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Morning links: Game reaction

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 20, 2010 at 7:54 am with 29 Comments »
September 20, 2010 7:54 am

We had some internet problems from the stadium yesterday, but check out the video below from Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll’s presser after the game.

You can also check out game stats here.

Dave Boling of The News Tribune chronicles the lowlights for Seattle.

More Boling: His grades for Sunday’s game, and they aren’t pretty.

Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck struggled again on the road at Denver. Hasselbeck has now thrown 14 interceptions in his last six games.

Hawks safety Lawyer Milloy says his team can’t turn the ball over on the road and expect to win.

Wide receiver Golden Tate’s play was one of the few bright spots for Seattle.

Greg Johns of offers his thoughts on the game here.

Brian McIntyre of already has his Hawks personnel file done for Sunday’s game. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Clare Farnsworth from offers more details on Golden Tate’s performance.

ESPN’s Mike Sando offers some silver linings from Sunday’s game.

N.Y. Giants running back Brandon Jacobs threw his helmet into the stands during Sunday night’s game at Indianapolis.

Morning links
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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Those personnel breakdowns by McIntyre are great. I too noticed that they didn’t use two TE sets often, but I thought on more than just 6 plays. That said, they did target Carlson 10 times so even if Bates doesn’t run out two TE sets, they are an important part of the game plan.

  2. BobbyAyala says:

    Normally I’d agree with BobbyK’s assertion that we have the best QB in the division, and it’s an overreaction to want him pulled now, while we’re still tied for the division lead.

    However, for all of those who said such action would be an overreaction to one loss, let me submit that visions of a division championship are an overreaction to a Week 1 win.

    The bottom line here is, you either believe the Hawks can win the rest of the year and make the playoffs, or you see this as a 5-11, 6-10, 7-9 squad that has no shot at overtaking not one, but two more talented teams in SF and ARI.

    Granted, AZ got their ass handed to them yesterday, but how do you think the Hawks would’ve done crossing the country and taking on ATL in their dome on their home opener?

    My point is, the Seahawks are NOT a playoff team, and just because the 12th Man got the best of Alexis Smith (big shock), it doesn’t mean Matt Hasselbeck is going to lead some sort of postseason renaissance from out of the blue.

    Here’s the thing.

    The Hawks are a 6-10 team. Not a 10-6 team, and, with that in mind, it’s time to pull Hasselbeck’s plug, try like hell to trade him to the Carolina Panthers for a 5th rounder, and it’s time, it’s time, it’s time to make Charlie Whitehurst the quarterback of this football team.

    Charlie Whitehurst throwing picks is acceptable in a 6-10 season, Matt Hasselbeck throwing picks is a waste of time and money in a 6-10 season.


  3. BobbyAyala says:

    And, oh, by the way, what better way to start the Hopehurst era, than a Dan Founts Beard of a win over the Chargers Sunday at Qwest.

    May the power of the beard guide us, somehow, some way, to Charlie’s first career win.

    Get it done, Football Gods.

    Get it done, God of the Beard.

    Peace be with you, my bearded brothers.

  4. Whitehurst is not the answer. Hasselbeck is superior to Whitehurst hands down. Also, Hass sucked yesterday.

    But he didn’t suck by himself, and Whitehurst would not have done any better. Hass made poor decisions on rushed, inaccurate passes. Those resulted in incompletions and INTs that doomed the Seahawks.

    Fault for yesterday’s loss should be borne jointly by both Hass and the patchwork O line. The O line yesterday looked more like 2009 than last week’s effort. Apparently, Stacy Andrews was not ready to execute the ZBS, because zone blocking was abandoned for a mish-mash of man-blocking and I-don’t-know-what. The line was a mess, Matt got happy feet, and rushed his passes. Welcome back to 2009.

    1. Stacy Andrews needs to move to RT. Somebody else needs to move to RG. Okung needs get healthy and start at LT.

    2. QB and OC need confidence in their O line. Hass needs to settle down and first he needs time in the pocket. Bates needs to be comfortable enough with his O line to use more formations, more motion, and more plays to TEs.

