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Hawks sign Losman, Hasselbeck and Mebane back

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 10, 2010 at 1:30 pm with 28 Comments »
November 10, 2010 1:30 pm

Here are some quick notes from Pete Carroll’s press conference today.

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, who missed last week with lingering concussion symptoms, has been cleared to practice and will go today.

Defensive tackle Brandon Mebane, who has missed the past month with a calf issue, also has been cleared to practice and should play on Sunday.

Russell Okung will just through individual drills today.

“We’re going to take him just one day at a time,” Carroll said. “So it’s one period at a time as he comes back out.”

Offensive tackle Tyler Polumbus (knee) also will practice and be available this week.

Tight end Chris Baker has a sore foot and will not practice. Fullback Michael Robinson also will not practice because of a lingering hamstring issue.

The Seahawks signed quarterback J.P. Losman to the active roster after losing Zac Robinson to the Detroit Lions when he was placed on waivers. Losman was in the locker room going through the playbook and literally got off the plane and came to the locker room without unpacking his bag.

The Seahawks also signed center Chris White back to the active roster.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Great news about Mebane and Polumbus. Hopefully Okung will be able to go but if not, Polumbus is the next best thing and Pitts can start at LG. And we can’t overstate how important Mebane is to the d-line. This is all good news.

    Losman makes sense. They need an emergency arm that is familiar with the offense. Unfortunately he’ll be taking a roster spot rather than being able to sit on the PS, but necessary in any case.

  2. yakimahawk says:

    Hello everyone, new member here from Yakima with a comment/question for Eric. In your Monday morning chat someone asked you about Kellen Moore and your take was that he did not have a strong arm or the arm strength was less than the staff was looking for. I have been following him through high school and now college and I can personally attest that his arm is stronger than Hasselbecks ever has been. Have you seen the deep balls this guy throws? They are spot on every time and 55-65 yards downfield. So my question is this. Wouldn’t it be best if the Hawks drafted OL DL in the 1st couple rounds then traded up to get Moore(if he comes out) rather than deal with another first round QB bust? IMO only Luck has the QB ability/mind to do really well that is projected first round pick. BTW I was at the Giants game and if anyome thinks that Whithurst in his 5th year can play QB in this league I want in on whatever ya been drinking!

  3. You won’t have to trade up to get Moore. Listed at 6’0″ (meaning more like 5’10 1/2) means that most, if not all, NFL teams will not look at him early.

    He has an arm, but NFL guys rely on the Measureables – sometimes too much. They like that 6-3, 6-4, 6-5 guys behind the center.

  4. The Lions love Seahawk players.

  5. Hass, Mebane and Polumbus! Polumbus a bonus! Give us Okung back and we will have some swagger on Sunday…..

    Really, REALLY key game for us…… on the road…. This game has the markings of a “Season Maker”… Turn the corner time for the whole franchise… Time to show who we are with an almost healthy ‘O” line…. Yes, we have other issues, but all the crappy injuries have hurt us beyond measure! I still feel PC was making ‘active’ player decisions for last week’s Giants game based on how he wanted to come into this Sunday’s game…. I continue to really like & respect his decision making….

  6. variable575 says:

    Great post yakimahawk

    I’ve been watching Moore as well and would gladly take him– even over locked. I saw their us state game, locker the runner and Moore the pure passer. Couldn’t agree or like your idea for next draft anymore than my own. Ive seen Moore throw the deep ball to, accurate in the pocket and on the move. He’s lived football as much any other person you’d talk a out drafting.

    Vote Moore for Seahawks in 2011!!!

  7. Things are finally starting to look up a bit. AZ will still be a tough game.

  8. m2mnelson says:

    QUARTERBACK IS NOT THE PROBLEM! We could have Tom Brady and it wouldn’t matter. The Oline has been poor and the WR’s are the worst in the NFL and it’s not even close.

  9. chuck_easton says:

    Great to have all those guys back.

    Mebane instantly improves the run defence right when we need it.

    Polumbus at LT can get things done and as Duke said this frees Pitts up to slide one spot over to his more natural LG position. The line looks much improved right there. I’m still not going to accept the 6 quarter LT is actually back until I see him play 2 or more full games in a row, but when he does go 4 complete games the picture I send in will at least be on par with what has been previously posted here. Something about (thanks bird_spit) me having to wear a frilly number with the #76 taped to the back. And to one up our friend from the south I WILL wear mine in the front yard. Hey the neighbors have seen worse.

    Hass gives us the chance to win now. We can debate until we’re blue in the face if/when the CW era officially begins (if ever) but I’ll take a healthy Hasselbeck if we want any chance this Sunday.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    m2mnelson – The only problem with that is when you’re rebuilding, you don’t assemble the other positions first then add QB later. QB is almost always the most important piece in building a winner and should be brought into the fold as soon as possible.

    In addition, a great QB makes everyone around them better. Look what Rivers and Manning are doing on teams with significant injuries or otherwise missing pieces.

    And of course o line is important, but you don’t need 5 future HOFers up there to run a very successful offense. But of course they must be capable, at the very least.

    Make no mistake, how Carroll / Schneider address the QB position is the single most important question surrounding this franchise moving forward. And by forward, I mean the moment this season has ended.

