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Morning links: Reaction to Hawks 33-3 loss

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 1, 2010 at 6:28 am with 49 Comments »
November 1, 2010 6:28 am
Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselebck (AP Photo/Tony Avelar).

Here’s some links to start you off this morning.

The ball didn’t bounce the Seahawks way in the team’s worst loss of the season.

OL Chester Pitts finally got a chance to get on the field, the lone bright spot in a miserable performance by Seattle’s offensive line, which gave up eight sacks on the day.

Seattle’s defense gave up 10 plays of 20 yards or more.

Check out the game stats here.

Here’s a photo gallery from the game.

Clare Farnsworth of writes that Seattle lost the momentum they had built up during a two-game winning streak heading into this game.

John Boyle of the Everett Herald writes that Seattle’s offense has issues.

Mike Sando of ESPN writes that as poorly as San Francisco has played so far this season, they only have two less victories than division leader Seattle.

Greg Johns of wraps up the game here.

Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times writes the Seahawks can’t survive the season with an offense this bad.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times writes Seattle’s defense kept the team in the game until the dam finally broke in the third quarter.

The Raiders make Peter King of Sport Illustrated’s Fine Fifteen after beating up on Seattle.

Vittorio Tafor of the San Francisco Chronicle writes the Raiders put together a rare, two-game winning streak.

Oakland Tribune columnist Monty Poole writes that at 4-4 the Raiders look like they are finally turning the corner.

Morning links
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  1. My key to today is finding out the status of Big Red.

    I know injuries are part of the game and we’re not like the Packers yet but it gets so sickening and frustrating when you look year after year and we are where we’re at. I know every team has injuries year after year but I do believe that for some reason, we get more than our fair share on average and it stinks.

    Going into next weekend, we could be without our two best DL (can make an argument for Clemons too) and #6 overall LT. We talk about the importance about being good in the trenches and we may be without our top 3 overall linemen.

    Throw in our #2/#3 CBs, some OL (Hamilton/Unger… although I like Pitts better than Hamilton if he’s back for good) and a now banged up Mike Williams and I’d like to scream!

  2. pabuwal says:

    You’ll need Walter Jones, Steve Hutchinson, Kevin Mawae, Pete Kendall and House Ballard to give Hasselbeck the time he needs to make the only throws he can consistently complete. And I don’t mean those low percentage 30 yard lob passes into tight coverage with the prayer his WR can become an acrobat.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Yeah, Big Red going down for any length of time would be a huge loss.

    In addition to the linemen that are now banged up, they have to get Jennings and Thurmond back. Ness has a long way to go and playing the Giants are a team that will shred the secondary.

    The injuries have that “here we go again” feel. They should start to get a couple players back this week though. Here’s hoping…

  4. Dukeshire says:

    After watching and re-watching yesterday’s game last night, I’m amazed anyone can imply that Hass was holding the ball too long. We watched two completely different games.

  5. pabuwal says:

    Thats typically the case Duke. Here’s what I realized about Hasselbeck early last year and why I became a “Hasselhater.”

    At some point a few years ago he realized he no longer had NFL caliber skills. When he tried to make NFL throws, beat pressure on the run, throw into tight windows – all the things NFL starting QBs should do – the result was a flurry of INTs. It became easy for the fans and the team to pin the blame on him.

    But if he simply sits back there, waits for his perfect 7 yard cross-in pass over the middle to develop and can act on it, he looks like a hero. If it doesn’t develop, he just takes the sack and looks like a martyr. After all, he got sacked, so the sack CANT be his fault, can it? Even Pete Carroll calls that “winning football” which it isn’t. Hasselbeck is absolved of all blame and we can keep up the same old mirage.

    That’s a bad teammate – one who makes the entire team worse and deflects criticism away from his own shortcomings. Everyone but him on this team has been hated by the fans the past few years – from Branch, to Housh, to Spencer to Sims and even John Marshall. The same John Marshall who just schemed to a historic performance yesterday and who had a masterful game plan in the 2005 NFC Championship.

    After sitting through these historic losses, what really surprises us anymore?

