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November 21, 2010 4:45 pm

Eric has a post-game blog cued up for his return from the locker room, and he touches on so many of the key points of this one.

In the interim: Although the pass blocking was good, will this team ever be able to run block with the current personnel? Were the Saints backs just that talented and powerful or was the problem contributed to by what appeared to be poor Seahawk tackling?

Still eager to hear about the decision to go for the field goal inside of five minutes left. Are you all scratching your heads?

In my advance column, I speculated that this game was a long-shot for the Hawks, but it would give them a very good barometer of how far away they are from the elite teams in the conference. I think it did exactly that. At least the fact that they could move the ball via the pass, without a legitimate run threat, would seem encouraging.

Eric will have updates on the Williams and Trufant injuries, but they have to be concerns. Still, with everybody else in the division losing, this one cost them no ground and they come home to face Kansas City on Sunday.

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  1. The OL is in dire need of quality guard play. I imagine Andrews can play RT better next year than Lock is doing this year (but that isn’t saying much). The Hutch disaster proved that guards are no longer “just guards” anymore. Too many teams are giving big money to that position because they know its importance in todays NFL (as evidenced by the Jahri Evans contract this past off-season; 7 years, $56.7 million).

    With our offensive line as pathetic as it is in short yardage situations, I can understand why Mr. Happy kicked the FG (but still think it was a bad football decision not to go for it). Again, it’s sad when you know you can’t hardly ever run the ball in a short yardage situation because, if anything, you’ll probably lose the yard instead of gaining it. Still, he should have gone for it with a roll out or something when the ball would have been in Matt’s hands.

    The tackling was absolutely pathetic. It was a joke. And I realize I am being too kind to the defensive players.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for Williams/Trufant.

  2. Yeah, Pitts is no life-saver at LG (certainly not in the run game) – though you can tell he’s playing hurt, and is battling. Kudos to the O-line for the pass-protect, but you’ve got to be able to run it at least a little.

    I’m no too bummed after this one – I think that if a couple things break differently (I’m thinking of that one roughing the passer call at the end of the 1st hafl, and the two Lynch fumbles), that this could actually have been a competitive game. We’re not in their league – but we moved the ball up and down the field on them all day. Hasselbeck was very accurate all day – and Obo pretty obviously should have been starting ahead of Butler all along.

    We do need both Williams and Trufant (his injury must be a concussion, right?) against KC, so that’s the important news of the night.

    But coming off two good offensive games in a row – I’m feeling OK about our chances in just about every game we have left on the schedule. This was pretty clearly the toughest overall game of the year on paper – and I didn’t expect a win – but for the most part we didn’t embarass ourselves – which is saying something after the NYG and Raiders games.

  3. I think we’ve got a chance to do some good things these next two weeks with having KC and Carolina coming to Qwest. I know the Chiefs are much improved from the past few years, but I like our chances. And Carolina is pretty pathetic so getting them at home should be, on paper, a good thing.

  4. williambryan says:

    I feel pretty good about the game because I think without the help of the referees, it would have been a much closer game. There was a clear hold on Brock that surely would have resulted in a sack and the next play they call a phantom helmet to helmet hit…unbelievable. But Hasselbeck has found the fountain of youth apparently and is looking really good. It wasn’t Lynch’s day today obviously that hurt. But man, Okung and Thomas are really good players.

  5. Well, I never thought they’d win today but I was somewhat pleased it wasn’t an Oakland debacle. all losses hurt..

    Did anybody record the HD version of this game? I usually do but had technical difficulties today.. I know it’s a shot in the dark but does anybody save the games on avchd? I do.
    I have all the games since 2005 on HD disc (playable on bluray) If anybody this technology I will pay for an avchd disc of this game. I archive all the games..

    Tremendous night for tv. You have the Eagles vs NYG, Cheap trick, foreigner & sammy hagar all on HDNET. Damn!

  6. MadSweeney42 says:

    With the zero run game, I have no problem going for 3. We needed it anyway and not making the 1st ended the game right then and there. Better to try and get the onside kick and a new set of downs than come up short on 4th and end the game. No problems doing that against a superior team like the Saints in their house.

