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Morning links: Hawks 2011 draft picks

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 12, 2010 at 7:41 am with 38 Comments »
October 12, 2010 12:50 pm

With all of the wheeling and dealing the Seattle Seahawks have been doing since January, I thought we should provide an update on where the team sits in terms of draft selections heading into next year’s draft.

So here are Seattle’s draft picks to my knowledge heading into next season. Seattle does not have a third round pick (sent to San Diego for Charlie Whitehurst).

They also should pick up some compensatory draft picks next year. They lost Nate Burleson, Cory Redding and Lance Laury in free agency, but picked up tight end Chris Baker and offensive linemen Ben Hamilton and Chester Pitts.

According to the league’s collective bargaining agreement, a team losing more or better compensatory free agents than acquired in the previous year is eligible to receive compensatory draft picks.

Seahawks 2011 draft selections

  • One First round pick
  • One Second round pick
  • No third round pick
    Comment: The Seahawks traded their third round pick from the 2011 draft to San Diego for Charlie Whitehurst.
  • One Fourth round pick
    Comment: This pick is from New England. The Patriots have two picks including Denver’s, and the Hawks will get whichever one is higher. Seattle originally gave up its fourth round pick in a trade for Marshawn Lynch.
  • Two Fifth round picks
    Comment: The Hawks received a conditional pick, believed to be a 5th rounder, from Baltimore in the Josh Wilson trade.
  • One sixth round pick
    Comment: The Hawks traded their original sixth rounder to San Francisco for Kentwan Balmer, but received Detroit’s sixth round pick in a trade for Lawrence Jackson.
  • Two seventh round picks
    Comment: Along with their own pick, the Hawks received a conditional low-round pick from Cleveland for QB Seneca Wallace.

Dave Boling of The News Tribune notes that the Seahawks traditionally struggle after the bye week. In the 21 games they’ve played after bye weeks since the schedule began including in-season breaks in 1990, the Hawks have won only five times, and just twice since 1998.

My story today highlights Branch lack of explosive plays over the past two seasons. He averaged only 8.6 yards a catch this year, and 9.7 yards a catch last season.

Karen Guregian and Ian R. Rapoport of the Boston Herald says talks of New England trading for Branch go back to as early as February. They also not the special chemistry Branch has with Brady.

Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston quotes Brady in a radio interview this morning saying that Branch will have a steep learning curve in learning his team’s new offense, but that the former Patriots receiver is a smart player and should pick it up.

Clare Farnsworth of previews the Hawks upcoming contest against the Bears, who have one of the better run defenses in the league.

According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, quarterback Jay Cutler has not been ruled out for Sunday’s game.

ESPN Chicago’s Michael C. Wright notes that the Bears four wins have come against teams with a comined 5-14 record.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    In addition it will be interesting to see what comp. pick they get for Burleson. Perhaps another 5th…

  2. bird_spit says:

    #1 benefit of the Branch trade is that he is one less TR player we have to bitch about on here. I am so tired of Branch, and talking about him. I am also glad to see him gone. But I won’t be speaking of him any more. He is dead to me, and dead to the seahawks.

  3. Hey Eric,

    I think you’ve mistakenly put the 2012 conditional 6th round pick in 2011’s slot to Buffalo for Lynch. The Seahawks sent received a 6th rounder for Jackson from Detroit and sent theirs to the 49ers for Ballmer so they still have a 6th in 2011.

    Also, I believe they sent a 7th rounder to Detroit for Tyler Polumbus.

  4. Neilchr: You’re right, that’s been corrected. The Hawks gave up a seventh rounder in the 2012 draft for Polumbus.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    bird_spit – You remind me of Paul Cicero in Goodfellas when Henry Hill, after lying and deceiving him for years, goes to him for some money after he was arrested for dealing coke. Paul gives him a couple grand and says “… now I have to turn my back on you.” lol

  6. For some reason, I think we’ll end up with a 4th round comp. pick and a late one (like a 7th).

    That Burleson contract was pretty big. Nevermind Burleson the player. That’s not the point. That contract was pretty big and that’s the biggest consideration by the league in comp. picks awarded and how high they are.

  7. Feel a lot better about the Chicago game if somehow Cutler ends up not playing for another week . . .

  8. snydro22 says:

    Hey Bird_Spit,

    You think I’m funny? Funny, how? Funny like a clown? What, do I amuse you?


