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Carroll: Okung likely out for Cardinals’ game

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 12, 2010 at 2:13 pm with 64 Comments »
November 12, 2010 2:13 pm

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said after practice today that offensive tackle Russell Okung had made some strides this week but did not get as far as they had hoped he would come, an indication that the team would likely have to play without the Oklahoma State product on Sunday at Arizona.

“He’s not quite right,” Carroll said. “He didn’t get enough work for us to be all excited about him. He’s close, though”

Okung is listed as questionable on today’s injury report, but Tyler Polumbus likely will get the start for Seattle at left tackle on Sunday.

It would be Polumbus’ fifth start this season, not bad for a guy who was cut by the 2-6 Denver Broncos during training camp.

“Ever since I’ve called him Troy he’s been pretty good,” joked Carroll, who referred to Polumbus as Troy during the first few days the Seahawks picked him up in a trade with Detroit. “He’s kind of bounced back. He’s really been a significant part of stuff, and his flexibility being able to play on both sides, too.”

Carroll said Matt Hasselbeck was fine coming back from the concussion this week and will start on Sunday.

“I know he’s really pumped up about playing,” Carroll said. “And we’re happy to have him back.”

As far the rest of the injuries for Seattle, defensive tackle Colin Cole (ankle) and receiver Golden Tate (ankle) are out. Although Tate was moving around practice much better today and looks like he could get back on the field next week.

Offensive guard Mike Gibson (ankle) is in a walking boot and is doubtful, along with fullback Michael Robinson. Neither player practiced today.

Linebacker Lofa Tatupu (knee), running back Marshawn Lynch (thigh), receiver Mike Williams (finger) and tight end Chris Baker (foot) were full participants in practice and are probable.

Receiver Brandon Stokley (calf) was a limited participant in practice and is probable. And defensive end Raheem Brock (back) did not practice, but is probable for Sunday.

Carroll said the team just decided to rest Tatupu most of this week because he’s a little banged up, but he’ll be ready to go.

“We wanted to just try and manage him and protect him as much as we can,” Carroll said.

Notes from practice
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  1. well, cr-p. i’m almost starting to see things chuck easton’s way .. . . i guess these were both more than just your garden variety ankle sprains, but it is very frustrating not to have a key guy for this particular game.

  2. I’m guessing this is just pure speculation on this writer’s part:

    Scroll down re his two cents on CW’s future.

  3. This is such an important game for us that I’d be nice to get Okung back for it. At the same time, it’s tough to rush a young guy that you’ve got that much invested in into the line-up before he’s ready. I understand and support why they aren’t going to play him (but I’m still mad he won’t be able to play—although, again, not the fault of anyone in particular).

  4. Words can’t express how disappointed I am that the injury bug is still plaguing my favorite team. I had hoped that the problem had been solved with the arrival of our new strength & conditioning coach. But this year has seen the same kind of crippling injuries we suffered in the past two seasons.

    I don’t know if it’s the Field Turf, the Curse of the VMAC, players being pushed beyond their skill level, or just plain bad luck. But I sure hope we’ve seen the last of it.

  5. bird_spit says:

    Maybe its the winning or maybe its the contrast of style, but all I can say is, thankfully we don’t have Mora as coach.

    Hawks will give great effort with most of the team back. I suspect AZ has a huge edge because Hawks are coming to their house to play.

    If the Hawks get the luck of the bouncing ball, Hawks win. Truly wish Red was playing. This will be a great test of the DL. I expect them to play 80% base 4-3. It would be great if Hawks can jump out with a lead, so they can bring the heat.

    Can this be the game that Curry decides to bring his brain? Could some one slip him some cognitive enhancements please?

  6. BobbyK… a big “AGREE” from here….. So want Okung back for this game… This is a huge game!
    We win Sunday, and the Card’s are pretty much gone from the division competition! I know, I know! Not mathematically, but it’s not like I’d even bet a Kool Aid on their chances if they lose this week to us….
    Big, big game this week!

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Eric, did Gibson hurt his ankle in practice this week?

    That is disappointing news regarding Okung but not unexpected. More wishful thinking on my part he’d be ready, but Polumbus will be a welcome addition. He and Pitts are serviceable at worst.

    Very good news about Tats. Can’t have him out.

