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Carroll: “We played like garbage out there”

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 28, 2010 at 7:04 pm with 33 Comments »
November 29, 2010 10:36 am

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll obviously was not pleased with his team’s performance after a 42-24 beat down at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs.

“It was a very difficult day for us, coming back home, starting this push for the end of the season, and to play like that, it’s disturbing,” Carroll said.

Carroll went on to say that he told his players after the game that he was not going to make any assessment until the coaching staff watched the film. But he was particularly upset with how his team played at home in front of their fans.

“It was a bad day for us out there, for the showing, and the fans ready to crank it up and get going, and we played like garbage out there,” Carroll said. “That’s what it is.”

Specifically, Seattle again struggled defending the run, giving up a season-high 270 yards on the ground. In the last, five games the Seahawks have given up an average of 172 yards a contest on the ground, and that’s basically been since defensive end Red Bryant and nose tackle Colin Cole went down against Oakland.

At this juncture, Carroll doesn’t have any answers.

“We’re struggling,” he said. “We’ve not been able to stop the running game right now, and everything starts there. We haven’t really regained the play at the line of scrimmage that we had about a month ago. We just have to keep working. We don’t have any other choice but to keep working at it, scheme wise, and do things to help our guys, and they got knocked around early.”

Offensively, the Seahawks struggled without the availability of receiver Mike Williams. Carroll said Williams worked out in pregame and ran, but could not cut.

“He was good enough to run, but not good enough to play,” Carroll said. “He couldn’t help us out.”

Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck had held out hope that Williams would be ready for Sunday after a conversation with him Saturday evening, but he couldn’t make it out there.

“I saw him Saturday night walking around the hotel, I really thought there was a real chance,” Hasselbeck said. “I kind of expected – I probably shouldn’t have let my mind go there – but I expect him a little bit. I saw him go out there for the warmup. But, that’s a good lesson. You really have to focus on what you can control, and not get caught up in the other stuff.”

Seattle moved the ball okay through the air, but again struggled to move the ball on the ground, finishing with as season-low 20 yards on the ground.

“When you’re a championship club, you know how to run the ball as well as throw the ball,” Carroll said. “That’s what we’ll always be working toward, but we have to try and win the games right now and do what we can with what we have.”

And that means for the time being Seattle is a passing team until they figure out how to consistently run the ball.

Hasselbeck said the 4th and 1 call in the first quarter was a designed play call and not an audible to get the ball on a fade ball to Golden Tate, and one that they had executed well in practice.

On the injury front, Carroll said Chris Spencer was leg whipped at the end of the game, which is the main reason they decided to kneel down and let the clock run out, so no one else got hurt.

Marcus Trufant said he suffered an ankle injury in the first quarter when he was carted off the field, but it wasn’t as bad as the team first thought and he was able to make it back in the second quarter.

Linebacker David Hawthorne suffered a chest bruise.

I asked Carroll if he considered challenged the Cameron Morrah deep ball, but he said the guys upstairs felt like it would not be overturned, although I talked ot Morrah in the locker room afterward and he believed it was a catch. Hasselbeck was sacked and fumbled the ball on the next play.

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  1. CaliSeahawker says:

    I hope I am wrong about this, but I doubt this team wins the NFC west, and doubt they even win 7 games for that matter. If KC can rush the ball down our throat, then my guess is Jonathan Stewart, and Gore, and Jackson, and everyone else who plays this Seattle team will be able to do the same, and I see the St. Louis Rams pulling away these next few weeks.

    Hell, I won’t even predict next week’s game because knowing this Seahawks squad, we’ll lose.

  2. Pete should face the fact, this team does not have enough talents on the O, and D lines. I honestly do not think Seattle could even beat the Buffalo. Yet, Buffalo will be picking first overall pick vs. Seattle picking in the mid range. We need to play for draft and future, not winning the hopeless NFC West.

    After today, I believe Rams will win the west and therefore helping our draft standings.

  3. And that means for the time being Seattle is a passing team until they figure out how to consistently run the ball.

    Consistently??? How about AT ALL!

  4. Just for the record, my predication is either Rams, or 49ers will win the NFC West.

  5. bulldog80 says:

    On the run defense it’s pretty simple. The only changes that have taken place are Siavii for Cole and Balmer for Red. Now, you can allow a little latitude for these guys in getting up to game speed and all that. But, they have sucked for weeks now. Balmer especially. When you know that the player sucks, you have nothing to lose by going to the next player and giving him an opportunity.

