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Broncos 31, Seahawks 14: Postgame rant thread

Post by Ryan Divish on Sep. 19, 2010 at 4:10 pm with 50 Comments »
September 20, 2010 10:41 am
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Wow, well that was a little different Seahawks team than we saw last week. It was kind of similar to the Seahawks team we saw last season.

The game got off to such a promising start with the offense marching down the field. Obviously the penalties around the goal line were issues. Matt Hasselbeck wasn’t as sharp as the first game. And the defense looked gassed at the end.

Deon Butler showed some good things early in the game and Golden Tate was fantastic in his limited action.

1. What was the most disappointing aspect for you?

2. Should Pete Carroll have kicked the field goal instead  of going for it on fourth and 2?

3. What did you think of Hasselbeck’s play?

4. Any bright spots in the game?

5. We asked this last week: Does this game change your expectations for the Seahawks or this season?

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  1. ryanryan says:

    1. lack of pass rush

    2. no, he was trying to jump-start the team and gain momentum

    3. horrible, what else could you say.

    4. golden

    5. nope, we will still compete for the division.

  2. Generally I thought we played okay tonight, but we were killed by stupid penalties, stupid turnovers and just horrible play on 3rd down, like we’ve seen the past few years. But unlike the last few years, at least there were bright spots tonight. The pass defense was pretty bad and Matt made some stupid mistakes. However the run defense was again pretty good , Golden Tate showed some good stuff, I did like what both Deon Butler and Justin Forsett showed. The defense was on the field to much, and we didn’t create ANY turnovers. I’m remaining positive even though this was a tough loss to take. And again, just dreadful 3rd down play, I can’t stand watching the Seahawks in those situation, because it’s bound to be painful.

    And to answer the questions:

    1. 3rd down play

    2. Perhaps, I thought Matt should have made a different decision instead of the deep throw, just go short. Not sure if it was Matt or the playcall.

    3. Disappointing, he made some very poor decisions out there, even though he got some okay protection.

    4. Golden Tate and the run defense.

    5. Not really, I still think we’ll be 2-2 at bye week (leading the division perhaps?) and this is just a rebuilding year, I never expected us going to the playoffs, I hoped we would, and I still do, but Broncos wasn’t a whole lot better than us out there.

  3. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I hate to say it, but with 4 int’s in two games Hasslebeck might need to be reigned in some. He can’t make the throws he used to. Our run game is inconsistent too. I don’t envy Pete Carrol right now.

  4. Bring back Holmgren!!! To many mistakes
    and what was with the 4th and 2 incomplete to the back of the endzone against Baily? If that was Hass … bench his butt for being an idiot or Bates,,, stop with the pocket pool, buddy.

    This game was simply hard to watch. The defense was absolutely horrible against a weak Bronco O. And the Hawk o stumbled against, say it again, a weak Bronco D.

    This was an ugly score, loss, game, fundamentals, u name it.
    Pizz poor coaching was to blame

  5. At least it doesn’t really look like coaching is the problem as much as terrible, terrible execution by players.

    These are questionable coaching decisions:
    1. Putting Thurmond in to return a punt.
    2. Not kicking the FG on 4th down.

    But they probably can’t make up for this:
    1. 3 terrible INTs from Hasselbeck.
    2. So many penalties.

  6. bartholder22 says:

    3 bright spots:

    1. Run Defense

    2. Golden Tate

    3. 3rd down offense

    Third down defense: Pathetic

    Hasselbeck: Get some poise on the road for once

    Jennings: Turn your head please

    Aaron Curry: Please make a game changing play for once… stop jumping with some discipline and make a big play…force a fumble, pick one off… something please!

  7. bartholder22 says:

    Sorry: Forsett and the run game was great today as well… Andrews makes a difference at RG… the false start penalty sucked, but it was not a killer…

  8. In his last 5 games, Hasselbeck has thrown 13 INTs and and 6 TDs… We might soon be seeing if Whitehurst can do better (I’m not saying I think he will or won’t).