    “…Could some one slip him some cognitive enhancements please?” lol, that’s great.

  8. bird_spit,

    I defended Mora to the bitter end, but I have to agree. We’re far better off with Coach Carroll at the helm. The difference between his post-loss press conferences and Mora’s is striking. Carroll is always ready to accept his share of the blame, Mora never was. They both tend to use a lot of coaching clichés, but that’s a huge difference right there.

  9. GriffinNW says:

    Russell Oden out again, great…

    I guess it is nice to see such OPTIMISM about this Sunday’s game, but you guys are really downplaying the Cardinals.

    I hope Sunday ends with a W in the Seahawks favor though.

  10. Sigh. No Okung = No Beast Mode. Good luck doing it all on your own, Marshawn.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    While it is disappointing they are still banged up, I have to say most of them are sprains and the like. Not muscular and back injuries, which is a “good” thing, to me. Sprained ankles and contusions, etc… are unavoidable, but so many of the injuries that plagued them before seemed to indicate a conditioning issue, at least to me and generally speaking. (Trying to find a silver lining.)

  12. MrFish – “I don’t know if it’s the Field Turf, the Curse of the VMAC, players being pushed beyond their skill level, or just plain bad luck.”

    Well, we have a new training staff this year, and if you watch replays of the two plays where Okung was hurt, both cases were the same: a clumsy 300-pound teammate fell on Russell’s ankle. I’d call that bad luck, Seahawks-style.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t see anyone downplaying the Cards, I read people trying to find the positive within the Seahawks situation.

    And Russell Oden? Fail. Oden’s chronic knee is genetic. Ankle concerns pre-draft aside, a 270 TE rolling up on your leg is not in the same realm. (Besides, there is no need to saddle him with that. I’m unreasonably superstitious when it comes to these things. Sorry)

  14. freedom_X says:

    I think though that players that can stay healthy, aren’t merely lucky. They might be more agile and alert, and able to avoid getting injured when there’s unwanted traffic around their feet. Or they instinctively know how to fall and twist to minimize damage.

  15. It looks like Vick and the Eagles may be on the verge about talking about an extention. There have been some recent rumors.

    With that being the case (if true and it happens), don’t be surprised if Kevin Kolb is the starting QB for the Seattle Seahawks in 2011.

  16. If T.O. is as much of a problem as he was last year and so far this year, let me say that I’d be okay with signing him (as I wanted this past off-season) while our young 6’3 WR develops (whoever that may be… I have a feeling it’ll be a 1st or 2nd round pick).

    Our offense this year would be quite a bit different/better (even with the horrid state of our OL) if we had a guy like T.O. on the outside. I know he’s not the deep threat he once was (although he’s still doing it a bit) but he is one thing that ALL of our WRs are not — a legitimately good/decent NFL WR. Butler will improve and I still expect Tate to be a good player for us… they simply need to get older, smarter, and in the case of Butler; stronger.

    He doesn’t seem to be that same guy he was. He was well behaved on a terrible Bills team and the same for a bad Bengals team too. Imagine how good he’d be if he were on a winning team (something he’d help turn the Seahawks into). I fully agree with this rebuilding thing… but most R WRs don’t make impacts in the NFL and if we draft that big WR this year it’s not like he’s going to make game changing plays for us right away, but at least he’ll be on the team and developing for when it’s his time.

  17. I know Duke would lead the charge to sign T.O. :)

  18. I wouldn”t mind Kolb or T.O. as Seahawks. they will both improve our team. although i am lukewarm on T.O. but hey, if we need to get him and Kolb while we wait for a decent trade/draft of a tall, physical QB and at least two tall WRs, one 6′ 4′ with blitzkrieg speed (Mike Wallace type) and a 6’5″ tall, big tough WR (something Mike Williams could be?). imagine that added to Tate & Butler. but as said on here many times before. it will all mean nothing if we don’t draft/trade for at least 2 good pass rushers to keep our D off the field and 2 to 3 great O linemen to keep our Offense moving and scoring (duh). I am totally fine with Forsett, Lynch and Washington, even frickin’ what-happened-to-me-this-year-Carlson. our DBs will be fine. LBs are fine. so we are really (in my opinion) only about 6 or 7 playmakers from being excellent. heck, if even 4 of those 7 are above average, 2 are pro-bowl and 1 complete superstar would be perfect. i am nto greedy. shouldn’t be impossible. hard but not impossible. we can only hope….

