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Hasselbeck says Carroll called him out for poor play

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September 20, 2010 6:56 pm

During his weekly, game-after press conference this afternoon Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carrroll was supportive of Matt Hasselbeck, who struggled in the game on Sunday at Denver, reiterating that the veteran quarterback is his guy.

“There really was one decision,” Carroll said, pointing to Hasselbeck’s interception to Champ Bailey on the first series of the game. “Throwing the ball up to Champ was one that really gave them a chance to make a play. Other than that he played a solid football game and gave us chance to do some things.”

Asked where he should have thrown the ball on that play, Hasselbeck said, “Probably row 5”

Hasselbeck said although Carroll was supportive, he did admonish him for the critical mistakes he made in the game. Hasselbeck threw three interceptions on Sunday, including two near the goal line.

“He was tough on me,” Hassselbeck said. “He was pretty hard on me. He did call me out right after the game on the turnover thing. And I expect that. And I have no problem with that.

“And the standard has kind of been set. He has told us what he expects, so we know what he is looking for and the kind of football he wants to play. He wants to be a team that doesn’t turn the ball over and gets turnovers. That’s the most important thing in the world to him.”

Hasselbeck once again talked about that balance between playing with aggressiveness and confidence, but also being conservative and careful with the ball.

Carroll said there’s no thought of getting reserve quarterback Charlie Whitehurst in the game, and that Hasselbeck still is his quarterback.

“Matt’s our guy,” Carroll said. “We’re counting on him. And we know he gives us the best chance to win. And he’s doing everything he can to prepare, and he’s busting his tail and all of that. He’s doing a good job.

“We feel fortunate to have Charlie waiting in the wings. But it’s not his time yet.”

Hasselbeck a runner? Carroll joked about Hasselbeck’s running prowess after he scored on a 20-yard scamper near the end of the game.

“Now that he’s a runner too, we’ve decided we’re going to do install some other aspects of the offense to accentuate that,” joked Carroll

So should we be ready to see some Michael Vick plays from Hasselbeck?

“We have watched some Philadelphia tape here today,” he said

In-flight film session: Hasselbeck said one of the things the players do on their way home is watch film of the game on laptops set up by the team’s film staff in order to get a jump start on reviewing the game.

“It’s way better than watching some stupid Adam Sandler movie,” joked Hasselbeck.

“You just get closure that way,” Hasselbeck went on. “And then you come in today and watch it with your coach, and they’ve watched it as a staff. I’m sure they watch it in the front of the plane. So you end up watching

Hasselbeck watching the film just confirmed what he thought about the game right after it was over.

“For me, with the turnovers it kind of confirmed everything that I thought,” he said. “I knew right away what I needed to do to get better and I saw that again today.”

“In a way it’s almost encouraging because the stuff we did wrong, or I did wrong, is all stuff we know we can fix. So I think in a strange way there’s a lot of optimism after watching the film because I think we see how good we can be.”

Tate is Hawks new punt returner: Carroll said rookie Golden Tate is the team’s punt returner moving forward after his explosive, 63-yard return on Sunday.

“We can’t afford to take him out of there,” Carroll said. “Obviously is big return proved that again, but he’s a great catcher. And has great ability to make decisions back there as well. So we’ll stay with him.”

Hasselbeck said that Tate took advantage of his opportunities against Denver, which included a 52-yard reception in the second half.

“He showed up as a punt returner and also as a wide receiver,” Hasselbeck said. “So it’s been my experience when you show up in practice you get plays in games. And when you show up in the game, you continue to get more plays in the game.

“He didn’t have that many plays, but even the short go route that we threw to him on the left hand side, that was just sort of a ‘Hey, he just made a play. Let’s see if he can make another one.’ And that’s kind of what happens.

Hasselbeck said because of concerns with Mike Williams and how he would play with a thigh injury, the Seahawks offensively were looking to try and find other guys to step up and make plays, and they put in a couple plays for Tate.

