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Morning links: Stokley the new Engram?

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 30, 2010 at 8:19 am with 23 Comments »
September 30, 2010 8:19 am
New Seattle Seahawks receiver Brandon Stokley (Joe Barrentine/TNT).

Our own Dave Boling of The News Tribune writes that veteran receiver Brandon Stokley could provide Matt Hasselbeck a reliable target on third-down situations, a role Bobby Engram effectively played for Seattle for a couple years.


Boiled down, he’s a reliable slot receiver with good hands and an understanding of what he needs to do. If that sounds like former Seahawks receiver Bobby Engram, then that’s certainly something the Seahawks can use.

Nobody is sure how he will fit into the receiver rotation, with veterans such as Deion Branch and Mike Williams matched up with young guys Deon Butler and Golden Tate, and Ben Obomanu also serving as a versatile special teams player.

But GM John Schneider looks for players who can fill certain niches; and if he finds them, Carroll creates the specific niches for them to fill.

“(Stokley is) a uniquely talented player,” Carroll said. “You’ve heard me say this a lot of times: We’re looking for guys who do special things. We covet that kind of player. And the background he’s had in the system makes him a valuable addition. We’ll learn as we go how he fits in, but we have some ideas already.”

Seahawks offensive line coach Art Valero said rookie Russell Okung looked rusty in his first practice in over a month, but did some good things on the field. Now, the next important step is how his ankle feels today.

Ryan Divish of The News Tribune writes that Seahawks players, including linebacker Lofa Tatupu, are gushing over St. Louis rookie quarterback Sam Bradford.

Here are some pictures from Wednesday’s practice.

Clare Farnsworth of writes that Seahawks head Pete Carroll said the one thing he is excited about is the improvement up front with the offensive line.

Greg Johns of provides a Q & A with Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley.

Mike Mayock of the NFL Network breaks down Leon Washington’s two kickoff returns for touchdowns in the Anatomy of a Play feature.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is mic’d up for Sunday’s game.

ESPN 710 Seattle’s Jim Moore is becoming a reluctant fan of Carroll.

ESPN 710 Seattle’s Brock Huard breaks down Earl Thomas’ game-ending interception.

John Boyle of the Everett Herald writes that linebacker David Hawthorne is thriving in his new role at outside linebacker.

Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders reports the Seahawks broke the record for best special teams DVOA rating in the history of that measurement with Leon Washington’s performance last week (hat tip to Doug Farrar).

St. Louis Rams

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch says the Rams hope to end Seattle’s 10-game winning streak.

Bill Coats of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that running back Steven Jackson did not practice on Wednesday because of a strained groin.

Steve Korte of the Belleville News-Democrat profiles Rams’ newest addition running back Chauncey Washington, who was feature in HBO’s “Hard Knocks” during his time with the New York Jets.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporters debate whether middle linebacker James Laurinaitis has become an elite player at his position.

San Francisco 49ers

David White of the San Francisco Chronicle writes that the Niners’ playbook will be the same with quarterbacks coach Mike Johnson taking over for departing offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye.

Matt Maiocco of writes that even though the playbook is the same, the offense will features more variation.

Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee reports that head coach Mike Singletary considered promoting former Seahawks offensive line coach Mike Solari to offensive coordinator before finally promoting Johnson.

Arizona Cardinals

Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic writes that Cardinals young receivers Stephen Williams and Max Komar have to step up with Steven Breaston and Early Doucet out with injuries.

Darren Urban of says Larry Fitzgerald is trying to be like a big brother to the younger receivers.

More Somers: Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson and the quarterback of the team’s upcoming opponent San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers, were teammates at North Carolina State.

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  1. One thing you can’t replace is the chemistry between Matt and Bobby. Even if someone else has the same skill set in what they do, it’s still not the same if you haven’t worked together for years and years. I have always liked Stokley though and hope he’s got some gas left in his tank.

  2. chuck_easton says:


    I’m going to disagree with you here. But hey, we’re still e-friends.

    I see a potential for another Joe Juriviscious here. 2005 when Engram an DJack went down Hasselbeck developed an immediate comfort with JJ. Pretty much every 3rd and long you knew it was going to be a pass to JJ and you knew he’d catch it.

    If Stokely comes in and Matt develops that trust good things can happen.

  3. another morning link for a Q&A with a rams blogger:

  4. Remember the last few years when we’ve had huge problems with depth and quality on the receiver position? Well, not anymore. Branch has so far been the “go to guy” on 3rd down, and has still to be injured so I’m still not sure WHY Stokley is here, but I’m happy that he is, because he is certainly a quality player.

  5. The Practice Squad is more active this year than I’ve ever seen. Players should not get comfortable there. Its a revolving door.