  9. nighthawk2 says:

    I lay the blame for this squarely at the feet of Matt Hasselbeck. 3 interceptions is inexcusable, plus the stupid decision to throw long to the end zone for a well covered Branch on a 4th and 2 play. That’s 4 interceptions in two games, he’s “on a pace for” 32 interceptions this season. I’ve said before I thought the guy is done, and today convinced me of it.

    1. What was most disappointing?

    1A: Hasselbeck’s play/decision making, 1B: defense’s inability to rush the passer, wrap up tackles, cover receivers and get off the field on 3rd down. Aaron Curry again did nothing but jump offsides and looks like another Tim Ruskell waste of a 1st round pick and the DB’s were giving way too much cushion, again.

    2. Should Carroll have kicked the field goal?

    Well if the defense had shown any signs of being able to stop Denver’s offense, then I’d say yeah. But since they were letting the Broncos move up and down the field at will and not forcing any turnovers, I think Carroll did the right thing. Hasselbeck’s execution was abysmal.

    3. What do I think of Hasselbeck’s play?

    Same as I thought before the season started. He sucks.

    4. Any bright spots in the game?

    Yes, the play of Justin Forsett and Golden Tate.

    5. Does this change my expectations for the season?

    No, I expected them to win 5 or 6 games this year. But I expected them to play a lot better than last year, and to play hard and fight to the end. They have done that, this is a better team than last year, with a better coaching staff, but there was a lot of rot to have to clean out and I knew it couldn’t be done in just one off season.

  10. azhawkman says:

    1. Inability to defend the pass on third down, no pass rush. Turnovers…bleh. Had the defense stood up and stopped them on 3rd down, I think we still could have come back and overcome the turnovers.

    2. Yes, i thought it was a bad decision. Plus if you go for it, it wasn’t a good play call or decision by Hasslebeck either. A bootleg or short pass to Carlson sounds like an easy 3 yards to get the first down. But down 17, you take the safe 3 points and make it 2 possession game and get some momentum.

    3. Off Rhythm for most of the game except when the game was out of reach at the end and the hurry-up offense moved the ball. His passes were unusually off-target for no reason.

    4. Golden Tate needs to get the ball in his hands more as he made big plays to get the team in scoring position. The offense did move the ball well on the ground, just have to keep it in possession and score when we get down there.

    5. I thought we could win this game but knew it would be tough in Denver. After the Niners lose (and even if they win), we’re still technically in the division lead. Maybe Carroll should thank McD for “kicking our tails”.

  11. wabubba67 says:

    1.) Inability to get off the field on 3rd down.

    2.) Yes.

    3.) He cost his team point in the form of at least 2 FGs when the game was still competitive….I’m a fan of his, but that is a damning indictment.

    4.) Golden Tate and….wait for it……the continued steady play of Polumbus.

    5.) No. I thought that we were a young team, with very little depth, that would more often than not play poorly (especially on the road).

  12. It’s totally frustrating watching today, but I saw some things that were WAY better than last year.

    1. our offense could actually move the ball on the road
    2. We played decent against the run
    3. Our special teams are looking better
    4. We actually had an okay run game

    and some things don’t
    1. We shoot ourselves in the foot too many times.
    – holding on a TD
    – int inside the 5 yard line
    – muffed punt

    2. The defense can’t get off the field – the offense doesn’t help them much- they play like crap in the 2nd half

    3. The NFL refs hated Holmgren and we couldn’t get calls – and now they just hate the Seahawks even more after Levy’s comments
    -holding on Locklear – called but questionable
    – hands to the face on the first Den TD – not called
    – Personal foul on a tackle when the player isn’t down, he is laying on top of the defender
    – on another Den TD they even highlight on TV the hold on Tatupu

    The score was a perfect storm because I still feel that if the first TD isn’t called back it is a different game. and even if it is and Thurmond doesn’t fumble the punt the Denver Off. doesn’t get into synch as early AND our defense isn’t on the field as much as they were and then not quite as tired and Denvers Defense is in the same boat we were. But that is playing on the road. We CAN’T make mistakes like that and expect to have a chance to win

  13. Is there anyone left that thinks Haselbeck can still be an above average QB in the NFL? He had all the protection he needed out there. His WRs made plays for him. He just blew it.