  19. Dukeshire says:

    Actually, it seems like the only time(s) he’s been a disruption is while on contenders (aside from his first 3 seasons in SF over a decade ago). With due respect, Schneider / Carroll passed on him once, I don’t see any way they reverse course next season. If history is any indication, the better the team, the bigger the headache he is. Of course he can play, but he’s not coming to Seattle.

  20. Dukeshire says:

    LOL, funny you posted that. Just as I was writing… lol

  21. “I don’t see anyone downplaying the Cards, I read people trying to find the positive within the Seahawks situation”

    Exactly…. especially after the last two weeks of play…. two tough games to watch, if a Hawks fan….. Big game for the division this week, but clearly a huge game for showing we’re still competitive…. which was the biggest hope for many of us at the beginning of the season….

  22. I’d be okay trading our #1 to get Kolb and a swap in the 2nd round (ours will most likely be a better 2nd rounder than that of Philly) to make the deal attractive enough.

    But if you go out and get a Kolb, we sure as heck better go out and get him a playmaking WR.

    To go another year with our slop at WR would make the QB acquisition look like crap. I won’t even talk about OL b/c I’ve said it enough (and am sure to say it again).

  23. GriffinNW says:


    You think JS and PC would be the leading teams to make a push for Kolb? How many years does he have left on his contract? I’d love to get Kolb in Seattle, young talented QB is what we need moving forward. Are there any indications Seattle has eyed him with the new regime though?

  24. Griffin – Yes. There have been reports that this regime would want/welcome Kolb. Here’s one:

  25. I would like to see us trade for Kevin Kolb to solidify the QB position for quite a few years. Pabs would be happy because we’d have a younger player, one with a stronger arm, and a guy with some escapability (kind of like a young Matt Hasselbeck). And if the Eagles are serious about signing Vick to an extention, then you that Kolb will be available. The Eagles aren’t going to pay Kolb over $10 million next season to sit on the bench if they also give Vick a big, new contract.

    I would like to see us sign (at least) one of the good OL FAs available. Preferably Saints LG Carl Nicks (not just because he played at Nebraska:)

    And to sign T.O. and draft a 6’3 WR that Mr. Happy wants.

    I think that taking care of those things would actually make our defense better than if we didn’t upgrade those areas and added a pass rushing DE instead.

  26. Seahawks2620 says:

    I am absolutely sick of hearing Carroll classify injured players as “close”. They are always “close”, but are never right. I believe Carroll has been calling Mebane “close”, since the first week he sat out. I know it is part of the game strategy, but it is getting old. Okung needs to suit his ass up, this game is crucial. I’m gonna laugh when this offensive line gets raped on Sunday.

  27. Dukeshire says:

    There is a long way to go before we find out how serious the Eagles are about re-signing Vick. Kolb has another very modest year, salary-wise left on his deal so I highly doubt they are anxious to cut him loose.

    T.O. will not become a Seahawk. They had a chance to get him before and passed.

  28. Why don’t we just IR Okung and have him start fresh next year? I had one a few years back, pretty severe. Doc said i would’ve been better off breaking it. It would heal faster.

    Just IR him, instead of this weekly OL soap opera drama.

  29. All i hope for on Sunday is that we get out of Doucheville with a win. if it’s by 3 points or 14……i don’t care. just win baby. just win.

  30. finman22 says:

    @Mr. Fish- I don’t know if it’s the Field Turf, the Curse of the VMAC, players being pushed beyond their skill level, or just plain bad luck. But I sure hope we’ve seen the last of it.

    I have a theory about this. I believe it stems from choosing to do training camp at VMAC than in the heat in Cheney. It just seems to me that when they had training camp in the heat, the following years had fewer injuries- i.e. its all about the conditioning. Consider those teams back east- The Packers, Vikings, Bears who have to practice outdoors in heat and humidity. They have enough money to construct air conditioned practice facilities yet they practice outdoors. Why? Because practicing in the heat increases endurance, loosens muscles, tendons and ligaments (I should know I took an Army PT test in Pennsylvania at 9 am when it was 90% humidity and my muscles never felt that loose before).

