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Milloy: ‘We didn’t play Seahawks football, that’s the bottom line’

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 19, 2010 at 6:06 pm with 68 Comments »
September 19, 2010 6:06 pm

Even know the score was somewhat lopsided, the Seattle Seahawks felt they could have been in this one in the second half had they played better on the road in Denver in the team’s 31-14 loss here.

A quick check of that stat sheet confirms that thought.

The Broncos held a 369-339 overall advantage in total yards. They had a healthy lead in time of possession at 37:27 to 22:33. But Seattle did a better job of running the ball, with a 109-65 advantage.

Where this game was lost was turnover margin, with the Seahawks turning the ball over four times today, and not creating any turnovers defensively.

Along with that, the Seahawks were awful on third down conversions defensively. After holding San Francisco to 1 of 15 on third downs last week, Seattle allowed the Broncos to convert 14 of 20 third down situations.

Seattle also finished with seven penalties for 64 yards, including a holding penalty by Sean Locklear that negated a 6-yard touchdown by Justin Forsett on the first drive of the game.

Seahawks veteran Lawyer Milloy said with all those mistakes Seattle can’t win on the road.

“When you go on the road, it’s already hard having 53 men going against 70,000-plus,” Milloy said. “So you have to go out there and you have to be on your game. We were at home last week and we threw an interception and we had the crowd, and we stopped them and stayed in the game. But now we’re on the road and we have a couple turnovers, it doesn’t work the same. That’s why they call it home field advantage.

“But we didn’t play Seahawk football. That’s the bottom line. It had nothing to do with the atmosphere or the altitude. That’s not how we want to play.”

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck was frustrated and honest in discussing his poor performance today. For the second straight game he threw an interception on the first series of the game, a fade route to Deion Branch that was under thrown and picked off by Champ Bailey near the end zone.

Hasselbeck finished 20 of 35 for 233 yards and a touchdown with three interceptions.

“Across the NFL if you lose the turnover ratio like we did today, you’re going to make it very, very hard to win a game,” Hasselbeck said. “I don’t care who you are. And that’s what we did today. I turned the ball over and didn’t give us a great chance to win the game.”

Both head coach Pete Carroll and Hasselbeck addressed the fourth and 2 call from Denver’s 20-yard line. Seattle was down 24-7 at that point with a little over two minutes left. If they kick a field goal they are only down 14 points with a little over a quarter to go, but Carroll said he felt good about going for it there.

“That was just a chance to capture the momentum and give our guys another boost,” Hasselbeck said. “And they did a nice job of covering up the stuff we wanted to get the first down on, and he had to put it up to give us a shot.

“So it feel like, ‘Why don’t you go ahead and kick the field goal?’ after you see that. But I like the thought. We were being aggressive and going for it.”

Hasselbeck said offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates called a screen pass to Julius Jones that Denver covered up, so his last resort was fade ball to Branch, who was covered by Bailey on the play.

“It’s kind of like a screen play to the right essentially,” Hasselbeck said. “Julius Jones is kind of the guy to get the ball. I think their defense got confused. They ran two guys to Julius, so it’s just kind of a bad break, a little bit of bad luck. Rather than try and concede the play I just tried to throw it up again to Champ Bailey, which probably isn’t going to work.”

Walter Thurmond also talked about the muff punt that led to Denver’s first touchdown of the game, and made no excuses about not coming up with the ball.

“I just dropped the ball, just poor technique is all it was,” Thurmond. “I mean I could have said the ball went into the sun. I could have said a whole bunch of things. But it was poor technique, that’s all it was.”

Even though Thurmond is just a year removed for major knee reconstructive surgery, Carroll said he wanted to give Thurmond a chance back there catching punts, and thought Denver was a good situation because the ball carries so much he would have enough time to settle under the ball for a comfortable return.

But with the way Golden Tate looked on his 63-yard punt return, the Notre Dame product might have won the job over with his play today.

Overall, Carroll was disappointed his team played poorly on the road.

“We didn’t take our game on the road, and that’s what we have to do the next time we go,” Carroll said. “We had to do all of the right things – make the right decisions and the right choices and handles the issues on the road and play well.
“It was a tough lesson.”

The Seahawks had no major injuries to report other than linebacker Leroy Hill suffering a calf injuries that forced him to miss the rest of the second half.

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  1. Question: Why send Deion Branch on a fade route instead of Mike Williams?

  2. You must be kidding me!!!!!!

    Hill injured again?????

