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Morning links: Life without Mike Williams

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 27, 2010 at 8:18 am with 27 Comments »
November 27, 2010 8:18 am
Seattle Seahawks receiver Mike Williams (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson).

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is holding out hope that Mike Williams can be cleared to play after a pre-game workout with Trainers on Sunday.

But the Seahawks are moving forward with a game plan that does not include the USC product. That means Seattle will have to try and figure out how to makeup for Williams’ production, which will be tough. But expect Seattle to try and spread the field in order to create some matchup problems with guys like Deon Butler, Golden Tate and Brandon Stokley inside. And expect Ben Obomanu to continue to be a big part of the passing offense.

Also helping things for Seattle is Kansas City’s top corner Brandon Flowers is doubtful with a hamstring issue, so the Chiefs will have to start third corner Travis Daniels on the outside.

Clare Farnsworth of writes that cornerback Marcus Trufant is coming back at the right time, with his sure tackling ability a big plus against the No. 1 rushing defense in the league.

Linebacker Lofa Tatupu tells ESPN’s Mike Sando that Colin Cole and Red Bryant being out of Seattle’s defensive lineup has had a significant impact on the team’s run defense.

A video preview of today’s game.

Jim Moore at ESPN 710 Seattle predicts a Seahawks victory.

ESPN 710 Seattle’s Brock Huard breaks down Mike Williams’ 68-yard catch against New Orleans last week.

Pro Football Weekly takes a look at the free agents for the NFC West. They include Matt Hasselbeck, Mike Williams, Leon Washington, David Hawthorne and Brandon Mebane for Seattle. And of course, a lot will depend on a new CBA being agreed to for 2011.

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  1. Morning Eric
    Any idea who the inactives will be this week?

    Cole, Losman…


  2. Teruski: Here’s my prediction — Colin Cole, Chester Pitts, J.P. Losman, Ruvell Martin, Michael Robinson, Kennard Cox, Clifton Geathers and Craig Terrill.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    If BMW can’t go I’ll be very interested to see who they use at X and what routes he and the slot run. I’d hope to see scissor routes (post / corner) or put the split-end in motion and have him run a drag under the slot. Basically, any routes that are designed to help get him off the line easier and and create some separation. No one on the roster has Williams’ ability to beat a press and use their body to shield the defender the way he does.

  4. HawkyHann says:

    I’d like to see Lofa actually make an impact on 1 game. He looks fat and slow this year. Horrible in pass coverage. The worst. All eyez on Lofa. What can you do? If he’s just a great leader and team player, then become a coach. No excuses!!

    Trufant-great guy, local guy, I get it. Even bought his jersey years ago. Now, earn that huge contract and make plays, CONSISTENTLY, like other franchise corners do. Watch Asante Samuel! Every year, same guy.

    These guys get to much praise. Time to prove it. HUGE GAME, can you guys be leaders? Captains? Or, are we going to see you get hurt and watch Lofa drop turds while getting beat again. WIN NOW!!

  5. Dukeshire says:

    He’s the worst in pass coverage? You will be surprised to learn then, that he leads all (Seattle) LBs in passes defended. And for the record, he’s slimmed down this season from his previous two. But somehow I doubt that will matter to you.

  6. bulldog80 says:

    If we can stop the run we’ll win. It’s that simple. If we can’t, it’ll be a long gruelling afternoon. We’ll probably know by the second KC drive which one it’s gonna be.

  7. Hey now Duke, you know how using facts and logic just upsets the kneejerk hate-a-player crowd.

  8. bulldog80’s right – Accuscore has Hawks as the underdogs vs KC 39% to 60%, scoring an avg of about 19 points to KCs 22. So far for ESPN’s “Expert Picks” this season, Accuscore has been the most accurate guesser of which teams win and which lose (101 correct – 59 incorrect) or 63% accuracy rate. The next most accurate (62%) is Mortenson (99-61), who also picks KC to win.

    These picks were made before the probability that Mike Williams would not play was introduced. The best strategy for Hawks is to score big early (2 TDs 1st qtr). Even with Williams, Hawks haven’t showed they can do that vs better run and pass defenses like KCs. Hawks must also be able to stuff the run at the same time, to take KC out of their run game. Lately (OAK, NYG, NO) they’ve not shown that ability either – injuries. If they can do those two things they’ll win. If not, J.Charles & T.Jones will run behind KC’s excellent run-blocking OL, eat the clock and wear down the Hawks D. Some false starts caused by the 12th man would help.

    Another possibility is Hawks STs play. If LW can run KR or PR for a score or two, the Hawks could win that way too. But Hawks are missing some key players blocking there too. Not gonna be any cake-walk for Hawks.

  9. SandpointHawk says:

    I admire you Duke for even bothering….Do you think we can get his dad to change his log on password?

