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Morning links: Reaction to Hawks 34-19 loss

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 22, 2010 at 6:28 am with 34 Comments »
November 22, 2010 6:28 am
Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll challenges a ref during the game (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky).

Here are some links to start you off this morning, after Seattle’s loss to New Orleans. I’m headed back to Seattle, but will host a chat at 12:30 this afternoon if you’re interested in talking about the game.

Even in defeat, Pete Carroll finds some positives on Sunday – the play of Seattle’s offense and Matt Hasselbeck.

Drew Brees took Seattle’s inexperienced defensive backs Walter Thurmond and Earl Thomas to school, throwing for 382 yards and four touchdowns.

Marshawn Lynch never got going on offense, fumbling twice and dropping two passes in his worst game as a Seahawk.

Former Washington State product Chris Ivory bowled through Seattle’s defense for 99 yards and as score. “He’s a beast,” said Earl Thomas.

A photo gallery from Sunday’s game.

Clare Farnsworth of quotes Justin Forsett saying the effort was there, even those his team lost in the Big Easy.

ESPN’s Mike Sando says the Seahawks are headed in the right direction, with both of their leaders in Pete Carroll and Matt Hasselbeck on the same page.

Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune said Seattle made the mistake of trying to get into a shootout with the Saints.

Morning links
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  1. “I can save you the time, Lawyer. The Seahawks lost this game when they got off the bus with their foolish pass-happy offensive approach.”

    F u Duncan. That tends to happen when you get down in a ball game.

  2. Yeah… what is that guy talking about? “foolish pass-happy”
    That guys an idiot! How is that the reason we lost? The passing game was awesome. No INT.

    1. Officiating
    2. Red Zone
    3. Fumbles

  3. Jeff Duncan is a dolt. Yeah, I’m sure the Seahawks were trying to engage in a shootout. That makes perfect sense.

  4. MadSweeney42 says:

    Officiating was absolutely NOT even in the top 5 reasons we lost. The roughing call was a killer but Brees was already in the zone by then and we couldn’t stop him. Rookies up against one of the best QBs in the league at home with no running game and an inability to tackle? And you think the refs are the #1 reason we lost?

  5. The Sando article is a nice one.

    Waiting for word on the MW and Trufant injuries – other than that, I feel good about the way the team hung in and competed, instead of collapsing further in the 2nd half.

    And we are moving the ball consistently on offense – been a long time since I could say that.

  6. It’s clear that BMW is the real thing, not a fluke. Seattle didn’t have to give up anything for the first legitimate No. 1 receiver in a long time. If he stays motivated and stays in a Seahawks uniform for the next 10 years, we’ll have lots of highlights to enjoy.

    Imagine if he had been Seattle’s first round pick this year. We’d be so excited about his potential. Well, it’s almost as if Seattle got THREE first round picks this year — and they’re all performing well.

    Pete Carroll is light years ahead of Jim Mora as a head coach. I am SO GLAD Mora was fired.

  7. When the schedule came out, I put this one in my head as a loss. The fact that we hung in there, and were competitive on the field against the champs, in their house, is just awesome.

    Before the season started, would any of you thought that the hawks would play that well in that game? I’m content in the loss, and I thought they did well for a team in this condition, vs. a team in the Saint’s condition.

    Hopefully BMW and Truf are going to be OK.

  8. If the Saints come to Seattle in the first round of the playoffs, I don’t think it’s a gimme for them. The Seahawks play much better at home. And the crowd noise should blunt some of Brees’ effectiveness.

    Right now, I’d give the Seahawks a 60% shot at winning the division, the Rams 25 percent (they still control their destiny), the Niners 10% and the Cards 5%.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    MadSweeney42 is absolutely right; the refs had nothing to do with yesterday’s loss. There were calls that went both ways. In addition to the reasons he listed, Seattle allowed N.O. 11/15 on third down. That’s just not going to lead you to many victories.

  10. If my memory serves me right, the Saints scored a TD after the roughing the passer penalty. If they hadn’t, the score would perhaps have been 27-16 when PC was making his decision whether to kick the FG on fourth down. I’m sure he would have still chosen the FG (to get within one score). The Seahawks would have been down only 8 points and would have played with more urgency. But it would still have been a long shot to win the game, I believe.

  11. Dave Boling says:

    To address the “pass-happy” offense issue. It seems that if you run into a wall a certain number of times, you fairly soon realize that you’re ending up with a headache and you decide you have to try to go around it. I believe the Hawks have rushed for a total of 13 net yards in the first halves of the last two games. It is an obvious area of weakness that needs to be addressed. But when something doesn’t work, there’s little choice but to go to something that has a chance.

    If you remember the 2007 season, when the Hawks lost three in a four-game stretch by trying to sustain a run-pass balance. Holmgren finally just said, forget it, we’re giving the ball to Matt and going to give up the charade of running this thing. They won five straight.

  12. rramstad says:

    Obviously if we get TDs instead of FGs, it’s a completely different game, so I’m fairly happy with how things turned out.