    I think management has a part in the spate of injuries, and I would be curious to see someone come up with some correlation to confirm my suspicions. If it is proven to be true, the question should be raised- do the Hawks save money by practicing at home, or risk increased injury and a worse record by not practicing in the heat? I would hope if the correlation does exist, they move training camp to someplace hot so they can become better conditioned. If their conditioning is affected by the heat of training camp, and other teams practice in the heat, guess where that places us? Behind the power curve.

  31. vichawkfan says:

    welcome to the Dukeshire/Bobby K blog. Please get these guys on the TNT payroll….love the stuff.

    Joking aside….the o-line health, or lack of thereof, is stunting the Hawks. For the love of Jezus – Mr Okung, do what you need to do….I would write 500 words, but don’t have the time.

    Eric – awesome job man.

  32. The Packers probably league the league in key injuries. Some of our injuries have happened on the road: Big Red in Oakland, Tate in Oakland, etc.

    Some guys like Pitts starting the year (knew he wouldn’t be ready) and Hamilton were health risks coming into the year so we really can’t complain about them.

    To think the NFL wants an 18-game regular season is a joke.

  33. Dukeshire says:

    I agree. And how about the guys that don’t miss time with injuries? Just the usual bumps and bruises that already take the entire off-season to recover from?

    The league wants to reduce the head to head collisions because it cares about the players health just enough to add 2 more regular season games to the schedule. Keep them healthy enough to get more money out of them, is what it amounts to, from where I sit.

  34. Amen, Duke….my thoughts exactly….

  35. chuck_easton says:

    6 go. 30 no go.

    One out of every six quarters is better than zero I guess.

  36. yellaman says:

    hello fellow bloggers, I was looking over the scedule and see that the hawks have the next 2 games away then we are home 4 out of 6 of the remaining games. So I ask the question- If the hawks lose the next 2 road games,( Could happen) How will they finish the last 6 games of the season? I predict a loss at AZ and New orleans in the coming weeks which would lead the team to a 4-6 record. Can the hawks win 4 of the last 6 to finish @ 8-8? I see that goal attainable. Now if the 8-8 record wins the division that will remain to be seen but that would at least get us in the discussion and would give the team momentum for the playoffs or even next year I believe. All of this could change with a victory Sunday but I’m trying to prepare myself for another rough outing. I would really like us to find 5 guys on the Offensive line who could stay healthy enough to grow as a unit. I haven’t seen it since the 2005 team ( Superbowl) Ruskell didn’t do this organization any favors with his draft selections and now I’m wondering why we didn’t draft Sanchez 2 yrs ago instead of a mediocre player in curry. ( I was one of those idiots who sided with curry- my mistake) Some forward thinking would have been helpful to this years team. Hass is a FA at years end and I just don’t know if he is going to return ( or if the team wants him) The O Line is in shambles and injuries are a constant problem for this team. As a fan I’m at my wits end with injuries. I know injuries are a part of the game but I down see it affecting other teams as the hawks ( maybe I’m wrong) Okung has been hurt by his own teammates twice this year, unger who should be our starting center is out for the season( ruskell pick), Pitts wasn’t healthy when we got him, spencer is a 1st rd pick who doesn’t get it done (Ruskell pick), andrews should be our starting RT and Lock has digressed to a below average player ( Ruskell pick). I’m sick of this lines play and RB Lynch shouldn’t have to work so hard for a freakin yard and hass should not be getting pressure like he does. I’m sorry for the rant but I’m just sick of players under performing and getting away with murder( pardon the expression) because it is ok. Well it is not ok. Lets hope for some good fortune on Sunday GO HAWKS!!!

  37. Fix the OL.

  38. chuck_easton says:


    Not to burst your rant or anything but

    Locklear was drafted in 2004 he’s not a Ruskell pick.

    Spencer is and should be our starting Center right now. He’s our most consistant lineman this year.

    Unger couldn’t beat Spencer out for the starting Center job or he would have been there at the start of the season.

    Aside from that rant on.

  39. Looking forward to watching Chester Pitts play a whole game at LG. (God Willing!!) We have not had a solid starter at LG since left for Minnesota. Please, Chester, FerGawdSakes, lock down the LG spot and stay there awhile!!! I’m begging you!!!

