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Carroll Monday press conference

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Oct. 4, 2010 at 3:00 pm with 50 Comments »
October 4, 2010 3:22 pm

Some quick points:

Pete Carroll said that tackle Russell Okung did not reinjure his ankle, but was starting to get sore and was taken out after 26 plays. He will be ready to practice Tuesday.

After looking at the loss: “It just re-emphasizes how much work we have to do.”

He listed several key letdowns: The defense gave up 100 yards on Rams screen passes. The Rams scored twice on 3rd-and-10 plays. “We should have stopped those and we’re frustrated by it,” he said.

Tuesday and Wednesday practices will be used for scheme and personnel re-evaluation, he said. It’s an opportunity for some back-up players to practice with the first unit. As an example, he said that safety Lawyer Milloy would get some time off, and rookie Kam Chancellor would be seeing more time during practice.

He also added that backup quarterback Charlie Whitehurst would get more snaps this week … but, no, that’s not to say he’s being checked out as the new starter at that position. Carroll stressed that Matt Hasselbeck remains the team’s starting quarterback.

“It was a hard game for him,” Carroll said of Hasselbeck. “He battled in there … there was more pressure on the quarterback. I wish we would have done more things around him to help him. He can play better but we need to contribute around him better.”

On the fake field goal that didn’t work near the end of the first half: “We really thought we had something. We studied it hard, and they changed, they did a really nice job. At the time, it was really exactly what we wanted to do.”

Marcus Trufant, Sean Locklear and Ben Hamilton were three he mentioned as players who would get light duty to rest this week. Rookie Dexter Davis (hamstring) has a first-degree strain.

Of offensive woes thus far: “We haven not been able to drive the football, and that’s been disconcerting.”

He liked what he saw of new receiver Brandon Stokley, and foresees a situation using both Stokley and Deion Branch in opposite slots in third-down packages.

He said he expected he would continue being aggressive with replay challenges until he finds himself in a situation where he needs one and doesn’t have it.

Hasselbeck’s three tipped passes, he said, were the result of Rams players not pressing the rush and timing their jump to block the passes. “It’s something we definitely can fix.” A general rule for offensive linemen block in the quick-passing series is to fire out low, which forces defenders to drop their hands.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Well yes, being aggressive with challenges is all well and good. But being smart with them is more important. Challenging a play that gained you 4 yards while not challenging one that could have resulted in a turnover is puzzling.

    I’d expect nothing less than personnel evaluations. Chancellor at SS is good. While I’ve been impressed with Milloy, I’ve been anxious to see what Kam can do.

    And checking out CW as the new starter, despite what Carroll says (what he should say, mind you, about the starting QB situation) is exactly what they’re doing with giving him more snaps.

  2. irrationalexuberance says:

    I take coaches press conference like I take economic reports…..they often change on a wimb and focus on the things the public wants to hear. If Pete Carroll decides to keep Hass and the Seahawks play the next 12 like they played the first 4 he will lose credibility.

    Reminds me of Jim Mora keep stating Juilus Jones is his starting RB an now he will never live that down. Coaches have to appease fans also. And when clear problems are stubbornly ignored in support of an unmovable game plan, coaches should rightfully take heat and get questioned.

    Bottom line, I think Pete is going to do what helps this team when and he is playing both sides of the fence, reassure the public that everything is okay and there is a “QB” controversy while preparing for Whitehurst to take over the team behind the scenes.

    Go to everyone is looking at the NFC West QB problems and it keeps getting louder and louder.

  3. m2mnelson says:

    The two most telling parts of the press conference:

    “He said he expected he would continue being aggressive with replay challenges until he finds himself in a situation where he needs one and doesn’t have it.”

    On the fake field goal that didn’t work near the end of the first half: “We really thought we had something. We studied it hard, and they changed, they did a really nice job. At the time, it was really exactly what we wanted to do.”

    Pete is crazy. Hopefully, the Hawks can win a horrible NFC West by challenging 4 yard plays and running the punter on fake field goals. Isn’t this “Tell the truth Monday?”

