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Carroll on Okung: ‘Russell’s ready to play’

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 1, 2010 at 1:56 pm with 49 Comments »
October 4, 2010 10:21 am

Seattle Seahawks rookie offensive tackle Russell Okung was a full participant this week in practice and appears to be ready for his first regular-season action on Sunday at St. Louis.

Okung will make the trip and likely play on Sunday, but how much will depend on how his ankle holds up after a week of practice, according to Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll.

“Russell’s ready to play,” Carroll said. “He did a very good job this week. We’ll see how this day affects him, and we’ll get all the way to game time to make a decision on that.

“But he did a great job this week. I was really thrilled he was able to get all of the work in that he did. He even took some service team work, and took all of the full-speed pass rush stuff against our best guys. And so he is ready to play.”

The Seahawks also made another roster move today, bringing back defensive tackle Craig Terrill because of the uncertainty of Brandon Mebane’s availability on Sunday. Mebane (calf) was a limited participant in practice today and will be a game-time decision.

Terrill said he stayed in shape during his time away from the team after Seattle cut him Sept. 7, and after only a day of practice he will be ready to go on Sunday.

Terrill said the Seahawks contacted him this morning.

“It’s a nice way to start the day,” Terrill said. “There’s been some conversations, so it’s just week to week, so you never know. But I’m glad to be here and ready to play some ball. I knew I was playing good enough football so I’d be somewhere eventually. It’s a long season and I’m glad I’m back here.”

Added Carroll: “It’s great to get Craig back out. He’s a guy that knows our system, knows our ways. He can contribute in special teams immediately for us. He’s a great guy in this locker room and everybody loves him.”

To make room for Carroll, the Seahawks placed linebacker Leroy Hill on the season-ending injured reserve list with a calf/Achilles issue. Carroll confirmed that Hill had surgery on his Achilles this week. Hill was only active for one game against Denver, where he suffered the injury after sitting out the first week because of a game suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

For the second time in three years Hill’s season has been cut short due to an injury. He missed the last four games of the 2008 season because of a neck stinger. Hill also missed five games last season with a groin strain.

On the injury front, linebacker Aaron Curry (hamstring) was a full participant and should be ready to go on Sunday. Defensive tackle Brandon Mebane (calf) was a limited participant and will likely be a game-time decision.

Cornerback Marcus Trufant (ankle) did not practice and will be game-time decision. And Sean Locklear (knee) did not practice but will be ready to play, according to Carroll.

Defensive end Chris Clemons (ankle) was a full participant in practice after sitting out on Thursday. Receiver Mike Williams (shoulder) also was a full participant in practice.

“There’s a couple situations there that we’re going to have to wait all the way until Sunday to figure out what’s going on,” Carroll said.

Carroll also said that WR Brandon Stokley will play on Sunday.

Here’s the full injury report.


Doubtful: DE E.J. Wilson (knee).

Questionable: DT Brandon Mebane (calf), CB Marcus Trufant (ankle) and OT Sean Locklear (knee).

Probable: OT Russell Okung (ankle), WR Mike Williams (shoulder), OG Ben Hamilton (knee), DE Chris Clemons (ankle) and LB Aaron Curry (hamstring)

St. Louis

Out: TE Billy Bajema (knee), LB Chris Chamberlian (toe), TE Mike Hoomanawanui (ankle), DE Clifton Ryan (migraines) and DT Darell Scott (ankle).

Doubtful: WR Laurent Robinson (Foot), S Darian Stewart (Hamstring).

Questionable: S O.J. Atogwe (thigh) and RB Steven Jackson (groin).

Probable: S Craig Dahl (head) and RB Keith Toslon (shoulder.

Notes from practice
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  1. I know I’m not the only one hoping Kentwan Balmer gets the call to start in place of Mebane, if Brandon is out. Balmer has earned it. Hopefully Terrill is his backup.

  2. Audible says:

    “took all of the full-speed pass rush stuff against our best guys”

    No Mebane, no Clemons, no Curry…not exactly our best lineup.

  3. pabuwal says:

    It’s going to be important to have Curry and Mebane in order to generate pressure with just 5.

  4. Guitar Man, Terril is back. My feet began to clog reading that.

    Leroy Hill out for the season. His off field actions don’t reflect what a fine LB he is. Good that we have depth at the position.

    Finally, #6 will see some action and up against a former #2. Believe Okung will handle his business with Long JR. Maybe Forsett/Washington will bust one off LT making the rush statistic respectable.

