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Hawks sign WR Stokley, 2 others

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 28, 2010 at 1:32 pm with 88 Comments »
September 28, 2010 3:11 pm

The Seattle Seahawks have agreed to sign wide receiver Brandon Stokley, the team confirmed. The move was first reported by ESPN’s Chris Mortensen,

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Also,  Rob Demovsky of the Green Bay Press-Gazette reports the Seahawks have signed offensive tackle Breno Giacomini off of the Green Bay Packers practice squad. And the team has signed former Packers lineman Allen Barbre.

To make room for the three new players, the Seahawks have released fullback Quinton Ganther and offensive linemen Mansfield Wrotto and Mike Gibson.

The 34-year-old Stokley was placed on inured reserve with a groin injury by the Denver Broncos on Sept. 4 and later reached an injury settlement with the team. Stokley had played for Seattle offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates while in Denver, serving as a slot receiver who did a nice job working the middle of the field, particularly in third down situations.

Wide receiver Mike Williams suffered an injured shoulder during Sunday’s game against San Diego, and head coach Pete Carroll did not say if he would be available on Sunday. So with Stokley in the fold, the Seahawks apparently will juggle their depth at receiver.

Stokley finished with 108 passes for 1,490 yards and 12 touchdowns in three seasons in Denver.

He has 307 receptions for 4,319 yards and 34 touchdowns over a 12-year career in the league.

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  1. chuck_easton says:

    While I like moves to keep things going the voice inside of me (both the lawyer and the former cop voice that always looks for the gotcha) tells me there is more to this story than just signing a good WR.

    I am concerned that perhaps we are going to hear that BMW will be out for weeks if not the entire season and this is just the first step in making that happen.

    I can’t see any other reason to do this as the 5 guys the team has appear to be doing quite well.

    I go back to the Andrews signing. My concern was that Unger was hurt worse than we were being told and lo and behold we find out a day later he’s on IR.


  2. If we’re going to IR someone, why release Ganther to make from for this signing since the IR move will leave a vacant roster spot?

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Interesting. Solid receiver between the numbers. I agree with Chuck here, MW may be more dinged than is being reported. Otherwise it seems odd to make this move only a week before the bye.

    And they signed another tackle? I wonder if Lock is on thin ice. Seattle has 6 runs for a loss off the right side (compared to 3 up the middle and left combined). Perhaps they like Andrews enough at guard for now and are looking to make a move at LT.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Audible – They signed two players. Got to drop two. (Players signed off another PS must be added to the active roster.)

  5. BS is on IR with a groin injury. Isn’t that season ending?

  6. chuck_easton says:

    Not if you then pay him an injury settlement.

    You can IR a guy and then buy out his contract.

    Part of the injury settlement says the player won’t sign a contract with another team for a designated number of days.

    Looks like Stokely has met the minimum days to be out of work clause and was now free to sign with anyone.

  7. Plus, to sign someone off another team’s practice squad, you have to put them on your roster.

  8. CaliSeahawker says:


    Mike Williams’ shoulder injury is likely moderate-severe versus mild, and my guess is he will be out this week. It would be nice to have him against St. Louis, but if we can find a way to get a win this week, he will have three full weeks to recover from this, and I am hoping that is enough. He is someone we need on this roster. Stokley is a solid pickup, but I doubt he is going to be a game changer at his age, etc.

    Locklear is definitely on thin ice; something we have all expected for weeks now. You would think that being his contract year, he would step up his game to a supreme level, but thus far that has not happened. Schneider and Co. have totalled about 2,878,945 transactions in the past few months so I would not be surprised to see a few more in the coming days! The slogan for this season should read: “No one is safe”

    And lastly, does anyone think Schneider resembles Michael C Hall from Dexter? I can just imagine Locklear lying on a table, tied down, with a bunch of surrounding photos of him getting bulldozed by defensive lineman, as well as quarterbacks getting sacked. If anyone has watched Dexter, you could figure out the rest :-D

  9. CaliSeahawker says:

    Trent Edwards to JAX. Good move for Trent. He should start for them very soon. We still have Zac Robinson! :-/

  10. Dukeshire says:

    A good friend of mine who is a big Packer honk is in disbelief that anyone would sign Giacomini. He referred to him as “Herman Munster only slower”. Last season the Packers lost both starting tackles and Giacomini couldn’t beat out Alan Barbre, who gave up 8 sacks in 2 games replacing Tauscher at RT. Ouch. I guess we’ll find out for ourselves soon enough.