  14. williambryan says:

    this game came down to exactly what Carroll is always saying the games will…Turnovers. Hasselbeck had some horrible throws and the defense didnt create any turnovers. I was wondering about if the staff might put in Whitehurst but I was conflicted because Hasselbeck has such great command of the offense and the game in general and as long as he doesn’t attempt a pass longer than about 12 yards he is great, but he is, lets be honest, horrible at the long passes, he wasnt even close on his first two interceptions and another deep throw to a wide open Butler. Now, if Whitehurst has shown us anything its that he can throw the intermediate and deep throws way better than hasselbeck. I think the team should stay with hasselbeck until the bye week. If we play a close game with san diego and Hasselbeck doesnt throw more int’s and we win against St. Louis then I say stick with Hasselbeck. but if he continues with the turnovers then I think its time for Whitehurst.

  15. williambryan says:

    Another thing that surprised me during the game was the seeming lack of blitzes. did anyone else notice this?

  16. Yolohawk says:

    Hass was a big disappointment (screw the finesse pass), but I’m more let down by our D.

    Curry, Jennings, the missed tackles.

    How ’bout those tickey-taks by the refs? Sometimes I wonder if they try to stear the game. Last week we got a few,,, this week no-go, next week I can guess we’ll get a few.
    Is this a way to get the home fans into the stadium? They need the cash, and what (in todays world) isn’t manipulated.

  17. tylakewalker says:

    Yeah Hasselbeck was bad today. The protection was decent.

  18. tylakewalker says:

    Yes, the lack of seahawk D blitzing surprise me.

  19. freedom_X says:

    Hasselbeck was the main reason for the loss. On the 4th and 2, on the radio they said all Hasselbeck’s reads were covered, so he just went for it. But the interceptions looked like he didn’t have the arm. (on the Carlson target, they said they weren’t on the same page.)

    I will not write off Hasselbeck because of 1 bad game (check the box scores for week 1 and 2 – plenty of “quality” QB’s with bad games. But Hasselbeck won’t be given the chance to have more than 1-2 more of these type games. He plays like that next week and the week after, you’ll see the Whitehurst era begin.

    I actually am not too depressed about the defense – no surprises – I didn’t expect constant pass pressure without the home crowd advantage. If not for the turnovers, the defense was enough to give them a 50/50 chance at winning. But without pressure, they couldn’t get any turnovers.

    Curry-haters – he had 2 tackles for loss. As well as anyone else on the team.

    The 1st bonehead Carroll decision – why is Thurmond returning punts with an active Golden Tate on the roster?

  20. As bad as Matt was today he wasn’t the worst QB out there today either. poor QB play all over the NFL today. Actually kinda surprising how many guys were REALLY bad today.

    Can’t defend the 2nd and 3rd int’s but the first was was bad but it was as much a great defensive play as it was a bad throw.

    What concerned me more was the miss throw on Carlson, not the one where he threw inside (since the defense was outside) but the one that went over his head where it potentially could have been a TD. Would that have made it 14-7 at the time?

  21. freedom_X says:

    Also, I wonder if the 110° field temperatures affected the D’s tackling. That’s certainly weather they aren’t used to.

    Butler another big plus – the 1st game where he shows he can be a reliable all around receiver, not a spot player or deep threat only.

    Offensive line continues to be a good surprise – hats off to Carroll, last year’s coaching staff and front office was panicking and mewling about injuries. This year, Seattle just coaches them up and keeps going.

    They probably called a more conservative defense on the road – no homefield noise advantage to confuse the offense when they show blitzes. Easier for the O to adjust.