    (sorry guys, its been a long few seasons for an O line fan)

  40. Wow, spooky. The blog mysteriously omitted (the name of the left guard who cannot be mentioned here) from my above post. The Curse of (the name of the left guard who cannot be mentioned here) continues…

  41. Shout Out to the AZ bloggers and those going to the game. FINALLY… landed some tix on TicketTriangle. Ebay were a be otch! … Headed your way minus a parking pass. If you’d like to meet up give me your location and I’ll do my best to find ya.

    Damn Okung being out. We need this game in the worst way. I remember last year thinking if we could beat AZ we would still be in it. The eternal optimist. But we should have won that game. Housh was incredible. Force broke the century mark. WILSON SUCKS THEN and Again.

  42. yellaman says:

    Chuck thanks for the correction but I still stand by my comments on Spencer Although you say spencer is our most consistent lineman ( does not say alot) I see the steelers drafted a center ( Pouncey) last year with there first pick and he has done wonders for that teams running game ( ranked 12th) I know Spencer was drafted 5 years ago but is he ltruly a eader to this teams O line? Like his predocessor (Tobeck) was? I remember last year against the Texans they kept blitzing right up the A gap and blowing up hasselbeck at will with spencer sitting there eating a ham sandwich ( figure of speech) and this teams truly is week in the middle of the O-Line where what u know spencer is case in point the raiders game. I just can’t root for spencer or locklear anymore until they prove something to us as fans. Oops another rant on the keyboard I better stop but thanks for the correction

  43. Dukeshire says:

    I’m going to make a general comment / suggestion knowing that it will be met with criticism; For the betterment of the reader can we make an effort to apply basic grammar and punctuation to our posts. I apologize if this comes across as “grammar police” or any other moniker one wishes to assign, but it is really difficult to get through some of these longer posts. And good points tend to be lost or otherwise dismissed as a result.

    Perhaps it’s just me, I battle my own dyslexic tendencies, so if it is only me, feel free to ignore. But a period and especially paragraphs aren’t too much to ask, IMO.

    In any case, I know how these things go, so go ahead and let me have it now. Thanks.

  44. Ok,Duke, I’mgonna tryan spell everthing out ferya real sorryabout all the run on I know It reallly annouyes some of us this blog but wut can you do when you are texting wile driving 75?

  45. Dukeshire says:

    BTW, that wasn’t directed at any specific person (yellaman, although it may appear that way).

  46. Dukeshire says:

    Thanks Stevo, you’re a mench.

  47. yellaman – the rants against Chris Spencer here get really old. I know you are not the only one and are just taking up where some other anti-Spencer rants leave of (yeah I’m lookin at you, Bobby :) but seriously, there are at least a half dozen starters on this team that deserve to be called out, criticized, or cut. Spencer is NOT one of those, he is one of a handful of starters who consistently does his job for this team.

    Comparing Tobeck to Spencer is not an apt comparison. Yes, Tobeck was a leader (in his 12th and 13th seasons in the league). Robbie Tobeck was a very average OG who failed to distinguish himself in his first five years in Altlanta. After seven years, he was continuing to improve and got himself a contract in Seattle where he was soon playing next to the best LG in the league and the best LT in the history of the sport. He was joined by an league-MVP running back and a super-bowl worthy QB, and then, in his TWELFTH YEAR, Robbie got voted to the pro bowl for the first time.

    Chris Spencer’s first five year have seen him play with an injured shoulder, injured back, and broken hand. He PLAYED injured, didn’t just sit on the bench or on IR, which is the reason for most of the poor games he’s had. In the 2008 season, Spencer’s back was so sore that tying his shoes was excruciating, but he played every game through November. In 2009, Spencer broke his thumb, put on a cast, and kept snapping the ball. We ran of 164 yards in one game while he was blocking with a broken hand. When he couldn’t snap anymore he moved to guard and kept playing. Compare that to Max Unger, now on IR with a sore toe. Compare that to most players and I would say that Chris Spencer is the kind of tough-as-nails SOB I want on my team.

    Right now, Spencer is getting a good LG to play next to him for the first time in five years. Once Okung and Pitts get healthy playing well next to Spencer, Chris will finally have the chance to show what kind of line leader he can be.

