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Thursday practice report: Locklear, Clemons back in action

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 16, 2010 at 4:33 pm with 30 Comments »
September 16, 2010 4:33 pm

The Seattle Seahawks practiced indoors this afternoon as they continue prep for the first road game of the season at Denver.

Offensive tackle Sean Locklear (family) and defensive end Chris Clemons (ankle) returned to practice this afternoon. Offensive guard Mike Gibson was a full participant in practice.

Linebacker Matt McCoy (quad) remained on the sidelines on Thursday. Offensive tackle Chester Pitts (knee) and wide receiver Mike Williams were limited participants. Offensive tackle Russell Okung (ankle) remained out and watched with his helmet from the sideline.

The Seahawks made some more moves today, bringing back offensive lineman Brian De La Puente and adding recently released cornerback Kennard Cox to the practice squad, and releasing cornerback Cord Parks and linebacker Joe Pawelek.

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck talked to reporters before practice about the matchup, and mentioned Denver’s veteran secondary anchored by cornerback Champ Bailey and safety Brian Dawkins as a concern that Seattle would have to watch for on Sunday.

“They’re really experienced in the secondary,” Hasselbeck said. “I’d say that’s the thing that sticks out to me is just they’re probably the most experienced group in the secondary of anybody in the league, and they have great players like Brian Dawkins and Champ Bailey, so it’ll be a challenge for us.”

As far as playing any differently on the road, Hasselbeck said when the team traveled to Minnesota for the third preseason they basically went through the same routine they will this weekend, and head coach Pete Carroll emphasized treating the road games like any other games.

“In the past, people have made a big deal about it,” Hasselbeck said. “And Pete was like, ‘I’m not going to do that. It’s not a big deal. You did it today, the Metrodome is the second loudest stadium in the league, and it was no big deal. So there you go.’ That’s what he said.”

Offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates talked about the addition offensive lineman Stacy Andrews and what that means to the offensive line this week.

“He’s had a great week of practice,” he said. “Again, you’re talking about a guy that’s played in the West Coast offense and so he has a lot of carry over from (Philadelphia). He’s a good football player. He’s a big man and he’s athletic. And we look forward to playing him on Sunday.”

Notes from practice
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  1. Hasselbeck is 2-25 as a starter in road games against teams that finished the year with a winning record with the wins in 2002 against Atlanta and 2006 against Denver. Maybe that’s why everyone makes a big deal about it and if Pete Carroll can change this trend, he will indeed be a coaching genius.

  2. bird_spit says:

    Got to hand it to these guys, they sure do like to make roster moves. I mean really, why keep the rank and file comfortable.

  3. freedom_X says:

    On the other hand, why would anyone be interested in joining the Seattle practice squad if you’re going to get chopped in just 1 day? Even if the guys aren’t getting any other offers, that’s ridiculous.

    If the intention of the practice squad is to develop players, then shuffling so many people back and forth defeats the purpose. If it’s viewed as a reserve taxi squad to train some backups in case of emergency, then it makes more sense, but if I were a player, I’d prefer to go somewhere (if I had to choice) where they actually thought I might have a chance at longer-term future if I spend my time learning their system and absorbing their coaching.

    I doubt that Hasselbeck is the main reason Seattle is 2-25 as a starter in road games against teams that finished the year with a winning record. He has some impact, but It has more to do with the fact Seattle’s defense has always been overrated and gets a big boost from the hometown crowd. Look up the stats for Seattle’s defensive perfomance for the same stretch of games. That will have a stronger cause-effect correlation than Hasselbeck’s record.

  4. tribfan1 says:

    Parks earned $4000 for one practice. Why would he complain? I expect guys like Pawelek and Parks to make return trips to the team this season.

  5. raymaines says:

    Ray Rhodes was on KIRO 710 ESPN, or whatever it is these days, and said he doesn’t believe in momentum. God bless the man!! I don’t either.

    Pete Carroll and the current version of the SeaHawks have never played in Denver, or any other NFL city. Nothing that has ever happened in the past has ever happened to this group of players and/or coaches.

    The SeaHawks are good because they are fundamentally sound and the Bronco’s are bad because they aren’t.

    If the ‘Hawks run, block, throw, catch, and tackle like they did against SF they’ll win going away. Whatever some other group of guys dressed in blue might have done in the past doesn’t have anything to do with the outcome of next Sundays game.

    Go ‘Hawks!!!

  6. Whose your favorite reporter for Seahawks news/analysis?

  7. Certainly a large part of the Seahawks road struggles have been the defense along with Hasselbeck’s inability to make big plays in crucial situations (although he led game winning drives in the 2002 and 2006 wins).

    Carroll was known in the NFL as a bright, young defensive mind before becoming an NFL head coach. Maybe he’s put together that road warrior type defense we haven’t seen in Seattle in a very long time. I can dream, can’t I?