  5. CreamRanger says:

    “linebacker Aaron Curry (hamstring) was a full participant”
    “Defensive end Chris Clemons (ankle) was a full participant in practice”
    Sooo it was our best guys minus Mebane who Okung wouldn’t even be worrying about at LT.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    Audible – Clemmons and Curry were full participants today. Mebane was the only one of that group that was limited.

    I wouldn’t be too disappointed if Mebane sits. Not to underestimate the Rams, but I think they can get by with Balmer at 3 tech. Mebane has a history with that calf and I’d like to see him get an additional week of rest with the bye to follow. They’ll need him at full health moving forward.

    Good news about Curry and Clemmons. If Okung starts, does Polumbus move to RT or does he move there is only Lock is a no go? I imagine only if Lock can’t go.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    “Guitar Man, Terril is back. My feet began to clog reading that.” Clog? Is that good or bad? If clogging is the equivalent of saying “(sigh) oh god…” which is what I said upon reading Terrill is back, then mine did to.

  8. Maybe Terrill should just be brought back as permanent mascot. Put him in a furry seahawk suit and strap a guitar on him so he can rock out on the sidelines.

    With backups like Siavii playing well against the run, and Balmer and Brock occasionally jumping into the 3-tech position on passing downs, its hard to imagine Terrill will get any time on the field this week. Hoping.

  9. OCHawkFan says:

    “the Seahawks placed linebacker Leroy Hill on the season-ending injured reserve list with a calf/Achilles issue”

    This effectively ends Hills career as a Hawk? They re-negotiated his contract to a one year deal.

  10. sherminator says:

    Who says there is a 53 man roster limit? As long as the youngin’s clear waivers and the vets don’t sign elsewhere, we have an almost unlimited roster. If you’ve been in camp once, and kept in shape, you’re only a phone call away from playing.

  11. Getting Okung to play now is in my mind perfect, considering the circumstances. He gets his first NFL start and then a bye week before he has to go up against a guy like Julius Peppers, that means a little bit of experience, getting a feel for the speed on sundays and all, and a week extra to prepare for Peppers, good news.

  12. seatowntp says:

    OCH. . . Ouch! Hill may be back next year. Who else is going to want him? Injury issues. Off field issues. Aging issues. The question will be do the Hawks want him?

  13. Oh, and I assume Hill being out means a lot of extra time for our David “Heater” Hawthorne? That is even better news!

  14. I hear ya duke. Fleas on me dog… he begins to clog

    I consider Terrill a quality backup. No threat of beating Mebane out of his starting position but the drop off wasn’t as drastic as you’ve made it out to be IMO.
    The guys over at Pro Football Focus had Terrill ranked mid of the pack last few years. Had no qualms with there assessment.

    Re: Hawhorne. He was excellent at the Mike or inside backer but he is now outside and…
    I was looking forward to the return of Hill outside remembering the force of 05 season ending in the SB appearance.

  15. bird_spit says:

    Terrill, wow, can you tell I’m excited. I guess you do what you have to do.

    I would love to know what is the status of Nick Reed. Has he had surgery, and is in re-hab? I hold out hope that he returns.

  16. Dukeshire says:

    And what? He’s played very well especially considering these are the first 3 games he’s ever played outside. 2 pass defensed, 1 forced fumble and 15 tackles and getting better each game.

    Hill was a nice player, when he was on the field. Remember, he never once played in all 16 games. And in ’05 he was the Sam, probably his best position, only to get moved to Will when Peterson was signed. He’ll be signed by someone (not Seattle I presume) and hopefully he’ll get his career back on track.

  17. Am I the only one here concerned about Tru either being out or at best at only limited effectiveness?

  18. superduk says:

    I am actually excited to see Thurmond play more. He was a steal in the draft for what his ability can bring to the position when healthy. I have no lofty expectations for the year, I want to see the kids play. A good record or even the playoffs is just gravy.

  19. When you have never won a Super Bowl, it’s easy for fans to have a loser mentality.

    The team tried hard for Mora last year (and was competitive) until the season was lost (and then he lost the team even more; especially after the Mare incident when the season was still salvageable). Eric has even observed this. That was with a lot more injury problems than we’ve had this year.

    Note – I am NOT a Mora supporter of coming back this year.

    “Gee, I hope we win a couple games. That’d be great. We’re not a finished product… bla, bla, bla…”

    There have never been too many Super Bowl winners who have been “finished” products (according to the media/fans/morons before their seasons started) before their winning seasons. Sure, some of the dynasties like the Cowboys in the mid-90s, but even the 49ers didn’t win all of their Super Bowls with a guy like Jerry Rice (or even QBs).

