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Carroll: ‘We got nothing done’

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 31, 2010 at 7:43 pm with 34 Comments »
November 1, 2010 10:06 am

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll began his press conference today with this blunt assessment of his team’s performance after a 33-3 loss here in Oakland, Carroll’s worst loss in his short tenure as head coach of this team.

“Well, there’s no mystery to us what happened today,” Carroll said. “We got nothing done. We accomplished nothing in any aspect of our ball. We got whipped at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, and the only redeeming factor is halfway through the third quarter we still had a chance, after really not playing well at any point. And when we didn’t get our points down there, we just couldn’t stop it.”

Injuries will be a major concern for the team moving forward. Defensive end Red Bryant suffered a sprained right knee according to Carroll and will be evaluated on Monday. Colin Cole has an ankle issue. Golden Tate has a sprained left ankle.

Ben Hamilton suffered a concussion. Tyler Polumbus suffered a leg injury but returned to the game. Nate Ness had cramping early in the game but returned. And Matt Hasselbeck suffered a head injury late in the game, which is the reason Charlie Whitehurst came in for the final series.

Mike Williams also suffered a bruised knee but came back in to play in the second half.

These injuries are on top of six guys landing on the inactive list because they were questionable for today’s game, so Seattle needs to figure out a way to get healthy next week, or other guys on the depth have to step up.

“It’s football,” he said. “It’s a collision sport and luckily we’ve built our team through competition. And so it’s a game of opportunity. Obviously, we don’t want to see some of our guys go down, but it’s just an opportunity for some of other guys to come in and right the ship, keep us going in the right direction.”

Carroll said the key play of the game happened midway though the third quarter, where Mike Williams dropped a ball that would have gave them first and goal down 13-0, and then Olindo Mare missed his second field goal of the game, a chip shot from 29 yards out.

Mare also missed wide right from 51 yards earlier, but redeemed himself with a 47 yarder in the second half. Mare had made 30 straight up to that point, and hadn’t missed two in one game since former Seahawks head coach Jim Mora called his performance unacceptable against Chicago last year.

“The defense gave us a chance by just hanging in, then once it started we couldn’t stop it in the fourth quarter,” Carroll said.

So will Carroll watch the film from this game tonight, and what can the team get out of it?

Carroll said he’ll decide if he will let the team watch the film after the coaching staff watches the game on the plane ride home.

“We’ll all watch it as coaches,” he said. “We’ll see. Maybe we do, maybe we don’t. I don’t know.”

One of the things teams appear to be taking advantage of is Seattle’s aggressiveness on defense. The Raiders had over 100 yards on reverses, misdirection plays or screens where the defense has to remain disciplined and stay at home in order to contain the play.

“Those are always an issue of pursuit,” Carroll said. “We’re so dedicated to flying to the football that you have to still be disciplined on the back edge and all of that, and make your plays when you get your chance. We have been suspect there because we’re emphasizing flying to the ball so much. But you can do it all. You can do all of this. We just have to do it well, and we haven’t done that yet.”

On the fourth and 1 play where fullback Marcel Reese scored on a 30-yard reception, safety Lawyer Milloy had his fellow UW product in coverage on the slant and said he was close to stripping the ball loose, but was knocked off the play by linebacker David Hawthorne.

“I had a good break on the ball and I got hit. But I guess it was an aggressive play from our player trying to make a play, also. But that ball was coming out, and things like that happened for them all day.”

Cornerback Marcus Trufant said watching the film would be helpful for the team.

“I think you have to watch film on this,” Trufant said. “You’ve got to get things fixed. You’ve got to learn from it, and you’ve just got to be real about it. So you get it fixed, you learn and you get better.”

The Seahawks also had to deal with the weird bounces, including the 55-yard reception by running back Michael Bush, as he picked the ball off a deflected pass intended for Darrius Heyward-Bey that led to a 22-yard field goal.

The Seahawks also had the long reception to Deon Butler that ended up being a deflected interception to Tyvon Branch.

“The ball didn’t bounce our way today,” said safety Roy Lewis. “And you can’t say anything about it. It wasn’t like the coverage wasn’t there. It was just one of those days.”

Some tidbits

* The Seahawks gave up eight sacks, one away from a franchise record of nine sacks, which occurred against Kansas City on Nov. 11, 1990.

* The Seahawks allowed an individual, 100-yard rusher for the first time this season, with Darren McFadden rushing for 111 yards on 21 carries. The last time they did that was the final game last season, when Seattle allowed Chris Johnson to gain 134 yards on 36 carries as he rushed for over 2,000 yards last year.

