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Rams 20, Seahawks 3 — postgame rant thread

Post by Ryan Divish on Oct. 3, 2010 at 12:58 pm with 96 Comments »
October 3, 2010 1:01 pm
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Well, the road winning streak over the Rams has come to an end. And a lot of the good feeling surrounding the Seahawks has evaporated.

This was just an ugly, ugly game. The Seahawks were disjointed offensively. Matt Hasselbeck wasn’t particularly good. The offensive line struggled, Marcus Trufant was clearly bothered by the injury and Russell Okung got hurt again.

Oh, and I didn’t even mention the fake field goal fiasco, which was absolutely ludicrous.

1. Can you find any positives in this loss?

2. With a hat tip to Sando: If the Seahawks can’t beat the Rams on the road, what team can they beat on the road?

3. Should they have played Russell Okung today?

4. After the fake field goal, are you starting to question some of Pete Carroll’s in-game decisions?

5. Using logic and thought, who should start at quarterback against the Bears on Oc.t 17 and why?

As always … with today’s game, have your expectations surrounding this team and this division changed?

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  1. People will call me a Hassel-hater for this, but nothing can be less true. I just think it’s pretty obvious that he is not even an okay QB anymore. I love the guy, but when he’s not turning the ball over, he’s not moving the offense at all.

  2. 1. I still think the defense is playing good football, there’s still issues with the passing game, but the run defense is solid.

    2. I’m sure they can find a peeve team to beat up, but in the NFL? Not many, although the Rams are a different team this year.

    3. Not sure if it would’ve made any difference.

    4. Yes, yes I am, but it was a gutsy call, as was the throw by Michael Robinson and it worked, but something isn’t right.

    5. I’m not sold on Matt yet, but I don’t think Whitehurst is going to be better, so for now I say we still start Matt, but Whitehurt might get some playingtime sooner rather than later.

  3. 1. no
    2. no one
    3. NO!
    4. yes.
    5. doesn’t matter what QB starts right now. what matters first is getting the O line right.

    Worst performance by the O line since sometime last season! Terrible coaching decisions to push Okung back early to start the week before a bye! Okung was not ready mentally. Gave up sacks. And he got re-injured to boot! RBs and TEs kept out of the offense and in the backfield to help block. Cripples the offense.

    Then Polumbus at LT had not practiced at LT all week, and he and Hamilton were terrible on the left side. Locklear was weak on the right side, probably still injured. Ben Hamilton needs to be on bench. And most importantly, the same 5 O linemen need to get healthy and stay together every week before we are going to have an offense.

    Hass sucked today. Plainly. But he had no time and no confidence in his O line. This line needs work. Our coaches need to stop playing musical chairs.

  4. Overall I’m super disappointed with the way the offense plays, we can’t move the ball, we can’t get a drive going. The offensive line didn’t plat well today, but play calling, audibles and play execution has been bad all year. Forsett plays well, but it’s hard to run the ball if the pass doesn’t work, and the pass offense doesn’t work.

  5. nidhighe says:

    We’re a young team with a lot of new pieces. There will be games like this. We were still playing hard late, though, especially on defense. Glad we stopped the Rams’ trying to run up the score.

    The fake FG didn’t bother me. The way the offense was playing, I’d rather see them try something to get a spark going than play it vanilla. Carroll needs to be more judicious with challenges, though.

    Hasselbeck is finished as a Seahawk. He’s our best QB this season, but he won’t be here next year. Whitehurst doesn’t strike me as anything more than a backup. Here’s hoping we go after whichever QB Philly chooses not to keep after this season.


  6. If Okung had sat out the game, he would be 100% when we return to play against the Bears. Now, he is unlikely to practice the next two weeks and the O line may be just as bad against the Bears as it was today.

    The curse of Seahawks O line injuries continues.

    Jim Mora is probably snickering to himself somewhere.

  7. nighthawk2 says:

    1. Positives? Yes, we’ve again confirmed Hasselbeck sucks. This guy has a fork sticking out of him so big it would hit the scoreboard in the Cowboys stadium. I’m not fond of a playing a “veteran” or a fan favorite who’s clearly shown he doesn’t have it anymore.

    2. NONE. Not with this o-line and quarterback.

    3. No. Should have waited until after the bye.

    4. Yeah, a little. But then again, this team blows chunks, and only the most pollyannish, rose colored glasses wearing homer couldn’t see it. So why not try a little of the unexpected. If the play works, everyone would have their lips surgically attached to his ass right now. Victory has a thousand fathers, defeat is an orphan.

    5. Charlie Whitehurst should start. We’ve seen Hasselbeck suck for 3 years. It’s not a bad line, it’s not bad receivers, it’s not a bad OC. It’s a bad quarterback. I don’t know if Whitehurst will do any better, but let’s find out. If he doesn’t do well through the rest of the season, then we know we need to look at drafting a QB early in the 2011 draft. But for the love of all that’s holy, let’s find out, and pull the plug on the Matt Hasselbeck era. There’s two weeks for Whitehurst to work with the 1st team and get ready for Da Bears.

  8. Well, if the O-line continues to play the way they did today, Julius Peppers will probably murder whoever is starting at QB, so we might see Whitehurst vs. Bears…

  9. pabuwal says:

    The big positive is that the Hasselbeck era might finally have just ended.

  10. jmatt8711 says:

    first time im sayin it, bench hasselbeck, the recievers did have some drops, but if the threat of a downfield pass is gone , the games over. Matt looks like he is playing scared. outplayed by a rookie. we look like the worst team in the league on the road, bad very bad. oh well nba is starting ( oh wait !!! we dont have a team) this sucks.

  11. I think that we should at least give Whitehurst a shot… but I’d be lying if I said I had a great reason for it. Mostly I’m just frustrated that we sucked it up against the Rams. Three points? Come on.

    We’d probably lose on the road to the Bears regardless. Why not see if Whitehurst provides a spark?

  12. You can’t put ALL the blame on #8 today. The offensive line didn’t give him anything today. Matt played worse against the Chargers and Broncos, in my opinion, I’m not saying he played bad today, but there were other factors to this, factors that didn’t play a big role in his other sucky performances this year.