Some tidbits

*Carroll said that Ben Hamilton has replaced Mike Gibson at left guard. Hamilton started the entire game against Denver.

* Linebacker Leroy Hill is wearing a boot and has a strained calf muscle.

* Carroll said rookie Russell Okung will begin running on land this week, and if all goes well, he could begin practicing next week. Okung has been out with a high-ankle sprain since the second preseason game on Aug. 21.

* WR Mike Williams did not play very much because of concerns with the thigh injury.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Well, nothing terribly earth-shattering here. It may not be Charlie’s time yet, but much more of what Hass did on Sunday and it will be.

  2. I think all of Carroll’s comments are spot-on. Still very happy we made the hire.

    I missed that Wiliams was hurt – I suppose that does explain his low impact game.

  3. bird_spit says:

    Leroy has a boot? I think he needs a boot in the ass. Good thing he took a pay decrease.

  4. What does it say about Whitehurst that he can’t beat out one of the 5 worst starting QBs in the NFL? The only way Hasselbeck fixes this INT problem is by going back to his alter-ego, Capt Checkdown.

  5. “Matt’s out guy,” Carroll said.

    So it’s Whitehurst time? Yippeeee!

    Just kidding. I love Matt and hope he plays better in the next game.

  6. Since PA sold the Seahawks plane, have they been chartering one, or do they fly regular commercial?

  7. SharkHawk says:

    2 questions…

    1- What in the heck is a “labtop”? I keep hearing people say that, and I swear they are called “laptop” computers, or have I always been saying it wrong? Maybe a simple typo, but I have heard the word “labtop” at least 15 times in the last month. It is a new type of computer (not being a smart-aleck… I was just wondering if I missed something like that is what they are calling iPad type computers, or if lots of people are saying it weird).

    2- Why in the heck did anybody in the front office think that Josh Wilson wasn’t as good as Kelly Jennings and we should let him go to Balto? We sure could have used Josh on Denver’s first big drive when they threw right at Kelly and HE NEVER EVEN TURNED EVEN AS THE BALL WENT RIGHT BY HIS HEAD. Is he deaf? Can he not feel, hear, or sense the ball coming near him at all? He’s lost out there. Completely, and if we had Wilson returning punts, maybe we start the game off a bit better. But we let him go because of the supposedly amazing play of Jennings and Thurmond. If that is the case then Josh Wilson must have all of a sudden forgot how to play football this past offseason, because both of those guys suck.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    bird_spit – lol

  9. Carlsonkid says:

    I have to agree with SharkHawk about Jennings ; the guy is just plain awful . Every time he’s had a chance to show or step up he’s failed . He looked absolutely terrible out there yesterday , play after play . The Roaming Gnome has gotta go !

    .. and by the way , he’s no where near 5 foot 11 inches tall ! I stood right next to him at training camp in Cheney when he was a rookie while I was getting him to autograph a football and the guy’s no taller than me , and I’m 5 ‘ 9 ” .

  10. chawksnr1 says:

    I think MH needs Zorn. If I’m not mistaken he started going downhill since Zorn left.

  11. I agree with Sharkhawk also. I seem to remember getting flamed a couple weeks ago by several people for making similar comments………….

  12. Matt has not gone down hiil, He to often has games like this. Only when we had the best runnning game I have ever witnessed was he an elite qb. I could have been above average on those teams. The ones with Hucth.PLEASE stop hopein and a wishin he gets better. He is what he is. Its very hard to be an elite qb. Only a few humans can do it. sadly they are on other teams. those teams will almost always beat us untill we improve at qb and ddddddddddd. jennings is most likley not even 5-9 ,tru also not 5-10 This will not work against SD and there 6-5 wide outs and tight ends. Phillip rivers is much better than Kyle orton and im sure they looked at this weeks tape. go hawks please stop playing deion branch same story as above but we have his replacements ready.

  13. Should we start preparing for #8’s curtain call???

    Over the last two seasons Matt has been the least conspicuous of a number of poorly performing areas of this team. This team has operated from such a talent deficiency in so many other areas that there hasn’t been an awful lot of examination of the quarterback position up until now.

