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Final: Saints 34, Hawks 19

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 21, 2010 at 5:56 pm with 32 Comments »
November 21, 2010 5:57 pm
Seahawks linebacker Lofa Tatupu tried to bring down New Orleans receiver Marques Colston, (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky).

No one really expected the Seahawks to compete in this one on the road against the defending Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints.

So the final score — a New 34-19 win by New Orleans over Seattle — should come as no surprise. Check out the final stats here.

Still, the defense looked overmatched again facing a talented quarterback in Drew Brees.

Seattle again gave up chunks of yardage in the running game on defense, as the absence of Colin Cole and Red Bryant is taking its toll.

And Seattle continues to struggle on third down — both in getting off the field on defense and extending drives on offense.

So with Seattle at 5-5 and still on top at NFC West, what are your thoughts with where the team sits with six games left?

Do you like their chances to hold onto the lead for the remainder the season?

What are your thoughts on Marshawn Lynch and the two fumbles, and how should head coach Pete Carroll deal with that moving forward? Leon Washington replaced Lynch in the starting lineup for the rest of the game.

The Seahawks also have some injury concerns, with Marcus Trufant suffering a head injury and Mike Williams suffered an injured foot and left the game in the fourth quarter. Both those players will be evaluated further on Monday.

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  1. Despite the terrible defense, it might have been a lot closer if not for two Lynch fumbles (not to mention the drops) and the questionable roughing the passer call on 3rd down.

    Definitely worried about Trufant and Williams, but the secondary was getting carved up even when Trufant was in the game. At least Hasselbeck’s playing pretty well.

  2. freedom_X says:

    They’re still in the driver’s seat. They have 4 home games left with 6 to go. AZ had the easier schedule in the 2nd half but they’re punting it away. St. Louis has only 2 home games left.

    Seattle just has to stay healthy and not lose anymore key pieces. Hope that the law of averages manifests itself.

    I wondered how Lynch avoided fumbles with that never-say-die running style. Carroll should do nothing special. Put him back in as normal and play like normal. He only pulled him because, if it wasn’t Lynch’s day, a 3rd fumble could have negative reprecussions to his psyche, and anyway they were in passing mode due to the big deficit. The worst thing Carroll could do is to limit Lynch’s touches next week if they are in running downs.

    They can’t afford to lose Trufant. Thurmond is not ready to start yet. I think he’ll be better next year after this valuable experience, and another year to get his wheels back to 100%.

    The offense won’t be any better in the red zone or in short-yardage until the O-line can block with more authority. They aren’t moving anyone off the line. I wonder if a traditional fullback would help them. Carroll doesn’t believe in that, but having a Strong or even a Weaver paving the way would be nice combined with Lynch. Not sure if even a healthy Robinson is a true fullback who can blow open holes in the 2nd level of the defense.

  3. williambryan says:

    if Mike Williams and Okung are healthy I like the chances to win the division a lot. It may be at 8-8 but so be it. I thought the tetam competed really well and the game was closer than the score indicated. I know its been reported but the referees certainly didnt help at all and that was particularly dissapointing because i believe Mike Carrey is the best referee in the NFL. But again I like the teams chances. Hasselbeck has forced me to shelve my calls for Whitehurst so thats a great development. I think the biggest thing that is keeping this team from being able to win these kinds of games is the loss of Red Bryant. I hope he comes back just as strong next year and the team finds a capable backup. I like Balmer inside as a backup but not at that end spot.

  4. This was about what I expected, although the game was far more competitive than I thought. I felt like up until the middle of the 4th, SEA really could get something going and make a run for the W. The onside error really pulled out the head of steam I felt they had.

    I feel hasselbeck did an excellent job beating the secondary that’s ranked #1 in the league (but then again, when you played MIN, SF, CAR, ARI, TB, CLE, and CAR again, you’re going to have pretty good passing defense numbers.)

    Didn’t like the run game, and Marshawn Lynch definitely had a lot to do with the L, but you can’t point fingers, especially with the defense not being able to stop anything.

    I still think Seattle is very vulnerable to the big play.