  13. tongefactor40 says:

    1. Umm no

    2. No one

    3. Yes, seemed like he was okay… figured he would be in a limited role though.

    4. Almost ready to jump off the Pete bandwagon. Crap calls can be overcome when we are at home, because we have such an insane home field advantage, road is a different story. I am really starting to worry.

    5. Hawks front office has replaced almost every person on this team, yet we continue to struggle on the road. I am not sure how much blame you can put on Hass for all these pathetic road displays, as everyone is partially to blame. At some point though, you need to start pointing the finger in his direction. His stats… home v. away are really eye-opening and I think it is time to make a change.


    L. Washington trash-talking in pre-game warm-ups was really disappointing to see, especially because he didn’t do anything to back it up today. Why can’t these ego maniacs just shut-up and play football?

  14. Dukeshire says:

    1. Can you find any positives in this loss? Yes, but I don’t have the energy to look right now.

    2. With a hat tip to Sando: If the Seahawks can’t beat the Rams on the road, what team can they beat on the road? Why is that a hat tip to Sando?Everyone who follows football should have known this would be a difficult game. Hell, even I was saying all week this was going to be a difficult game and if I could see it… (although I did think they’d win.)

    3. Should they have played Russell Okung today? No. Again, it was obvious to me that they didn’t need to play him with the bye looming. The line, heading into this game was not an issue. I questioned it on Wednesday. I questioned it today.

    4. After the fake field goal, are you starting to question some of Pete Carroll’s in-game decisions? No. I began questioning that in week 2 vs Denver. Last week’s debacle before the end of the half, decision to take points off the board, and lack of game management was glaring again today as well. His use of challenges is puzzling to say the least.

    5. Using logic and thought, who should start at quarterback against the Bears on Oc.t 17 and why? Whitehurst. In a word, this offense is inept. We ca blame Carroll, Bates (where the lion share ought to go, IMO) or Hass. Matt is not playing well. He steps into sacks, has balls batted down, is making poor decisions (audibling into a draw on 3rd and long was inexcusable for a veteran, to me). It is clear to me this offense is not responding to whatever it is Bates wants to do, with Hass under center. I love him. He’s one of my all time favorite Seahawks, but it’s time. This is a good opportunity to use an off week to prepare CW. Moreover, they are paying him $5 mill and they have to find out what they have there as they continue to build. And lastly, as a preventative argument for those (like I was) who say Hass give them their best chance to win; how on earth do we know that? After watching 3 games, how could anyone possibly make that case, now?

  15. tongefactor40 says:

    @JacDG: True, there are a lot of people to blame, but we have been bad on the road for a number of years now…

  16. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Idiots. Can hardly believe people are throwing Hass under the bus. Peyton Manning would have struggled with our O-line today, and the ridiculous play calls and resource management (clock, challenges, etc) of the coaches.

    Hass haters suck.

  17. Time to warm up Whitehurst b/c Hasselbeck needs to change his name to ‘captain turnover’.

    I used to believe he gave us the best chance to win, but now think he’s done. Weak off target passing combined with atrocious decision making and a seeming situational stupidity leads me to wonder WTH he’s thinking on the field. Of course having a turnstile at LT today sure didn’t help much either. The OLine was simply awful today. Carlson sure hasn’t shown much this year either and has been mostly invisible.

    I can’t wait to hear PC on this fiasco, this game the team looked as bad if not worse than anything over the past two seasons, the Hawks simply stank today. It was a hard game to watch b/c they were awful on both sides of the ball even though the ST play wasn’t bad.

  18. heyyou_66 says:

    Positives……lol……yeah right! Hasselbeck looked horrible. How many batted passes did he throw? How can a veteran QB look so damned confused and unsure?????
    Cole played a good game and Curry is also still showing improvement.

    Was Okungs injury the ankle again????? He should have sat with Polumbus playing well and the bye next week.
    And giving the ball to the punter to run on 4th down, REALLY? Is this sandlot football????

    Bradford IS the best QB in the NFC West……….

    Can we say another top 10 draft pick in 2011?????????

  19. Dukeshire says:

    To amend #4 I should say that I do like Carroll and like what he brings to the table. But he needs to tighten up his decision making.

  20. I know that I remember reading/hearing various predictions that would have the hawks much worse than they currently are standings wise.

    Given that one of the wins was a freakish win… the reality is that with how we’ve played on offense, we should be 1-3… and very likely could have been 0-4 without our defense really stopping the 9er’s in the 1st week.

    I’m unsure Whitehurst solves that for us… but right now it doesn’t feel like any changes or adjustments are being made by the offense as the game progresses.

  21. yellaman says:

    1. Only positve was the defense only gave up 20 pts LOL

    2. If they are lucky maybe beat SF or AZ on the road not both though

    3 Was Okung not ready? I expect more from a 1st rd pick and he was not alone on the offensive line trouble

    4. Question PC and offensive coordinator Bates terrible play calling. Why is it Stokely is our go to guy and he just signed this week? I have to question the play calling and offense strategy

    5. hass starts but if another offensive ouput like today happens why not let the CW have a crack at running the show

    This team is still where I think they are 6-10 or 7-9. I don’t see us winning any no more than1 road game and probably finish at home like 6-2

  22. Dukeshire says:

    SeahawkFan12 – Do you think all great QBs play behind great lines? Because they don’t. This line was more than adequate to allow a competent QB to have success. It’s not all Hass’ fault, of course. But he must shoulder responsibility for his own poor play. Not the line, not the play calling and not the clock management.

  23. Am I the only one wondering why the hell Leon Washington isn’t more involved with the offense? I’m not good at noticing who is in a RB, but it can’t be a lot, with his explosiveness it might be a good idea to get the ball in his hands some more, if you won’t run him, line him up at receiver or something.

  24. 1. Earl Thomas’ interception in the end zone (3rd INT in 2 games)

    2. I think St. Louis is a lot better than they’ve been getting credit for. They’re 2 – 2, and I believe all 4 games they’ve been competitive in. Can the Hawks win on the road? Yes I believe they can. However, can they win 3 – 4 games on the road, which they’d probably need to win the division… I’m not too sure.