  22. excile said it right: “This game was simply hard to watch.”
    I’m one that believes we’re a better football team than Denver, even after this
    lopsided loss…. No amount of coaching could save the play on the field today(and ref slant)…. This (hopefully), will go down as our worse game of the year and a wakeup call to the whole team…. Just plain poor play by so many….
    In the spirit of ‘competition’, though I’m a solid Hass fan, I believe this was a game we should have seen CW in the 4th qtr…. The msg needs to be sent that no one is exempt……

  23. Hasselbeck has played poorly in 4 of the last 5 years. Can we write him off after that?

  24. ljarllrajl says:

    1. What was the most disappointing aspect for you?———–Penalties and Turnovers

    2. Should Pete Carroll have kicked the field goal instead of going for it on fourth and 2?————–I don’t think it would’ve made much difference.

    3. What did you think of Hasselbeck’s play?———–Poor.

    4. Any bright spots in the game?———-Deon Butler receiving, and Golden Tate finally returning punts.

    5. We asked this last week: Does this game change your expectations for the Seahawks or this season?————–Nope. 7-9 NFC West Champs, Baby!

  25. SeahawkFan12 says:

    I love how people want to throw Hasselbeck under the bus. They act like he was THE REASON Seattle lost today. Seattle is a better team than Denver but did not play like it.

    Yes, Hasslebeck threw 3 picks, but were they all his fault? NO. And by the way, Whiteworst would have never driven the team down in the first place. No running game, inability to get off the field on 3 and LONG, and silly play calling doused any chances at a decent showing today. It wasn’t just Hasselbeck.

  26. toymaker says:

    I’m just gonna go with 3 two word obsevations…

    Stupid Penalties

    Stupid Turnovers/decisions (ok that’s 3 words)

    No heart

    Opposing teams planning for us, can always count on us mailing it in and laying down on 3rd and whatever…I’m not impressed, and I am fearful of the next 14 games, just like last year..

  27. ljarllrajl says:

    In my opinion, Hassleback’s footwork looked off and that’s what accounted for so many bad passes. I’m not sure why that would be the case today but it seemed so. His decision making was ok other than the 4th and 2 pass. But the accuracy certainly was lacking today.

    On the brightside, it seemed like the O-line got a good push in the running game. It would’ve been a difference maker if we hadn’t made so many mistakes in other areas.

  28. ljarllrajl says:

    Also, we ran a lot of basic zone coverages today against spread formations. What happened to the aggressive man defense we’ve seen so far? Plus the play action screens are still killing us and today it worked when we were in zones. Plus the tackling…..aww, time to just get ready for the Chargers.

  29. freedom_X says:

    Two completely different football regimes have determined that Hasselbeck is Seattle’s best option for the time being. One of those, a regime that has absolutely no problem chopping or trading people they don’t like, and bringing in people off the street to replace them.

    So as long as Carroll thinks Hasselbeck is worth playing, I’ll go along with that. Nothing I’ve seen from Whitehurst to make me think he’s a better option right now, and the fact Hasselbeck is playing is in fact the one thing Carroll can point to when he says he’s trying to win now as opposed to writing off the 2010 season as a pure rebuilding project.

  30. subtlesquire says:

    1. Hasselbeck’s play was the biggest disappointment for me.

    2. No, a field goal would have been too little too late. We needed to get a first down and a quick TD. The throw by Hasselbeck on that play was horrible.

    3. See 1 & 2

    4. Golden looked good and I think the defense is playing much better than last season. The turnovers left the defense on the field for far too long.

    5. This game doesn’t change my opinion of the season. I’ll consider 8-8 a great step forward.

  31. My dissapointments lie squarely on the stupid mistakes we made. The 1st drive/red-zone penalties killed us. We go up 7-0 after the drive off the kick-off and you’re talking about a totally different feel…mentality…confidence. After that first pick, you could tell they were back on the heels.
    I thought the defense played very well, considering they got no pass rush and were on the field for so long. They were in bad field positions, with no help from their offense and still kept the Hawks in the game (until the end).
    The play of the young receivers (and even Branch) made me optomistic our offense can be better this year.

  32. SeahawkAddiction says:

    HASS is done. We cut everyone else but him and now were seeing he’s the cancer cloud on this team. We are trying to move forward and he’s keeping us back. Love ya Matt but peace out. Charlie doesnt mean rebuilding it means moving on fresh.