    He also said if they plan on putting him at LT, “Whitehurst should start warming up”. lol

  11. grizindabox24 says:

    Duke, that is odd because at Louisville they moved him to TE his FR and SO year because they impressed with his speed and catching ability. I also do not see him as LT material.

  12. They signed Barbre too.

  13. I agree, this only makes sense if Williams is badly hurt.

    IMO, much more important, does anyone have word on Trufant yet?

  14. The #8 bashing continues.
    Did you guys see Earl Thomas take off his helmet and taunt Norv Turner after his INT?
    Hawks/Chargers will be on NFL Replay this week. (wed)

  15. Dukeshire says:

    They guy who gave up the 8 sacks in 2 games last season? That Barbre? Good god.

  16. I read that they released Mike Gibson too, seems weird to get rid of a player who beat out Ben Hamilton for the LG spot not too long ago.

  17. SeanCarney says:

    Duke, Broncos fans were saying similar things about Polombus when we signed him. (nuff said)

  18. grizindabox24 says:

    Wrotto released also

  19. chuck_easton says:

    Now this means that Seattle is bringing in depth behind what is very likely going to be a starting O-line of:

    Okung, Pitts, Spencer, Andrews, Locklear


    Hamiltion (C/G), Polumbus, Deitrich-Smith, Barbre, Giacomini.

    The two new guys sound like Schneider guys from the Packers who he probably feels better about than the hold-overs of Gibson and Wrotto.

    I feel bad for Manny. How many times can the guy get released, signed, released?

  20. Dukeshire says:

    SeanCarney – I understand that, but Polumbus was making the switch from zone to a man scheme there. That’s where the criticisms stemmed.

    So, Barbre will play guard, I imagine. Much better than the turnstile he apparently was at tackle and Giacomini is tackle “depth”. So, with the addition of Stokley, they still have to make 1 more spot. (Wrotto and Ganther gone) Like Chuck said, waiting on that other shoe.

    By the way, Seattle now has 3 linemen from an ’09 Packers line that gave up 50 sacks. And it’s still an improvement.

  21. Definitely the most active front-office I’ve seen in my time as a Hawks fan. They really are constant in their tweaking of the depth chart on this team. I suppose it’s a good thing, better than being passive, and none of these guys are starters, so it’s not really a continuity issue. I do wonder how it impacts team camaraderie — hard to get to close to someone who can get cut anytime.

    And now you guys have me worried about M Williams. Hoping all you’re suspicions are wrong.

  22. CaliSeahawker says:

    By reading this contract and signing on the dotted line, you understand that at anytime between the time you sign, and exit this building you may be traded or released. Furthermore, if you are fortunate enough to last an entire week and play a game, you also understand that the likelihood of your roster spot remaining safe do not increase, and that you will still likely be traded, or released.

  23. CaliSeahawker says:

    Until John Schneider and Co. decide who is going to remain on this team, I won’t feel right purchasing any Seahawks jerseys :-)

  24. #29 seems a safe bet . . .

  25. God I hope mike w is ok!

  26. Brandon Stokley,better that Deion Branch

  27. snydro22 says:


    Wrotto + Gibson + Ganther = 3

    Barbre + Giacomini + Stokley = 3

    Am I missing something?

    Mike Williams is fine. He came back into the game and later tweeted that he was fine. I don’t remember Unger ever publicly stating he wasn’t hurt, that’s the difference.

    We just liked Stokley. Ganther was expendable. Why not?

  28. CaliSeahawker says:

    Goodness, all of the Packers websites, blogs, message boards have nothing but terrible things to say about Mr. thick brow, and Barbre. Guess we’ll see them in action soon!

  29. williambryan says:

    I imagine not many people who work for nfl personell departments are contributing to those blogs, so at least those guys have that going for them

  30. snydro22 says:

    LB Slade Norris added to practice squad.

    CB Cord Parks and WR Patrick Williams released.