    We knew the OL was going to be weak, but having Okung healthy is a good step forward and next season should be the #1 priority. And he has some pluck, he got into it with several defenders when there were late whistles. I know Lynch’s 2 fumbles were costly but he should’ve been in on short yardage later in the game.

    carrol’s still not getting the challenges down. The second one was clearly down and cost a TO when we would’ve really needed it. And I didn’t like the short passes to BMW, that’s not what he’s for. Later in the game the Saints clearly had the deep passes covered, PC needs to adjust because Matt was dumping it off short too much. Speaking of Hass, another good game from him, cast and all. He screws up a lot, but he’s got heart and when he’s on, he’s on. Wouldn’t mind an extension for him to groom the QBoF.

    This was a game that would’ve been a huge upset had we won and the rest of the NFCW lost so it’s not tragic. A few bounces the other way, like someone else said, and we could’ve made an improbable win.

    Something has to be done about the helmet to helmet hit calls. Every week there are several 15 yard penalties that are completely undeserved and kill teams. I’m not just mad because it happened to us this weekend but it really was a back breaker in this game, the proverbial straw on the camel’s back.

    All in all, the easiest loss to swallow thus far this year and we’re still atop the division after playing well on the road again so, no doom and gloom.

    Here’s to quick recoveries for our banged up boys.

  7. This week clearly shows the quality of our division…. Wow!
    Sure we missed some tackles today, but I believe we were ‘again’
    outcoached when defending…. PC needs to step in and provide
    some direction….

    Nice job Hass! Thought our only chance in this one is you stepping
    up…. and I feel you did…. never would have thought PC would allow our “D”
    (we had D?) to drop this low again….

    Home SWEET Home next Sunday!

  8. “But man, Okung and Thomas are really good players.”

    Yeah, I don’t recall noticing Okung’s man putting pressure on Hasselbeck the entire game – and that’s 44 throws. And Thomas makes some mistakes, but he just flies around the field. Great first draft for PC and Schneider.

  9. freedom_X says:

    On defense – Seattle’s lost too many of their big, physical players. Also, the Saints have a balanced attack which negated Seattle’s best defensive package – the 5 and 6 DB formations.

    Now you see why Carroll is starting Jennings over Thurmond. Thurmond had a awful, awful game. He’ll learn and get better, but he couldn’t cover or tackle anyone today.

    On offense – I can only hope the zone concepts start to kick in if the line stays healthy. I’m just glad they were able to protect well, on the road, in a dome. That’s no small feat. In a man-blocking line, run blocking usually gels much more quickly. But a zone blocking team needs that teamwork. I’m just wondering how much of the zone concept they still retain.

    Actually, the FG would have been a brilliant call if Milloy doesn’t go out of bounds. Bascially, Seattle didn’t do the little things to give themselves a chance – missed some tackles, couldn’t get the ball on a couple tip drills, blew the on-side kick by being sloppy with footwork.

    And got shafted with some home cooking. I haven’t been as fired up by an incompetent call as the Brock penalty since the Super Bowl.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    For me, it’s not that they lost but how they played on the way to the loss. There were fundamental breakdowns all along the way; tackling, containment issues, procedural penalties, drops, fumbles. If the very basics aren’t being established now, then when? These aren’t things that can be added to a talent laden roster (which they clearly do not have) at some point later. Fundamentals are the basis for which all success, or lack thereof, is grounded. On that level, very disappointing.

    Okay, that said, there were some good things. As soft as the defense played (embarrassingly so) they never quit. They were game until the end, which is encouraging. Hass looked good as did his receivers. (Big ups to Obo and BMW.) Forsett continues to impress. Thurmond had a very nice game.

    It couldn’t be clearer that interior o line is the weakest part of this team, as Bobby said. Pitts is gutting it out and Andrews is straight up poor, at this point. If there is a bigger need on this team than interior linemen (guards specifically) I’d don’t know what it is. They are simply not able to open holes and establish any running game, at all. They won’t be contenders until that’s corrected.

    As I said, there are some good thing to build on here, but there were just too many lapses in the basics for a competent NFL team to be committing, IMO.