  33. 1. I’m most disappointed with 3 players: Hasselbeck and his INTs, Thurmond and his muff (don’t give me the rookie bullsh!t, he’s a professional), and Andrews still not knowing how to count.

    2. At the time, I thought they should have kicked it. In hindsight, that’s what they should have done.

    3. See #1.

    4. The run defense is damn good. Nobody is going to dominate this group at the LOS. As a unit, we knew coming into the season that they weren’t going to be special with respect to rushing the passer so I don’t know how we can be disappointed in them not getting to the QB.

    5. My expectations have not changed from training camp. We’re still going to win the division. I’m not going to say we’re going to win the Super Bowl, but I remember late last season when the Saints lost at home to the Cowboys — the Saints were written off after that game. They weren’t good enough. LOL. Fans get too high after wins and are willing give up on a season after a loss. We’re 1-1 and are going to be 3-1 going into the bye (2-2 at worst).

    With the ass kicking of San Francisco last week, the Cardinals getting killed today, and the Rams being the Rams — what’s the point on giving up on the season after week 2 and nobody in the division ahead of us? Sure, the division is bad but we’re playing the hand we’re dealt. It’ not our fault the division sucks. The division sucked a few years ago when the Cardinals went to the Super Bowl with a 9-7 record (and almost won). There’s no rule that says we can’t get hot late in the year and win the Super Bowl. The odds are against it, but the odds were against a 9-7 Steelers team from winning the Super Bowl 5 years ago too (same for Cardinals comment earlier).

    There’s a lot of season left and a lot can change. We can/will improve on some things (like blitzing because we simply don’t have a good enough front 4 with respect to rushing the passer).

    I hope the players don’t read some of this crap and start believing it.

    Yes, Hasselbeck played like crap, but does anyone really believe he’d throw 32 INTs this year if he plays from here on out? That’s like thinking Arian Foster will end the year with 2,400 yards rushing. And, yes, Hasselbeck needs to pull his head out of his ass so I’m not blindlessly defending him. And if he does throw four more picks in the next two games (losses) then it’ll be time to pull the plug and see what Weirdbeard is all about. This season isn’t over.

  34. Thank you, BobbyK. I needed to read that.

    I agree, it’s not like STL, AZ, or even SF will easily run away with it this year. I think we’ll play better at home, but Hasselbeck HAS to cut the crap with all the INTs or else I’m pretty sure he’s going to get benched. He even had good protection so I don’t know what his deal really is.

  35. 1. That we were so thoroughly & totally out played

    2. Probably yes

    3. Adequate. Someday Matt & these receivers will get on the same page. 3 offenses in 3 seasons & all the personnel changes tend to cause timing errors.

    4. Golden Tate If Thurmond returns any more punts this year I will not be pleased.

    5. Not really. Sadly, I was leaning towards suspecting that last week was about SF being AWFUL, though I wanted to believe that the Hawks were better then I’d thought. We’re going to find out next week if this is still the old road game curse or if the Hawks just plain suck.

    Fact is, if we were going to be a contender as some here believed,m we needed to win today. Instead we got 100% blown out.

  36. To add to my post above, so far the run d looks surprisingly good. On the other hand, I am starting to wonder if Curry was the last of Timmay’s big blunders.

    I also don’t know who in the secondary was most responsible for the ridiculous 3rd down conversion rate, but it needs to be fixed quickly.

  37. The12thMan says:

    Respect to all previous posters that I am repeating:

    1. What was the most disappointing aspect for you?

    Lack of really any pass rush. I still think we need to switch to a 3-4 but I realize that won’t happen this year and I know we don’t have the coaches for it. We do have the perfect personnel for the 3-4 in my opinion though but that’s for a different thread…

    2. Should Pete Carroll have kicked the field goal instead of going for it on fourth and 2?

    I loved the aggressive call of going for it there and I don’t think Holmgren ever goes for it there. I loved Holmgren as a coach but always hated his conservative play calling. I was very disappointed that we didn’t run it there though. We ran the ball quite well all game I thought. Why not give Forsett the ball to run behind big butt Andrews and pray that Stacey doesn’t false start or hold on the play. Given any kind of a hole I’ll put my money on Forsett getting 2 crucial yards any day of the week. Throwing there gives too much of a chance for a dropped pass or tipped at the LOS, etc. The execution on that play was embarrassing. And reading Matt’s take on it, it sounds like he had only two options????? JJ on a screen or fade to Branch??? I seriously doubt that but if so, then absolutely horrible play calling.