  4. irrationalexuberance says:

    Sorry there is no “QB Controversy” that is plaguing numerous teams.

  5. hambone08 says:

    “He said he expected he would continue being aggressive with replay challenges until he finds himself in a situation where he needs one and doesn’t have it.”

    So he’ll continue to make questionable challenges by not fully weighing the consequences against the rewards until he finds himself in a situation where he’s shot himself in the foot? That line of thought is asinine and reckless at best; it’s the exact line of thought that will come back to bite him if he doesn’t step back and way the consequences vs.s the gains. He missed finding himself in that exact “situation” on the play where Stokley trapped a long pass in the 3rd quarter. Come on Pete, you’re smarter than that…

  6. bird_spit says:


    That pass clearly hit the ground about two ft in front of Stokley. BTW – surprised we arent singing the praises of bringing in Stokley. This guy is going to pay dividends going forward.


  7. bulldog80 says:

    I agree Duke. I don’t have a problem aggressively using challenges, but they should always be considered on the “risk vs reward” scale. For example, he didn’t challenge the incomplete Bradford pass which I thought was a strip and fumble and shortly after challenges the Hasselbeck incompletion. One could net you a turnover and other nets you 3 yards. Huh?

  8. pabuwal says:

    Yeah the one he should have challenged was the Bradford fumble early on instead of trying to gain 4 yards.

    How bad is Whitehurst when he can’t even displace one of the 5 worst starting QBs in the NFL (not including rookies and 2nd year QBs)?

    If the Rams have found their 15 year starter and the Seahawks are years away from competent QBing, can we expect days like yesterday to be the norm?

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Looks like Pitts is coming back. Hamilton on the hot seat…?

  10. hambone08 says:

    bird spit,

    I disagree with the ball bouncing two feet in front of him, it was much closer than that, but yes, it was clearly a bounce. The point I was trying to make was that that play was close to being challenge worthy. In a game that’s often decided by inches, i.e. having two feet down on a catch, tip-toeing a sideline, or seeing if the ball breaks the goalline, haphazardly challenging a play without properly evaluating what you can gain out of it to what it’ll cost you is ludicrus and will eventually come back to haunt you if you let that line of thought prevail.

  11. bird_spit says:

    I dont want to defend Pete Carroll’s decisions, but one thing I like about PC being aggressive with the challenge flag, is that he is correcting obvious flaws in the ref’ing. He is doing it early as possible, may force the ref to pull his game up, and get the next call right.

    I don’t know – cause I thought it was pretty stupid decision, but then tried to climb aboard PC’s brain, and give him the benefit of being smarter about the game of football than I. I figure, most things he is doing is with the longer term in mind. One play, one challenge, even one game are not as meaningful of getting the tone, the emotion right in all aspects of the game. I am still drunk on the kool-aid here. I watch PC, and think how different it would be if Mora was still on the sideline; then after puking a little in my mouth, I drink more kool-aid.

  12. ryanryan says:

    this team doesnt’ have the talent it takes from top to bottom to compete for much else than the nfc west…and we ARE competing so far for the division. if anyone thought we’d be doing much better than we are they are delusional. it is what it is, just let pete and john make the changes they need to so we can compete in a couple (hopefully) years.

  13. CamasMan says:

    So, why did Carroll throw the red flag on the sack? It wasn’t for the yards. It was because it would have been charged to Okung. Sure, Okung still let the DE trick him with a spin move, but this was a case of the coach standing up for his rookie LT.

    BTW, those flags aren’t as valuable as they used to be. They don’t work in the last two minutes anyway.

  14. “If the Rams have found their 15 year starter and the Seahawks are years away from competent QBing, can we expect days like yesterday to be the norm? ”

    How do you know that?

    Rams might have said the same thing 4 games into last year . . .