    One spot open (probably Mike Gibson if he clears)..

  31. How is Tru’s ankle?

  32. raymaines says:

    I’m still available. I’ll sign for $250,000 + incentives, like if I live into the second day………

  33. Thurmond played well in replace of Trufant. Normally a QB like Rivers will test a rookie out first thing. I don’t know the reason but until Thurmond proves otherwise I’d like to see him starting. Tru has played the right side. I know he doesn’t consider it his natural position but something needs done in pass defense. Jennings hasn’t played terribly but did give up 18 on 3rd and 11

  34. Does Holmgren sign Wrotto?

  35. Dukeshire says:

    snydro22 – Just the fact I hadn’t seen anything official about Gibson when I posted that.

  36. snydro22 says:

    Ocho isn’t official? Oh come on!

  37. They got Locklear to take a cut in pay which makes him tradeable, but if they can’t trade him they’ll just release him.

    The way Schneider and Carroll operate, I’d be surprised if they made the major line shuffles this week, I think it’ll happen the bye week, and I’ll bet $100 to a donut Locklear is gone when it’s over.

    I used to be a big Lock fan, even after it was clear he wasn’t the answer at left tackle when Walt went down. But it isn’t about what you did yesterday, it’s about what you’re doing now, and what he’s doing now isn’t up to the standard the new regime sets or accepts.

    Want to see the future of the Seahawks O-line? Look at USC, where the philosophy is and always has been, “We’re going to get the biggest, strongest, meanest guys we can and they’re going to beat on you until you’re too tired or whipped to fight back.”

    By the way? LOVE IT!!!! Buh bye Sean!

    GO HAWKS!!!

  38. bird_spit says:


    Regarding the 3rd and 11 that you say Jennings yielded 18, please give us at least the quarter, or better, time on the clock, cause I dont think you see that it was our rookie that had the coverage and miss read the play.

    Jennings, IMO, is turning in a career performance this season. I believe if I could be critical of him, would be he needs be more aggressive to the ball, as in turn and catch it, instead of knocking it out of the air. I have not seen a man on man situation where he is out of position.

    Go Hawks, smoke the rams on the road…

  39. I just love how Carrol knows it’s his 2nd chance in the NFL, and he is going to do it all his way, no matter what anybody thinks.

    Everybody seems to want to play GM these days, but I am happy to let the pros handle it. The team is improving; that is all that matters.

    There are a lot more silly plays coming and mix ups and dumb stuff on the field. More than half the team is new, all the coaches are new, new system, etc.
    Just wait until they have a whole season together.

  40. CaliSeahawker–funny stuff!

    If I’m not mistaken, I think Thurmond ended up with the most tackles for the ‘Hawks’ D. Great job filling in, thought they’d exploit him too. Still, I hope Tru is good to go.

    Does anyone think they should move Polumbus to Locklear’s spot?

  41. SirDaddy says:

    Stokely probably got the call during half time after Branch fumbled the ball into the endzone for a touchback. I’m just saying. Good to see our D-line and special teams beating people up…just waiting on Curry.

  42. I’m glad that they’re not just sitting and saying it’s all good when we know it isn’t… I’m also glad that they’re actually making moves… perhaps we don’t agree with those moves… but in some cases it’s turned out very well…

    Lets see how this goes forward.

    Hopefully our coaching staff will get quality from the new players inbound.

  43. And yeah, Thurmond had 8 solo tackles… most on the defense.

  44. Not once but twice

    9:03 2nd
    3rd and 12 at SD 18 (Shotgun) P.Rivers pass deep left to M.Floyd to SD 34 for 16 yards (K.Jennings).

    8:16 3rd
    3rd and 12 at SD 18 (Shotgun) P.Rivers pass deep left to M.Floyd to SD 34 for 16 yards (K.Jennings).

    Malcolm Floyd 6’5 201 would give Trufant 5’11 200 trouble as well. But Tru is a much more accomplished tackler. Kelly Jennings 5’11 175 is not only a liability in coverage but also against the rush.

    Couple year back against the Packers in the playoffs Greg Jennings at the goal line bumped KJ off for a TD. It was awful.