* Seattle has seven, three-and-outs and punted nine times.

* Matt Hasselbeck finished 13 of 32 for 160 yards and an interception for a 43.8 passer rating.

* The Seahawks finsiehd with 47 yards rushing for a 2.5 yards-per-carry average.

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  1. And don’t forget the tidbit they mentioned on the broadcast – the worst Seahawks loss to the Raiders since their first meeting in 1977 – that encompasses some great Raiders teams and some bad Seahawks teams.

  2. As I mentioned in the previous thread, it doesn’t make sense that Matt was still in the game when he was injured. The outcome was already long decided by then, & Matt had been getting hammered all day.


  3. Dukeshire says:

    “The Raiders had over 100 yards on reverses, misdirection plays or screens where the defense has to remain disciplined and stay at home in order to contain the play.”

    This has been an issue all season and the Raiders are fast enough to really exploit them. How many times during this season alone have we talked about so and so now containing or staying at home? Way to many to count. We all like to point out Curry’s inability to stay disciplined, but it’s an issue with several others as well. Carroll says it all –

    “But you can do it all. You can do all of this. We just have to do it well, and we haven’t done that yet.”

  4. You know, I know that Carroll’s rep was as the rah-rah guy, etc., but every press conference I see him do – he just comes off as smart and realistic – I haven’t seen anything over the top or exaggerated. I think we did real well getting him in here.

    The team has its issues, and today sucked, but you can tell we’re going to be a better team under him. Big picture, this season is still good so far.

  5. variable575 says:

    I was thinking the same thing during the end of the game, why is your starting qb still in? When he came out I was thinking finally they got it, and to hear it was because of injury is even more infuriating. Bates play calling is really suspect. Oak was blitzing and it was no secrete, yet mo adjustment, they dial up plays that kept Matt in the pocket longer. Things that make you say hm.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    “It starts with me.” Say what you will, but Carroll is a stand up guy. No finger pointing. No throwing anyone under the bus.

    Jesus, what disaster.

  7. Seems like this was a beatdown by historical NFL standards. Today the Seahawks gained 162 yards and allowed 545 yards. That kind of disparity has happened only:

    * 1 other time since 1990 (SF at Philly, 2005)
    * 3 other times since 1980 (Sea vs SF, 1988 was one – thank you Kelly Stouffer!)
    * 6 other times since 1970
    * 16 other times since 1940

  8. variable575 says:

    Depending on injuries, I’d say let Charlie take a beating next week while okung gets healthy, see what he can do and protect hass. And from the sound of it, sounds like hass might have to sit regardless.

    To the hass detractors, if the receivers caught the balls that hot their hands hass’ stats would look better.

  9. “Depending on injuries, I’d say let Charlie take a beating next week while okung gets healthy, see what he can do and protect hass. And from the sound of it, sounds like hass might have to sit regardless”.

    You know what – that’s not a bad idea – esp if Okung is out. Hass sitting out a single game, excused due to a concussion, and missing the Giants pass rush, might a serve a few different purposes.

  10. Stating the obvious – but all these ever-increasing injuries suck. We don’t have enough talent to overcome losing our better players.

    good paragraph from sando’s blog:

    “Chester Pitts, having just gutted out most of the game at left guard and left tackle in his return from career-threatening knee surgery, wore a tight wrap on his knee and was not bending it much, if at all, when he walked. Pitts had not played an NFL game in 404 days and he wasn’t supposed to play much in this one”

    Sounds like Pitts was a tough guy in this one.

  11. ok Possible MIA next week

    Jennings, Thurmond
    Mebane, Bryant
    Okung, Hamilton
    Tate, Williams

    This could be disasterous!!! Not so sure I want to see this on in person

  12. Okay after the blog post add Pitts to the list

  13. I thought Matt Hasselbeck played a good game today. He didn’t have a running game, didn’t have time to throw early, and found a way to throw (for the most part) good passes to receivers who would be great if the object were to NOT actually catch the balls thrown at them. He’s one guy who this loss isn’t on.

    I still want a QB in the first round (hopefully BPA) and an OL in the 2nd round, but to blame the 40 something passer rating on incompetence from him would only come from the mouth of a fool.

    I took my little girl trick-or-treating midway through the 4th quarter, so I didn’t see all of his passes (or the hit where, I guess, he got the concussion). I normally don’t miss any plays, but this was a special occasion!