    There’s an old saying, “in the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king”. Well I believe that Matt has been our one-eyed man for a few years. That being said, as our expectations for this team shift from just looking for signs of improvement to expectations of playoff contention we are going to have to look more critically at the quarterback position.

    Can the 2010 version of Matt Hasselbeck lead this team to the playoffs and beyond?

    If this team is going to be anything other than a rebuilding project we need Matt Hasselbeck to be GREAT. The problem though, is that he has never been great. He has been good with some outstanding moments…but great???

    There are those that would say that Shawn Alexander was not the only member of the Seahawk’s Superbowl run who’s success was a by-product of one of the best offensive lines in NFL history.

    Maybe the fall off in performance isn’t as noticeable with #8 as it was with #37, but the question deserves some consideration.

    This Sunday against the Broncos Hasslebeck looked scared out there at times. He rushed his throws unnecessarily and made poor decisions in the face of perceived pressure.

    Maybe it was an isolated occurrence. Maybe Matt will light it up next week against the Chargers. Not entirely unlikely considering Matt and the rest of the team will be bolstered by the Quest Crazies. But if this team is going to be good again they are going to have to win games on the road without the benefit of the 12th man. And I for one am not sure that Matt has what it takes to go on the road and win in an 11 on 11 contest with something on the line.

    Alec Baldwin had a great quote in Glengarry Glenn Ross. He said “It takes brass balls to sell real estate”. I would say the same is true for winning games on the road in the NFL.

    The question we should be asking is does Matt still have his.

  14. SeahawkAddiction says:

    the chargers are gonna kill us. 44-9

  15. variable575 says:

    chawksnr1 says:
    September 20, 2010 at 6:43 pm

    “I think MH needs Zorn. If I’m not mistaken he started going downhill since Zorn left.”

    – I couldn’t agree more. I saw the same intriguing correlation between his departure and Matt’s accuracy and int. issues.

  16. Matt killed us this game. Turnovers in the Red Zone were critical. Matt still can’t throw the deep ball to save his life. You would think an experienced player wouldn’t be making these kinds of mistakes, unless it’s Jake Delhomme. I don’t have any confidence that Matt can throw the ball more than 15 yards down the field.

    Who knows, if we don’t have the defense on the field for an additional 15 minutes, maybe they don’t give up as many big plays. I still like the run defense though. I still don’t miss Josh Wilson.

  17. SharkHawk says:

    I believe Zorn is in Balto right now. I saw him on the sidelines yesterday trying to talk to Harbaugh and getting completely ignored. I think Cam Cameron is running the offensive show for the Ravens and Harbaugh is pretty much an ass and seems to do nothing but act like a tough guy and act like he is right all the time.

    I think Zorn would be available after this coming season if a team made him a reasonable offer. I was pretty baffled why we didn’t hire him this past offseason. He certainly would have been an upgrade over the past 2 guys we’ve had since he left.

    I don’t think after this current season it will really matter much for Matt though. His time is quickly coming to an end. That throw to Champ Bailey in the beginning was everything Matt has become. Not a QB who efficiently makes his reads and makes quick throws after going through progressions. He is a guy who looks at option 1 and tries to force the ball in way too many times. It is horrible. He did that all last season. Holmgren would have ripped him a new one, and gotten it at least somewhat fixed. The guys we have now will be more likely to just replace him if the season starts to get away from us so that the QB of the future can take over. Personally though, there is nobody I’d rather have developing him than Zorn. He has really been good with QB’s. Even in the limited time he spent working with Jason Campbell while still trying to run the whole show in DC, you could see Campbell actually turning into a real live NFL QB.

  18. SharkHawk says:

    So olsonc… are you a big Kelly Jennings fan? I am not saying Josh Wilson is a world renowned superstar. I am saying that he’s better than Kelly Jennings and that Thurmond dude. So what if he’s a free agent. Let him play out the year and see what happens. Then those other guys have an additional year to develop. Jennings time is up though. Turning the starting job over to that dude was crazy.