    Here is a list of our picks, much like I posted yesterday:

    1st Round

    2nd Round

    4th Round (Denver or New England)

    4th/5th Round (Josh Wilson, Baltimore)

    5th Round

    6th Round (Detroit)

    6th/7th Round (Seneca Wallace, Cleveland)

    7th Round

  9. John Schneider is doing it again in Seattle just like he and Ted Thompson did it in Green Bay. Keep dealing, keep compiling picks, keep drafting good players. Kudos to Todd Leiweke and Paul Allen for hiring Carroll and Schneider to truly rebuild the organization. Schneider is taking advantage of that power and pulling out all the stops.

  10. pd – from what I’ve heard, Cutler will likely play next week.

    But I’m not sure it will matter. Chicago can beat the Seahawks in Chicago using just their defense alone. Both Chicago’s ends are sack masters and all their LBs can get after the QB too. That will mean our O Line, even with Okung back, will need a lot of help from our TEs and RBs for pass pro. Once again, this will cripple our passing game. Seahawks should definitely start trying to run the ball more with Lynch, but when we eventually need to pass, it won’t be pretty. Our offensive line could be greatly improved soon, I hope, but there is no way we can leave Okung all alone without blocking help against Julius Peppers, and we also have to help block Odinije coming from the other DE spot. This will keep our TEs in to block.

    I think we should start running the ball better this week, but I don’t see how our passing game will stand a chance. I’m sure our D will show up to play, but our offense could end up getting shut out in Chicago.

    This will be a tough road game. I’m already looking forward to the next home game against the Cardinals at Qwest. I have much higher hopes to see a better offense in that game.

  11. “That will mean our O Line, even with Okung back, will need a lot of help from our TEs and RBs for pass pro. Once again, this will cripple our passing game. Seahawks should definitely start trying to run the ball more with Lynch, but when we eventually need to pass, it won’t be pretty”

    Yeah, that all makes sense. Obviously, Okung against Peppers is going to require help.

    Though from what I’ve seen of Chicago this year, they are having a very tough time protecting Cutler too – so our hope is to pressure the heck out of him, cause some turnovers, and maybe get some point on a short field. I agree that it’s a tough one – esp w/the way we play away from Qwest.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    Yeah, Peppers is a tough match up for anyone. They move him around quite a bit too so they will have to locate him on every play. Both Okung and Polumbus will have their hands full. When they do run, I’d like to see them run right at him. I always like to see offenses run right at great pass rushers early in games. Knock him around a bit. You’ve got to find ways to keep those kinds of players “honest” beyond simply chipping them with TEs and RBs.

  13. Odds are obviously against the Seahawks going into this one, but you never know what circumstances can arise that can change the course of a game. Look at last week…

    Tampa Bay beat Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Washington beat Green Bay, the Giants destroyed the Texans, Oakland beat SD, and Arizona beat NO… Some of those are less surprising than others, but all of them could could be considered to be upset victories to some degree.

    Seahawks look bad on the road, but maybe we get some special teams help, Cutler is known to have streaks of INTs and Earl Thomas has been making some plays… Anything could happen.

  14. Thanks for clarifying the 2012 7th round Polumbus pick Eric.

    It does seem like the Hawks have dumped a ton of salaries this year as well (taking advantage of the uncapped year).

    It would be interesting to tally how much salary has been dumped and how that may effect Schneider’s ability to sign strategic free agents in the years to come. Of course with no CBA its all speculation, but compared to the Ruskell crazy spending years this is another refreshing aspect of the new regime.

  15. fenderdb says:

    Shouldn’t Sean Morrey also factor into our compensatory pick situation?

  16. So Now JJ and Branch are gone.
    Who will be the new whipping posts here

  17. The most amazing thing after all this wheeling and dealing is that we still have picks in every round except one.

    Denver or the Patriots’ fourth-round pick, *whichever is higher*? Sweet!

  18. Dukeshire says:

    Wow is right. That is one of the most candid articles I’ve read in a very long time. That will get a lot of attention by this afternoon. Thanks for posting that, Snyds.

    Schneider on Softy (for some reason I had in on TV in the background while reading that article) confirmed that it’s Denver’s fourth. He also said that they are working on replacing Branch’s roster spot but “not necessarily with a wide receiver”, for what that’s worth.