  45. Wouldn’t upset me either to see Lock depart.

  46. edit

    That should have been

    8:16 3rd
    3rd and 11 at SD 15 (Shotgun) P.Rivers pass deep middle to M.Floyd to SD 33 for 18 yards (K.Jennings).

    Sorry, I’m having trouble posting and made the mistake in haste. This is a third attempt at this edit

  47. williambryan says:

    Hawknut, I didnt realize that was the USC way, I havent followed usc at all except for the household names, and I know that Brown the highly rated left tackle that was a high draft pick this year was originally a TE at USC and Jeff Byers who the team signed as an undrafted FA are prototypical zone scheme guys. theres chilo rachal who gets benched by mike singletary every week also… I’m not calling you out, i just wondering if thaats really the pete carroll way?

  48. freedom_X says:

    So I watched the replay of that game. On the 9:03 2nd quarter play, Jennings was backed off 10+ yards deep. That was the called play of the defense. Unless he did a Nate Clements and jumped the route, he would not have been able to prevent it. That play is expecting some help underneath, with Jennings covering over the top.

    It kind of looked like to me that Milloy was confused or hesitant, and just hung aorund the line of scrimmage, neither rushing nor dropping back to cover underneath Jennings. Maybe he was expecting a back to come out in the flat, but none ever did and there was a huge hole underneath. That was where San Diego did most of its 455 yards of passing damage – underneath.

    2 plays later, Nenee “beats” Trufant for an 11 yard completion. But it’s the same deal, Trufant is backed off in coverage. I suppose Trufant is a liability in coverage.

    3 plays later, Jennings is in tight, signle coverage with Floyd and breaks up a pass attempt in his direction 20 yards downfield.

    On the other play, if Jennings had played it optimally he might have been able to break it up, but again he was backed 10 yards off the receiver. I don’t think that play was designed for Jennings to get help underneath though. But Jennings was there in coverage, and Fouts even noted it as close coverage. An Asomugha or non-gimped Revis probably makes that play, but Jennings IMHO did no worse than the majority of CB’s there. It’s a play that does require a excellent throw and good catch from the WR. Unfortunately, even on hi-def widescreen the replay didn’t show the critical moment when the WR made his break inside and how Jennings reacted to it.

    But, that defensive play call definitely was one that had a large void underneath (Lofa did a fake blitz then dropped back late, but there was no way Tatupu could have gotten that far back after doing the fake blitz business), and you have to give credit to San Diego for finding and exploiting the void.

    I suspect that Thurmond’s quantity of tackles was indeed because San Diego was throwing at him. Usually, if a CB is racking up big tackle numbers it’s bad sign (lots of completions against him, or a run defense so bad he has to step up to make the tackles the LB’s and safeties aren’t.) But I also think the coaches were having him back off too, and coached him to just step up and make a sure tackle if the guy catches the ball in front of him.

    If you go back and analyze Jets and Raiders games, I’ll bet you’ll find examples of plays in the game where Revis and Asomugha give up 3rd down completions. At least Jennings doesn’t grab his hamstring after he’s beaten…

  49. ruminator1 says:

    since PC and John s are so willing to make trades and shift personnel, i am excited about the following :

    After months of stiff-arming interested teams, the Buffalo Bills are now willing to entertain offers for running back Marshawn Lynch, reports Jason Wilde of ESPN Milwaukee.

    Wilde adds that the Green Bay Packers, who lost running back Ryan Grant for the season to an ankle injury, have contacted the Bills about acquiring Lynch, the 12th overall pick of the 2007 NFL Draft out of Cal.

    he would really change our running configuration imo.

  50. CaliSeahawker says:

    I would LOVE Lynch! Brandon Jacobs is another enticing option.

  51. snydro22 says:

    Beast Mode!

    But at what cost?

  52. snydro22 says:

    The Bills, that’s right, the Bills, played their hand perfectly on this one.

    Why trade Lynch in the offseason when most good teams are set at RB? This is the NFL, and if they could manage to keep Lynch healthy, they knew a few running backs around the league wouldn’t be so fortunate and good teams would become desperate ones sooner than later.. Green Bay knows they have a shot to win this year, and although I really like Jackson and Kuhn, there is a reason they haven’t beat out the streaky and unreliable Ryan Grant.

