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Video: Carroll talks about the Chicago Bears

Post by Joe Barrentine / The News Tribune on Oct. 13, 2010 at 12:45 pm with 30 Comments »
October 13, 2010 1:38 pm

Here are few tidbits from Pete Carroll’s press conference this afternoon.

Carroll said Dexter Davis (hamstring) is the only player that will not practice today. Offensive tackle Sean Locklear (knee) and Marcus Trufant (ankle) are expected to practice today.

Carroll reiterated that RB Marshawn Lynch will play a lot this week, but refused to name his as the starting running back heading into Sunday’s game.

“We’ll figure that out later in the week,” Carroll said.

Lynch said he spent some time with Justin Forsett going over the offense to make sure he’s up to speed for this week.

Asked about facing a formidable run defense like Chicago in his first game as a Seahawk, Lynch didn’t flinch in his response: “Line ‘em up. They get prepared to play on Sunday just like me. And I’m pretty sure they’ve got the same kind of feeling with us coming to town. I’ve got much respect for those guys. But they’ve got to earn a paycheck, too.”

Lynch said during the same break he went to go see his little brother play in Sacramento over the weekend. Lynch’s brother Davonte Lynch, a senior at Sheldon High, ran for 260 yards last week. And Lynch grudgingly admitted that his brother is better than he was at this point of his career.

“I got a price on my head right now,” Lynch said. “Because every week he calls me and says, ‘Well, I did this. What you going to do?’”

Deon Butler will start at flanker with Deion Branch gone. Carroll said the addition of Brandon Stokley opened up the possibility for the team to move Branch.

“New England came after him aggressively,” Carroll said. “We didn’t have any intention of trading him at the time.”

Carroll said that Ben Obomanu should also benefit from more playing time with Branch gone. Carroll said that Butler and Obomanu will share time at flanker. Tate is playing split end behind Mike Williams right now, and Obomanu is playing flanker, but can also move out and play split end.

Rookie offensive tackle Russell Okung will face a stiff test on Sunday, likely lining up against defensive end Julius Peppers. Carroll said one of the reasons he decided to play Okung against St. Louis was as a prep for Chicago this week.

“This is a classic opportunity for a young guy trying to break in and get started on his career to go against one of the best guys in the world,” Carroll. “Really in our minds back at St. Louis we wanted to make sure that he got to play and get some game time to at least get on the field before this challenge comes about.”

As far as the offensive line goes, Carroll said Ben Hamilton remains the starter at left guard, but they are trying to work Chester Pitts back in there as well.

“Chester’s been a legitimate starter in the league in year’s past,” Carroll said. “When he’s playing up to his ability then we’ll have to figure out what we do about that. But he’s the starter right now.”

Carroll went on to say that today is a big day for Pitts at practice because the 1s will go against each other, so it should be a good evaluation time for them.

Locklear will play right tackle, and Tyler Polumbus will be the swing tackle backing up both tackle spots Mike Gibson will back up Stacy Andrews at right guard and Hamilton also serves as the backup center.

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  1. thesagaciousman says:

    On the subject of Draft Gurus…Some very interesting discussion going on about Mel Kiper Jr. and the possible motivation for his shameless promotion of Jimmy Clausen last year.

  2. I’m still giddy about trading Branch for a 4th round pick.

  3. SandpointHawk says:

    thesagaciousman says:

    On the subject of Draft Gurus…Some very interesting discussion going on about Mel Kiper Jr. and the possible motivation for his shameless promotion of Jimmy Clausen last year.

    Got a link dude?

    For the record: Mel Kiper is a whore. Rob Rang is much better…IMHO

  4. SandpointHawk says:


    I agree fully…

  5. snydro22 says:

    I heard the same thing regarding Kiper and his touting of Clausen..

    I would hope most NFL teams don’t pay too much attention to Kiper’s rankings, but still.. At the very least, I’m sure it helps guys get contracts off the field – the hype, that is.. Is that really an abuse of his power, though? Not sure, because no one takes him that seriously.. It would be like Dick Vitale being called a college basketball journalist.. Kiper is called a “draft guru” but really he’s just an entertainer..

