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Personnel Review – Week 10 vs. New Orleans

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November 22, 2010 7:07 am

Editor’s note: Brian McIntyre regularly covers the Seattle Seahawks and the rest of the NFL on his own football blog, and has graciously agreed to provide his weekly personnel files on the Seahawks here each week. We welcome him to Seahawks Insider.

Brian McIntyre blogs daily at Mac’s Football Blog. You can follow Brian on Twitter, and if you’d like to e-mail him, you can always do so by clicking here.

Offensive Personnel Groupings

Excluding penalties, the Seattle Seahawks ran 61 offensive plays out of three personnel groupings on Sunday.

Group Name Pass Run Total Pass% Run%
1 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE “11” 16 5 21 76.2% 23.8%
2 RB, 3 WR “20” 3 1 4 75.0% 25.0%
1 RB, 2 WR, 2 TE “12” 25 11 36 69.4% 30.6%
Total 44 17 61 72.1% 27.9%

Seahawks Passing on Sunday (By Personnel Grouping)

Hasselbeck Com Att % Yards LG TD INT Sacks Yds Rating
“11” 13 16 81.3% 122 23 1 0 0 0 119.3
“20” 2 3 66.7% 29 15 0 0 0 0 97.9
“12” 17 25 68.0% 216 68 0 0 0 0 94.8
Total 32 44 72.7% 367 68 1 0 0 0 105

Seahawks Rushing on Sunday (By Personnel Grouping)

Group Att Yds Avg LG TD
“11” 5 14 2.8 9 0
“12” 11 39 3.5 17 0
“20” 1 5 5.0 5 0
Total 17 58 3.4 17 0

Seattle’s rushing totals include an 8-yard loss on a botched flea-flicker, and a 12-yard scramble by Matt Hasselbeck. Both were busted passing plays using “12” personnel.
Snap Counts (Offense)

Player Plays Total %
6-C.Whitehurst 0 61 0.0%
7-J.Losman 0 61 0.0%
8-M.Hasselbeck 61 61 100.0%
11-D.Butler 34 61 55.7%
15-B.Stokley 20 61 32.8%
17-M.Williams 38 61 62.3%
20-J.Forsett 29 61 47.5%
24-M.Lynch 27 61 44.3%
33-L.Washington 9 61 14.8%
63-C.White 0 61 0.0%
65-C.Spencer 61 61 100.0%
67-A.Barbre 0 61 0.0%
69-C.Pitts 61 61 100.0%
75-S.Locklear 61 61 100.0%
76-R.Okung 61 61 100.0%
77-S.Andrews 61 61 100.0%
78-T.Polumbus 0 61 0.0%
86-C.Baker 36 61 59.0%
87-B.Obomanu 55 61 90.2%
88-C.Morrah 0 61 0.0%
89-J.Carlson 57 61 93.4%

– Forsett was the single back on 19 of 2 plays run out of “11” personnel, and all four plays out of “20”.

– Lynch’s final snap came on his second fumble of the game, Seattle’s last offensive play in the 3rd quarter.

– Seven of Washington’s nine snaps came in the 4th quarter.

– Butler led all Seahawks’ receivers with 19 snaps out of “11” personnel, and was on the field for all four snaps in “20” personnel.

– All of Stokley’s 20 snaps were in the slot in Seattle’s 3-WR packages.

– Williams’ final snap came with just over 4 minutes to play in the 3rd quarter.

– Obomanu was in for every snap run out of “12” personnel, and led all Seahawks with 55 snaps on Sunday.

– Baker lined up outside an offensive tackle on 35 of his 36 snaps.

– Carlson was split wide or flexed off line of scrimmage on 8 of his 57 snaps. Carlson lined up in the backfield on 15 of 57 plays.

– Seattle used just one offensive line combination, their ninth of the season, on Sunday.
Defensive Personnel Groupings

Excluding penalties, Seattle’s defense was on the field for 72 plays on Sunday.

Package Pass Run Total Pass% Run%
Base 24 28 52 46.2% 53.8%
Nickel 5 0 5 100.0% 0.0%
Dime 6 1 7 85.7% 14.3%
Bandit 7 0 7 100.0% 0.0%
5*3*3 1 0 1 100.0% 0.0%
Total 43 29 72 59.7% 40.3%

Against Seattle’s base defense, Drew Brees completed 14-of-24 pass attempts for 175 yards with 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions…Brees was 6-for-7 for 91 yards against the Seahawks’ “Bandit” package, converting 5-of-7 third down conversion attempts…Brees was 5-for-6 for 85 yards and a touchdown when Seattle was in “Dime”, 3-for-5 for 27 yards against “Nickel”, and 1-for-1 for 3 yards and a touchdown against Seattle’s short-yardage package.