    If the Bills truly do decide to trade Lynch now, after giving him some good carries the last few weeks, they have created a serious bidding war. I bet you they get twice the value in draft picks they would have received in August..

    Well played, Mauer..

  53. freedom_X says:

    For some reason, I get the feeling Carroll and Co. don’t feel the need to have a big back on the roster. They have Michael Robinson, who is really there for special teams and maybe emergency QB as well as spot play, and that’s it.

    They systematically flushed out all the other FB/big back types. For that reason I don’t see any trade for Jacobs. In other words, they won’t give anything to NY for him.

  54. What would be gained by trading for a back at this point the the building process? The o-line is still a project, and while the team may compete for a playoff berth this year, this is clearly not the season that the organization is targeting for big success. Add the running back next year…maybe. Until then, the band-aid approach works.

  55. longco44 says:

    Exile… You seem to be all over Jennings for allowing a couple big plays! Corners and Safetys (NO MATTER HOW GOOD THEY MAY OR MAY NOT BE) will get beat from time to time.. Looks like your ready to trash the guy for the couple big plays he gave up. WOW, if you were the coach, I would rather play elsewhere for free.

  56. Dukeshire says:

    Yeah, one would think that waiting for the inevitable RB injuries to surface during the season, that would drive up Lynch’s value. Of course by playing him, they took a calculated risk he wouldn’t get injured himself. But it it looks like a solid play, at this point.

    How is Ryan Grant unreliable? He’s improved each season. And last season, he pounded away behind a patchwork line to still put up 1200 yards.

  57. CaliSeahawker says:

    Agreed with most recent post. Ryan Grant is one of the top rushers in the league, and considering Green Bay the past 1-2 years has not had the most dominant OL.

    I wonder if Green Bay would contact JAX re: Maurice Jones-Drew if Buffalo asks for too much. JAX is not going anywhere, and they are about ready to overhaul their roster in the next year.

  58. Longco – LOL… elsewhere? …that could be the case and most likely will be under this new regime. However, we do offer an option to restructure. This new plan offers the league minimum. :)

    You guys act like pulling the plug on KJ is anything new. Just last year Lucas was brought in as starter. And those weren’t the only big plays he gave up. There was another 25 yard sideline route on 1st and 10, as I recall . But my intent wasn’t to bash KJ it was to mention how well Thurmond had done in place of Tru. He broke up a Floyd TD pass something KJ wasn’t capable of doing and gave up only short passes in front of him. One of the eight tackles was on ST’s kick off. Another on a rush by Tolbert preventing a TD at the goal line, include a little dump pass. Two long passes in the middle not to his man and the others were short in front, staying in FRONT! KJ just doesn’t measure up.

  59. snydro22 says:

    Apparently some of you have never drafted Ryan Grant in your fantasy leagues..

  60. snydro22 says:

    Grant only had three 100+ yard games last year. He had yard totals in various games of –

    61, 46, 51, 30, 61, 41, 37, 51 … He had 11 TD’s.. 64 yards in their playoff game.. Very pedestrian..

    When you get 282 carries the yards will pile up, eventually.

    Ryan Grant certainly is not an elite back, and he definitely isn’t consistent. He disappears for long stretches of games. His longest run ever is 66 yards, so he doesn’t have elite speed. I’d take Jamaal Charles over him 8 days a week. And Charles isn’t even starting for KC..


    To the person who said we shouldn’t get Lynch, keep in mind he is only 24, so he could very much be a part of the rebuilding process you are worried about interrupting..

  61. Marshawn Lynch would be a nice addition. Forsett can’t take every inside carry this year, and Julius Jones has no value at this point other than pass protection for Hasselbeck. Lynch would give us some tough runs inside the tackles. (and if he acts up like the jerk he can be sometimes, PC won’t hesitate to cut him). I want him.

    Is Mike Gibson eligible for practice squad if he clears waivers? He’s the one cut guy I’ll miss. I don’t think Wrotto belonged in this offense, but Gibson did, and he was one heck of a blocker on special teams.

    I can’t imagine that 34-year old injured Brandon Stokley will be here for long. Not excited by that move.