  6. CaliSeahawker says:

    There is no point in discussing yesterday’s miserable performance. This is exactly why I am such a pessimist. I am just going to hold out hope that we get Okung back for the NYG game or it could get VERY ugly.

    And yes, hoping Big red, and the rest of the injured birds heal up in time to face the G-men. Anyone still believe the Seahawks win the west? I sure have my freakin doubts now.

  7. Hass is no longer a Top Ten QB, I think we can all agree on that. I don’t think he’s going to win any games on his own, but he’s not the reason the Seahawks lost to the Raiders. There was NO running game and the OL was getting killed. Not even Tom Brady would have won yesterday’s game for us.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    Typically, you may be right. Certainly this year alone he has held the ball into sacks; last week twice. Against Denver at least twice. On and on. But that simply wasn’t the case yesterday. Seattle’s line was overwhelmed time and time again.

    I understand the declined skills as well. I am not a blind follower. I suggested they start Whitehurst coming out of the bye, if you recall, for good or ill. But do you really feel Hass has ever deflected criticism? I have never seen any evidence of that. And with due respect, to suggest that he is the only one who has somehow escaped fan criticism is just not right. He’s the most polarizing figure on the team and has been for two seasons. Even at his best there were rumblings of dissatisfaction among some fans. No, he takes plenty of heat, but in this case, it is unwarranted, IMO.

  9. The NFC West title is definitely in doubt, with all four teams, even the Niners, having a shot. I think the Seahawks have the upper hand, considering they haven’t yet lost a home game, but that advantage could disappear this weekend.

  10. My “favorite” part about “Hasselbeck sucks” yesterday is the balls hitting the receivers in the hands and the receivers dropping them. I won’t even mention the OL destroying the running game and giving the QB time to throw.

    Yeah, um, I’m sure that is Matt’s fault too.

    There’s a few people who, I swear, hate the Seahawks and want to see them lose and are only happy when they lose. Speaking of which, where’s nighthawk? He’s gotta have something to say about yesterday. It was probably like New Years and Christmas rolled into one at his house after the shellacking yesterday.

  11. Anyone think Jake Locker will be around in the middle of the first round?

  12. pabs – for the record, I know you’re a big Seahawks fan and simply want a QB with a gun and I want that too (acquired in the near future). That post wasn’t aimed directly at you. A little bit though.

  13. chuck_easton says:


    Bad game all around. Moving on.

    The team is still right about where we all expected them to be when the season started. Their improved play has raised expectations but this is still a rebuilding team that is only in the mention for a division title because it is the NFCW and somebody has to win it (it’s in the rules…).

    I’m still going to be happy with the season if the team wins 7 or more games and I see us getting at least 3 more wins this year.

    What concerns me are the injuries. We need Okung back and healthy for two whole games in a row. We need Mebane and Bryant back on the D line.

    I won’t even address the QB situation as that will take care of itself.

    And BobbyK is right. We are looking at a mid-round 1st round draft choice at worst.

    Who would have thought the Cowboys would be 1-6, the Vikings would be 2-5, and the Niners would be 2-6 at this point in the season?

  14. ryanryan says:

    Hass played a pretty good game yesterday, to tell it any other way is rediculous. He gave his young receivers opportunities to make plays on balls and they didn’t come through for him…plus he was getting killed.

    They are still in pretty good shape other than injuries. If someone would have told me before the season that the hawks would be a half of a game up in the division after 7 games played I would have been happy…so I’m happy.

    If they are healthy, they can compete…here’s hoping they get healthy.

    Oh, and all of you that think it would be a good idea to keep hass out this game to save his health until Okung gets back, GET REAL!!! We are a half game up on the division and playing at home, Pete would lose the locker room and all credibility pulling that kind of crap.

  15. Palerydr says:

    The rest of the schedule this year and MY picks

    Giants at Home = L
    Cardinals Away = L
    Saints Away = L
    Chiefs at Home = W
    Panthers at Home = W
    49’s Away =W
    Falcons at Home = W
    Buccaneers Away = L
    Rams at Home =W
    = 9-7 record with a chance to be Div winners. Obviously they could do the opposite but I believe that even with the inj they will get it done. I personally would take that as we would likely get a home playoff game and this crushing loss won’t seem nearly as bad. Time will heal us but man what a brutal beating we have to recover from today.

