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Carroll: Okung day-to-day

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 27, 2010 at 2:07 pm with 23 Comments »
October 27, 2010 2:07 pm

Here’s what Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll had to say in terms of injuries for this week.

Offensive tackle Russell Okung (high-ankle sprain) is day-to-day and will not practice today.

Carroll said receiver Brandon Stokley has a rib issue and the team will wait and see how he practices. Fullback Michael Robinson will not practice because of a hamstring issue. Linebacker Matt McCoy also has a hamstring issue and will not practice.

Defensive tackle Brandon Mebane (calf) and cornerback Kelly Jennings (hamstring) will try and go on Thursday.

Carroll also said he will hold a couple guys back in practice as a maintenance issue, including offensive guard Ben Hamilton and defensive end Chris Clemons to make sure they stay healthy.

Carroll said none of those guys are ruled out for Sunday.

Carroll said the team brought back Quinton Ganther because of the question mark with Robinson and the fact they needed someone with more experience than Chris Henry to play fullback in Seattle’s offense.

Carroll said that it doesn’t matter who Oakland plays at quarterback, whether it’s Jason Campbell or Bruce Gradkowski the Seahawks will be ready.

“We’ve seen both guys, and they don’t change their offense,” Carroll said. “They both have the ability to run the gambit of everything they like. We’re not going to even talk about it. We’re just going to play against whoever they put out there.

Lawyer Milloy said he hadn’t heard Tony Dungy’s comments about the Seahawks being the best team in the NFC. He appreciated the accolades coming from someone like Dungy, but also said it doesn’t really mean a whole lot at this point of the season.

“Playing football and coming to work everyday is hard enough,” Milloy said. “For me to sit around and read newspapers or listen to analysts, that’s their job. I’m honored by a guy who’s accomplished the ultimate goal in Coach Dungy saying that at this point he sees the potential, I think that’s what he’s saying most of all.

“I know that he understands it’s a long season, and things happen and things change. But it’s definitely gratifying to hear it coming from somebody like that, at this point of the season. And I’ll emphasize, ‘At this point of the season.’”

Milloy also said in order to receive more recognition his team has to accomplish a simple but tough goal each week – win games.

“It’s a simple formula,” Milloy said. “You win, they talk about you. And if you don’t, they won’t. And it’s our job to just keep winning ball games, that’s what everything in this league is predicated off of.”

Ganther and Marshawn Lynch provided some entertainment in the locker room before practice. The two back played in the same pee wee football league in Oakland, with Ganther two years older, and both will return home to face the Raiders on Sunday.

Ganther, who actually is a couple inches shorter than Lynch, will be the fullback for his friend growing up. Lynch said Ganther was one of the biggest kids in pee wee days but stopped growing, and accused him of being the Danny Almonte of the league.

“He was the same size and the same age when we played Pop Warner football (as he is now),” joked Lynch.

“I had a growth spurt when I was like 11 or 12, and I just shot up over everybody,” Ganther said.

“It was ridiculous,” Lynch said. “Like every time he touched the ball, he scored. And when I saw that, I’m not over exaggerating. … When I was a little, snotty-nosed dude playing for the (Oakland) Saints I was like ‘Quinton’s raw. Man, I want to be like Quinton when I grow up.’ He used to just run everybody over. Jump over people, stiff arm people.”

Ganther said Lynch played for a team in Oakland while he played in Berkeley.

“You was 30 (years old) then huh?” cracked Lynch. “He was only dude on the Pop Warner team who had a full mustache and a beard. And he used to drive to Pop Warner practice. You wasn’t supposed to be doing that.”

“It was crazy,” Ganther said. “Literally parents wanted to fight me. Coaches protested to get me kicked out of the league. I was legit though.”

Ganther went on to say he’s happy to be back with the team and blocking for Lynch.