    With Pete’s emphasis on competition, I’m hopeful that this will happen. Balmer plays like he doesn’t even care.

  6. I think Mr. Happy understands that our OL sucks and we will see some serious revamping there this off-season. I see Mr. Happy as a ‘go-getter’ and with him basically being in charge, I definitely see us going after a few of the good offensive linemen who are headed towards free agency this off-season. I don’t want to hear about the “John Schneider comes from the Ted Thompson way of thinking” stuff either. Mr. Happy is in charge, the Seahawks are willing to spend more money than the Packers, and he’s sick and tired of not being able to run the ball on 3rd and one billionth of a quarter of a half inch. I’ve been sick of it for almost 5 years too. I don’t think I can handle a 6th year of incompetence along the offensive line.

    I know there are other issues like finding some quality depth after our starting four on the defensive line, getting a bigger Mr. Happy CB, a successor to Matt, etc. but this worthlessness along the offensive line is enough for an ordinary Joe to go Postal.

  7. I expect we will see some real work on both lines on the off season. Obviously that is where championships are won and lost. Gotta be able to run and gotta be able to stop the run. Simple as that.

  8. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    Yeah, with both lines of scrimmage performing this poorly since the raider game (all season really, but especially since then) I think we really aren’t going to win the division. I think the Rams take it. If we don’t figure something out quickly on the d-line, we’ll lose every game except maybe the Carolina game.

    That being said, I think this team is better than I expected, when the starters are healthy. I’m feeling confident that we’ll see a nice level of improvement next year, and that PC and Schneider will fill in more gaps next year. But boy oh boy, are we a bad team right now. Sheesh.

  9. After that game we can only hope to miss the playoffs for draft position
    Need to Draft OL, DL, Linebackers, CB’s, Receivers, FB name it,
    That was ugly

  10. GriffinNW says:

    “We played like garbage out there”

    Well put Pete.

    Enough said.

  11. When our starting defensive line was healthy, I remember laughing when teams would try to run the ball on us. Even when they’d run it in short yardage situations they usually didn’t make it. I like our four starters, but the depth is bad. And, really, with big guys on the defensive line, you need to have depth because those back-ups are going to be playing plenty of snaps each game too.

    I don’t know what the’re going to do with Curry. We’ve discussed him and the Leo position more than we’d like but if he gets moved there (IF) he and Clemons will both see the field a majority of the time even though both can’t play that position at the same time (we’d see one of them rushing in passing situations from Big Red’s spot). At least that would provide a player with “potential” to pair with Clemons. It’s not a knock on Clemons and his performance, it’s just a knock on Curry and dropping into coverage from his position and consistently looking lost. I’m just so tired of watching him run around like he doesn’t have a clue sometimes as to what he’s supposed to do. Or if he does, look incompetent in space like that.

    That would still mean we’d need to get another quality DT to add to the mix and, really, two (since what Cole and Mebanes position requires are a bit different from each other).

    I don’t think we can/should/will go out and buy whatever we want from whatever positions we need. But like I said earlier (and last year), I do believe you can/should go out and buy a position (offensive line) and build the rest of the team the proper way (FA bargains, trades, the draft; mainly the draft).

    I don’t want to be talking about the off-season in the midst of a potential division title (that I believe we’ll still win) but after some of these horrific performances, the only thing left to do is look way ahead because the crap we’re getting in the present time is so darn disheartening.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    He understands at least that, if you can’t run the ball or stop the run, you cannot win. The Colts are a prime example of that tonight. New Orleans for the first 6 weeks of the season, same thing. Now take a roster like the ‘Hawks that’s terribly talent thin to start with and begin subtracting players with injuries. This is what you get.

    There will be a lot of new faces on both lines next season. Depth behind the starters on the d line and all but Okung on the offense.

  13. What a bunch of doomsayers! We are still in first place and many are willing to throw in the towel. “Give it to the Rams!” Is that what you really want do? Quit? We may only finish 8-8, but the NFC West can be won with that. Heck, the Rams almost blew it to the Broncos. I’m excited about the off-season. There will be many chances once again, but moving forward I see us continuing to improve. Nobody wants to hear others whine about how we can’t win. Only losers point fingers. Let’s support the team that we all truly love. They belong to us win or lose.

