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Quick hitters from Carroll

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Nov. 22, 2010 at 3:00 pm with 49 Comments »
November 22, 2010 3:00 pm

Bullet points from Pete Carroll’s press conference:

–The first thing he noticed from the film of the loss at New Orleans was the poor fundamental tackling by the team. He offered no theories on why the team did not do a good job of wrapping up ball carriers.

–He thought Drew Brees was “just fantastic … fortunately we don’t have to face Drew Brees again.”

–The offense was playing well enough, especially quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, that he felt throughout most of the game that they had a chance to rally. He said that was part of why it was such a frustrating loss. But it also gave him some optimism that “we have a chance to keep getting better and benefit from this game.”

–Receiver Mike Williams sustained a foot injury that might not be as bad as initially thought. He will be evaluated day-to-day, Carroll said. Guard Chester Pitts suffered an ankle sprain serious enough that they may have to hope Mike Gibson returns from his own ankle sprain, or that they would have to shift Tyler Polumbus from tackle to guard this week.
Cornerback Marcus Trufant was diagnosed with a concussion and Carroll said he also will be evaluated on a daily basis.

–He was still bothered by the roughing penalty on Raheem Brock that sustained a New Orleans drive in the first half. Carroll felt that Brock made contact just as the pass was being made. “It was a huge play,” he said.

–The absence of rushing the past two weeks, he said, was more an emphasis on the passing game than ineffectiveness. Hasselbeck’s efficient play has “really livened up the attack,” he said. The Seahawks still want to have a better run/pass balance, but stressing the passing game the past two weeks was the best approach against those opponents.

–He thought rookie left tackle Russell Okung played a strong game, especially for having missed so much time with injuries this season.

–Asked of Marshawn Lynch’s fumbles, he said “he was trying really hard to make a couple extra yards.” However, “this can’t become an issue …. we’ve got to take care of the football.”

–Injured defensive tackle Colin Cole could still be a couple weeks away from returning, he said. His absence, in addition to the loss of Red Bryant, has created manpower issues on the defensive front. The defense against the rush has suffered because of it.

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  1. Does Trufant automatically miss a game w/the concussion? He’s a key guy against KC.

    I guess we wait and see re MW.

    I saw Pitts take a blow to his right knee in the game – someone on their D basically dove headfirst into it on a play near the Saints goal line. Glad to hear that wasn’t where he got hurt.

  2. boycie99 says:

    You know MW will turn out to be more serious, we are the Hawks right ? We never get the rub
    Throw in the fact he has played tough and made a lot of catches in his first full season for a few years

    I hope im wrong but we never seem to get good news on injuries they always turn out to be worse than expected and the payers seems to miss more time than we initially thought

  3. hawkdawg says:

    That’s because by nature Pete tends to blow sunshine up our butts. He’s not lying, he just can’t help it.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    re: Tru; No. He will be given an exam by an independent doctor today and Wednesday. He passes, he plays. If not he sits and will be re-evaluated again next week.

    Boy, the hits to the line keep on coming. Here’s hoping Gibson can go because if not, they’ll be really thin.

    The tackling was one of the first things we noticed as well. Abysmal.

  5. Is Tate back next week?

  6. Pitts ankle sprain?? Wow, we are getting just a little thin at guard, aren’t we?!

    Time to get serious about helping out the team. I’m heading down to the VMAC to try out for the guard position. They can play me at LG or RG, I don’t care. I’ll be ready just as soon as I bulk up a bit more, need about 100 more pounds. Heading to McDonalds first for a few dozen McWhatevers. Join me.

  7. My stupid observation of the day:

    Of the six games remaining on the schedule, three are against teams with losing records. If the Seahawks win all three of those games — as they should — and also manage somehow to pull out a win against one of the teams with a winning record, they’ll finish the season 9-7.

    So, any bets on which game will give us an upset win?

  8. bulldog80 says:

    Just watched the game replay again. That Brock roughing the passer call was ridiculous and very pivotal. If they punt there and we go into half time at either 21-16 or 21-20. Very different situation. This is one of those “oh what might have been” games”. I thought our team was more competitive than they’re being given credit for.

  9. hawkdawg,

    It isn’t that Pete is blowing sunshine — which suggests that he’s deliberately lying.