  16. “My “favorite” part about “Hasselbeck sucks” yesterday is the balls hitting the receivers in the hands and the receivers dropping them. I won’t even mention the OL destroying the running game and giving the QB time to throw”

    A decent set of receivers either need to get separation – or make plays on the ball when they’re covered up. Yesterday, our guys did neither. Only guy I noticed who actualy went up and challenged for the ball was Tate – and so maybe there is hope for him, once he figures out how to be an NFL-level wideout. Butler? I don’t see a single thing from him. Williams? He had been making plays on the ball until yesterday, so maybe I just concede that Nmadi is that good. But when I watched other games around the league yesterday, I saw guys making plays on the ball, esp in scenarios where the QB has to fling it up there a bit due to a heavy pass rush. The offensive struggles yesterday are on the O-line. They never gave us a chance to be in this one.

  17. “But if he simply sits back there, waits for his perfect 7 yard cross-in pass over the middle to develop and can act on it, he looks like a hero. If it doesn’t develop, he just takes the sack and looks like a martyr.”

    I feel like we watched different games yesterday. I mean, when did he ever have time to sit and wait? Zero run game to keep the D honest, and broken pass protection on every play in the entire 1st half. Nobody will argue that he’s the same player he once was, but very few QB’s (if any) can succeed under yesterday’s conditions.

    “That’s a bad teammate – one who makes the entire team worse and deflects criticism away from his own shortcomings.”

    That just seems oddly personal to me. I’d be surprised if there’s a single player or coach on the Seahawks who would agree with that statemet.

  18. pabuwal says:

    During these East Coast road games, I’m generally the lone Seahawk fan miserable in a crowd of 80K watching my team get blownout. I have watched every game on TV here on the East Coast since late 1995 and yeah I’m sick of the over 20 point beatdowns by weak teams.

    Can Hasselbeck throw the deep out? Can he throw the deep in routes? Can he throw anything but the 7 yard bullet over the middle, the 20 yard intermediate lob and the 30 yard deep lob? That is the problem right there. No amount of supporting talent can overcome that limitation.

    It’s fair to label me as “Hasselhater.” And for all the fans who think he is so wonderful watching games against some weak NFC West team in the cozy confines of Qwest Field, come over and watch him in a road game with me and tell me what you really think about him.

  19. CaliSeahawker says:

    Two of the biggest games remaining on the schedule are Arizona on the road, and St. Louis at home. We have to beat the division opponents in order to have a chance at this division. I just do not see the ‘best NFC team according to Dungy’ beating NYG, NO, ATL, etc.

    What an irritating Monday!

  20. Skavage says:

    Ebb and flow…that is an NFL season. We all tend to get too high with the wins (I.E. Chicago) and too low with the losses (yesterday). If you stand back and look at the big picture I think nearly every Seahawk fan back in August would say they’d be pleased (if not down right happy) to see us at 4-3 or even 4-4 at the halfway point. If we can somehow turn things around a bit and pull out a win next week we’ll be 5-3. Seriously, who can complain about that?

    I think if you look at the Chicago game, or even last week against Az, you will get a small glimpse of what our O-line is like when healthy. Not great, but definitely not bad. Our D-line when healthy is actually pretty damn good. But when you start peeling back the layers of both lines you start to see where we are weak. And that weaknes is our depth.

    In the offseason if we can add a starter or two to the o-line (left guard, right tackle and maybe center) those that are starting now suddenly become good depth as replacements when the inevitable injuries occur. On the d-line, if we are able to keep finding a few diamonds in the rough we should be able to easily add a bit more depth and be good to go.

    Last thing I will say is this…. As hard as it may seem, it is time to start thinking hard about sitting Curry. Not because of his skills, but rather because he is a Mental Midget. EVERY game he jumps offside at least once. EVERY game, he gets himself out of position on the backside and we get “trapped” into some sort of misdirection that kills us. He needs to sit his ass down and watch from the sideline for a week or two. Then he gets one more chance. If that doesn’t work, we need to cut our losses and move on.