    Last year, the Saints shouldn’t have beaten the Colts with their sub-par LB play and the year before the Steeler OL sucked. Before that, the Giants barely had a winning record (I’m sure they were really a “finished” product… derrr), and the year before that the Colts had a horrible run defense (finished product my butt) and the Steelers didn’t even win their division before that, etc.

    If Matt leaves after next season, as many hope for or expect… then we have a built in excuse for ’11 (new QB) and there will always be a position that won’t be up to par… but if you have a loser mentality, it’s just more of (accepting) the same.

    I’m sick of having a loser mentality. Maybe part of the reason is because I have seen 3 National Championships from my college team and you can get spoiled too. But at least you can get to the point of wanting, demanding championship football. It certainly doesn’t always happen, but at least you don’t fall to the disease of accepting being a loser either.

  20. I was a supporter around week 6 last year (mora) but not after that last horrible month last season!

  21. “And what? He’s played very well especially considering these are the first 3 games he’s ever played outside. 2 pass defensed, 1 forced fumble and 15 tackles and getting better each game. “ duke

    That’s what I figured. Seahawks gave up 518 total yards and Hawthorne had a “BIG” day. 9 tackles 6 solo, include a forced fumble and QB hit. And they don’t normally line up in a typical 4-3. Usually there are only 2 backers, similar to that of my high school team. Elephant was called a monster and with the spread hash marks we went wide and short side of the field. I realize there is a Will but hardly consider the difference between he a Tatupu in regards to their position. If anyone has Tatupu’s response on the 4-3 under please share.

    1) 1 yard run
    2) FF run
    3) 13 yards pass
    4) 3 yards run
    5) 2 yards run
    6) 8 yards pass
    7) 7 yards run
    8) 25 yards pass
    The ESPN play by play broken down below only shows 3 solo and 5 assist.

    1) 1st 14:10
    1st and 10 at SD 35 M.Tolbert right tackle to SD 36 for 1 yard (A.Curry, D.Hawthorne).

    1st 13:28
    Hawthorne missed tackle… Tatupu FF
    2nd and 9 at SD 36 (Shotgun) P.Rivers pass short left to L.Naanee to SD 45 for 9 yards (L.Milloy). FUMBLES (L.Milloy), RECOVERED by SEA-R.Bryant at SD 46. R.Bryant to SD 46 for no gain (M.Tolbert).

    2) 2nd 5:22
    Great hit
    1st and 10 at SEA 12 (Shotgun) M.Tolbert up the middle to SEA 7 for 5 yards (D.Hawthorne). FUMBLES (D.Hawthorne), RECOVERED by SEA-R.Bryant at SEA 7. R.Bryant to SEA 7 for no gain (K.Dielman).

    3rd 14:08
    Delayed blitz QB hit
    2nd and 10 at SD 20 P.Rivers pass deep left to A.Gates to SD 48 for 28 yards (W.Herring, L.Milloy) [D.Hawthorne].

    3) 3rd 6:02
    Gates one hand catch
    1st and 10 at SEA 42 P.Rivers pass short left to A.Gates to SEA 29 for 13 yards (D.Hawthorne).

    4) 4th 13:15
    2nd and 2 at SD 25 M.Tolbert left tackle to SD 28 for 3 yards (C.Cole, D.Hawthorne).

    5) 4th
    1st and 10 at SEA 37 M.Tolbert left tackle to SEA 35 for 2 yards (D.Hawthorne, C.Cole).

    6) 4th 8:48
    1st and 10 at SEA 21 P.Rivers pass short middle to M.Tolbert to SEA 13 for 8 yards (D.Hawthorne, L.Tatupu).

    7) 4th
    2nd and 2 at SEA 13 M.Tolbert up the middle to SEA 6 for 7 yards (D.Hawthorne).

    8) 4th
    2nd and 7 at SD 24 (Shotgun) P.Rivers pass short left to A.Gates to SD 49 for 25 yards (W.Thurmond, D.Hawthorne).

  22. raymaines says:

    “Carroll confirmed that Hill had surgery on his Achilles this week.”

    So much for my theory that he would be traded when he got healthy. Dang, I was really looking forward to gaining another 5th round pick.

  23. superduk says:

    I am a Tide fan. Absolutely no “loser mentality” here. However, one can be realistic.

  24. mocarob says:

    Loser menatality is always putting down the players.. Even when the coaches choose to play them or to praise them.