    3. If Okung was at all still hurting / injured, they should have rested him. If this new injury takes him out more games, it was a huge mistake. Okung looked pretty bad today, it seemed like a lot of sacks came from the left side today.

    4. I think there have definitely been some questionable play calls and also challenges. Sometimes it works great, like the Michael Robinson pass. It’s a lot different than the Holmgren era.

    5. Hasselback should start against the Bears. But if things don’t turn around soon, I think we’ll see Whitehurst in there pretty soon. We should also seriously consider drafting QB early in next year’s draft.

    The funny thing is that if the Chargers beat the Cardinals today, the Hawks are still tied for 1st place in the division. The Hawks are not a good enough team to be a playoff team. And yet, the division is so bad, the possibility is still there.

    At least we’re not the 0 – 4 SF 49ers.

  25. nighthawk2 says:

    Peyton Manning could still throw a pass beyond 20 yards. Accurately. Yeah, it’s never Hasselbeck’s fault is it? It’s the line (Rodgers had a crappy line most of last year and threw for 4000 yards and made the playoffs). It’s the receivers (best group we’ve had in years). It’s the coaches, it’s a road game, it’s a 10am start time, it’s his back, it’s Obama’s fault (oh wait, that’s his sister-in-law’s line)…it’s anything except that Hasselbeck sucks. Maybe the only “idiots” are the ones who can’t finally see that.

  26. SeahawkFan12 says:

    No, Duke, I don’t. But if you think Whiteworst is going to turn this thing around you are high.

    We got punked by a better team today, and it’s ridiculous to think Hasselbeck should get benched because of it. Even more stupid is the rants about drafting Jake Locker (thank god we haven’t seen those comments YET).

    O-line was horrible, Trufant was lame,and the defense in the middle flat was AGAIN non-existent.

    Bring on Whitworst and watch the offense REALLY tumble.

  27. chitwit says:

    I have been reading all of the comments denouncing Hasselbeck and just laughing at the ignorance of such comments. This front office has completely blown up this team and started a new culture that for the most part has succeded. I would have never thought that Hasselbeck would have been the weak link this year but he is. The reason for his struggles is the debate that we all need to look at. The guy looks scared. He is affraid of making THE mistake that would force (give them the out) the coaching staff to yank him and put in someone who is not affraid to throw the ball down field. Hass is done. There is no reason (with the bye week coming up) to keep him as the starter in this rebuilding year. It’s time (gulp) for a change. Hasselbeck needs to finish the year on the bench and make room for the new culture. Welcome to the starting line-up Whitehurst. Any other decision at this point world tear down what PC has built to this point. PC has done his part by giving the local hero a chance to succede while all along knowing that this game would be Hasselbeck’s last game as the starter. It just makes sence at this point.

  28. elkhorn says:

    Using logic and thought is Ryans nice way of saying ‘Use your words’.

  29. arthurb says:

    Football’s just one of those sports. Let’s say Robinson catches the ball on 4th and 2. The drive continues. Perhaps something happens.

    Or, we kick the FG instead of the fake and the game is 7-6 at half and not 10-3.

    Or, the fake FG works and we go into the half 10-7.

    The thing that’s most frustrating to watch week in and week out is that the O looks completely inept. We jusyt had some good breaks to win at home.

    I’m impressed with the energy on D. That’s a positive. It would be nice to have that type of zeal with the offense. I’m not sure that Whitehurst is a better option than Hass, but he may bring a different type of energy. Besides, it’s all about production. If you don’t produce, you sit. That goes for the QB. too.

    In fairness to Hass, the INT’s were just bad fortune with the near sack and the tipped ball. Stuff like that happens in games when you have super fast, 300 lb men crashing into each other.

  30. I think it’s too early in the season to start “experimenting” with Whitehurst. But then the questing is, if it’s “too early” now, when is it time to make the switch, that I don’t know. But as of right now, I couldn’t care less who is starter, I don’t believe in any of them, so we might as well “experiment” with him sooner than later, might be my affection for Hass that’s holding me back, luckily this new organization haven’t got that so I trust them to make the right move.

  31. HawkSoop says:

    1. Can you find any positives in this loss? —
    Yep… Hawk’s D made good adjustment to stop the screen game. Run D was solid, we saw continued creative blitz packages.

    2. With a hat tip to Sando: If the Seahawks can’t beat the Rams on the road, what team can they beat on the road? —
    I don’t think we are beating anyone on the road as things currently stand, but let us be clear… this Rams team is no where near as bad as the Rams team of 2009 or 2008

    3. Should they have played Russell Okung today? —
    Hindsight is 20/20, so no. However…. the O Line looked 1000% better with Okung and Polumbus than it did when Locklear came in. The fact that they gave up so many sacks after Okung came out really tells me that they did need him. Okung made some rookie mistakes, but that is too be expected. I think it was the right call, hindsight notwithstanding

    4. After the fake field goal, are you starting to question some of Pete Carroll’s in-game decisions? —
    Umm, this is a no only due to the fact that I’ve been concerned about this before today’s game. 4th and 2 call was great, fake FG was ridiculously bad, but more importantly how many 3rd and 1 or 2 plays did we miss with bad play calls? 3? 4?

    5. Using logic and thought, who should start at quarterback against the Bears on Oc.t 17 and why? —
    My vote is for Whitehurst. Hasslebeck is my favorite all time Seahawk, but he has played absolutely terribly in this offense. He simply cannot make all the throws to make the scheme work. I am not sure that he ever could played in this offense. He is not exceptionally mobile and while his throws on the run are not terrible, they are certainly not his strength. Our offense needs to threaten teams deep in order to function properly. Matt cannot throw the deep ball as evidenced several times this season already. The pros for Whitehurst: 1) he’s got a huge arm compared to Matt. 2) He’s more mobile at this point in his career 3) His arm strength will allow him to throw on the run more effectively than Hass 4) He is not as savvy as Matt at this point, but our defense and rush offense are not good enough to win football games with a care taker at QB, so why not play the guy that has the physical tools to make all the plays?