    (As happy as I can be with a loss.)

    I am not worried about Lynch, and in fact, I think yesterday might just light a fire under him for the rest of the season.

    I am very pleased that all the Hass haters are eating crow, especially the folks who claimed he had a “noodle arm” and couldn’t throw the long ball. I think we’ve had four designed plays in two games where the ball was in the air for 40 yards or more and caught for big gains.

    RADEoN says: “Also, there’s a VERY good chance NO comes to SEA for the first game of the NFC playoffs, no?”

    I don’t know if I’d go that far. I’d say good chance, but not VERY good chance.

    New Orleans is only one game behind Atlanta. It does seem likely that one of the wild cards will be from South (either Atl or NO) and one will be North (either Chi or GB) but there’s also a possibility of the Giants sneaking in from the East if they go on a run.

    It is true that we almost certainly would be the #4 seed, and would host the #5 seed, so we’ll get the non division winner with the best record. Oddly I like our chances against NO at home, in the sense that we could really hit them with some good crowd noise and bad weather — obviously Chi, GB, Giants wouldn’t be as affected by weather, but NO and Atl would be.

    I really like the scheduling format this year, with all the divisional games coming up, it’s very exciting to see how many tight races there are.

  13. “MadSweeney42 is absolutely right; the refs had nothing to do with yesterday’s loss. There were calls that went both ways. In addition to the reasons he listed, Seattle allowed N.O. 11/15 on third down. That’s just not going to lead you to many victories.”

    The roughing call was a killer – and came at a crucial point in the game – but othewise, you’re right. Refs didn’t lose the game for us. Third down play, poor D in the 1st half, and the two Lynch fumbles were the things that kept us from keeping this one closer.

  14. The Hass haters who want a strong-armed QB will not be satisfied if he has 300-yard games for the rest of the season. I personally would rather have an accurate QB — and that he is. He and BMW go together well. BMW can’t really get open deep, but he can catch any ball thrown near him.

    By the way, BMW is now on pace for an 80 catch, 1,050 yard season (approx.). He’s keeping up with Brandon Marshall’s stats this year.

  15. #8 with a QB rating over 100 for the 2nd straight week..!!
    Where’s the dude with the lower half of the QB ratings chart?
    I’d like to tell all the #8 haters to go out and buy a jersey..Show some love.
    Start trashing Lofa instead.

  16. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    I’m having a really hard time figuring out how anyone can say that officiating played a larger role than our red zone offense, lack of running game, Lynch’s play, and above all else, not even mention the play of our defense. Here’s an enlightening statement for you … the refs are pretty much going to make bad calls or missed calls every single game. That doesn’t mean we need to lose every game. But if Lynch plays like he did every game, and the run blocking is poor like that every game, and we kick field goals twice per game when we’re inside the 5 yard line, and our defense plays like they did every game, we will lose every game. Let’s help ourselves get over our reputation of being whiners about the refs, it sounds like 2005 all over again. Let’s hold our team accountable to playing the kind of football that championship teams play. I think that will serve us much better in the long run.

  17. Runnings Backs who lack vision and acceleration and simply try to power through people because they can’t find the hole make the Offensive Line look bad but are generally applauded for their “tough running” because they are “making something out of nothing.” These are actually bad RBs that bad running games are built from.

    Runners who have great vision and great acceleration make running look easy because of the abundance of holes. These RBs generally produce very well but are derided because “its too easy” and “any old RB can run behind that line” when in fact these are special RBs that special running games are built from.

    Chris Warren, Shaun Alexander, Julius Jones and Marshawn Lynch each fit in one of these categories. I am beginning to think the Bills ripped the Seahawks off in this trade and there is a reason why no one else wanted this RB “at that price.”

  18. Dukeshire says:

    “Runners who have great vision and great acceleration make running look easy because of the abundance of holes.”

    I presume you mean the absence of holes. Because one doesn’t need “great vision” and “great acceleration” when there are an abundance of holes.

    And if you are intending to include Chris Warren in any group of runners that have great vision or acceleration, then I’m afraid I’ve lost a lot of respect for your opinions (not that you’re concerned with what I think). Because he was the epitome of a guy that would run directly into the back of his blockers 15 times a game, then bust out three or four 15 yard runs. That is, when he wasn’t backing into holes. Please correct me if I misunderstood your intent.

  19. No, I meant the appearance of abundance of holes. Runners with great vision always find the hole and runners with great acceleration always make it look bigger and easier to run through than it actually was.

    Guys like Marshawn Lynch make it look like there are no holes because of zero vision and acceleration. I put Forsett in the middle because he has good acceleration (although poor breakaway speed) but seems to lack the upper end vision.

  20. Dukeshire says:

    “Appearance of abundance of holes”. I see. That makes sense, and is absolutely true.

