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Carroll impressed with Okung’s performance

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 18, 2010 at 3:15 pm with 65 Comments »
October 19, 2010 10:06 am

It’s Victory Monday here at the VMAC, which means Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll gave his players today and tomorrow off as a reward for the team’s impressive win at Chicago on Sunday.

But even though Carroll’s excited about his team’s breakthrough victory on the road, he understands the time for celebration has passed and his team has to start preparing for Arizona.

“We’re proud of that, but that’s already gone,” Carroll said. “And so we’re getting ready now to start working on the Arizona game coming up, and looking forward to that one.”

Carroll said after looking at the film that rookie Russell Okung played well against Chicago, doing a nice job of matching up against Chicago defensive end Julius Peppers and also getting down field on running plays.

“He did really well,” Carroll said. “He played a very good football game. He got tossed around a little bit early, and then he settled in and played very consistent in pass protection. He did a nice job on the run. He had a good game. So he’s really back now, and it’s still so young, so early in his play time. But he came through in a big way.”

As far as injuries are concerned, Carroll said that Kelly Jennings (hamstring), Jon Ryan (ribs) and Dexter Davis (hamstring) are all sore and will be questionable for Sunday’s game, although Carroll later said he expected Ryan to be ready for Arizona on Sunday.

“They’re all muscle strains,” Carroll said. “It’s nothing so definitely that we’ll know exactly where they stand for a couple days. But they all obviously couldn’t finish and we’ll just have to wait it out.”

Olindo Mare is the backup punter if Ryan can’t play on game day.

Carroll also said that Forsett had an impressive game, particularly in pass protection.

As far as Mike Williams’ performance on Sunday, Carroll said since he’s known the big receiver from their USC days, that’s what he expects from him. Carroll also said Williams and Matt Hasselbeck are developing a nice rapport on the field.

“I know Matt really feels connected to Mike and he finds him,” Carroll said. “And he knows that big target it out there waiting for him, and those guys are hooking up.

Carroll also met with former President Bill Clinton today, who’s in town campaigning for local democratic candidate Sen. Patty Murray. You can see a picture of the two here. Clinton wrote a blurb for Carroll’s book, and the two are friends.

“I met the president awhile back in Southern California,” Carroll said. “He was down for a speech and we got to visit. And so we’ve communicated a little bit back and forth, and he was kind of enough to contribute to the book and all of that.

“We invited him to practice knowing that he was coming to town and he couldn’t make it, and so they called this morning and said he was going to be available, and so we just jumped together and hung out for a little while. It’s a great honor.”

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  1. Hope Jennings is back – I thought Thurmond was a step down coverage-wise. I also didn’t think Trufant had a particularly good game – maybe still a bit injured.

    Big Bill is looking quite a bit older than in the white house days, I guess we all are. . .

  2. Seahawks2620 says:

    It seems as if everyone is fretting about the Cardinals. First off, we are at Qwest. That should be enough right there, but if it is not here is why we will win. Now I understand that the Cardinals had two weeks two prepare for us, just like we did for the Bears, but it is very different. We had reasons to be worried about the Bears. We were playing on the road (where we are awful), they had a very good run defense, they generate a bit more pass rush then the Bears and if we can handle Peppers then we can handle anyone on the Cardinals defensive line. The Cardinals are 26th in the league when it comes to sacks with 8, are 25th in the league in pass defense, and are 29th in the league in rush defense. As for the offense, they are 29th in rushing offense and 30th in passing offense. They are an awful team. The only area in which they excel is turnovers. They have 7 interceptions and 6 forced fumbles. We are better in almost every area. They have us beat at rushing offense (by one placement), turnovers, and pass defense. I may have missed a couple of things, but for the most part, it is clear that this team is living off of turnovers. The New Orleans game is a perfect example of this. They won that game with their defensive play (turnovers). I read the Monday chat when I got home and many people made it sound as if the Patriots were in town. If we can handle the Chargers and there aerial attack, I am pretty sure that we can handle the Cardinals and there 150 yards/game. We should win this, whether the Cardinals had the BYE week or not. The stats speak the truth. If we show up at all, this is ours. I am not insinuating that we should overlook them, just stating that they are not as scary as some people on here assume they are.

