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Quickie bullet points from Carroll presser

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Sep. 13, 2010 at 2:54 pm with 32 Comments »
September 13, 2010 3:47 pm

Guess what, Pete Carroll expressed excitement over Sunday’s win against the 49ers. Imagine that.

But he conceded there are many things to work on. The terrible early play on both sides of the ball was an issue. He said they have to “come out with more authority at the start.” They have to find their rhythm earlier. Special teams were basically good, but “we leaked in a couple areas.”

They “feel solid about Polumbus in there” at left tackle, but Chester Pitts will continue to work in as he is able.

Of the running game, he warned that as paltry as 77 total yards appears, it was actually even less impressive since almost half came on a Forsett breakaway in the fourth quarter. “It wasn’t formidable,” Carroll said of the running game.

He again was delighted that they could do so well shutting down the SF running game with their base defense and no gimmicks. The Bryant-Cole-Mebane-Siavii efforts up front were laudable, he thought.

The offensive line “had some problems” with missed assignments and execution. He said Okung is getting closer, but it didn’t sound as if he was optimistic about his return this week.

In a bit of news, he said that right guard Max Unger probably will not be ready to go this week against Denver because of an injury to his big toe. It happened during the game but he toughed it out. No more elaboration on the injury was available at this point.

He said the entire staff was impressed that the team didn’t get down on the sidelines when the Niners were dominating play in the first quarter.

He thought Kelly Jennings had a really solid game in terms of open-field tackles and aggressive coverage. “He really earned that spot and he came out and played like it,” Carroll said about Jennings getting the starting job … which allowed them to trade Josh Wilson.

Linebacker Leroy Hill will be off his league suspension this week, but they still have to see how he fits back in, Carroll said. “He’s not coming back to sit,” Carroll said, but did not expect him to start.

Left guard Mike Gibson, who came out in the first half Sunday with a back injury, is expected to be ready for Denver.

Ah, yes, the road. “We gotta learn how to carry over games on the road,” Carroll said. “We need to figure that part out.”

Carroll cited defensive line coach Dan Quinn for getting new players Junior Siavii and Raheem Brock up to speed so quickly. “They were able to contribute in a large way (for) being here such a short time.”

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    I agree about Jennings; that was the most physical I’ve ever seen him play. (Still miss Pistol. At least I can watch him tonight..)

    On the o line, having watched the game again, thought Spencer really got man handled at times, especially on runs.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hawthorne inactive this week, if his back isn’t 100%, and see Hill and Herring split weakside duties.

  2. grizindabox24 says:

    Who is sent packing so they can activate Hill?

  3. Didn’t notice Hawthorne too much on Sunday, not that he played poorly, just didn’t come up – and maybe it’s because I was looking for him – but I did see a lot of Curry – and while he wasn’t making tons of plays, it seemed to me that he was a disruptive guy to SF, and he was close on several occasions, which I see as a nice improvement.

    Didn’t realize Siavii was ever in – but kudos if he was part of that wall we put up in the middle of the D-line; that part of the team had a great game.

  4. Hey!
    If you all have the opportunity to catch Mora on the Red Zone it’s laughable.
    Mora was criticizing SF Quarterback Alex Smith for throwing coaches under the bus. I wonder if there is a gag order cuz he said nothing about the Seahawks…

  5. robbmccurdy says:

    Thanks again for the parking tips you guys gave us last week. We found a great spot off fourth ave between Wells Fargo bank and the railroad tracks. Lots of fun and some great people around. I hope we can make it back again this season.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    Mora criticizing Smith for calling out his coaches? That tremendous. He should have called out his kicker and center, something Mora can relate to.

  7. Singletary seems like a really foul person…I wouldn’t want to play for him. I hope he keeps it up…maybe he’ll lose the team like Mora did last year.

  8. Lot’s of positive stuff…. but I’ve seen your quote Eric: “He’s still finding his way.” several times now regarding Golden Tate… Not just from you, so I’m starting to wonder that there may be some ‘off field’ problem(s) regarding Golden…. Is there a bit of media coverup taking place?
    Sorry to try and corner you on this, but clearly we’ve all had and still have great expectations for him as a playmaker… Is he in trouble? With his community? With his coaches? With his lifechoices? What gives????

