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Seahawks 31, 49ers 6 — reader reaction post

Post by Ryan Divish on Sep. 12, 2010 at 4:21 pm with 64 Comments »
September 12, 2010 5:05 pm
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Well, to be perfectly honest, I didn’t expect this type of a win. Then again, I don’t how many people did. Why? I don’t think any of us really knew what to expect from this Seahawks team. With all the changes, there were just so many unknowns coming into this game.

Obviously that first quarter was not exactly ideal, but thanks to a solid defense – particularly against the run – the Seahawks were able to stay in the game when the offense was completely out of sync. Then a few turnovers and a few nice passes from Matt Hasselbeck and all of the sudden they have 28 points.

Alex Smith was absolutely terrible. And it makes me wonder if the 49ers can really win a division title with him at QB.

So it’s time to hear your thoughts …

1. What surprised you about this win?

2. Yes, it’s one game, but are the Seahawks better than you anticipated?

3. Does this game – based on the Hawks and Niners performances – change your expectations for this season?

4. Who gets the game ball?

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  1. I’m really optimistic right now, I won’t get my hopes up to high just yet, but I was quite impressed with the defensive line play. I thought the defense in general did well, but Red Bryant, Colin Cole, Big Mebane and Chris Clemons did so well. I was especially impressed with the explosiveness of Clemons, and I was happy to see Curry blitzing more, I was also impressed with the play of Earl Thomas. I don’t know about the offense just yet. I thought the line was better than expected in the pass protection, but I need to see more. The run game was non-existent, but that I expected vs. the strong 49ers defense. Matt played generally well, did make a few mistakes, but he did look fresh and he made some nice reads. The receivers played pretty good, nice to see Branch playing like he should’ve been doing the last couple years, Mike Williams should drop less balls though! But again, really optimistic here, nice to prove all the experts wrong, and show them that we do belong in the race for the division title. Pete Carroll has brought some energy and enthusiasm to this team, he had a big part in this victory. The players looked so different from last year under Mora, and even if we don’t get in the playoffs this year, based on this first game, we’re not as far from it as I initially thought. I know this game wasn’t perfect, and the 49ers made a lot of mistakes, but unlike previous years, we took advantage of those, I’m so excited for the future!

  2. mike98541 says:

    good game by the hawks. defense stood out to me the most. running game still sloppy. mike williams needs to work on catching the ball a little more. the thing is, we killed the niners and we didnt even play our best ball. we still have a long ways to go but what a start! go hawks!

  3. i gonna catch heat for this but Carlson needs to pick it up. At this point I don’t believe the hype.. Good job Hawks.

    P.S. if u can dog Branch I can question Carlson.

  4. Two words.

    Hell yes.

  5. MattandCindy says:

    These Hawks came together when everyone expected them to struggle, and turned in a fantastic performance after an iffy first quarter. With so many doubting the ability of the team this season, it was almost logical to go along with the 4-6 win prediction. Obviously, if the Seahawks can play like this all season: with the defense stuffing RB’s, Clemons, Davis, and Curry flying off the edge and destroying QB’s, and the o-line protecting Matt while he dumps off mid-range pass after mid-range pass and our RB trifecta darting all over the field…..then I say watch out EVERYONE. These guys could suprise ALOT of people. By the way, give the game ball to the ENTIRE O-Line. They looked like they had been together for 5 years. GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. mocarob: i agree entirely. he’s had one good year, and after that, very average years. i don’t think he’s as good as everyone thought in 2007.

  7. MattandCindy says:

    Man……….I’m jacked AND pumped!!!

  8. I know I’ve been bashing PC on this blog for weeks (months?). My negative comments were regarding his role as John Schneider’s boss (i.e. player personnel). I still don’t have enough info to really evaluate PC’s coaching. & I’m not at all ready to jump on the bandwagon.

    That said, imo the #1 difference today was PC & his staff thoroughly outcoached Singletary & his staff. Other then the 1 interception, the Hawks were largely error free. Can’t say that about the ‘9ers.

    Matt also outplayed Smith by a huge margin. I think at some point SF is going to have to admit Smith isn’t going to cut it & go a different direction.

