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Hawks place Bryant, Hamilton on season-ending IR

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 2, 2010 at 2:55 pm with 69 Comments »
November 2, 2010 6:05 pm

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said during his Monday press conference that general manager John Schneider was busy making changes to this team’s roster. And Carroll stayed true to his word on Tuesday, as the Seahawks made a flurry of roster moves to keep up with all the injuries the team suffered over the weekend.

Seattle placed defensive tackle Red Bryant and offensive guard Ben Hamilton on the season-ending injured reserve. The team again released running back Quinton Ganther, who they brought back just last week because of a hamstring injury to Michael Robinson, and also cut cornerback Nate Ness.

Bryant suffered a significant knee injury against Oakland, and Hamilton left the game with a concussion, but also had been dealing with chronic knee issues all season.

Seattle also released linebacker Slade Norris from the practice squad and brought back defensive end James Wyche.

The Seahawks signed Franklin Okam to fill one of the four spots on the active roster. Okam 25, was Houston’s fifth-round selection out of Texas in the 2008 draft. He played in 13 career games with five tackles (three solo) for the Texans before being released on October 25.

At 6-5, 350 pounds, Okam likely provides depth at defensive end with Bryant done for the year.

Seattle still has three spots available to add players to the team’s active roster. Today’s transactions bring Seattle’s total to 234 since February 12.

UPDATE: Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network reports that Seattle worked out DT Hollis Thomas today, so he could fill one of the three vacant spots they have on the active roster. Hollis’ just finished serving an 8-game suspension for violating the league’s performance-enhancing drug policy.

Also, Brian McIntyre reports that Franklin Okam agreed to a two-year deal with Seattle.

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  1. What happened to Red’s knee? Torn ACL? Torn something or other? I doubt it was just a sprain if he’s already on IR.

    Either way, I’m sick about it.

  2. That really blows. Feel bad for Bryant especially, seems like he was really making the most of his 1st chance to get this kind of playing time. So the injury must be something more than a sprained knee, right?

  3. Tompage says:

    Okam provides depth at defensive end? Really? 350 lbs is pretty big for a 5-technique. He looks like a nose tackle to me.

  4. GriffinNW says:

    This is insanely unfortunate. What a bummer. Big Red was killin it! Injury obviously a lot worse than originally though.
    Ben Hamilton gone, Chester Pitts must be in pretty good shape?
    Nate Ness and Ganther gone,

    Moves must be coming with 3 spots open on the roster (they signed a DT? today).


  5. pabuwal says:

    What massive loss for the team with Red Bryant. They’ll gain something in the pass rush with Brock but it should be fairly easy to run on them now with Bryant gone.

    Sometimes teams start strong very unexpectedly like the Broncos did last year and just completely fade into the end of the year. I’m hoping a 6-10 finish isn’t in the cards here. 7-9 might even win this division with the Rams having to play most of their remaining games on the road and the Cards QB situation a huge mess.

  6. We need Mebane to get healthy yesterday so he can take up space in the middle. I assume Balmer will take most of Red’s responsibilities at end in non pass rushing situations (with Brock coming in to rush the passer)? Or will he stay inside more to split time some time with Mebane? Either way, the depth took a severe hit with losing Red. All of a sudden, Craig Terrill became more of a key figure and that’s not good.

  7. SandpointHawk says:

    Christ on a crutch. Not Red….

  8. Dukeshire says:

    When I read Carroll say something about significant time, I presumed IR. That sucks. A terrible blow to the defense and a tough shot for him personally. He really had come into his own at LDE and was a real emotional leader. Get well Big Red, we’ll ned you next year.

    Red going down puts more pressure on Curry in the run game, actually. Not a promising prospect. And I presume they will start Balmer in Red’s place, rather than Brock in base situations.

  9. bird_spit says:

    Duke wrote:
    Red going down puts more pressure on Curry in the run game, actually.

    Yeah, now is the time for Curry to earn his pay. He has to all of a sudden become the ’05 Leroy Hill. Also, the game will fall more on Lofa as well. He needs to be more aggressive in there.