  32. ljarllrajl says:

    1. Can you find any positives in this loss? — Brandon Stokley was a nice addition. Earl Thomas can get his hands on the ball.

    2. With a hat tip to Sando: If the Seahawks can’t beat the Rams on the road, what team can they beat on the road? — USC

    3. Should they have played Russell Okung today? — No

    4. After the fake field goal, are you starting to question some of Pete Carroll’s in-game decisions? — the guy is high on life.

    5. Using logic and thought, who should start at quarterback against the Bears on Oc.t 17 and why? — At this point I honestly don’t care who starts.

  33. “This line was more than adequate to allow a competent QB to have success”

    Not today it wasn’t. O-line was terrible on the pass and run today. All the changes, etc., seems to have finally caught up the line. Or maybe the Rams front 4 are better than I thought.

    The receivers are also very mediocre – what does it say that Stokley comes in this week, and gets targeted 8 times? Our guys don’t get separation and drop balls that a guy like Mark Clayton (and he’s no Andre Johnson) catches.

    But . . .the way Hass is playing right now, scares no defense, that’s for sure. I had basically zero faith in any 3rd and long today. Not sure what to do at QB for the rest of the year. But it is obviously the next priority for the franchise.

    I was hoping for more from them today – disappointing to lose that meekly to the Rams.

  34. nidhighe says:

    Honestly, I really do wish the fair weather fans would jump off the bandwagon.


  35. Good to see so many people lining up to support Matt even though it’s obvious that his time has passed. Whitehurst may not be the answer, but we’ll never know unless we play him. He can’t be any less efficient than Matt is on the short and intermediate stuff and who knows… he may connect on a deep ball from time to time.

    Hass still hasn’t shown he can be an elite QB behind anything less than a hall of fame offensive line.

  36. please cut deion branch and JJ. and bench hass. go hawks

  37. Didn’t we sack and pressure Bradford more than they sacked and pressured Hass???

  38. orbeavhawk says:

    1. Can you find any positives in this loss?


    2. With a hat tip to Sando: If the Seahawks can’t beat the Rams on the road, what team can they beat on the road?

    3. Should they have played Russell Okung today?

    NO !

    4. After the fake field goal, are you starting to question some of Pete Carroll’s in-game decisions?

    YES !

    5. Using logic and thought, who should start at quarterback against the Bears on Oc.t 17 and why?

    Hate to say it BUT probably have to stick with Matt……but like you I don’t really care. I think part of it is the play calling too – NOT just Matt!

    Read more:

  39. “Honestly, I really do wish the fair weather fans would jump off the bandwagon”

    We have a bandwagon?

  40. ljarllrajl says:

    I like that Pete takes chances. The fake FG didn’t work but the double pass did. Either way your opponent has to prepare for it.

  41. 1. Yes, Earl Thomas still making plays.

    2. I see us beating Arizona on the road.

    3. No, he obviously wasn’t ready to go and ineffective.

    4. I like that we’re creative, crazy and unconventional, but he may learn that we don’t have the horses to get too risky.

    5. Whitehurst. He has an arm, he seems to be more decisive and get rid of the ball. For a “game manager”, system quarterback type #8 makes way too many turnovers, what confidence he had left has clearly eroded.

  42. I’m not even mad. I’m more depressed in that performance than anything. I didn’t expect a walk in the park, but I expected a win. Not a crap blowout the other way.

    Sam Bradford, as people have been saying for three weeks, is the real deal. I want a Sam Bradford.

  43. Seahawkfan12: I’m curious what you’re basing you doubt of Whitehurst on. We haven’t seen him play. We’ve seen that Hass cannot get it done any longer. We got after Bradford just as much as they got after Hass today but he found a way to get it done. Hass did not. Stop making excuses for the guy.

  44. seahawklovertoo says:

    Well, “no stone should stay unturned” or, what-ever BS ” PC and the Sidekicks” are trying to sell us is showing it’s ugly side. Players are not willing to give it all simply because they know as soon as someone on Dreen Bay’s practice squad sobers-up, our FO will pick them up and our players will be cut…. Why dive a shyt? Holmys blind loyalty was bad ( to say the least), I am not msure mthis crap is any better.
    Couple weeks ago I posted PC is no less a moron than Mora The Moron was/is,and Dukie jumped my behind…
    Nice to read you eating crow dukie-boy !
    All this suffering is the make of the ULTIMATE idiot Tod Leiweke; it will be years before all this misery will be “washed-up by father Time” and we get to see some positive results.
    As for Hass, he either doesn’t want to play for the Seahawks (wishes to rejoin Holmy……to which I say GOOD RIDANCE & don’t let the door hit you on your way out) or, he is truly DONE as a QB.
    If CW is not the answer…then, play Robinson untill he gets killed or becomes an NFL QB,which-ever comes first.
    THE TROLL HAS SPOKEN ! I salute you with one of my fingers.

  45. There are some positives from the Defense… however, they were left out there too long and were torched several times.

  46. seahawklovertoo says:

    I need to wear my specks when typing.

  47. It’s all Craig Terrill’s Fault!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Dukeshire says:

    seahawklovertoo – I have no idea what post you are referring to “a couple weeks ago”, but I am a Carroll fan. I have an issue with his taking points off the board. He’s done than more than once. No crow to be eaten here. Just go about your business and leave me out of it.

  49. In an effort to promote the Seahawk’s defense I’m starting a petition to outlaw the screen pass.

  50. HawkSoop says:

    5 years of owning the Rams… it had to come to an end someday. Today was not Matt’s day, nor was week3, or week 2 or week 1.

    Seriously he is my all time favorite Seahawk… but this offense has not done anything with him at the helm. The Oline was bad overall today, but it was better last week and the week before and even in week 1. The most consistent piece of the offense has been Matt and unfortunately he has only been consistently offensive.

    Is the scheme being called to his strengths? NO! Has the O Line played perfectly? Not even close. Are the receiver’s getting open and winning the one on one match-ups? This one is 50/50, receivers have been getting open, but they have not done a great job of winning the battle for the ball in one on one’s. Many times though Matt has not put the ball in a place that gave them a chance either.

