  6. freedom_X says:

    Unger was put on IR. I don’t know how he’s healing, but Seattle was really thin on the OL and may not have thought they could spare a spot for Unger for 3+months. Of course, if they knew they would be totally decimated and pulling people off the street, maybe they would have kept him on the roster if he could come back by December.

    I suppose there are different levels of injuries, just like sprained ankles. HOF linebacker Jack Lambert ended up retiring due to turf toe.

  7. The thought of Okung turning the offensive line around all by himself was foolish/wishful thinking.

    We had the great Walter Jones play for us in ’06, ’07, and over half of ’08 and even though he was still an All-World Stud, the rest of the line was utterly pathetic and the line, overall, was still bad (except the ’07 line was good in pass protection only).

    I did think there was reason for optimism for Okung AND Pitts playing side-by-side.

    Speaking of which, what is the status of Pitts for this upcoming Sunday? Did he have an ankle sprain or a high ankle sprain? Does anyone know?

  8. We probably should have hung onto Wrotto too (all in hindsight of course) I noticed him on the field yesterday for Buffalo.

    Watching the game tonight (and several others yesterday) – we are really shortchanging ourselves in not throwing more balls to our RB’s. And I’m not just talking about screen passes, or little outlets in the flat – – a lot of successful offenses use their running backs in tons of little patterns in the middle of the field (I see Philly do it with McCoy 5-6 times a game) – it works, it moves the chains, and it puts the ball in the hands of your best playmakers. Maybe our guys have terrible hands? I don’t know – but it feels like we’re missing opptys by not doing it more often, esp since our group of WR’s aren’t the best in the league.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    It doesn’t necessarily put the ball in your teams best playmakers hands. Certainly not in Phily’s case, but in say Chicago’s, that’s true.

    The reason you’re not seeing passes to the middle of the field to RBs (or one of the reasons) is that they are almost always required to stay in and help in pass pro. We are seeing several flares into the flats to the RB a game. But those types of patterns are really just check downs that generally don’t yield a lot of yards. And forget bubble screens for now. This line is simply not capable of getting out in front of a RB to give those plays a reasonable chance of success.

    In short, it all begins up front, again.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    I should add, that I do agree with you in principle though. When a RB chips an end or releases over the middle, they can be very effective. But sadly it’s not an option that’s available to the ‘Hawks right now, IMO.

  11. Is it possible that this team can play against a non-divisional opponent and NOT allow some type of NFL historically bad defensive performance?

  12. Dukeshire says:

    Well, the bad news is that we have to wait a bit longer for “Wear Khakis Forever Victory Monday” but the good news is that we’re just two Okung starts away from Chuck wearing one of his wife’s “frilly numbers” with a 76 taped to his back and taking a picture of himself in the Calgary snow.

  13. But we can’t do “Wear Khakis Forever” Monday if they beat Carolina. It’s like dumping the gatorade on the coach because he got his first win after 10 games.

    We should only do it if they beat a team with a winning record at home or after any road victory.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    Okay, that’s fair. WIn with class. I like it. Well, the good news is that after Carolina, there will some opportunities. I’m going to buy a new pair of khakis that will only be my “Wear Khakis Forever” Monday pants. Kind of like how I only wear one of my jerseys on game day.

  15. The only opportunity after Carolina I see is STL and I think we can add games where the Seahawks win division titles to the celebration rules.

  16. “The reason you’re not seeing passes to the middle of the field to RBs (or one of the reasons) is that they are almost always required to stay in and help in pass pro.”

    I’m not just talking about clear passing downs – but also on 1st down or 2nd and short – and the plays I’ve notice (I use McCoy as an example b/c he’s on my fantasy team and I tend to watch for him), the RB stays in to briefly block (or look like he’s blocking on the play), and quickly releases. If you’ve got an accurate QB and a RB that can catch, those plays are automatic 5-6 yard gains, and if your guy makes someone miss, then maybe more. I know it’s not quite as easy as all that, but it is a high percentage play – and getting the ball into the hands of Lynch/Forsett/LW would be to our benefit.