    We will see what Pete Carroll is made of as well, because this defense will need a new soul to match its lighter DL.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    Looks like Seattle signed Frank Okam. Looks like Cole may miss some time. And he’s a big body in their short yardage / goal line packages.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    Perhaps I should read Eric’s post in it’s entirety. Oops.

  12. CaliSeahawker says:

    I know what I must do. Given the uncertain health situation of Mebane, and the fact we now lost big red for the season – I vow to put on a ton of makeup and pose for the camera if we can somehow beat the Giants. If this works, ESPN needs to give me a call. I mean, if Aubrey Huff and a red thong gets the front page – shouldn’t I? :-)

  13. SandpointHawk says:

    Duke the Okam signing is detailed above by Eric…Why link us to Danny?

  14. SandpointHawk says:

    Duke …nevermind

  15. SandpointHawk says:

    Cali- if this works the Seahawks need to sign you up as their good luck charm

  16. Audible says:


    I’m starting to think you’re getting a little too much satisfaction out of these bets. Is there something you would like to share with us?

  17. Dukeshire says:

    For those who wanted Seattle to give JaMarcus Russell a look, he showed up at the ‘Skins workout at 286 lbs. Does that finally end that talk? Hopefully.

  18. bird_spit says:


    I personally am starting to worry that you may finally got in touch with your fem side. I think we need something more embarrassing publicly. I mean, its one thing to cross-dress in the confines of your own home, not that I have ever thought of doing it but I am cool with any one doing that if they choose, but what about publicly? There has to be some level of risk involved.

  19. Do we even have a chance against NY, I think they are probably going to pound it with Jacobs, then after our DL gets beat down, here comes Bradshaw, here comes play action to probably the top 3 wide out core, oh yeah, then here comes the end around. Don’t forget about the 20 sacks on Hass, is he even going to make through the game? Then will CW make it though the game? I hope some crazy shit happens and the Hawks get lucky on some wild ass plays. This is lookin’ to be another BS weekend for Seattle sports fans.

  20. bird_spit says:

    After this game, maybe the snow will fly, and the ski season will be upon us.

  21. Rockyseahawk says:

    Yes I am still interested in JaMarcus Russell…………………… as a defensive end.

  22. TruBlu – I know, am kind of thinking the same thing about Sunday .. .

    But I think whatever happens, we don’t freak out as fans. If the Giants are as good as they appear – then so be it – none of us are crazy enough to think this was a title contention year. If we lose, we are at 4-4, with division wins over the Cards and Niners, and no worse than a share of 1st place. Any of us would have taken that at the start of the season. And let’s hope that the home game against the Rams (in the final week of the season) is for the division – that would be more fun than we’ve had around here in years.

  23. Hey – don’t mess w/Cali – several of us have made this a specific request. Desperate and superstitious as we are . . .

  24. I was just out on a run and got to thinking about us signing Randy Moss. I had been neutral to the speculation up to this point.

    Signing/claiming Randy Moss is what is best for now AND the future.

    If we claim Moss he will instantly make this offense better.

    If we claim Moss and he signs a big money contract with someone else after the season as a free agent, we will be the team awarded a comp. pick in the ’12 draft for losing him.

    Lets say he signs a 2 year $18 million deal with someone. That’s probably an extra 4th round pick in ’12.

    The thing that second most important after amount of money a player signs for is post-season type of awards/stats (like the Pro Bowl or 10 TD catches). Even if Moss doesn’t get a huge payday after this season he’ll still get us a good comp. pick if he goes somewhere and has 1,000 yards and 10 TD in ’11. There’s a good chance of that happening. If he were to sign a big money contract and have good stats for someone in ’11, we’re most likely looking at getting a 3rd round pick in ’12 (instead of the 4th rounder I mentioned).

    Basically, we’d get the use of Moss for the remainder of this season and a draft pick in ’12 for losing him after this season is over. The only thing we’d really give up is $3 million+ of salary for the remainder of the season.

    If we’re trying to win this year, we sign Moss.