  19. MauMau- Hass always be whipping post that should continue. I think we have big problems with our middle pass D someone or someones is not doing there job and we need to find improvements possibly Miloy is next position to look into changing

  20. I’m just sitting here remember the game last year when Deion Branch scored a touchdown (yes, really), turned to the TV camera, held out the ball and taunted “here I am, come get me if you want me”.

    On one of my shoulders, a little angel sits saying, “God Bless You, Bill Belichick.”

    On my other shoulder, a devil saying, “Sucker.”

  21. Great story on the agents, very interesting read.

  22. longco44 says:

    That story “Confessions of an agent” was entertaining to say the least. Who know’s if any of it’s true or not.

    I don’t have trust in any collegiate football or baseball player out there. They’re all sneaky and kiniving (spelling?) in their own ways. Most of them know how to get what they want from whomever they want, when they want it.. (I think that made sense!!!)

    It will never stop.. Just like he said in that article… There are middle men!

  23. Ruminator1: Just post the link please. I’m sure Brian would appreciate the clicks.

  24. longco44 says:

    Holy S&^@ Ruminator…. Wouldn’t it have been easier to just post a link to that info?! lol

  25. longco44 says:

    And as far as Branch goes.. Guess it’s a good thing I saved my Patriots jersey from back in the day! However, I don’t see him wearing #83 anymore though. Isn’t that Welkers number?!

  26. ruminator1 says:

    apparently is was, yes. sorry

    what a story on the agents. wonder what kind of legal responses there will be.

  27. ruminator1 says:

    not sure who it was that had a resolution when you cannot post links, but my long entry earned me that status. can anyone help?

  28. rramstad says:

    I think the key in the Bears game will be Cutler.

    If we make him look like Alex Smith, we’ll win.

    I’ve seen Cutler get so rattled he starts spraying balls around like a rain bird… much like the “good Kurt Warner / bad Kurt Warner” issues the Rams had when they had Martz as the OC.

  29. For the record, I am glad that Mr. Happy and the Duke Boy are running this organization.

    But let me play Devil’s Advocate…

    Why does everyone keep talking about how we’re stockpiling future picks?

    We don’t own a 3rd, but we own an extra 4th or 5th rounder and a 7th rounder.

    Not to be negative, but I’d rather have a 3rd than a 4th or 5th and 7th, which means the upcoming draft is worse off than it would have been if no future picks would have been traded/added.

    I know you can count Whitehurst and Lynch as part of the draft class but, again I’m playing the opposite.

    Again, not bashing… I like our direction. My main beef now is a QB and legit double digit sack DE.

  30. bird_spit says:

    syndro, LOL. I finally had time today to lookup and read the RSS feed.

  31. edstang45 says:

    basically we traded Branch for Lynch 4th rounders the same after trades

  32. BobbyAyala says:

    “Yeah, Peppers is a tough match up for anyone.”

    Except Walter Jones.

    I remember Baldinger highlighting that matchup during one of the contests with Carolina, and it was like every single snap, “Now look here as Jones completely negates Peppers.”

    He did the same thing with Pat Kearney the year earlier.

    What a beast.

    He better be a first-ballot HOFer.

  33. Dukeshire says:

    He is. He’s not just the best lineman in Seahawk history, but one of the best in the history of the league.

    Perhaps I should have said, Peppers is a tough match up for nearly everyone.

  34. BobbyAyala says:

    You’re right, Duke.

    But as a lifelong Seattle fan, I’d sooner trust my cell phone and fake-breasted girlfriend with Brett Favre than I would a national voting pool to do the right thing in reference to Seattle athletes or teams.

  35. This reinforces my feeling that we’re not getting enough back in our trades.

    Seneca Wallace is starting for Cleveland & we got a 7th, but gave up a 3rd for Whitehurst who may never play.

    And only a 5th for Josh Wilson.

    Hope I’m dead wrong & none of this comes back to haunt us, but i see a disturbing trend of not getting equal value in return for our players.

  36. snydro22 says:


    You don’t know that what you just wrote is true. You don’t know the qualifiers for the conditional trades.. We very well may have already secured a 4th and a 6th for Wilson and Wallace.. We simply don’t know..


    I apologize, I didn’t see that you listed all the picks after the jump in your post. I missed that. I read the first part and then hit “comments” instead of “more” and jumped right past it.. Otherwise I wouldn’t have posted the list of picks because you already had.. My bad..

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