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Hawks ready for attacking Cardinals squad

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 20, 2010 at 4:05 pm with 36 Comments »
October 20, 2010 4:05 pm

Cornerback Kelly Jennings (hamstring), defensive end Dexter Davis (hamstring) and defensive tackle Brandon Mebane (calf) did not practice today.

Cornerback Marcus Trufant (ankle) also practiced on a limited basis but appeared more of a preventative measure to rest the sore ankle and likely will be ready to go on Sunday.

One guy we haven’t seen practice since the offseason, rookie free agent pickup cornerback Josh Pinkard, was out on the field today. Pinkard has knee surgery during his final season at USC in December and was placed on the reserve PUP list after serving on the active PUP during training camp. Pinkard worked with the scout team today, and the team now has a three-week window to evaluate him before either placing him on the active roster or putting him on the season-ending injured reserve list.

We also had a Jameson Konz sighting at practice today, who the team placed on the season-ending injured reserve during training camp with hip condition.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll talked about facing an Arizona team that he expects will play an aggressive, attacking style on Sunday. The Cardinals have struggled so far offensively, with rookie quarterback Max Hall now leading them. But they’re 3-2 because they have been opportunistic on defense, scoring 28 points off turnovers so far this season.

“We see a team in Arizona that really attacks you,” Carroll said. “They’re very aggressive, and they make things happen in all phases of their style of football. And they can beat you a number of ways, so we have to really be good all the way across the board, in all phases because you don’t know where it’s going to come from.”

Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley said the Cardinals have been very supportive of their quarterback.

“The team is really rallying around him,” Bradley said. “Even on the field, if he gets hit there’s two guys helping him up. It’s like they really want him to do well, be successful. So they’ve kind rallied around him, and I think that’s what you’ve seen in the games. He doesn’t make many mistakes. He knows where to go with the ball and he’s done a solid job for them.”

However, Bradley understands the Cardinals have transitioned to more of a running team since Kurt Warner left, relying on a power run game led by Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower.

“They’ve got a real good, strong and physical offensive line,” he said. “And that’s what their strength is, trying to run behind those guys. Now in some of those games they go behind. They were beat by San Diego 41-10 and they got behind against Atlanta, and that’s not what they want to do. They don’t want to go out there and have to catch up and throw. They like that game that’s close, when they can pound it and pound it, and trust their defense is going to come up with some big plays and win games that way.”

In terms of injuries the Cardinals appear to be getting healthy, similar to what the Hawks did a week before during their bye week.

WR Steve Breaston (knee), WR Early Doucet (groin), DE Kenny Iwebema (knee), LB Reggie Walker (hamstring) and WR Stephen Williams (back) were all limited participants in practice.

S Matt Ware (ankle) was a full participant.

Notes from practice
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  1. bartholder22 says:

    From Pete’s Facebook:

    PeteCarroll hey 12th man, let’s get a huge “SEA! HAWKS!” chant going during the coin toss up until kickoff on Sun… spread the word!

  2. Wow thanks for the mobile site!

  3. It would benifit us a lot if Trufant, Jennings, Davis & Mebane are healthy for Ariz…. The Hawks seem to live forever in an injury mode…
    It would be nice to evaluate what play we have in a game at home against the success last week in Chicago…. Might give us a better feel for the overall potential of this team….

  4. Ewalters7354 says:

    I personally think we will blow this game out the water.But the only way to do that is by,being humble and not overlooking,playing with great execution,and finally playing smart.I truly believe our offensive is finally turning the corner and are ready to take the next step.I want us to beat them so bad that Dockett shuts his mouth.He talks so much when they are ahead and doing good.I wanna hear him talk to his teamates about stopping the run and pass when we start rolling through them.Go Hawks!

  5. Dukeshire says:

    Arizona is a lot more active on defense than the Bears are, in terms of looks. That said, Ariz is one of the worst defenses in the league and the Bears are a top 10. Nevertheless, it does present something of a challenge preparing for that, for a younger players.

    I saw Carroll tweeted that as well. The last thing Carroll needs to worry about is the 12th Man. Lol. He thought the Charger game was loud…?

  6. I am far too beaten down from the past couple years to even approach being cocky, but . . . .the AZ offense in the past 3 games has total yardage of: 227 (Oakland), 134 (SD), and 194 (N.O.) . . that’s not passing or rushing yardage, that’s total yardage. If our offense shows up at all, and we don’t fumble the ball, we really should win this one handily.

  7. bird_spit says:

    Hawks 31-13, book it. We will run the score up on them just so they know not to bring that BS into our house.

    But if I were dreaming, we could really make a statement with a shut out. The is unrealistic in this league, so I gave them 1 TD and 2 FGs.