  3. Matt can’t turn the ball over like he did. The right side of the line can’t have that damn many penalties. The defense can’t give up that stinkin’ many 3rd down conversions. You win some. You lose some. I want to see what this team does next week before we can really begin to judge them. People were too high last week and too low right now. To officially get over that hump, however, we do need to get on the road and tough out a win (and, obviously, protect the home field too).

  4. orbeavhawk says:

    Whoops! Now we’ll have to settle for 15 and 1! Hee Hee!


  5. MadSweeney42 says:

    Back to reality after last weeks trouncing. However, AZ and StL look terrible and SF has little chance to beat the Saints so division aspirations aren’t snuffed (and it’s too early anyways for them to be snuffed). I didn’t see the pounce that the D had last week. Maybe the heat and altitude played more than a little bit, but they looked like Moron Jr’s “bend AND break” D. Just going to throw away this result and chalk it up to a learning experience for the team as well as the coaches.

    Tate was really impressive. Why he wasn’t out returning kicks earlier I don’t know. The run game was looking good but I didn’t like all the draws in the 4th.

    As for protecting the home field BoobyK, I couldn’t agree with you more since I’m heading up from Los Angeles (with Bolts fan in tow) for the game this Sunday. I don’t want to drop all that scratch on a poor effort. I’m taking suggestions (with appreciation) for food and entertainment on Saturday afternoon through Monday afternoon if anyone wants to hijack what will most likely be a dismal thread

  6. BobbyAyala says:

    It’s time for Jesus to rise from the bench and deliver us from Hasselhell.

    Hopehurst, your time is now.

  7. BobbyAyala says:

    All I’m saying is, if we have a good quarterback, we win that game by three touchdowns.

  8. Anybody watch the Stanford game last night? Andrew Luck looked pretty legit. If we draft in the bottom of the first round, we need to trade up to get that guy.

    Clayborn from Iowa looked insane also. He was triple teamed in the majority of the plays I watched.

  9. yellaman says:

    first off

    Hill is a none factor moving forward on this Team

    Now about the game- Thurmond doesn’t deserve to be fielding punts. This guy is coming off major knee surgery and hasn’t played in a meanigful game in over a year.

    Now Hass has got to do a better job of taking care of the ball and why is he trying to get the ball to branch on the outside. Branch is a slot wr and should be working the middle of the field not trying to make a play on the outside. Concerning the 4th & 2 play I expect a better play call if your going to go for it but I would have rather had a field goal..

    This game was lost on all fronts- Penalties & hasselbeck cost us in the 1st half and the coaches and defense cost us in the 2nd half.

    i just hope they can regroup before SD comes to town

  10. BobbyA – I know we’ve had our words on here in the past but I have to respectfully ask you what Hasselbeck had to do with the defense giving up 3rd downs like old ladies giving out candy on Halloween? How can we win a game by three touchdowns if our defense doesn’t make stops on 3rd downs (and we don’t get any turnovers on defense either)?

    I’ll agree that Matt played like crap. He’s not getting rushed too badly either. Sure, he’s getting some pressure here and there but no more than the average NFL QB. He needs to protect the ball better or, you’re right, it’ll be Weirdbeard time. I’m all for what’s best for this team no matter who is at what position.

  11. yellaman – you’re right about Matt and the pentalties costing us in the 1st half. But you have to add in the Thurmond muff on the punt too. That was huge.

  12. I notice that Pete Carroll didn’t thank the Broncos for the lesson. ;-)

  13. smithbrad77 says:

    So many positives to take from this game. We won’t have the pressure of an undefeated season hovering over us tied with the “win forever” mantra. We are finding out that we are a second half team (17-0 last week and 14-14 today). Like Coach Carroll preaches, we can’t win when we don’t take care of the ball. If we would have somehow won today, he would have lost credibility with his players (like I have “Mora” excuses than reasons for our poor play). These are fragile times as we build a sustainable elite franchise the likes Seattle has never experienced. Build on the positives!

  14. edstang45 says:

    Actually I see the team getting better as the year goes on, we will get better cohesion across the boared. Without holding penalty on first drive and botched punt return early , and if we didn’t change personel on the goal line stand score may have been 21-24in 4th quater with us having a chance. Matt may not have pressed, may not have given up the ball 4 times. Also with Orton at QB I thought we should have pressured more, seemed we drop into coverage as in the past on 3rd and lomg. it killed us again.. But we have some young skilled positions, DL is excellent against run, I think we are a pass rush away from being very good

  15. “This game was lost on all fronts- Penalties & hasselbeck cost us in the 1st half and the coaches and defense cost us in the 2nd half”

    I think that’s about right. Things are still so much better than the bottom we hit last year, where Hass had zero time, we were a team full of 3 and outs, and the defense was getting killed all over.