  15. Ewalters7354 says:

    I really hope Pete isn’t serious about Matt still being th guy.I love Matt but the bottom line is that he is washed up.Anyone notice how he has always good with getting the ball to older,less explosive guys,but can’t develop a chemistry with the talented young recievers we have now.Maybe because he can’t throw the deep ball.But the final preseason game Charlie completed like 5 deep throws,would have been 6 had Deon Butler not drop the first one.I am tired of trying to find excuses for Matt not playing well.Let him ride the pine and give the other guy a chance Pete!

  16. Dukeshire says:
    “Looks like Pitts is coming back. Hamilton on the hot seat…?”

    That’s probably right, Duke. Hamilton is probably a short-timer here.

    I’m getting tired of the Chester Pitts melodrama, though. I’ll believe he can play when he’s on the field and finishes a whole game uninjured.

    There is definitely a trend in the turnover happening in our offensive linemen. I’m sure you’ve noticed it too. Guys like Hamilton and Gibson were favored by Alex Gibbs, but as soon as Gibbs was gone, Schneider began bringing in guys like Stacy Andrews, Evan Dietrich-Smith, Allen Babre, and Beno Giacomini, who are all bigger guys than Gibb’s favored, but three have had coaching in Green Bay’s zone/power scheme.

    I don’t think we are going to see any more sub-300 pound guys like Hamilton here, and even Gibson might even be small for what they seem to want. The new regime is bringing in beefier OGs, and tall tackles (did you realize that three out of the last four O linemen signed are over 6’7″? Plumbus 6’8″, Giacomini 6’7″, Andrews 6’7″) This isn’t Alex Gibbs line anymore, that’s for sure.

  17. freedom_X says:

    After further review, part of the reason Stokely was getting so many targets was that Seattle was holding back Carlson and Forsett to block. The Rams were getting so much pressure from a straight 4 man line, Seattle had to take 1 or 2 of its receiving options out (and they still had trouble blocking St. Louis.)

    That was the big adjustment St. Louis made that Seattle couldn’t deal with. It made the offense completely hopeless in the 2nd half.

    That doesn’t exonerate Hasselbeck – my recent criticism of him is based on his total performance all year, not just this one game. But it would have been hard for any non-elite QB to perform well with 5 and 6 unable to block 4.

    The high number of targets for Stokely doesn’t speak well to the quality of Seattle’s existing receivers though. (or that Hasselbeck has no rapport with them, but seems to be more comfortable with Stokely.)

  18. Dukeshire says:

    I wonder how much of Hasselbeck’s reluctance to take shots downfield is due to Carroll’s preaching about turnovers. I can’t imagine it’s an overriding factor, but Hass playing “tight” has got to be affecting his play negatively (in addition to multiple other factors).

  19. It`s time for Hass to take himself out of the Line-up.Let Charlie play show us what he has. Jeff garcia!s available,find his number…The offensive-line is just that Offensive…The Defense should get real pissed at the offense….Okung got burned bad.

  20. pabuwal says:

    Anyone know why Josh Wilson was inactive yesterday for the Ravens? Did Schneider pull another fast one with an overrated Tim Ruskell Seahawks defensive draft pick?

  21. freedom_X says:

    I don’t think Carroll is impeding Hasselbeck mentally. I don’t see any evidence that Hasselbeck is playing too conservatively. I don’t see that there are deeper throws consistently available. I’m not thinking, “if only he would stay with his 1st read a little longer, he’d hit a big play.”

    And really, gambling was weeded out of Hasselbeck by Holmgren. He quit trying to channel Favre after year 1 in the Holmgren program.

    In many respects, the issues are the same as last year – no receivers that can win jump balls or make plays in tight coverage. Tate is their only real WR who can do this, and he’s still too raw to be used extensively. Mike Williams offered some of this promise, but he’s faded after a decent start.

    The other guys – you don’t throw it unless they get wide open. And they really aren’t getting open for big plays very much. I’m sure a big arm could help open up space, but there are a lot of passing attacks that are really effective without strong-armed QB’s. So I tend to look elsewhere to explain the lack of a big play passing game.

  22. SeahawkFan12 says:

    “It`s time for Hass to take himself out of the Line-up.Let Charlie play show us what he has.”