    I suspect, even ML will be blown away by the qwest experience. I dont think he has played here in the reg season.

  8. BobbyAyala says:

    Hopefully it’s loud Sunday.

    Really, really loud.

    That rook’s head better be spinning inside that ugly ass bird helmet.

  9. AKhawkFAN says:

    Hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Anyway, my boss and I are headed to the seahawks giants game on the 7th. Wondering if any of you guys will be pregaming or tailgating that day. It’s my first time to a game and would like the real experience.
    Thoughts on the game….. I can’t see az beating us at home. With okung healthy and the offense seeming to finally gel, it seems rather one sided. The defense is playing well, and I don’t see a rookie shredding up our secondary. Hope matt can keep his game going from last week. I have a feeling marshawn will have a monster game (I also picked him up in my fantasy league). GO SEAHAWKS!

  10. variable575 says:

    “That rook’s head better be spinning inside that ugly ass bird helmet.”

    -It is ugly, same with the rest of that uniform. You know what, I bet there’s some embarrassment about that. It’s gotta be one of the worst uniforms in the league. The only one that might give it competition is when the Texans line up in their all-reds.

  11. variable575 says:

    Random question. Where has Audible been?

    Haven’t seen him around these parts.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    AKhawkFAN – I’ll be at that game. Not sure what our pregame plans are yet.

    Don’t forge the Jax. Those teal monstrosities are almost as bad as their play.

  13. On the other hand, the Seahawks logo is one awesome-looking bird.

    If the Cardinals had any sense, they’d redesign theirs to reflect a Southwest Native American artstyle — and pick a colorscheme that’s more fitting for the desert. When I was in the Army and stationed at Ft Bliss in El Paso, I thought the dark crimson and gold used on all the signs on-post was just perfect. It gave everything a dusty Old West feel. (But maybe Coach Carroll wouldn’t like it if the Cardinals came in wearing USC’s colors. :) )

  14. We stop the run. That’s just the way it is.

    I’ve wondered where Audible is too? He used to post every few seconds and how he’s gone (unfortunately)? I liked that guy.

    Totatlly different… I’m glad we drafted Earl Thomas in the NFL today. Why? He isn’t big enough to hurt anyone. That way we don’t have to worry about him getting fined/suspended. He’s too little to hurt anyone.

  15. Soggybuc says:

    Awww come on Duke, I like the Jag’s unis. then again I also liked the old Bucs and the creamsicles too but the pewter version is much better. Az’s are pretty ugly but there is worse Browns anyone? how about those ugly white helmets the chargers are sporting these days?

    This is a game thats playing right into our hands. Tradnals are a very one dimensional team on offense and that dimension happens to be our strength on D

  16. The only bird helmet that comes close to ours in awesomeness is Atlanta’s. But ours is still way better.

    The Eagles’ and Ravens’ are just so-so, and the Cardinals’ is just stupid.

    Worst uniform of all, in my opinion, is the Dolphins. Those colors and that goofy logo are even worse than the Jags.

  17. Didn’t mean Earl Thomas in a bad way (yesterdays NFL).

  18. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Seahawks win, 24-10. 12th Man in full throat and a ton of momentum coming off a big road win spells victory for the Hawks!

  19. IDAHOHAWK says:

    Eric has anyone on the team spoke out about the new rule changes? What do you think about all off it?

  20. variable575 says:

    lol. Jags, dolphins, texans……….if it isn’t Seahawk it sucks!

    Soggybuc, you’re a fan of the Bucs old uniforms, I’m curious to know what you thought of the oilers uniforms? whew, talk about hard on the eyes……oilers vs. bucs.

    I’d have to say, aside from my love of the hawks unis, my favorite old school uniform and current 2nd pick would have to be the browns. Nothing like a browns uni with mud stains.

  21. variable575 says:

    A lot of talk of a blowout. With all of the hype I might have to let the game play out, check the post game score and then watch it on rewind! Don’t know if I can take the live game stress. lol.

  22. Dukeshire says:

    Soggybuc – I actually like the old school Buc unis. Lol. They fit the area somehow. The Oilers were cool too, in an old AFC way.

    I do love the old Seahawks uniforms. Miss them. I’m really surprised they aren’t doing do a throwback this year against one or two of the old AFC West opponents. That would be great. Oh well…

  23. Ewalters7354 says:

    I am 22yrs old and haveh been a Hawkf hfan since I was 9.Me living and being from New Orleans,people often ask me what made me like the Hawks and I told them the uniforms and colors.Just wanted to share that with you guys.Lol…Hope to meet a few of you when the Hawks play the Saints.