“This is my little brother right here,” Ganther said. “I love this guy to death. I wanted to play with this guy for so long. Like he said, he’s a fan of mine, but I’m a fan of him also. I love the way he plays the game. And it’s a blessing for us to be here together.”

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  1. I hope Mebane can go.

    Lynch sounds like he has the same vocab as Curry. lol

  2. Seems like Marshawn is everybody’s big/little brother on this team. Who knew. Good to see we have a bunch of RBs who enjoy playing together.

  3. Eric,

    Is the game going to be blacked-out in Bay Area? I have Directv, but sometimes they won’t show the Raider’s game either. The game is not soldout and I am debating whether I want to go to the colisium on the Halloween day.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    He may have Curry’s vocab, but he has two things I’ve seen no evidence of in Curry; a sense of humor and people on the team that outwardly express affection toward him. Coupled with what he’s done on the field, and I’m loving Lynch. Love Bees Mo!

    I’m hoping Mebane can go as well, they’ll need him. I like what Balmer has done filling in, but there is no question their defense is better with Brandon in. Perhaps it’s his ability to occupy two blockers or otherwise do the dirty work inside, but others play better when he’s in.

  5. CaliSeahawker says:

    Hey guys,

    Sorry for delay.

    Whether or not injuries have a tendency recurs (if you eliminate genetic causes for extreme joint and ligamentous laxity or ‘stretchiness’) relates to how Okung’s conditioning is. Does he warm up and cool down? Does he stretch adequately before games? I would seem to think the Seahawks know about the appropriate stretching/warm ups and my guess is this injury was a fluke. From what I am hearing, apparently Baker fell on his leg (other posts)??

    With regards to protective boots etc., it would be very tough to throw Okung out there because A) these injuries are painful and there is no way you can have the proper joint range of motion without sacrificing pain, and B) you NEED proper range of motion in order to maneuver effectively and play a good game.

    With high ankle sprains, it typically involves what we call the syndesmosis, which includes 4 ligaments – the 4 ligaments serve to protect and maintain the integrity of the ankle mortise joint which is responsible for up and down movement of the ankle. If you ‘overprotect’ to minimize pain, you are likely restricting up and down movement of the ankle – i.e. Okung becomes Dennis Norman (Okrrrrrrap)

    Hope that answered some questions. Headed home now guys. See you manana. God ble…, Clipboard Jesus bless!

  6. “Seems like Marshawn is everybody’s big/little brother on this team. Who knew.”

    I know, right? And wasn’t he supposed to be a “problem” guy? Doesn’t seem like his teammates feel that way. So far, an absolute win of a move.

  7. Thanks for the info Cali.

  8. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Speaking of Aaron Curry anyone notice how much of a BUST he is???! Look at the morning links post today where that article about Roland McClain looks like a bust because he has only 21 tackle and plays as dumb as a rock. SOUND FAMILIAR?!?! Curry has EVEN LESS tackles, only 19, still overwhelmed, and he’s a second year pro!!!


  9. CaliSeahawker says:

    Want to know who is not a bust? Practically all the JS, Pete Carroll picks. No need to continue to focus on Ruskell picking a ‘safe’ player in Curry when Sanchez or Crabs was available.

    I am just hoping Russell doesn’t turn into an Okun-plete bust myself. I’ll give him another year or two, because when healthy he’s a stud!

    By the way where is Chris McIntosh anyways?

  10. Dukeshire says:

    Okay, I hate myself for saying this and I really don’t want to encourage him, but that’s a pretty funny post from ACIB.

  11. He is nothing if not consistent with his message . . .

  12. variable575 says:


    Sure your name isn’t Anthony Heygood, or perhaps………….Will, is that you? C’mon, come clean. Sounds like a bench-warming LB launching a hate campaign for obvious reasons, or a fan infatuation problem. lol

  13. CamasMan says:

    Yeah, neither of Okung’s injuries was due to stretching problems. Hamilton bashed his ankle the first time and Baker the second. Against the Cards, Okung went to the second level to take on a linebacker while Baker took on the DE. Baker went to the ground and rolled up on the back of Okung’s ankle.

