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  1. I feel like I’ve said this about everygame so far… “This game will determine how the rest of the season will go”
    First, I thought about it for our first game… “Woohoo!”
    Second, @ Denver… “Wow… might not be that great”
    Third, San Diego… “What!? I guess last week was just a fluke”
    Fourth, @ St. Louis… “Okay… I was must have been right about the season after the second game.”

    Now… Here we come Chicago.


  2. IdahoHawk says:

    Could somebody tell me why Seattle has such a hard time winning road games? Having played football and knowing what it takes to get in the right frame of mind and attitude. So you are ready to go mentally regardless of a home or road game. Why are the Hawks ON at home (sometimes) and completely OFF on the road. Is it coaching, leadership, or just that ugly road record hanging over your head?

  3. variable575 says:


    It’s definitely the travel, if you look at the east coast teams, there is a huge number of them were they’re a practically neighbors.

    With that, I think we fair really well with individual match-ups particularly in the secondary(if tru is back). I also like Curry and Clemons getting into the backfield.

    Really the only match up that has me crapping cupcakes is Peppers against whoever. Either we double team the guy or have plays that develop quickly in the passing game(if that can be done). Maybe we actually get a good play action going along with some screen stuff.

    Can any of you think of match-up issues other than peppers?????

    SF has more talent and look what we did against them. We could win this one!! besides, if I had to pick a PRETENDER, it would have to be Da Bears.

  4. variable575 says:

    ………….the Bears are this years version of last years Denver broncs IMO.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    Lol, yeah, I can think of a few “matchup issues”. Israel Idonije / Lock. Greg Olson / Aaron Curry. Anthony Adams / Spencer. Charles Tillman / M. Williams. Briggs / Carlson. Forte / whoever is assigned to him out of the backfield based on down and distance.

    What I’m saying is that while it’s nice to read more positive posts regarding the game, the ‘Hawks have their hands full, to say the least.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    Rather, Tinoisamoa / Carlson. He’s the Sam and Briggs may not actually go in any case.

  7. variable575 says:


    Those are interesting match-ups you bring to the table. I don’t see how they are that intimidating though as peppers against anyone else. And the only reason why anyone else on their D-line might do well sunday would be because of double teaming peppers.

    Also, forget being positive and blowing smoke, if we can match-up with F. Gore and V. Davis, Forte and Olson should be the least of our concerns. They should be accounted for, that’s obvious, but to highlight them and treat either one as a significant threat above the average would be a stretch.

    that said, I love the way we match up against this team other then peppers.

  8. variable575 says:

    Remember, this is a team we nearly beat last yr with mora and knapp thanks to some questionable officiating.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    I wasn’t implying any of them were as intimidating “as peppers against anyone else.” Simply answering your question if “…any of you think of match-up issues other than peppers?”. The Bears are a good team that is better than simply Julius Peppers. Hell, I didn’t even mention accounting for Brian Urlacher.

    Seattle has been crushed by the screen this season so to say that “treat either (Forte) one as a significant threat above the average would be a stretch.” is a gross underestimate. Chicago features the bubble screen to Forte and he’s great at running it. It is of critical importance they treat that as a significant threat. Watch highlights of the Dallas game if there are any doubts to this.

    And lastly, as for comparing SF to Chicago; Chicago’s coaching is vastly superior to anything SF has going for them right now. Beating a dysfunctional SF squad at Qwest is not the same as facing Chicago in Soldier. It takes more than talent alone to win. Now, I think the Hawks can win this game but they cannot afford any mistakes. I believe it will be a higher scoring game than many, but Seattle has their hands full at every turn.

  10. variable575 says:

    Wow, Dukeshire, you seem offended.

    I’m glad you have a full grasp of the Bears roster and understand that this game is in Chico against the bears and not at quest against the niners. And that the coaching staff is not the same for both teams. Rest assured that I understand these basic facts.

    Like I sad, the bears were a team that have exceeded expectation and were thought of by many analysts (maybe not by you) as a team that gave up too much for cutler and wouldn’t be able to do enough in the off-season to make a huge difference. It turns out the Peppers has worked out well in more ways than imagined but people are waiting/expecting for the rug to be pulled out from underneath this team. The chasm separating the talent level between these two teams is not as big as you purport highlighted by your match-up issues.

    Obviously we are in disagreement, no harm no foul.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    variable575 – I’m not offended in the least. But let’s clarify something; you asked if there were any other matchup issues aside form Peppers. The implication is that Peppers presents the only issue to be dealt with. I simply pointed out other matchup “issues”, you know, answering your question. I, in no way “purported” there is a chasm there. But the matchups I singled out are significant to the outcome, whether you choose to acknowledge that or not.

    And when did I ever say they didn’t give up too much for Cutler? Where the hell does that come from? If we are now talking about analysts, most said that Martz would do wonders for Cutler. That has yet to bear itself out.

    Lastly, if you understand “…these basic facts” regarding the Bears and 49ers you probably wouldn’t have compared the two teams. Perhaps you meant to ask something else regarding Peppers, like; “Is there another player that presents as difficult a matchup as Peppers does?” or something to that effect. But that’s not what you asked.

  12. variable575 says:


    The “(maybe not by you)” was in parenthesis right next to “analysts” for a reason. Not to put words in your mouth, rather, to be mentioned amongst a certain group can be a compliment of sorts and that was the point in that(although it was meant more as a joke). the main point had nothing to do with you and I was illustrating what situation the bears were thought to be in during the off-season regarding the trade for cutler. I guess I walked you into that one though–my fault, sorry.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    Let’s just hope for a win Sunday. :)

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