    One thing I will say for Mr. Happy; he has a philosophy and he lives by it (and doesn’t throw guys under the bus). If it were any other coach, I’d be mad that Hasselbeck was still in the game that late, but if you preach competing 100% of the time, you better live by it too.

    Every derogatory word I know is too nice to use in a sentence to explain how I feel about our offensive line.

    I hope Big Red only has a sprain. Please — NO ligament damage!!! At this point, I’d be thrilled with a 2-4 week knee sprain.

    Almost every little weird thing that could go wrong today, went wrong. Couple that with the Raider DL manhandling our children up front and that’s the recipe for a loss.

    You get a game like this and it’s easy to see why we went hard after Brandon Marshall and asked about VJack prior to the season.

    I trust that some things will get fixed (Pitts coming in was nice) and that we’re going to beat the G-Men in Qwest and then we’ll all be drunk on kool aid again.

    If you’re frustrated, you’re not alone though.

  14. Ben Hamilton has had something like 500 concussions in his career. This may be the last game he ever suits up for.

    *It isn’t “500” but you get the idea.

  15. The worst part for me is that it had to be a loss to the Raiders…I hate the Raiders.

  16. Dukeshire says:

    God I hate the Raiders, too.

    Yeah, I’d be surprised if Pitts didn’t play for Hamilton next week, presuming Okung can go at LT.

    And hopefully Mebane is a go next week and Red will only be a 2-4 week guy, like Bobby said.


  17. all qbs have throws that are dropped. love hass he has heart, he is smart and he still is trying his best. Still not good enough. The field must be stretched vertically and horizontally and he can not do this. And the other teams know it. Good Qbs can and do help make there lines better by moving the pocket and taking a few hits while still delivering the ball. A better passing game will always make the running game improve. Sadly Matts few flaws are not of the type that can be schemed around or hidden and now that he is dinged once again his lack of arm strength and low mobility will now be more of a problem. go hawks

  18. AaronCurryIsBUST says:


    Worthless PILE OF CRAP!!!

  19. bulldog80 says:

    “The Raiders had over 100 yards on reverses, misdirection plays or screens”

    My question is, where are our screens and misdirection plays? We’ve got some great receiving backs now and don’t ever seem to use them unless they’re split wide. Hell I even miss Holmgrens dreaded delayed handoffs.

    I think Matt would love a checkdown opportunity here and there

  20. Matt isn’t the QB he once was and I’m hoping we can draft/acquire a franchise QB for the future this off-season (we’ve heard too many reports from too many people at practice to think it’ll be Whitehurst moving forward) but if anyone is insinuating that Matt had much fault in the game today, one is either delusional or didn’t actually watch the game.

    It’s funny how Kurt Warner looked in St Louis and Arizona when he had great receivers to throw to compared to how he looked in New York when those Giant WRs weren’t among the best in the league. He was a good QB, don’t get me wrong, but receivers who are actually good makes a big difference.

    Does anyone actually think Butler is good? He’s a second year guy. Most WRs don’t take that main step to their prime until year #3. For here and now, Butler isn’t bad, but he’s not much of an asset either.

    I like Tate and think he’ll be good, but for now, he’s not there yet. One play kind of stood out today; he makes a big play but it’s taken back b/c he didn’t even know where to line-up.

    Stokley is fine and I’m glad we have him and a 4th round pick instead of Branch, but no team in the NFL wanted him on their roster as of about a month ago.

    Mike Williams is doing pretty well (even with that crucial drop aside in the game today) but he’s a guy who has been out of the NFL for a few years and coming into this season has had ZERO reps with Matt.

    With that being said about the WR position, how many QBs are going to be able to look like stars when you add in a bad offensive line and a below average running game?

    The elites (am I in no way saying Matt is elite) have great guys they can go to in their sleep. Matt has nobody like Engram or Jackson where he knows where they will be. Manning has Wayne. Brady has Welker. Rivers has Gates. Rogers has Jennings. Basically, there are a lot of QBs who have been able to work with a big play receiver. I would have hoped Carlson would have developed into that by now, but he hasn’t. Instead, we have a QB, no matter who it is, who doesn’t have the luxary of knowing his receivers like many others in the league do and that sucks for all of us. The offense is more about timing and chemistry and we, sadly, are lacking in this department.

  21. CW played today and got 0 stats. Glad he didn’t play much, that Matt mostly carried the load.

    There’s only one stat that counts – this game was a loss. However, this was a douzy of a loss. . .