  8. Dukeshire says:

    Well, whether they win or lose Sunday, we won’t know either way. Not just yet. By the end of the season we’ll have a far clearer idea if this is a team that will be able to travel. Defense is only part of the equation. Good road teams can also run the ball well consistently.

    Having a group of road warriors is something Seattle hasn’t had since Chuck Knox. Hell yes we can dream.

  9. Carlsonkid says:

    “The Seahawks made some more moves today … adding recently released cornerback Kennard Cox to the practice squad, and releasing cornerback Cord Parks ”

    I’m confused . Didn’t they just add Parks to the PS yesterday ?

  10. freedom_X says:

    Wow, they get $4,000/day? That’s way more than I thought. I thought it was something like $50,000/season if they’re on the practice squad all year, but I could just be having a 90’s flashback there…

  11. SeanCarney says:

    I thought the same thing …actually i was pretty sure of it, In fact i don’t believe it.

  12. SeahawkAddiction says:

    i bet we go 12-4

  13. I say 19-0!

  14. Dukeshire says:

    Practice squad players get $5200 a week ($88,400 per season). $4000 a day for the 17 weeks they’re on the PS would be $476,000. Come on now.

  15. Wow, the thought just occurred to me…what happens if the Seahawks win on Sunday?

  16. We’re 2-0.

  17. Audible…. Don’t you agree we have a good chance Sunday??? I Do… I Gotta believe ‘raymaines’…. We do the right stuff, we got the coaching to make the road scenario put to bed… ‘easy to say’, you say?
    I agree, but I’m one of the believer’s in the coaching here…. Everything I’ve seen so far (including the the weak starts in preseason), I’m ok with….

  18. Wish I could make 5200 a week!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 25 of 47 plays against the 49ers saw two or more tight ends. The return of Russel Okung is likely to reduce that number. It would be great should he make it back for the Charger game. Until then Hawks face the Bronco who are without Dumervil so we should be fine as long as the injuries don’t continue.

    Nothing new but the Hawks once again have a weak schedule.
    ….. Chargers 10.8
    ….. Giants 9.4
    @. .Saints 9.3
    @2 Cards 9.2
    ….. Panthers 9
    @.. Bears 8.2
    ….. Falcons 8.2
    @2 49ers 7.3
    —– Seahawks 6.5
    @.. Bucs 6.1
    @.. Raiders 6
    @.. Broncos 5.6
    ….. Chiefs 5.6
    @2 Rams 4.5
    Above are the Las Vegas projected team wins

    Hawks odds to make the playoffs look favorable
    I’m fairly certain that 2 of the Cards wins were expected over the Hawks
    Deduct those leaves the Cards 7.2 making the Hawks 8.5
    Good enough to win the division
    Cards managed a SB appearance from here a couple year back

  20. Dukeshire says:

    I too think Seattle has a legitimate shot at winning Sunday. But the Broncos are far more balanced than the 9ers. McDaniels is a tool, but do not underestimate Denver simply because of that. They are a good team and Seattle will have to play better than last week if they are to win.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    Vegas lines are designed for no other reason than to get money spread evenly on both sides. They are not predictions or projections. If anything, they are representative of what the betting public is likely to believe.

    And Okung returning will not signal the end of two TE sets. To quote Bates;

    “We majored in two tights in Denver. It really neutralizes the defense, because you can be 50 percent run, 50 percent pass. It really handcuffs the defensive coordinator at the end of the day, because they’re playing the guessing game.”

    Not trying to be overly critical, just points of clarification.

  22. You’re pointing out nothing that I did not already know. The reduced number may not be significant but none the less, as I’ve stated, will likely be reduced. As a high 1st round draft choice Okung should be a much better LT than Tyler Polumbus who was released (cut) by the Bronco. He will allow for more options in both the run and pass game.

    This was a good read but you must be a subscriber

    How wiseguys read schedule strength

  23. and it was the pabuwal first comment that had me put up the schedule. Used the Las Vegas line as a reference to help judge the away games. Saints may be the only away team Hawks play that end with a winning record.

  24. snydro22 says:

    Eric didn’t write that.. AP story..

  25. ruminator1 says:

    owen schmidt signed by eagles

  26. wide receiver Mike Williams were limited participants. </blockquote

    This is the first I've heard of Mike Williams being injured. Anyone know what's up?

  27. Dukeshire says:

    He has a thigh bruise. He was a no go Wed and limited (as you know) yesterday. He’ll be okay.

    excile – Not a subscriber, but I am familiar with Teddy Covers.

  28. snydro22 says:

    I bought my daughter some Teddy Covers when she got her big-girl bed..

  29. snydro22 says:

    Oh wait, I just realized the alternate definition of a Teddy when it comes to night time apparel… The joke was supposed to be Teddy Bear Covers, to avoid any creepy confusion!!

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