  19. Seahawks 1-1
    Cardinals 1-1
    Rams 0-2
    49ers 0-2

    Oh by the way, if you want to give credit to the 49ers credit for battling the Saints — why can’t we give credit the Seahawks for kicking the 49ers ass a week ago?

  20. SharkHawk – great comment. Hope Hawks can get Zorn next year, but wonder if Holmgren won’t want to take him to CLE.

    SF just lost – barely – to NO.

  21. SharkHawk says:

    I give the Hawks credit. I just don’t think Kelly Jennings is very good. We’d be a better team with Josh Wilson on the field and with Jim Zorn helping Matt to be his best. Just a discussion point, not a removal of credit for the Hawks stomping the holy heck out of the 49ers. That was certainly a great game.

  22. SeahawkFan12 says:

    chawksnr1 says:
    September 20, 2010 at 6:43 pm

    “I think MH needs Zorn. If I’m not mistaken he started going downhill since Zorn left.”

    Completely agree.

    Thankfully, the 9’ers lost a close one. I’m not one to cheer someone else’s misery, but it’s nice to have NOT lost any ground this week.

  23. williambryan says:

    I’m with olsonc on this one. If matt doesnt make two horrible throws this is a much more competitive game as it changes the whole complection of the game. If the team goes in and scores like they could have (should have) its a whole different ball game.

    On the Jennings front…I am a Jennings fan and have been since he was drafted, there are obviously many times he is in perfect position but either fails to make a play on the ball or in the case at denver, doesnt even turn to look for the ball. In his defense, firstly, he is ALWAYS right with his guy and in perfect position, he is fast and has great technique. There are only a handful of CB’s that are able to be in great position and make plays on the ball. Jennings isn’t a top 10 corner but he is a decent starter and a lot of teams would improve with him as a starter. In the tv broadcast of the game the commentators said that McDaniels told them that he did a study of one on one matchups (WR vs CB) around the league and found that the DB only made a play on the ball 3%of the time. That means there are a whole lot of corners that are going to be beat one on one and that includes darrelle Revis who just got schooled by that slouch randy moss. Jennings isnt great but the team couldn’t do much better, I think it was a mistake to let go of Wilson but not because of Jennings because I have all the confidence in the world in Jennings and more importantly so does the team.

  24. Tough tough loss for SF – they shot themselves in the foot four different ways and still almost pulled it out. Still 0-2 though.

    Watching Gore reminds me what a special back looks like. Makes plays out of nothing, gets everything he can out of the good plays. We don’t have a guy close to that. And Willis is simply better than any single player on our team.

    Still, it wasn’t just dumb luck that we beat them last week.

  25. snydro22 says:

    Wooohoooo !!!

    Suck it Niners fans !!!

  26. The Minnesota Twins had a crappy regular season record in 1987. Worst record ever for a World Series WINNER. They sucked going into the play-offs. Supposedly.

    Would you rather be that Mariners team that won a hell of a lot of regular season game and then lost in the ALCS to the Yankees?

    Why not us?

    Instead of living life in misery and doom and gloom (Mike Holmgren comment), what’s the crime in the Mr. Happy philosophy of optimism?

    What if we stay relatively healthy and a bunch of breaks go our way? Why not us? It’s week 2 for crying out loud.

    The Gods have got to give us some healthy breaks one of these years, right?

    Remember the year the Colts won it all? Their run defense was pathetic. They were “doomed.”

    What about the year the Broncos won their first Super Bowl? They were a Wild Card team (and sucked going into the play-offs).

    Everyone talks about the Jets being so great but they conveniently forget that the Colts let them in the play-offs last year by laying down. Would there really be all the Jets optimism if they wouldn’t have made the play-offs? Even Rex Ryan said they sucked (figure of speech) and were out of it late last year after the Falcons game.

    If we have a good coaching staff, they will coach our guys up. If we get on a roll, the confidence will ooze.