    At least this team can move the ball. Pass rush was much less today, and that was a big part of Denver converting so many 3rd downs. But give Orton credit, he’s a good QB, very calm in the pocket and accurate today.

    Hass’ two picks were a big reason we lost (the 3rd one was basically meaningless – down 31-14 w/2 min. left). But he played a very nice game last week – and the same people on here who call for his head all the time – need to give some consideration to that too.

    I still feel good about this team – a tough run defense always felt like the bedrock of a good defensive team to me, and it feels like we’ve got that. We probably still need another pass rusher, and an upgrade to Jennings (maybe that’s Thurmond) – but it seems like for the first time in awhile, our defense can become a strenght.

  16. SeahawkFan12 says:

    We’ll see how good/bad this team is next week. A bounce back week, at Qwest against a good team. San Fran will go 0-2.

    Get a grip people. And quit throwing Hasselbeck under the f8cking bus.

  17. Seahawkgo says:

    HasselBAD will cost Hawks more games if he still play as starter QB. He is the second player i really hate after JJ. Both of them will make Hawks terrible this season

  18. Seahawkgo says:

    Pete, do you need the right decision and right choice? You will not get it if Hass on the field. Do you worry about CW? You are rebuilding this team and CW will play well.

  19. goneshootin says:

    Milloy: ‘We didn’t play Seahawks football, that’s the bottom line’


    You played EXACTLY Seahawks football.

    Coaches might change, but the road record doesn’t.

  20. snydro22 says:

    Milloy: ‘We didn’t play Seahawks football, that’s the bottom line’

    Hey Lawyer, which team have you been watching the last few years? This looked EXACTLY like Seahawks football.. And that’s actually what we’re trying to get away from..

  21. snydro22 says:

    Wow.. That was weird..

    Umm.. Jinx?

  22. Ewalters7354 says:

    I am upset about the lost,but at the same time,you won’t win every positive we can take from this game is that the player can actuall see what coach Carrol was talking about and why he constantly preches taking care of the football.I also think as the season goes on we will become much better as a team.I also am pleased with the young players we have that are playing well and will continue to get better.Our o-line,even without Big Russ is playing real well aside from costly penalties,we have a good young core of recievers(anyone notice that Ben Obomanu plays like a younger,more humble,and faster version of Housh?),nice run defense,and linebacking core minus Hill and Curry who I believe will eventually turn it things i notice and suggest is that we start bringing pressure more often.i notice Gus doesn’t like to blitz at all,but Pete needs to tell him he needs to start because you cannot allow the quarterback to sit back there and pick you apart.We do not have the Vikings front four,so you have to turn up the heat.Hopefully we see that soon.But it’s just the second game and I am encouraged that we can be pretty good this year.Go Hawks!

  23. goneshootin says:

    My rant:

    Aaron Curry is as big of a bust as Dan McGwire, Rick Mirer and just about any other top 10 flop of a pick.

    Seriously, the guy has ZERO football instincts or IQ.

    Without judging his real intelligence (hey, maybe he’s a really, really smart guy), he’s a VERY STUPID football player, on the field.

    He makes ZERO impact. Over runs plays, CONSTANTLY. Is lost in pass coverage; it’s like he’s looking directly into the sun and is blinded.

    Oh, and he has one pass rushing move, if you call it a move: bull rush. He tries to push the blocker back into the QB. I thought he was fast? Quick? Nope.

    At this point, I’d honestly trade him for a 3rd round pick in next years draft. Seriously.

    During training camp, Tatupu was asked about Hawthorne’s success last year.

    His response: “It’s just linebacker, dude. It’s not that hard.”

    And that’s coming from a middle/inside LB. Curry’s on the outside, which involves NO calls.

    That’s my rant.

  24. snydro22 says:

    I’ll co-sign that comment! Good stuff, Ewalters7354..

  25. goneshootin says:

    snydro: funny!

  26. goneshootin says:

    FWIW: I do like what I’ve seen and heard from Carroll.

    Don’t like the 4th-and-2 call while down by 17.

    But, I’m sold on him as the coach/guy to right this ship.

    I guess this is part of the growing pains while he gets his guys in here.

  27. snydro22 says:


    I was opposed to drafting Curry from the start. I don’t think he’s as good as he thinks he is. Something isn’t clicking with him. I wish we could go back in time and draft someone else.. Anyone else..

    That said, I think he is an average to above average outside linebacker at the moment, with tons of upside. It will be up to him to ever reach that potential. At this point, I’m not sure I see that happening. But the possibility remains..