  3. Seahawks2620 says:

    Our pass defense will probably be less then stellar all year. We are obviously still growing. I actually thought Thurmond did an admirable job. He already has as many PD’s as Kelly Jennings with more tackles, even though he has received less playing time. I liked what I saw for a rookie. He did get burned on his first play in, but was pretty solid. As for Trufant, he got worked by Johnny Knox on that 67 yard catch and run in the second quarter. He still looked healthier then against the rams though.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Few run in as diverse a crowd as Carroll does. Must be nice…

    I’m glad Carroll singled Forsett’s pass pro out. There was a play in the 3rd quarter where he just took a blitzer’s legs out, dropped him like a sack of potatoes. The pass was ultimately incomplete but it was terrific recognition and perfect execution on his part.

    I don’t know about fretting, the ‘Hawks owe the Cards a beating and that’s what they’re going to get.

  5. Jennings is the more solid player of he and Thurmond at this point, but Thurmond has the size and upside that Jennings doesn’t have.

  6. I’m not fretting about the Cards – w/the way we flustered Cutler on the road, I think we should do many more bad things to a rookie QB at Qwest. I’ll be real disappointed if we don’t win this one.

  7. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Now THAT is what you call an impact player!!! First complete start of the season and he SHUTS DOWN an elite DE in Julias Peppers!!!

    Lookit AARON CURRY the Bust,

    he played LESS THAN A THIRD of the total defensive snap…What a BUST!

    No wonder our defense was so dominant with that tub of poo withheld from playing time

  8. Seahawks2620 says:

    Sorry guys, i was not implying that you were the ones “fretting” about the Cards. I was just pointing out that many people on the Chat this morning were concerned about them.

  9. seahawklovertoo says:

    Okung cought my eye feom his soph year on. In those days I lived in Northern Texas and saw a lot of Big 12 games . As I posted about a year ago, most of the DEs didn’t want any piece of him and would attack the oposite side. The only player that had some success was Orakpo. Okung and Suh didn’t cross paths to many times. I knew he can play in NFL. It is great he is on our side.
    The next step for RO (since he did gain some more confidance against Peppers) is to start mauling the DEs like he did at OK State. Most of the people on this blog don’t know much about his mean streak. This kid can and will get nasty with the oposing players. Enjoy watching him play.

  10. freedom_X says:

    The PD numbers don’t mean that much as an expression of one’s coverage ability. Colin Cole has 3 passes defensed. Trufant has 4. I wouldn’t say Cole has 75% of Trufant’s coverage ability. :)

    I wonder if this was a breakout game by Williams, or if injuries hampered him the previous 3 weeks? Williams really hadn’t been effective after the opener, and he got dinged (shoulder) in the 2nd game. Perhaps Williams got healthy after the bye and is showing more of what he can really do on a consistent basis.

    Remember that the Seattle staff has been scheming along the O-line very well. If they can minimize the weaknesses of a journeyman player at LT, they can do wonders with a top-rated prospect. Okung played great but the scheming helped a lot.

    He’ll be Walter Jones when they can scheme based on leaving him completely 1-1 with no help, freeing them up to help elsewhere on the line. That was actually a disappointment I had in the Holmgren years – despite the huge O-line advantage of Walter Jones not needing any help, they still had some pass pro and run blocking problems (and no TE to send deep regularly) other than the Super Bowl year.

  11. “51 – Lofa Tatupu – 59 of 59 (100.0%)
    54 – Will Herring – 31 of 59 (52.5%)
    57 – David Hawthorne – 13 of 59 (22.0%)
    59 – Aaron Curry – 19 of 59 (32.2%)
    79 – Red Bryant – 28 of 59 (47.5%)
    90 – Colin Cole – 32 of 59 (54.2%)
    91 – Chris Clemons – 46 of 59 (78.0%)
    93 – Craig Terrill – 41 of 59 (69.5%)
    94 – Junior Siavii – 10 of 59 (16.9%)
    95 – Kentwan Balmer – 19 of 59 (32.2%)
    98 – Raheem Brock – 37 of 59 (62.7%)”

    Some interesting info from the link curryisbust posted (assuming these snap counts are accurate) – if Curry is out for all those snaps, who is in for him? Is that when we are going Nickel package? I would have thought he’d be in there on the passing downs for his rush ability. Also interesting to see that Brock got more snaps than Bryant. I did notice him yesterday – thought he played well.