    It’s just that he’s a super-optimist who is always always going to be looking at the upside in any situation. If that’s what you meant by “He can’t help it” then you’re absolutely right.

  10. “So, any bets on which game will give us an upset win? ”

    Well, those teams w/a winning record that we play are: KC, Atl, and TB.

    Got to go with KC at home as our best shot. Feels like that game, and then the last game of the year vs. the Rams, are the ones that will determine if we get to the playoffs or not.

  11. The tackling was unbelievable. Horrible.

    If we’re going to be forced to pass like ’07… that’s okay to a degree… but it sucks knowing that your odds of losing a yard are greater in a short yardage situation than actually gaining the yard. That is a joke and continues to be a joke. It’s been a joke for a long time now and I’m not laughing about it.

  12. Jacksonville is 6-4 and they have scored 220 points and given up 270.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    Some interesting comments from Carroll about the d line;

    “I’m really concerned about what’s going on upfront on defense. We’re fighting here. We’re fighting it out right now.” and… “The running game situation that happened yesterday wasn’t so much about what happened in terms of fits, it was really about making the plays when you had your hands on guys and getting guys on the ground. And the big guys needed to make a couple more tackles.” and lastly… “We’re a little bit different now, and we can feel that. So we have to fight to get back. You can see the difference in Red Bryant not playing. He was a big factor.”

    Translation, Balmer and Siavii, this means you.

  14. While Cole is no difference maker as far as the NFL is concerned, he is somewhat of a difference maker on OUR team. It’ll be nice when he comes back AND Siavii backs him up (the starter gets better, the depth gets better).

    We knew we’d miss Big Red and we do. There’s nothing a former 1st round bust can do to mask this… whether we have LoJack or Balmer trying to replace him.

    Basically, we can expect Cole to come back for the game in SF? And Big Red to be perfectly fine for the start of the off-season program?

    Eric — Big Red 100% for off-season workouts??? Right???

  15. “pabuwal says:
    November 22, 2010 at 11:06 am
    I actually jumped on the Matt Hasselbeck bandwagon yesterday morning before the game – that was me and my account wasn’t hacked. Give Hasselbeck a great LT and a bunch of targets to distribute the ball to and he’ll manage the game and move the offense forward well. But do a bunch of max protects and he’ll just sit for 5 seconds before taking the sack as he knows his limited arm strength won’t get the ball in the tight window.
    Maybe this means I need to find a new scapegoat to direct my scorn towards and this is Marshawn Lynch?”

    pabs – you have made it clear that you hate the Matt of ’06 (when he still had a decent arm). That was when he had the greatest LT in the history of the NFL in his prime.

    The Matt of ’08 had Walt performing at an extremely high level of play for over 1/2 of the season too (yet you trash Matt for ’08… not that he played much).

    I’m so confused. Yet I’ve read enough to know you hate his passer ratings of ’06 and ’08 (but wouldn’t a good LT have made his life easier?).

    I like Obo/Williams, don’t get me wrong… but I’m not ready to annoint those two in the top half of the NFL in WR combos. Maybe they are, yet that’s not the point.

    However, this also confuses me:

    “pabuwal says:
    November 22, 2010 at 2:28 pm
    Simply gaining a lot of yards in this Fantasy Football driven NFL isn’t as wonderful of an accomplishment as you think pdway. He’d be more than a game manager if he actually threw some TDs in the redzone to finish off those drives.
    He’s on pace for a career low in TDs for seasons he has started over 12 games. The last 2 games did nothing to change that.”

    Basically, what you’re saying is that Matt can’t get it to those guys in the red zone and yet you say this:

    “pabuwal says:
    November 22, 2010 at 2:34 pm
    You’d figure guys like Big Play Ben, Mike Williams and John Carlson would make as good of a red zone trio as anyone in the league, but they just don’t throw very much inside the 10 yard line.”

    So now you’re blaming the coaching staff for not throwing it much in the red zone because you can’t be blaming Matt if the staff isn’t allowing him to throw it much in the red zone, right?

  16. bulldog80 says:

    Duke is there a transcript somewhere of the whole presser that you got that quote from?