    I haven’t seen enough of Lynch to agree with you completely, just yet. From where I sit, there just isn’t much up front for him to work with. His acceleration is not a concern to me, but the few holes that are opening, he is struggling to find them consistently right now. But as I said, I’m not yet convinced that is a condition of his ability, but rather a condition of inconsistent run blocking. (Pitts and Andrews are really struggling, for different reasons, but struggling none-the-less.)

  21. bulldog80 says:

    Canfan, great point on the BMW being the third #1. Couldn’t be more excited about his production. I just hope he can keep that fire after his next contract.

    Pabs, I think you’ve been reading my mind. There have been some decent holes and cutbacks there for Lynch if you’re paying attention. He doesn’t have great vision and just tends to plow forward. Now he does plow forward with power. I’mnot saying we should release him or anything, I’m just hoping he’s capable of more.

    I’m loving htis team more and more each week. This season is already far more than I was expecting. I have been one of the guys critical of Matt, and yes, he’s shown me a great deal these lasst two games. Very optomistic about the rest of the season.

  22. It always pains me to see football players with limited play making ability drop the ball or fumble the ball regularly.

    I could live with Darrell Jackson’s drops back in the day because he was always among the league leaders in YPC and TDs. He was actually a playmaker.

    But this won’t be the case with Mike Williams or Marshawn Lynch – these 2 need to be absolutely perfect when they get the ball. An offense built around these 2 will struggle in 3rd and long.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    By the way; wearing Levis with a belt today… :(

  24. I actually jumped on the Matt Hasselbeck bandwagon yesterday morning before the game – that was me and my account wasn’t hacked. Give Hasselbeck a great LT and a bunch of targets to distribute the ball to and he’ll manage the game and move the offense forward well. But do a bunch of max protects and he’ll just sit for 5 seconds before taking the sack as he knows his limited arm strength won’t get the ball in the tight window.

    Maybe this means I need to find a new scapegoat to direct my scorn towards and this is Marshawn Lynch?

  25. Dukeshire says:

    Lynch, Lofa… you’ll find someone to unreasonably criticize, don’t worry.

  26. SandpointHawk says:

    Brad Childress has been fired…..

  27. orbeavhawk says:

    HATE to have to say this BUT – The Beast needs to be renamed to “THE BUST”

  28. “Guys like Marshawn Lynch make it look like there are no holes because of zero vision and acceleration.”

    It’s easy to bash after a terrible game like yesterday – but in previous games, I have seen him being hit and/or challenged by a defender in the backfield, behind the line of scrimmage on nearly 50% of his carries. His ability to make people miss, or bust through tackles, has saved us tons of lost yards – even if this doesn’t translate to forward progress.

    I can’t say that I’ve seen him missing open holes – but have you? Are you re-watching in slo-mo? B/c I’m otherwise not sure how you can spot those on run plays.

    Bad game for Lynch yesterday, no argument, but I’m still very glad for the pick-up. And if he turns out to be a total bust? Still a low risk investment.

  29. “Give Hasselbeck a great LT and a bunch of targets to distribute the ball to and he’ll manage the game and move the offense forward well. But do a bunch of max protects and he’ll just sit for 5 seconds before taking the sack as he knows his limited arm strength won’t get the ball in the tight window.”

    333 yards and 366 yards passing w/no running game to speak of is now ‘managing a game’? Faint praise . . .

  30. piperfeltcher says:

    Lynch is not the kind of back who is going to dance behind the line and wait for a hole to open up that is not his game he is the kind of back who needs his O-line to open a hole for him then he does his damage once he gets to the 2nd level as LBers and DB’s have a hard time bringing him down and right now he is not getting any holes from the o-line so it makes him look bad. The biggest thing that stopped the hawks from winning this game was tackling. How many times did they hit the back at the line of scrimmage only to see him break the tackle and get 5-6 yards. The Saints are close to unbeatable with there offence if they can run the ball and be in 3rd and short all day to beat them you have to take away the run and make them one demensional. Happy to see Okung get through the game healthy and I agree that OG is a glaring weakness that needs to be addressed next offseason but this team has made huge strides towards being a good team this year and is way better then it was at this point last year.,

  31. Simply gaining a lot of yards in this Fantasy Football driven NFL isn’t as wonderful of an accomplishment as you think pdway. He’d be more than a game manager if he actually threw some TDs in the redzone to finish off those drives.

    He’s on pace for a career low in TDs for seasons he has started over 12 games. The last 2 games did nothing to change that.

  32. Agree that points trump yards, but getting 366 yds does show he’s moving us up and down the field – and I think we’d likely agree that the lack of any run game is killing us more inside the 10 yd line, than Hasselbeck.

    He’s also had at least 3 TD passes dropped that I can recall (2 by MW, one by Obo).

  33. Hopefully Williams, Obomanu and Carlson start to work some magic in the red zone and can get Hasselbeck to 20+ TDs for the season. Then he clearly won’t be a game manager in my eyes.

  34. MW and Obo yes – sad to say, I’ve lost my faith in Carlson to work much magic . . .but happy to be surprised.

    Feels like a short pass to Forsett or LW in that area of the field would work too . .

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