New Orleans’ running backs gained 103 yards and a touchdown on 28 attempts when Seattle was in base defense, with the one run against the dime package gaining 9 yards.
Defensive Player Snap Count

Player Plays Total %
21-K.Jennings 70 72 97.2%
23-M.Trufant 12 72 16.7%
27-J.Babineaux 20 72 27.8%
28-W.Thurmond 59 72 81.9%
29-E.Thomas 72 72 100.0%
31-K.Chancellor 6 72 8.3%
34.R.Lewis 16 72 22.2%
36-L.Milloy 72 72 100.0%
39-K.Cox 0 72 0.0%
51-L.Tatupu 72 72 100.0%
52-M.McCoy 0 72 0.0%
54-W.Herring 5 72 6.9%
57-D.Hawthorne 53 72 73.6%
58-D.Davis 2 72 2.8%
59-A.Curry 68 72 94.4%
91-C.Clemons 56 72 77.8%
92-B.Mebane 57 72 79.2%
93-C.Terrill 25 72 34.7%
94-J.Siavii 40 72 55.6%
95-K.Balmer 41 72 56.9%
98-R.Brock 31 72 43.1%
99-J.Richardson 15 72 20.8%

– Jennings came off the field for two short-yardage plays, one of which was run out of base defense on the play after Marcus Trufant left the game with a concussion.

– Sunday wasn’t the first time Trufant didn’t finish a game this season, but his 12 snaps were a season-low.

– Babineaux logged snaps as a bigger cornerback in base and short-yardage defense, played the slot in Seattle’s “heavy” nickel and six-defensive back packages.

– Prior to entering the game for Trufant, Walter Thurmond made an appearance as a safety in “Bandit”.

– Despite getting dinged in the second quarter, Thomas played all 72 snaps on Sunday and tied a Seahawks rookie record with his fifth interception on Seattle’s final defensive play.

– Chancellor’s six snaps were all as a safety in “Bandit”.

– Lewis’ snaps were in nickel, dime, and “Bandit”.

– Herring’s snaps were all in nickel.

– Hawthorne’s snaps were in base and short-yardage defense.

– Davis picked up two snaps as the “Leo” end in the 2nd quarter.

– In addition to playing strong-side linebacker, Curry rushed the passer from defensive tackle in nickel and dime, and as the nose tackle in “Bandit”.

– 37 of Clemons’ 56 snaps were as the “Leo”, with the rest coming as defensive end in nickel, base, and “Bandit”.

– Mebane’s 57 snaps on Sunday were a season-high.

– 21 of Terrill’s 25 snaps were in base defense.

– Siavii played inside on 39 of his 40 snaps, with his other snap coming as the nose tackle in Seattle’s five-man line in short-yardage package.

– 40 of Balmer’s snaps were as the “5” technique end in base defense.

– Brock was the “Leo” for 13 snaps, with the balance of his 31 snaps coming in nickel, dime, and “Bandit”.

– Richardson logged 12 snaps as the “5” technique, and got two snaps in nickel and played defensive end in the short-yardage package.

Brian McIntyre blogs daily about the NFL over at Mac’s Football Blog. You can follow Brian on Twitter, and if you’d like to e-mail him, you can always do so by clicking here.
Personnel Review
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  1. HawkyHann says:

    Its about time Lofa Tatupu gets thrown under the microscope. He is very slow and undersized. Horrible in pass coverage.I know he’s a vocal leader and intelligent player. So with that said, can he just be one of our coaches? He looks awful. Just awful. So freaking slow. If only we could take his brain and input into Curry’s.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    That’s a pretty inflammatory statement considering he has as many pass’ defended as the the entirety of the LB corp combined.

  3. Lofa is getting beat. Brees brushed him off while scrambling. Ivory ran him over. (maybe more than once)

    I like Lofa but is he smaller this year? Has there been a change in the way he plays?