  17. BobbyK – the Hasselbeck of 06 had injury problems he wasn’t able to effectively fight through. First was the knee and then was the left hand. This was what I think was the beginning of the injury related decline. Walter Jones didnt have a dominant Walter Jones year in 2006. Maybe this was a result of the dropoff in LG, but Jones played far better in 2007 with the pass blocking stability of Rob Sims (yeah I said that). I think the dropoff of Jones in 2006 also effected Hasselbeck.

    With respect to the red zone, what I am saying is I have no idea what the problem is with the passing game in the red zone. If Hasselbeck is indeed ready to continue his resurgence, then I would think he has 3 pretty decent targets to distribute the ball to. The coaching staff insists they run inside the 3 yard line everytime and it’s clearly not working. As illogical as it seems, Mike Williams performance has been very poor inside the redzone. Carlson has disappeared. Obomanu is just ascending to what I think will be a Top 10 NFL WR. Maybe the problem is with the targets and the coaching staff realizes this. Or maybe they don’t trust Hasselbeck to play mistake free down there. I have no idea.

    Being able to effectively to move down the field is step 1 in Hasselbeck’s resurgence. If he can move over to Step 2 and get to over 20 TD passes over the year, I can see the offense easily averaging 25 points a game for the remaining games. If Earl Thomas can finally play in position and stop trading 1 INT for five 30 yard plays, then maybe the defense can hold a decent offense to under 20 points a game. If we can get these 2, the Seahawks could surprise and fulfill your 10-6 prediction. If not, I see the 7-9 or 8-8 division title in the cards.

  18. Dukeshire says:

    bulldog80 – Unfortunately no. Here is a video of his presser from yesterday, however. Those quotes begin around the 12:00 mark.—Carroll-Press-Conference-Monday/ab268c16-03d4-43ad-8f4d-1de8b036dc41

  19. HawkfaninMT says:

    This may be a stretch but anyone know what Tj Duckett is up to?

    I am not saying that we should dump Lynch, but I could see letting Robinson go and throwing TJ out there for the 1 yard we need as a specialty player

  20. “blow sunshine up our butts….” Boy, is that the truth. How could you play a game this “successfully” when you don’t have all that much and you’re doing pretty well actually…considering there is much real sunshine around here, for long at least. So, I think Uncle Pete is doing pretty amazing really, given what all he’s had to do. At least he’s got one good QB to start building with, albeit on the long side; but serviceable still…for a while.

  21. yakimahawk says:

    pabuwal says:
    If Earl Thomas can finally play in position and stop trading 1 INT for five 30 yard plays, then maybe the defense can hold a decent offense to under 20 points a game. If we can get these 2, the Seahawks could surprise and fulfill your 10-6

    TOTALLY AGREE!! I had a post about Earl yesterday and had some people that did not agree with it. Earl had given up to many deep balls. This is the deep safety duties. I played the position for many years and would get benched if we did that..

  22. Hope that new T Will Robinson doesn’t get lost in space.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    Look, Earl Thomas is a rookie and is going to get hooked like a fish at times. It’s to be expected and if one doesn’t, their expectations are unreasonable. Playing against guys like Brees and Rivers and Manning (yes even Eli) it’s simply going to happen. Christ, those guys abuse all pro’s in the league and people are now expecting Thomas (who will be an all-pro in the near future) to never get hooked? Give me a break. He’ll learn from his mistakes and get better. That kid is going to be a stud back there for a decade +. He has incredible instincts, speed to burn, a sound tackler and all the intangibles one could ever want. Growing pains while he learns the NFL. … unbelievable.

  24. Who ever said he wouldn’t be great? We are just pointing out where he is now and what he needs to correct to take it to the next level?

  25. yakimahawk says:

    Dukeshire I agree but playing that position is 1) NO DEEP BALLS 2) BALL HAWK 3) TACKLE.. He has exceeeded my expectations but IMO is starting to rely on the eyes of the QB a little much and he will get killed doing that against the All-Pro QB’s. It just seems, not just Earl but many of our DB’s are getting caught out of position way, way too much and that with a lack of tacking breeds 8-10 minute drives for the opposing team.