    If we’re trying to build this team for the future, I say we sign Moss and turn his leaving in free agency into a future draft pick in which to help build this franchise.

    For me now, the decision is easy.

  25. Sorry. I thought this was on the Moss page. I’ll put it there too.

  26. Free-agent QB JaMarcus Russell (Raiders) apparently looked good during his workout for the Washington Redskins Tuesday, Nov. 2, according to NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora. Russell is being listed at 6-foot-6 and 286 pounds.

  27. ruminator1 says:

    shh kim that weight is supposed to end all this jamarcus talk according to his nibs… the films i watched of his workouts with john lucas seemed to suggest he was working hard and had lost a lot of weight. he was moving very quickly. i am not sure if that means he had ballooned way up and has now lost weight to be 286, but it seems so. if so, then no i don’t like it but also no it hasn’t ended the talk or speculation. i wonder how well he did today in shanahan’s eyes. the only comments i read from Shan after the workout seemed to say he has great talent and maybe he has taken care of other issues, maybe not. we’ll see. but now i guess we already have our answer long distance here. shanahan must be crazy ,looking at him. and just as clearly, he;s so overweight, no one will sign him. so i am afraid if he did well at the washington tryout Kim it won’t matter, such talk should be ended.
    this has a familiar ring to it. i remember suggesting that washington be brought here. nope, i pass said a certain individual then on lynch–no, never happen said that same individual.

  28. GriffinNW says:

    Do you guys really think the 15 teams ahead of us are going to pass on Moss. I feel like even if we were contemplating the signing, we wouldn’t even get the chance because a team in front of us will snag him.
    That’s just my thinking. I guess some teams don’t have the $ to spend, or want to take on the locker room problem, so it could happen, just seems unlikely.



  29. I wish I knew a little something about what he Hawks OL was sposed to be. Are they a man-blocking team that occasionally throws a cut block, or are they a zone-blocking team? What a mess.

  30. Dukeshire says:

    These comments –

    “What specifically did he do wrong?
    “I am not sure,” Russell told Showtime interviewer Josina Anderson. “I don’t know where they went wrong. But the things that did go wrong I take full blame for whatever was my fault, and the things that did happen. Being drafted No. 1 there are so much that they want you to do at a snap of a finger. It didn’t happen that way which brings us to today.”

    – tell me he still has no clue. These are not comments from a mature person who has learned from his mistakes, at least to me. What they wanted you to do “at the snap of a finger” was be dedicated and work your ass off for the millions they were paying you, at the very least. Sorry, I would hate to see him anywhere near Seattle. Get back to me in a year or so when “all his work” is actually on display with his physical conditioning (not holding my breath) Ask Mike Williams about showing people you are serious, not simply saying it.

  31. Soggybuc says:

    Damn, really sucks about Red. he was playing Pro-bowl good this year.
    one thing about this weeks game is east coast teams seem to suffer as badly when coming this far west as we do on those long east coast trips.

  32. If we sign Hollis, that means we’ve got another “win now” type of 1-year rental player.

    For an organization that so many people think is rebuilding (it is) there is definitely plenty of 1-year rentals playing (fine by me — certainly not meant as a criticism to the front office).

    I’m very curious to see the claims, if any, on Moss tomorrow. That’s one heck of a 1-year rental player to add. Too bad he’s such a moron.

  33. ruminator1 says:

    randy moss certainly doesn’t bust his ass. and from the reports of his insulting that family, no way would i want him on our team. what a.loser. you want someone here who is not competitive because? he is a role model? he will help this team grow? he will get us into the playoffs? NE and Minnesota are sending a message. i guess we should shell out 3.4 m or so and ignore it.
    on russell, did you see his workouts? read what lucas had to say about them?or what others had to say about his tryout? maybe he is a bum. that is what he has shown. maybe he isn’t bright, (a common complaint lodged against him) and he doesn’t express himself the way you want. but maybe he is dedicated, maybe he can turn it around. nah that can’t be. i mean shanahan is an idiot. he wouldn’t give someone a show, not someone who still doesn’t get it. i mean shanahan and the redskins can read and see. they know damn well whether he has been working out for 8 months, they probably watched the video i saw. they didn’t bring him in because he didn’t say the right things. i heard him say those things weeks ago. they were not exactly remorseful; they did not reflect responsibility. but what if he does continue his workouts? what if he does stay with it? then we are talking a #1 who is still young. a lot of the same things were said about MW.