    3. The offense needs to get some first downs to give the D some time on the bench to catch their breath.

    Then we’ll be okay. This can still be a 7-9 team, and the Cards and Niners aren’t any better than that.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    I think to presume that Seattle only won vs San Francisco because of the fans is inaccurate. Seattle beat them on all fronts (after the first quarter that is), not because the 9ers imploded. Moreover, yesterday’s game was there for the taking if not for their own mistakes. At this point (I’m surprised I’m saying this) there is no reason to believe they are not the best team in the division, sadly. After two games, Seattle is obligated to field a team that gives them the best chance to win each game now. In a month, the season’s objectives may be different, that is, allowing Whitehurst to play and “develop” him.

    But begging to the “football gods” and whatever else is no way to become a winner and / or develop one. Let’s just see what happens against San Diego and move forward form there. A change at QB will be coming soon enough, but if there’s only on lesson we should have learned from yesterday, it’s that Carroll is interested in winning now as well as having an eye to the future. Going for it on 4th and 2 and taking 3 off the board teaches us that.

  6. Hawks’d better fix the pass defense this week. Where was Clemmons vs Orton?

  7. 6-10 will win this division and Seahawks fans will again complain about no respect from the national media.

  8. Saying SF or Arizona are more talented teams isn’t necessarily true BobbyAyala, we can’t know that with all the recent changes. But I think its clear that Seattle has a lot more talented roster than last year. They may be more talented than either team.

    I think the Seahawks can win the division with Hasselbeck. That said I also think Seattle won vs SF in spite of Hasselbeck. And I think Seattle could very well have won yesterday had Hasselbeck not thrown that first pick. Turnover Thursday needs to start on Wednesday and go through Sunday night I guess…

  9. What happened to the Monday chat?

    ESPN will give the TARGETS duke spoke of.
    These coaches coming in with their guys at FB is just fine but Justin Griffith never did impress and Ganther has been worse. He doesn’t have enough weight to make the required blocks. Mike Robinson adds another dimension, so no complaints but they may have been better served leaving Ganther on the bench, using a 2TE set.

    Hasselbeck… the first INT was made by CB Champ Bailey who had S help up top. Poor decision. Obo was open inside/underneath for a quick slant. But Hass had driven the length of the field, reaching the goal line only to be turned away by penalty. And that hold on Locklear was ticky tack voiding a Hawk TD.

    The following INT John Carlson was open for a TD. Hass under threw allowing S Dawkins to make a play. Hawks easily should have had 14 points at the half. Reid bench McNabb at the half against Balt for a poor performance following a dismal outing at Cincy. Maybe thats what it will take. I do know that a large sure handed receiver would help. I’ve lost faith in Carlson and Williams drops balls. Butler is a scrapper for his size, another Welker. Holding out hope Tate makes me a believer. Need to get that player on the field, involved more.

  10. What if 9ers beat the Saints tonite?

  11. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    AARON CURRY IS TERRIBLE!!! Seriously do you guys even SEE him play?!?! One on one vs a ROOKIE RIGHT TACKLE the ENTIRE game and he gets NO PRESSURE!!!

    BUST! Screw you to hell Tim Ruskell for
    getting rid of Julian Peterson so you could draft this useless P.O.S.

    Curry is the worst Seahawk pick since Dan McGwire!! What retard drafts a linebacker in the top 5?!?!?! And he’s WORSE than Clay Matthews, Brian Cushing, Rey Maualuga, James Laurinaitis, and EVERY OTHER LB drafted after him!!!

  12. Dukeshire says:

    You’ve posted that 3 times, now. We get it.

  13. nighthawk2 says:

    “Whitehurst is not the answer. Hasselbeck is superior to Whitehurst hands down. Also, Hass sucked yesterday.

    But he didn’t suck by himself, and Whitehurst would not have done any better. Hass made poor decisions on rushed, inaccurate passes. Those resulted in incompletions and INTs that doomed the Seahawks.”