    Dumbest comment in a while.

    No PROFESSIONAL is going to lie down and die. I can hear it now:
    Hass: “Hey coach. You know, this whole starting QB thing isn’t working out. Rather than waiting for you and the rest of the leadership to make a call, I’m just gonna go ahead and lay down. Take me out. The 12th man supports me, but too many so-called “fans” have been calling for me to quit. It’s what they’d do, so why not?”

    Pete: “Yeah, Matt. You’re right. Those “fans” know more than us, so I’ll accept your resignation. Boy Wonder will start from here on out. Thanks for your service.”

    Makes about as much sense as the Ducks being ranked ahead of Boise State and TCU…


  23. peahawk says:

    I watched the video on iTunes and Okung did not look that good. On the first sack he didn’t pick up he end. On the next play he had a false start that was not called. He needs much improvement. Being injured is one thing, but not knowing who to pickup… he should be studying that even when not playing.

  24. SirDaddy says:

    Seahawking coaching staff needs to pick it up quite a bit. The O-line doesn’t have a leader or identity. They are big and athletic individually but they lack the on the field leadership and mental toughness top tier O-lines have. I also believe there is confidence issues with all the rotations and not so subtle threats. CCole and RBryant are leading the charge and the other guys are following. They play with confidence and a real nasty streak.

    Matt’s confidence has evaporated. Now we are hoping for a miracle out of him. Not fair on Matt or the rest of the Team. Give Charlie a shot, give us a shot to believing again.

  25. Bite tongue…

  26. klthompson says:

    The team needs an offense leader. Not just the O line. The defense has some obvious leaders and it shows. The offense just doesn’t cut it. The coach has to forget the college stuff.

  27. freedom_X says:

    Well, they won’t be able to yo-yo Wrotto on the roster anymore. He just signed with Buffalo.

  28. The team needs to trade up for Ryan Mallett.

    If nighthawk thinks he has a “noodle arm” then you know 100% that this is the guy that we want. If nighthawk wants Mallett, then you know I’m probably wrong in advocating for the guy (hell, if that’s the case… then all of us want Locker… b/c he hates him).

    F*ck the rest of the team. Until a franchise QB is traded for… NOTHING else matters. F-the OL. F-the D.

    Too many dumbass teams try to duct tape jerk-off QBs to be “their” guys (while at the same time paying too much attention to crappy positions as opposed to QBs).

    Not many losers like Mark Rypien win SBs (and the team won in spite of him — even though he was great with a REAL supporting cast).

    Matt needs to go to a WCO team and he’ll be fine again; even w/limited arm strength, (providing the supporting cast) but this crap that we’ve had the past two years sucks. It’s not that the OCs suck (maybe they do?). It’s just that he’s a round peg trying to get plugged into a square hole. Matt is a WCO QB. That’s it. AND he needs a good OL in front of him (as most do)!!! But if we’re not a WCO team… Matt needs to look for employment elsewhere.

    I am officially on the — F-the team bandwagon UNTIL a real FRANCHISE QB has been acquired!!!

    And, yes, that means we’re on the right track to win the Super Bowl this year (since I’m off the wagon — but will NEVER be “off” the Seahawk bandwagon — or else I wouldn’t love them so damn much).

    pabuwal — I need 2 things from you:
    1. Matt’s road record against winning teams.
    2. His rating since ’06.
    I’d like to save you hours of “work” each day by just posting them for you.

  29. ruminator1 says:

    wrotto taken off the buffalo practice squad so he will be playing this weekend.

    the last i read about wilson was a coach’s comment to the effect that he was playing real well (in practice) and they expected him to get playing time soon. i don’t believe he has played in a game yet.

    i think pc is doing the right thing by giving CW and Zac R more time in practice. i hope he extends that to working them on specific plays that will be used in our next game. did anyone listen to hugh millen on kjr this morning? he spent hours replaying the game, especially Hass’s play and he echoes what PC is saying. in fact he doubted very strongly whether most of the good qb’s could have done much better given the situation hass had to deal with. now i don’t know about that, though while i am not a millen fan on many fronts, i acknowledge he has a very good technical knowledge of the game. i think hass is in fact limited by the fact we do not have deep threats, have no time to use them even if we had them, and even if we both had them and he had time, hass is no longer a deep ball threat. millen also said hass is clearly uncomfortable throwing slants (i thought he was referring to on his left, but not sure).

    with regard to other qb’s, i think those with a quicker release and more power and better accuracy would have completed some of those passes. still, i see the short term solution to fix the O line and get a power runner, not to switch to CW. not fully at least, not yet.