    btw-p-can you say that absolutely he was not in shape? why can’t that be a lot of muscle mass? he sure didn’t look fat in the video and he was working real hard.

    what i am reacting to here is the damning of a player from afar. ‘nope. i pass’. ‘maybe after a year,’ etc etc i could dig up other “i pass” comments, but what is the sense. i don’t say he deserves a chance. i don’t know if he does. he looked it to me, a definite amateur. but i’d like the hawks to find out. you would take a chance on a cheap lowlife like moss who says he has $ and doesn’t have to eat dogshit anymore and who brings nothing to the future of this team that is positive and a lot that is negative and not on this guy who might also bring nothing but who could bring a lot if in fact he has turned a corner? chacun à son goût

  34. My favorite JaMarcus Russell story is when the Raider coaches gave him some tape to watch at home. The next day they asked him about what he had learned from it and he talked about how it was good and he learned a lot.

    The tape was blank. lol

    ruminator – you may be right, but at this point Russell doesn’t seem to understand himself what he did wrong based on some of the comments Duke already alluded to. Mike Williams got shipped out of Detroit, and then Oakland/Tennessee. There was a pattern of him not getting it in a new place (pampered self-entitled athlete). And then he was out of the league for a few years before he finally “got it.” Russell just doesn’t seem, based on his comments, that he’s fully gotten it yet. He’s saying the same things that Mike Williams probably said when he got shipped from Detroit/Oakland/Tennessee. You can get away with some players having issues, but not generally at the QB position. And you’re right about Moss being a jerk.

  35. Dukeshire says:

    Only my opinion. And if you “… don’t say he deserves a chance…” then why the hell are you busting my balls for?

    “but what if he does continue his workouts? what if he does stay with it? then we are talking a #1 who is still young. a lot of the same things were said about MW.”

    As I said before – “Ask Mike Williams about showing people you are serious, not simply saying it.” – A classic example of what hard work can do for you. Russell won’t even take responsibility for his failures, yet.

    You’re damn right we have different takes on Russell.

  36. Still trying to get my head around the Oakland game vs Hawks OL. Is John Marshall really that good of a DC? Was what the Raiders did to Hawks what Marshall wanted the Hawks to do to other teams all along? Did they even blitz in that game? Wasn’t that what us fans were displeased with about Marshall – that he never blitzed and we never got any pressure, and so the Hawks secondary couldn’t defend the pass? He sure got pressure with his DL – or was it that our OL was just really that bad? Better sit Matt vs NYG if that’s the case, otherwise he’ll get killed. If we can’t fix this OL better get a QB who can run a 4.2-40. Did anybody else get flashbacks of Jack Patera’s teams vs Raiders of old?

  37. bulldog80 says:

    I’m with you, what kind of blocking scheme are we running? I don’t see Lynch even trying to hit any cutbacks. I thought the one step cut was the bread and butter. Hell their lucky to even get a man on a man at this point.

  38. ruminator1 says:

    because you jump to these royal pronouncements. i didn’t say he didn’t deserve a chance either i just wanted the hawks to look at him. but your comments sort of rule that out. on what basis? if your balls are busted it isn’t b ecause of anything i said. you just jump in, make these pronouncements and we should all bow down and say yassuh. you haven’t seen the video obviously, you dismiss what lucas says, you don’t know whether he is being ghonest or not, but you know better than shanahan. what did you know of mike williams hard work before the hawks picked him up and gave him and reggie a chance? russell has b een workin out i think for 8 months. and it hasn’t been easy. every morning early and all day. you just mention his weight as proof of???well whatever it is, it isn’t based on knowledge. so you are right once again. damn right we disagree on russell just as we did when i brought up leon and when i kept bringing up leach. maybe instead of the royal duke you should be ipassmaster

  39. ruminator1 says:

    lynch sorry

  40. Dukeshire says:

    klm008 – They did blitz. They seemed to mostly play a cover one, press-man and brought everyone else (well, often enough anyway). And I think the complaints about Marshall blitzing or not were really a timing issue. There were times, especially his last two seasons here, their secondary was so poor, they simply couldn’t afford to take players out of coverage (usually zone) to blitz. Then there were times when he would bring the house on 3rd and long, time after time, and it just backfired, time after time.