    And, Duke… sorry about the lack of punctuation my friend. I know how that freaks you out. ;)

  48. Agree re Spencer – I don’t see him getting beat the way the other guys do, and he’s not called upon as much in the run game.

    If Pitts looks good, then we can focus on the right side of the line this off-season. BTW, was watching some of the Hawks-Bears game earlier this morning (just to make myself feel better), and it really can’t be overstated, how good Okung looked against Peppers. You can just tell that he’s by far the best athlete we have on the O-line.

    When I look at the actual plays on which he’s been injured this season – I really do think it just comes down to bad luck, which sometimes comes in bunches. He’s going to be very good for us for a long time.

  49. Spencer sucked in his early years. I don’t care about injury after injury after injury AND in the rare case that he was healthy too. He was an equal opportunity sucker. I care about on-field production. And he sucked. There’s no getting around that. He and Rob Sims were two of the most worthless side-by-side starters (not some crappy reserves who start due to injury) about 3-4 years ago that I can ever remember. Just because Spencer is having a somewhat solid year this year doesn’t mask that he flat out sucked for years.

    With that being said, Spencer is having a good year. As was alluded to, he has been our most consistent OL but, again, that isn’t saying much.

    LT – Revolving door. Nobody has played there enough to be consistent although Polumbus has exceeded expectations when he’s played.

    LG – One guy goes down for the season another one comes in. No time to be consistent when we’re going with three different starters. I hope/expect Pitts/Okung to form a solid wall starting next week on the left side.

    C – Spencer

    RG – Asking a guy like Andrews to be Mr. Consistent Ironman is foolish. We traded a future 7th round pick for him to, most likely, provide depth (at least early on), so we can’t expect a Pro Bowler. Take a guy like this and add him late in training camp and it’s tough to expect him to come in and fit right in. Nobody could have predicted the Unger injury though.

    RT – Locklear — he’s Rob Sims/Chris Spencer of ’06/’07 worthless this year. Unbelievable.

    What position can even claim they have been consistent besides Center? Maybe consistently crappy.

    So, saying Chris Spencer has been our most solid lineman is like saying Pee Wee Herman has the most athletic ability today of Jim Thorpe or Babe Ruth (because they are dead).

    Still, Chuck is right about Spencer. I just can’t go an entire post and say something positive about Spencer or my head might explode (like I’m sure pabuwals’ did when I made a pro-Matt Hasselbeck comment the other day).

    Spencer is no longer the weak link. Up to this point he is a rare strength. However, he is set to become a FA and with only so much money to go around I will be perfectly fine if we gave Unger the Center position and upgraded other areas. I think a 5th year Max Unger is going to be better than a 5th year Chris Spencer with respect to the Center position.

    Ryan Kalil is also set to become a FA this off-season. I’d much rather have him than Spencer. Mr. Happy coached him at USC too.

    If we do resign Spencer, I certainly won’t be mad though.

    Personally, I don’t believe anyone on this blog would b!tch about our OL for years if we could sign Carl Nicks, Ryan Kalil, and resign Pitts (I doubt he’ll command a big contract due to age) to compete with Unger at RG next season. The loser would provide this unit quality depth. We could do a lot worse than having Polumbus as the weak link at RT (although in a truly perfect world we’d get an upgrade at RT too). I think it can be done with money left over.

  50. Whew! Is my memory correct or just getting old? Wasn’t it about this time last year that Spencer was being bashed over and over???? Post after post was calling for his replacement???? Guess I’m just gettin’ older (all the time) ! Lol!

  51. chuck_easton says:

    Yes Spencer has been our most consistant OL this year. But unfortunately that equates to being the fastest turtle at the pet store.

    But truth is Unger couldn’t beat him out all spring. Unger couldn’t beat him out in camp. So I think we can safely say that, for now, Unger is not our starting Center. If he were a better Center he would have been in there prior to his turf toe injury.

  52. The difference between Unger and Spencer is that Spencer is at the age where he’s in his prime. Unger will get there.

    That’s why Butler is a starter over Tate (he has an extra year of experience to the point where coaches feel more comfortable with him now). I don’t think the staff envisions Butler to be better than Tate in ’12 though.

    That’s my only point with Unger/Spencer. He may be better now (or in training camp) but I don’t see it when Unger gets closer to his prime (of which Spencer is at now).