    How about, Yeah! Terrill’s back! He can help fill in..

    But that’s what blogs are for right? Talk crap about players when the coach says “He can contribute in special teams immediately for us. He’s a great guy in this locker room and everybody loves him.” (except for a few here of course)

    He’s not gonna take Brandon’s place, Just fill in if needed.

  25. I agree that there’s a fine line between being realistic and expecting wins. I doubt too many Ram fans came into the season expecting a Super Bowl, nor should they have. The talent base on their team isn’t what it needs to be and it’s never easy with a rookie QB even if he is the real deal with Bradford seems to be so far.

    I just think that our team is good. With Red playing as well as he has, with Clemons doing well, Mebane, and Cole… I really like our starting DL. I think we’ve got great LBs and by adding Earl Thomas I think we have a solid secondary with Tru back and playing well. I like it. There are things that could be better, but every team in the NFL has areas where they’d like to be better too.

    Offensively, the line is a work in progress but it’ll be nice to get Okung on the field. I think we have the nucleus of a fine situation at WR. Butler and Tate simply need more experience and Mike Williams too. Branch has been doing well this year (although I expect hang nail to keep him out of action pretty soon). I like our TE situation.

    We have the need for a pass rusher, a good RB, and another guard. So if we use our top 3 picks next year on DE, RB, and G then we’re going to have to wait about a year for the DE/G to contribute (RBs can/do make more of an immediate impact). By the time they get up to snuff in ’12, then we’ll have potentially lost some of our current guys to FA, injury, or whatever and created more holes.

    All rosters in the NFL change quite a bit every few years. It’s not just always with regime changes (although they are usually more extreme). With Milloy being 93 years old, he’s got to be on his final rope, but I doubt anyone expects the Chancellor of Kam to come in in year 2 and be better than Milloy and his experience was this year so then that’s taking a potential step back in ’11 at a position (this happens with virtually every team, every year, too).

    If the OL keeps doing a good job (in comparison to previous years) and we can improve in the run game there’s real reason for optimism. Getting our QB more reps with the receivers is huge too and could really take the offense to another level and we can all agree that must be done.

    Sure, a couple of injuries could really derail our season like when Curry went out last week and Herring simply couldn’t pressure the QB the way Curry had. However, you can make that claim about a lot of teams if they suffer a few key injuries. Heck, the Steeler team that won the Super Bowl two years ago started in the Super Bowl 20 of the 22 players that started for them on opening day.

    All I know is that there isn’t any reason this team shouldn’t win the division and win it’s home game in the play-offs. I don’t care who is the opponent in Qwest. Then we’ll probably have to go on the road and win a game (it can be done, although as pabuwal will freely tell you — the odds are against it) and then a crazy thing can happen like what happened to the Cardinals two years ago (when the #1 seed lost at home) and they got to host the NFC Championship game. Stranger things have happened and that’s why if you have a good team that you’ve got to continually “compete.”

    I think we can/will be better in ’11 but we’re also at the point where I’m not ready to cash in this year or hope we don’t suck because anything can happen in a given Sunday or year. Hell, we could be 11-5 next year and some team could beat us in the play-offs in a game we “should” win. Or we could suffer a rash of injuries (we know about this) next year which will derail the season.

    Once you get to the play-offs, anything can happen. Teams have won championships in individual years and players have said they were actually better a year before or after (something like that) and yet the cards fell right for them the year they actually won it all. The cards are falling this year and we’ll be at 3-1 after Sunday. That’s a good start. If you could tell me that we’ll be 3-1 to start 2011, I think most of would take it.

  26. Saying we need a RB next year isn’t a knock on J-Force. We need a guy to come in and join him and Washington.

  27. ljarllrajl says:

    Eric, has anyone told you that you look like Gary Brackett…..of course they have.

  28. CDHawkFan says:

    Eric, is there any advantage to the team IR Hill and not just releasing him and giving him say 3/4 of his remaining salary as an injury settlement?

    If he is not coming back next year (if they don’t want him), then I say get rid of him all together. Sends a message and maybe saves some dough.

  29. Dukeshire says:

    excile – Well, there are a couple of things I want to touch on:

    First; the “elephant” (Leo position in Seattle) is not the same as a monster. Not knowing exactly was scheme you ran in high school, I presume it was like my high school team team, where the monster was our SS who was basically brought up in run support. And typically that’s what the monster is in most H.S. schemes. The elephant (Leo) is the RDE (weak side) in Carroll’s system. Simply put; Clemmons, not Milloy.

