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Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 9, 2010 at 2:10 pm with 19 Comments »
November 9, 2010 2:10 pm
2010 Stats Seahawks Cardinals
Record 4-4 3-5
Total Yards Gained 2,090 2,048
Total Offense (NFLRank) 261.3 (30) 256.0 (31)
Rush Offense 83.6 (29) 87.9 (28)
Pass Offense 177.6 (29) 168.1 (31)
Points Per Game 16.3 (31) 19.6 (T20)
Total Yards Allowed 3,065 3,126
Total Defense 383.1 (27) 390.8 (30)
Rush Defense 112.6 (19) 135.1 (28)
Pass Defense 270.5 (30) 255.5 (27)
Points Allowed/Game 22.6 (T20) 28.1 (28)
Possession Avg. 26:45 25:54
Sacked/Yds. Lost 22/130 28/191
Sacks Made/Yds. Lost 21/134 18/133
Interceptions By 6 9
Penalties/Yds. 54/483 50/422
Punts/Avg. 48/43.1 44/43.3
Turnover Differential 0 (19) -7 (T25)
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  1. pabuwal says:

    Looks like 2 of the worst teams in the NFL battling for 1st place in the NFC West and the eventual first NFL 7-9 Divisional Title.

  2. The Cardinals have a solid OL and good WRs.

    We have, IMO, a solid QB situation (I’d take either Matt or Charlie over any of their guys) and no supporting cast (although both teams are fine at RB).

    Moral of the story… QBs need players around them to be good and a good line and good WRs can’t make crappy QBs look good.

    Put Matt Hasselbeck on the Cardinals and you’re probably looking at a top 12-15 offense (upper half of the NFL).

    Instead, both offenses, as they are, are pathetic.

  3. pabuwal says:

    Bobby – do I have to name the large number of QBs that have been great this year behind average to below average lines? Not to count Eli Manning and Big Ben who will be missing 2+ starters from the OL in the coming weeks.

  4. Bobby, the Cardinals do have great WRs, but I think they have a “solid OL” in name only. Our OL performed as well or better than theirs in our last matchup. Their O line is on the decline and ours is building up. If Okung plays, I say we will have the better O line this week.

    Now our WRs…. well that’s another story…

  5. No, pabs, I’m sick of talking about the QB position with you.

  6. “If Okung plays, I say we will have the better O line this week.”

    I don’t know – Locklear will still stink, Andrews isn’t much better, and Pitts looked ok, I guess, for one game (it’s hard to tell when your offense is held to less than 200 yds). I doubt AZ would trade their line straight up for ours.

  7. variable575 says:

    In two weeks we go from 2 or 3 top ranked rush defense to 19th………..I wonder how easy it is for Okam to slide in and play effectively this next week, perhaps a question for you Duke(in all seriousness).

    Also, I really hope to see Mebane come in and play a solid week.

  8. We’ll see pdway, as you know, O lines operate as a unit and improve as a unit. Our line will finally play in the lineup the coaches wanted back in week one.

    Pitts was out of position at LT last week, but he allowed no sacks. Locklear and Andrews can be as good as Locklear and Gray were in 2005. And while Okung-Pitts-Spencer isn’t exactly Jones-Hutch-Toebeck (lol) those are three talented players in a row and once they learn to communicate and play together it could be the best line we’ve had in a long time.

    Drinking the O line Kook-aid here! But what else is there? :)

  9. I know, I’m with you – and if we get our key guys back, I do feel ok about our chances on Sunday, despite the abysmal last couple of weeks. AZ’s offense scares nobody. Note that they have 8 TD returns this year – which has kept them in a lot of games where their offense was held to very little.

  10. “No, pabs, I’m sick of talking about the QB position with you.”

    And a historic detente is reached . . .

  11. chuck_easton says:

    I’ll be pleasantly suprised if Mebane, Okung, and Matt all play this weekend.

    Odds are at least one of them will not make it. I certainly want to be proven wrong.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    variable575 – I haven’t seen him play since he was at Texas and there mostly he was inside. My initial thought when they signed him, was that they saw him as a replacement for Cole. I presume he wasn’t active last week (I was at the game and didn’t see the inactive list) because he didn’t see the field and as badly as they got knocked of the ball they could have used him.