    I think we’ll have a better feel for this team after we play a decent opponent (The Chargers in week 3).

  9. defensive line played great after first couple of drives, had pressure on Alex Smith all afternoon. Thought Clemons played well!

  10. I just like to add “PETE ROCKS……..”


  11. SandpointHawk says:

    Oh Yea, we can play in this league. I’m pumped…let’s build on this. Go Hawks!!!!

  12. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I’ll ‘buy in’ if we get a win on the road next week vs. Denver. I almost expect to win every game at home with the 12th man. But on the road is different. We normally aren’t very competitive on the road. Let’s change that now by beating Denver next week. There’s only a 1 hour time difference in Denver, so jet lag won’t be an excuse.

  13. SandpointHawk says:

    Send BobbyK to Denver…lucky charm, I’m in for $10…..

  14. snydro22 says:

    1. The win.

    2. Yes.

    3. Yes.

    4. Pete Carroll.

  15. wabubba67 says:

    1.) Everything-particularly the play of the line and Kelly Jennings.
    2.) Yes.
    3). No…talent-wise the 49ers are still the class of the division. This was the case of hungry players playing hard for a new coach…eventually that motivation will fade (especially on the road). Other teams now have accurate film footage of the Seahawks. It does show what is possible, though, with great coaching (welcome aboard Bates and Carrol).
    4.) The entire defense and defensive coaching staff.

  16. Wow what a game. I can’t believe with the way the last two years have gone you guys still say negative things when we win like this. ” Matt was okay” WTF? What for you guys they can”t give up a 1st down or make a mistake? Why don’t you go try out for the nfl you bunch of armchairs. This blog is full of bandwagoners. Move to Detroit!!!

    I love my HAWKS win or lose!!!!

  17. SandpointHawk says:

    Bradford is going to be a problem very soon.

  18. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Arizona struggled against St. Louis, and St. Louis has a rookie QB. I really believe we can win our division

  19. Pete said this was not a rebuilding, a small minority of fans bought in. The truth is that the word rebuilding effects peoples attitude, and players are still human beings. but ATTITUDE won todays game. Pete knew that and to officially call this season a rebuilding would have effected this team and the outcome of this here game.

    this team proved they can compete NOW and Pete Carroll KNOWS how to win!

  20. HawksFanatic says:

    D-Line was very stout against the run. I think the pass rush needs improvement even though they did do a nice job of harassing an average QB today. The thing that stood out the most to me was the tackling by the defense. I cant recall one missed tackle and many quality tackles that held the 49ers offense in check.

  21. Answering the questions above…
    1. How bad we started and how dominating we finished.
    2. Yes, the defense against the run was impressive.
    3. Nope. I had high expectations for this team. I predicted (hoping for) a 9-7 record.
    4. The whole defense should get the game ball. They kept us in the game when the offense couldn’t do squat. Then when the Seahawks took the lead they never relinquished it. Pretty stout against the run and they kept the pressure on all game. Loved all the different looks they had and the pressure they bought from all over.

    I’m wondering how much all the ex 49ers helped the Seahawks game plan?

  22. tylakewalker says:

    1.) The hawks secondary, especially starting corners, surprised me. Jennings and Trufant played very well. The final score also surprised me. I did not expect a blowout.
    2.) Yes Seattle is better than I anticipated. I thought Seattle would struggle the first half of the season
    3.) Yes the changes my expectations for the season, Seattle has a good chance of playing above .500 ball if the team stays relatively healthy.
    4.) Defensive line gets the game ball

  23. SharkHawk says:

    I’ll stand by my original guess that the team would go 6-10 or 7-9 and in either case, I’d call this season a success… depending on how they get those 6 or 7 wins, and how the losses take place. A competitive team with 7 wins is much better than a team that is bipolar and just can’t seem to gain any consistency.

    This game gives me a lot of hope that they can be a great team in 2-3 years. I didn’t feel that way at any point over the last 2 seasons at all.

