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Confirmed: DB Pinkard to active roster, Robinson waived

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 9, 2010 at 9:34 am with 30 Comments »
November 9, 2010 11:29 am

Brian McIntyre is reporting that according to a league source the Seahawks will activate defensive back Josh Pinkard to the active roster this week. Pinkard is a USC product who played for Pete Carroll while with the Trojans and has endured three, major knee injuries during his college playing career, including last December, which is why the Seahawks placed him on the reserve/non football injury list to begin the season.

UPDATE: The Seahawks confirmed that these moves today.

But Pinkard became eligible to come off the list after Seattle’s sixth game of the year and has been practicing both at cornerback and safety. At 6-1, 215 pounds, the Seahawks like his size and versatility.

In order to make room, the Seahawks reportedly released offensive tackle Breno Giacomini and quarterback Zac Robinson. Both players were signed to the active roster on Saturday because of depth concerns at their positions. If both clear waivers they will likely be added back to the practice squad.

The move to release Robinson is a good sign that starting quarterback Matt Hasselbeck will be cleared to resume practice this week.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    I would like to see them re sign Robinson to the PS, should he clear waivers. Regardless of the QB position future, I like having one on the PS simply because it the most important position on the field and it’s wise to have a developmental project. In addition, you have someone in house that is familiar with the system in the event of injury.

    Is that 11 DBs on the roster now? And they’ve got a lot of big bodies back there, as well.

  2. John Clayton has written Whitehurst off as the QB of the future. Says the Seahawks must draft a QB early and mentioned Locker. I have my doubts that Carroll will take any QB available seeing him pass on Claussen Of coarse he already had Whitehurst, which is still the case. Has Carroll abandoned Charlie after one outing? Interesting scenario looms end of season as Hasselbeck will no longer be under contract. I see Philly locking up Vick long term in the next few weeks. If so, Kevin Kolb could become available this off season.

    Regarding the season – the loss of Red will be felt but the return of Mebane should bring an significant boost. I’m also holding out hope for the return of Okung. Behind him and Pitts the ground game should reemerge. Hass deserves such luxury after the beating he took in Oakland.

  3. chuck_easton says:


    While the idea of Kolb sounds intrigueing I don’t see Philly parting with anything less than a 1st or possibly 2 second round draft choices for him.

    Not saying that’s impossible but the pricetag will likely be steep. Remember Philly signed Kolb to a lucrative longterm contract before this season. They won’t just give him away.

  4. bird_spit says:

    If Kolb is available, then it should be steep to get him. I can see AZ, SF, and SEA going after his services, for that matter half the league.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    Actually, Kolb is only under contract through next season. The signing bonus was fairly big but his base is modest. $715,000 this year and $1.4 mil next. I think it’s fair to say that if they lock up Vick, Kolb will be on the block. Either from the Eagles or his own demands.

    Quite honestly, I have no idea what to expect from Carroll / Schneider regarding QB. Hand it over to CW next year and don’t re-sign Hass? Or re-sign Hass and go through this again? Will they spend a high pick on a “franchise” QB? Another trade? It’s unsettling to not know how they view the position, long term.

  6. Duke beat me to it

    Kolb contract
    4/29/2010: Signed a two-year, $12.25 million contract. The deal, fully guaranteed, included a $10.7 million signing bonus. 2010: $715,000, 2011: $1.392 million, 2012: Free Agent

    I think they will pursue Kolb but to what extent. He clearly has more value than Locker for a 1st. Hass could then be on his way. But then again, should Hass go on to finish this season with quality numbers and lead the team to a victory or two in the playoffs.

  7. Management over reached with Whitehurst. He couldn’t break out of the number 3 QB slot in San Diego, and we panicked at the idea of not having a backup. 5 years and not playing is too many. I think what you want in a backup is a guy to not lose the game. CW throws the ball like he is pitching a baseball. Wind up and throw. Telegraphs right where it is going. He needs to have a quicker release, from his earhole, like Peyton Manning. Even Matt has better form. Hass gives us the best chance to win now, and until we get another QB with actual game experience, he should be the man.

  8. Ewalters7354 says:

    After one game against a good defense you write the man off.Smh..that’s a shame.If i can recall right,Matt had a poor first career game also.I like and believe in Charlie.Receivers need to help though.