  24. NisquallyHawk says:

    I don’t post much, but as I see this game shaping up…it could be a buzz-saw game for game Az. I can see Az trying to run against us and getting stoned, then going to the air and getting picked.
    Offensively for us taking the next step in a potential dominate run game, then ripping through the air…
    If it comes together for the Hawks like I think it can…then not only will we be throwing down the gauntlet for the West…..but for the NFC. Many will begin to take note there is a very dangerous team in NFC West and they play in Seattle.
    There was a very, very interesting quote after the game during the radio broadcast…Basically and paraphrasing one of the Hawks he said “we play to win…at home, on the road….in a parking lot… we don’t care where we play you”…if the Hawk have that mindset ….then they have become a very dangerous team….it was stated with conviction and inner belief…
    Anyway that my sideways look at this game and the Hawks as this season continues to unfold before us. Go Hawks!!!

  25. Bobby: earl is 5’10 208. Ed reed is 5’11, 200.

    Comparable size between the best free safety ever and earl. Hopefully earl becomes seattle’s ed reed.

  26. seatowntp says:

    I like the Seahawks in the (only worn one time) NEON GREEN!

  27. Ewalters7354 says:

    I wonder how Nate Burleson feel right now being on a 1-5 team(even though detriot has played competitive).People tend to leave in free agency and talk bad about the team they left.The one problem i see deteiot has is bringing in all of Ruskell’s trash and thinking that will turn the franchise around.Well,look at us the pass 2yrs and see if you are building righr oh GM of the Lions.

  28. variable575 says:

    “I do love the old Seahawks uniforms. Miss them. I’m really surprised they aren’t doing do a throwback this year against one or two of the old AFC West opponents. That would be great. Oh well…”

    It’s kind of peculiar if you think about it. The current FO (and whoever else is involved) went to neon green alt. before they went to our old throwbacks. Makes you wonder if they have something strong against the old unis? Neon greens weren’t that bad. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing that once a year plus a throwback at least once, but I really wonder if the brass thinks they’re cursed………

    good stuff on the quote. That’s an awesome mind set to have and if Pete can have the whole team thinking that–scary.

    why are you up at 5am?

  29. AK hawk..we always tailgate right next to Stadium between Occidental and First just west of Qwest. right accrost street from the flagpoles and “art”(rocks/potatoes). Lot is spendy but can always walk in and join.
    Also see Yakima Seahawk fans on Facebook there are better details.
    We have a big group tons O food stp on bye

  30. oh yea did caliseahawk… ever post his shame pics?

  31. RadeOn – Ed Reed is too little for those big hits too:) We’ll just have to “settle” for great game changing plays without the highlight reel hits. I meant it as a compliment to Thomas and our having him. I love that guy.

  32. Dukeshire says:

    Lol, I don’t think so. Haven’t seen it yet.

    variable575 – I don’t know. Seems like the perfect opportunity to bust them out. Maybe use the ’83 uniforms and have Chuck Knox raise the 12th Man Flag (has he already? I don’t remember) or something like that. Would be awesome.

  33. SandpointHawk says:

    Maybe use the ’83 uniforms and have Chuck Knox raise the 12th Man Flag

    That is an terrific idea…

  34. So are Breaston and Early coming back this week? That would be a bad thing for us right now since our CB’s are not 100% healthy!

    I really hope we can get a good pass rush on Hall this week. Even if we don’t create a false start, if it delays they OL from reacting – giving our guys just a fraction of a second head start it will help us!!

    We all know that Fitz will probably get his, but if we can limit his “big plays” – you know the ones on 3rd and long, or for a critical score, etc. that will really help us!
    If we can do that and establish a running game then I am very confident about this game.

  35. raymaines says:

    The two things I don’t like about the current SeaHawk uniforms are 1) the the blues don’t match on the home uniforms and 2) they are related to the old uniforms which I hated because they looked way too much like Detroit and Dallas. The current uniforms in Phily green would better symbolize the N.W. and N.W. Indian art.

    I’m all for a big blowout, but it’s a little early for that kind of talk. I’d be happy with a solid effort and a low scoring 7 point win.

  36. jubabeast says:

    I’m almost as worried when suddenly comments about the Hawks are all positive when just last week everyone was calling the Seahawks names that were the equivalent of white specks on loser’s leftovers. I’m thinking that the Seahawks can beat the Cardinals, but our pass defense has not been one to brag about and their new quarterback can pass and they have receivers who can catch. We will badly need a lot of pressure on the quarterback to keep the ball out of our end.

    Despite having ugly uniforms and being named after a wuzzy bird, the players have as much pride as any and will be playing hard. I don’t think that Sunday’s game will be a pushover for either side, which means it will be a good game and might be hard to watch if you have a weak heart.

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