    Understand that the Hawks must believe that Herring is better in pass coverage than Hawthorne – I haven’t watched it closely, but I’m not, in general, a big Herring fan, I see him consistently come up short on pass rush (and/or blitz opptys) every game.

  12. Cohesion is so important, that’s why I don’t understand why more teams (do any?) when they suck simply don’t take a draft and draft 3-5 OL as high as they can and just let them play together for a long time.

    If you suck, you suck. You should build grat a LT #1, LG and/or C at #2/#3 and than let them play together for 10 years (perhaps a RG in the 4th… depending the year and an extra early pick… or if they can trade dowin in the 1st to pick up another 2nd rounder or whatever). I know you always have BPA variables (for example, I wouldn’t have stretched for Okung/Williams, when I had a chance to draft a Suh this past year).

    Get the OL ready, bring in the franchise QB so he doesn’t take a beating and THEN build the rest of the team. That’d be my blue print. You get what you focus on and I guarantee I’d have a top OL (or at least the core of what will become very good) and a capable QB by the end of my second year of being a GM.

  13. JazBadAzz says:

    John carlson has to play better in the passing game…forsett played pass pro really well, I agree with that. I wish we had another pass rusher…maybe merriman can get a look, what do you guys think?

  14. Carlsonkid says:

    Curry was out and Herring in more because we played more nickel and less 4-3 this game ( note to coaching staff – nice job ! ) . If you look at Lofa’s stats for the game they aren’t exactly jaw dropping either …

    Curry will be fine , and was in on a sack and a couple of QB rushed throws as I recall .

  15. variable575 says:

    I’m confident about our game come this sunday. However, the cards, I’d imagine will do better in pass protection. Meaning, we won’t get to Max as much as we did Jay, but being that Max is a rookie the perceived pressure will be enough. Just him knowing that our guys are pinning there ears back and going after him should have a good effect along with the kick a$$ 12th man.

    That said, with the threats they have at WR, I wonder if we will blitz the tards in the same way with the same frequency. I doubt it. But, maybe were seeing what we expected more of all season and that’s a more exotic and frequent blitz package.

    Couple things I’m wondering, how many times did we rush in 5 and 6+guys against the Bears? Also, How many sacks have the cards given up this season and where does that rank in the nfl?

  16. Dukeshire says:

    pdway – Herring for Heater in nickel situations for most of the season. The reason is stands out yesterday is that they ran more than half of all their formations out of nickel. It’s usually the other way around. Through the first 4 games they have run their base 4-3 almost 2-1 vs all other formations, just the opposite yesterday. As a result Herring saw way more action. And generally Herring is better in coverage although after yesterday’s game I’m beginning to wonder.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    Curry’s sack was impressive. A second effort play that he could have easily given up on. Curry keeps giving effort like that and we’ll all be happy.

  18. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “I would have thought he’d be in there on the passing downs for his rush ability”


    “Curry’s sack was impressive. A second effort play that he could have easily given up on. Curry keeps giving effort like that and we’ll all be happy.”

    That wasnt impressive that was PATHETIC. He missed the sack despite being UNBLOCKED. somehow found himself on the turf despite nobody laying a hand on him. Then Cutler ran forward which is why Curry trip him up.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    That assessment is simply not accurate. He was pushed out wide, unable to pull Cutler down, causing him to the turf. He springs up as Cutler is being flushed out left to finnish the play. Full hustle. Full effort. You are a moron.

  20. bird_spit says:

    Duke to AaronCurryIsBUST: “You are a moron.”

    No better words have been spoken.

  21. “HE DOESNT HAVE RUSH ABILITY! He is BOOTY at pass rush!! he had 9 sacks in 4 WHOLE YEARS STARTING IN COLLEGE”

    Disagree, based on what I’ve seen this year w/my own eyes.

