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Morning links: Carroll focused on Arizona

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 19, 2010 at 7:50 am with 29 Comments »
October 19, 2010 7:50 am

Pete Carroll acknowledged his team’s win over Chicago was a breakthrough victory on the road, but he doesn’t have time to celebrate.

With the players getting a few days off to rest and recuperate, the coaching staff is focused on Seattle’s upcoming game against Arizona.

With both teams sitting at 3-2 and tied for the top spot in the NFC West, the winner of Sunday’s contest at Qwest Field will get a leg up in the division. And Seattle has struggled against Arizona of late, losing the last four games, and six of the last seven.

“That’s a big game,” Seahawks center Chris Spencer said. “It’s a division opponent, no matter what their record is, so it’s always a big game for us to go out and perform well.

“Hopefully we can kind of keep going and building from this step here and not have a letdown.”

Dave Boling of The News Tribune writes that suddenly everything came together for Seattle on the road against Chicago.

Brian McIntyre of reviews the Hawks personnel packages for the Chicago game.

The NFL Network does a blow-by-blow look at Seattle’s 92-yard scoring drive against Chicago.

Justin Forsett joins KJR’s Dave “Softy” Mahler in this audio link.

Former Seahawk Deion Branch tells Sports Illustrated’s Pete King he could have had a chance at the Hall of Fame had he stayed in New England.

More Branch: He joins The Dan Patrick in this audio link.

Matt Hasselbeck comes in at No. 85 in GQs 100 most powerful bald men in America.

Marshawn Lynch tells USA Today reporter Jon Saraceno that he looks like Charlie Whitehurst’s father.

Bob McManaman of the Arizona Republic reports the Cardinals got healthy during the bye week and are looking forward to facing Seattle on Sunday.

Darren Urban of says the NFC West division is wide open, unlike the past two seasons where the Cardinals grabbed the lead early and pretty much coasted down the stretch.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Where is Eric D. Williams on that GQ power list…?

    Good riddance Branch. A potential Hall Of Famer had he stayed in N.E.? While there the first time, he averaged 3.5 TDs, 53 catches and 686 yards a season. No Deion, not exactly on a path to Canton. You may have found your way to a Pro Bowl (presuming you stay healthy) but there is no evidence to really support that either.

  2. I like how Deion Sanders or Michael Irwin of NFL Network said “They couldn’t find a way to use you in Seattle” about Deion Branch. Yeah, we couldn’t find a way to get an always injured receiver, who was afraid to get hit and sometimes it seemed like he just quit on the route, and I was a defender of Branch! Do your research people! Anyway, the team should be strong at Qwest Field, I think we’ll end up winning this one, but only if the offense continues to be able to drive the ball and score, that 92 yard drive against the Bears was a revelation.

  3. Both parties are better off with Branch in NE and not Sea.

    Not many modern era WRs have made the HOF without ever having had a 1,000 season. lol

    Maybe the Duke Boy will trade a pick for Haynesworth today and then in the off-season trade him to someone else for a pick. He’d be a good guy to rent but I wouldn’t want to keep him going into 2011.

  4. JacDG – I saw how they were talking about that as well. They just don’t understand and the’re former players who have graduated to “expert” status on t.v. I know they know more about football than me, but that’s just an example where they don’t know everything and morons like us are smarter than them in some instances.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    Sanders during his “Primetime” top 10 list at the end of their highlight show, had Branch featured (that might be where you heard the “couldn’t find a way to use him” line). He mentioned something about Branch being on a milk carton for 4 years in Seattle, but now he’s been found. Lol, it was actually pretty funny.

  6. I heard that too, but I thought it was when they were talking about the Ravens-Pats game (he and Irvin).

  7. CDHawkFan says:

    The only game I remember Branch showing up like he was worthy of the 1st round pick was the game a few years ago against New England.

    At the time I wondered if he was trying to show them up, or prove that they had made a mistake by trading him. All it showed me was that he wasn’t putting forth the effort in the other games. He has ‘it’, but is too lazy/rich to do it each week.

  8. at the beginning of the season I was thinking we were good enough to go 6-10

    My thoughts were 6-2 at home but still 0-8 on the road. Until last Sunday I didn’t see any reason to change that. Hopefully now that will transfere to a 7-9 or 8-8 season.

    I still don’t believe that we will go 8-0 at home. I am just hoping that this will NOT be the loss this week against Arizona!!!

  9. Love that breakdown of the 92 yard drive. In their analysis – you can really see what the existence of a viable running game does – opens up everything for Hass and Williams. Also loved that smart/tricky little route that Butler ran to get open for a key 3rd down conversion. Nice piece.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    BobbyK – You may be right, actually.

    Yeah, that breakdown was good. You can really see how effective playaction is when teams have to respect the run.

    On Lynch’s TD, Baker just levels Tim Jennings on the edge.

  11. I think they mentioned Branch twice, both when they talked about the game and also when Deion Sanders stood on the corner of “21st and Prime” lol. I just try to forget about Branch, both teams got what they wanted out of the deal, and if Branch decides to play football instead of being injured, fine by me, Stokley is probably going to be more stable than Branch was here.