    Just checked his stats and it wasn’t for a ton of yardage, but Lynch did have 47 catches a couple seasons back.

  17. “The only opportunity after Carolina I see is STL.”

    You don’t think we’ve got a shot against SF?

  18. No, I don’t think they can win against SF. SF has played common opponents much tougher than the Seahawks. The only exception to this was the Chiefs but they played that game on the road. The Seahawks don’t just lose, they do so in historic fashion and make teams that don’t look all that powerful look like they are the next Super Bowl Champs.

    The higher end wins they had earlier this year were under fluky circumstances that really can’t be duplicated. They got a ton of turnovers and 2 KO returns for TDs and won by just 7 against SD. Against the Bears they held a QB coming off a major concussion to 0-15 on 3rd downs, had a major field position advantage and won by just 3.

    I’m still sticking with the same call I had for a while – the first 7-9 division winners in NFL history and one of the worst teams in franchise history.

  19. I still think it’s an injuries thing – but do have to admit that we are a crazily up-and-down team.

    We did beat SD and SF (both under somewhat fluky circumstances – but special teams play and turnovers count – b/c if you’re going to consider turnovers fluky, then we get some of our losses back), and I think you’re underselling the win at Chicago (we controlled that game, and it was only a 3 point diff at the end b/c we they returned a kickoff for a TD in the 4th quarter).

    For me the KC game, more than any other this season, was deflating.

    But this team has shown that you never know how they’ll look in a given week, and they can win on the road, so assuming MW plays, I think it’s solidly in the 50/50 range for us, esp if we can beat Carolina and feel a little better about things going into the next week.

  20. IdahoHawk says:

    I agree with pabuwal. This team has little chance of winning any games out side of next sundays. Unless St. Louis has the division wrapped up by week 17. God I hope I’m wrong. Like Eric mentioned before, playoffs would do wonders for experience points for players.

  21. The team isn’t really up or down. The turnovers and special teams plays have stopped and the team has lost 4 of the last 5 games by 25 points per game. A home game against Atlanta and the road game against TB are about the same caliber of opponent that has destroyed the Seahawks this year.

    The Rams and Niners will be much closer games. I put each of those games at 50/50 and I think it’s nearly a certainty they beat Carolina – but I thought the same thing against TB last year and that game was TB’s stepping stone to being a good team. In a lot of ways this seams like last year with the collapse down the stretch.

  22. Dukeshire says:

    pdway – I agree with you, in principle. And I’m not referring to obvious passing downs either. The ‘Hawks line has a difficult time picking up a straight rush at times, not to mention when the defense brings a blitz. I’d like to see it if Hass is given enough time. That chip and little delay coming out of the backfield takes just long enough that for a line as unstable as the Hawks, it’s difficult to provide the necessary protection.

    And yes, Lynch is an underrated receiver out of the backfield.

    The way the 9ers o-line is dominating the LOS and running the ball, I sure as hell would chalk it up as a win. Will be another very difficult game.

  23. Rams remaining schedule: @Ariz, @NO, KC, SF, @Seattle

    Niners: @Green Bay, Seattle, @SanDiego, @St. Louis, Ariz.

    Seahawks: Carolina, @SF, Atlanta, @Tampa Bay, St. Louis

    The Rams will go 3-1 or 2-2 and come to Seattle with a 8-7 or 7-8 record.

    The Niners will probably go 3-2 (at best) in the last five and have a 7-9 record.

    Seahawks need to go at least 2-2 in the next four to have a chance of winning the division in the last game. If they beat Carolina (which is likely), then they have to win one out of the next three.

    Whatever happens, it’s always good to have a playoff shot in December (unlike the previous two seasons).

  24. We can thank Kurt Warner for retiring for this playoff shot.

  25. Man oh man. Watching AZ and DA makes me so thankful for Hass. Man, that dude is not at all good.

  26. “That chip and little delay coming out of the backfield takes just long enough that for a line as unstable as the Hawks, it’s difficult to provide the necessary protection”

    Yeah, maybe so – I do recognize that our line limits what we can run offensively. Though pass protect has been better the past few games – worth working it in in my opinion.