    At the end of the day, this loss doesn’t derail the season, rather it re-centers expectations for this years team. The ‘Hawks were awful for two years running, and they are better this year than last, but it’s pretty rare to go from awful to deep playoff run in a single season. I think we have enough evidence to realize that Matt is not capable of running Bates offense the way it needs. Let’s see what Clipboard Messiah can do…

  51. Dukeshire says:

    Give the rams credit, they used it to really counter the ‘Hawks blitz packages effectively.

  52. variable575 says:

    SeahawkFan12- I’m with you all the way. you put any QB behind the line that we operated with today and you would achieve the same results if not worse.

    Pete Carroll may not be a horrible coach, but he’s certainly heading down that road.

    With his experience as a coach, granted its a new team, growing pains are no excuse. What will PC say this week……………another reference to what he did at USC a few years ago which made him think the fake FG would work……… excuse.

  53. Dukeshire says:

    HawkSoop – Well said.

  54. seahawklovertoo says:

    I apologize to most (but, not all of you),but I am PISSED-off, flat out MAD and had a few ( and I don’t drink usually). … One thing I know: if I ever get to be close to M-Fing Tod Leiweke, I will demage him beyond repair for what he has done to the Seahawks ! Hiring TR and Mora the Moron, later on bringing PC and the Sidekicks, ETC. Thisman deserves nothing less than to burn in hell for eternity.
    Again, sorry to most of you Fans….I am not good at losing.

  55. Clipboard Messiah, good one lol :D

    But maybe it wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do, throwing him at the bears? The defense bears has, is one of the better in the league, and getting your first start @ Bears, with their defense and the way our O-line looked today, it might end up hurting Clipboard Messiah more than help.

  56. variable575 says:

    These references to whitehurst coming in to see what he can do are as old as me Bit!$% about how the guy has shown enough already in order to make a fair prediction of how he will perform in the reg. season. He’ll suck plain and simple.

    I’m all about bringing WH in if we’re playing for the draft, but it’s only week four.

    Again, there is no argument to support bringing in WH for hass in order to get better play and production from the QB position. Remember, Hass beat WH out for the starting role or did some of us already forget that.

    Quite a bit of idiocy in some of these posts concerning QB play.

    At least AZ is getting spanked by SD. Go Hawks!

  57. variable575, present your counter argument on why #8 deserves to start, I’m all ears.

  58. variable575 says:

    olsonc-no offense but if you can’t figure it out on your own i’m not going to try to explain it. It’s fairly obvious and I’ve said enough on this topic.

  59. Actually, I don’t really see where you’ve said anything worth merit. Take a look at the numbers 6 int + a fumble in four games. Terrible decision making. Horrible run audible on 3rd and 10. 55% pass completions today. No arm. He is totally done, his confidence is shot and his physically abilities diminished.

    In his last 25 games 33 Int. 9 fumbles.

  60. dacmike says:

    Hass is horrible now, put in Whitehurst. Will we win more games? Who knows but I am tired of Hass not doing anything out there. He is not our best chance of winning anymore. Give Whitehurst a chance to throw the ball more then 20 yards.

  61. variable575 says:

    I’m not saying Matt is playing like a pro-bowler. Go back and read my posts.

    Are you saying CW is going to come in here and do better then Matt???? That’s hilarious.

    If you’re saying stick CW in and play for the draft that’s fine because a move like that would suggest such a motive.

    Matt does have us 2-2. You think if CW started of the season we’d be 2-2?

  62. Look at it this way, when at his best it takes all day to move the ball down the field and we have a 50% chance of a TD in the Red Zone.

    With Whitehurst, I’m sure he can turn the ball over just as good as #8, but will bring the big play back and open up the playbook. We’re limited, predictable and easy to game plan against.

  63. chitwit says:

    What is going on? Why are all the comments being deleted? Is this or what? Did we do something wrong by stating our opinions. Eric?

  64. variable575: Hass is probably an infinitely better practice player than WH. The problem is that once the whistle goes off and men with bad intentions start chasing him he loses his composure. He’s become skittish. The man sacked himself once today! I haven’t seen that since Jim aka chrissy Everett.

  65. We had 89 yards and no points in the 2nd half, why would I want to stick with that? I don’t want to watch a team that goes 8-8 and maybe wins the division and bows out in the first round because they’re playing it safe with the “proven” veteran who can no longer get it done. I would rather risk 5-11, or 10-6 with a potential of future growth than to invest in a depreciating asset.

  66. The man sacked himself once today! I haven’t seen that since Jim aka chrissy Everett.
    He did it last week too.

  67. With AZ getting destroyed by San Diego, SF off to an 0 – 4 start, and Seattle getting killed by St. Louis today.

    Is it crazy to think that St. Louis may be the best team in the NFC West?

  68. HawkSoop says:

    Last time we started 2-2 we went to the superbowl… but this is not that team.

    I am not saying Whitehurst will do better, but I am making the argument that he might do better… and I am not saying that blindly.

    Clipboard Messiah has the arm strength to threaten down-field. Matt does not. That alone has so far hamstrung our offense. Secondly Matt has made terrible decisions repeatedly and has combined those poor decisions with severely under-thrown passes.

    Shoot at this point I just don’t want to watch my favorite Seahawk get abused and embarrassed anymore. Combine that with the upside of Whitehurst and I am all for watching Clipboard Messiah. Plus his beard will look cool when Locklear is sheepishly helping him after his blown blocks cause him to get sacked.

  69. Whitehurst is a a sex symbol, if nothing else he might get more young, hot chicks at Seahawk games. :)

  70. variable575 says:

    good thing reactionary fans don’t run football teams.

    “uhg….Matt do bad in game……..put….charlie……much..better.”

    I would agree, only in a pursuit to get “Lucky” in the draft ;)

    Who said “potential of future growth”……..? C’mon maaaaaaan. CW is 28. he’s had the opportunity for “potential growth” and it got him from 3rd to 2nd string. Yeah, well done there! plug the guy in huh.

    Good evening fellas.

  71. variable575 says:

    olsonc-Finally you see CW for what he is and what he isn’t. Your post says it all. I rest my case.