  62. snydro22 says:

    Yes, Gibson is eligible.. Fingers crossed..

  63. ruminator1 says:

    ryan grant–i had him as my 2nd level rb behind a. Foster and C Johnson and was happy to have him. 1200yds season last 2 yrs, 4 yds/carry avg, 1 fumble last yr out of the 280 carries. he is not a dynamic back, doesn’t have elite speed and won’t put up huge numbers, but even so, not a bad back to have for power running.

    on jennings–i think he has improved and he has made some plays, but he has also made many bad plays and he is outmuscled by bigger receivers fairly consistently. i do not think he stinks, but i do not feel confident with him back there. always pleased when he makes a good play, but always afraid he will give up a big yardage play. i hope we upgrade there soon.

    on lynch–if he is traded, our potential draft status is more attractive than teams like GB. i don’t see him as a fullback type, but i do see him as a power runner. i have been pushing for us to get him for a long time. imagine lynch instead of JJ. i would be very disappointed if the hawks did not attmept somethng for him or for jacobs.

  64. Dukeshire says:

    snydro22 – No one said anything about elite. And yes, we’d all take Jamaal Charles (at least I would) over Grant. But 282 carries and 4.4 per att. when he’s not breaking off long runs is pretty consistent. It’s not like he got a Thomas Jones or Cedric Benson work load (behind much better lines mind you). If the argument is now he’s not “elite”, then there isn’t one, because I don’t believe he is either. But what he did behind that line last season, was rather impressive to me.

  65. ruminator1 says:

    not sure how you guys are defining “elite” but last yr ryan grant was 7th in rushing yds (j charles 12th), 8th in rushing touchdowns (j charles 17th), the lowest # of fumbles, 1200 yds 2 consecutive seasons, avg over 4 yds per carry, no lost time for injuries last yr. maybe not elite but pretty darn good, especially considering the o-line he had. charles faster, more likely to have a big game, but not sure he is elite and grant not elite.

  66. snydro22 says:

    My argument is that he is streaky and unreliable.

    Look at it this way. He finishes some games with 40 yards rushing, 22 carries and a long run of 23 yards. That means for the other 21 carries he gained 17 yards. Two games later he goes for 130 yards against a better run defense.. Is that not streaky?

    Help me understand..

    And regardless of how good the line in Green Bay is, with a passing attack like they have, there is great potential there for a RB. My argument is that Ryan Grant is no world-beater.. And he is out for the year.. Is that not unreliable?

    I think 99% of football people have a mediocre opinion of Grant (at least on NFL radio and NFL network) so I am surprised I have to defend these comments..

  67. ruminator1 says:

    in my fantasy league this yr i had a. foster, c johnson. obviously i started them over my 2nd line of backs grant and charles, but i definitely planned on using grant and/or charles some of the time. now with grant out and charles getting fewer carries, (and pierre thomas as the other alternative), i pretty much will have to use foster and charles all the time. of all these backs, imo, only foster and johnson seem “elite,” and of the others i would say charles has the biggest shot at a big game even with limited carries.

  68. snydro22 says:

    The moral of the story, and my point (before the minutia army piled on) is that there are a number of backs in the league who could un-seat Ryan Grant as a starter for one of the best offenses in the NFL – and Jackson and Kuhn haven’t been able to.. I do like Jackson though, and think he is probably better than Grant, or at least more dynamic. He always looks great against the Hawks, anyway lol..

    I never said Grant was bad, and he certainly has value, no question. You just can’t look at the numbers (or watch the games) and come to any conclusion other than that he is streaky and unreliable (in real life and especially in fantasy)..

  69. Dukeshire says:

    Well, Charles had almost 100 less carries than Grant so I’m not sure those totals tell the whole story. That said, I like Grant. As I mentioned twice, what he did behind that line was impressive, I agree. I think he’s a very solid back. (Hell, I drafted him in my league this year. Sadly…) But when I talk about elite (I wouldn’t dare talk for snydro) I’m usually talking about a combination of talent and production. To me, Jamaal Charles has far more talent than Grant. But, I never said either were elite. I said I’d rather have Charles. For the record, I think they are both very good backs, very different styles, but both very good. Elite backs to me are AP and CJ. There are a lot of very good ones, but those two are what I would consider elite.