    I think it will be of utmost importance that Bates is locked up. We need consistency on offense and he’s moved around a bit the last couple of years. I want to see him stick around and build his offense, because he seems like a guy that can adjust. Knapp NEVER could adjust, and Holmgren could, but rarely seemed to want to. Bates has a bright future. We all knew Pete could make adjustments. The question was whether he had the personnel that could handle it. After one game… yeah. But I think the 9ers are suffering from Cardinals syndrome. WAY overrated heading into the season, just as the Cards were for about 5 years when they never did squat.

  24. 1. Pretty much everything

    2. Uncertain. Today they were

    3. It gives a glimmer of hope

    4. Pete Carroll

  25. If we get 6-7 wins, I’ll consider this season a huge success.

  26. Shaky start, offense was non-existent for 1st half. I felt like I did last year, seeing the defense on the field way too much. Defense was very impressive, denying those early drives especially. I hope they can build on this win and take out Denver next week. 1-0 now, a great feeling to see them take it away from SF.

  27. MattandCindy says:

    I haven’t seen anyone say anything about how AWESOME our O-line was. This was supposed to be a huge liability, especially against a blitz happy San Fran defense. They protected Matt like he was a retarded little brother. They played like a unit, not five guys. I’m just so damn jacked………………and PUMPED.

  28. moo,

    its not about waiting to find out if this team is good or not before you start supporting hard for them. Pete is here to stay. He has a vision for this team. The team is still a work in progress, but this is very possibly the beginnings, the birth, of a very very good football team! I love what Pete is building from an attitude and culture standpoint, and like he said from the very beginning, “were going to win games, its just a matter of how long”

    Success has to start somewhere…Dont evaluate the win and loss record to decide if you are a fan or not. Read between the lines, support the team if you like the direction in which they are going!

    Without a doubt there will be some struggle, but this young team needs our belief and support. Tell me that the 12th man did not make a difference today?! our support has a place in the growth of this team. Nobody is saying this team is superbowl bound now, we still have a few more drafts to get younger and better, but waiting for this team to win more games first is pure proof that you’re a fairweather fan.

  29. MattandCindy says:

    bilko says:
    Loved all the different looks they had and the pressure they bought from all over.

    I would like to know where they bought the pressure from, as I am in the market for some decent pressure. You sais it was from all over, but I only need a couple places near Tacoma. Thanks buddy!!!

  30. Our Defensive front has not been this good for a number of years. They deserve the game ball but I was amazed at the the great energy and spirit the whole team played with, it brought back alot of good Seahawk memories.
    I’m in.

  31. 1. What surprised you about this win? Hawks only kicked arse in 3 qrts

    2. Yes, it’s one game, but are the Seahawks better than you anticipated? eh, we beat em 20-17 last game

    3. Does this game – based on the Hawks and Niners performances – change your expectations for this season? we beat the 9ers … last year it was the lambs and 5-9

    4. Who gets the game ball? Trufant… but the D (line) and goal line stand made it possible

  32. ruminator1 says:

    1. the thing that surprised me the most was the way the offense adjusted. lots of very good teams do not have much of a run game. neither does Seattle, but like those teams, the pass helps establish some semblance of a run game. that formula worked very very well.
    2. they were better in run defense than i thought they would be. late in the game dixon showed he belongs. clemons, mebane and red were agressive and had attitude. and gore was stuffed over and over. the defensive line moved and adjusted very well. babs was effective. tru and lofa showed that they are back. the offensive line didn’t open holes but they were pretty decent in protection and they kept down the penalties.
    3. i am not convinced that it changes a lot about the season. it does prove that they can play, that they are intense, that our receivers can make plays, that kickoffs can be good with washington, that the 3 backs can each do something and actually work ok together even if no one gained a lot of yards. i would not be surprised to see them lose next week to a hungry Denver team, but i also think it is possible they could win or make it very close.
    4. multiple game balls, but especially to the defense, to Matt who recovered nicely and showed why experience counts and to PC who was a livewire on the sidelines. never passive. what player wouldn’t love that? and a special ball to Morah–that catch was crucial. finally, i think the crowd was a factor in this game result. after the lousy first quarter the tream could have quit. they didn’t.