  21. pabuwal says:

    CaliSeahawker – maybe we need you to make some embarrassing bets when the big games come around? We should save the next one for the Arizona game.

  22. During these East Coast road games, I’m generally the lone Seahawk fan miserable in a crowd of 80K watching my team get blownout.

    Read more:

  23. Sorry, meant to quote Pabuwal in the previous comment. In a crowd of 80k, I bet there were at least 100 Seahawk fans!

  24. “CaliSeahawker – maybe we need you to make some embarrassing bets when the big games come around? We should save the next one for the Arizona game.”

    It’s true. Photos of you doing mundane tasks in lingerie have become our good luck charm. You need to take a couple for the team.

  25. “During these East Coast road games, I’m generally the lone Seahawk fan miserable in a crowd of 80K watching my team get blownout. I have watched every game on TV here on the East Coast since late 1995 and yeah I’m sick of the over 20 point beatdowns by weak teams.”

    I hear you. I personally think you put a disproportionate amount of the blame on #8, but I get the frustrations. But if you’re going back to ’95, then at least you know we had some good years in there. And we are far from the only team in the league to struggle on the road.

    But again, big picture, I think things are looking up. I think this coaching staff will turn us into a winning franchise again. It’s been just one off-season, and we are already significantly better. We do need that next QB to key a successful run – so here’s hoping we find him – it ain’t always easy.

  26. longco44 says:

    Okay, heres mine then…

    Giants at Home = L 38-10
    Cardinals Away = L 21-6
    Saints Away = W 19-12
    Chiefs at Home = L 23-17
    Panthers at Home = W 27-14
    49’s Away =W 23-20
    Falcons at Home = L 43-22
    Buccaneers Away = L 28-20
    Rams at Home =W 12-0

    Final Record 8-8
    or 6-9 (losing to saints and niners)

  27. This loss was all about the O line. Yes, there were other problems, but an O line failure like that simply cascades to everything else on offense and ruins any chances to win.

    Nothing is more important to this team now than getting Okung healthy and back on the field.

    Compare the offensive line and running game at Chicago with the game at Oakland. The one in the starting lineup was Okung instead of Polumbus. Okung, in his first game made the pass pro AND run blocking AND teamwork on the left side of the O line better than in any other game this season.

    A healthy Okung and Pitts side-by-side will prevent anything like that debacle at Oakland from happening ever again.

    Losing Big Red is also a huge loss, one that cannot be truly overcome, but getting Kentwan Balmer practicing exclusively at the 5-tech DE, and getting Mebane and Cole healthy, will keep the D line strong enough to win some games. On the other hand, this team is not going anywhere without a healthy Russel Okung.

  28. Ewalters7354 says:

    It’s funny how we call ourselves fans,and yet when we lose we wanna give up on the season.Hass didn’t have 2secinds to throw yesterday and he get all the blame.I am still a believer win or lose.I still think we a better than what we played.Defense played well until there came a point where they just couldn’t hold up any longer.But,I have to take my hat off to Pete taking responsibility and being the leader of this team.Win or lose next week,I believe we play better.Go Hawks!

  29. CaliSeahawker says:

    You know what,
    I am ready to take one for the team. I am as superstitious as anyone, and so I promise to take embarrassing photos of myself after every big Seahawks victory. The next big game in my opinion is vs NYG. I’ll keep the photos coming as long as the Seahawks keep winning!

    I am tired of feeling like crap on Monday’s. I am tired of losing every road game (exception being the worst freaking team in the NFL each year, and this year it’s looking more and more like CHI).

    I want to beat NYG so bad, but after the dismal performance yesterday I do not think SEA can beat OU or USC for that matter. I am hoping for a major turnaround, and it all starts with this team’s health status for the NYG game. We need Okung back, and healthy. I hope the injury report on Big Red, and the rest of the banged up bunch is not so bad! Now we wait.

  30. Jake Locker will be around middle 2nd or 3rd round

  31. MauMau, that might be the best thing that happened this weekend. Jake Locker will almost certainly be available to the Seahawks if they want to draft him. On the other hand, in the ‘bad news’ category, Andrew Luck is certain to be long gone.