    I hope Williams and Tru can come back next week, they’re a big part of the team. I also hope Colin Cole can come back next week, as do most of you. And I’d gladly give Red Bryant my knee if he needed it to come back.

    Realistically, I honestly think this team has a chance at a 10-6 final campaign. Their toughest teams come to SEA to play, and I think they’re for sure going to lose to TB (decent team, in TB).

    ATL@SEA is another possible L.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    I can’t blame Ivory’s success on the absence of Cole and Bryant. He was hit at or behind the line too many times and still managed to pick up yards, simply because they couldn’t get him to the ground. Way to many tackles at his shoulders rather than his mid section and lack of wrapping up.

    Lynch had a tough game, no getting around it. How to handle it? Feed him the rock next week against KC. Give a young and talented back the opportunity to show Carroll that was nothing more than a bad game, not a pattern. I’m certain no one feels worse about his performance than Lynch.

  6. Also, there’s a VERY good chance NO comes to SEA for the first game of the NFC playoffs, no?

  7. I think Lynch will be fine moving forward. The only thing I’m a bit surprised by with him is that he doesn’t seem to hit the right hole often enough. With that being said, there’s so many times there isn’t any holes that it’s driving all of us nuts.

    I was actually happy that he dropped one of those passes. I thought he would have lost a couple of yards had he caught it. But the other drop cost the team 5-10 yards. And the fumbles certainly sucked too. Everyone has bad games, and for now that’s what I’m going to chalk this one to; simply having a bad game.

    Obviously, the Seahawks are in the drivers seat in the NFC West. They lead the division and have 4 of the next 6 games at Qwest. There’s no reason they won’t be hosting a play-off game.

    Moving forward, I think we need a “real” fullback too. Mainly, I want someone who can lead block and play special teams. I don’t care if he can catch or run, but I want someone who can come in in some situations and mash some heads for the RB in short yardage situations (if the formation calls for a FB). I am so sick and tired of seeing John Carlson lead blocking for a RB in some situations that I can puke. Carlson is a fine player but he can’t be asked to do things he’s not good at. It makes no sense. We need someone who can hit the hole hard and take somebody out (in addition to the interior offensive line improvement that we need moving forward — as discussed on the previous blog topic).

    Think about Lynch (or any of our RBs) in short yardage; he has terrible interior OL play with a so-so Center and two horrible guards. Sometimes he gets a bad blocking “FB” in front of him too. Is there any wonder why we can’t gain a yard when we need to? Nevermind the marshmellow RT gets pancaked backwards several times per game.

    When I criticize the guards, as some have mentioned, I respect the heck out of what Pitts is trying to do as he keeps gutting it out when he’s clearly not 100%. Can you imagine how much worse it would be if his back-up (whoever the heck that is nowdays) were starting? I shudder at the thought.

    Oh well, another year, another year of us fans complaining most about our offensive line. The more things change, the more they stay the same. It was my #1 worry in ’06, ’07, ’08, ’09, and why should ’10 be any different?

  8. GriffinNW says:

    With how the pass game is gelling, I would contemplate shelving the Kolb/1st round qb talk. If we had a line that could allow us to run the ball, we would be looking at a way more positive situation, even with Hass.
    I have great confidence PC and JS are gonna do work on that line.

    I have my head up after this game. We passed all over them. But settling for FGs cuz we can’t run is killing us.

    We REALLY need Tru and BMW back this Sunday. I have a bad feeling Tru will miss a week, much like Hass and his concussion.

    TB and ATL seem like our toughest games coming up. The rest I feel like we got a shot at winning.
    A season later I did not think I’d say this, but we got a shot at a playoff run. Though we will be the worstt team in it… Any Given Sunday!


  9. bulldog80 says:

    Hass played very very well, and for the second week in a row. He has impressed me. Whatever the difference has been, they need to keep it up.

    I agree with some of you that the run defense would reflected better if they’d just simply tackled better.