    3. What did you think of Hasselbeck’s play?

    Very bad but unlike some others I am not ready to show him the bench yet. Yes, he is not good at all at throwing the deep ball, by his own admission. Yes, he missed several open receivers today that would have gone for big gains or TD’s. Yes, he tends to fall apart when things are going badly. He makes me think of Keanu’s character in The Replacements talking about ‘quicksand’ . You can pretty much see him go into a state of ‘mental quicksand’ when things are going badly and it just snowballs. I guess he presses too much when things are going badly or something, not sure, but the result is never pretty. Those things all said, when he does finally get into his ‘flow’ (if he ever does in a game), Hass rivals even Tom Brady in efficiency, smarts, leadership, etc., in my opinion. Whitehurst throws a very nice deep ball but no one could convince me that right now he gives us a better chance to win each Sunday then Hass does.

    4. Any bright spots in the game?

    Several. My boy Deon Butler keeps impressing more and more. Yes, he always seems to look a bit awkward and clumsy but he is obviously fast, athletic, and to my surprise, very tough. He took some pretty nasty hits today and was a warrior. He reminds me of a somewhat goofy version of Joey Galloway but with toughness and minus the diva attitude. Anyway, love him.
    Golden Tate obviously had a breakout game and that was fun to watch. I think all of us here have that feeling that this guy will eventually be a real playmaker in our offense. I see him eventually being a Miles Austin type.
    As many have said, the Run D also really impressed me. Considering they were a mile high, along with the heat, along with having all the momentum against them, along with having the crowd against them, and along with the fact that they were on the field way too long, I thought they were very good against a very talented Moreno.
    Other than way too many penalties at the very worst times, I thought the O line played pretty well. Only one sack allowed and Hass seemed to have decent time to throw most of the day. Also the run game today looked much better than I have seen it look all preseason and last week.

    5. We asked this last week: Does this game change your expectations for the Seahawks or this season

    Not at all. I went into the season thinking 8-8. I did not expect to win that game against the Niners with Polumbus starting. Even though it sucked to watch (especially because I have a bunch of friends who are Bronco fans), this game really doesn’t get me down on the season. Where we had a lot of good luck last week we had some really bad luck this week. I expect the Hawks to play much better next week at home against the Chargers. I even think another home upset is possible. Overall I really do like what I am seeing from this team so far. I just cross my fingers that we can avoid any more big injuries to the O line and that eventually we can have some consistency there.

  38. mike98541 says:

    Just like I said this morning on here, the pass defense worried me the most coming into today. Had the 49ers not continually overthrow their receivers last week I believe the outcome would have been different. Pass defense is a major issue. Matt made too many mistakes today as well. Im not sure where we go from here. Does anyone……

  39. Hass must play better soon or his time here is over. I guess the same goes for Curry, Some new faces looking good. I can not see us playing Deion Branch like a starter much longer he has little up side. Is there any hawk fan out threr that would not want to see Tate,,Butler, and Obo plat more and just inactivate Branch? I was sadened to see Kyle Orton almost laughing at how easy it was to pick us apart on 3rd down we just need better players on d. Im certin if CW was in today and played like that the masses would be calling for his head. My wife who does not know much football has wondered for some time why Hass is so untouchable My only guess is that we were so bad at QB for so long. Just a sad loss very much like last season. go hawks

  40. snydro22 says:

    Boardwalk Empire on the DVR, kids are in bed, just watched Mad Men with my wife who is nothing like Betty Draper (Francis).. The Hawks lost, but life could be worse..