  33. EyeAmBaldman says:

    Holy crap! I never thought they’d win…let alone like the way they did. The defense was the standout today. Very impressive.

    I still believe the Hawks will have a successful season if they finish 8-8. Mike Williams won’t drop many passes after today. Remember it’s been 3 years since he caught a pass in a game that mattered.

    Disappointed in the running game, other than Forsett’s one big run, but that’s to be expected with all the changes.

    I, too, was disappointed in Carlson. At this point, I’d rather see Morrah get some more playing time. Also, Golden Tate needs to pick it up so we can see what he can do.

  34. letsworkitout says:

    Hawks have a long way to go before being competitive. It would be naive to think that this single win is a true “sign” of where they are. The Hawks were horrible the first half, with the exception of a very lucky 2 minute stretch. The PI call against Clements was really against the Hawks and that led to the first TD. Then a miscommunication between Smith and Crabtree was the second td. I mean, outside of those VERY forutnate 2 minutes they were awful. Those 2 minutes totally changed the remainder of the game. The Hawks definitely had luck on their sides today. They won’t always get those calls…..

  35. “the thing that surprised me the most was the way the offense adjusted. lots of very good teams do not have much of a run game. neither does Seattle, but like those teams, the pass helps establish some semblance of a run game. that formula worked very very well.”

    what i appreciated, and it’s such a fresh breath from last year (and other previous years), was the offensive playcalling that didn’t keep repeatedly trying in vain get a running game going that was not happening. i felt like we tried early, but quickly adjusted to a game where we passed on plenty of 1st and 2nd downs, where I can recall groaning at the predictable runs plays we’ve done so often there. Bates called a really good game, i thought. And as other have noted, it is great to avoid turnovers the way we did after that first pass.

    On Defense, you can see we’re a different team with a healthy Lofa and a healthy Trufant – I also thought Clemons was great today (after 1 game – huge trade up from Tapp). Seemed like he at least some pass rush push on about every pass play today – and the game basically changed once Smith started feeling the heat. He could not play through it.

    Awesome way to start – far exceeded my expectations.

  36. “The PI call against Clements was really against the Hawks and that led to the first TD.”

    It was far from the only play in that drive – what was it 8 yards?

    “The Hawks definitely had luck on their sides today. They won’t always get those calls…..”

    I don’t know what other calls they got today. Only lucky moment, in my book, was Smith’s overthrow of the fullback on that 4th and 1 at the 1. Other than that, they earned everything they got today.

  37. snydro22 says:

    This win was for Moo and SharkHawk and all the fairweather fans who jumped ship..

    A few of us kept your seats warm, and we’ll let come back with your tails between your legs..

  38. JimWilke says:

    Game ball to Trufant but Jennings and Milloy played well. Williams and Butler showed why Housh got dumped.

  39. You can’t tell a team that they are going to get pounded upon by a more physical team and that nobody expects them to have a chance before that supposed underdog team gets PO’d and rises up and sets the real physical tone. The Seahawks were more physically dominant than the digits. Pete kept them pumped and jacked. It was a fun game to watch after tha last few years. They won going away and had answers for Gore and outrushed the vaunted Niner ground game.

    1. What surprised me, the huge change of monmentum after the goaline and redzone stuffs. What pleased me even more was once the momentum changed the Hawks didn’t let them back into the game.

    2.Yes ,but there is always room to get a lot better. I’m pleased they aren’t as bad as many predicted.

    3. Yes, only somewhat though, as this is a rebuiding team. I’ll answer with certainty once I see them play for real on the road.

    4. There are lots of candidates for the gameball but how about Kelly Jennings for his openfield tackle and stuff of Gore.

  40. freedom_X says:

    I was extremely, pleasantly surprised. One of the most unexpected things was the great job they did offensively in game planning around Tyler Polumbus – we did not hear his name mentioned much. They gameplanned well to minimize any weaknesses they had at tackle.

    Hasselbeck buried a ghost from last year with his TD run – same type of run he got levelled in last year (that left him hurting the whole year.)

