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Morning links: Hawks-Bears reaction

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 18, 2010 at 7:23 am with 36 Comments »
October 18, 2010 2:06 pm
Seahawks LB Lofa Tatupu and S Jordan Babineaux (AP photo)

Some links on reaction from Seattle’s 23-20 win over Chicago. We’ll have our Monday Morning QB live chat at noon today.

Mike Williams was the feature guy in Seattle’s offense, as head coach Pete Carroll said his team is finally beginning to play how he imagined they could offensively.

The Seahawks are now 3-10 in early games on the road dating back to the 2008 season.

Justin Forsett and Marshawn Lynch combined for 111 yards and two touchdowns in their first game together since college.

A photo gallery from Sunday’s game.

And here’s the stats from Hawks-Bears game.

ESPN’s Mike Sando writes that Seattle got a signature victory against a good team on the road at Chicago.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times writes that the Seahawks blitz safeties to pressure Chicago Jay Cutler into six sacks.

Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times writes that the Seahawks gave a complete effort on the road against a playoff caliber team.

Clare Farnsworth of recaps the game here.

John Boyle of the Everett Herald says the offensive line played well in protecting Matt Hasselbeck and opening up running lanes.

Greg Johns of writes that the addition of running back Marshawn Lynch seemed to breathe new live into Seattle’s offense.

Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune wonders if the Bears asked quarterback Jay Cutler to do too much.

Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune writes that the Bears secondary struggled in defending Mike Williams.

Mark Potash of the Chicago Sun-Times writes that Seattle’s fast-paced offense gave the Bears trouble.

Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times says Chicago’s offense and defense share the blame in the team’s loss to Seattle.

Michael Wright of ESPN Chicago writes the Bears offensive line is a danger to Cutler’s health.

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  1. Hass protected the ball yesterday and we win. It’s a simple formula that isn’t always easy to execute, but critical to the team’s success.

    Nice to see a balanced game between the run/pass. Lynch/Forsett are the perfect combo and BMW was everything we could hope a #1 WR to be. The Defense was awesome and until that last punt, so was special teams. In fact, Jon Ryan did have an outstanding game with several balls downed inside the 20 or out of bounds…less that last one.

    If the play the same type of game next week while having the crowd ‘with’ them, they’re gonna blow out the Cards…

    GO HAWKS!!

  2. screw Thunder and Lightning, Flash and Bang, Slash and Dash. Justin Forsett and Marshawn Lynch = Beauty and the Beast

  3. I should have posted this yesterday after it happened, but I’m pretty sure me finding a tiny sand dollar (size of an actual silver dollar) and giving another regular sized sand dollar to some kid early Sunday morning was the reason for the Seahawks road victory. You’re welcome.

  4. True joreb, and not only did Matt protect the ball, but he was never in a position to rush passes or keep his head on a swivel to worry about pressure…

    Matt’s blindside was a zone of calm most of the day and so Matt looked more calm in the pocket than he has in a long time. Its amazing how important the LT position is to play in the NFL; amazing how few men can dominate at that position; amazing how much better an offense can become when the LT shuts down the blind side pass rush. And, it is amazing that the Seahawks finally have a worthy replacement to Walter Jones in young Russell Okung.

    Russell can be a true cornerstone of this offense for years to come. How many teams have a left tackle who could have stepped in and done what Okung did yesterday? Other than having a franchise QB, I don’t think there is another player who can so transform an offense from bad to good as a left tackle like Okung can. He really illustrated what coaches mean by ‘a cornerstone player to build an offense around’.

  5. CaliSeahawker says:

    What a win! I am now looking forward how this team responds to such a rare road win vs a playoff caliber team. We get a division rival who is 3-2, at home, starting a rookie QB. Let down? I certainly hope not!

  6. Two plays encapsulate the game:

    1) The Forsett touchdown. Watched it about 20 times. Okung shoves the pile into the end zone, then shoves Urlacher and a second Bear and both go flying. Both were ticked off and came right back at him (the cameras showed the end of the shoving match that ensued).

    Can’t put Okung in the same class as Walt until he’s been doing it for a few years, but that kind of superhuman strength, the quiet, humble guy with all the tools and a mean streak, all say he at least has the POTENTIAL to be in the same class.

    2) Third quarter, Bears ball, sweep right. Heater blows up the tight end, penetrates, then blows up both blockers including the pulling guard whom he drives backwards into the running back, who’s stopped by Tatupu for -2.

    A team of talented, physical guys who play angry and focus on their assignments rather than being the guy who makes the play every time.

    Comment: So far our D has been good despite being on the field too long and our O has sucked. Today Matt didn’t have to worry about getting killed from the blind side, Marshawn was everything we expected — and the perfect complement to Force — and our offense put together a pretty decent game against one of the better NFC teams, in their house.