    Can;t wait to see what drama unfolds. i think it unimaginable that there will not be move players in and out. high hopes for lynch or jacobs. would be quite happy if they could pick up VJ, but that seems unlikely. wonder how reed is doing? wonder if they have even a tiny interest in tony washington.
    the fact that JJ was inactive suggests they either have made or are about to make a decision there.

  30. No way in hell I want to trade for Lynch or VJ until we have our own Sam Bradord. That’s





  31. ruminator1 says:

    well bobby, each to his own. i think lynch could help right away, franchise qb or no franchise qb. vj maybe not since someone still has to get him the ball. i haven’t written CW off, but just haven’t seen enough to write him in.

    on lynch, i see the the Eagles are said to be pursuing him.the Bills have until oct 19 if they are going to move him this year (according to mac’s blog)

  32. ruminator1 says:

    fantasy heads up–jets activating santonio holmes this week

  33. Of course he’d help right away. But until we get a franchise QB… is any of this garbage going to matter? Who cares about the difference b/w 7-9 and 9-7… I want a real Super Bowl championship (and a Bill Leavy punch in the head). I’d rather have the extra picks available for a Ryan Mallett than some pick traded for a 3rd/4th year RB and a crap OL…

  34. ljarllrajl says:

    Ryan Mallett? Yuck! He’s got a cannon but his throwing motion makes Byron Leftwich chuckle. Plus he’s got no mobility. Locker’s a much better fit for this offense.

    Did anyone else notice Curry taking a bad angle on one of those 100 yd screens and running himself outta the play?

    Did anyone else notice Spencer skipping snaps off the turf, backed up in our own endzone no less.

    Did anyone else notice that with the slightest boo boo, Trufant plays like Patrick Hunter?

    I think our biggest problem is no running game, but it’s no surprise considering our personnel.

    But at this point I really see no downside in a change at QB. How awful could Whitehurst possibly be to make it a regretful decision?

  35. That’s why Locker is best (nighthawk hates him).

    Of course, we’re used to Curry and bad angles.

    Spencer has sucked for 5 years — why should this year be any different?

    Patrick Hunter never sucked. He may not have been great, but it’s not like we’re talking about a CB who truly sucked. He was a decent player when healthy. Not a Pro Bowler, but not a pile-of-garbage either.

  36. bird_spit – You’re a really good writer.

  37. ljarllrajl says:

    Bobbyk, I never said that Patrick Hunter sucked. :)

  38. ljarllrajl says:

    Just sayin Trufant could play a little more like Tru. I want to Truuuuuuuuuuuuuuu at a game. You can’t Huuuuuuuuuuuuuunt at a game. You can only Truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu at a game.