    I understand what some are saying by inserting Whitehurst, but I don’t buy it. Not yet. They may be right. I’m certainly no guru and may be proven wrong (wouldn’t be the first time) but I’ll put my money on Matt Hasselbeck over an unproven guy any day (especially with some of the dumb INTs he threw in the pre-season — he’s not immune to stupid INTs either and has proved that in the pre-season and that was without the pressure of being in a “real” game). If we get to the point of sucking — then by all means, get Weirdbeard some snaps and move on…

  27. snydro22 says:


    Couldn’t agree more. This is anyone’s division this year. We look solid, and it’s only week 2. So much time for things to fall into place for us..

    A break here, an unexpected win there, a few Niners losses there, and we are in the playoffs, and we all know that ANYTHING can happen in the NFL..

  28. snydro – we’ll have to do a Vikings game next year if they come to MN.

  29. To most of you (not all of you):

    I love how the 1994 San Francisco 49ers lost in week 5 to the Eagles 40-8. I remember everyone talking about how the 49ers sucked and Steve Young was mad he was taken out of the game.

    Oh by the way, that was week 5, and the 49ers went on to basically kill everyone from there on out (including a lopsided Super Bowl win).

    But if you listened to all the idiot “experts” (or people with mouths who like to listen to themselves talk)… they sucked and were doomed.

    Give this team a chance before you pretend you’re Jim Mora and are willing to throw your guys under the bus (whether it’s Mare or Spencer).

  30. Soggybuc says:

    Cant say it enough guys! “Any given Sunday!’

  31. I don’t like the Hawks pass D. DEN ran, ran, passed for a 1st down too many times, not getting anything on 1st & 2nd dns, but 13 yds on 3rd. Not saying KJ isn’t a good CB, but CEN tried Milloy, then Tru, then KJ. Then they went to KJ’s guy every time they needed a 1st dn, and got it. Now I believe that if you play a 3-man front (not getting any kinda pressure on the QB), and the opponent’s offense shows a tendency to pick on a particular CB with the pass, then eventually you should roll coverage his way to help out that CB. I didn’t see KJ getting much help out there, but saw lotsa 1st dn throws. If Hawks’re gonna continue to play that kinda D, then they better get a shut-down CB to go with Tru. Don’t wanna call out KJ, but maybe Hawks should look at drafting one of LSU’s Patrick Peterson 6-1/211 4.47-40, Neb’s Prince Amukamara 6-0/200 4.49-40, TX’s Aaron Williams 6-1/189 4.44-40, VA’s Ras-I Dowling 6-2/200 4.52-40.

  32. ruminator1 says:

    labtop–is a cover over all experiments in a lab. with regard to football it means keeping quiet about experiments, letting the media and fans speculate.

    IMO–no way would the hawks beat the SF team that played in SF tonight. but on another day with the right timing on key events, they could beat that team again or most other nfl teams. again, no early interceptions and a score, no key holding or offside, no key dropped pass etc. not perfect football but well timed excellence. this team CAN play.

  33. 2009 Super Bowl Winner — Saints sucked after losing to Dallas at home. Were done. Or something. The bloggers here would be willing to concede though.

    2008 Super Bowl Winner — Had all but 2 staters start the Super Bowl. Go read their blogs after losing to Philly after week 3. Or any of their 4 losses. They sucked. Or something.

    2007 Super Bowl Winner — That Giants team was 10-6 and didn’t win their division. My favorite is WEEK TWO when they lost at HOME vs. Green Bay 35-13. Good thing they didn’t have our bloggers tell them how to run their season.

    2006 Super Bowl Winner — See Colts comment above (run defense sucked and they were written off).

    2005 Super Bowl Winner — See Leavy, Bill. (and 7-5 start… yeah, I bet the bloggers were optimistic after the 5 losses)

    2004 Super Bowl Winner — I bet Patriot (I mean Red Sox) “fans” are happy that the ‘talking heads’ didn’t proclaim the Pats to suck after they got demolished by the Steelers in week 6. Oh, wait, they did. And the Pats still won a Super Bowl after everyone talked about how bad they sucked after this loss?

