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Bye-week Tuesday

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Oct. 5, 2010 at 6:39 am with 24 Comments »
October 5, 2010 6:39 am

It will be interesting to watch practice today to see what Carroll’s approach is to giving young guys more opportunities with the first units while resting some veterans. It seems logical that it might be an insight into which players are closest to threatening for more playing time.

He mentioned that Charlie Whitehurst will get more snaps in practice, although he made it clear it is not to be interpreted as a vote of no-confidence in Matt Hasselbeck. He labeled this approach as a bye-week see-where-he-is opportunity. Although there have been a number of factors involved, Hasselbeck has been less than convincing much of the season. It seems that he, too, could use the extra work. Carroll said that even third-quarterback Zac Robinson will see more action in practice.

When I asked if he was going to go with anything that looked like JV scrimmages this week, he said it was more calculated than that. He gave Kam Chancellor as a specific example of what he was doing this week. Chancellor will be getting snaps while Lawyer Milloy takes a breather. Chancellor is an interesting player because of his size (6-3, 232) and athleticism. He’s also backing up a 36-year-old starter. Carroll has shown a willingness to find niche roles for certain hybrid players, those he says have “unique” skills, and I wonder if their longer look at Chancellor shows they’re intrigued by what he might be able to offer as more than just Milloy’s understudy.

A number of offensive linemen will be getting looks, too. Left guard Ben Hamilton will be getting time off, and we may expect Sean Locklear to be lightly used, too. Not only will newly resigned Chester Pitts get another look-see, but recently signed Allen Barbre and Breno Giacomini should get more action.

As Carroll described his goals for the week, he said that pretty much everything was going to be reviewed by the staff, including schemes. A giant weakness: The inability to drive the football. Their scoring at home has been propped up by turnovers and special teams play, the sort of thing they don’t get on the road, and compensates for offensive production. The commitment, still, is to build it all from the rushing attack.

I found it interesting that when asked about Brandon Stokley, he offered some scheme plans, saying he could envision using Stokley and Deion Branch as slots on opposite sides on third downs. Quick routes to receivers who can find openings would mean that Hasselbeck wouldn’t require as much time to get off passes.

Practice is at 1:45 today, with the locker room open after that. I’ll get back to you.

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  1. Seahawks drop to #19 in power rankings:

  2. IBGoofy says:

    It will be interesting to see the changes made for the Chicago game…. With PC at the helm, we are assured there will be changes of some sort…. We may have had some less than stellar play by some in the first four weeks, but it sure has been an interesting time….

  3. rramstad says:

    Amen. I’m so happy that we’re not dealing with Jim Mora this season. I’m sure that zero major changes would have happened, and he would have thrown a couple of players under the bus with each loss…

  4. Dave Boling says:

    Good point about the potential scheme changes. It seems like Stokley strikes them as a new arrow in the quiver. I also am interested in seeing more effective use of Mike Williams. The big third-down catch he made seemed, to me, to be the sort of play that best exploits his physical mismatches. Can’t that be, and shouldn’t that be, expanded upon? Big target, great hands, hard to bring down. Why can’t a simple slant-in to him be a staple of this offense?

  5. Dave Boling says:

    Not that it affects the blog readers much, but practice has been moved up to 11 this morning with locker room open afterward. It means I’ll be able to get an after-practice post to you earlier than expected..

  6. surelyyoujest says:

    Really, there hasn’t been any dominant offensive performance so far. I was hoping that Mike Williams would shine more than he has. Since the offense has sputtered so badly in the first 4 weeks, I guess it’s to be expected you can’t find anyone (WR,TE, RB, or QB) that has really shined yet. It still early though.

  7. Seems like receiver might still be a problem, only the other way around now, there’s too many of them! I think we all want to see more of Golden Tate, he’s a big play waiting to happen, Deon Butler showed some good stuff in Denver, but we haven’t really seen him since. Mike Williams seems really solid, and as you pointed out Dave, he can create missmatches. Branch and Stokely are great on 3rd down. Branch has played pretty good I think, I haven’t been watching him specifically, but other than the non-TD in the Chargers game he hasn’t done that bad. Stokely seemed super solid in the Rams game, and Obomanu is solid as well.