    So anyway, my feeling is that he’s a bit too slow to play LDE as a 2 gap the way Red did (but if he is activated that’s where I’d assume he’d play) which is a shame because Balmer is a really light 300+ lbs, if there is such a thing, and they need that anchor there. Siavii played fairly well at NT for Cole and Mebane comes back this week. I don’t think we’ll see him against Ariz. but there is no question his size is appealing vs the run.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t see how they can’t get his size on the field, especially if Mebane can’t go. They have to get stronger up front.

  14. Who has a worse OL AND WR situation in the NFL than the Seahawks?

    I think the Bills OL relatively stinks but they actually have NFL quality WRs. Having a Lee Evans would work wonders for this offense. He may not be Calvin Johnson, but he’s a far upgrade from Butler too. Besides, Lynch was able to gain more yards per carry behind their terrible line that what he’s been able to do in Seattle. Part of this may have been in part because Buffalo actually have a couple of guys who can get deep on the outside.

    The Bears OL is horrible (part, I think, is Martz being a stubborn pig) but they have some decent WRs. Not good or great, but it doesn’t take much to be better than ours.

    The Charger OL is a bit so-so and their WR situation has been decimated but they still have a game changing force with Rivers being able to throw to Gates. Getting V-Jack/McNeill back make this situation fine moving forward.

    Carolina may be pretty bad, but they are being held hostage (like AZ) by their QB position more than anything. They have some good OL and Steve Smith is better than anything we have on the outside. Moving forward, I wouldn’t trade Tate for Smith… but we’re talking about production for here and now in 2010.

    Can anyone name a team with those two units being that crappy? I have looked over every team and no team has as crappy of an OL/WR combination than we do.

    All this does is make Hasselbeck, Whitehurst, Lynch, and J-Force look like they suck. They may not be Pro Bowlers (Lynch would for some teams) but it’s pretty sad knowing that we are as terrible as we are on these two units.

    It’s also been a few hours since I’ve written how sick I am about losing Big Red so I thought I’d get my quota in for the evening.

  15. variable575 says:

    Thanks duke

    informative, as usual. If Okam has the strength to match his size, it would be nice to see how he does plugging up the middle and forcing run plays to go outside(maybe asking too much). Sounds like Mebane could play……… the same way they thought okung would play this past sunday–or this sunday for that matter.

  16. variable575 says:

    Bobbyk says,

    “They may not be Pro Bowlers (Lynch would for some teams)”

    -Isn’t that the sad truth.

  17. I’ll have a glass of what Stevos is having. Okung, Pitts should be able to open things up for Lynch,

    Pab – I remember Hasselbeck having an okay year behind an o’line missing starters in 06 & 7. These past few years have gone beyond that or anything close to what Eli or Ben have experienced. The Hawk WR’s were decimated in 08 and the current corp is new for 10. Eli is working with Steve Smith, Mario Manningham and Hakeem Knicks.

    Listening to you nag on Hass has become tiresome. Carroll took a shot on CW and for the time being it is obvious that hasn’t worked out. Ideally TR would have had the foresight to draft for the future when Sanchez was available.

    “Who has a worse OL AND WR situation in the NFL than the Seahawks?” BobbyK
    Chicago sucks
    Generally teams are written off after losing their starting LT. Hopefully the worst is behind us and the line can build some continuity before entering the playoffs. Hawk WR’s will benefit from the extra time allowed to get open.

  18. IBGoofy says:

    Give us Hass, “O” , and Mebane and we win…

    Game-changer talent in that three……..

    ALL expected by ‘US” to play……

    We won’t be favored, but we will win if they play!

    None will be highlighted after the win….

    Something about what they do to help/motivate those around them…. Think about it!…………

    We will have fun this coming weekend…. What a welcome change! Cliffhanger, but a win….. duh, on the road!!! Awesome!

    Can’t wait to talk to ya all on Monday!!!! errrr, or late Sunday!!! LOL!!!

    Hawks fan = Fun rest of schedule!

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