    On Lynch, for me the honeymoon is over. He’s shown nothing positive except the ability to carry tacklers for 4 yards. Hell, a good fullback can do that. What he has shown is an incanny ability to run into the back of his offensive linemen, rarely hitting an available hole, very little elusiveness, consistantly dropping passes, and now, fumbling the ball. Now I know why he was odd man out in Buffalo.

    Those fumbles were devstating today. They both killed excellent offensive drives.

  10. I would have laughed at anyone who said this before the season, but at this point BARRING INJURIES I expect them to win the NFC west & lose in the first round.

    I think it’s time to give up on the Lynch experiment. I’ve been hearing from day 1, “that’s the most underrated 30 yards a back has ever gained in a game!”. Problem is I don’t think Lynch has ever rushed for more then 40 yards in a game as a Hawk?

    While it’s possible that NO ONE could consistently get many rushing yards with this line, we have got to try to establish a run game. I’d suggest go with either Forsett or Washington with Lynch relegated to the 1 yard power run role. OR…… since we pretty much don’t have a fullback (Timmay, thanks for losing Weaver….), go with Lynch as FB along with either Forsett or Washington.

    My other thoughts: the officiating was the worst I’ve seen this year & the d-line has turned from an asset to a huge liability with the loss of Bryant.

    Oh………………… & LEARN TO TACKLE!

  11. I suspect the real answer to how the Matt situation is going to play out will come down to how much PC wants him back. It’s appearing that along with Lynch, Whitehurst was a huge waste of draft picks; I’d rather have Seneca as backup.

  12. SeahawkFan12 says:

    I think people are a little too “trigger fingered” on Lynch.

    bulldog80: “He’s shown nothing positive except the ability to carry tacklers for 4 yards. Hell, a good fullback can do that.”

    Yeah, except that none have for us in a long, long time. And Lynch has been credited by teammates for lifting the attitude to a tougher, edgier one. I’ll take that.

    Am I disappointed that Lynch had a lousy game? Absolutely. But to pin the loss on him or say “the honeymoon’s over” is idiotic.

  13. Rotoworld reports that Mike Williams has a sprained foot.

  14. SeahawkFan12 says:

    And I’m so glad the Hass-bashers have shut up, at least for this week. It was getting old.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby, you bring up a good point; a fullback. This team could really use one. I remember asking Eric about that a couple weeks back and he basically said they’re not really in Bates’ scheme. Bates ought to rethink that.

  16. bayareahawkfan says:

    Best thing about this game was that, for a second straight contest, Matt and the rest of the passing offense took a step, and seem to be starting to come together. I didn’t expect them to win this game, and the way the D missed tackles was certainly dispiriting, but in the other losses they’ve suffered so far this season, I feel like they were just pathetic on offense.

    This felt as if, but for a couple of terrible drive-killing fumbles, they had a really good shot at keeping it close – matching NO score for score.

    Now of course there are a lot of things they need to improve on offensively – run the ball effectively, and score touchdowns in the red zone – but this is the progress I’d hoped to see this year, and which is really what I’m going to measure success by, as they rebuild.

    With BMW, Obo, Stokely, and Matt, it’s finally like this team is gaining an identity offensively, and that something other teams are going to have to start game-planning around. And that should open up other things for us in the final 6 games, hopefully.

  17. There’s got to be some guy out there who can’t run at the NFL level or who can’t catch passes at the NFL level but can kick some ass as a lead blocker in short yardage situations and can contribute on special teams; some 1-trick pony who can do one thing well. I don’t blame the team for letting Schmitt go because I never thought he was much of a lead blocker as a FB. He certainly didn’t block in the NFL they way he did at WV.

  18. I wasn’t able to see much of the game today, will catch the reply online, but I did see the 4th quarter offensive goal line stahl.

    Wanting a FB is right. Robinson might have helped a little, but he’s not really a blocking back, and our need for one has been demonstrated every week.

    Bates needs to put together a jumbo offense for those goal-line and short-yardage situations. Okung and Stacy Andrews are the only two linemen we have who can run block. Either Andrews needs to pull and join Okung in opening a hole, or they might just need to move Andrews to LG next to Okung so that we can open a running lane there when we need it.