  39. Hawks Offensive Struggles:
    Hawks last 18 “true” offensive drives (last 3 halves): 2 FGs, 10 punts, 1 safety, 1 int, 1 fumble, 1 outta time, 2 turnovers on downs (4th dn drop by M.Robinson & failed fake FG).
    “Hard Core” Look at What Rams Defense Did vs Hawks Offense:
    Hawks offense gained 174 yds by halftime, plus 50 yds in the 2nd half. Here’s why:
    At the beginning of the game the Rams were doing some elaborate defensive stuff – they were trying to mix it up. Zone-blitzes, playing man-coverage, playing combination coverages (cover 3 one side/cover 2 the other), etc. Matt threw some early completions vs Rams man-coverage to beat their blitz. Branch’s catch on a hitch route converted for a 10 yd gain. M.Williams made a good catch on a skinny post (slant to Matt’s left) for a 17 yd gain. Kinda similar to some of the 3-4 stuff Hawks offense had been facing up to then. Late in the 2nd qtr, Rams realized they could play Cover-2 (both safeties well off the LOS -no safeties in run support) and played a base front with front 4 (no twists, or stunts) stacked the LBs (played a true 7-man front), and their CBs rolled up the Hawks outside WRs. With that defense Rams both stopped the run and pressured Matt. To counter, Hawks kept Carlson and Force in to block.
    Vs Cover-2, Hawks got 14 yds on 9 runs (-3, 2, 1, -1, 3, 0, 3, 1, and an 8 yarder). Hawks couldn’t run vs Rams base cover-2.
    Hawks had 18 pass attempts in the 2nd half (+3 sacks). In 10 of those pass plays they kept the HB in to block, and they kept both the TE & HB in to block for the remaining 8 pass plays. Most of Hawks offensive plays were 3 wide + 1 TE & 1 HB (as blockers), and some were 1 HB (blocker) + 2 TEs (1 blocking) & 2 WRs. B.Stokely was the slot receiver away from Carlson, and the 2 outside receivers were getting rolled up on by the CBs with safety help over the top (no deep passes available there). Pass offenses are supposed to attack the cover-2 with inside receivers (e.g. P.Manning throwing to J.Addai & Dallas Clark coming out of the backfield vs Bears in SB XLI). Hawks couldn’t release their inside receivers (Carlson and Forsett) who were needed to block. Hawk’s OL (recent street FAs Stacey Andrews, injured Tyler Polumbus, injured Ben Hamilton and injured rookie LT Okung who played a half and was replaced by Polumbus while injured Locklear came in at RT) got manhandeled. Hawks OL was unable to handle the front seven in the run game and the front 4 in the passing game. Matt was forced to throw to only one guy, Stokely whom he’d known for only 4 days. Matt was lucky that Stokely caught 4 of his 8 targets.
    With decent OL pass-pro vs cover-2 you can release your TEs and RBs because the OL should be able to block the defenses front 4, and your outside receivers are getting rolled up on by ‘off the LOS’ CBs and with ‘over the top’ safeties. So you have to rely on your inside receivers to attack the holes in their cover-2 (deep middle of the field). When they stay in to block, their zone defender can vacate that zone and double (or pick) the nearest receiver. Forsett was not chipping on his way out – he was blocking. So was John Carlson. When there were 2 TEs, both were blocking. What was the result vs Rams when Hawks did release their inside blocking guys? 2 of the 3 sacks in 2nd half were when the interior receivers went out into pass routes, a screen that got nothing, and Matt did hit Carlson (as a left split end) for 15 yds. Rams DL dominated the Hawks OL, which lead to the play calling adjustment of max protect without receivers who could stretch the field. Neither Matt nor CW could have done anything with that OL protection.

  40. A shame that Matt isn’t up to snuff, otherwise T.J. Yates out of UNC would’ve been a great developmental prospect, although he might not fit Bates and his style (Yates is more Hasselbeck than Cutler) BUT it’s a little to early to talk about the draft, isn’t it? I know we need for a quarterback for the future, and we need one bad, but still let’s get more than half way through the season before we are talking about the draft, who knew maybe Matt finds the fountain of youth….

  41. surelyyoujest says:

    Chicken Little is really making the rounds the last couple of days. So many of you guys talked during the preseason about thinking this is a 7-9 or 8-8 Team this year, or worse…..but here you are freaking out at 2-2. I don’t get it. We knew they’d struggle a bit early on, and here we are.

    Funny how perspective goes out the window during the season. Chill. Freak out this time next year if it’s still not fixed.

  42. Dukeshire says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s not a Mallett fan. I was talking about Yates on here a couple weeks ago, he’s got plenty of arm to run Bates’ offense. I like him, definitely someone to keep an eye on.