  70. ruminator1 says:

    snydro– when drafting my fantasy team, i had an opportunity to get a personal response from one of the fantasy draft gurus. i had a chance to trade witten for grant and j finley, an easy trade to make but i asked anyway. the response? grab it, the trade for grant alone would be worth it. so for sure not all experts would agree grant was mediocre. i don’t see how you can look at 1200+ yds (7th) and 8th in rushing touchdowns as mediocre. and while he is out for this yr, he hs not been injury prone and he has not been fumble prone. you don’t like him as elite, now you cite experts as believing him to be mediocre?

  71. ruminator1 says:

    agree duke

  72. Dukeshire says:

    “…there are a number of backs in the league who could un-seat Ryan Grant as a starter for one of the best offenses in the NFL.” – That was your point? Oh, got it now. ;)

  73. snydro22 says:

    Arian Foster is an elite back?


  74. snydro22 says:

    Ruminator –

    Obviously you would trade Witten for Grant. Grant is a starting RB for a team who will almost NEVER see a stacked box.. You really had to ask a guru that question, with Finley thrown in?

    I would trade Witten for Finley straight up!

  75. ruminator1 says:

    snydro-the minutae army rests. we at least agree he has value and that he isn’t as dynamic as charles. i’d also agree a few other backs might supplant him, but we probably disagree as to who and how many. so hard to put the tag elite on a runner when excellence depends to some extent on what surrounds it. i wonder what kind of agreement we could get on who is elite besides AP and CJ and maybe SJ. it sure seems A Foster is ready to join the rank.

  76. Dukeshire says:


  77. ruminator1 says:

    no i didn’t have to ask. but i did. was wondering if there was some secret info on grant or finley’s health. u r so right

  78. ruminator1 says:

    as in arian foster, current leading rusher.

  79. snydro22 says:

    Jerome Harrison has more career 200+ yd rushing games than Arian Foster, but he isn’t even a starter in Cleveland this year.. Jamaal Charles too..

    Let’s let Foster do his thing for a few years before we give him any sort of label.. I’m not saying it can’t happen, but one excellent game isn’t enough to call a player elite..


    Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Frank Gore, Steven Jackson and Maurice Jones-Drew are my top 5 backs, which I guess I would call elite..

    Then there are a slew of backs like DeAngelo Williams, Michael Turner, and Ray Rice who are just below them.. And then guys who have stuff left to prove like LeSean McCoy, Matt Forte, Jamaal Charles and Rashard Mendenhall but with huge upside..

    But then there are guys like Pierre Thomas, Ahmad Bradshaw, Joseph Addai, Cadillac Williams, Clinton Portis and Ryan Grant who I think are good backs but sort of stuck just above league average..

  80. snydro22 says:

    Is there anything more frustrating that writing up a post and then having it disappear without trace? The moment is gone forever ;)

  81. Anybody see how well STL’s WR M.Clayton played last week?

  82. Dukeshire says:

    I knew who he meant, of course. But I think I missed something by his inclusion in the conversation.

  83. snydro22 says:

    Ruminator had said Foster was an elite back in a post a little ways up the thread.

  84. Dukeshire says:

    Oh. Well, I’ll stay out of that one….

  85. ruminator1 says:

    what i said was “i wonder what kind of agreement we could get on who is elite besides AP and CJ and maybe SJ. it sure seems A Foster is ready to join the rank.”

    and earlier i said that in my opinion, of the 4 backs i had in fantasy, only 2 seemed to me elite, c johnson and foster.

    which is a little different than claiming he should be or even that he was elite. based on what i have seen this season and what the “experts” are saying about him, he seems right up there. but i acknowledge he hasn’t been around all that long. i picked him up for fantasy based on what they were predicting and he has certainly come through. as you all know, my “opinions,” as evidenced by what i have posted on this site, are at least suspect

  86. snydro22 says:

    I see what you meant when put into the proper context.. I thought you were saying Chris Johnson and Arian Foster were both elite, and I was just thinking Foster hasn’t done nearly enough to earn the title.. But I see what you were getting at now that you explained it..

  87. ruminator1 says:

    seahawks last game on nfl network 6:15 pst tonight

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