    What’s not to like? GO HAWKS!!!

  7. If Okung ever amounts to one tenth of what Walt meant for this Franchise, it will still be one of the best picks this franchise has made since Walt. One of the most valuable things in my room (personal value, not in terms of cost) is a football signed by Walter Jones. I certainly believe Okung has the potential to be up there among the best Left Tackles in the league, not sure if he’ll ever be near the level Walt played at, but after watching him against Peppers yesterday, I kinda hope ha will be that good.

  8. hawkfan777 says:


    “Beauty and the Beast”

    I love it!

  9. Among other good things – I see that we finally won the time of possession game – which of course only helps our defense.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    After re-watching the game, two things that caught my eye were 1; Jut how many nickel packages Seattle ran. Through the first four games they were almost 2-1 base 4-3 vs all other formations. Yesterday it was just the opposite, or close. That tells me they really have confidence in their front 4 to stop the run, which they did. It also explains why Hawthorne saw so little action. (Herring subs in nickel.)

    2; Okung really got pushed around more and lost his balance more than one would think, considering how quiet he kept Peppers. He has a lot of room for improvement (of course), but fought hard to never lose him man.

    I’ll be interested to hear Jennings’ hammy status. Hopefully it’s nothing too serious.

  11. variable575 says:

    Thanks JoSCh. A sand dollar well spent.

  12. The Force TD saw several excellent blocks. Hamilton inside on the DT, Okung on the LB and Stockley on a DB but it was the cut block of Carlson on DE Julius Peppers that sprung the play. Peppers was left on the field gimpy following that block. Carlson needs all props available after the poor receiving.

    Rant: Practice reports continually claim Tate has made the play of the day with some remarkable catch. Bears game he had a shot on the sideline but failed to bring it in. That would have been an impressive grab but then he follows it up with an easy drop on a quick short route to the left. So Tate was only targeted twice and both ended in drops. My confidence wanes.

    Then comes the muffed punt in the 3rd qrt. Granted he made the recovery but for that brief moment waiting for the ref to signal direction of ball control their wasn’t another person on earth I despised more. lol

  13. RE: “Beauty and the Beast”

    How about “BEAST FORCE!”

  14. variable575 says:


    Doughnut thievery at 3am and the dropsies. Maybe a stretch, but remember when Koren and D-jack had to cut out the green plant and the late nights in order to recover their lost ability? Wonder if Tate’s pipin’ off Koren’s old bong that was hiding in some stinky corner of the hawks locker room?

    That’s at least one way to explain the late-night munchies.

  15. SandpointHawk says:

    Exile:Rant: Practice reports continually claim Tate has made the play of the day with some remarkable catch. Bears game he had a shot on the sideline but failed to bring it in. That would have been an impressive grab but then he follows it up with an easy drop on a quick short route to the left. So Tate was only targeted twice and both ended in drops. My confidence wanes.

    He also doesn’t know his routes and stops running his routes in mid play…

    That’s why I’m calling him Tater…

  16. Dukeshire says:

    “He also doesn’t know his routes and stops running his routes in mid play…”

    He may have been in for a dozen offensive plays, at most yesterday, what routes did you see him quitting on? And he doesn’t know the routes? He been criticized for not being as precise as he needs to be, but that’s a far cry from not knowing the routes.

    He had a poor game but let’s not allow the momentum of “mob mentality” to unreasonably cloud things.

  17. I’m not sure on his routes but do remember Holmgren shipping Forsett to the practice squad after a muffed punt. All of us know the outcome of that saga. Indy snatched him before he cleared waivers. Luckily TR had the foresight to bring him back after he was released. I’m not 100% on Holmgren to the practice squad but he dealt Ahman Green to the Packers because of fumbles. So history would indicate it was Holmgren and not TR.

  18. SandpointHawk says:

    Dukeshire… Sorry I came in from a family breakfast yesterday and saw the game was starting. I hit the DVR record and when I went to review the game I had only recorded the last three minutes of NFL today which switched to the intro early apparently…so I can’t give you a play by play…..Tater is having problems with the the preciseness of his routes true, and that is the same to me as not knowing your routes in the pro game. If you make your cut and you angle is off by 5 degrees you are 10 feet out of position. This is no longer “run down the right sideline and cut in at the 30 yard line and I will find you” football…. I know Branch was helping him and I appreciate he was a very good if undisciplined player at Notre Dame. He still has a long way to go as a pro, yes his shows us some good moments, and now some hands of stone. He needs to stop thinking and start playing. A lot of rookie mistakes IMHO….so for now he’s the Tater. I’m not sure when you have seen me as part of a mob but if you say so…it must be so…

  19. Mr Williams: “Seattle’s fast-paced offense gave Seattle trouble” ? I’d be happy if they kept having such trouble.

  20. orbeavhawk says:

    Justin & Marshawn = “Da Beastly Bros!”