    Signing Allen Babre and Breno Giacomini both seem like reaches for guys to develop. Babre could backup at G or RT, but he wasn’t successful at T for the Packers (he had trouble against both Red Bryant and Dexter Davis in our preseason game in August). Giacomini is a 6-7 OT converted from TE who is raw and – by all accounts I’ve seen – hasn’t yet learned the footwork to play at OT.

    So, I’m just guessing here, but I’m starting to get some impressions about our O line changes and our coaches…

    1) Our coaches must like OG Evan Dietrich-Smith’s potential more than Gibson’s potential. Gibson was more of an Alex Gibbs type. Valero and Ruel want stronger nastier OGs.

    2) Our coaches are determined to find Locklear’s replacement, and are searching for replacements even if they have to develop young raw players on the PS for awhile.

    3) They also don’t like the OGs they have much, or they would not be starting 340-lb OT Stacy Andrews at OG.

    4) Coach Gibbs liked agile, mobile, smaller O linemen, but now that he’s gone Valero and Ruel are exerting their preference for bigger and stronger guys. This might have something to do with all the 3-4 D lines we play against these days and the challenge of handling those bigger D linemen with the ZBS scheme. Coach Carroll returned to the NFL raving about Alex Gibbs and the ZBS, but he now might be changing his ideas about what can work in today’s NFL these days.

    5) Next year at this time, I’m guessing the O linemen on this roster are likely to be:
    – Russell Okung
    -Chris Spencer
    – Maybe Chester Pitts
    – Maybe Stacy Andrews
    – Maybe Dietrich-Smith
    – and a bunch of guys we haven’t met yet.

  6. Let’s see: Another winner, another experienced vet, another team guy, another locker room guy, another guy Hass can count on 100% to be exactly at the spot in space he’s supposed to be exactly at the moment he’s supposed to be there every time, another guy who prides himself on conditioning but is completely oblivious to whatever punishment is coming as the ball gets close to him.

    In other words, another Carroll/Schneider Special. Here’s that kicka** catch Stokely made to beat the Bengals:

    Love it, love the two new OLs, love the OL at yesterday’s practice and would bet $100 to a donut Okung, Pitts, Spencer, Andrews, Polumbo are going to be the starters once Okung and Pitts are totally green-lighted.

    Always been a big Locklear fan, stayed a fan even after he showed he’s not an NFL LT when Walt went down, no clue what’s happened to him this year but on Carroll’s team it’s not about tales of former glory and Polumbo is a HUGE upgrade.

    GO HAWKS!!!

  7. Stevos: You’re right, Andrews made his bones playing OT, but he’s played plenty of guard too and in fact when Philly picked him up it was to play guard for them, but he got beat out at that position.

    Personally I’d like to see him play RT too, but I watch the line play pretty close, he’s kickin butt and takin names at RG and Polumbus is doing a pretty darned good job at LT which means he’s DEFINITELY an upgrade at RT.

    Personally I LOVE the OL we have now and would be ecstatic with the starters listed in my first post, so we obviously disagree on that point.

    Here’s Andrews’ BIO:


    Joined Seattle on September 5, 2010, via trade with Philadelphia in exchange for an undisclosed 2011 draft choice.


    •Originally drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in the fourth round (123rd overall) of the 2004 NFL Draft.
    •Played in 10 games (two starts) in 2009, missing six games due to injury.
    •Designated Cincinnati’s franchise player in 2009 and started 15 games at right tackle that season before suffer- ing a knee injury at Cleveland (12/21/08). * In 2007, saw first significant action as starter, beginning the season as the team’s starting left guard before shifting to right tackle following the sixth game of the year. Part of offensive line that set a team record with fewest sacks allowed (17).
    •Started first three games of career at right guard in 2006.

  8. CDHawkFan says:

    Anyone keeping tabs on the Seattle Lions? Sims, Jaskson, Morris, Peterson, etc? I think someone said that J Wilson hasn’t played or started for the Ravens, anything about Tapp? Just curious, though I am not sure why…..

  9. Dukeshire says:

    My first thought was that Stokley would fill a 3rd down role, keep the clock and chains moving. But Seattle is tied for 2nd in the league with a 51% success rate on 3rd down. (Ironically however, they rank dead last in TOP 24:35 mpg.) So it will be interesting to see how they use him. And while he’s not the biggest guy, he’s a pretty physical receiver. More so than Butler who’s run as many routes between the numbers as any on the team, at least from what I’ve seen. So I too think there’s something to him filling an “Engram” role.

  10. snydro22 says:

    Is there a single Jim Mora fan left in Seattle? I cannot believe this guy was our head coach:

  11. Yeah I was listening to the Herd today and once again Jim Dbag Mora was himself again. Man I really don’t see how he has a job in football, he is rude and got butthurt when Doug Gottlieb who was filling in for Colin Cowherd was asking him some questions. Thanks for putting up the link snydro22. It has the audio off that interview.