  32. BrianBlades says:

    I agree with Pabs – and thanks for posting here and taking the abuse.

    Hasselbeck was probably one of the least terrible performers yesterday, but saying that does not make his performance good.

    The regulars are fond of pointing out that the Hasselbeck haters never give #8 a break, but the flipside is that the Hass apologists never admit that his performance is “serviceable” at best (that’s an actual term used in the livechat yesterday, as a defense of #8).

    He was let down by receivers about as often as he threw bad passes yesterday, but his fans seem to think that if the rest of the team plays down to Hass’s level, it exonerates him from criticism.

    If you want to get that framed picture of Hass with the caption, “Not as bad as the receivers this time” go for it, but don’t call the rest of us “morons” or “not real fans” because we expect more.

  33. Carlsonkid says:

    I agree with Stevos , the loss is all on the O-line . Apparently once your rookie left tackle is injured and can’t play , the other 4 starters on the line forget how to play football . No way this one can be pinned on Hasselbeck . There was no running game either – is that Hasselbeck’s fault too ?!

    Horrible God-awful game to watch . I have always and will forever despise the Raiders . And that’s all I can say about this game . Hopefully the injuries aren’t too bad .

  34. I’m no offensive guru, but when the OL is getting rolled like they did, shouldn’t we try some screen passes or have a TE come in to block, but then break free up the middle, or something of the like. Fade passes out of bounds hoping for miracle catches dosen’t cut it for me. I think we need Washington in the backfield and somehow get Tate the ball more. I think Tate as the slot would allow him to make some plays. Keep the jump balls for Williams and Carlson (If Williams can hold on to it). The OL was garbage, Williams and Butler were off, and Hasselback didn’t do anything to help either. Bates was garbage too. At least the D handled their shit for the most part. Here’s to hoping the G Men have an off day this Sunday.

  35. longco44 says:

    I hate the Raiders with as much passion as most of you probably do too, but they looked DAMN good out there, there should be no denying that! I love the Seahawks, but they deserved this! Something needs to set them straight! Oakland saw their weeknesses and exploited the *ell out of them!

  36. This game was a pile all the way around.

    I can’t stand Hasselbeck myself and don’t flip flop every week based on wins and losses. The games that this team has won has been due to other aspects producing in spite of Hass. I believe anyone can throw a 5 to 15 yard pass to a target the size of Mike Williams. He can’t throw consistantly. He can’t run. He doesn’t recognize defenses that are bringing blitzes. If he is allowed to audible, he sucks at the play he calls. He is a “don’t kill us and we might have a chance QB.” That’s all. Those plays to Golden Tate were thrown out of bounds because that’s how he throws that sideline pattern 7 out of 10 times, out of bounds. He throw’s more passes to receivers behind the line of scrimmage (on check downs) than any other QB on any Sunday ever. It’s an easy game plan for teams unless Hasselbeck is jacked up on goofballs, happens to play out of his mind and throws for 200 yards. The problem is you don’t get those when you need him. You only get that when everything is clicking.

    All that said, this was a Halloween game in Oakland. I had an uneasy feeling about this one all week.

    Now, I heard that Lynch is a good receiver out of the backfield. We know Forsett is a good receiver out of the backfield. Screen Pass anyone? When we are pressuring another team often, they throw a damn screen pass and we watch the back run until there’s no field left. Why in the hell do they not have this in the game plan. 8 sacks and not one Gdamn screen pass to slow down the rush. It’s the only throw Hasselback has a 50% chance of completing anyway.

    ..and I don’t ever want the Hawks to lose a game. Not for draft picks, a better playoff opponent or because I like another team better. I’m just simply tired of watching this team plug Hasselbeck in there for the hope that he doesn’t kill us. They didn’t have a problem getting rid of all the other players that weren’t helping the team win.

  37. ryanryan says:

    jake locker doesn’t have the accuracy to play well at the nfl level…i pray seattle doesn’t draft him.

  38. irrationalexuberance says:

    Its still amazing how much people arent seeing that a good QB plays through errors and can compensate for shortcomings.