    But – – more importantly – I think to understand this movie, I need the backstory here. Why the passionate intensity of your Curry hate? Did you have some bad interaction with the guy?

  22. I’ll chime in
    Curry may not be the best LDE but in this short experiment at the position has shown far more potential than Lo-jack who actually played the position at USC.
    Curry has also shown the strength to bull rush the LT. He may never become LT or Haley but a genuine prospect still capable at LB. Hindsight, still wish we had drafted Sanchez

  23. Actually, he didn’t rush much at Wake Forest. Therefore, the fact that he had nine sacks in four years is impressive. Part of the reason he doesn’t have much for pass rushing moves is because he didn’t do it in college. His pass rush moves were not coached up and he’s extremely raw. But you can tell with the naked eye that the potential is there.

    Personally, if they made him the back-up Leo/Elephant to Clemons (and he saw time for Red in obvious pass rush situations) next year (not interested in a change right now – mid-year), I’d be perfectly okay with it. I think his best future in the NFL is at getting after the QB, not dropping into coverage.

    It’d be a lot easier to find a LB who can stuff the run on the strong side than it is to find a guy who can be a good pass rusher (and more important in today’s NFL).

  24. Cliff Lee is good.

  25. We already have that strong side LB in Hill but he sleeps at intersections and is oft injured. Hill restructured his contract so I hope he doesn’t get the hate come next year. The player has ON FIELD skilz.

    DE Clemons is called Leo because he is not always in a down position. Occasionally he stands not unlike a LB.
    My understanding of the Elephant was a roaming LB (Charles Haley) sometimes taking a down position of the D line. There are those of us who use the name on LB’s used as Curry has been. That is in the down position on either left or right DE.

  26. longco44 says:

    Anyone think it would be worthwhile to see the Hawks go after Haynesworth?

  27. longco44 says:

    BobbyK: YES… Cliff Lee is good!!

  28. bird_spit says:

    The day the Hawks get rid of the oberto & Seahawks shower curtain will be a very good day.

  29. Dukeshire says:

    Cliff Lee is a freak.

    Haynesworth? No thanks. Not worth the trouble, IMO.

  30. Only if you’re trading for Haynesworth KNOWING that he’ll only be a Seahawk for the rest of this season (and he doesn’t know it).

    On a different topic, I’m skipping the Rangers-Yankee$ game for a bit b/c I hate the Brox Bastard$ too badly and have been watching NFLN… Jim Mora just basically said that Green Bay needs to hang in there and don’t blame injuries and have a positive attitude. Great advice. But it’d be better if he practiced what he preached. He’d probably still have a job too.

    2-0 Rangers in the 8th… please hold on…

  31. SirDaddy says:

    longco44 says:
    “Anyone think it would be worthwhile to see the Hawks go after Haynesworth?”

    Yeah, absolutely…For Hassellback.

  32. Dukeshire says:

    He doesn’t want to play, clearly. Why would any team give another player to get him?

  33. I think he wants to play just so he can show the Redskins that they are morons for not respecting him or allowing him to be featured in a 4-3 (yet I side with the Redskins and think he’s a moron, as does most everyone else in the NFL including us fans; like Duke). When you get a talented, big man with a chip on his shoulder (think his contract years in TN) big things happen. I would trade a pick for him (nothing more than a 4th) if we think we can ride that train into the post-season. He’d make our DEs better and raise the play of the entire defense.

    On a different topic, I was wondering today if NE would trade us Mankins if we gave them our #1 and they shipped a #2 back to us. We wouldn’t lose picks, but we’d lose a 1st rounder (but gain a Pro Bowl LG who could kick-butt next to Okung… say hello to running over the left side on 3rd and 1 and getting it most of the time with the ugly beast). I wonder if NE would bite?

  34. Yankee$ lose!!! I like how there’s hardly any “fans” in those seats behind home plate (after most of their home games in those rich ba$tard $seat$). lol

    Since the Twins can’t ever beat the Yankees, they should sign the Yankee killer (Cliff Lee). Too bad they aren’t in a bigger market.