  41. Q1. What was the most disappointing aspect for you? Too many surprises. DEN did to SEA what Hawks did to SF last week, but quicker.
    A: Offense: Game plan looked to be ‘start out fast – move down the field and get quick points, hold DEN’s O then do it again, then run’. 1st drive: Ganther’s drop, Carlson’s incompletion, then Hawks started clicking. Got to the 1 yd line and Andrews false-started (didn’t see it?) J-Force gets a TD and a BS holding call on Lock brought it back. Incomplete to Williams, then Matt underestimated C.Bailey’s ability to sky. DEN’s ball – but SEA’s D kept them to 30 yds & punt.

    STs: Thurmond’s PR muffed catch and DEN’s ball on SEA’s 13. Then 3 plays and DEN pass for TD. Couldn’t Walt have batted it outta-bounds?

    Defense: Hawks totally stiffeled DEN’s runs. DEN averaged 1.7 yds/carry. DEN went 14 of 20 (70%) on 3rd dn conversions. DEN got 5 1st dns by rushing,16 by passing and 2 by penalty. DEN tested Tru, Milloy, Lofa & Hawthorne, then they found K.Jennings for 18 yds (E.Thomas stopped D.Thomas). After that they targetted mostly Jennings. Kelly has got to defend some passes, get picks or deflect them. Jennings wouldn’t have had so bad a day if the DEs and LBs/safeties were harrassing the QB some. That’s the 1st thing to fix, pass rush D-scheme.

    Q2. Should Pete Carroll have kicked the field goal instead of going for it on fourth and 2?
    A: No. That was Hawks 6th of 9 drives, they needed TD points. Bates or PC were maybe more optomistic about the play called to get those two yards than they should have been. Throwing to Branch who was covered by Bailey already didn’t work to good earlier. Matt threw higher than Bailey could sky, but then Branch couldn’t get there. Hawks have to be able to run the ball for those two yards.

    Q3. What did you think of Hasselbeck’s play?
    A: Nice run for TD, and good passing except those to Dawkins, Cox and Bailey. Some incompletes were his and some were his receivers drops. He has to do better, much better.

    Q4. Any bright spots in the game?
    A: Run D, M.Robinson’s & L.Milloy’s play(solo tkls/FF), Curry’s/Mebanes/Balmers/Brocks TFLs, Brock’s sack & QB hit, Lofa’s & Hawthorne’s pass defenses, Ryan’s punts, Tate’s PRs & run after pass catch, Obo’s receiving, & Butler’s receiving. Williams only caught 1 of 3, Branch 4 of 7, and Carlson 5 of 10, but I guess it could have been worse, somehow.

    Q5. We asked this last week: Does this game change your expectations for the Seahawks or this season?
    A: Not so much as confirm preseason suspiscions. I also found out that Walt Anderson & crew are almost as bad as the hated apologist B.Leavey & crew.

  42. goneshootin says:

    My rant:

    Aaron Curry is as big of a bust as Dan McGwire, Rick Mirer and just about any other top 10 flop of a pick.

    Seriously, the guy has ZERO football instincts or IQ.

    Without judging his real intelligence (hey, maybe he’s a really, really smart guy), he’s a VERY STUPID football player, on the field.

    He makes ZERO impact. Over runs plays, CONSTANTLY. Is lost in pass coverage; it’s like he’s looking directly into the sun and is blinded.

    Oh, and he has one pass rushing move, if you call it a move: bull rush. He tries to push the blocker back into the QB. I thought he was fast? Quick? Nope.

    At this point, I’d honestly trade him for a 3rd round pick in next years draft. Seriously.

    During training camp, Tatupu was asked about Hawthorne’s success last year.

    His response: “It’s just linebacker, dude. It’s not that hard.”

    And that’s coming from a middle/inside LB. Curry’s on the outside, which involves NO calls.

    That’s my rant.

  43. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    AARON CURRY IS TERRIBLE!!! Seriously do you guys even SEE him play?!?! One on one vs a ROOKIE RIGHT TACKLE the ENTIRE game and he gets NO PRESSURE!!!

    BUST! Screw you to hell Tim Ruskell for
    getting rid of Julian Peterson so you could draft this useless P.O.S.