    Hawks 3rd down efficiency: 1 of 16, or 6%.

    OAK’s Darius H-B set a career high today, 5 catches for 105 yds + 1 TD.

    Yadda, yadda, yadda

  22. Fix the OL (& now DL).

  23. Hawks offense was on the field a little less than 24 minutes. Hawks defense was on the field a little over 36 minutes.

  24. “It’s like a snowball effect,” said Tommy Kelly, who got the first sack. “I get one, he gets one, everybody wants to get one. It’s like, ‘Can’t let them have all the fun.’ Everybody wants one.”

    Fix this OL.

  25. These are our guys:
    LT T 76 R.Okung, 78 T.Polumbus
    LG 50 B.Hamilton G 64 M.Gibson,
    C 65 C.Spencer
    RG 77 S.Andrews, G/T 69 C.Pitts
    RT 75 S.Locklear

    What do you do with NYG coming next weekend?

  26. AaronCurryIsBUST says:



  27. variable575 says:

    bulldog80 says:
    October 31, 2010 at 10:46 pm

    “”The Raiders had over 100 yards on reverses, misdirection plays or screens”

    My question is, where are our screens and misdirection plays? We’ve got some great receiving backs now and don’t ever seem to use them unless they’re split wide. Hell I even miss Holmgrens dreaded delayed handoffs.

    I think Matt would love a checkdown opportunity here and there”

    I was thinking the same things!

  28. variable575 says:

    Typing with one hand while talking on the phone, complaining to a friend about the hawks!

    Bulldog, I’m really disappointed with Bates. Coming into the season I thought he was a great catch for us, but he has shown very little with his scheming most of the time with occasional flashes of something special. I thought by mid-season the offense was suppose to come together. Apparently it’s beginning to unravel from the tattered mess it already was.

  29. bigmike04 says:

    I am so sick of Tired of all these posters who claim to be Seahawks fans but this has to be said for all people who are Matt Hasselback Hater please do all Seahawks fan a favor and go root for another team so goodbye, to all people who are whinning and moaning about this loss my word to you is Chilled. Come on People you guys sound like bunch of pansey guys who always get their butt kicks and lose at everything and cannot see the big picture that is Hasselback is still your starter QB weather you like it or not and if you don’t well their another team you can root for so I sugest to you to Shut up.

    Seattle Seahawks are right now 4-3 in 1st place and behind them is 4-4 Rams and 3-4 Cardnials so let me tell you this it going to come down to Seahawks or Arizona as Rams is going to falter real soon as their still in the rebuilding mode and well 49ers just suck this year with bad QB and HC that lose his mind.

    So what if Seahawks lost against the raiders that team which I give them props had better Defensive than Hawks today and less injuries and well can actuality run their offensive, it provin that without Brandon Mebean it was harder to stop the Run period but one thing I know is that win or lose this is still my team and I know this team has lost today and it was bad lost but they are home against the Giants Sunday so let focus on this, right now with a lot of injuries this team suffer today let all hope they recover for it so let look foward to the next game as Jay Z blue print 3 Song tile on the the next one say it on the next one..

  30. variable575 says:

    What the hell is this ^^^^^guy talking about in his third paragraph?

    Nevermind. He must have been typing on his ipod, or drunk.

    I’m a hawk fan and a hass fan!! But, if our OL is going to be riddled with injuries again, let it be Charlie that gets banged up for a week or two while Okung gets healthier. Then plug Hass back in!!!

    Also, someone had a really valid point. The whole turnover philosophy is great, but at some point you have to be able to win games when you’re not causing 4-6 turnovers per game. That kind of ball-hawking cannot even be sustained consistently for half a season let alone the whole season and into the playoffs……………PLAYOFFS…………….PLAYOFFS!?

  31. BobbyAyala says:

    Somebody get Big Mike’s keys.

    Classic post, Drinky McStagger.

  32. ACIB
    SHUT THE F UP!!!

  33. Dukeshire says:

    Big Mike hasn’t been around in a while, but all his posts are like that. He has is own… style, we’ll call it.

  34. bigmike04 says:

    You want to know what I am talking about.. I am talking about people who are crying because seahawks lost it just plain tiring..

    the 2nd comment was fact that Seahawks are still in 1st place in NFC west with Rams and Arizona trailing them how can not see that unless their idiots…

    You all think Charlie Whitehurst is better but failed to realize that the guy hasn’t started in NFL at all and failed to get 2nd string QB job with San DIego.

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