  35. Oh, wait, Seahawks blog… Go ‘Hawks!!!

    Duke — did I tell you that I bought a lime green Hasselbeck jersey when I came out for the 49er game? lol

  36. First, let me agree with anyone here who thinks we are going to stomp the Cardinals next Sunday at Qwest! ITS PAY BACK TIME! TIME TO ROCK THE QWEST! :-)

    I wonder what the chances are for LG Chester Pitts getting in the game next week? Not that Ben Hamilton was so bad at Chicago, but Pitts could make this line good across all five positions.

    I wonder if Mebane’s calf is going to be a problem all season?

    Seems odd that Craig Terrill was in at DT on most plays using the 3 down linemen ‘bandit’ defense. For a guy who was cut, he’s getting a lot of the snaps that Balmer or Siavii might have gotten.

    I wonder when John Carlson will re-emerge as Hasselbeck’s go-to guy. It’s coming… you know its coming.

    I wonder where all the “bench Hasselbeck” people went?

  37. bayareahawkfan says:

    Okay, I’m admittedly a little behind on posts here, but where is Pabs? All his repeated doom and gloom about Hass being proven to be terrible on the road, and how definitive that assessment was, period, full stop, no arguments…has he disappeared since the win?

    Come on Pabs, working on your “outlier” defense for this data point?

    In his defense, his facts are right – he’s no CurryIsABust – but I disagree with the hate-o-rade behind the posts…

    Oh and as you can imagine, down here in SF Giants lose and Niners beat an awful team, and many local pundits are back on the wagon. Makes me more certain of attending the ‘Hawks game here in November.

  38. Pabs is right about the road record thing. It’s still bad. He’s a good, knowledgeable fan. Some of us can turn into a broken record (I’ve done it with losing Hutch and my anger about Rob Sims/Chris Spencer of ’06-’08). And Matt isn’t the same guy he was in ’07 (broken record… the year I firmly believe was his best… no running game and carried the team).

    It’s just that I think some people don’t fully realize that surrounding talent is so important to a QB (not singling out Pabs or anyone in particular). Brady isn’t normal. Comparing Matt to a Brady isn’t fair (not that anyone here has done that). Brady is a 3-time winning future HOF QB; Matt isn’t. But that doesn’t mean Matt isn’t decent. Most regular QBs need surrounding talent and Matt is no different.

  39. Dukeshire says:

    BobbyK – lol, nooooo! Well, at least you’ll be visible once the snows hit this winter.

  40. I got it at that Seattle team store place by Qwest/Safeco. I like it!!!

  41. Dukeshire says:

    Check this video out of Lynch after the game. lol.

  42. I’m around, I’ve just been too busy wearing my Pete Carroll Khakis everywhere this week. This week, is “Wear Khakis Forever” week in my house.

    Watching the game and looking at the stats, Hasselbeck and the offense’s performance was fairly average. Hasselbeck had a mere 6.0 yards per attempt which is well below average for an NFL QB but he didn’t throw an INT.

    In between my 500 “Hasselbeck stinks” posts, I’ve also said this team can get to the playoffs with merely average QBing (a game manager) and go far in the playoffs (NFC Title) with above average QBing (playmaker). I’ve said this team and this defense in particular is THAT good. If we are lucky, Hasselbeck can be a game manager but there is NO way he will be a playmaker at this point.

    With Schneider/Carroll pulling the grand personnel moves and Gus Bradley learning how to “coach it up” finally, you can plug in a bunch of NFL QBs on this team to get that win at Chicago. Chicago was something like 0-14 on Third Down conversions but they are also 4-45 in their last 3 or 4 games. Looking at Chicago’s upcoming schedule and the beating that Cutler has taken, I don’t think it’s a given these guys finish with a winning record.

    But I don’t care how they win these games as long as they win them. It’s been a while since the team had a defense that can take care of business on the road. In the end, this was a dominating, TEAM performance which is perfect.

  43. bobbyj0708 says:

    “In between my 500 “Hasselbeck stinks” posts…”

    What I don’t understand is why you feel you need to post the same thing 500 times. The first time was interesting, the second time was redundant, the 3 through 500th times were boring and simply a waste of everyones’ time. We get it, you don’t think Matt is a great QB. Enough already, move on…

  44. But this was against a top 5 defense on the road. It wasn’t against a regular or below average defense. The stats aren’t supposed to be elite against a top 5 defense. And what about the drops (like Carlson dropping a perfect pass that should have gone for a big gain?). Since Matt sucks, it’s okay for players to drop his passes? And if his arm is dead with no velocity, how can players drop those passes? For the record, his arm is NOT the same as a few years ago.