  12. “Remember the last few years when we’ve had huge problems with depth and quality on the receiver position”

    That’s a good point. I remember when we’ve had to grab all kinds of guys off the street a couple years back. This group doesn’t hesitate when there’s a chance to pick up someone who can help – even if it doesn’t seem to fill an immediate need. And yeah, if Branch goes down (or even if we want him to take off some snaps) – a guy like Stokley can step right in. Thinking of it that way – it makes sense.

  13. Doug Gottlieb is a real douche bag. Showed he had no knowledge or intelligence in his line of questioning. Mora was fired in Atlanta for his comment on wanting to coach the Washington Huskies. Vick would not have factored into that episode in the least. And the McNabb question was answered appropriately “How should they feel?” What a retard.

    On the SeaLions… Sims and Peterson are starting. Lawrence Jackson and Mo Morris backup. Burleson hasn’t had a return and only has 2 rec. but that is equal to the 7M dollar man, Houshmandzadeh in Baltimore. Bobby Engram was released by the Browns and Tapp is a backup in Philly.

    Stockley won’t make a difference if Hass doesn’t get dialed in soon. Off the top he has missed Carlson three times for large gains and two ended in INT. Mike Williams has a number of drops but that first incomplete this week was wide open and thrown behind. Hass, Williams, Carlson are the ticket that needs punched. Consistently!

  14. Sounded like Mora was protecting his buddy Vick and didnt want to say anything bad about him. Sounded like the reporter just wanted to start crap like you guys bringing up Mora again.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    “Yeah, you were a real joy.” LOL, that is hilarious. Look, asking how Philly fans should feel is retarded. It really is an easy and stupid question and the potential reaction of Eagles’ fans has been asked and covered ad nauseam this week. That said, Mora shows again what a classless jackass he truly is. Just answer that question with a couple Crash Davis cliches and move on. Yes Gottlieb is a boob, but good lord Mora, can you look any worse more consistently? How did he “audition” for two seasons and still get the head coaching gig. Oh right, Ruskell was here. I can’t express just how grateful I am he is no longer apart of this franchise. Is there anyway we can get him to leave the NW all together? What a fool.

  16. excile, I would agree about “Stockley won’t make a difference if Hass doesn’t get dialed in soon”

    Last week showed me that Hass still has the arm, but he gets happy feet and rushes his throws too often these days. I think he got so accustomed to not trusting his offensive line last season that he lost confidence. He needs to step up in the pocket and trust his linemen. Then maybe he’ll start delivering that Hasselbeck accuracy we used to expect.

  17. ruminator1 says:

    the questions to mora were just plain stupid and provocative. personally, mora is a breath of fresh air–he says what he feels. i listened to another interview he gave about the vick interview. it was really solid. he was very very positive about what vick has done and about how he has changed as a player.

    should he still be here? really, he probably should. he got a bum deal. but the PC regime is so different, so inspiring, so upbeat and the hope atached to it is so pervasive that it is nigh on to impossible to go back to the days when we all cheered for mora and suffered from a bad team. did he make mistakes? yes, plenty. did he have a good team? no would he have turned this around? maybe yes, maybe no, but for sure it would have taken quite a while and time was one thing he didn’t have. for sure i do not find him a dirt bag. naive, impulsive yes. but a good guy i think. his players seemed to like him and have respect for him. he opens up when he shouldn’t. but he does know football, especially defensive football.

    finally i have enjoyed some of his comments as an analyst. he speaks with authority and he and billick are pretty good together.

  18. Last night I watched some excerpts from Pete Carroll’s press conference on FSN, and I have to agree with Jim Moore: it’s hard not to like the guy.

    I appreciate the fact that we now have a coach who isn’t just shrugging about the problems playing on the road. How many times did we hear Holmgren and then Mora admitting that they didn’t know what they could do to fix it? Carroll seems to have an idea of what needs to be done, and he’s talking about it as a solvable problem. That’s refreshing!

    Am I in? All the way,baby. All the way.

  19. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Jim Mora is a toad. Why is he still even allowed to talk publicly about football or anything else. Get a life, Jimmy…

  20. snydro22 says:

    The questioning was stupid, but Mora has no tact. Dukeshire nailed it.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    Mr_Fish – I watched that too. And one thing I thought was really cool (and kind of funny) was Big Red going down the line bellowing “I’m in! I’m in! I’m in!” to each of his d-line teammates, getting fives. Some of them grins on their faces. Not making fun of him in any way, but it seemed rather like a younger brother coming into his own.

    There are so many things about this “program” as Carroll refers to it, that have me excited. I find myself smiling just watching the simplest things, now; players on the sideline, an interview, a highlight. Such a breath of fresh air surrounding the entire franchise. Their tenure here is off to an incredible start, I just hope it stays on track and I can’t wait to see where it all ends up down the road.

  22. Bobby Engram was cut earlier by CLE and is still UFA. Would JS ever consider bringing him in to see if he and Matt could synch up again?

    Interesting how most ESPN’s expert pickers are going with STL for this next one.

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