  26. Dukeshire says:

    With due respect, suggesting that if he would “finally play in position” to correct an outlandish ratio of “1 INT to every five 30 yard plays” neither points out something he needs to correct, as that’s not what’s happening on the field, nor does it point out where he “is”.

    He’s not even the FS in all their formations. Chancellor is the FS in Bandit and some dime packages. These criticisms leave me wondering if some really know what position(s) he’s playing during some of these big plays that they have given up.

  27. Chancellor played just 6 of 72 snaps on Sunday and Thomas played all of them. Are you saying that Chancellor was the FS on a few of those 25 yard+ passes because I will actually go back and look.

  28. yakimahawk says:

    When I get up to Seattle for the next game we need to get a beer and have a group hug..But let me say I have played the position for many years and DO NOT know all the Hawks formations and the positions he plays in those formations…That being said WHO-EVER is playing the position the time wheather its Thomas, Chancellor or the the great Duke of the shire..Is not and has not been in the correct position.. and good QB’s can pick it up a mile away. If you see Paul Moyer at the game next week he can attest to it..Maybe I just need a little (or a lot) more patience with the rookies.

  29. Dukeshire says:

    yakimahawk – You don’t know that. Playing FS entails more than simply playing “centerfield”. Example; if they’re in cover 1 and the offense runs a “Dino” route as the Saints did for Meachem’s second TD in the third, you’re looking at double posts form the open side. The slot receiver breaks his underneath the FS / over the Mike. The Flanker runs deeper post. The FS here is in a tough spot. Does he drive downhill to the shallow post or run with the deep post? Pick your poison. Well, Thomas hesitated and Brees split he and Thurmond.

    There is more than not going for the pick or sitting back and not letting anyone past you to be an even average FS. Brees recognized the D, a perfect play was called and executed to perfection.

    This is only one example. It’s far more complicated than simply the 1, 2, 3, you detailed.

  30. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – Yes, over the course of the season. Absolutely. And I’m not saying Thomas hasn’t made mistakes. Of course he has. But the criticisms seem a bit unreasonable to me. More what I would associate with a player whose been in the league a while and simply cannot pick up schemes or recognize offensive tendencies. Not from a player in his 10th professional game. As yakimahawk suggests (or asked of himself) more patience is prudent.

  31. I actually think that we have an Ed Reed game changer type of player in the making in Earl Thomas. And his amazing closing speed and athleticism allows him to make up for many mistakes, preventing the 30 yard play from becoming the 80 yard TD – which then allows them to live to fight another day in the red zone.

    But the way I see it, this defense is extremely poor between the 20s. They allow a ton of big passing plays despite having very solid CBs in Trufant and Jennings. And the big plays between the 20s need to be corrected for this team to take that next step – above the 7-9 divisional title.

  32. Dukeshire says:

    yakimahawk – I’m always down for a beer and B.S. about football. It’s all good. I just get a little feisty when we’re (I’m guilty of it too, believe me) overly critical of a player in an attempt to look for a scapegoat. And to me, based on yesterday’s and today’s comments, that’s how it appeared.

    Thomas has room to improve. And considering his incredible upside, a ton of room. But some of these “miscues” are to be expected, as I said before. Outside of QB, is there a more difficult position in the NFL to learn than secondary? (Corner, SS or FS) It comes with the territory. Brees made him look like a rookie, no doubt about it. In the spirit of Carroll, I’m anxious to see how he responds and learns from those mistakes.

  33. Regarding the poor tackling last Sunday and blaming Siavii and Balmer…

    I think this just points out how underrated Colin Cole is.

    No doubt that Siavii, Balmer, and Terrill didn’t do the job. But let’s realize that none of these guys were even supposed to be on this team. They are all replacement players, everyone of them cut or traded for a late round draft pick in August.

    We got spoiled. We were spoiled watching Colin Cole and Red Bryant EXCEED expectations dramatically. Colin Cole was one of the best NTs in the league over the first weeks of this season. The guy didn’t get enough credit. Moving Cole to the 2-gap NT position finally allowed him to become the player Ruskell wanted him to be when he signed him. Call our D a 4-3 or whatever you want, but when Cole is at NT, we were playing a 3-4, and only a handful of men in the league can dominate at that position. Cole made that run D work. Bryant got tons of credit, and deserved it, but Cole is the one truly irreplaceable player on our D line. We will begin stuffing the run again when he is back.