    And for the record, I have seen QBs who aren’t “playmakers” look great without surrounding talent. Mark Rypien had a great OL, THREE great WRs, a running game, bla, bla, bla… Scott Mitchell (throwing jump balls to Herman Moore)? Sometimes a QB is only as good as his surrounding talent.

    Matt is no Sam Bradford. Sam I am is Special! I think the nighthawk “noodle arm” is going to be one of the top 3-5 QBs in the NFL for the next 15 years. He’s the real deal.

    I’m not ready to proclaim him Tom Brady, Jr. (there’s only about 15 of those… Dear Tom — condoms are a good way to save $ on child support)… but he has a chance to be great to a level that Matt naturally didn’t have. But lets not worry about that…

    All I’m saying is that Matt doesn’t suck as bad (WITH PROPER TALENT AROUND HIM) as one would like to believe.

    For the record, I would like to draft a QB with our 1st round pick… even before we take a DE or OG.

  45. Duke — that utube clip is funny as heck!!! LOL!!!

  46. variable575 says:


    Your reference to “mob mentality” is amusing. If you have a beef with one of my posts come on out and address me. Don’t do in some snide(r) subtle way in a post to someone else,showing what many have already labeled you to be, as the blog troll.

    You have to be the most amusing to read on this blog…..well, skim through… try to act like a know-it-all who always keeps a level head, offering up valuable analysis that, let’s face, is no better then a high school news paper columnist at best. Then in the next turn you can call another blogger–with nothing more than a differing opinion–“a moron”. But what’s even better is you’ll have guys congratulating you on your derogatory post. That does a disservice to you. Some good manipulation of a blog on your part, and if anything, more illustrative of mob mentality.

  47. BobbyK – draft a QB in the 1st round?
    So you’ve already given up on Whitehurst? This new regime has done fairly well in their talent evals. Not like them to totally miss. Matt recovered after an off week once the o‘line allowed him a pocket afforded Brady and Bradford to operate from. Should Charlie Whitehurst inherit a quality o’line he may surprise. Okung showed he can shut down the best even if Force and Carlson left Peppers a gimp. Locklear has years left. Spencer is playing without a cast. Andrews is a Mammoth and Unger is on IR

    Hawks had their shot at Sanchez who was and would still be a perfect fit. Bradford was drafted #1 overall. We’ll be lucky to draft in the top half. I no longer follow college football closely but because of those on this blog watched Locker against BYU. From what I saw he’ll likely be around when we pick unless that was an off game and his play has improved significantly.

    Rippin’ on Rypien? He had four or five good years for a guy with limited mobility. Destroyed Elway and the Bronco in the 1992 Super Bowl. Made the pro bowl twice. Mark was another of those drafted in the 6th round. Should the Hawks build a team like the Skins team you’ve described even Clipboard should be adequate.

  48. Dukeshire only said what everyone else was thinking when they read AaronCurryIsBUST’s posts.

    This is my second favorite source of Hawk fan discussion, and it’s because of people like Dukeshire, BobbyK, variable575, and pabuwal.

    I don’t always agree with them, but I love the discussion.

    AaronCurryIsBUST and his ilk make me grimace. Being THAT dedicated to finding fault, to the point of stretching the facts to fit a premise even though the facts are now distorted to the point where they are no longer facts.

    I am not as knowledgeable as many on this blog, but even I knew that Curry wasn’t asked to rush the passer in college, and that the Hawks were hoping that his physical skills would allow him to turn into a pass rusher even though it wasn’t on his resume.

    When I read that, I muttered, “Moron.”

    Then I read Dukeshire’s comment, and concurred.

    As for the rest of your attack, if any one of us was consistently offering “valuable analysis” we’d be on a payroll somewhere.