  27. How can any QB look that bad when he’s got a guy like Larry Fitzgerald to throw to?

  28. “The team isn’t really up or down. The turnovers and special teams plays have stopped and the team has lost 4 of the last 5 games by 25 points per game.”

    Well, I guess, I’m looking at all 11 games of the season. And I do think if you’re willing to make excuses (like Cutler coming off an injury) for the other teams, then a similar excuse (like CW starting his 1st pro game ever) should be taken into account.

    But I’ve come to accept that we take a different approach to the glass half full/half empty question.

    We’re clearly a flawed team – I’m just hoping we can pull enough together to win 2 out of the next 4 and make the season finale vs. the Rams something to be excited about.

  29. I am sorry, I will be cheering my lungs out, but after the effort (or lack there of) I saw yesterday, you can not count on any of our last 4 games as a win. Not saying we can’t win – but we can’t assume we are getting one.

    The only thing that leads me to believe that we have a chance @SF is that Gore is out for the season according to NFL.COM. but they do have a fresh Westbrook so that is slightly lessend my joy

    Carolina is 1-10 but seemingly they are playing for their jobs – unlike some of our guys – which doesn’t make sense to me because, let’s see -How many guys have been pushed out so far this year. Or is it that they know – hey they are just gonna cut me anyway and now they are collecting a paycheck.

    This season is so frustrating because we could go 0-4 or 3-1 down the stretch. UG – I hate my sports life- and LOVE it all at the same time.

  30. I care more about, if we have a full back this week, not named John Carlson. It sounds like Robinson is coming back, we need him desperately. I don’t think he is a very good player, but we need all the help in the running game that we can get, Panthers are good against the pass, but worse against the run even compared to us! We NEED to get the run going, hopefully our defense will get a bit of a rest.

  31. I don’t have a problem running 1-back sets and not having a fullback.

    However, I do have a problem with “all of a sudden” in crucial situations (3rd/4th and short) running with a fullback, especially when this “fullback” is an out of position guy like John Carlson. That’s like putting Marcus Trufant at a linebacker position in short yardage situations. How stupid is that? If we were to carry a legitimate fullback who could only block and play special teams, then I would have no problem with that in short yardage situations. Michael Robinson may be good on special teams, but he’s no lead fullback in short yardage scenarios.

    I know the importance of a good lead blocker but, really, if we’re going to be good in short yardage situations we really need to add legitimate talent on the offensive line.

    We said this in 2006 but nobody listened. And this was with the greatest left tackle on the face of the earth.

    We said this in 2007 but nobody listened. And this was with the greatest left tackle on the face of the earth.

    We said this in 2008 but nobody listened (unless we count signing an old LG with chronic shoulder issues to be the blueprint for success). And this was with the greatest left tackle on earth for the first half of the season.

    We said this in 2009 but nobody listened (unless we count a whopping one second round draft pick to solve all of our problems). Nevermind the rest of the line was pretty bad.

    We tried to solve the LT position in 2010 by adding a guy who wasn’t as good as Walter Jones and yet we think a guy like Ben Hamilton is going to solve our offensive line woes? He’s an old guy nobody else wanted. He’s a guy who is/was one-concussion away from being out of the NFL forever (oh, really? I never knew… derrr.)

    ***I love Okung and in no way, shape, or form do I ever expect him to be nearly as good as Walter Jones. That’s unrealistic since I have never seen a LT as good as Big Walt in my entire life. However, I do expect him to be good and love his potential to make a few Pro Bowls before it’s all said and done.

    Has anybody ever seen the movie “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray?

    If you haven’t, here’s a piece of the movie:

    The Seahawks will go into the off-season and expect Chester Pitts to play LG for a couple of more years (afterall, he’ll be healthy); they will resign Chris Spencer to play C and make him one of the higher paid players at his position in the NFL; they will expect Max Unger to continue to play out of position at RG; and they will expect Andrews to take the leap by playing at his natural RT position. They will use a mid-late round pick or two on offensive line and be utterly shocked when the unit sucks donkey crap again in 2011.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 192,484,931,576,939 times, shame on me some more. Or something like that. All I know is that Seahawk fans are scarred and most of them complain and moan about having a crappy offensive line and nothing ever gets done.