  72. 1. Can you find any positives in this loss?
    A: Hawks likely won’t be ‘flexed’ to any Monday night games (that would be inconvenient for my schedule).
    2. With a hat tip to Sando: If the Seahawks can’t beat the Rams on the road, what team can they beat on the road?
    A: Why Sando – I asked that same question today in the chat? Still, any given Sunday.
    3. Should they have played Russell Okung today?
    A: Guess not. Is he reinjured bad? Still, he has to get into the game to get up to the speed of NFL play sometime. Wish Gibbs was still around.
    4. After the fake field goal, are you starting to question some of Pete Carroll’s in-game decisions?
    A: No – I enjoyed Jack Patera’s offense & STs for years because of the trick plays. Otherwise, the games got kinda boring. PC wants to win, just like Patera did.
    5. Using logic and thought, who should start at quarterback against the Bears on Oc.t 17 and why?
    A: On the road, it’s a semi-bad OL, it’s semi-bad WRs, it’s a semi-bad OC, and it’s a semi-bad QB. The backup QB just might be worse – if CW played we mighta lost by 3-4 TDs. Know we need to support CW, but Hass could use a little fan luv now too. Whoever plays at CHI is bound to lose. Seems like Hass was made for a Holmgren’s offense – a stout OL that gave all day to throw plus gave an effective run blocks. The one thing that Holmgren’s WRs did was run the routes how, when and where Hass knew they would. Hass threw the ball where the WR was supposed to be and could hit DJax or Bobby in stride on goes or slants from flanker or outta the slot (not so many flairs or curls with WR waiting a 2-count for the ball) because they were where they were supposed to be. Then when opposing D were 8+ in coverage SA would start breaking long ones. After that Mili or J.Stevens was all alone going to the end zone – MH would play-action and hit him in stride long. This team ain’t that one. The OL’s run-blocking doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere. Football Outsiders ranked them 30th in adjusted line yards (run-blocking) after week 3 and after today’s game they’ll likely be 31st. SEA’s OL was ranked 16th after last week in pass-blocking, but that’ll drop. Hawks OL isn’t built for either the man-scheme nor the zone-scheme, but it’s a mish-mosh of in-between players that don’t get either done well. No fancy genius DC needed to defend SEA. With a zone-scheme guard and a man-scheme guard, the opp D knows where the cutback lane is gonna be and stuffs it. They also know who to bull-rush to collapse the pocket. SEA has no runs to the left end. Hass needs a better OL to perform well. The pocket collapses and MH gets sacked. The pocket collapses and the pass gets batted. At best, when the pocket collapses MH throws the ball away. Brand new (vet) receiver makes the best plays? Hass is being forced to play – not his game, but CW’s. If that’s what SEA’s O is all about, they oughta play CW in two weeks.
    6. As always … with today’s game, have your expectations surrounding this team and this division changed?
    A: Oh well, boo-hoo, what’s new. Another away loss. 3 points worse than SEA @ DEN game. AZ is losing @ SD big-time, and SF lost a squeeker. SF looks good in their losses, (except for their game 1).
    Right now, Hawks FO could let fans watch the team practice and it would sound exactly the same as an away game in CHI, with Hawks fans yelling at their own team. Geez – you’d think we’re all from PHI. How’d we get like that?
    God bless the FO, PC and the Seahawks players, and make them all healthy for their game in a fortnight.

  73. jaybrank says:

    I thought a win was possible today, but I’m not surprised at this loss. Let’s face it, until the O-line gets solid the offense is going to struggle no matter who’s playing QB. I’m surprised the ‘Hawks are 2-2. 1-3 or 0-4 was not unreasonable considering all the coaching and player changes. As long as there’s visable improvement and competitive games, that’s all I expect for this year. There’s not enough talent or continuity on this team for them to win consistantly yet.

  74. HawkSoop says:


    The reactions here are not about one game… Matt has been awful since the beginning of the 2008 season. He’s posted more games with a QB rating under 70 than over it. Are there outside factors contributing? Yes, but at the end of the day Matt is simply not going to win any games for us. With Matt at the helm the best we can legitimately hope for is for him to not lose us any games. And frankly, he’s been a huge contributor in two losses already. In the SD win he barely managed to stay out of the way and in the SF win he played really well for about 10 minutes of the game…

    Don’t pretend that those seeking something new because of Matt’s decline are basing it on one game… because that is the only ridiculous thing I have read on this thread.

  75. 1. Earl Thomas’ interception in the end zone.

    2. Nobody, as long as Hasselbeck is the QB.

    3. Yes.

    4. I started questioning his calls last week, right before halftime.

    5. Whitehurst. Matt is not the future. Matt’s decisions and accuracy have not been good this year and he cannot make all the throws needed for this offense to really work. We are not a playoff team, even in the weak NFC West. Let Whitehurst get some real experience this year so we can really see what we have. If he is good, he’ll get some good experience for next year. If he is bad, we will know we need to draft a QB.

  76. fuzzybear says:

    Matt is done. Carrol needs to realize this is not college football. Points win games.

  77. variable575 says:


    What’s ridiculous is you claiming there’s upside to CW.

    What’s even more ridiculous is you stating that’s not a blind claim.

    You’re right, a claim on how CW would perform is not blind at all. Plenty of tape out there showing a good range of SUCK and barely mediocre. You pitch it as though there’s a decent chance of CW coming in a doing better and maybe being the future……….that’s ridiculous.

    people in seattle are sick of losing so they want something done. Build a team that can make CW look average and you’ll have a team that can take Matt to the SB. That’s the disparity between the two.

    Case closed. Good-nite.

  78. ljarllrajl says:

    Oh, I forgot to add my expectations.

    Nope, they’ve still not changed…

    7-9 NFC WEST Champions, baby!

  79. irrationalexuberance says:

    This notion of CW is going to be bad is an unproven opinion and not a fact. If your QB play doesnt effect your team that why did Philly collapse after VIck left? Philly didnt even look compettive. Who are the Colts with Manning. This is a QB driven league!!!!