    Second; you say that they don’t align in a “…typical 4-3. Usually there are only 2 backers…”. This is also incorrect. Seattle’s defense has been on the field for 218 snaps through 3 games. 146 (67%) of all snaps have been in their base D (4-3) or other 3 LB sets (goal-line, etc…) as opposed to 72 (33%) sets that feature less than 3 LBs (nickel, dime, etc…). More specifically, they have run 133 plays from their base 4-3 (61%). Overwhelmingly, they have featured a “typical” 4-3.

    Lastly; you note, “I realize there is a Will but hardly consider the difference between he a Tatupu in regards to their position.” With due respect, I would debate that as well. The Mike backer (Lofa) is called on to blitz, drop into coverage and support the run. The Will (Heater) plays almost exclusively behind the line. That’s a rather significant difference. The Will in this scheme will typically be more of a “playmaker”, sideline to sideline, than either the Mike or Sam. We saw it a bunch last week where Curry rushed from the outside and Lofa blitzed up the middle, leaving Heater to cover the weak-side half of the field, under the coverage. His responsibilities are different than that of Lofa.

    I don’t mean to knit-pick your post but those are important differences, IMO. I am curious too, what was the intention of the play-by-play you posted? Was that en example of how active Heater was, or used to illustrate his inability because the result was a score?

  30. Professor Dukeshire laying it down and clearing things up, haha. excile is always posting some interesting comments here of course, but I wasn’t even sure what to make of that post… maybe he was just having a good friday night like I had with his favorite glass in front of him… oh my head is foggy this morning…

  31. Either Eric is on the plane headed to STL this morning… or maybe he had a rough night last night too…

  32. Stevos? Eh… professor? Cleared things… whatttt

    First: Clemons is spelled with one M. Not to knit pick.

    Second; 5-2 (Monster) and you can manipulate the SS (Miloy) if you wish. However, lets take a look at a 4-4. Broken down you have 3DB, 4LB, 4DL. In other words I consider the Monster a LB but that’s neither here nor there and to each their own.

    Third; people get paid for this – breaking film down. Must say, I’ve spent entirely to much time catching up on “Heater”. Wow, was I not impressed. That could be because the team tanked the second half where Hawthorne tallied 7 of his 9 tackles.

    Lastly, back to the top. Leo (Clemons) is a DE We both agree. Curry is a stand up LB positioned outside the TE or strong side. Often, Curry will be at the LOS and pass rush which he did quite effectively in the first half before injury. Now, I could be mistaken but because he does that he is referred to as the Elephant.
    “With due respect, I would debate that as well. The Mike backer (Lofa) is called on to blitz, drop into coverage and support the run. The Will (Heater) plays almost exclusively behind the line. “ duke

    Dude, Heater blitz as often in this game if not more. He was beaten in coverage like a hung up dusty rug with a broom handle. Run support was a tail of two halves. They were down 17 and Curry was out.

  33. Dukeshire says:

    excile – As I said, I don’t know what kind of defense you ran in high school, but there is clearly some confusion on your part regarding the Elephant / Leo position. They are the same position. At USC Carroll referred to it as Elephant. Here, he is calling the position Leo. This is the RDE or weak side d-lineman. This is Chris Clemons not Aaron Curry.

    With due respect, I don’t believed you watched closely enough. Heater did not blitz “…often in this game…”. That is simply incorrect. I’ll go back and re-watch the game this afternoon and get an exact number for you. (I’d be surprised if it was more than twice.) And to quote Carroll from his presser on Monday regarding Hawthorne; “He is primarily a behind the line of scrimmage guy.” and “He’s a natural Will and he’s off to a really good start this year”.

    You can question the personnel breakdowns all you want, but those numbers are not pulled out of thin air. They are an accurate reflection of the personnel groupings Seattle has run so far this season. If you want to consider the monster a LB that’s fine but that does not change the groupings on the field.

    And finally, thank you for correcting the misspelling of Clemons name. And if I may, back at you; Lawyer Milloy is with two Ls, not one.

  34. If everybody in the NFCW loses except Rams, it’ll be a 3-way contest for 1st in the division. If Hawks pull this one out, they’ll likely lead alone @ 3-1, with AZ falling @ SD to 2-2, STL @ 3-1, & SF falling to NO @ 0-4. This is way, way better than I’d ever have dared dream for this point in the season. Seahawks could just about make it to post season from here with a win tomorrow!

    Eric – a spell checker (with Hawks names already in it) would be a nice feature here.