    I wonder where Curry would be if he had been inactive for his first NFL game, much like Tate was.. I honestly believe that’s the kind of wake-up call he needs. Of course, that’s a huge game check for a healthy inactive..

    Norton just needs to make chicken salad.. A ton of guaranteed money left on that deal..

  28. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    AARON CURRY IS TERRIBLE!!! Seriously do you guys even SEE him play?!?! One on one vs a ROOKIE RIGHT TACKLE the ENTIRE game and he gets NO PRESSURE!!!

    BUST! Screw you to hell Tim Ruskell for
    getting rid of Julian Peterson so you could draft this useless P.O.S.

  29. Ewalters7354 says:

    I agree with you guys about Curry.Thing is if you look at the type of players Ruskell drafts(aside from Lofa,Carlson,Mebane,Bryant,Leroy Hill and Josh Wilson) none of them have any ball awareness,they aren’t physical,and they all get picked on.With Curry I think he is not good with following instructions.I remember last week Pete Carrol went sat next to him on the bench and was talking to him,he came back in the game and did the exact same thing he’s been doing.Why couldn’t we have drafted Clay Matthews?He is beast if there ever wasn’t one.

  30. freedom_X says:

    Blitz does not equal pass pressure. Unless you have a lockdown secondary – constant blitzes will eventually get picked apart. Everyone who wants more blitzes starts singing a different tune after the D has given up 3 or 4 50 yard pass plays.

    For a defense like this, the blitz heavy strategy works best at home. The crowd noise makes it hard for the offense to adjust and call audibles to counter the blitz. Only when the Seattle D’s coverage gets better (matures, gets more used to working as a team and understands the concepts better) will they be able to blitz more in any situation they want.

    The more conservative D was the right call IMHO, it’s just the offensive turnovers destroyed any hope of it working.

    I must say, Golden Tate is the most exciting player Seattle’s drafted in years. Not the best player so far, but the most exciting. He really knows how to work in the open field, and the catch he made was one that I haven’t seen Seattle receivers do for almost a decade (a wideout who makes a spectacular, adjusting, go-get-the-ball catch instead of needing it directed right at his breadbasket.) Maybe Deion Branch may have made one or two of these back when he was young and healthy (which wasn’t often.) Hopefully Tate will be producing a lot of these in the next few years.

  31. It’s always a bad combination when you have a bottom 5 QB and can’t stop the pass. Getting stronger against the run with guys like Red Bryant was useless.

    This has been Seahawks football.

  32. BobbyAyala says:

    The ugliest play Matt has wasn’t one of the picks, it was a play in which he had Deon Butler streaking free on a deep cross on, I believe, 3 and 2 or something like that. It was going right to left, Butler was all alone and Matt sailed the throw by about 10 feet.

    When Matt first got here, he overthrew everything. Two years ago the problem started popping up again and it was really pronounced a season ago. Everyone blamed the O-line, which was understandable, but now, with his protection near perfect, the problem isn’t so easy to ignore.

    I could live with Matt making these mistakes if he was 27 and the QB of the future. As it stands now, I’d rather have the actual QB of the future learning on the job. At least if Charlie makes the mistake it would be for a purpose.

    What’s the purpose in letting Matt lose football games?

    Secondly, and I know it won’t be a popular take, but John Carlson needs to pull his head out of his ass and start running better routes.

    He makes way too many mistakes.

    Third, the defense would look like a collection of world-beaters if the offense was half-way decent.

    They lay hat.

  33. BobbyAyala says:

    Dude, Matt’s explanation of that fourth-and-2 doesn’t hold water.

    He claimed two guys cut off JJ, but he had two check downs on that play, and he went almost immediately up with that pass.

    I don’t have the coaching tape, and I haven’t even looked at the replay, but that’s a BS explanation. That ball came out way too quick for Matt to even consider his check-downs.

    Besides, even if JJ is covered up, you still don’t throw a fade to a midget over Champ Bailey.

    At the very least, you scramble out and try to weasel two yards of space.

    If you get blown up Pat Willis style, oh well, we have a man who walks on water waiting to take over.

  34. Hasselbeck’s QB rating the last 5 years:

    2010. 74.1
    2009. 75.1
    2008. 57.8
    2007. 91.4
    2006. 76.0

    Which year looks like the aberration?

  35. It looks like the 07′ OL might have been a lil’ better, someone should check into that :)

  36. That was the only year the pass blocking was decent — until this year. We’re two games in. Some things look good. Some things need obvious improving.

    You spend an ENTIRE off-season trying to build something — you don’t bench your starting QB when you’re tied for first place in the division after 2 weeks of play (and he played well in one of those two games).