    The O line has done a commendable job with getting healthy and pass protection, but the short yardage rushing failures are just unacceptable. At this point, its on Bates to fix it.

  19. bulldog80 says:

    “Idiotic”? A little harsh. I didn’t “blame” the loss on him but he sure bears a big part of it. If you think around 40 yards a game is enough you’re entitled to your opinion. The FACT is, that he’s underperformed every game. I’m not just looking at this game only.

    I am expecting to get a little more from Lynch than we’re getting.

  20. Pretty good game. Some bad calls and a few oops (bad tackles, DBs knocking each other out of plays, fumbles, etc), but generally well played game. Thrills and disappointments – memorable.

    SEA’s D isn’t good enough to stop NOs offense yet. NO’s 1st drive ended in a punt, but their next 5 (5:37, 4:38, 4:06, 0:54, & 2:42) each ended in 7 points. SEA defended NOs last 3 drives OK, but by then NO had the game well in hand. At least Lynch’s 2 lost fumbles didn’t cost SEA any points – they just didn’t get SEA any points.

    Coverage. Disappointing. Both NOs & SEAs passing offenses played well. 4 of NO’s 5 TDs were passes (Colston-2 & Meacham-2). Don’t really know how the Hawks DBs we now have could have defended the pass much better, but when 2 DBs simultaneously hit a WR, make a rule to have the starboard DB go high and the leeboard DB go low.

    Run-D. That was disappointing too. That’s gotta improve – else KC’s Jamaal Charles (5-11/200) and Thomas Jones (5-10/220) will have their way with the Hawks again next Sunday. Ivory carried 23 times for 99 yds. Lynch carried 7 times for 36 yds. If Lynch could get the OL to block for him – imagine what he could do if he got some cut blocks outta the OL. Hawks gotta get a way to pound the ball in from the 1-2 (for 1st dns, but more especially for TDs). We got the RB, now fix the OL’s run-blocking.

    Obo caught a TD. The other catches – it would be nice if the non-catching receivers could help block downfield to help the catching receiver get further downfield (or into the endzone).

  21. Lost in the shuffle…

    Okung played well and stayed healthy for the entire game!

  22. We went from Holmgren coached teams to one of the most penalized teams in the NFL. That is a problem.

    This wasn’t Lynches first bad game. And, so far I think he’s only had one really good game….I’m not ready to release him, but it sure won’t hurt to give Leon more carries.

    I would blame the run blocking more but Forsett seems to still be having some success.

    We do need a smash mouth Fullback. What happened to Owen Schmidt…he’d be better than John Carlson blocking…if they want to use the TE as a blocker, perhaps play one of the other TEs.

    Obo is a legit WR.

    They need to add certain types of penalties to the up for review.

    David Hawthorne was incredible today.

    Stokely was a brilliant signing.

  23. williambryan says:

    I think there are a lot of things to feel good about. WE have to remember that winning the nfc west wasn’t even in the conversation this offseason, especially with all the roster turnover. Clearly Seattle is not as good of a team as NO and I think if the hawks did everything right they still probably lose that game, but I think thats ok. They are the defending champs and will make the playoffs. But Hasselbeck is back, and there are a lot of good individual performances in this game and the year in general (BMW, Obo, Stokley, Okung, Thomas, Clemons, Jennings, and even Curry has come out to play recently) . I think with a few additions, namely on the Oline, this team should be able to dominate the west next year. unless the rams get some playmaking WR’s then it will be a race with them. But again, this team is obviously on the right track.

  24. bulldog80 says:

    Schmitt is in Philly too. Took Weaver’s place when he got IR’d. BTW, it sure likes like Tapp has bulked up.

    The lack of a short yardage game is really killing our red zone offense. We’ve settled for a lot of field goals the last couple of games.