    Here’s my play by play analysis of the running game.

    Most weeks, our tackles play strong and the interior is weak. Hamilton has speed and agility, but lacks strength. Andrews is strong, but is too slow for linebackers. Spencer tends to get out of position and lose leverage. But this past week, the interior was as good as they’ve been. Polumbus was good too. Locklear has been solid all year, but had his worst game against Arizona.

  14. The Aaron Curry is a bust guy is actually growing on me a little. I wish it weren’t so (which means Curry wouldn’t actually be playing/performing like an UFA). lol

  15. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Personally, I’m sick, and have been sick of, ACIB, for a long time. What kind of loser makes a log in name like that? I think ACIB is a female who Aaron Curry turned out but then dumped. Either that or he overheard Aaron Curry having sex with his… I’ll be civilized.

    Still if your not a fan of the team which includes Aaron Curry, why post here? Legitimate criticism is cool, but what s/he’s doing is obnoxious.

  16. Re: Ankle Braces

    That big WR for the Falcons had an ankle injury earlier in the season. He came back earlier than expected and practiced with a protective boot which allowed him pretty much full range of motion, but he never played in a game with it. As a preventative measure, some teams (e.g. BUF) are requiring their OL players to practice while wearing those ankle braces. They add about a pound to each leg, and maybe helps strengthen their legs whilst preventing injury. Gailey said he’s seen the braces come off the field bent, but his OL guys have never had their ankles injured while wearing them in practice. Still, they don’t play with them during games. Don’t know it they aren’t approved equipment for game play by the NFL, or if it’s the thought that once the ankle is injured, putting the player in a game is likely to compound the injury, boot or no.

  17. I’ll agree that Curry is a bust when Pete sends him to the bench, and shortly thereafter, Schneider trades him for a seventh-round pick.

    Until then, I’ll simply note that he’s still a starter on this team. He might not be racking up the kind of stats that fantasy footballers care about, but as long as Pete’s OK with him out there, so am I.

  18. raymaines says:

    Okay, I’ll bite: Arron Currey isn’t a bust yet.

    At WF he just overpowered everybody, didn’t worry a lick about any sort of actual technique, and is just now learning to play linebacker. I’m getting the idea that he isn’t the quickest study on the team, but he may yet turn out to be a solid, maybe even great, player. Fingers crossed.

    Yes, the glass is half full (of cool aid) and I’m an optimist.

  19. BobbyAyala says:

    McClain is in on every down.

    Curry only plays 1st and 2nd.

    Yes, he had a bad game in terms of setting the edge.

    He’s not a bust.

    This is the best Seahawks defense in years.

  20. One guy I’ve got to keep giving props to is Clemons. I had no idea he could actually be this good. I thought he’d be an average or below average player. Not the case.

    Changing gears: Actually, Pete isn’t okay with Curry being out there so much… that’s why he’s getting slivers up his ass on the bench. Or certainly not playing as much with respect to various circumstances as we would have believed he would a few months ago.

    Ankle Stuff — remember last year when I think it was Lock and Wilson suffering high ankle sprains about the same time? Wilson was only out a few weeks and Lock (I think) was out closer to a couple of months? There are different degrees of these sprains and each player heals in longer/shorter amounts of time. I’m glad to hear this “Okrap” sprain doesn’t seem to be as bad as the previous one.

  21. Count me on the ACIB bandwagon, even if I disagree with him regarding Curry right now.

    Speaking of Aaron Curry anyone notice how much of a BUST he is??? made me chuckle.

    Obviously a multi, I’d guess williambryan… brilliance achieved!

  22. hambone08 says:

    I’ll refrain from dubbing Curry Boz 2.0 but it gets more and more tempting the more I watch him…I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, there’s still a ways to go.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    JoSCh – That cracked me up, too.

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