    Same with Kelly Jennings starting over Thurmond this year. I think by next year that Thurmond will be ready to start him even if Jennings is kept around (I believe he’ll leave in FA and the FO won’t put up too much of a fight to keep him).

  53. Dukeshire says:

    If Unger were a rookie like Thurmond and Tate, I’d be more inclined to buy what you are selling. But I’d be rather surprised to see Unger fill any role other than RG or backup C / RG moving forward. I love his attitude, but I question where he fits in, moving forward.

    Of course we’ll know a hell of a lot more after the draft.

  54. You’re right IB. Welcome to the annual Chris Spencer Bashing blog. Never ceases to amaze me.

    I see no reason why Schneider would fail to re-sign Chris Spencer this offseason, except that other teams will try to sign him if we wait too long. I don’t think Schneider would dare lose any of the three of four best O linemen we have.

    As for Max Unger, I thought we were talking about UPgrading our O line for next year? Unger isn’t an upgrade. Carroll would not have put Unger on IR for a toe injury if he thought Unger was clearly better Gibson or Hamilton. Unger should compete for a backup roster spot next spring, that’s all. Schneider needs to get serious about the RG position in the offseason, and there should not be room on our roster next year for guys of his caliber, or Gibson, or Hamilton.

    But quality centers are hard to find, so if Spencer stays healthy I expect he’ll get a big contract this winter.

  55. All I’m saying is that players don’t generally hit their prime until year #3. In some cases it’s year #4 but, on average, a player “gets it” and performs at a high level in year #3 (QBs are more so the exception on the long end; RBs/LBs short end).

    I know I’ve said this before but there is a jump in “getting it” from year 1 to year 2. And then in year 2 to year 3 there is another significant jump to the point where they are pretty much in their prime, which includes years 4, 5… until they get to their early 30s (earlier for most RBs).

    Except Sean Locklear. He decided to go from good to suck around 27 (big contract).

    I don’t see where Spencer is going to improve but I do see it with a second year player going into his third year next season.

    If we’re going to be giving Spencer $4-5 million to stick around I’d rather go with Unger and use some of that money somewhere else (like signing a real FA guard).

  56. Stevos – Ryan Kalil or Chris Spencer. Who would you rather have?

  57. As for bashing Chris Spencer THIS year… I’m not doing it. He’s fine. What is there to not understand? And by him being fine this year, does it somehow give him an excuse for being terrible earlier in his career or change the fact that he was horrible back then?

  58. Comparing the competition of Thurmond/Jennings to the competition of Spencer/Unger doesn’t make sense to me.

    Thurmond has at least 10 pounds over Jennings and is tougher and more physical.

    Unger is lighter than Spencer with less power and less balance, and its Spencer who has proven his toughness by playing injured. No contest.

  59. Bobby, I can’t say I’ve watched Kalil and the Panthers much, but I know they can run the ball. Will Kalil be available? I’m not opposed to upgrades if they’re available.

  60. so midget f want to take me on?

  61. sorry .. not a big duke fan

  62. Dukeshire says:

    Before I ask what “so midget f want to take me on?” means, are you referring to me or Duke University or another Duke all together?

    In the event it is me… what does that mean? lol.

  63. My interpretation of Max Unger is that, at Center, he is an intelligent techician. I’m not comparing him to Robbie Tobeck but he’s more Tobeck than Chris Spencer.

    If we compare the physical skills of Spencer to Tobeck we all would say Tobeck is the lesser of the two Centers. But when we watch games, we all say that Tobeck was better.

    I have no problem resigning Spencer… I just think the mental/physical skills of Unger are much more suited for Center than Guard.

    I am so looking forward to the day when we actually have a good offensive line but I’m not going to count my chickens before they hatch. :(

  64. yellaman says:


    Bobby K has got what I was trying to say. Spencer is a great athletic specimem but he justs doesn’t play the position intelligently. ( the way he should IMO) I see spencer as a first round talent but this is the best he is going to get. Unger I feel has a better upside at the position just like I see Thurmond has a better upside than kelly jennings. Jennings has been here for 5 yrs and I see Thurmond being a lot better than him in 5 yrs. This is the same argument holds true with Unger & Spencer Go hawks beat those Cards!!!

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