    This was too unexpected for me to be a churl and complain about weaknesses. Early on, I was thinking “at least Carroll knows his replay challenge rules well.” But I have to say, he delivered far more than I expected. I didn’t have any feeling of a college coach who was adjusting to the pro game.

    On the other hand, Singletary was certainly arrogant for a coach on the road with all his “go for it on 4th downs.” He really showed his contempt for Seattle, thinking he would have no problems if he didn’t make them. Glad his 4th down failures were shoved back in the 49ers face.

  41. Soggybuc says:

    I dont care and I really dont care, after months of hypotheticles and speculation and prediction the fact remains that we kicked the snot of out of SF today

    tuesday afternoon i will burst my bubble and get critical. untill then i will blindly embrace the happy happy joy joy with a side of kool-Aid

    really guys we have 15 more weeks in wich we can have our nuts relocated to our throats. until the trophy sits in the VMAC the job is not done.

  42. danjsloan says:

    Where can we get Seahawk player and coach postgame quotes or audio/video?

  43. seahawk44 says:

    So it’s time to hear your thoughts …

    1. What surprised you about this win?
    ………31 unanswered points

    2. Yes, it’s one game, but are the Seahawks better than you anticipated?
    ………I anticipated they would win a close game today, so as for now, YES.

    3. Does this game – based on the Hawks and Niners performances – change your expectations for this season?
    ………My expectations are for this team to be in the playoffs. This helps.

    4. Who gets the game ball?
    ……..How about the guy they just cut and re-signed, J Babinaux …Big Play Babs lived up to the name in limited time made the most out of it. Big INT and team leader in tackles. But maybe you give the game ball to the coaching staff today for having the players motivated and confident.

    Now, let’s go get a W on the road!

  44. 1. Biggest surprise: lob-sided final score.

    2. Yes, I think they are better than I anticipated. How much? I can’t say until I see them on the road, or against a good team that isn’t making mistakes.

    3. Expectations changed? Yes, they are…for now, I’m thinking they have a shot at a playoff spot a lot more than I was this morning.

    4. Game ball? How about the entire D, for keeping the 9ers out of the end zone while the offense was floundering.

    It’s a great day, but I’m still being cautious in my optimism. I know several folks have commented about how fired up the team was today, but we saw that in a couple of games last year, as well…particularly the blowout over Jacksonville at Qwest. Hopefully we’ll see this maintained throughout the season, including after any tough losses that may come our way.

  45. seahawk44 says:

    Patrick Willis.

    “We have nowhere to go but up. We’re going to stay together as a team,” the Pro Bowl linebacker said. “I told some of the guys already, today’s going to hurt. We had high expectations to win this game. Unfortunately it didn’t go the way we wanted, but it’s our first game of the season. This doesn’t make or break our season. We have nowhere to go but up. So let’s stay optimistic and stay positive and get it done. We still have a lot of football ahead of us.”

    No Mr Willis….you have to play the Saints next week.

  46. Lots to be impressed with today, but for me it was the coaching…. The play calling and in game decisions reflected a solid understanding of the game situations and Hawk player abilities…. All NFL teams analyze the first opponent they have the best, which we have to understand SF was a bit at a dissadvantage to do , but the ‘in game’ adjustment’s to me were overwhelmingly won by the Hawks…

    Game ball to the coaches!!! Great job!

  47. I called this!

    I had it at 31-3 Seahawks, so not exactly, but I knew we were gonna win! (okay, it was a massive hope more than certain knowledge)

    I new SF’s offensive front would struggle with the 12th man and I knew that our defensive front was better than advertised. Two sacks isn’t crazy good, but certainly impressive.

    I knew that our secondary vs Smith would make the difference, and although I was scared of Gore, I knew that if we could slow him down, we could win. I was surprised that we STOPPED him though! 2.2 yards per carry? Hell yeah!

    I knew our offense would struggle early but trusted that Matt would get into a groove and be Matt. Our defense did what expected, and kept us in it until that could happen.

    Game ball? 12th Man. That delay of game penalty was rockin’!