  9. Hm… With Unger out, might they just plug Pitts into his spot?

  10. Dukeshire says:

    Hopefully he’ll be able to make it through an entire practice soon. They’re going to need him at this rate.

  11. freedom_X says:

    I don’t know that there is any additional context to Golden Tate not being active. It appears that Carroll chose a lot of 3-TE formations for this game. Given that, it makes sense they would only activate 4 receivers. Obomanu would get the edge because he’s a core special teams player. Tate probably does have a lot to learn about routes and reading coverages – most of Seattle’s big pass plays involved deception and adjustment, not pure physical talent. I would have liked to have seen Tate on punt returns though.

    I actually like Mike Singletary and think he’s an above-board human being. Unless I read more about goings on in SF, I don’t think he’s going to lose his locker room like Mora. He held a followup meeting to explain each of his comments about players to each of those players. I don’t think Mora ever did that.

    But Singletary did share his team’s contempt for Seattle, in treating the game like a pre-season game and “going for it” on 4th down to “give his team bite.” You do that kind of thing on the road in preseason, or if you think the opponent is a complete pushover you can toy with and practice lessons with. He got it thrown back in his face. Maybe his team’s overconfidence came from him.

    Watching the MNF Jets/Ravens game – don’t see much Josh Wilson out there, though he drew a holding penalty on special teams. I’m only watch chunks of the game though.

  12. Yahoo is reporting that Unger has an injured toe & is out for Denver.

  13. subtlesquire says:

    Siavii looked great the time he was in. Excellent penetration. Nice pick up.
    Two players who have taken a lot of heat on these boards who had excellent games Sunday are Jennings and Branch. This is the best I have seen the D line in several years.

    Great game!

  14. Siavii was a nice match beside Cole in the short-yardage D when the 49ers were close to our goal line. The lineup varied, but at one point I say a D line of Curry-Bryant-Siavii-Cole-Mebane with Curry and Mebane as DEs. That’s the line that stuffed Gore for no gain on 4th and inches. They mixed it up quite a lot on the D line. Curry was actually knuckles-down as a DE in the fourth quarter a lot also when the Seahawks went to nickle defense with 6 DBs.

    What a great defensive effort. One of the best in years.

  15. jandyhenson says:

    Can anyone find a reason to think this team will be competitive? I mean, really. I’m all for new head coaches changing personnel over, but this is getting ridiculous. Do they still have the same mascot? Ok, thanks for letting me vent.

    Adam Caplan’s pre kickoff power ranking comments on Adam you are an idiot!!!

  16. wabubba67 says:

    @jandyhenson—Yes, 31-6 win against the supposed NFC West favorite….’nuf said.

  17. williambryan says:

    the national football scene is ridiculous. there are a few “experts” out there that get it and care about their work and what they say and put in the time to be right about it. I’ve been so dissapointed in most coverage that I have wittled down my info to about 5 or 6 sources. I come here first thing when i open my computer (at least 5 times a day, lol) seattle times blog, nfc west blog on espn (Sando) I go to PFT for national info (I cant stand Florio when he goes all editorial like anyone cares what he thinks, but they do collectively have all the news and info), I follow adam schefter on twitter and The only tv I watch is NFLN Gameday Final with Mariucci Deion and Irvin, I wish Eisen was still there too as he has always been kind to the Hawks. Those guys are honest, they know the game and they dont hold anything back. ESPN nfl coverage is laughable.

  18. williambryan says:

    subtlesquire, How many years exactly? Because I dont ever remember seeing our line dominate across the board the way they did yesterday. There have been quite a few outstanding individual games over the years but not where every member of the line contributed like they did.

  19. Freedom…. Sorry…. wasn’t you I was asking…. I’m not looking for an opinion… looking for ‘fact’ on Golden…. It’s like a door has closed on the updates for him…. it all just seems a bit odd…. like something isn’t standard….

  20. chuck_easton says:

    Owen Schmitt continues his act of replacing Leonard Weaver. Philly just signed Schmitt to replace Weaver who is out for the season with an ACL tear

  21. IB – Golden Tate is a rookie and the 5th best WR on the team right now. Preseason proved he isn’t ready yet. What’s the mystery?