    We’re in 1st place with Arizona who got shelled a hell of a lot worse than us yesterday and the Rams (the Rams!) and a 49ers team we just destroyed last week about to go to 0-2 tonight.

    If we lose a few in a row and sink deep in the division, then you see what you’ve got in Weirdbeard. Not before. I don’t know why people would want to give up on a season after two weeks. I guess it’s just another overreaction to a loss.

  37. Dukeshire says:

    That’s what’s frustrating about yesterday; a chance to win was left on the field. Seattle beat themselves as much as anything Denver did. Unfortunately reason #1 was Hasselbeck’s play. I suppose one could argue that Lock’s hold was directly responsible for taking 6 off the board but the fact is, 2 red zone ints will not win games. That’s something that cannot happen. He’s got to get better.

    There were a lot of real positive things from that game but non of them will matter much if they don’t protect the ball and don’t get teams off the field on 3rd down. They’ll grow from yesterday’s loss.

  38. snydro22 says:

    I agree BobbyK..

    Hasselbeck obviously has his weaknesses, and sometimes those weaknesses literally cost us games – but he also has some strengths, and those strengths usually at least keep us in the game. He drove the length of the field and made some great throws before throwing that first pick..

    We have to give Matt some time. Denver is a tough place to play. Yes, he has a tendency to overthrow the ball at times, but most of his mistakes are purely mental. Things that he could possibly fix this year with the right coaching and fllm study. I realize he is long in the tooth, and it seems like maybe you can’t teach old dogs new tricks, but would you want someone to say that about you when you’re 35? Still very capable of learning.. And probably MORE capable..

    Let’s see what happens against San Diego. I am actually pretty confident we will do just fine in this game.. 3-1 at the bye week? Hey, it could realistically happen..

    And here’s a weird thought.. Once Okung comes back, we will have too many good offensive lineman and not enough spots on the field. Haven’t said that in a long, long, long time! Depth is a beautiful thing.. Thank you, Mr. Schneider!

  39. snydro22 says:

    Hey Duke, that hold called against Locklear was literally nothing compared to some of the stuff Denver’s offensive line was doing and getting away with all game.. I was so frustrated.. I was pausing my TV and showing my wife – “LOOK AT THAT!”

    Did they penalize Denver even once? I don’t recall it if they did..

    It’s a 16 game season, which means even if we had won yesterday, we still would have had 14 games to go. I saw some real positives. We have the same record as the Colts and Patriots, and a better record than the Cowboys. The season is far from over, and there is a ton of time for us to correct some of these issues.

    The important thing is that we no longer look like the JV squad playing other NFL teams. Without signing a single big money free agent, this management group has increased the talent level ten-fold..

  40. SeahawkFan21 says “And quit throwing Hasselbeck under the f8cking bus.”

    When he stops throwing the ball to the wrong colored jersey people will stop throwing him under the bus. Jay Cutler thinks he has a problem.

  41. snydro22 says:

    Like I’ve said for the last two years –

    We can’t make excuses for Hasselbeck. It’s not the offensive line. It’s not the WR’s. It’s not the TE. It’s Matt..

    I think he’s capable but he has to be accountable. No one is going to fix his problems for him.

    He is still the best QB on our roster, and possibly the best in the division (Bradford isn’t looking bad at all, but he’s young and his shoulder hasn’t lasted 16 games yet) and he gives us the best chance to win.. But people who make excuses and give him a free pass drive me nuts. Even with ample time, he makes poor decisions. We saw it two years ago, we saw it last year, and now we are seeing it again.. It’s not a fluke..

  42. SeahawkFan12 says:


    Listen to BobbyK’s post above. Here is the part you and every other Chicken Little need to focus on:

    “You spend an ENTIRE off-season trying to build something — you don’t bench your starting QB when you’re tied for first place in the division after 2 weeks of play (and he played well in one of those two games).

    We’re in 1st place with Arizona who got shelled a hell of a lot worse than us yesterday and the Rams (the Rams!) and a 49ers team we just destroyed last week about to go to 0-2 tonight.

    If we lose a few in a row and sink deep in the division, then you see what you’ve got in Weirdbeard. Not before. I don’t know why people would want to give up on a season after two weeks. I guess it’s just another overreaction to a loss.”

    BobbyK is spot on in that assessment.

    I know people are “fans”, but try to think a bit more critically and show some faith…like the true “fans” (you know, the ones that have been supporting the team from the beginning…). It was the second game of the season. Denver is mediocre at best but they have a home field advantage second only to Qwest.

    It wasn’t like we got drilled by Jacksonville.

    Get a grip.