  35. Oops – if Hawks beat STL, they’d be 1-3 (not 3-1)!

  36. STL would be 1-3 that is…

  37. Eric, maybe a text edit feature too?

  38. No confusion on this end. When Curry lines up on the LOS he is the Elephant of a 3-4 or in this case – under 4-3.

    Right DE? Clemons? He lines up on either side. And by all means, call him LEO… if you’d like.

    Even an atheist can preach a sermon with the context misconstrued.

    Just to be clear…. LEO… that would be, in Carrolls under 4-3, Clemons. Curry stood up LOS on the opposite side would be the ….<<<>>>

  39. Stevos: You’re right, I’m in the air headed to St. Louis right now.

    ljarllrajl: Have not heard the Gary Brackett comparison. Have heard Todd Bridges from Different Strokes and ex-Seahawk Sam Adams, for what it’s worth.

    CDHawkFan: Team could be concerned about a possible grievance with Hill, who still might receive more suspension time from the league because of the domestic case in Issaquah that was settled out of court.

    KLM008: Sorry, I have no control over the edit functions offered.

  40. Dukeshire says:

    excile – Clemons lines up on the weak side (motion not withstanding). That is almost always RDE. But in some cases the entire line, not just Clemons, flips. Shading to the weak side is the entire reason the scheme is referred to as “under”.

    Curry is not the “elephant”. There is no elephant in this scheme. The elephant, as it was known at USC, is the Leo here. That is always (as in every single time) the DE lined up on the weak side. AKA Clemons. Not Curry. Curry is a LB (not the elephant) whether he lines up above the TE or on the line opposite Clemons.

    I’m not trying to insult you here, but you are 100% incorrect and still a bit confused by the scheme and the position designations. I’ve posted a link that really is a good overview, from a speech Carroll gave at a Nike Coaches Clinic, on the basics of the 4-3 under. Seattle isn’t doing exactly what he talks about here (biggest difference is they run some 2 gap here vs the 1 gap he talks about in the lecture) but it is close enough and should help clarify things.

  41. Dukeshire says:

    Todd Bridges? Lol I can totally see that. Gary Brackett is pretty good too.

  42. MadSweeney42 says:

    Seriously excile? You want to “knit pick” (it’s nitpick btw) someone else (on a name no less, not even a standard vocab word) in a post that’s filled top to bottom with grammar, vocabulary and spelling mistakes including your own misspelled name? Seriously?

  43. Dukeshire says:

    In his defense (he’ll need it), I was the one who first said I didn’t want to “knit-pick” something he said. Lol. I misspelled it originally.

  44. I think there’s just some confusion about terminology, not surprising with all the new changes by Carroll and Co.

    Some people use ‘elephant’ as a name for a Rush Outside Linebacker who moves to the LOS. I think some referred to Ken Norton that way back in his SF days, if I recall correctly. But I’ve not heard Carroll use ‘elephant’ to describe the LB position. His dedicated pass rusher is the Weak Side DE called ‘Leo’.

    But it shouldn’t be outrageous to hear someone call a Rush LB an elephant since that’s terminology that’s used in some places. In this case, Carroll and Bradley don’t call it that.

  45. hawks31 says:

    Andrew Luck 2011

  46. Dukeshire says:

    Good points but in this specific case, the elephant was a designation at USC for a DE (often standing) that rushed primarily and drops into zone coverage periodically (like Clay Matthews did) from the weak side. Here, Carroll is calling the position Leo.

    (On a side note, Matthews bounced between DE and LB during his time at USC. But in ’08 he was used as their Elephant.)

  47. pabuwal says:

    If this team is really going to win the division, tomorrow is an absolute must win game.

    And to that I say, Whatcha talking about Willis??

  48. Holy smokes! The cheap seats joined in on the spelling of excile lol. cross that T and dot the eye dim witt.

    duke, let get something straight. Curry is not a DE. He is in fact a LB. Myself, I don’t give a rats patutute what Carroll considers him. Capesshhh. Now we may continue with your debate

  49. Dukeshire says:

    excile – “Let’s get something straight”…? You mean when I said, “Curry is a LB (not the elephant) whether he lines up above the TE or on the line opposite Clemons.” wasn’t clear enough for you?

    There is no debate. I am stating fact. You however, have been incorrect and confused. I have simply tried to help you understand the defense Seattle is running a bit more clearly. Through your stubbornness and unwillingness to admit (to yourself) you don’t know what the hell you are talking about, it appears to have been a gross waste of time.

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