  21. It’s amazing what will happen to a QB when the running game improves and he has more time to throw. Imagine what will happen when the drops decrease.

    It’s only one game, but if does feel significant.

  22. SandpointHawk says:

    BobbyK…True dat

  23. “It’s amazing what will happen to a QB when the running game improves and he has more time to throw. Imagine what will happen when the drops decrease. ”

    Totally. Adding Okung and Lynch to the mix changed everything for Hasselbeck. And, as we’ve noted, against a very good defense, on their home turf. The performance of the offense, even more than the defense, was the revelation yesterday.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    SandpointHawk – Let’s clarify a couple things so there are no misunderstandings or unintended insults; My “mob mentality” comment is directed at those that take a one poor game’s performance and turn it into suggestions he’s a stoner or a lazy player and the like. Each comment becomes more and more critical and further and further from the reality of what’s happening on the field.

    As for not knowing his routes, it appears we simply disagree on what that means. When I read that, I (mistakenly apparently) take that as though (for example) the play calls for him to run a 7 route (flag) and he runs a 15 yard dig (square in). But you seem to intend that to mean, if it’s a 15 yard dig and he runs 14 yards or doesn’t make his break sharp enough that is not knowing the route. We both seem to agree that there is a certain lack of discipline on his part, I don’t interpret that as a lack of knowledge on his part, however.

    And lastly, “stops running his routes in mid play…” would indicate that he is quitting on the field, to me at least. Perhaps I misunderstand that as well. But if that is what you intend, I haven’t seen or read any evidence of that.

    In any case, you can call him Tater or whatever you choose, makes no difference to me. Hopefully that explains where I am coming from.

  25. irrationalexuberance says:

    Although I am a fan of winning and getting rid of Hasslebeck I am glad he didnt lose the game for the Hawks. He played using his most valuable asset, his head. I would like to see some 300+ yds but we cant have it all. Hopefully this time next week we should be 4-2 and enjoying a comfortable lead in the NFC West…..

    I think the AFC West has shown to be worst than the NFC West.

  26. Dukeshire says:

    SandpointHawk – I will say too, about him not thinking so much and just playing as you said, they have recently moved him to split-end behind Williams after being at flanker for most of his time here, so there is some adjustment there. That shouldn’t affect his ability to hang on to passes but he’s probably not as comfortable yet as he will be there. Probably still thinking his way through, on that level.

  27. SandpointHawk says:

    Dukeshire…It’s so nice to have peace in the kingdom of the Hawk…can I buy you a glass of Kool-Aid?

  28. SandpointHawk says:

    Reading between the lines (though not much) Alex and Mike don’t seem to see eye to eye….

  29. longco44 says:

    Oh, and if anyone was wondering… The game the Hawks are probably supposed to win but end up losing will be Oakland Raiders, and the game the Hawks are supposed to lose but end up winning will be the New Orleans Saints. Okay, so that’s just my opinion.. IT’s more than likely wrong, but we’ll see!

  30. Dukeshire says:

    SandpointHawk – I’m mixing my kool-aid with kool-aid at this point. lol

  31. Duke – I’m trying to catch up with Hawthorne, Nickle and such. Unaware of the Tate position change but I question that left side short yardage pass to Butler behind the LOS (2nd qrt 4:17). At a mere 170 lbs. he isn’t built to break tackles and on such a closed off sideline pass couldn’t use his speed. Tate has the run after catch ability or Williams with size advantage.

    After taking another look at the Bear D on that particular play Butler should not have gone in motion but stayed out right. Williams or Stokley were the intended targets to the left. Having Butler over there as well just created a log jam with nowhere to go. From the right side Butler likely would have had man coverage and could have tested them deep, once again, already having scored a TD. The safety would have been forced to read the play action and then deal with Williams or Carlson.

    After play action Forsett is given the responsibility of blocking Peppers. Guess the end result. JP ends up on his hands and knees. Hass was given all day on this play and Butler loses a yard.

  32. We need a true fullback now… mike robinson can’t blow people up well enough to be 100% effective at taking lb’s out of the play. Saw it happen at least 3 times during the bears game. Bring back ganther

  33. excile.. you’re completely wrong. butler was the intended receiver on the play. stokley was sposed to pick the db covering butler and mike was a distraction. butler also ran a bad route.. should have been deeper…

  34. and matt was late

  35. to be fair.. i’m pretty sure if it had been zone coverage, stokley or mike would have been the targets. but when butler went in motion, they revealed man coverage and butler ended up the primary.

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