  43. No one is going to bench Hasselbeck here – namely because his backup is even worse.

    But he’s reason number 1 for the poor play the last several years. And as long as reason number 1 keeps playing, don’t expect anything more than wins over SF and STL.

    Are there 5 teams with worse QB situations than Seattle?

  44. Dukeshire says:

    snydro22 – Whether Lock’s hold was “literally nothing compared to some of the stuff Denver’s offensive line was doing…” has nothing to do with it. Can’t commit penalties or turnovers, especially inside the 20.

    We’re not back to blaming the refs now, are we. ;)

  45. williambryan says:

    i dont know what Hasselbeck some of you guys are watching, but the mistakes he makes are definitely not mental. I agree that he does many great things for the team but his interceptions were because he made horrible throws, theres nothing mental about it. and the problem is that these throws are becoming commonplace. I also don’t understand why Branch is running go routes as a wideout, he has looked great working in the slot and Williams, butler, and now Tate too, have looked great playing out wide. It doesn’t make any sense.

  46. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – I get you want to see Hass go and the position upgraded. But when you say things like – “he’s reason number 1 for the poor play the last several years.” – it becomes difficult to take the rest of what you say seriously. There is a laundry list of reasons why this franchise has sucked for the past two seasons (primarily). Pointing to Hass as the primary reason for this, would indicate you haven’t been paying attention, which I know isn’t the case.

  47. “You spend an ENTIRE off-season trying to build something — you don’t bench your starting QB when you’re tied for first place in the division after 2 weeks of play (and he played well in one of those two games). ”

    I agree. And if he gets all the blame for losing this one, does he likewise get all the credit for winning last week (16 for his last 19, and two scores?)? And for what it’s worth, his picks killed the O, but they weren’t the reason Denver scored, both picks were deep in Denver territory, and it was our defense that gave up the long drives.

    from Bobby A: “Secondly, and I know it won’t be a popular take, but John Carlson needs to pull his head out of his ass and start running better routes”

    I agree with this too – I think when Carlson came to us, we all got happy b/c he was so much better than what we’d had at the TE position for years – but now we are coming to find out that he is very average. When I watched games around the league yesterday, more often that not, their starting TE is a bigger offensive weapon. We’ve obviously got more glaring needs to fill before we would ever look to replace him, but it’s worth noting.

  48. “i dont know what Hasselbeck some of you guys are watching, but the mistakes he makes are definitely not mental. I agree that he does many great things for the team but his interceptions were because he made horrible throws, theres nothing mental about it. and the problem is that these throws are becoming commonplace. I also don’t understand why Branch is running go routes as a wideout, he has looked great working in the slot and Williams, butler, and now Tate too, have looked great playing out wide. It doesn’t make any sense.”

    Agree with that – I think the picks were more the result of bad throws than mental mistakes too. I do think the 1st pick was a pretty outstanding athletic play by Bailey, but you have to be less careless in that part of the field.

    Also don’t understand why M Williams didn’t get more throws yesterday. Looking at the box score, I see 10 throws to Carlson, and just 3 to Williams.

  49. Dukeshire says:

    They did a nice job of taking Williams away, I thought. And considering he had another drop, it’s not surprising to me he ended up being a non factor. Then consider you’re turning it over in the red zone where he would figure to be at his best… Hopefully he’ll play a larger role against the Chargers.

  50. Duke – I have never been a believer that his problems were a result of the OL or that the OL has been terrible outside of the stretch from late 2008 to mid 2009. His 2009 sack percentage was below his career average. And I think he takes alot of sacks because he know he no longer has an NFL arm.

  51. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – He’s always taken a lot of unnecessary sacks, I agree. But there are more reasons than simply the o line issues, although they cannot be discounted in my view. In combination with the absence of quality receivers, a consistent running game, an inept defense and a GM that had no clue how to assemble talent, you’re going to have a situation where pinning the lion’s share of the blame on the QB is just unreasonable, as I see it.

    That said, I’m not defending him. I have been saying they need to address the future of there for the past 2 seasons. And regarding yesterday, Hass I would agree he is the single biggest reason they gave away any chance to win that game.

    And finally, the o line issues regarding injury began in camp prior to the ’08 season, not with Walt injuring his knee on Thanksgiving night. In any case…

  52. snydro22 says:


    Nearly 100% of Hass’ mistakes have been mental mistakes. The lack of accuracy is a mental mistake in itself. If he can’t make the throw, he shouldn’t choose to throw it. I don’t know what league you are watching, but this is the NFL. When you throw into double coverage or challenge Champ Bailey, it’s a mental mistake. Put some logic behind your posts..