    2003 Super Bowl Winner — Good thing most people on this blog aren’t in charge of determining the ’03 Patriots Super Bowl WINNING season. Oh by the way, the ’03 Patriots lost their season opener 31-0.

    2002 Super Bowl Winner — I remeber watching the Bucs/Steelers game when the Steelers basically dominated LATE in the season. It was only a 10 point differential, but if you wached the game, you know who dominated. Good thing the Bucs didn’t give up like a bunch of their “fans” wanted or they may still be sitting at ZERO Super Bowl Championships.

    2001 Super Bowl Winner — They started 1-3. ‘Nuff said.

    2000 Super Bowl Winner — I bet Ravens fans were jacked to have Trent Dilfter and an offense that couldn’t score a TD to save its life. At any point in the season (with respect to winning it all).

  34. SharkHawk says:

    ruminator… dude… you must not have read the article and seen the context, so here is a copy and paste. Tell me it still means keeping quite for speculation. I think you’re making stuff up man.

    “In-flight film session: Hasselbeck said one of the things the players do on their way home is watch film of the game on laptops set up by the team’s film staff in order to get a jump start on reviewing the game.

    “It’s way better than watching some stupid Adam Sandler movie,” joked Hasselbeck.”

    That specific quote originally said “labtops” and was changed to “laptops”. So Eric answered the question. It was just a typo. It didn’t mean anything other than a computer in this particular article. Apparently it does in your world. I just keep hearing people saying it and wasn’t sure if I missed some new form of computer (a la iPad) that people are using for watching video that is called a labtop. Apparently… the answer is NO.

  35. SeahawkFan12 says:

    BobbyK, I love it. Great analysis!

  36. I have to say that it was really hard for me to watch the game, I was watching it at a bar with a bunch of friends, very distracting.

    There was a fumble by Denver that looked like it went out of bounds, and it didn’t appear that the Denver player was touched, what happened on that play?

    It also seemed like we couldn’t get a single call. At least 1-2 really bad PI calls, especially the one on Trufant that was uncatchable.

    I also heard we were rushing 3 guys. Is it me or is the Road version of Gus Bradley roaring his ugly head again? At home we play and attacking aggressive defense, on the road 3 man rush, and zone coverage, no blitzes. I also saw that the curse of the mistackle is back. There was a screen in which the guy looked down, yet we totally whiffed on the play.

    I’m not saying that Kelly Jennings is great, but he was good week 1, and I saw him make another solid open field tackle. We give him a pass rush and he’ll look a lot better and that can be said for the rest of the secondary.

    I’m plenty optimistic, bordering on unrealistic, because I see glimpses in this team that could be a very good, if not great/competitive team. We just need to play smart and not shoot ourselves in the foot.

  37. ljarllrajl says:

    I’m sticking with my prediction:

    7-9 NFC West Champion Seattle Seahawks, Baby!

  38. Ewalters7354 says:

    Pdway,are you a 49ers fan?Cause from your wording,I would assume so.Yes Patrick Willis is great,but so is Lofa. I live in New Orleans(not a saints fan though) and was glad they 49ers lost.They are a division team and I hate their guts.We lose one game that we lost by stupid penalties and bum turnovers,and people a giving up already.Wilson was an OK cornerback,but he was not shutdown.Jennings is better in coverage,but like a typical Ruskell pick,he doesn’t have any ball awareness.I think the players are buying in to the coaching and truly believe they will be better.Go Hawks!

  39. Dukeshire says:

    I was a bit disappointed the defense was less aggressive as well. As the season wears on, I’d expect to see blitzing to be more common (especially corner blitzes. When you’ve got Earl Thomas, who can cover and run with anyone, seems like a perfect set-up to bring Lewis or Thurmond. In time…) but for last Sunday, I think I understand why they were playing more zone and cover 2. They are pretty young in the secondary still (Thomas, Lewis, Thurmond) and Denver has a very solid passing game (if underrated). They were able to shut the run down but it felt like a defense that was trying to protect it’s secondary from getting beat deep. I expect that as the season wears on, we’ll see a defense that will play more aggressively on the road. I view it (for now) as all part of the learning process.