  44. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Well said goneshootim!!! Curry is the worst Seahawk pick since McGwire!! What retard drafts a linebacker in the top 5?!?!?!

  45. sherminator says:

    1. What was the most disappointing aspect for you?

    Giving up long 3rd down plays on defense.

    2. Should Pete Carroll have kicked the field goal instead of going for it on fourth and 2?

    Nope – they weren’t gonna get back in the game with FG’s. I like PC’s aggressive philosophy on 4th down decisions.

    3. What did you think of Hasselbeck’s play?

    Typical Matt – looks good a lot of the time, but just makes too many mistakes. I would have put in CW in the middle of the 3rd. I believe in the “Always Compete”, so let them compete under game conditions, too.

    4. Any bright spots in the game?

    Run game looked much better – OL looked pretty good overall, except for penalties. Golden Tate and Deon Butler.

    5. We asked this last week: Does this game change your expectations for the Seahawks or this season?

    No – we know they are improving, but they’re going to look bad too. Mile High is a tough place to win. I was disappointed, but not discouraged.

  46. Excile says “Bring back Holmgren!!! To many mistakes”


    1. What was the most disappointing aspect for you?

    Score? Defense not getting after the ball? Nah, Hasselbeck was the most disappointing aspect for me.

    2. Should Pete Carroll have kicked the field goal instead of going for it on fourth and 2?

    Nope, but I do question the play call and the team response,
    “Well, the screen was covered so we’ll throw it out of the endzone.” Make a play.

    3. What did you think of Hasselbeck’s play?

    Awful. I’m picking up Charlie Whitehurst in my fantasy leagues. Sorry Matt, 3 RZ picks in 2 weeks should get you the bench.

    4. Any bright spots in the game?

    Without the turnovers the team would have been in position to win.

    5. We asked this last week: Does this game change your expectations for the Seahawks or this season?

    Honestly, yes. Preseason I was cautiously optimistic. After last season I was actually optimistic. Now I don’t believe they can win against a good team on the road I certainly can’t see them winning a post season game if they were to default into the post season.

  47. yellaman says:

    1. The lack of ball security

    2. Kick the damn Ball ( FG)- extend the game

    3. I would have pulled him- terrible play from your QB

    4. Tate was a pleasant suprise but why didn’t he get to return the first punt that Thurmond fumbled?

    5. Not at all, I still see the hawks winning 6-7 games this year.

  48. 1. What was the most disappointing aspect for you?

    The loss was disappointing, but the really SCARY thing for me is that I find myself agreeing with Nighthawk2! ;)

    2. Should Pete Carroll have kicked the field goal instead of going for it on fourth and 2?

    Maybe, but it was worth trying to do something at that point in the game. The real problem is their play design and execution was very easy for Denver to diagnose and stop. The play was not designed to go to Branch in the end zone, but Denver sniffed out the screen. Bates needs to disguise those.

    3. What did you think of Hasselbeck’s play?

    Hasselbeck was the main reason they lost the game. I still think Hass is a winning QB, but he was wildly inaccurate. The INTs were his fault. Several key incompletions were his fault. Protection was a big issue – Hass was feeling pressure and releasing the ball early, and you cannot do that against good DBs or they will get INTs. Hass’ terrible first half put the team in a deep hole.

    4. Any bright spots in the game?

    We started to see some of Jeremy Bates multiple offensive formations and misdirection. We need to see of these as the O line gels and learns them.

    5. We asked this last week: Does this game change your expectations for the Seahawks or this season?

    No. I thought they were a 6-10 team that would be erratic week-to-week. I also thought if they surprised the 49ers on opening day they might go 7-9 and be in contention for winning our crappy division at the end. I still think this.

  49. Dukeshire says:

    Yes, Nighthawk was spot on with his analysis, IMO. One addition to the “bright spots” would be to include Deon Butler. Very nice game.

  50. hesselbeck is our best qb. Run game looked good even when matt was having a bad game. Liked 4th call not play. Seahawks should win 7. Happy with run d, new pass rush was bad. Jennings is a weak spot. Curry must play to expectations. Next week will be tough but a win at home is possible against any team. Go seahawks

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