    How do you or anyone know Whitehurst is not the answer when he hasn’t played yet? How do you know Hasselbeck is “superior”? He sure as hell hasn’t looked superior to anyone but maybe Jason Campbell. Maybe. How do you know Whitehurst wouldn’t have done any better? You’re convinced Charlie would have thrown 3 interceptions and thrown the ball out of the back of the end zone on a 4th and 2? I’m not. 4 interceptions in two games, and as this article points out, 14 in his last 6 games, is not “superior” to anything. Yeah, he didn’t suck by himself, Julius Jones sucked but that’s par for the course. The defense sucked, but it might not have mattered if Hasselbeck hadn’t thrown away 3 or 4 scoring opportunities. I’m real tired of hearing that getting moved back from inside the 1 to inside the 16 is the reason Hasselbeck threw an interception. It was still first and goal, and it was still a dumb decision to throw that pass there. That was all on Hasselbeck and not Andrews and Locklear.

    “What if 9ers beat the Saints tonite?”

    Then it proves that game 1 was a fluke because Alex Smith imploded.

    And I agree about Curry, dude has done nothing to justify even having been taken in the 1st round, let alone where he was taken in the 1st.

  14. Like a parent who loves his kid too much many seem to love matt too much. peyton manning,tom brady,drew brees and others have risen the level of play at the position. no bad decisions, no bad throws, never letting emotions get the better is what is expected. Why on earth we are trying to get the opponets off guard at the 6 inch line on first down and in the first quarter with a thrown together line? This is matts fault. he does a lot well but also does a lot of things poorly one being throwing the ball down field. This is not a superbowl run we are on and It really doesnt matter who takes the snaps. But it might be fun to see something new cause the old is kinda stale. better players on d are needed, this is not a 5-9 and below leauge. go hawks

  15. while I agree that it is clearly time that we need to be looking for the QB of the future – I firmly believe that QB is NOT on the roster.

    Whitehurst has had exactly 1 decent preseason start in Seattle and like 2 good quarters that I can find in SD. NOBODY in SD was screaming for him to even be the 2nd string QB. (clearly Rivers does not need to be replaced) so why anyone is screaming for him to be the QB of the future is beyond me.

    For all Matt’s issues I don’t see Charlie leading this offense. Yes there will be some plays but still. I think we are a 6 win team with Matt – 3 or fewer with whitehurst. then we can draft best available QB with our top 4 or 5 pick next year.

    I am thinking I would love to see Andrew Luck in seahawks blue. Strong, accurate, fast, good leader!!!

  16. The Seahawks are not the same team on the road because Matt is not the same QB on the road. He’s skittish and makes poor decisions. All day yesterday he was feeling pressure that wasn’t there. I watched Phillip Rivers stand tall in the pocket last week and fearlessly deliver the ball with guys all around him. Matt has lost his pocket poise. He is on the downside of his career it’s evident that the hits have taken their toll on him. Much like Shawn Alexander at the end of his career, Matt has lost his bravado. He looks scared out there!

  17. Great QBs step into their passes knowing they’re going to get plastered after they release the ball. Matt rushes his throws in an effort not to get hit. Sad but true.

  18. subtlesquire says:

    Greg Johns of writes in his article, “But when Seattle does have the ball, why waste carries with Julius Jones?”

    I agree completely. We’d be better off just spiking the ball and going on to the next play.

  19. jjsnix – I agree with you. After watching most of the game again today, Matt had time on many plays, had a pocket, but he rushed his throws. Blocking was inconsistent, and Bates’ plays were often designed for quick releases, but all the same there is no way to excuse Matt’s hurried throws. Matt needs to show confidence in his offensive line by standing in there and planting his feet before delivering the ball.

  20. I’d like to see Forsett be THE GUY for the next few games & see what happens.
    While their were several reasons we lost this game (& I agree with Dave Bolling’s comment that we were out coached this week), Jones seems to have a tendency to reverse momentum in a negative way.