    Sure, I know we need another Mr. Happy CB, another DL or two for depth purposes, and a Matt replacement (hopefully, for Matt to groom), but my goodness, if we spend another off-season ignoring the offensive line… I think most of us will go nuts.

  32. This MIGHT be the 1 game we can win without BMW, so don’t rush him. if we still hope to win the division. He must be at full strength by San Francisco or we can kiss the po’s goodbye.

  33. Booby K, I’ve already posted a few threads back that at least our 1st & 2nd round picks (however many we end up with) should all be used on o line, & probably the 3rd round also. D line in the 4th + hopefully some good FA pick ups at WR, DL, FB & CB

  34. Bobby, SORRY, that was a typo, not an insult!! I wish these blogs had an edit function like net boards do!

  35. Dukeshire says:

    “I know the importance of a good lead blocker but, really, if we’re going to be good in short yardage situations we really need to add legitimate talent on the offensive line.”

    Seattle (3 different staffs) has tried multiple ways to consistently convert 3rd and short; bring in a big back, give it to fullbacks, throw it… everything it seems but add talent to the o line. I’d like to believe that drafting Okung is only the beginning of this.

  36. Only rejoinder to Bobby’s note – we did make a legit effort to sign Dielman (what was that, 2 yrs ago?), before he gave us the runaround and re-signed with SD.

    Gore’s injury obviously benefits us, but I still feel bad for the guy – he’s a great player, and it sounds like a bad (and unusual) injury. Hope he returns at full-strength next year.

  37. Yeah, it’s so damn frustrating when we’ve been saying this for 5 years now. Wouldn’t you think there would come a point when the organization would “get it?” Enough of the old Ben Hamiltons, resigning an old Chris Gray, adding an old guard with chronic shoulder injuries (Wahle), etc. And the only guy we had who was at least average (Rob f’n Sims) they traded away! What is the world coming to when Rob Sims is/was our best option at guard? I’m still glad we don’t have him because I want a real LG to go along with a real LT (Okung). Is that too much to ask? Personally, I hope to have four different starters on the line next season. When a guy like Gibson is starting, whom we already RELEASED earlier this season and nobody else bothered to pick-up, you know it’s pretty bad.

  38. Can they show video of Andrew Luck on the big screen in Qwest this Sunday, just to remind the Panthers why they must lose the game?

    If Seattle beats Carolina and SanFran loses to Green Bay, the match-up in two weeks will be a 6-6 Seahawks team against a 4-8 Niners team. Hopefully, the Niners will be demoralized by the thumping that Green Bay lays on them.

    Is Walter Jones all healed up? If Seattle could lure him out of retirement for December, I’m sure he’d do a better job on the OL than some of these guys.

  39. I think you can count on two offensive linemen this year. Probably something like a 2nd and a 5th. Even if we sign a couple of guys in FA, we do need to add some serious talent to the OL.

    Are those FA prospects ZBS guys?

  40. Kalil played Center in the system for Mr. Happy at USC. He’d fit in perfectly. Logan Mankins is so good (strong/athletic) that he’d excel as a guard in any system (ZBS or man). Carl Nicks is good but he’s more of a man type of guy, although he wouldn’t necessarily be a total round peg in a square hole in our system. He’d still fit in well next to Okung for about 5-6 years.

  41. “Kalil played Center in the system for Mr. Happy at USC.”

    I think you might have to reconsider that nickname for Carroll – I haven’t seen too much Happy of late.

  42. CaliSeahawker says:

    What a depressing week it has been thus far! It’s still disheartening to see just how much we suck, and how consistent (though subpar at best) the Rams are. It’s really going to be difficult for the Seahawks to keep pace with the Rams – I saw their schedule and it does not appear to be that difficult. Of course, if Arizona pulls a rabbit out of their hat Sunday, I’ll change my tune but as it stands now, Seattle will need to beat SF, Carolina, and St. Louis in order to have a chance at the playoffs. My head hurts.