  10. C’mon Hawks – if UNR Wolfpack, a 14-point underdog, can beat Boise State – you can beat the Chiefs.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    Boy, was that not an incredible game? How much sleep did that poor kicker from Boise get last night, or will he get for a long, long time? Just a gutty effort from the ‘Pack.

    Elk / Sand – I sort of typed that out before I really knew what I was doing. Those 20 seconds are gone forever. lol.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    Kim – Do you subscribe to Accuscore? I have a friend in Vegas that does and he fairs pretty damn well at the books.

  13. “Marcus Trufant is coming back at the right time, with his sure tackling ability a big plus against the No. 1 rushing defense in the league.”

    Sure tackling against a defense usually ends with 10-yard penalties.

  14. Obo has stepped out lately, and even though we will still be missing Williams, I still think we could end up getting by without him, especially if Carlson and Tate decides to follow Obo and play better. I loved that we ran some “trickery” last week with end-arounds, think of how much damage Golden Tate could potentially do on those types of plays, maybe a good use for him this week, as I think Brandon Stokely will be an important target. Stopping the Cheifs offense, namely the rushing, will be very very tough, and to be honest I don’t think we’ll end up with the W, but we are at home and any given Sunday right?

  15. variable575 says:

    Lofa lost weight? what, 2-4 pounds?

    Maybe when they took it at one point but I’m sure it was gained back the next fri/sat night. That guy needs to go easy on the brew he’d be way better for it. He’s got the look of the guy that works out in the gym everyday(obviously) and can never shake the “baby fat” because of the bottomless pit appetite for the bubbly and company.

  16. williambryan says:

    Although I dont think Lofa has been horrible, he obviously has been a shadow of his pro bowl self. I think he has lost the hunger or fire that he had when he first got here. He played with a chip on his shoulder, i remember one play in 2005 when the hawks gave up a kickoff return for a touchdown (the exact game escapes me) and Tatupu ran up to holmgren and apparently told him “put me on kickoff, i promise this wont happen again”. But then he got the pro bowls, the notoriety, and the contract… I would like to see the team draft a MLB next year to challenge tatupu. Maybe a third round pick. Dline in round one, Oline round two, MLB round three.

  17. “Tate enjoyed a strong week of practices. Carroll singled him out for praise and said Tate would be part of the plan against Kansas City. Tate impressed with a leaping grab Friday. ” — from Sando’s blog.

    Good to hear, I’m hoping he makes an impact tomorrow. We could use it.

  18. While it seems the Hawks perennially get more injuries then most teams, this may be the most ever.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    For my money, nothing will rival the ’08 season. Seemingly no one could stay healthy.

  20. Packers has probably been hit the most this year, regarding the injuries, but we have certainly had our fair share.

  21. Lofa looks fine to me – seems like he’s playin great, both mentally and physically.

    Nope, not a subscriber to Accuscore. If I was maybe I wouldn’t be so terrible at picking games. I gave up on that u-pick game tnt was running. Never got close to .500.

    That Boise State kicker might feel like the NYG kicker did at their game at Qwest in ’05?

  22. Dukeshire says:

    I was just curious. Wanted to get another persons opinion on it. It’s pretty damn expensive.

  23. I teams like the Giants and the Eagles are missing as many or more than us. Seems like the Giants are having a year like the Hawks did in 08, where there are no healthy receivers.

  24. GeorgiaHawk says:

    klmoo8- Lofa looks fine to me – seems like he’s playing great,both mentally and physically.

    Just what have you been smokeing? Have you at all watched any of the last four games?
    Seems to me since he got the big contract and the D.U.I. he’s been average at best! He’s alway’s been slow and short,and has had to overachieve to make up for this. Now it appears he can’t make up for his physical lackings.
    With that being said I truely hope he gets back to his pre D.U.I. status.

    I for one want’s this team to be successful, however I have to agree with the bloggers about their concern of Lofa’s drop- off in production.

    Perhaps our management would be wise to hire the steeler’s linebacker’s coach,who appears to be able to to turn free agent linebacker’s into pro- bowl performer’s.

  25. Palerydr says:

    Hawks have to stuff the run game and make the Chiefs pass…. Course they did just throw for over 400 yds didn’t they? I guess the cliche careful what you ask for applies here. Duke just want to point out it’s K L M 008 not K i M :)
    Inj are part of football if you ever get the chance get as close to field level as possible and watch what these guys are doing to each other. It really is different when you can hear as well as see what they are doing to each other.

  26. Lofa looks fine to me – seems like he’s playing great, both mentally and physically.

    And yes, I’ve seen ever Hawk game since their start. Look at the gamebook results, the stats, game-by-game to see how Lofa’s been doing. I don’t see any dropoff.

  27. Dukeshire says:

    Palerydr – Thanks. I’ve been calling Klm Kim this whole time. Goodness…

    Klm, Apologies, I’ve been calling you the wrong name. Won’t happen again. :)

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