    Plus the same argument could have been made for oh I dont know, Drew Bledsoe starting over a guy named Tom Brady. Or a Tony Romo, or the countless other QB’s that were bench players that when given the opportunity proved themselves, so dont try to prove a negative by saying Hasslebeck continuous horrible play ( responsible for 5 of 6 or 6 of 7 seahawks turnovers this season) is our best option. Hasslebeck is done and I think that point is firmly established. Can anyone list one game where the Seahawks have won after trailing by more than 10 pts in the last 3 years?

    You need to rely on your QB for the offense and a veteran role of not losing the game for you wont win much games.

  80. irrationalexuberance says:

    Barring Hassleback turnovers and that one in week 2, seahawks have been doing a good job in protecting the ball, their defense looks explosive, special teams is looking good. So 2 of the 3 elements are clicking. What astonishes me the most is we havent dominated one game in time of possession. If we could get a 90-100 QB rating from the offense this team could win 9-10 games this year.

    I cant fault Pete Carroll, he plays to win and now the players need to step up and show why he has trust in them. I look forward to when Seattle has a good QB again, then they will shock the league as they did in 2005. A nice young team that no one saw coming.

  81. I’m a Hass fan, but I wouldn’t mind seeing CW against Chicago. I think it’s going to be a loss anyway, so why not see what he can do?

  82. ruminator1 says:

    i watched a lot of games today and several games by good teams were affected by poor clock management. so hawks not alone there but still not excusable.

    i do not mind the gambles, especially when we are losing. in fact i kind of like it. we didn’t lose because of that, though add these decisions into all the other negative ingredients and they get magnified.

    with regard to hass, one thing does seem really clear–we are not a long ball threat with him in there. we seem to have the necessary speed with a couple of our receivers, but hass cannot seem to deliver. whether this is because he doesn’t have enough time (surely true much fo the time), because he lacks the arm strength now for such throws (i don’t really know the answer to this, but even on short throws, there doesn’t seem to be much zip), or because of poor decision-making (we have seen a lot of that–indecisive, late throws, off-target throws, risky throws that are intercepted), the fact is we are a short pass team. so we pick up a new (old) short range receiver. clearly he is good. but is he so good that we need someone to duplicate what butler, et al are supposed to be able to do?

    in a recent post i wondered what folks would say if we lost this game. predictably, the dump-hass-put-in-CW chorus is howling. the love affair with PC seems at least tarnished, his coaching ability and even his rah rah questioned. someone even gave getting rid of branch and jj as the solution.

    my opinion remains the same–we are not a good football team. we are capable of winning games, even games against better opponents, especially at home. we are in many ways yet another example of the fact that parity is closer than ever in the nfl. i love the spirit of the team, the energy, the effort. would last year’s team have lost to st louis today? i think so. i also think this was a very winnable game. but we were flat from the start, they made some big plays. we do not have a running game. PC says the product today was unacceptable. well it will be interesting as hell to see what he means by that. will it mean replacing hass with CW? maybe. i would love for them to give appreciable time to CW, maybe just by working a scheduled series of well-rehearsed plays. would it mean using leon more? they said they were going to do that today but didn’t. but maybe it could mean really pushing for a trade for lynch or jacoby. regardless, we can be sure heads will roll to the tumbrills once again.

    i was thinking the other day when the discussion of okung playing was put out there–play him only a little bit if you must play him, but better if you save him till after the bye. imo that was really a bad decision, one based on hope and not on reality.

  83. HawkSoop says:

    “variable575 says:
    OCTOBER 3, 2010 AT 4:26 PM

    What’s ridiculous is you claiming there’s upside to CW.” —
    Really? Clipboard does not have a big arm and has not lashed the ability to make a big play? Did I claim he was going to come in and make us unstoppable? No… I said that his play suits Bates offense more than Matt’s does and that I am tired of watching Matt failing…

    So given 4 games this season and watching matt play poorly for 290 minutes of those games… yeah I think it is possible that Clipboard has the potential to eclipse Matt of 2010 on the field….

    “What’s even more ridiculous is you stating that’s not a blind claim.”–
    haha well done sir… you not only failed to read what I wrote, you failed to comprehend… what I said was that Matt does not have the arm strength to threaten teams downfield and that claim is not blind. Whitehurst at least does have that ability.

    “You’re right, a claim on how CW would perform is not blind at all. Plenty of tape out there showing a good range of SUCK and barely mediocre. You pitch it as though there’s a decent chance of CW coming in a doing better and maybe being the future……….that’s ridiculous.” —
    A claim on how CW would perform based solely on the pre-season is in fact nearly blind, but that is not the claim I was making. My contention is that Matt has been terrible and that it’s time for the ‘Hawks to consider moving in a different direction.

    “people in seattle are sick of losing so they want something done. Build a team that can make CW look average and you’ll have a team that can take Matt to the SB. That’s the disparity between the two.”–
    I think this is just plain over simplification. Matt does not and has never had the same tools as Whitehurst. So your contention here is fallacy. Matt is a lot more likely to lead a short passing / power running offense into the super bowl that Whitehurst at this point, but that is not the team that the ‘Hawksa re trotting out on Sundays. Whitehurst may, and yes i am emphasizing the may, have the skills necessary to lead a big play offense on a run that Matt is simply not capable of at this point in his career.

    “Case closed. Good-nite.”–
    Next time you try to make an argument at least make an attempt to provide some backing for it.

    Sleep well ‘Hawks fans… we are still tied for the division lead.

  84. For all of the Hasselbeck apologists out there that blame poor offensive line play for Matt’s inconsistencies please explain how Bradford (who was sacked and hurried just as many times as Matt) still managed to score20 points.

  85. For everyone on Hass’s nuts still, draw on third n’ long, please. Why isn’t Washington getting screens in the backfeild, where’s Golden Tate. Stokely did alright, but shit, play Tate. Like everyone’s sayin’ , play CW, why not. Hass isn’t cuttin’ no more. Should of rested Okung, fake feildgoal was a joke, 3 -7, really, not the time to pull that shit. 3 fuckin’ pts total, wow. My head hurts.

  86. jjsnix, Bradford has better offensive linemen. Much. And better receivers, Much. The Rams are in the middle of a rebuild that started a couple years ago. The Seahawks rebuild just started.