  25. i said it in the chat room (as tastydonuts) and i’ll say it again: this was a good, no, a very good game for the hawks. you’re talking about a talent-starved, rebuilding hodgepodge of a team with major injuries – including a QB with a broken left wrist and a left tackle just getting back from his 2nd injury of the season – and an abysmal track record on the road. going up against the defending champs at home after a bye week with the most accurate QB in the league on fire, and a pretty good defense to boot. there were some sloppy tackling and bad breaks but really, you were not going to beat drew brees today. other than the lack of TD’s, which surely is something we can work on, matt put up numbers that were every bit as good as drew’s. think about that for a moment.

    i really couldn’t see why people were so worked up in the chat room, calling for this person or that person’s head. of course a win is the ultimate goal, but all things considered i was pretty content after this one. and apparently john morgan @ field gulls agrees with me.

  26. freedom_X says:

    I had offered that Seattle was making fewer mistakes than the Mora team, but that isn’t true from the penalty aspect. Seattle’s bottom 3rd in that category (around 22nd in penalties, both in number and yardage.) There isn’t a super strong correlation with penalties and W’s though, with several 7-3 teams below Seattle and Buffalo at #4 overall.

    I do believe they are making fewer mental mistakes, but that’s subjective. If you count all the dropped passes, then you could argue the Mora teams were better there too. But my subjective feel is fewer blown assignments.

    As for Lynch, some of the comments really puzzle me. Sorry, Seattle already tried Washington and Forsett. They thought that worked so well, they traded picks to get Lynch. I can’t believe that people have that short a memory that they suddenly want Forsett back. I guess it’s true, the backup is always the most popular player.

    Forsett works best as a counterpunch and 3rd down back taking people by surprise. That’s where he’s getting his boom or bust runs. Every game (except maybe this one) Lynch has amazed me with his ability to make positive yards even after getting hit in the backfield. Forsett would have negative yards on half of Lynch’s carries, that’s how bad Seattle’s O-line run blocking is. A couple games ago, he had the greatest 8 yard run I’ve ever seen, breaking at least 5 tackles starting in the backfield then carrying 4 guys forward for another yard or two.

    Lynch’s tremendous drive after getting hit is what made me surprised he hadn’t already coughed up the ball a lot. That’s when most fumbles happen.

  27. nidhighe says:

    I’m disappointed by the loss, but it still left me feeling very optimistic about the future.

  28. “Forsett works best as a counterpunch and 3rd down back taking people by surprise. That’s where he’s getting his boom or bust runs.”

    I remember people talking in the chat about how Forsett can’t do anything when he was the main starter/player before the Lynch trade. Yeah, it’s easier to get more yards in passing situations (when J-Force is on the field). I’m not choosing sides because I like both RBs (actually, I like little Yoda more but I’m sticking up for Lynch here).

    Looking forward to two games at home these next two weeks!

  29. “As for Lynch, some of the comments really puzzle me. Sorry, Seattle already tried Washington and Forsett. They thought that worked so well, they traded picks to get Lynch. I can’t believe that people have that short a memory that they suddenly want Forsett back. I guess it’s true, the backup is always the most popular player.”

    You are completely right. Lynch is obviously our most talented back – and one bad game doesn’t erase what we’ve seen in the other games. And if people think that his bad per carry average in previous games is a reflection on his abilities, then I’m not sure that they’ve been watching the games.

    If I were coach, I’d look to get him plenty of carries against KC.

  30. Dukeshire says:

    marcyun – I agree with virtually everything you said. However, as a point of clarification; as one of the “head callers”, understand that was based on a hypothetical situation that the reality of yesterday’s events only resembled.

    I couldn’t be happier with Carroll and the job he had done, to date. But that does not excuse lapses in fundamentals. Those can’t be tolerated, regardless of injuries or any other issues surrounding the on field talent.

  31. orbeavhawk says:

    Whatever happened to TACKELING by wrapping up the runner’s feet insteat of his head or upper body – hated to see Ivory with 2-3 Hawks on him and he is continue to make more yards because none of the defenders is dealing with the runner’s legs and/or feet???

  32. J.Forsett 8 carries 10 yds, 1.3 avg 9 long
    M.Lynch 7 carries 36 yds, 5.1 avg, 17 long

    Not knocking Force, but Lynch did better with fewer carries. Get the OL to run-block better.

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