    “Dammit Jim, I’m a fan, not an analyst!”
    –Leonard McCoy
    (If Leonard McCoy had been a football fan instead of a doctor)

  49. In their 1st 5 games AZ runs better to their left and Hawks to their right. SEA’s and AZ’s pass-D are also on par over that period, but SEA has the better run-D. Hawks with Lynch & Force should be able to run on AZ. Both SEA’s run and pass offense have been better than AZ’s, but AZ has had significant injuries to their offensive players. Their injuries are healed now so AZ is at full strength, like they were when they beat STL at STL. SEA ought to have the edge, but I felt that way last year vs AZ @ Qwest – up to that short KO that AZ recovered. STs for Hawks has to play better than that this year.

  50. excile, can you really imagine the Seahawks NOT drafting a QB with their first pick next spring? Really? Not saying that Whitehurst might not surprise – but he is a well known-quantity by his coaches.

    The one unfortunate thing about Carroll teaching this team to win so quickly is the loss of draft position that might result. Rob Rang’s 2011 mock (yes, already) had QBs Luck, Locker, Mallett, and Ponder all drafted in the top ten pics. While that is likely wrong, the Seahawks lower their chances of drafting their favorite QB with every win this year.

    The only way we don’t draft a QB #1 in 2011 is if we keep winning now. We could end up starting Whitehurst next year not because he’s the right guy, but because our chances of finding a better QB could slip away.

    But for now, its time to enjoy the victories.

  51. Am I the only one having “Wear Khaki’s Forever Week” in honor of Pete Carroll?

  52. If the opportunity presents itself then they may draft a QB with their first pick. Unlikely though. A highly rated QB will be a hot commodity and the Hawks are set to have a winning record. Doubtful another Arron Rodgers falls to Schneider’s draft position. And again, Whitehurst still has been untested.

    This is a premature discussion. Should Hasselbeck finish the season behind the online seen in the Bears game he may get his confidence back. Hass is capable of 4,000+ yards a season. He would then be signed to a new contract and proceed with caution. lol

  53. About CHI –
    Hawks don’t need to get overconfident or complacent. Cutler was woozy from the getgo and CHI got behind which lost them much of the benefit of Forte. CHI’s defence was without Briggs, and Urlacher was dealing with a groin pull. CHI is one of the most variable teams in the NFL from week to week, and SEA got them on a down week vs a good week.

    Don’t overlook ANY of the remaining games – specially this coming one. The Whiz has been planning to wreck Hawks home game for two weeks now, and he’s done it before. I just hope that the players are using this time off to study film and/or practice/discuss AZ trends/predecide what to do in different scenarios, etc.

  54. Dukeshire says:

    variable575 – I’m a troll? Far from it, I’d hope. I do in fact, try to stay reasonable and try to improve the conversation here. It may not happen every time, but I do make an effort to improve the quality of the blog.

    As for me not addressing you directly, let me ask you; when have I ever shied away from specifically directing a post at someone? The fact is, although I paraphrased you (I also quoted sandpoint) that “mob-mentality” post was not directed solely at you, despite what you may believe.

    If you find my posts so unreasonable and trollish, I suggest that you don’t read them. Or, you can get take them in the spirit in which they are intended, whether you agree or disagree with them. And as for calling AaronCurryIsBust a moron, he isn’t?

  55. The reporters who have seen practices have ALL talked about how bad Whitehurst has looked. With our current franchise QB being older, it seems the perfect time to get a QB and if one falls to them in the 1st round, then you’ve got to solidify that position. It’s the most important one on the team.

    Just b/c Unger is on IR doesn’t mean he won’t be available next year to help solidify an interior OL position. Still, the interior needs more help than a healthy Unger (he got pushed around a little too much when he was healthy). You never know, Unger may be our C in ’11, as Spencer will be a FA.

    How can anyone say that he “destroyed” John Elway? Are you kidding me? The only factor in the game was that he was superior to Elway? That’s why the Redskins won? Couldn’t it have had something to do with having a team that was a 1,000 times better than the Broncos?

    Long live Timmy Smith! He won a Super Bowl and than means he’s so much better than Barry Sanders ever was!!! lol

  56. “that”

    Don’t get too worked up… all in good fun:) I know what you meant and respect that!