  6. maddog12 says:

    While my expectations are low for this game, I do hope we are able to get better.

    Interesting answer PC gave with regard to the offense not doing well in St. Louis. Several things but not all on the o-line. He eluded to holding the ball too long.

    My guess is Hass in on double secret probation. Would like to know how CW is coming along. If Hass doesn’t get better quick, I think we will all be finding out about CW.

  7. Here’s a link to a Deadspin article on Kiper. Not really an article, more of a transcript of a radio interview of Kiper.

  8. bulldog80 says:

    Alright I’m saying it- the Hawks are gonna win this game. Heck, the Lions actually beat this “vaunted” defense in the opener. I believe in Pete’s ability to prepare and we’re gonna run the ball down their throats. I’m VERY condient in our defense in this game, as long as we’ve got the screen game figured out (crossing fingers). The Bear Offense hasn’t scared anybody. Barring a Devin Hester return, I don’t see us having a problem.

    On a different note, I saw that the Diego IR’d Merriman and they have three other LB’s on IR. They are hurting for LB’s. I could see a straight up Curry for Jackson trade being beneficial for both teams. Just something to keep eyes out for.

  9. Feels like at least some good has come out of the first chunk of the season – not only are we 2-2, which I would happily have accepted before the year started – but we’ve weathered some early injuries on the O-line, and as a result of playing time for some lesser known guys – I feel like we’ve got better depth there now. And, while Matt’s performance hasn’t been up to par – at least he didn’t suffer an injury playing behind that line.

  10. And re Branch, not only did we get better than expected value in that trade – I’m totally good with these other guys getting more chances. Branch’s productivity (112 yds total in 4 games) was really pretty negligible.

  11. I can’t believe how badly the injury bug is hitting the Packers. They now know how we’ve been feeling for some years now. After going through it, I can certainly sympathize with them, but definitely not feeling sorry for them.

    The Bears seem to be the cream of that division and IF we can beat them on the road that’ll get us back atop with the Cards. With the Saints looking less than steller, and the NFC East playing like the NFC West of years past (or now), why NOT us?

    Of course, this is before we lose by our customary couple of TDs on the road and we’re brought back to reality. Still, what IF we beat the Bears? Likely? No. Possible? Yes.

    The Rams game sucked. I can’t imagine we’d perform well against a better team. Still, “Any Given Sunday.”

  12. snydro22 says:

    Hey, at least after Sunday we don’t have to hear about another 10 am start until week 16.. Hopefully we still care at that point and aren’t more worried about our draft position..

  13. We aren’t beating the Bears in Chicago. We aren’t ready to beat any of the top defenses in their home stadium. That’s the hardest thing to do in the NFL.

    If I were Pete Carroll, I would not be trying to win in Chicago so much as doing the right things to build a winning team down the line. Call it Plan A vs. Plan B.

    Plan A;
    – Keep seeking run/pass balance on offense.
    – Keep developing Williams, Butler, Tate and the passing game.
    – Maybe begin the Charlie Whitehurst project.
    – Maybe 7-9 or 8-8 and get creamed in the playoffs first round.
    – Draft next spring at #15-16

    Plan B:
    – Focus on the O line and running game.
    – Keep Whitehurst on the bench to avoid distraction.
    – Make Hasselbeck hand off 40 times a game.
    – Key Hasselbeck’s minimal pass plays off play action.
    – Learn to control the clock 30+ minutes/game.
    – Maybe 5-11.
    – Draft in the top 10 next year and select the QB of the future.
    – Go into 2011 with an O line that knows how to run the ball and kick a$$.

    We need major investment of time and effort in our offensive line and ground game before this line will be good enough for ANY QB or ANY offensive system to succeed. Its time to put in that investment. If were coach, I’d go Plan B.