    As for the LDE position, we are lucky that Red Bryant adapted well there because we really never had anyone else to play that position. Balmer should play better there but he washed out in SF and frustrated his coaches there. EJ Wilson was an interesting pick on draft day, but can he ever get healthy. Frustrating.

    My point is I don’t see our run D getting back to where it was until Cole is back in the middle. Time to start giving the big man his props.

  34. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – It’s hard to argue with that. Although I will suggest Tru and Jennings, as veterans (although dinged) need to step up and lead with far better play. They are so young back there that again, I’m not surprised they’ve given up more big plays than we’d like to see. But when teams like the Giants, go right after Trufant and have success, that’s alarming.

    As much as any unit on the team, the secondary is a product of rebuilding growing pains. Thurmond, Thomas, Chancellor, Lewis… that’s a lot of inexperience to rely on as much as they have.

  35. “We got spoiled. We were spoiled watching Colin Cole and Red Bryant EXCEED expectations dramatically”

    Yeah, turns out the Clemons-Mebane-Cole-Bryant was probably one of the best front fours we’ve had in Seattle. And we’ll have it again, hopefully.

    Agree with all the back-and-forth you guys are having on Earl, he’s close to becoming my favorite player on the team, I love the way he flies around out there – his speed at the position has got to be near the top of the league. That said, he is clearly having growing pains, and as has been pointed out, the best QB’s (who have watched plenty of film on him, I’m sure), know how to take advantage of his desire to make plays. But I’m pretty sure he’s got pro bowls in his future.

  36. Just read a twitter feed from MW where he says that he woke up with his foot feeling way better than he expected . .

  37. At some point, good, young football players or teams embark on an uptrend. The 2002 Seahawks did so shortly after Hasselbeck took over from Trent Dilfer in Dallas. The 2009 Bucs started their uptrend at Qwest Field last year.

    Hopefully, we will be able to look back soon and say in hindsight when the Seahawks began their uptrend. Part of that will be the Seahawks becoming a better passing team in the redzone and players like Earl Thomas maturing to make QBs pay for trying to take advantage of them. We can live with the poor run defense and running attack if that can happen.

  38. Thanks for that, pdway. Any good news on injuries is welcome. Especially BMW.

  39. nighthawk2 says:

    Carroll is blowing something up our butts (or talking through his), but it isn’t sunshine. Hasselbeck needs to take a drug test. Playing their best football? Really? They just got embarrassed on the road, prior to a win against the worst team in the division (and one of the worst in the league) they got hammered 74-10 the two previous weeks, the only victory against a team with a winning record is against Chicago, Lynch fumbled twice more, they gave up a yard short of 100 and a TD to something called Chris Ivory and they are still highly allergic to the end zone. Yeah, fortunately we don’t have to face Drew Brees again Hass. Unfortunately we do have to face Matt Ryan, Josh Freeman and Sam Bradford (who kicked Seahawk ass in the first game), and Matt Cassel (who put 469 yards and 4 TD’s on the Broncos in Denver, the team that kicked the Seahawks ass there in week 2).

    The “abscence of a running game”, to greatly understate it, is due to A) Lynch stinking it up since he got here B) Simply not running the ball enough (16 total carries among 3 backs and Hasselbeck was the 2nd leading rusher, on one carry) C) a crap offensive line D) not scoring TD’s and having to play from behind (44 pass attempts!?) E) Not involving Forsett and Washington in the run game enough.

    Here’s an idea on the crappy tackling; lack of talent on the defense. Overrated (and overpaid) linebackers, a 36 year old strong safety, a midget cornerback starting and lack of quality depth on the D-line to compensate for injuries to Cole and Bryant. Not to mention not getting off the field on 3rd down and giving up 24 on a 3rd and 1; which has something to do with bad tackling, eh what?

    Yeah, the roughing call was bogus, and we got stiffed by the refs. What else is new? The KIRO tools were whining about it, like they forgot SB XL.

    The good things about this game were that Okung didn’t reinjure his ankle (there are still six games left), Williams had a big game against a team not named Cardinals (but injured HIS leg), and Hasselbeck had a 300 yard game against a decent defense. Unless you have Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennnings, throwing 44 times a game and only rushing 16 times is not a recipe for success, ask the Broncos.