    I personally think we have one pretty good, or at least rock solid receiving core, we just need to get the ball to them (not trying to spark up the QB debate again). Also, I didn’t know we still had Zac Robinson (thought I’d read his name in the massive amount of cuts), that was quite a nice surprise, I really like him, good potential in that kid.

  8. “newly resigned Chester Pitts get another look-see, but recently signed Allen Barbre and Breno Giacomini should get more action”

    Re-signing Pitts so soon after saying ‘he’s not ready to play’ tells me that our coaches don’t much like Hamilton or Gibson, and also don’t think much of the backup O linemen.

    T/G Allen Barbre (2007 4th round), T Breno Giacomini (2008 5th round), and C/G Evan Dietrich-Smith (2009 undrafted) are all guys drafted by John Schneider and Ted Thompson in Green Bay, and they all washed out there because none of the three could handle speedy pass rushers. Its unlikely that Barbre or Giacomini could outcompete Polumbus or Locklear. Barbre or Dietrich Smith might be able to help at OG, but all these guys seem more like developmental guys for next year rather than players who could help now.

    I would feel okay about all these O linemen if this was still July or August, and they had some time to shuffle guys around to see what works.

    Come to think of it, this whole offense still looks like July or August.

  9. ljarllrajl says:

    So after what Pete has said the past two days about starting Okung it’s starting to make sense. It sounds like he just ran out of tackles. They had to cut Pitts cuz he couldn’t go to open a spot for someone else. They had two injured tackles in Okung and Locklear that couldn’t go a whole game although he was hoping Okung could becuz he already knew that Locklear couldn’t. So the result is one guy plays a half apiece basically.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    It’s impossible to know for sure where Pitts is as far as the knee, but had they left him inactive and he was PUPed, this is around the time one would think he’d be able to contribute. Or at least make it through more than one practice.

    By the way, did I miss something or did they release someone to sign him?

    I’m with Dave as far as Williams goes. I really felt they would use him in the red zone and on first down (to put them in second and short situations where they could take shots down field) more often than they have. I never really envisioned him as a 3rd down receiver though. Not sure he’s quick enough to create that immediate separation. But he can certainly be used to create space for a guy like Branch. Put Branch in motion creating a “bunch” behind Williams in the slot and have him run a simple flat route on, third downs (MW could run a hard crossing route). Arizona has made mint running that with Fitz and Breaston (well, maybe not this season, but you get the idea). Anyway, it seems like there are plenty of ways to utilize him, even if he’s not the primary.

  11. ljarllrajl says:

    Woo hoo! Beast Mode baby!

  12. Lynch a Seahawk. Just reported.

  13. bird_spit says:

    Awesome.. I see a forsett/lynch tandem coming that will rock the house. Now can we please figure out the OL, and stay with it more than 2 weeks??

  14. BYE BYE J.J, Hello Marshawn !

  15. Dukeshire says:

    Lol, Hahaha, a little excited.


  16. Dukeshire says:

    Jesus. Nevermind.

  17. The New Seahawk Era-Dirtbags are Welcome.

  18. Beef moe.

    Lock up your golf carts.

    Also, kinda screws my fantasy team… sigh. Homerism rarely pays.

  19. Okung got a half, but his 1st full game is probably against one of the best (most difficult to stop) DEs in the game. Since he’s still injured, how do the coaches get him ready? Doesn’t he have to keep from overworking the injured leg – yet get to speed with the offense? Sounds like a really difficult situation for him.

  20. CreamRanger says:

    This Bye week is going to be a great time for the Seahawks to re group and re evaluate everything. Looking forward to Lynch/Forsett busting up D’s and then slashing big plays. Our WRs look solid as well with Stokley coming in to coach up Tate on route running.

    Like everyone else was saying we need to utilize Williams better. Why were we throwing fades to the corner of the end zone to Butler instead of Williams? If Hasselbeck can establish some better chemistry Williams has all the tools to dominate any DB with a back shoulder pass. No DB will be able to get through WIlliams big frame to get to the ball. And even if they do Williams has the hands to hold onto a quick ball and not get it slapped away.

    Oh and what about Carlson? Think they’ll let Hass and Carlson develop some better chemistry in Bates’ new system? We all know what Carlson can do…

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