  9. bird_spit says:


    I agree. His long and midrange ball is not the powerstroke of a 1st class QB. His short throw is kind of odd, and unbalanced. I think I see why he is inaccurate, though I am not an expert on throwing mechanics. I think I like him as a backup though. He does have a presence in the pocket, and seems to have pretty good command (from what little we can tell) of the offense. Can a QB this age increase his accuracy? That is the 10 million dollar question.

  10. variable575 says:


    Of course the Giants are good. That doesn’t matter. CW couldn’t make the easy throws and he had a relative easy time in the pocket, until he decided to panic and run out of it for no reason. And like it’s been said already, the guy was stuck at 3rd string for 5 years for a reason.

    There’s no comparison to Mathew who was brought into the league as a starter in his mid 20’s showing why we traded for him. CW on the other hand, going on twenty-freakin-nine, showing why we shouldn’t have traded for him.

    Matt gets sacked 8 times and hit 20. “oh matt sucks, bench him”.

    Charlie, no sacks, 2 int., missed throws that a high-school kid could make and it’s, “It was a tough team and the receivers need to help…..waahhh wahhh waahh”.

    Don’t fight it, put some talent around Mathew, and he will jog your memory as to why he’s relevant in this league still. CW will show you why he isn’t.

  11. jboard1 says:

    Agreed 100% with variable. my questions is, let’s say CW was not acquired how he was with all that money. let’s say PC picked him up off the waiver or a small trade. Would he still be around like Teel, Lossman etc? Is the only reason he is still around because of the $$ they spent on him. I think that is the case.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    Actually, I think he has a fairly quick release. Quicker than Hass. But accurate? Clearly (Sunday and preseason both), not terribly.

    I’m not an expert on throwing mechanics either, but his look pretty compact and sound to me. And mechanics aside, I think improving accuracy is very difficult, especially once the body has matured. So my guess is no. He may learn to read defenses and look off safeties, etc… still, but at this stage, I can’t imagine him developing a knack for pin point control when he has yet to demonstrate that, even in college, consistently.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    Variable – I’m still very curious what you mean by this – “What we might be seeing are the ill-affects of the roster turnover. It is finally catching up to us now when it should have happened sooner. It makes complete sense.”

  14. boycie99 says:


    Put some talent around Mattew and he will jog your memory

    Is this the same Matthew who has only thrown for 2 TD’s in 1 game this season
    The same Matthew who holds the ball way too ,ong and then roles over like a baby whenever anyone gets close
    The same Matthew who cannot roll out of the pocket and gets happy feet
    The same Matthew who despite being a vet consistantly overthrows receivers
    The same Matthew who cannot lead this O to achieve anything this season
    The same Matthew who has consistantly been outplayed by opposing QB’s this season including Rookies
    The same Matthew who is done mentally and physically
    And the same Matthew who is ranked the 3rd worst QB in the league on stats

    Cant wait to get him back


  15. variable575 says:


    Just that. A lot of roster turnover usually results in loses(especially in the fashion experienced these past 2 weeks) as do injuries. I’m talking about the hawks here and looking at what they’ve done throughout OTA’s, the “second draft”, letting vets go, picking up new ones, and during the season at that. Injuries have forced are hand in some situations and talent in others, and some just are inexplicable. But it’s such a fresh group I think it plays a part in why we see a lack of resilience and being embarrassed at Qwest the way we were on sunday. That’s all.

    Sometimes less is better( I know a lot needed to be done this past off-season though–I don’t disagree with that). I wonder if this season ends up being a 5-6 win season, do we see another liquidation sale again in the name of competition?

  16. variable575 says:

    you got me there, boycie.

    nice simplification of a complex problem………………*****awkward silence*******

    But wait, did you say “overthrows receivers”? I thought it was an issue of no strength, “get rid of him, he’s a weak…………wahh wahh wahh”. But now he’s overthrowing receivers. You forgot to plug in his third down conversion stats.

    yeah, you’re right………..put CW back in……

    Some people are acting like franchise QB’s are a dime a dozen. I can’t argue with that kind of stupidity.

    You bet Matt would jog your memory and more so if he had a team to play with. Maybe that will never happen though, it’s starting to look that way–I doubt they resign him. However, you never know and guess what, Matt will not have to learn a new playbook if he came back, imagine what that what means and the ensuing affect it would have on his production.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    Okay. I guess I see it a bit differently, that all the movement was necessary to get the “best” talent in the fold while the core of this team is still being assembled. That is, I don’t see how less turnover helps make them better. I presume as Carroll / Schneider move forward, we’ll see less as less turnover as they acquire the players they want to build around. But this year is as much about deconstruction Ruskell’s B.S. as it is about building up, as I see it.