  22. subtlesquire says:


    Good question. When I wrote that, the only line I could think of was the dominate line of the early eighties, when we ran a 3-4 defense. Bryant, Nash, and Green. That was a consistently dominate line that could produce pressure with just the three rushing. The current line was awesome this Sunday, but they will need to bring it every Sunday for 2 or 3 seasons to be in the same category.

    To answer your question, 25 or so years.

  23. I for one am pretty relieved to know that Pete Carroll is willing to reward Deon Butler for his outstanding play during preseason and training camp, especially considering that Butler was a pick from the old regime. It really sends the message that the people who are working hard, paying attention to details, and performing on the field are the ones who will be playing in the games.

    IBGoofy may be on to something, and im not saying Golden isnt working hard or making plays, but my impression was that his route running still needed a lot of work and that he is not picking up the playbook as well as Deon. It doesnt surprise me because he has such explosive ability, its easy for those type of athletes to always rely on it instead of being students of the game. Pete Carroll is a smart man though, and he really understands people and what makes them tick. Im certain he recognizes Goldens natural abilities but I think hes keeping it bottled up knowing that Golden has more growth in him and well see if Golden is up for the challenge.

  24. tylakewalker says:

    I agree with you Audible. Singletary is a jack ass.

  25. Mark Sanchez on Jets opening day:
    10 of 21 passing
    47 yards
    no touchdowns.

    Is there anyone who still thinks we should have drafted Sanchez instead of Aaron Curry? Sanchez is the next Rick Mirer. All promise, no delivery.

    Meanwhile, did everyone notice how often Aaron was on the line of scrimmage and how often he was getting pressure last Sunday? He isn’t there yet, still improving his techniques and learning how to pass rush, but by the end of this season it looks like Aaron should be ready to start making a real statement in most games. By his third year, he’ll start making his statement in every game.

  26. Yeah….Singletary is either scowling or has a smerky smile that reminds me of Elway.

    He just seems to exude arrogance and contempt. That may work as long as they’re winning but watch what happens if they lose the division to Seattle this year.

  27. bird_spit says:

    I re(re)-watched the first half last night. I have to say, that final 6 mins of the first half, is probably the most exciting Hawk team play I have seen in more than 2 years. If they can bottle that up, and translate it to away games, and even more formidable opponents, then we will be in the playoffs.

    That said, the first 24 mins, I really have to question the decisions by offensive coaches or QB. That was all to reminiscent of 2009.

    But all 30 mins of the first half, our D rocked it. They had many opportunities where they should have worn out, and allowed Gore to have his day. One concern for future games was how nearly one – dimensional the 9ers offensive game plan was.. The real test will come when the opponent spreads the ball around.

    Great start to a 8-8 season. The momentum has a chance to carry, so we could see a surprising season in the making. I have to say, these hawks are a fun group to watch. And damn, Hass grew some wheels!

  28. I watched the game on tape last night to see what I missed at the game sunday.
    Watched curry a lot , he looks real good on the LOS and pursues well down the line and holds up his gap well, he gets caught too often trying to head inside a blocker instead of keeping contain(ouside arm and leg free) and watches/keys on the blockers instead of the backfield a few times(one time the tackle pulled he followed and the rb ran right where he was), and we all know his pass coverage needs work but he looked off and on.
    He is improving.
    How about Babs, seemed like he was every where.

    I also aggree with the Sanchez comment I thought he was over rated then and still do, considering he is on a pretty good team.

  29. What happened to BobbyK? Is he MIA in Seattle???

  30. Soggybuc says:

    I’d check the Jails either that or needed acouple of days of rehab after a hell of a sunday.

  31. “Golden Tate is a rookie and the 5th best WR on the team right now. Preseason proved he isn’t ready yet. What’s the mystery? ”

    Well, it is a little disappointing for your 2nd round pick to be inactive. No way to get around that. Usually, you’d hope that guy would start for you.

  32. “Meanwhile, did everyone notice how often Aaron was on the line of scrimmage and how often he was getting pressure last Sunday? He isn’t there yet, still improving his techniques and learning how to pass rush, but by the end of this season it looks like Aaron should be ready to start making a real statement in most games”

    Totally agree. He was real noticeable for our D, and after Clemons, I think he was the most disruptive guy for us out there. When you add the solid play by the middle of the D-line vs. the run, and Lofa in there keeping everyone intense, you can see why we had such a strong defensive game. I expect the D to be solid against Denver too.

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