  40. bird_spit says:

    Okay, after puking up the Kool-aid, I was able to squeegee it up, and put it back in the cooler. After giving it some time to ferment, I have since drink that Kool-aid again.

    Go Hawks! (burp)

  41. Seahawks fall to #11 in latest power rankings:

  42. hawkblogger, I’m not going to click on a “hidden” link, especially not for a power ranking.

  43. BobbyAyala says:

    There are many reasons to be optimistic about the Seahawks this season, most of all that the West very well could be won by a 7-9 team.

    The Seahawks are a 7-9 team.

    They are a quarterback, Vincent Jackson, and another nasty lineman away from being a playoff team again.

    Pete Carroll, and his staff, is the ex-factor.

  44. “Pdway,are you a 49ers fan?Cause from your wording,I would assume so.Yes Patrick Willis is great,but so is Lofa.”

    Nope, but I can still appreciate great football players can’t I? I’m just blown away by how great Willis is – seems like he finds a way to fill every gap on any key play. Doesn’t change who I root for on Sundays.

  45. BobbyAyala says:

    Oh, they need a good running back too.

    Ingram will do nicely.

  46. BobbyAyala says:

    Lofa is good.

    Willis is Hall of Fame good.

  47. “They are a quarterback, Vincent Jackson, and another nasty lineman away from being a playoff team again”

    I’d say top immediate needs are a pass-rushing D-lineman, a bigger RB, and the next QB. I’m not in a hurry to get Vincent Jackson – for all the $ and picks he cost, Brandon Marshall isn’t tearing things up so far in Miami, and I’m reasonably happy with our WR’s these days.

  48. Bobby, I like your SB history post.

    One thing Coach Carroll constantly repeats: “it isn’t how you start, its how you finish.” That’s true of SB teams. (also, the 2005 stealers do deserve a lot of credit for finishing very strong in their playoffs.) The other thing Carroll keeps repeating: “its all about the ball; there is nothing more important than turnovers.” At least he has his priorities right.

  49. Watching Alex Smith last night, after watching Hasselbeck this season, gave me pause to wonder if I haven’t underestimated him. For the first time I’ve seen, Smith showed guts and poise in the pocket. He did the things Hass failed to do against Denver – stepping up in the pocket, releasing the ball strongly, and taking the hit. We didn’t see that Alex Smith in game 1. It occurred to me that these two QBs may be closer to equal than I realized, the difference being that Hasselbeck is on his way down in his career, while Smith is on his way up.

    Hass was erratic in his first few years before becoming confident and deadly accurate around 2003-2007. Smith is now in year six, has a young and improving O line and young offensive players around him. Singletary’s game plans may be conservative, but he is building a tough-as-nails team, and although I thought Smith was the weak link, I now wonder. Most QBs aren’t great for their whole career; they merely have a few years in their prime, and that’s enough to win if their team matures at the same time.

    Last night, Smith and the 49ers looked a little bit like Hasselbeck and the Seahawks circa 2003. A team with a plan and a QB who is gaining confidence with every game; a team approaching that stage of putting it all together.

  50. “He did the things Hass failed to do against Denver – stepping up in the pocket, releasing the ball strongly, and taking the hit. We didn’t see that Alex Smith in game 1. It occurred to me that these two QBs may be closer to equal than I realized, the difference being that Hasselbeck is on his way down in his career, while Smith is on his way up”

    Agreed that he did look much better – though he did have the benefit of a really strong run game last night, and from what I saw the majority of his throws were of the 8-10 yard variety. Obviously, he can still be rattled, as he was in game 1, but yeah, he looked very sharp and mobile against N.O. They rolled up 417 yards, and basically outplayed them.