  11. You’re right about Manning/Rivers making others look good but Matt/Charlie have nothing around them. Nothing. Rivers has one of the best TEs in the history of the NFL to help mask his injury situation at WR and Manning has a guy in Reggie Wayne who is still in the prime of his career and has a long history of chemistry with the QB. I am in no way saying Matt/Charlie are in the same stratosphere as Manning/Rivers, but even in their situations, it’s still not anywhere as horrible as what our QBs/RBs have to deal with thanks to the lack of talent around them.

    For the record, I’m good with adding a QB with our 1st round pick. That’s the most important position on the team and needs to be solidified for the long term.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    Your right, of course. Both those teams have more talent than the Seahawks and it’s not close, but the general point stands. Seyi Ajirotutu and Jacob Tamme aren’t exactly household names. But in any case, you know what I was getting at.

  13. IdahoHawk says:

    Kellen Moore is only a Junior. I would be totaly shocked if he left BSU early. So you wont see him until the 2012 draft. That being said he is a hell of a QB.

  14. bird_spit says:

    chuck_easton –

    LOL dude.. I want to see that picture almost as much as I want Okung back. We need Duke or someone to book that deal, just to make it more official.

  15. I’m still laughing at all of the footballs being taken by al Qaeda. :)

  16. Duke –
    I know the QB is the most important position, and that if there’s a QB with the potential to become elite, you take him whenever you can. But I’d also like to have an OL that limits the amount of dents our shiney new QB gets before he gets rattled so bad that he never reaches his potential. That also takes a good OL coach. K.Warner was in AZ for awhile with good talent around him and the Hawks still beat him with Matt and DJax, Engram, et al. It wasn’t until they got the OL players and Grimms got them working as a fairly good unit – then K.Warner to Fitz, Bolden & Breston became unbeatable (for the Hawks, anyway).

  17. Another season/ another topic, But ya got a Moore supporter here too…. I’d like him to take care of the ball a bit better, but I’m expecting maturity will resolve that… I expect he will be someone’s franchise QB….

  18. Dukeshire says:

    Chuck / bird – Let’s say for argument that Okung doesn’t return until the Saint game. That would put him in line to play his 4th in a row on Dec 12th vs ‘Frisco. Perfect. Chuck, you’re up in Canada now, right? A frilly little number in the middle of December… I love it. I will be anxiously counting the games. Consider it “booked”. lol

    Bobby – lol…

  19. Dukeshire says:

    klm008 – Agreed. I didn’t intend to devalue the importance of the line. Not at all. The last thing anyone wants is a David Carr / Joey Harrington situation. (Their respective talent or lack there of not withstanding.)

  20. Kevindot1 says:

    Hasselbeck still has a couple good years left in his tank. But we do need to start thinking about the next long term QB.

  21. LT – Ray Roberts (any year)
    LG – Rob Sims of ’07.
    C – Chris Spencer of ’06 or ’07 or ’08.
    RG –
    RT – Sean Locklear of ’10.

    I am trying to assemble the worst possible starting line of regular starters possible (this eliminates back-ups who were forced to start like Kyle Williams of last year).

    Did I miss a regular starter who was downright worthless? Who would “man” that last position (RG) on the “All Worthless” OL in Seahawk history? Maybe Cris Gray of ’06 or ’07?

  22. bird_spit says:

    You can’t nail Chris Gray for being well into retirement mode, and the GM didnt step up to replace him. He was the best we had at the time.

  23. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Kellen Moore will be a stud in the NFL. Take it to the bank.

    Luck is great, but Moore has some special qualities few QBs possess. I live in Boise and have the privilege of seeing him play every week. We have season tickets, so I see how the man operates on the field and on the sideline: true leader, true student of the game (coach’s son), and an accurate CANNON for an arm.

    Draft Moore and watch him progress into a world-class, elite NFL quarterback.

  24. variable575 says:


    With the looming holdout maybe Moore will stay in, but when you look at some of the talent, recently, that decided to comeback for their senior year it kind of backfired for them, ie Locker, Mays. Moore taking a backseat to Hass(resigned) for two years would be a nice project for us. Anyhow, one can dream can’t they.

  25. Losing Zac is too bad, better to develop him than take a chance on some first round gamble next year.

  26. yakimahawk says:

    “Kellen Moore will be a stud in the NFL. Take it to the bank.”

    100% agree!! And with a projected 3rd round plus draft staus! Done Deal!! Unfortunately for all the BSU fans Moore is a red-shirt junior and will acedemically graduate this spring ( he is a brain) and the rumblings out of Prosser is it may be his last year there. The only thing that keeps him there is the prospect of throwing deep balls to his brother for another year..Could be wrong but I think he comes out early!

  27. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Yakimahawk, right on brother!

    I think you are spot on, and probably will stick around another year. BUT, if variable’s scenario came to fruition: “Moore taking a backseat to Hass(resigned) for two years would be a nice project for us. Anyhow, one can dream can’t they.” you will not hear my crying!

    Go Hawks!!!

  28. ruminator1 says:

    glad to see losman back even though it is almost certainly just for this season.

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