    That said, the Seahawks rebuild is progressing faster than anyone could have expected. Today, the offense sucked, but at both home games the D and ST was better than everyone expected.

    Hasselbeck does not deserve to start. But Whitehurst is not an upgrade. We don’t have the QB of the future right now. Hasselbeck is the placeholder for this season. In other words, you could replace him with Whitehurst but that wouldn’t win games.

    The D is already better than last year. The ST is already better than last year. Right now they need to get the O line playing well before the offense or QBs will have a chance at being any good. It sucks but this is what rebuilding is.

  87. Stevos – great post. Maybe put CW in and Hawks get a better chance of getting a higher pick? If Luck comes out (he’s a sophmore) he’ll be picked 1st, but maybe Locker is there for Hawks. Locker has been making plays without receivers and an OL for some years now – he could step right in.

  88. Stevos: I agree that our O-line play could definitely be improved. My point is that Sam Bradford faced the same pressure that Hass did today but managed to get it done.

    As far as CW being the answer we don’t know if he can get it done or not, but we know that Matt can’t do it any longer.

  89. IBGoofy says:

    klm….. good write up…. !!
    . .
    The Hass situation is something none of us could have predicted… reality is, we clearly should have lost last week also, setting us at 1-3 for the bye week……… Hass is playing horrible…. blame the O line, whatever…. Hass isn’t playing well…. He’s the weakest link in our offense right now…. I agree, CW should have the next start…. I really don’t see how he could do any worse…….

  90. You’re right Goofy. With Hass’s stellar play over the last two years and all of the upgrades to the talent around him his struggles this year were a complete surprise.

    I’m also shocked every morning when the sun comes up yet again.

  91. toymaker says:

    Earl Thomas…Money well spent…He’s the real deal, and the best draft pick for Seattle in years. How scary is the guy gonna be after he sees a year’s worth of offensive schemes and makes the adjustments he’s been making?

    Kick a FG on 4th and 1 at the 5 yd line…Huh? Go for it on 4th and 3 on the 35..FAIL…Fake FG on 4th down…FAIL..WTF? If we go for it on 4th and 1 on the 5 and get it, the whole dynamic of the game changes..This one is on the coaches and their crappy play calling…

    Okung shoulda sat this one out…

    Except for a few glaring instances, Matt had decent protection, but couldn’t get the ball over the hands of the Rams D-Line. Give the Ram’s D props for coming to play..The ‘Hawks got their ass handed to them, no two ways about it..

  92. yellaman says:

    What’s bad about this team is the O-Line is getting blown up by an inferior talented Rams D-Line. Our QB (Hass) can’t connect with a WRing core that is either not getting open or Hass can’t hit the guys passing. The Defense is playing ok to win some games (especially at qwest) but needs the offense to get some freakin points (please)if we are to win on the road. I said after last week’s that the hawks would only win this game if the offense got some points. ( 3 pts total today) Now there are many factors to this teams inept offense some of it is the players not executing for example the O-Line is freakin horrible. The coaches are making risky play calling decisions and the QB is playing like his time is up as a professional. The defense just got schooled by a rookie QB but needs the offense to be able to score at least 20 points a game. If you look at the season the offense hasn’t really won us a game yet this season. The opener against SF our defense got 4 turnovers. In Denver we got we gave up the turnovers only scored 14 points. against SD we our Defense/ special teams wone that game. Now the Rams defense practically shoved us arounf for 4 qtrs. If we are going to win more than 6-7 games our offense needs to improve. Now some people say its hasselbeck’s fault others want to blame the O-Line, others say play calling is to blame. Well I say all of the above. I don’t care who it takes to fix it if we need to replace every member of the O-Line, or change QB’s, or change play callers whatever. I just say get it done and plan for this year as a year to grow and find the players for our future. I’m willing to take astep back if it will move us 2 steps forward. Why is stokely our slot guy and not Branch why is M. Williams & Carlson getting more looks. Why is JJ even on this team Who is are best 5 offensive lineman and at what positions. Why do we keep putting Kelly Jennings on the field when he can’t stop any WR in the league. This is team is a work in progress and I’m going to keep fighting from wanting to turn the “TV off”on road game sundays

  93. nidhighe says:

    Am I disappointed by today’s loss? Yes. However, I’m not throwing in the towel on the Pete Carroll era. I think we all knew, or should have, that getting the team back on track was going to take a couple of seasons.


  94. subtlesquire says:

    I just last week said I thought Hasselbeck deserved the opportunity to develop with the new system. I’m backing away from that a bit. He did not develop today. He regressed, severely. What had been a troubling tendency in past games was a play by play observable fact in today’s game. He has lost any pocket poise he once possessed. He panics if he holds the ball for longer than 2 beats. When panic mode kicks in really bad things happen. His lack of arm strength was blatantly obvious today, esp. with Bradford’s cannon (not to mention poise) in juxtaposition.

  95. Eric & Ryan, an injury summary would be much appreciated asap.

    I slept through this game (thank god!). The following answers are based on reading.

    1. No answer

    2. No, but i continue to feel that the 10 am starts are unfair to West Coast teams & need to go away. Nonetheless losing to St l is pretty sad.


    4. Yes, but that’s not new for me

    5. Depends. If they still think they are contenders, &/or if they intend to extend MH play him. If the answer to both of the above is no, go to Whitehurst & see if he’s the future or not.

  96. surelyyoujest says:

    My expectations for this season remain the same. It seems unreasonable to expect anything more than mediocrity from this Team this year given the turnover in coaching staff and players. I didn’t expect them to start playing solid (unspectacular) football until week 8 or 9. I’d be content if we didn’t see glimpses of what’s to come next year, until December. Our 2-2 record is actually above what I thought it would be at this point, so I’m having a hard time getting worked up about the stinker yesterday.

    Although Okung missed a couple of assignments, we moved the ball better in the first quarter and early second quarter while he was in there. Not a lot of success after that. And receivers have to catch passes. I thnk Butler dropped 2 and Robinson dropped that key 4th down pass. Those are drive killers.

    The bye week comes at a perfect time. Hopefully we can put together an o-line next week that will stay healthy and together for the rest of the year.

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