  14. “He understands at least that, if you can’t run the ball or stop the run, you cannot win.”

    Yep, and I think we all get it too. You may be able to pass your way around a poor running attack to an extent – but if your D can’t stop the run, it’s basically over. It’s really too bad the injuries hit the D-line, and that those injuries have proven to be so significant (i.e. the back-ups are a huge step down). We really were starting to establish a defensive identity, and it all went downhill in a hurry.

    Today’s game was a real downer – but, get Big Mike back, pull out a convincing win against Carolina, and things will look a little better going into the last 4 games of the season.

  15. As the evening wears on, I’m thinking that with the problems on both lines being so great, we have no business looking for the next franchise QB during this coming offseason. Putting a rookie QB behind a line this bad is a recipe for creating the next David Carr. It would ruin him.

    So as of now I’m officially on the bandwagon to re-sign Hasselbeck and use the draft and free agency to get better in the trenches.

    In fact, I wouldn’t mind if every pick in the draft went for an offensive or defensive linemen. We actually have some serviceable parts everywhere else on the team. The only credible o-lineman is Okung, and he’s starting to look fragile.

  16. “garbage” is the family-friendly word for it

  17. We are not in 1st place.

    We have the record as STL – they killed us – they are in 1st place.

    At this point in time we have to win MORE games than they do or we can’t win the division. –

    Now if we can beat Carolina (possible) and at SF (wouldn’t count on it right now) then we can beat them the last game of the year and finish in a tie and win the tie breaker.

    It’s the effort they put out today that really bothered me. They would give up a big play and be like “oh well” or LB were getting blown out of the way by WR’s – are you kidding me!!

  18. Dukeshire says:

    Mr_Fish – If the opportunity to get one presents itself, they cannot afford not to. But it’s not an either Hass or “franchise QB” proposition. There’s a necessity for both.

  19. I didn’t realize Mike Williams was out until almost the end of the 3rd quarter when the camera panned to Williams grimmacing on the bench after yet ANOTHER Hasselbeck turnover. (Notice how I said turnover… he’s very creative with his ways of giving the opposition the ball.) If the Seahawks were in New York, with their huge press back East, Mike Williams would be on the front of the NY Post every Monday for the year he’s having. That’s the life of a sports franchise in Seattle.

    Mariners almost packed up in 1995… all summer Virginia was basically put in stone as the home of the Mariners in 1996. Seahawks were already in LA when Paul Allen pulled out his wallet and put a halt to the move–notice how they’ve increasingly gotten better since a local owner took over??? THEN… there’s the Sonics, formerly owned by a local owner that’s more of the brand X of sports franchise owners. Ken Behring (former Seahawks owner) must’ve e-mailed the book on how to screw over Seattle because that’s what the Starbucks CEO and former Sonics owner did… with lies coming out his mouth the whole time.

    Back to the Seahawks… just as the last post said: win vs. Carolina and build on the rest of the season from that win. They’ll easily be able to win the division if they get that momentum from next Sunday with a big win over the Panthers. The NFC West is far from white towel territory for the Seahawks, you guys need to stop being half-azzed fans.

  20. <>

    Are you watching the same games as we are? What are you going to accomplish by winning the NFC West? A one game win in the playoffs, and done? You need to start thinking about 2 to 3 years down the road. We have a lots of holes. Holes that need to be filled out by the draft. Give me draft in the top 8 range and I’ll be happy. I can care less about going to playoffs. I like my team to go to the playoffs when they have a legit chance of winning it all. Trust me this team with the current roster, ain’t it.

    SF Hawk

  21. I don’t believe in playing for the draft. Better to play hard and give the guys some confidence going into next season. And perhaps we’ll get lucky in the draft and pick a Shaun Alexander or Steve Hutchinson in the 20th spot.

    Playoffs? Hell, yeah!

    Beat Carolina, the Niners and the Rams and I’ll be screaming, “Playoffs!”