  43. Thought I remembered someone here talking about Yates. I’m a UNC fan so I’m not totally unbiased, but his performance against LSU was quite impressive. Still not sure about his arm, and deep passes, but his is very very accurate.

  44. klm008 – very interesting analysis, thanks.

    On another note, I guess I’m a bit on the opposite end of the spectrum here. A lot of folks seem to notice and key in on poor throws by #8, and reduce his perceived value with each. I see them, and don’t argue about tosses he maybe should have completed. However I have to ask: when he makes a good throw, regardless of the outcome of the play, does it mean nothing to those who harp about his declining skills?

    There are a number of examples, but two are the shoulda-been-a-TD throw that was knocked loose at the .25 yard line vs. SD, and the long ball to Branch that was one-foot-OB vs. the Rams. Both accurate, both long, both placed so the receiver didn’t have to break stride and so that the defender couldn’t get to it, and in the case of the bomb vs. the Rams, looked like a pretty strong toss. On both of these it was obvious that QB/receiver were on the same page. While one play was a net negative and the other incomplete/OB, the throws were pretty good. There are other examples, but when folks use terms like “noodle arm” or “can’t make the throws”, I think of plays like this (there are others). I wonder if I’m missing something, or if the good throws are for some reason being weighted lower.

    I don’t see it as a skills issue. He doesn’t have the rocket arm of some QBs in the league, but to me, it’s obvious that Hass is able to make the throws, and that the problem is more one of consistency…what the root cause is, I can’t say. Maybe it’s him, maybe it’s something else.

  45. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Please stop talkkng about Jake Locker. He’s not even the best QB in the Pac-10. Luck, maybe.

    Luck, Mallet, Moore (Boise State) and/or a FA are the better options for the franchise QB.

    But for god sake stop talking about the local boy just because he’s local.

  46. Tom Brady and Brad Johnson weren’t even the best QBs at their schools and they won SBs.

  47. “Forsett was not chipping on his way out – he was blocking. So was John Carlson. When there were 2 TEs, both were blocking. What was the result vs Rams when Hawks did release their inside blocking guys? 2 of the 3 sacks in 2nd half ”

    Good stuff KLM. Confirms some of what I’d thought about the Rams D-line vs. our O-line, watching the game. Feels like the continuous O-line shuffling caught up to us a bit. It’s hindsight now, but with Polumbus doing a decent job at LT, we should’ve just left him there for this game. Of course, it’s easier to blame one guy (esp when is the one starting off each play) than to blame an entire offense – but that doesn’t mean it’s accurate to do so.

  48. In regards to the QB talk, when I watch Matt play I am always trying to compare him to Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Drew Brees, Phillip Rivers, Aaron Rogers. When those QBs are playing, you as a fan, fear them scanning your defense and exposing all of the weaknesses of it with their minds. I don’t think Matt is as good at reading a defense as he used to be.

    When you watch Brady, you see a cool demeanor and a confidence about him that he will take the ball the whole length of the field in the 4th quarter. Matt no longer has that swagger about him.

    I’m not a QB coach, but I would like to pose the question, what about Matt’s mechanics? He’s 6′ 4″ and should be plenty tall to throw over people, yet half the time he uses that side are crap. Also, when have you ever seen him coming forward when throwing the ball, like a pitcher throwing a fastball; he always has back foot firmly planted, you would think if he was really rocketing the ball he would come forward a little. I also think he holds the ball a little low.

    In terms of throwing to the sideline or back of the endzone, time and time again his balls seem thrown way too far to even get in bounds.

    Whatever it is, he no longer has the “IT” factor, and I think we can all see that.

  49. CreamRanger says:

    Why don’t the Seahawks ever use screen passes anymore? I mean it would help slow the pass rush, get the ball in the hands of Forsett behind the D-Line which we can’t block for sh*t. I mean just look what the Rams did to us with the screen pass after our D shut down the run and got some pressure.

  50. Gusset – I’d love to take credit for that analysis, but it was recalled from a KJR radio interview with Ian. I can’t post links on this site anymore or I’d have posted it, but thought what was said was pertinent anyways.

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