  21. BobbyAyala says:

    It doesn’t matter if Matt is “superior,” which is questionable at best, since Whitehurst hasn’t had an opportunity to prove whether or not he can get it done, the point is, if you’re not going to the playoffs (which the Seahawks are not), then you’re wasting everyone’s time with Matt at QB.

    Also, if you look at the season opener objectively, the most important factor was the 12th Man.

    That game was entirely about energy. The Seahawks did all of their scoring in one quick energetic burst, and that was about it.

    I’m not saying the Hawks suck, and they could win the NFC West, but they could win it just as easily with Jesus Hopehurst.

  22. bird_spit says:

    BobbyA –

    I couldnt agree more.

    Not to stir up crap but, you really ought to pay your bet off. Would like to see that, cause I think you have a lot of good points, but they are soured by your lack of integrity.

  23. Did anyone notice from the link to McIntyre’s breakdown how many O snaps Branch was on the field? About 90%.

    With the competition theme, would have thought Butler would have got some of that time. He was on fire at the start. He was hauling them all in. Maybe the coaching staff was saving him? I was cringing at some of those balls Hass was throwing him.

    Is it more because the WR’s practice more at a specific spot?

  24. Wish I was a fly on PC’s/JS’s wall when they discuss who would make the best QB draft pick for Bate’s scheme.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    paulsj – That’s correct. So far, Butler’s been limited to intermediate routes; digs, comebacks, out and deep out routes. Primarily stuff that’s designed to be run underneath the coverage. (Which is a hell of a lot more that what he was allowed to run last year.) But Branch has the ability to not only run those too, but they’ve been using him to try and get behind the coverage; flag, posts and go routes. They feel that Branch gives them their most versatile receiver so the result is that he’ll see more snaps. Think of it this way, Butler lines up as the flanker almost exclusively and Branch has lined up at all 3 positions (flanker, split-end and in the slot) depending on what Bates wants to run.

    Butler really has grown as a receiver from last year to this though. Like you said, he made some great catches Sunday. I expect to see his role expand as he keeps improving and continues to learn this offense. Once he’s proved to Carroll that he can run all those effectively, I think we’ll see him given a chance to run some deeper stuff.

  26. Freshman year our HS wrestling team had an exhibition meet with a Japanese all-star team – they were like Japan’s national champs or sumpthin. They beat all of us except Bob Bergen and Larry Owings (my heros). Besides all of them being super wrestlers/athletes, those Japanese all had a basic move they’d perfected that nobody (except Larry) could counter. It was their takedown. Everybody’s seen the counter for a double-leg takedown – move your legs/feet straight back, keep weight on the opponent’s shoulders and push his head into the mat while his fingers pop off your leg, then pin that hand and spin around behind, etc. Those Japanese moved so quick it was “thud-wap” and you’re on the mat, usually on your back. When you put any part of your weight on their shoulder with your hands/arms they shot in for the takedown. Their push-off (trailing leg) was straight out behind them and their leading leg was aimed about 1.5 feet behind and beside where our legs were at the start of the move. That leg ended up slightly behind yours. They moved in very low with their backs vertical to leaning slightly backwards. Shooting in, their bottom was about an inch or two above the mat. Besides their quickness, the most amazing thing was the strength of their legs from that squat position. They had you by the back of the knees so you couldn’t flair back, and you couldn’t force their head down or away. Great perfected technique.

    How many times do we see IND’s Freeney and Mathis, or MIN’s Allen and Edwards, or GB’s Matthews, HOU’s M.Williams, PIT’s Harrison, or NYG’s Kiwanuka get to the QB for a sack, hit or pressure? One on one with even the best OTs, you can bet on them beating their opponent the majority of the time. What makes them so good? They aren’t much more athletic, stronger, faster, or smarter than any other pass-rusher. To me, it looks like great technique, practiced to perfection. Hawks have good Leos, but is Quinn helping them with their technique? Is there anybody that Hawks could bring in to help teach them? Jacob Green? John Randle? Carl Eller? Kerney?

  27. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Nobody could teach that stupid ape Aaron Curry anything about technique.

  28. Please stop knocking Curry. It’s getting more than old.

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