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Getting beat how? Is there any of the front 7 Ivory didn’t run over?He has slimmed down this year but that was intentional to stay healthy. (Torn pec., pulled hammys, ect…)

    If either of you had said something like “Lofa’s knee injury is limiting his effectiveness” or some such thing, a far more reasonable conversation can take place. But to make broad generalizations about how awful he is, just insights reactionary responses without addressing his specific play.

  5. Without Big Red and Cole in front of him, Lofa looks like a liability out there – the third year in a row he has vastly underperformed that massive contract he received after 2007. All the concerns about him coming out of college seem well-founded without big bodies in front of him.

  6. chuck_easton says:


    It’s well documented that you give some physical abilities with Lofa out there, but it is also well documented that he is the QB of the D. They just seem to play better as a unit when Lofa is out there.

    Again, if we had Lofa’s brain in Curry’s body you’d have the best of both worlds, but we don’t.

    I personally would take the physical limitations to ensure that the D plays smarter.

  7. Is it just me or what, but I rather see the D face third and short then 3rd and long. Everytime a 3rd down is longer than10 yds, they give it up. WTF is up with that. It’s f’n mind boggling.

  8. Duke, I don’t like trashing our players but it just seems that Lofa isn’t playing the same. Others have noticed it too.. It seems there are a few examples each game that you see it. Maybe it’s par for the course when you’re MLB tho.. You can’t win every play right?

  9. freedom_X says:

    Lofa being the “QB” of the defense probably explains why he’s getting all the criticism now. People need a scapegoat.

    The only thing missing is that usually Lofa is good for 2-3 interceptions and a a couple forced/recovered fumbles in his prime seasons.

    Him needing big tackles to keep him clean – that is true. But that’s true of most LB’s. Baltimore has made a point of regularly spending high picks on massive defensive tackles to keep Ray Lewis clean.

    Find a guy who is so physical he doesn’t need tackle protection, and is smart, and has coverage skills – maybe the Bill Parcells Giants had one or two of those.

    Lofa fits a profile, just like taking some big mauler at LB and sticking him in a Tampa-2 defense would also not work.

    If he’s smaller now, I say that’s a good thing. I have always thought his injuries of the past two years were because he bulked up too much, and it was more size than his body could handle. So if he’s trimmed down, it may explain why he’s stayed healthy so far (compared to previous years.)

  10. BobbyAyala says:

    I swear to God, Seattle fans feed off negativity.

    It’s like, if you don’t have someone to lambaste, you aren’t happy.

    You just got the snot kicked out of you by the Super Bowl champs.

    Big deal.

    Lofa Tatupu is a baller. He makes everyone around him better.

    He’s a mike, he doesn’t have to have great speed.


    The lot of ya.

    Minus the smart ones (Duke, etc.).

  11. Dukeshire says:

    Of course not. I guess I’m a bit surprised by the criticisms, though. I thought that until the Giants game when he dinged his knee, he had been playing some of his best football. Very active in the passing game and aggressive at the point. And of course there’s the intangible quality that Chuck alluded to.

    Perhaps it’s not the knee and he’s lost a step. We’ll all be watching now, that’s certain. But the criticisms about him now feel like people reaching for someone to criticize, anyone, now that Hass is playing well. I could very well be wrong, but when the complaints are so broad and far reaching like “he’s just awful”, that’s how it appears to me.

  12. I think Lofa is still solid – and I don’t think that as the brains of the defense – his value goes above just what he brings physically.

    I do remember him making more in-the-backfield plays earlier in his career – that hasn’t been as evident lately.

    The injuries on D are the bummer, obviously. We were beginning to have an identity – that you just couldn’t run the ball on us. We also had a decent pass rush going – which is always the DB’s best friend. The loss of Bryant, Cole, and Mebane (he’s back, but I don’t think he’s fit yet) – really took all that down a notch.

  13. sorry – should be “do think” above, not “don’t” . .

  14. Lofa is the least of our worries.

  15. BobbyAyala says:
    November 22, 2010 at 12:32 pm
    I swear to God, Seattle fans feed off negativity.
    It’s like, if you don’t have someone to lambaste, you aren’t happy.
    Lofa Tatupu is a baller. He makes everyone around him better.
    He’s a mike, he doesn’t have to have great speed.
    The lot of ya.

    Yeah you’re always mr positive & a goodwill ambassador aren’t ya?
    Did that make you feel good calling people morons?

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