    I guess what I’m really getting at, is when you have talent, as the Raiders do in the secondary, you can afford to take advantage of a shaky offensive line and young receiving corp. He’s no genius, but Seattle and the Raiders talent sure made him look that way.

  41. Dukeshire says:

    ruminator1 – Working out for 8 months? He showed up to OTA in March at 290. He’s now at 286. Lol. What kind of workouts were these? Yeah, he sure seems real serious about a come back.

  42. Dukeshire says:

    Oh by the way, I’d love see you find anything I said about passing on Lynch. And regarding Washington, you still don’t get it.

  43. ruminator1 says:

    again there could be a lot of muscle gain. i am merely going by what i saw (that you apparently did not see) and what Lucas said about his workouts and by what the announcers said. he looked good and he looked fast. and he sure worked while the camera was on him. but i am sure you are right and they are wrong. it goes without saying that i am wrong. so unless i get some substantial proof that the workouts were serious anbd that he isn’t a fatty, your infinite wisdom will hold sway once again. and of course i will not suggest that the hawks should give him a looksee like the redskins did. and i will ignore it if i see that any other teams give him a try at least for show.

  44. ruminator1 says:

    if i find that and it will take some doing, i will pass it along. as i recall what you said about lynch was that we didn’t have a chance, something of that nature. i had mentioned him and mentioned him and that was your response. and about washington i do not know what it is that i am not getting. so many people on this blog don’t seem to get it. i suppose you will challenge that too.

  45. Dukeshire says:

    Here is the first thing I can find that I said regarding Lynch as a potential Seahawk;

    “A 4th seems high for Lynch but I would love to see him in a ‘Hawk uniform. It wouldn’t be as bad if they still had the 3rd, but I think I could live with that. He would be a great compliment to Forsett and Washington and has performed well in a ZBS (something Jones has yet to demonstrate). I hope they are able to work something out, it just feels like a perfect fit.”

    That was from June 15th. Is it possible you may be mistaken and have me confused with someone else? Likely.

    Look, of course I could easily be wrong about Russell. But I’m skeptical. Very. If / when he signs with another team and demonstrates he’s really changed, I’ll be happy to admit my opinion was wrong. Until that time, I’ll presume he not added a lot of muscle.

  46. variable575 says:

    Merriman was released by the chargers.

    Now I know this is no surprise, but i’ll tell ya, i’d like to see him tryout and beat out AC. Relatively healthy, I bet he would be a better fit even though it’s a different system. At least more productive.

    Worth a look considering what he’s done in the past when healthy and motivated and we all know PC can get guys pumped up.

  47. Hey, they’ve dne way better then I & most of the media expected. I don’t think the rest of the season is going to be pretty due to the injuries, but I’ll be the 1st to admit this team is the most interesting since at least 2007-2008.

  48. I’m glad they brought back James Wyche. He played weak side DE in preseason, but he’s got the size to compete at 5-tech. Balmer, EJ Wilson, or Wyche… one of them needs to step up and fill for Red. May the best man win.

  49. I believe Merriman will be a FA at the end of this season. Also, he is on IR (meaning he cannot play for anyone until 2011).

    I’ve said that signing Moss would help this year (on field production) and for the future (league comp. pick would most likely be awarded to us when he leaves via FA and signs w/another team — we’d lose Moss after the ’10 season, but wouldn’t get the comp. pick until the ’12 draft).