  14. thesagaciousman says:

    Here is a link to the audio from the Dan Patrick show. Long file but a good listen. The portion that was of the most interest to me was towards the middle when Dan asked his guest Josh Luchs (a former NFL agent) if he felt Mel’s promotion of Jimmy Clausen had anything to do with Kiper’s association with Clausen’s agent.

  15. “We need major investment of time and effort in our offensive line and ground game before this line will be good enough for ANY QB or ANY offensive system to succeed. Its time to put in that investment.”

    Doesn’t it make you sick to your stomach that so many of us have been bitching about this for years and years now and Ruskell refused to address it properly? That’s a case where idiot fans have common sense for what should have happened. And it’s not hindsight, so many bloggers on here were saying it in ’06, ’07, etc.

  16. JAMAN8901 says:

    Not sure if anybody heard it but Mel Kiper was on Mike and Mike, I’m on eastcoast time it’s on pretty early there. Miss the NW. Anyway, kiper was very smug as usual, but I thought his comments lent to a bigger problem. The USC stuff was focused on the “runners” to agents. Kiper said in his interview it gave him “access” to players. Well if agents can’t talk to players (I know). Why would he talk to agents to talk to players. Shouldn’t he be talking to the coaches and schools? If this takes the hair down and off draft day, I will welcome it.

  17. mrbaileyboy says:

    Rob Rang is a South Tacoma Guy. Mel Kiper only got to be what he thinks he is because Joel Buschbalm passed away too soon. Kiper loves Kiper. Think of this; John Clayton, Mike Sando and Rob Rang live in the South Sound. Pretty cool.

  18. snydro22 says:


    Don’t leave Eric Williams off that list ;)

  19. Play CW and Hawks’re 3-13 and in the running for Locker, Luck, or Mallet. Stay with Matt and end up 8-8 and no chance to draft a top QB.

  20. This team is too good to go 1-11 the rest of the way (besides, we play too well at home to think only 1 more win is the most we can achieve; regardless of Matt/Charlie). However, it’s not like Matt has exactly been the reason we have been as good as we’ve been up to this point. If the Locker stock keeps dropping the way it seems to be, he’s going to be there even if we finish 8-8.

  21. Yup, an exaggeration. Just get kinda tired of the Matt-bashing. Fix the OL.

  22. I know I said this a few months back and everyone told me to calm down.

    But with Shawne Merriman being put on IR for minor injury, his release is due as soon as he is healthy (similar to Brandon Stokely).

    Injury proneness aside, I can’t think of a more prototypical DE to play the role Clemons is playing for us.

    With Schneider and Carroll, do you see us entertaining the addition of Merriman to our Pass Rush corps when he is fit? For a reasonable salary, I can’t see any reason why not!?

  23. IdahoHawk says:

    Hass gives us the best chance of winning right now. Whitehurst is on the bench for a reason. Matts not getting any help.

  24. It’s weird at his age to slow down that much, but Merriman has been a totally different player after the steroids incident. Of what I saw of him, he lacks the strength he once had in addition to burst/speed. I couldn’t believe it the multiple times I saw him last year and this season because I used to be so impressed with him.

  25. It’s easy to blame the OL all these years when the QB would rather take a sack than attempt a tough throw an average NFL QB should make.

    Any prospective offensive FA should be warned before coming to Seattle that the offense is doomed to failure either way with all of the blame assigned to the newcomer. How many pieces have we shuffled in and out of this crap offense while retaining the same one piece most responsible for one of the worst stretches in franchise history?

    Would everybody here be so pessimistic about even keeping it within 17 points on Sunday if the Seahawks were starting say Donovan McNabb or even Josh Freeman?

  26. Ummm… we blame a lot of the problems on the OL because we have watched the games and have seen for ourselves how terrible it’s been.

    In my opinion, Matt’s best season was ’07 when we had no running game and he carried the offense on his shoulders, which means I’m calling your bullsh!t if you’re saying the ’06 and ’07 seasons were his fault for not living up to expectations.