  43. “Seattle will need to beat SF, Carolina, and St. Louis in order to have a chance at the playoffs. My head hurts.”

    All we can ask for is that the week 16 game against StL at Qwest is for the division title – we’re still in better shape than we were – and would have been better on both sides of the ball if we could catch a break on the injury front.

    Of course they’re a much better team, but I was watching the Atlanta game this weekend, and the commentator noted that the 5 O-Line starters had taken every snap this season – while we have had 9 different line-ups in 11 games.

  44. Holmgren showed us in ’05 what good OLs can mean to a team. After they have some time to gel, you can have a good run-game with even an average RB. For another thing, you don’t have to have some kinda super-hero for a QB – a decent QB who can make accurate timing throws and who can read defenses will do, at least for a WCO. If you’re gonna have a verticle offense, you’ld better have a dang good OL and/or some mighty fast WRs with really good hands.

    TR had a different idea – let the OL become mainly backup-types and get a small-player defense – but quick to the ball, like he had at TB. That worked well – didn’t it? There was some improvement in defense, just not enough to offset decline in offense. The TOP went over onto the defense and the small, quick guys became small but really tired guys.

    JS came from a club that’s had chronic troubles with their OLs since Holmgren left. Looks like he has a similar idea as TR(?) At least we got Okung, who’s gonna be an all-world LT from just above the ankles and up. The injuries are disheartening. Must be maddening to the players, coaches, and pro-personnel staff too. We had the all-time best ZBing coach, but then JS gave him man-blockers to work with and goodbye Gibbs. So, what do we have for an OL now? ZBing or man, or is it some kinda hybrid? Whatever it is, it isn’t working very good, especially in run-blocking. Kinda wish we’d somehow kept Solari around.

    Football Outsiders (FO) ranks OLs. SEA’s OL’s run-blocking ranks 28th in Adjusted Line Yards (ALY). “Adjusted” means it’s adjusted for the strength of the opponent’s defense. ALY for SEA is 3.45. (AZ = 3.94 ALY/16th, SF = 3.90 ALY/17th, STL = 3.87 ALY/19th) That’s a per-carry average thru week 12 attributed to the OL. Tackles for loss are on the OL, as are runs of 0-4 yds. Runs beyond 4 yds start getting attibuted more to the RB and less to the OL. But you have to have an OL that blocks well enough to get your RB to the +4 yds point before a good RB gets you any extra. Forsett has 96 carries for 409 yds, 4.26 avg yds/carry. The OL is only getting him 3.45 yds of that. Force is getting .81 yds on his own – which he really shouldn’t be able to do. Beast is only getting 3.5 yds/carry, but that includes his time with BUF, so it’s harder to tell what’s going on there. Still, the OL is only getting him 3.45, so he’s doing better than expected.

    For comparison, SEA’s OL ranked 6th in ’05 with a 4.43 ALY. SA’s average per carry was 5.11 that year. The ALY stat attributed 4.43 of those 5.11 yds to that OL’s run-blocking performance. The rest, .68 yds/carry, was attributed to SA. Once Hawks get a decent run-blocking OL again, Beast + Force should be able to more obviously out-produce SA + MoMo. But you have to get a decent run-blocking OL.

    The team we just faced, KC, their OL ranks 4th in ALY with 4.54. NYG’s OL ranks 5th with 4.48, NO’s OL ranks 6th with 4.42, and OAK’s OL ranks 10th with 4.25. CAR’s OL ranks 31st with a 3.43 ALY. Hawks DL should be able to stop the run, even without Colin and Red.

  45. In ’07, TR had the option to take Ryan Kalil at pick 55, but took Josh Wilson instead. Kalil went to CAR at pick 59. Kalil went to the ’09 Probowl. I liked Wilson OK, but was disappointed at the time, and understood that TR had already taken Spencer in the 1st rd in ’05. Spencer was expected to go in the 2nd round that year. He was known for not giving up any sacks in his career at Ole Miss.