    A question regarding the Cards game, will Max Hall still be the starter at quarterback for them?

  12. Taking Stock of the NFCW:
    Wk 1 was interdivisional games; and the two teams that won (AZ & SEA)currently lead the division.
    Wk 2 everybody lost: AZ@ATL, SEA@DEN, STL@OAK, & SFvNO.
    Wk 3 everybody won (AZvOAK, SEAvSD, STLvDC), ‘cept SF@KC.
    Wk 4 everybody lost (AZ@SD, SEA@STL, SF@ATL), ‘cept STL.
    Wk 5 AZ beat NO, SEA had a Bye, & STL(@DET) & SF(vPHI) lost.
    Wk 6 AZ had a Bye, and everybody else won (SEA@CHI, STLvSD, SFvOAK).

    NFCW Guesses:
    Wk 7, AZ@SEA are both sitting at 3-2. Winner leads the division at 4-2 and the loser is back at .500 (say for argument SEA wins). Both STL@TB & SF@CAR can win their games, so say they’ll be at 4-3 & 2-5.

    Wk 8 AZvTB likely wins (4-3) and SEA@OAK say wins (5-2). STLvCAR likely wins 5-3, & SFvDEN say wins (3-5).

    Wk 9 Both AZ@MIN & SEAvNYG are likely losses (4-4 and 5-3), and STL & SF are Byes.

    Wk 10 Say AZvSEA – AZ wins so both teams are 5-4. Say STL@SF – SF wins so STL is also at 5-4 and SF is at 4-5.

    Wk 11 AZ@KC, likely an AZ loss, as would be SEA@NO. Have a hard time believing STL beats ATL – even at home, but SF should beat TB at home. So all NFCW teams may be tied at 5-5.

    Wk 12 AZ maybe beats SF @ Phoenix (6-5 & 5-6), Can SEA beat KC at Qwest? KC just barely lost @HOU, so I could see SEA losing that one (5-6). STL could also lose @ DEN (5-6).

    Wk 13 AZ beats STL @ Phoenix (7-5 & 5-7). SEA takes CAR @ Qwest (6-6). If GB is healthy they beat SF @ Lambeau (5-7).

    Wk 14 AZ beats DEN @ Phoenix (8-5). SEA@SF both end up with 6-7 records, and STL loses @NO (5-8).

    Wk 15 AZ wins @ CAR (9-5). SEA loses v ATL (6-8). STL loses v KC (5-9). And SF loses @ SD (6-8).

    Wk 16 AZ loses v DAL (9-6); SEA wins @ TB (7-8); STL wins v SF (6-9 & 6-9).

    Wk 17 AZ loses @ SF (9-7 & 7-9); and SEA wins v STL (8-8 & 6-10). AZ wins the division and rests it’s players.

    I think that’s what others had been saying about the NFCW prior to the start of the season (except they expected a better showing by SF). SEA was supposed to end up 3rd in the division, which they still could by simply losing to AZ this Sunday or to STL at the end of the season.

    Odds are against SEA winning the division, but it wouldn’t take much luck to make it so.

  13. In fairness to Branch, it was his brother and father who say, probably jokingly, that he could have been a HOFer.

    “I think about it a lot,” he told me (Peter King) over the phone from the Patriots’ locker room. “My brother and my father do too. They say, ‘You’d be ready to put a gold [Hall of Fame] jacket on if you stayed.’ ”

    I’m sure Branch realizes that he’s nowhere close to HOF status.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    Yeah, Hall is the starter.

  15. bird_spit says:


    I usually like your posts, but this last one, not so much.

    What if Seattle wins all of the rest? It is just as likely as your view of the future. I say, let’em play the games.

    My gut says SEA beats the ba’jesus out of AZ this weekend. That is as far as I want to predict.

  16. OK, I’m good with that. Just sayin that it is an important game, since both AZ & SEA are inna tight race.

  17. bird_spit –
    PS: If you check the local pick em contest you’ll also find I have trouble guessing more than 50% of the wins vs losses right.

  18. bird_spit says:

    Truth is I liked the spirit of the post, but not the outcome. I was expecting to see the hawks win the div in the end, which now I am expecting. I think this div is win-able with a 9-7 record.

    I would hope that one of the line and or RB coaches plays that tape play where Dockett crushes Hass’s throat over and over again in practice. I want to see Dockett have a very bad day.

  19. thesagaciousman says:


    I think you’re giving AZ too much credit. Remember they weren’t able to score an offensive touchdown in their win against the Saints. I doubt they are going to be able to pose a consistent threat with a rookie at QB.

  20. My NFCW Guesses:

    Wk 7, AZ@SEA (SEA wins). SEA(4-2) , AZ (3-3) STL Loses @ TB & SF beats CAR so they’ll be at 3-4 & 2-5.

    Wk 8 AZ loses @ TB (3-4) and SEA@OAK wins (5-2). STL beats CAR 4-4, & SF loses to DEN in London (2-6).

    Wk 9 AZ Loses @MIN & SEA beats NYG at home (6-2 and 3-5), and STL & SF are Byes.