    I have made the argument enough. I beleive we will get to see a time when a capable QB steps in the lineup for Seattle and we will all witness a completely different offense. We witnessed this in last week game vs Arizona, on Philly in SF yesterday. Its no coincidence that teams that would have usually folded when trailing by 1-2 TDs with their starting QB came back and won games or in Arizona case last week nearly won the game.

    Its a team effort. Poor QB play always draws the criticism for people to blame the offensive line. Yet when Hass does good no one talks about the offensive line. Seattle offensive line isnt that good, but when your QB is playing as bad as Hass is your team has no shot to win. The run game wont establish because defenses know that Seattle has no pass game so they can stack the box.

    I got criticized last week for not being “happy” about the Arizona win. My position doesnt nor will it change. Seattle offense under Hass will not win more than 3 games this year when there isnt multiple turnovers caused by the Defense or big special plays.

    Hass has consistently average to bad all seaon, hence QB rating, and there are games he got sacked 0-1 times so how can one make the claim its the O-line when they have given Hass good protection and he still could only muster up 1 pass TD and under 250 yds?

    I am going to repost the post I made last week predicting seattle going on the road and not scoring more than 10pts. I predict majority of the games will be like when they dont get miracle play from the defense or special teams.

  39. Why are some people so afraid of letting go of Hasselbeck’s nuts anyway. I got to agree 100% with Brian Blades. All these excuses for why Hass didn’t get the job done, it’s a joke. Even with time, in previous games, he’s just out there trying not to turn the ball over. How many great passes has he made, how many horrible passes has he made. I think more of the latter. And, I’m not talkin’ about wide open passes or dump offs either, just great vs. horrible. Also, I’m tired of receivers getting the blame, whether they’re running the right routes or dropping passes. As the quaterback, you still got to pay attension where the D is, even if your just throwing to where your receiver is supposed to be or whether the receiver has the defender all on his jock. There has been some riduiculous butter figures, but on the other hand, some of Hass’s passes if caught would be ESPN top ten highlights if reeled in. Hasselbeck has come through in the past, but come on, some of you need to let go of those nuts already. Maybe he’ll play a little better without the weight.

  40. irrationalexuberance says:


    I agree completely. I dont understand why people are having a hard time seeing all of what you said.

  41. CaliSeahawker says:

    I can tolerate Oakland. After all, if not for the road victory in KC in 1997 – I would not have witnessed Dan Marino demolish us in SEA.

    What I can not stand is the fact our injuries involve some of the most critical/key players! We need Okkkrap back, or else we’ll see clipboard Judas (after Hass get’s waffled)

    Praying the Cards, Rams, and 49ers lose a game in the next week or two. They are creeping up on us!

  42. Randy Moss has just been released, oh damn.

  43. irrationalexuberance says:

    Anyone not the playcalling yesterday?

    First down 3-5yd pass
    Second Down: Run
    Third Down 5-8 yd pass or launched down the field out of bounds.

    Im telling you its called prevent offense.

    Prevent your QB from turning the ball over so you call low risk plays, only problem the defenses know that so the 3 and out marathon continues.

    I didnt understand 3rd and 10 plays only getting a 4 yd pass.

    I think the team is truly trying to play to Hass strengths, but the only QB I see master the short passes successfully win and destroy teams even though they knew it was coming is Payton Manning. On yeah he also likes to launch good passes down field and give his Receivers time to get open or complete their routes.

  44. nighthawk2 says:

    “There’s a few people who, I swear, hate the Seahawks and want to see them lose and are only happy when they lose. Speaking of which, where’s nighthawk? He’s gotta have something to say about yesterday. It was probably like New Years and Christmas rolled into one at his house after the shellacking yesterday. ”