    The craziest thing about the OL in ’06 and ’07 is that we still had the best LT in the NFL. Imagine how utterly horrible our OL would have been without him b/c they were indeed that bad even with the Great Walter Jones manning its most important position.

    I’m sure most of the ’08 season was Matt’s fault too? Especially, most of the season when he didn’t play? If Matt sucks so bad, why didn’t any crap back-up QB lead the team to the play-offs instead of sucking?

    I’m with you now (not to the nth degree) that he’s not the same QB. I have been talking about how the position MUST be addressed this off-season, but to blame him for sucking in ’06, ’07, or ’08 is incredibly ignorant (and I know you’re not ignorant, you’re very, very knowledgeable in your Seahawks football).

  27. In 2008, there was a huge difference between the team’s performance under Wallace and Hasselbeck. I would kill for a 2 point loss against a division winner (Miami) or to knock a Brett Favre team out of playoff contention with a victory (NYJ).

    That’s how tired I am of watching Hasselbeck lose by over 25 points a game against decent teams on the road and hearing about how hes the best chance to win. I’ll take losing if its respectable against good teams! Its like 1992-1994 all over again.

  28. I think criticisms of Hasselbeck are fair these days. He is a shadow of the player he was in 2004-2007

    Unreasonable optimism about Whitehurst is overblown since Whitehurst has had 4 years of practices to prove himself to NFL coaches and still has not impressed them enough to get on the field. There are reasons for that.

    I’m probably as guilty of fueling the QB arguments as anyone here. But, to me, all the focus on the QB totally misses that real story of this team. The story of this offense is an O line in chaos. Its not that all our players are bad, necessarily, but:
    – Only 3 of our 10 linemen were on the team a year ago.
    – Those 3 were taught a new blocking system in training camp.
    – Only 4 out of 10 linemen were in training camp together for more than 1 week.
    – 6 of our linemen joined the team after training camp was over.
    – As the season started, they lost their head offensive line coach.

    This disarray on this offensive line will take time to sort out. Practice. Repeated reps running the ball on the field. Our players may be better than we can know. But this line needs a lot of practice.

    And without a stable line, I don’t care who attempts to play QB. It won’t work.

  29. pabuwal

    Matt was and is a component of a Mike Holmgren offense. He was a 6th rounder for the reasons we’ve all been seeing these years since the OL has lost Hutch (‘cept ’07).

    If the OL, by itself and vs just 4-5 DL/LB, gives Matt a minimum of 2.75 seconds or more between snap and hit (impending sack), with one or more single covered receivers whom Matt’s synch’d with, you’ll see Matt back at his ’05 (& ’07) performance levels (mostly dink and dunk but moving the chains). If they give him max. 1 second you won’t, he’ll be total dogmeat as a QB. Adding TEs and backs to block just means the receivers get bracketed.

    The current OL varies between those two values, but tends towards the latter. For Matt to perform, the OL’s gotta do better, which includes their run-blocking. Matt also needs a run-game for the pass game to work. CW needs even more time than Matt because CW’s game is the long ball, and has accuracy problems on short-intermediate throws. At least, as far as we saw in preseason and from what we’ve been told by those who’ve watched recent practices. For CW to do well (or better) the OL has to do better.

    The OL lost one of it’s best pass-blockers when Unger got IR’d. You’ld think Andrews could pass-block as well, but he isn’t as quick. Okung’s gonna be really good in time – once he gets healthy and up to NFL speed – we’ll see in CHI. Hopefully, Pitts comes back and stays healthy, otherwise Mike Gibson seemed pretty good at the start of the season. Hamilton was Gibbs guy and was there to mentor Okung in ZBing. Then there’s Spencer and Lock – are they gonna improve? Are Ruel & his OL coach gonna get everybody on the same page in their ZBing/man-blocking hybred? It’ll sure be interesting vs CHI.

  30. Dukeshire says:

    I’m still waiting for that Mirer vs Hass road comparison…

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