    And if I may, a “lack of resilience”? I’m not trying to pick on you, but that is something I would have said about last years’ team, not this. They didn’t get their asses handed to them back to back weeks due to a lack of resolve, IMO. It was a lack of talent. That is a significant difference.

    But in any case, I was only curious and a not trying to instigate anything here. Thanks.

  18. CamasMan says:

    The roster shakeups weren’t as extensive as they feel. Most of the horsetrading was done in the bottom half of the roster.

    Let’s start with the offense. We kept our QB, RBs (getting Lynch later and finally dumping J. Jones), TEs, center, the right side of our line (Unger now on IR), as well as our second string receivers. Housh was the only big name to go (aside from FA Burleson) before the season started. Branch went later, and I’ll take Lynch for Branch any day.

    How about defense? Clemons was the one new guy on the line as we kept Cole, Mebane and a re-tooled Bryant. Our LBs were unchanged. We still have Tru, Jennings, and Milloy in the secondary.

    Most of the trades affected special teams, aside from our kickers – and ST is the pride of the team.

    The bigger problem has been injuries – especially on the o-line. Even with all the trades, we weren’t able to bring in starting-quality depth across the board, and it hasn’t allowed players to build that sixth sense about what their teammates will do.

    The good news is that some of our injured players are coming back. We’ve hit rock bottom and are poised to bounce back. If we can win one of the next three (Cards and Saints on the road; Chiefs at home), we’re still in this thing.

  19. SandpointHawk says:

    @ Camasman
    “hasn’t allowed players to build that sixth sense about what their teammates will do.”

    Exactly the problem. Well said.

  20. variable575 says:


    I’m in agreement with you for the most part. However, I think even with injuries, we were talented enough to make it a better game(I’m sure you’d agree). The giants are a talented team but not a team that can go command 41-7 without a lot of help.

    I’d have to say it was lack of talent(as you say), but definitely about resolve as well. Without going to deep into this, I’ll use Trufant(very talented) as an example. He never stepped up and got things done. Sure there wasn’t a lot of pressure and Manning put up some nice ones, but Tru could have/should have rose to the occasion.

    I think there were many who have the talent to on our team to rise up, who just lacked the resolve to do so as it slipped away quickly. Not for a win but a more competitive game. Actually, I’ll say the OL was the only part of the team that did elevate their game.

    lol, what the hell are we even talking about now?

    Another note, Does anyone know if Dockett is injured? I thought I saw him go down on sunday. That guy is the biggest prick in the NFC west.

  21. RE next season’s QB situation,

    I think there are two things we can expect from Schneider and Carroll. First, Whitehurst will be back and be given a shot at starting since they paid a lot for him. Second, Whitehurst will have stiff competition, and from more than just Matt. No free rides on Carroll’s roster. Yes, I’m hoping Matt will be back, but more than that I’ll be hoping they draft QB in first round.

  22. Cornutt says:


    Condescending posts are a great way to prove your point…well done sir.

  23. Variable, our “OL was the only part of the team that did elevate their game”? Well, they did a good job of protecting the QB, I’ll give you that. But the past two games were the poorest excuse for run blocking we have seen from our line all season. Coach Gibbs would have fired the whole O line all after those games. I think that changes this week with Okung in, Pitts back at guard, and Gibson back to the bench. I think the O line will now start elevating their game, running the ball, and making us forget all about last week.

  24. variable575 says:


    Condescending posts………that could be said of all who posts here, get off your horse, bro.

  25. variable575 says:

    totally agree, stevos.

  26. Cornutt says:

    Naw, I disagree, but whatever boosts your ego dude.

    I don’t condescend, I don’t ride horses, and I’m not your ‘bro’.

  27. Dukeshire says:

    variable575 – I’ll agree that it’s fair to expect established veterans, who figure to be apart of this “program” moving forward, to set an example by their play on the field.

    “lol, what the hell are we even talking about now?” – I think were just trying to get a handle on a team that has been out-scored 74-10 in their last two games.

  28. variable575 says:


    I’m sorry I disappointed you with a few condescending posts. Does this mean you’re done printing of all my posts and taping them to your wall? I hate to lose my number one fan……………

  29. Cornutt says:

    Yeah, you really did dissapoint me. I’ll barely sleep tonight.

    So if you don’t mind, why don’t you pedal your tricycle back to whatever trailer you came from. Mommy’s getting worried.

    …………… FTW

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