  22. Wk 1 vSF-W
    Inactives: OT Russell Okung, OG Chester Pitts, OG Evan Dietrich-Smith, TE Anthony McCoy, DL E.J. Wilson, CB Kennard Cox, SS Nate Ness, WR Golden Tate
    IR’d: Max Unger

    Wk 2 @DEN-L
    Inactives: OT Russell Okung, OG Chester Pitts, OG Evan Dietrich-Smith, TE Anthony McCoy, TE Cameron Morrah, DL E.J. Wilson, LB Matt McCoy, SS Nate Ness

    Wk 3 vSD-W
    Inactives: OT Russell Okung, OG Chester Pitts, OG Evan Dietrich-Smith, TE Anthony McCoy, DL E.J. Wilson, LB LeRoy Hill, SS Nate Ness, RB Quinton Ganther
    IR’d: WLB Leroy Hill

    Wk 4 @STL-L
    Inactives: OT Breno Giacomini, OG Allen Barbre, OG Evan Dietrich-Smith, TE Anthony McCoy, DL Craig Terrill, DL E.J. Wilson, RB Julius Jones, SS Nate Ness

    Wk 6 @CHI-W
    Inactives: OT Breno Giacomini, OG Chester Pitts, OG Allen Barbre, TE Anthony McCoy, DL Brandon Mebane, DL E.J. Wilson, CB Kennard Cox, SS Nate Ness

    Wk 7 vAZ-W
    Inactives: OG Chester Pitts, OG Allen Barbre, TE Anthony McCoy, DL Brandon Mebane, DL Dexter Davis, DL E.J. Wilson, CB Kelly Jennings, SS Nate Ness

    Wk 8 @OAK-L
    Inactives: OT Russell Okung, OG Allen Barbre, TE Anthony McCoy, DL Brandon Mebane, LB Matt McCoy, FB Michael Robinson, CB Kelly Jennings, CB Walter Thurmond
    IR’d: DL Red Bryant (knee) and OG Ben Hamilton (concussion)

    Wk 9 vNYG-L
    Inactives: QB Matt Hasselbeck, OT Russell Okung, OT Tyler Polumbus, DL Brandon Mebane, DL Colin Cole, DL Frank Okam, WR Golden Tate, FB Michael Robinson

    Wk 10 @AZ-W
    Inactives: QB J.P. Losman, OT Russell Okung, OT Michael Gibson, WR Brandon Stokley, WR Golden Tate, DL Colin Cole, DL E.J. Wilson, FB Michael Robinson

    Wk 11 @NO-L
    Inactives: QB J.P. Losman, OT Michael Gibson, TE Anthony McCoy, DL Colin Cole, DL E.J. Wilson, WR Golden Tate, WR Ruvell Martin, FB Michael Robinson

    Wk 12 vKC-L
    Inactives: QB J.P. Losman, OT Will Robinson, OG Chester Pitts, DL Amon Gordon, DL Clifton Geathers, DL Colin Cole, WR Mike X. Williams, FB Michael Robinson

    5-6 (last 5 games 1-4)
    Note: Red and Colin are important starters on this DL.

    vCAR-Colin Cole@NT, Amon Gordon@ 3-tech? Geathers @ LDE? BMW to play? When can FB Michael Robinson come back? Pitts? If Hawks get healthy, they should win vs CAR.
    @SF- same questions as above? Same result is possible.
    vATL- How bad do Hawks lose?
    @TB-same question as above? TB has been playing pretty good to expect Hawks to go into their house and pull out a win.
    vSTL- Hawks maybe get the OL run-blocking by then? If Lynch/Force can at least get some inside zone runs by then they could also beat STL @ Qwest.

  23. The injury thing is obvious, but all teams come across those issues… look at the Colts, then again they’re in a different league (both literally and figureatively). The Seahawks O-line has been patchwork since Hutchinson left after SB XL… hoping for a single draft to be nothing but A+ O-line is a bit nuts. Yet, that’s what Seahawks fans have been doing since SB XL and the results show that using a mindset like that is just a pipe dream.

    They need a couple good O-line picks along with a GOOD QB pick to send Hasselbeck into the sunset and FINALLY win the Superbowl.

  24. bird_spit says:

    Not to be a stooge for Curry, but he was the least of the problems.

    That said, I would love to see Hill back to his former self, and competing with Curry for his position.

    I for one want to call out Butler as the jack ass of the O today. God boy, catch the ball that was gift wrapped for you. Hass was on fire…would have been awesome had we some legit WR out there.

  25. I find it amusing that they threw the fade to Tate on 4th and 1 because it was one they “had executed well in practice.”