    The bad things about this game is it’s the same old song and dance. Get into the red zone, especially inside the 10 yard line, and we’re kicking field goals
    instead of getting touchdowns. Twice from the one and once from the 5 last week. This game, 1st and goal from the 10 and they kick a FG with LOS at the 2; 1st and goal from the 6, kick a FG with LOS at the 2 (with 6:13 left and trailing by 18 and the defense hadn’t stopped them all day). Plus a 1st and 10 at their 28 and we get 3 yards in 4 plays and kick a field goal. A total of 3 points in the 2nd half, and that was the 4th quarter FG where we should have tried for a touchdown.

    What really disgusts me, was listening to the idiots on KIRO radio (I was out of town and driving, so I caught the game on the radio). These morons were practically wetting themselves over their prospect of “winning” this toilet of a division with a 7-9 record. “All we have to do is beat Carolina at home and beat the Rams at home”. Maybe he’s forgotten the beat down the Rams put on us in St. Louis and is hoping for another snow storm. The idea of a team with a losing record and only beating one team all season with a winning record makes me ill. That means that a good team like the Giants or Bucs or Bears will not get in because the turd of a team that “wins” the NFC Worst will have a playoff spot they don’t deserve.

  40. Dukeshire says:

    Good teams don’t always make the playoffs. Ask the ’08 11-5 Pats. But a 7-9 division winner, especially if it’s Seattle, would be embarrassing.

  41. Good to see you back, Nighthawk2, to bring us all back down to earth and remind us what a “crappy” and “disgusting” division-leading team this is! Yeah, this season is not fun at all! ;-)

  42. Duke – would the Seahawks coming in as the first 7-9 division winner ever be embarrassing or a badge of honor?

  43. Dukeshire says:

    Lol. Both. Part of me relishes the absurdity of it. The the other part doesn’t want the Seahawks to touch it with a 10′ pole. A dubious honor, at best. Of course, should it happen and they win a game or two in the playoffs, I’d love it how awful the other teams would feel. And, waking up the morning of a playoff game is incredible. I don’t know… I’m all over the place with it.

  44. How about waking up the morning AFTER a great playoff upset? That would be far bigger than the Packers game in 2003 or the Bears game in 2006 (which I always thought would have been one of the great NFL upsets of the past 20 years).

  45. I know what you mean, Pabs and Duke.

    I had been thinking all year that I didn’t want to see these Hawks sneak into the playoffs, that they would just be overwhelmed and embarrassed; we all know they aren’t ready. But now that this new team has had Qwest Field rockin several times this year, I’m just imagining a playoff game at Qwest again! I can’t help myself. I want it.

    Plus, it will be good to quiet down those pesky 49ers fans online next offseason.

  46. Always good to make the playoffs – especially after a gap like we’ve had, and especially in Carroll’s first year in a year where a playoff appearance would exceed all expectations for the seasons. Seems like the players have already bought in, but a playoff game cements it (even if we lose badly).

    And it’s a good experience for the young players, and good for the fanbase too.

    I’d sort of hope that we don’t end up with the negative news story that a 7-9 playoff appearance would be – and am still hopeful that we can get to 9-7.

  47. Dukeshire says:

    Gap? Lol. It’s “only” been two years (feels a hell of a lot longer though). How about the 10 year drought that ended with Holmgren’s first season? THAT was a gap.

  48. I love Earl Thomas.

    We couldn’t run before Lynch. Blaming him makes no sense. Nobody was getting anything done on the ground before him (in obvious rushing situations – most of Yoda’s yards came when the defense was expecting pass).

    We all agree that our guards are utterly pathetic and have been gross all season. If we want to complain about our lack of run game, they should be getting the wrath over the RBs. Lock has sucked too. I remember the 1st and Goal a few weeks ago with Lynch and it was a joke. Asking Earl Campbell in his prime to hammer away at the end zone would have been a joke as well.

    I want to win the division, but not at 7-9.

  49. “It’s “only” been two years (feels a hell of a lot longer though). ”

    Has it really only been two years?? I think last year felt like about three by itself . . .

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