    On another note – did you see that Reggie Bush suffered a broken leg on that one punt return? I remember we were talking the other day about the risks of putting Forsett back returning punts in a pre-season game.

  51. nighthawk2 says:

    So after we’re 1-5 it might be Charlie Whitehurst’s time? 4 interceptions in 2 games, 14 in the last six games, and Hasselbeck is “still our guy”. Swell. I’m not saying Whitehurst is another Aaron Rodgers, I’m just saying he can’t play any worse than Hasselbeck does. Oakland wised up and pulled their big name ineffective starter at halftime Sunday, and won the game.

    Note to Carroll: How about doing something fundamental and establish a running game? Forsett is clearly the best running back on the team and he only gets 8 carries and 1 catch? Julius Worthless gets 4 carries, Leon Washington gets 4 carries and Robinson 1 carry. WTF? Give the ball to Forsett, spell him occasionally with Washington or run some plays where they are both out there, and forget about Jones and Robinson.

  52. ruminator1 says:

    sharkhawk–cool down my friend. i was just having a little fun. didn’t mean to suggest there was really such a thing as a labtop

    pdway–whoever we have returning punts, the risks are pretty much the same. it could be JF, or tate or washington. unless we have them all fair catch (in which case it seems it had better not be WT)

  53. Ewalters7354 says:

    Pdway,i am not trying to offend,but I think you should dump the Hawks and jump on the Niners bandwagon.It seems you like their players way more and they are so great of a team.I respect the fact that they are talented,but at the same time they aren’t a powerhouse.Alex Smith played ok last night,but he did throw INTS that were all his fault.He is not better then Matt or Charlie.I bet you money the Niners would take Matt or Charlie over Alex Smith anyday.

  54. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    WHY THE HELL DOESN’T ANYONE CALL OUT AARON CURRY FOR HIS SPECTACULAR FAILURE POOR PLAY?!?!? All he does is rack up penalties every week, miss tackles, suck ass in pass coverage, and literally accomplish nothing as a pass rusher despite being blitzed off the edge all the time!!! BENCH HIM, LEROY HILL AND DAVID HAWTHORNE ARE MUCH BETTER THAN THAT OVERPAID CLOWN!!!!

  55. AaronCurryIBGKJLKJH…. maybe you need to invent a new handle so you can bust on someone else for awhile? Just a suggestion.

    If you really are intent on dissing Aaron Curry for the rest of his career, just be aware that he is still young and will only get better and better. So be prepared to eat your words someday.

  56. “pdway–whoever we have returning punts, the risks are pretty much the same. it could be JF, or tate or washington. unless we have them all fair catch (in which case it seems it had better not be WT) ”

    yeah, i know, just seemed like an inordinate risk to have our #1 back taking on that risk. though, the way we’re splitting up the carries so far, he’s not as much of a #1 as most of us would like.

  57. ruminator1 says:

    jeez i doubt the 49ers would take either hass or CW for smith. they might not like what he does some games, but he is their qb. they wouldn’t like 3 interceptions either. and smith has a lot more experience that CW.

    as for the steady bashers of hass and curry and branch, whoa! they have been up and down. much to criticize but some to praise (in branch’s case, a lot to praise but all i read was get rid of branch earlier). would you agree that the hawks have upgraded the defense and the offensive line, especially at the 2nd level? do you like the attitude on this club? did you expect 14 wins after the last few years? it may be as a few have suggested that this is the swan song for hass. if that is true, the CW touters will see him in there before the season is out. but right now, i think hass gives us our best chance to win. if he continues with the bad judgment and bad throws, ok i will agree we need a change. but this is a team. players are making mistakes, routes are just a little off, a block is missed, a holding call or a movement penalty interrupts, etc etc. let’s wait and see how they jell. what will all the naysayers say if the chargers, a superior team in most regards, win convincingly? out with hass. he’s a bum. bring in CW. curry horrible. (and boy, if we ever put curry out there he would be gobbled up).

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