  57. Dukeshire says:

    I’d be giddy if Seattle got Andrew Luck. But regardless, if Schneider / Carroll target a QB (or anyone really) they like, I’m sure they’ll be proactive and make moves to get him. They seem to love to make deals.

  58. I’ve said since he was a sophomore that Okung looks more like Walt in college than anyone since Walt was in college, and the job he did on Peppers (1-on-1 most of the game) shows me he has the POTENTIAL to be in Walt Range — we’ll know in a few years.

    His highlight to me was shoving four Bears and Force into the endzone for Force’s TD, then shoving Urlacher and a DB so hard they flew five yards at the end of the play (the broadcast only showed the aftermath of the shoving match that ensued). Superhuman strength, great footwork, AND mean. What’s not to like?

    The Hawks have had an upper-tier defense even when the offense sucked. With The Beast and Force giving us a running game, Williams and Butler moving up (*cough*andBranchleaving*cough*) in the passing game, we’ve got at least a respectable and potentially good offense, which can only make our already upper-tier defense even better.

    I’d have been happy at .500 this year and not all that disappointed at 7-9 given how worthless the team that PC and Schneider inherited truly was. Here we are near the end of October tied for first and in a position to own it after Sunday. The Bears may have been a weak 4-1 team, but if the Hawks can consistently play like the team that beat the Bears on the road at 10 a.m. Pacific time, they can play with ANYONE.

  59. “Watching the game and looking at the stats, Hasselbeck and the offense’s performance was fairly average. Hasselbeck had a mere 6.0 yards per attempt which is well below average for an NFL QB but he didn’t throw an INT”

    Come on now – give the guy a little credit – he did have a 88 qb rating, with no picks, and no sacks, on the road against a very good defense. All those were things you said he couldn’t do again. And as Bobby noted, his yards per attempt were impacted by some drops, and also by several times he had to throw the ball away to avoid a sack under a heavy pass rush.

    I’m not saying you have to mow the lawn in lingerie w/#8 written on your back, but if you’re going to give him the lion’s share of the blame when we lose – then, to be fair, you’ve got to give him credit when we win a game that most folks thought we wouldn’t.

  60. bayareahawkfan says:

    Pabs – fair enough; I didn’t realize by “winning record” you meant “against teams that finished the year with winning records”.

    One thing I think is relevant re: winning now screwing our rebuilding ability in next year’s draft, something I haven’t heard discussed much about Carroll’s college background is the importance of a team philosophy which balances “won now” with a focus on continually integrating and developing new players.

    In college you won’t be employed for long if you focus on only one of those areas, however successful you are at it. I think the strength of his approach for us is a steadily improving team, and one that improves more quickly than conventional NFL rebuilding wisdom would strictly suggest was likely.

    Combine they with continued ability by The Schneid et al to find gems in late rounds, and I feel very very good about this team’s future. What’s awesome is that I didn’t expect to simultaneously feel so good about their present :).

    Here’s to Young Russell dishing out payback to Darnell next Sunday.

    Go Hawks!!!

  61. First time commenting…I admire the football knowledge shown here by so many.
    Just want to comment on the emphasis by some on drafting a “franchise” QB. Cannot quote numbers, but it seems that high pick QB’s do not come with guarantees. Aside from CW the Seahawks also have ZR who showed some flash in the Senior Bowl. Why not focus on training him up rather than trying to draft the latest draft headline. The previous FO did not plan for the future but it seems that this one is more interested in quality depth, not big names.

  62. As a current Hasselbasher I’ll say right off that his arm looked pretty live Sunday. Like it hasn’t looked in a few years. I don’t think he’s the same guy he was, and never will be but with Okung, Lynch, Williams and Butler I think he can win if he plays up to his potential. Maybe the light clicked on for him (again) and he can play out his contract.

    FWIW, I think he’s the best Seattle QB of all time. I also think his time is about up, and I’d rather not suffer through him Farveing it up one last season.

  63. If you’re looking for something upbeat, take a read on this. It’s the Hawks locker room after the win…. :

  64. Dukeshire says:

    That’s awesome. Qwest is going to give it right back to them Sunday. That place will be ROCKING.

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