    Merriman is not allowed to help this year and with his injury situation and lack of on field production the past few years, he probably won’t get a big contract this off-season (meaning, if we lost him after this year in FA, we wouldn’t get much of a comp. pick in return for him).

    I know the argument can be made that nobody is going to give Moss a huge payday at the end of this season, but the counter argument (as I’ve said) is that the second most important factor in getting comp. picks from the league is the on field production of a player the year after leaving his “old” team. Therefore, if Moss doesn’t get a huge payday, he’ll still net the Seahawks a nice comp. pick if he goes somewhere and has 1,000 yards and 10 TD for someone else. There are more concerns/questions regarding Merriman and if he’ll ever be the same again to justify picking up him and his salary for the remainder of the season.

    Basically, I see no upside in getting Merriman now. If we want him, just sign him when the FA period begins.

  50. If Moss falls to us, we got to snag him. Ruminator, if you don’t want Moss for his attitude and antics, what do you think Russel would bring to the table, some purple slimfast drank. At 286, I’d look at him as a DE like someone else already said in an earlier post. Russel is a joke, way worst than Williams ever was, I don’t anticipate seeing Russel in the league ever again. Shanahan playing Grossman over McNabb, and now your trusting him on Russel, come on man.

  51. Dukeshire says:

    I too would like to see Wilson step up, I like the way he played in preseason. Whoever takes over for Red in the base though, none will have the ability to play the 2 gap that Red was so good at. The 5-tech as Stevo says is where they’ll be aligning. More along the lines of the true 4-3 under. At lease that’s my guess.

  52. Dukeshire says:

    Merriman can play for another team this season. He was put on waivers, just like Moss. So if Seattle wanted, they could put a claim in on him.

  53. Duke-
    Didn’t they sign Okam (6-5/350) to replace Red at LDE? Okam is supposed to be too tall and upright in his stance to be a good DT (kinda like Red) and gets walked backward by double-teams. It’s not like Red was a sack-monster, but as the DE he stopped the opposing offense’s runs to their right end. Hopefully, that’s where they put Okam – not to replace Cole, who’s also injured.

    Would it be worth at least checking out Merriman?

  54. So we could release Hill, who’s on IR for us, and another team could play him (if healthy enough to play)?

    Thanks. I did not know that rule.

  55. WR (Isaiah Stanback), TE (Jameson Konz), OLers (Ben Hamilton-head, Max Unger-toe, Ray Willis-knee), DL (Red Bryant-knee), LBs (Anthony Heygood-achilles, Leroy Hill-achilles) = 8 IR’d so far in ’10 (4-starters). Looks like Hawks could have more guys on IR by the end of this season then in ’08 (14). Cards only have 2 guys on IR so far. Better conditioning & training, or?

  56. Have Hawks waived Hill?

  57. Dukeshire says:

    Could be. When I saw they signed him, my initial thought was he was insurance against Cole’s ankle primarily, but would see time at DE in short yardage and goal-line packages. But you could be right. I’m not terribly familiar with Okam aside from watching him at Texas. It would be an awesome boost if he can play the 2 gap LDE like Red or even some 5-tech, capably.

  58. Dukeshire says:

    Looks like they re-signed Ruvell Martin. I wonder if this means Williams’ knee is worse than expected or Tate’s ankle. Then there’s Stokley’s oblique… Eric will have a lot to sort through today. Lots of questions.

  59. Is Cole definitely out on Sunday?

    I’d almost forgot about the Unger injury. Every NFL team gets injuries – but man have we gotten more than our share these past few years. And maybe there are teams (or teams w/star individual players) good enough to overcome them – but we’re not one of them.

    Here’s a stat I read from last week: Raiders 1st half rushing: 21-71 3.4 ypc; in the 2nd half (w/o Red Bryant): 18-168-9.3.

  60. Last night on NFL Network was a hilarious set of clips of our old friend John Randle. (I was desperately trying to avoid watching the election returns) A full half-hour of Randle with a mic on, hitting people, having fun, trash-talking, non-stop-motor mouth. What a character! Its hilarious. Randle fans should try to catch the replay.