    Spencer sat the bench all of ’05 behind Tobeck. Spencer played G much of ’06 after PC got hurt @ LG and replaced Tobeck at the end of that season. Spencer played C all 16 games of ’07 and 11 games of ’08. Interestingly, when Vallos played those 5 games in ’08 @ C when Spencer got injured, the run-game improved. Also, it was interesting that ’07 was known for no run-game. Some fans thought Holmgren shoulda played Spencer ahead of Tobeck, but maybe Holmgren knew what he was doing. Chris Gray helped make protection calls for Spencer @ center and then SEA changed blocking schemes in ’09 so he wasn’t gonna have to worry about them. Still no run-game. Now, with his injuries, I’d swear I’ve seen DTs open gaps where Spencer is supposed to be pass-blocking – just like swinging open a door to let the LBs in. Spencer seemed like a better LG in ’06. He has (or at least had) good athleticism, pad level, and drive off the snap. Still, Sims was better there.

    Then we got Unger in ’09. A natural center who’d also played LT. Excellent in pass-pro, but not (apparently) very good at run-blocking, so they played him at RG, until Mora swapped Max and Chris and then the inside zone runs started to work. Then came ’10 and Gibbs replaced Solari and Unger went back to RG. Why?

  46. ruminator1 says:

    i don’t see us making the playoffs and, as others have pointed out, we lose draft position significantly if we do. what i would like to see is some serious development of players we know we want here in the future. tate, chancellor, thurmond.

    i agree with those recommending more passes to the backs but it is really hard to argue with those who point out we do not have a good enough line to make that a mainstay. at the same time, it is so clearly wrong to keep sending our backs into the center. all we get is more JJones. lynch at least keeps pushing, doesn’t get stopped flat that often. forsett as a change of pace is sometimes effective. but regardless of who we have back there, we are not creating holes.

    and we are not giving hass time for accurate and long range passes. he gets rattled, tries to make somehting out of nothing, errant passes and interceptions the result. people complain about branch. he was having a decent year here. not great but not too bad. folks were glad he left and now they knock him for success at NE. a simple fact–brady gets passes to branch. we by and large did not and do not. this is a long winded way of saying i think more passes not less are called for. to backs including lynch but aslso washington, and more to obu and tate.

    one point i would like discussion of: i think not only our coverage but our tackling is really bad. arm tackles and bumps instead of tackles. time after time i have seen receivers and backs brush right past an extended arm or survive a high bumb and make significant additional yardage. trufant does this a lot; so does jennings.

    it was nice to see westbrook do well last night. i don’t expect that he can do that consistently but he ran hard and ran effectively. as a few pointed out here when i asked about the wisdom of us signing him, his concussions made him a risk. i accept that but he looked really good last night.

  47. “Then we got Unger in ’09. A natural center who’d also played LT. Excellent in pass-pro, but not (apparently) very good at run-blocking, so they played him at RG, until Mora swapped Max and Chris and then the inside zone runs started to work. Then came ’10 and Gibbs replaced Solari and Unger went back to RG. Why?”

    Really? I like your posts, klm, but there’s a bunch of stuff in that last one that sounds like things made up by fans on this blog. Why would you think Unger could help? Unger was a good college player who has always looked weak against NFL linemen. He turned out to be a reach for round two, came into the league with a weak lower body, and got knocked off balance often in pass protection. He hurt his toe and they put him on IR which should tell you that the coaches didn’t think he could help the team this year. They opted for Stacy Andrews at RG, a guy who isn’t a guard but at least has the legs of an NFL lineman. Missing Max Unger is not the problem with this line. It was already terrible with him.

    If Unger gains some lower body strength this offseason, I don’t mind if he comes back to compete, but we need a couple of real NFL guards on this team. Perhaps Pitts can regain strength in his rehabbed leg this off-season and truly come back next year. I hope so, but we can’t count on him. And maybe Stacy Andrews can compete at RT. But certainly we need two new guards.

    And I never want to see Gibson or Hamilton in a Seahawks uniform again.

  48. playoffs? some of you guys are talking about playoffs?

    … playoffs?

    Where Its ALL ABOUT the Offseason.

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