  11. I believe by ’12 that Tate will be right up there with Okung, Thomas, and Thurmond (who will crank it up in ’11) with respect to this rookie class. It’s the type of draft that turns franchises around. And that’s not even mentioning a guy like the Chancellor of Kam (who I have been impressed with in his limited opportunities), Wilson, or McCoy.

  12. “It couldn’t be clearer that interior o line is the weakest part of this team, as Bobby said. Pitts is gutting it out and Andrews is straight up poor, at this point. If there is a bigger need on this team than interior linemen (guards specifically) I’d don’t know what it is. ”

    Agree. Going into the season I’d thought that picking up a DE was the top draft priority. Now, I think we need to add at least two O-lineman via draft and free agency. You do need to be able to gain a yard on a run play, even when the other team knows a run is coming, and we don’t even come close to that right now.

    We still have to figure out the QB future – but Hass’ play the past two weeks (now that he has some pass protection) makes me feel like he’s got another year or two left.

  13. Kicking the FG near the end of the game was the right call. It took it from a 3 score game down to a 2 score game. You know that goal line plays aren’t your forte at this time, so take the sure-thing points. Then try to get the ball back into the hands of your offense, which has been moving the ball up and down the field pretty well, and get a few more non-4th down shots at getting across the goal line.

  14. nidhighe says:

    If we had gone for it instead of taking the 3 points and didn’t make it, people would still complain about Carroll’s decision.

  15. Regarding Hass, I think Seattle should re-sign him and ALSO draft the future QB. Letting Hass go could come back to haunt them, especially if he signs with the Niners or Cards. He may not have a strong arm, but he’s accurate when he has time and his receivers get open. I’d love for him to retire as a Seahawk.

  16. I would agree with the FG call if the ball wasn’t so darn close to the end zone. But I think it’s easy to second guess it. Sometimes the coach has to go with his gut.

  17. freedom_X says:

    I have not noticed penalties being a big problem for the team. They were sloppy this game, but I haven’t noted it as a year-long problem. Every team is going to have a couple games a year where they look sloppy – you only hope you’re playing a schmoe team when that happens.

    I didn’t notice many drops this game – so you could see what is possible for the QB when the protection is there and the receivers catch the ball consistenly. Breakout game for Obomanu.

    Under Mora they were consistently sloppy the whole year, but I don’t get that impression 10 games into the Carroll era. In fact, I think they’ve tightened up things a lot. Didn’t the broadcast say Seattle hadn’t had a roughing the passer penalty called all year? IMHO, they still shouldn’t have had one.

  18. GriffinNW says:

    Brees picked us apart all day -Expected this
    Hass throwing pretty well day against NO -Didn’t expect this
    Saints 3rd/4th RB running over our D – Didn’t expect this
    Not being able to run the ball – Expected this

    The bad-
    Their backup RBs and TE and huge games against us. Anyone else think “wow I wonder what the score would have been with their starters”
    We cannot run the ball. We have to be the worst red zone offense in the league, its embaressing.

    The good-
    Hass is gelling with BMW real hard, and that’s very good. We need to get #17 a new contract. Obo is stepping his game up and that is important to have another WR for Hass to go to.
    Pass protection did well, allowed us to get in position for field goals….

    Screw getting a qb, draft an Oline so we can run the damn ball. So very frustrating.

    Go get em next week boys!

  19. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t think kicking 3 there was right. You need TDs in that situation and it doesn’t get more opportunistic than at the 3. It’s significantly easier to get into position to kick a FG than score a TD.

  20. Southendzone says:

    Not too upset at the result. Saints have a legit, talented offense and home field advantage.

    Pretty pissed at that roughing call on Raheem Brock at 1:30 left in 1st half, that was pivotal. You have the feeling that if we get the ball back there after a 3 and out we are going to go down for AT LEAST 3 points before the half. Huge turning point and I didn’t see anything like late or helmet to helmet.

    Strongly agree with the FG late in the game. You need 3 scores and it doesn’t matter what order you get them in. Lots of things have to happen to win the game at that point, you have to check off the 1st thing before you can move on.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    The Brock call was awful. Terrible call.

    And no, it does not matter in what order the scores come. But it’s unlikely there are going to be better opportunities to get a TD. The TD is the hardest of the two (FG or TD) and you have to get one at some point, regardless. Different philosophies.

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