    Yeah, you executed well in practice because you practice against our terrible secondary.

    I always thought people were overreacting to Kelly Jennings’ suckiness until this game.

  26. That 7-9 division title call is looking pretty good. It’s amazing that one of the worst Seahawks teams in franchise history has a great shot at winning the division.

    Without the retirement of Kurt Warner and Leon Washington we would be lamenting that this team is worse than last year.

  27. ryanryan says:

    “Yeah, you executed well in practice because you practice against our terrible secondary.”

    Ocho – LOL you are right, that shit must have looked like a WINNER in practice with Tate snatching the ball over Jennings every time.

  28. Yes. Both lines need reinforcements, especially the offensive line. But that doesn’t mask the fact that we need to look for a future QB as well. We can buy an offensive line (Nicks, Kalil), grab a QB in the 1st round, sign a mid-tier FA for the DL and use a 2nd rounder on a DL as well and be pretty solidified on our lines and QB. I’m also getting on the resign Matt bandwagon, but I’m not going to blindly think he’s going to start and stay healthy for 2-3 years. If Whitehurst isn’t the answer according to the organization, then this position must be addressed for the present (Matt) AND the future. Just because we use a 1st round pick (or 2nd) on a QB doesn’t mean that most other resources aren’t going to be used to improve the lines of scrimmage. Since the QB position is the most important one for every organization, it would be foolish to ignore it this off-season (again, if the organization doesn’t feel Whitehurst is the answer).

  29. Dukeshire says:

    Klm – I presume you mean Gordon to 3-tech behind Mebane.

  30. Palerydr says:

    Dukeshire says:
    November 27, 2010 at 11:07 pm

    Palerydr – Thanks. I’ve been calling Klm Kim this whole time. Goodness…

    Klm, Apologies, I’ve been calling you the wrong name. Won’t happen again. :)

    The only reason I noticed is cuz I used to think the same thing.

    It’s really to early to say the season is over but we can probably expect the Hawks to continue playing at the same level they did yesterday for the rest of the season. That said I see us struggling to get 2 more wins this year not impossible but not looking good. It’s obvious we have no real quality depth which I’m sure the FO will address in the off season. I disagree with anyone though who thinks we should tank it for draft picks. Winning is a mentality that breeds more winning. Do you really think that they gain the experience of playoff intensity football by watching somebody else do it on TV?

  31. Hasselbeck did not have a great game, but it was good enough for the Seahawks to win if these three things happen:

    1. The WRs make catches.

    2. The OL opens holes for Lynch.

    3. The DL applies pressure and doesn’t look like a sieve.

    Yes, Tru and Jennings didn’t play well either, but not having any pressure on the QB didn’t help.

    When Mike Williams and Cole are back, things could be much better.

  32. chuck_easton says:


    First we start with the mantra…

    “it’s a rebuilding year”
    “it’s a rebuilding year”
    “it’s a rebuilding year”

    Now the reality. I have to say I’m torn. While I very much like the direction PC/Schneider have the team going we all have to admit that NOBODY with the exception ot BobbyK expected them to be THIS good to date. I said I’d be OK with 6 wins (looks like a given), happy with 7 (still probable), and over the moon with 8 or 9 (8 still doable 9 is probably not in the cards).

    Where I’m having a crisis of the conscience is this. If the team goes 7-9 or 8-8 and manages to get into the playoffs they automatically draft in the 23-32 range. They would be drafting behind teams that will have a better overall record but have missed the playoffs.

    If they go 6-10 or 7-9 and don’t make the playoffs they draft in the 10-15 range.

    While I would like the idea of making the playoffs and showing up the ‘experts’ I think the team would benefit more from the higher draft position.

  33. Would Earl Thomas, Russell Okung, John Carlson, Justin Forsett, David Hawthorne, etc. be worse off if we made the play-offs? Even if it was one and done? People talk all the time about how important it is to have play-off experience because it’s another level from the regular season. Do we really want so cheat some of our young core from a play-off game because we want to pick 5 spots ahead of where we’ll end up? I actually think we’re building for the future by drafting 20 and having had a play-off game, rather than losing most of our remaining games and picking around #14.

    It’s a good thing we sucked so we could get the #4 pick in the ’09 draft so we could draft Aaron Curry. I’m glad we didn’t pick #20 or we may have gotten stuck with Michael Oher.

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