  53. snydro22 says:


    I’m not blaming the refs for anything. I don’t even blame the refs for the Super Bowl loss, but mostly because I was hammered by the 3rd quarter and haven’t ever re-watched the game. Can’t bring myself to it..

    It was just an observation. ;)

    Bring on the Bolts!

  54. bird_spit says:

    This is a change in my position on the QB situation. I think Hass needs replaced, very soon, and maybe for the Chargers game. It would be fitting to have Charlie W, get his first start against the Chargers. This year goes no where with QB play we saw in Denver. Time to give CW reps when it counts.

  55. Dukeshire says:

    You’re not like me then, flipping off the TV as Bill Leavy officiated the game last night? lol

  56. mojjonation says:

    I guess if you don’t pressure any guy, even Kyle Orton, even he can throw for 300 yards. He was pretty much a nobody in Chicago, he really has no one to throw to in Denver, his biggest target was a rookie, Royal was there but was quiet, Denver had a non-existent running game. If you can throw the ball around, why bother running it?

    I think sometimes the stats are a little misleading. When saying we outgained them on the ground, that’s because they outgained us in the air due to lack of QB pressure. Throwing two picks inside the their 10, muffing a punt inside our ten, where we come away with zero and they get 7 (although the defense gave up long drives after the picks), will usually get you beat. Duh. We get the 14 from the scores, they lose the 7 from the muffed punt, maybe a push here and there on some 3 and outs and matching scores and we come out on top. Woulda Coulda Shoulda.

    I just hope that Coach RARA gets the tropps picked back up by next Sunday. San Diego has a better offensive scheme and players than Denver at this point and they actually have guys to throw to. They better figure out how to cover Gates or Thomas is gonna get run over at some point.

  57. Good points as usual Duke. I would add this is a QB driven league more than ever before which magnifies his issues. I don’t know how much better his performance would be if he was on the Vikings or Saints.

  58. “That said, I’m not defending him. I have been saying they need to address the future of there for the past 2 seasons.”

    Yeah, I’m a big defender of the guy too – but it’s obvious that for the team to take the next step forward, we need to figure out the succession plan very soon – whether it’s CW, or a draft pick.

  59. Hass’ problems yesterday with inaccurate, rushed passes, and INTs was clearly a big reason they lost the first half and ultimately the game.

    That said, let’s get some perspective. Mat Hasselbeck was main reason we won 5 games last year. The 2009 Seahawks might have been 0-16 with Seneca Wallace at QB. Hasselbeck is a winner, but he needs a little help from his O line and the rest of the team.

  60. I wish I was a “true” fan like you. One that could think critically. I do. And I wish I could have had the opportunity to support them from the start, but I was born in Puyallup and I’m only 39, so obviously couldn’t have been a fan my entire life and through the entirety of the franchise. You got me SeahawksFan12. You’ve called me on my ruse. I wish I could be more like you.

    But even more than being more like you, I wish Hasselbeck threw for more TDs than picks. Twice as many would be just adequate.

    And for what its worth, I didn’t suggest he be benched. I said if he played better he wouldn’t get thrown under the bus. I guess your true fan intuition manifested my perceived response in your critical thoughts? Sorry bout that.

  61. ljarllrajl says:

    williambryan said: – “i dont know what Hasselbeck some of you guys are watching, but the mistakes he makes are definitely not mental.”

    I agree in that it wasn’t his decision making that was the problem. I seen a lot of inaccurate throws and side arm floaters with little to no pass rush coming in. The Dawkin’s int was a classic arm strength issue interception. Which is fine as long as you make the other throws. But he was inconsistent there too. The worst was a crossing pass to Carlson going left where he threw it behind him and at his feet when Carlson had no one in front of him.

    For whatever reason, his throwing mechanics looked off to me. Maybe the dry heat affected his grip or something but whatever it was I think it’s correctable.

  62. Now that the rebuilding project is in full swing i think it is silly to worry about the QB position. Matt is a fine player and is what he is . He throws too many early picks and somtimes makes poor down and distance decisions. We saw this yesterday and will see it again . He also has great qualites that we have rarely had in seattle. Since Matt arival, the Qb position in this leauge has changed. There are several players who have taken the position to another level. Completion rates,ball protection and desicion making all have improved to a point where when i wacth other games i can see a difference in the play of some men and matt. Yesterday we had guys open and the ball was simply not thrown well. CW is most likely not the answer it really doesnt matter who is taking snaps for now. That being said i thought the O L looked much improved and we seem to have some young playmakers in the making. Now we need to start working on the D side of ball younger players should be playing and new players must be found and hard decisions must be made. Sadly or corners are fine players but the game has changed big wide outs kill us and everyone knows it except the niners and rams. I think san deigo has all recivers 6-5 or taller, this will not be pretty again. go hawks

  63. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – I agree and what becomes doubly frustrating is watching a QB like Orton yesterday, who really plays a lot like Hass did at his best (never mind watching a guy like Brees tonight or Manning last night). You can see that it doesn’t always take an all-pro talent to win. He managed to offense; made good decisions, was patient and limited turnovers.