    You’ve turned into a dueche Bobby. If it’s that big a deal to you, I was at a lady friend’s house who has a developmentally disabled daughter (single mother) helping her with some work around her house and yard that was overdue to be done. So I didn’t watch the game, and after hearing the score I didn’t want to, the lowlights on NFL Network, ESPN and the local stations were sufficient. I hate the team and want them to lose? Yeah, that’s the ticket. That must be it, because anyone who criticizes the kind of craptastic effort that got put out yesterday hates the team. You and Earl Thomas, I don’t know who’s the bigger whiner. Thomas must get whining lessons from Shaun Alexander, because that’s the same thing he used to say. I don’t have the rose colored apoligist glasses on talking about Super Bowl and playoffs every year when I can see flaws; like a 6th overall draft pick who spends more time on the trainer’s table than on the field, or a 27th (or whatever it is now) ranked pass defense or a QB with a 70.7 rating; who could only generate 1 TD out of 5 turnovers created by the defense last week (and that was due to a great play by Mike Williams, who disappeared this week). Yeah, an INT that bounces off of Tate’s hands isn’t Hasselbeck’s fault, but according to apologists like you, nothing is Hasselbeck’s fault. It’s everyone but his fault. There’s a lot of problems on this team I want to see fixed: the offensive line sucks (the highlight of the game is a guy coming of microfracture surgery actually got onto the field?), the secondary couldn’t cover a bed, Forsett and Washington are still underutilized, the tight is ignored, that 2nd ranked run D got shredded and there’s no #1 receiver. Plus our quarterback’s biggest passing yardage this season was a whopping 242 yards, one of only 3 times this season he’s topped 200 yards. I can recognize that whatever team “wins” this toilet of a division is going to get its head handed to it in the playoffs, so the idea of “making the playoffs” doesn’t excite me. Been there, done that. The idea of going deep into the playoffs does excite me, but this team, from what its showed to date, doesn’t have a chance of doing that. Yet I still want to them to win every week. I just recognize that it’s not going to happen, not next week either. If you looked at things more objectively instead of spending so time being an apologist for Mr. We Want The Ball I’m Going To Throw A Game Killing Interception, you’d see it too. 162 net yards, 115 net passing yards, 1 of 16 3rd Down Efficiency i.e. 6%, wasting 214 yards of return yardage, 47 net rushing yards, missing 2 of 3 field goals, 14 minutes difference (in the negative) in Time of Possession, giving up 545 net yards of offence and 310 passing yards (to Jason freakin’ Campbell), the biggest discrepency in Raiders yards for to yards against in 35 years. But anyone who criticizes that kind of performance “hates the team and wants to lose”. Only in whatever universe you, Elk Horn and Earl Thomas live in.

  45. Dukeshire says:

    Pabuwal – I second your Cali suggestion. Lol

  46. wabubba67 says:

    Moss and Williams on opposite sides in what has turned out to be a possible playoff year?? Not sure that I would do, but it is tempting.

  47. nighthawk – it’s amazing that you helped someone because almost every post you have written in a half decade of being on the blog has been extremely negative. Misery normally likes company. Yes, some of it has been warranted, but sometimes it gets to be too much. I don’t mind being a “deuche” but in your case it certainly takes one to know one (we’re both being childish too). I know I am one sometimes. I don’t mean to be but it happens because a lot of us are so passionate about “our” team. And I know you’re a fan! When you get in arguments about various aspects of the team, like the QB position, it’s really not going to do any good anymore because everybody “knows” their position is right. I “know” I’m right. Others who think Hasselbeck sucks “know” they are right. There’s no middle ground. Favre sucked in ’08. He was great in ’09. What changed? Surrounding talent. It’s not tough to figure out. Well, for some it is. I know Matt can’t make all of the throws anymore, but a running game, protection, and decent receivers work wonders. Ask the Favre from ’08 to ’09 about it. And, no, Matt doesn’t have Favre’s cannon and can’t afford the loss of arm strength as much and that’s why I’ve continually said we need to address the QB situation after the season (b/c we’ve heard too many negative stories of Weirdbeard in practice from too many sources). We are on the same team and I’m sure as hell sorry for offending some in the heat of the battle so I’ll just close this post down.

  48. irrationalexuberance says:

    When did this discussion turn into a bash Charlie Whitehurst?

    Example: ” (b/c we’ve heard too many negative stories of Weirdbeard in practice from too many sources)”

    Read more:

  49. The reporters who go to practices talk about how bad he looks. All the time. Eric has said it. Ryan has said it. Dave has said it. O’Neil has said it from the Times. Do we see a pattern here? I do.

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