  61. Palerydr says:

    Looking at the practice squad I would think they might bring up Marcus Brown CB and Brenno Giacomini T as they would both be comfortable with the offense and defense at this point in the season. Near as I can tell I would expect Okam to be playing in Bryants spot if he gets on the field. Losing Cole for this game isn’t gonna help us dream about a win home field, not if we are down 2-3 scores in the first half I don’t see us making a comeback. So we will be most likely 4-4 with a few ugly losses still all in all not bad for a “rebuilding year”

  62. maybe I missed this earlier in the thread but . . . . . if they are waiving Ness, does that mean we are getting Thurmond and/or Jennings back this week? If not then this move is puzzling.

    Not that I think he is a great player but you still neeD CB’s on the field!!!

  63. xcman – yes, they should get Thurman and Jennings back this week.

  64. chuck_easton says:

    Merriman was places on some sort of “minor injury IR” which is something I’d never heard of.

    What this means is that even though he was on IR (but not SEASON ENDING IR) once he passed his physical the team could cut him, which they did.

    The only thing I understand is once a team places a player on IR that player CANNOT come back and play for that team during the season. But if a player on IR reaches an injury settlement or can pass a physical during the year then the team that placed the player on IR can waive them.

    This is how Seattle got Stokely. Denver IR’d him so he couldn’t play for Denver in 2010. But Denver then reached an injury settlement and was able to release him.

    So, Seattle could theoretically reach an injury settlement with any of our IR”d players and that player would be free to sign with another team. They just can’t play for Seattle in 2010.

  65. Dukeshire says:

    Chuck – Well said. And for those wondering about them cutting Hill, unless he can pass a physical, unlikely with an achilles injury this soon, they can’t release him, as Chuck alluded to.

  66. ruminator1 says:

    trublu–i am not sure we know the full story on mcnab. for example his practice habits have been an issue with shanahan. now i read that shanahan let him know much earlier that he might not play late in the game. the eagles let him go etc etc i am not a mcnab hater. he has been a great QB, with the emphasis on has been. and i think a great person. grossman should have his name hyphenated. and while you question shanahan, he is a hall of fame coach.

    on russell, you naysayers could be right but i’d like a lot more info. he did not look overweight in the video i saw on the nfl network. lucas worked him very hard and he appeared in shape and fast. but it could all be a media thing. if you are right i would expect no one else will try him out and he will remain out of the league. and i will be wrong. i am just offering an opinion and reacting to one.

    on moss, i am concerned about his locker-room and on-the-field antics; his me-firstism. he still has some skills but i don’t think this a team that can take advantage of them. and he takes time out. 4. something million is a lot of money for renting such a player.

    i would like some clarification: whoever signs him will be responsible for his contract through this season. what rights or legal connection do we have to him after the season? do we get compensation if he signs elsewhere? minnesota in releasing him has given up a 3rd and gets no return. but would we by merely letting the contract expire?

    on my dispute with Duke–he could be right and i definitely could be wrong. i may have overreacted. i started to searc h through previous months blogs and it was far too time-consuming and i guess i didn’t know how to do it as everytime i started a month. i would go through a topic and then be brought back to the current page to start again. i could never seem to go back to earlier in a month. so i am giving that up and, not being able to prove my case (though i do think i am right) i will accede here. for our purposes, i will be wrong and duke will be right. i still would like the hawks to take a look but i will also admit that even if they did the result might be as you guys say and not as i hope. one final note. i fairly consistently have urged second chances. i see stuff on tony washington, i research it and it seems convincing, Bingo, i suggest giving him a look. a player i like like washington or lynch, i nose around, weigh what i see and hear and bingo there i am suggesting maybe we should take a look. and here i am again. i watch this video of a player i didn’t like, i listen, see his attidude in interview and on the field. bingo, maybe the hawks should look at him. so enough. i am a fan, i know sports and used to know it very well, but not like duke or some of the other more frequent respondants here. i claim no authority except maybe dim remembrance of high school halfback days.

  67. ruminator1 says:

    good stuff on the Moss pickup by Titans

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