    There is no situation with a football team that is more unsettling than an unstable QB situation. For the fans, the players, everyone. What Carroll / Schneider do there will determine how their tenure will be viewed and how much success they have here. They have to get it right, to use a Carroll expression. Personally, Hass’s contract is up at the end of the season and I’ll be looking forward to them / him moving on. It pains me to say because I’ve always liked him, but at some point they have to commit to someone else. If they lose a few more games, it will be Whitehurst this season. Even if they do win, Hass won’t be back moving forward and we can all debate and argue about his replacement. lol. But as long as he gives them the best chance to win each game now, he’ll be starting. (However, it’s now becoming more difficult to make that argument after a game like yesterday.)

  64. 2 to 1 is alot to ask. All QBs (except a few) throw closer to equal TDs/picks:
    T.Aikman 165 TDs / 141 Ints, D.Anderson 47 TDs / 47 Ints, D.Bledsoe 251 TDs / 206 Ints, T.Bradshaw 212 / 210, T.Brady 230 / 101, D.Brees 203 / 110, M.Bulger 122 / 93, J.Campbell 56 / 40, M.Cassell 40 / 31, K.Collins 193 / 188, D.Culpepper 149 / 106, J.Cutler 86 / 64, J.Delhomme 121 / 96, D.Dixon 1 / 2, T.Edwards 25 / 27, J.Elway 300 / 226, B.Esiason 247 / 184, B.Favre 498 / 321, J.Flacco 36 / 29, D.Flutie 86 / 68, J.Freeman 14 / 19, J.Garcia 161 / 83, D.Garrard 70 / 43, B.Griese 192 / 172, R.Grossman (my niece just cut his hair) 33 / 36, and M.Hasselbeck 167 / 115.

    Would I like a QB who always throws twice as many TDs as Ints? Yes, but the Pats and Saints aren’t shopping them. I guess J.Garcia is available?

  65. That isnt’ a very comprehensive list? I can’t understand it in any context to be honest. I’ll look up a few active QBs right now.

    Donovan McNabb, traded for a second rounder this season, has over 200 tds and 100 ints in his career.

    Aaron Rodgers is better than 2 to 1 career. Tony Romo is close and he’s known as a “gunslinger”. Phillip Rivers is over.

    I don’t think it’s a lot to ask for a QB to take care of the ball. And thinking about it, even a 1.5 to 1 ratio would probably be enough for a talented team to win more than it loses. Especially if the ints aren’t soul crushers 3 out of 4 times.

  66. ruminator1 says:

    snydro–i agree totally with your comment about this team having upgraded significantly over last year. that is my biggest reaction to the first 2 games–they can play, they will show up for a game and put in effort. Hass was way off yesterday. I am not a Hass basher but his decision making and his execution were among the worst of his that i have seen. the opening drive was beautiful until the interception. had they scored there, different game. the Lock hold, the line movement calls, the semi-mythical call on Tru–these were all momentum changers. without them, we had a game.
    personally,i expected denver to win yesterday. they came real close and had a lot iof offense in their previous away game. i just wanted the hawks to be competitive and make it close enough that there was drama throughout. i thought our line play on both sides was decent. they played with attitude. JF was impressive, Tate showed that he loves chaos–he is genuinely exciting. Butler and Branch looked good i thought.
    many of the so-called experts were predicting a big game from Cutler, whether this was based on the seattle of last yr or this yr is unclear. he is not a bad QB, he just isn’t a really good QB. you don’t sack him, give him time, and don’t give tight coverage and he can burn you, especially at home.

    I am expecting a good effort next sunday against a better team than Denver. But Hass has got to play a lot better and somehow they need to pressure Rivers. SD got a scare with their new rookie runner, maybe that will mean more Sproles and maybe more passing.
    CW not the answer, not now at least. maybe Jacobs should get traded here :)

  67. Reid just benched McNabb and brought in Vick. Rivers, Romo & Rogers aren’t going anywhere either. Hawks need to get the team working like a machine, something these QBs have in common. If Hawks got any of these QBs they wouldn’t make them much better without fixing all the other pieces, too.

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