    Wk 10 AZ beats SEA, SEA (6-3), AZ(4-5). STL@SF – SF wins, STL (4-5), SF (3-6)

    Wk 11 AZ loses @ KC, SEA loses @ NO. SEA(6-4), AZ (4-6), ATL beats STL (4-6) .SF beats TB at home (4-6)

    Wk 12 AZ beats SF. Az (5-6), SF(4-7) , SEA beats KC at home. (7-4) STL loses @ DEN (4-7).

    Wk 13 AZ beats STL. Az(6-6), STL(4-8). SEA beats CAR @ Home (8-4). GB beats SF @ Lambeau (4-8).

    Wk 14 AZ beats DEN @ Phoenix (7-6). SF beats SEA. SEA (8-5), SF(5-8) and STL loses @NO (4-9).

    Wk 15 AZ wins @ CAR (8-6). SEA beats ATL at Qwest (9-5). STL loses v KC (4-10). And SF loses @ SD (5-9).

    Wk 16 AZ beats DAL (9-6); SEA wins @ TB (10-5); STL loses to SF. STL (4-11), SF(5-10)

    Wk 17 AZ loses @ SF. Az(9-7) and SEA wins v STL. SEA (11-5), STL(4-12). Seattle wins the division and has a chance at home field advantage in playoffs.

    Seattle wins out at home (6 more games), and goes 2-3 on the road.

    I’d say odds are for SEA winning the division.

  21. hambone08 says:

    I know I’m a bit late and this is off topic but I just wanted to share a couple thoughts with you all. Me and a group of friends went to the Bears game and I was really impressed with how classy the fans were. Aside from a few knuckleheads, which was to be expected, the Bears fans were overall friendly and respectful. The fact that they lost the game probably had something to do with the lack of jaw-jabbing but even early on in the game I pleasantly surprised at how cordial they were. Definitely seemed like a classy group of fans from what I experienced.

    Another thing I noticed was that the game atmosphere is completely different than what it’s like at Qwest; almost uncomparable really. Everything from the team/player introductions to the game information available to the fans (defensive/offensive stats) during the game is completely different. Also, the crowd noise isn’t even comparable as you could easily speak with each other when the Hawks O was on the field.

    I know the extent to which the 12th Man influences the game is often over-talked to an extent, but being able to experience a game on the road reinforced my opinion that Qwest Field a truely unique venue and the atmosphere there is something that we as fans should be thankful proud of.

    Great win on the road, definitely looking forward to going to the game this week and brew up some home cookin. Go Hawks!

  22. chuck_easton says:

    All this information is great, but I want to know the the answers to the most pressing issues!

    How much of a BUST is Aaron Curry?
    What is the team going to do about it?

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    Back to your regularily scheduled sanity here.

  23. longco44 says:

    Aaron Curry isn’t a bust…IMO..

    However, if your speaking value for money…… There are no players worth what they’re making. They’re all a bunch of overpaid whiners!

    Heck, don’t get me wrong, I love watching football and baseball.. And yes, I know that whether Im watching them on tv or physically being there in the stadium Im contributing to their paychecks.

    Oh well… GO HAWKS

  24. Ahaha that Marshawn Lynch video is hilarious.

  25. bulldog80 says:

    I just love how some of you guys speculate on the wins and losses and even profess to know what our record will be. Give me a break. That’s why we play the games. Our team looks very prepared each week, and it our QB, no matter who he is, doesn’t turn the ball over we can win anywhere.

    I like talking about the positives and negatives of the team but expecting an 8-8 record? Come on!! Show some pride for crying out loud!! We should expect to be 14-2 right now unless proven otherwise. Man up and get behind the team!!
    (Now begins the the “I was just being realistic” drivel)

  26. Dukeshire says:

    Chuck – lol.

  27. Dukeshire says:

    Rod Mar’s photos are usually incredible. But these from the Bear game are especially awesome. I’d like to single out the Cutler “fan”, Walter Thurmond’s hops and the best one to me; Ben Hamilton, near the end. Such a tough photo. It absolutely fires me up. Enjoy and thank you Rod.

  28. MadSweeney42 says:

    Funny how none of the chuckleheads on NFLN even mentioned that Branch basically missed what, 2 years with knee injuries. Sure you can’t find a use for a WR when he’s not on the damn field. Peter King doesn’t mention that either in his “in depth” analysis although he does mention that forcing a trade to a team with an “oft injured QB” was idiotic. Only problem is that Matt wasn’t oft injured until AFTER Branch was traded. I’m not whining about Seattle not getting respect, although that’s certainly nothing new (and not that we always earn it either), but it gets on my nerves that peanut heads that can’t even see a play for what it is are making sick money to be wrong, especially when some think louder makes it more right.

    I thought Branch had a great game against the Rams in StL in his first season, maybe even his first game as a Seahawk, didn’t he? 2 TDs IIRC, and that might have also been the Burleson return game too. Can’t remember. I do remember though who brought the flourescent, putrid green gloves on the field first…. Branch. I’ll always hate him for that.

  29. surelyyoujest says:

    Thanks for the link to the pictures Duke. Those were awesome…..especially the one of Ben Hamilton. Pretty proud of his battle scars.

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