  48. scottftlc says:

    About the only thing that’s possible to say is:


  49. letsworkitout says:

    Uh, yes those 8 yards were important because it was 3rd down on that play. Had the fake PI call not occured the Hawks would have punted and not went down to get a touchdown. Not only that, but the Niners would have had great field position. Huge momentum change that had nothing to do with the Hawks doing anything good. In fact what they did was bad, but got away with it.

  50. raymaines says:

    You guys are SOOooo wrong about John Carlson. He’s been used as a blocker and blockers don’t get stats. When Okung gets up to speed, JC will be racking up the numbers again. He’s a tight end not a wide receiver.

    #4 – My Game Ball goes to…….

    Drum roll please.

    Mike Singletary

  51. new02 & Snydro: Just because I have not so far joined the PC bandwagon does not mean I’m not a fan. I’ve been cheering for this team from the Jim Zorn days on. I remember Dave Krieg, Curt Warner, Steve Largent, Kenny Easley & Chuck Knox. Do you?

    That doesn’t mean I’m going to be unrealistic & not call it how I see it. If I was no longer a fan, trust me I wouldn’t be reading & posting on this blog.

    On the one hand, i will repeat: PC & his staff did a superb job of coaching today, & are largely responsible for this win.

    on the other hand, we did not get value for Wilson, & everything about the Housh release was poorly handled as 2 examples. A strong FA would have found a way to get something approaching value & not just ate salary in the one case. There also appear to have been way too many roster moves made just for the sense of making roster moves.

    Hopefully most of these moves will pan out & hopefully PC will continue to be a better coach then he is an admin (see Mike Holmgren for an example of that).

    At this point for me today was a very pleasant surprise.

    BTW, did anyone catch any of the Storm game? I was going back & forth between plays. The Storm game was pretty cool. They won on their last shot with 3 seconds left.

  52. moo,


    thats nice that you remember those guys, but so do i! But that doesnt make anyone a great fan, big deal ya know…

    bottom line is that you’ll start supporting the team when you know they are a successful team. Thats fair weather. Plus, we live in the PNW. Its not like we have any other options… there are no other teams nearby. On the east coast, you know whose a true fan because they stick with their teams through ALL the ups and downs.

    For me, I LOVED what happened to Housh, i loved the late transactions, and I understood the Wilson deal. That doesnt make me great, but it means Im a fan and supporter of the direction of this team. You on the other hand are not a supporter of these decisions, so you are not a fan of the teams direction, but you will be a fan if they start winning. Fair weather.

  53. Not too many roster moves and they didn’t miss handle the Housh deal. Nobody wanted him so they had to cut him.

    Housh didn’t fit with what they were trying to do here so let him go. For these guys you have to be “all in” or be gone. The guys they got rid of were guys that do not fit the type of player they want. Jimmy Johnson did the same thing when he took over the cowboys, Bill Parcells did it EVERYWHERE he ever went. The most important thing is to get guys the FIT with what you are trying to do.

    I also think that some of the moves were made because no cap this year. When the cap comes back we may or may not have been able to make some of these moves. Now we can continue to make the team and the franchise better!

    Big question on the game for anyone who can answer.
    Why did Colin Cole stand on the sidelines the entire 2nd half without a helmet? We were at the game and didn’t hear or see anything?


  54. seahawk44 says:

    Carlson made an awesome one handed catch today. Hi light reel catch.

  55. bayareahawkfan says:

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!!! What a game! My Niner friends who were supposed to watch the game with me couldn’t make it, but as soon as Hass threw that pick, I got a text:


    That was the last text I received all game, even though I dutifully replied…multiple times after Seattle scores or big plays :).

    This is all I wanted out of this team – to play hard, to their full ability. A pair of coordinators that can actually game plan (Bates clearly saw in the film that Clements and Brown like to gamble, and they were burned twice today on double moves, for instance).

    I don’t want to read too much into this, since they probably had inside information from Robinson which helped them plan (especially on defense), but this is a great win.

    As Bobby K said earlier last week: “Screw the 49ers”.

  56. ToddSchneider says:

    Bayareahawkfan, I know how you feel. Up here in Eureka I am a little outnumbered. The first quarter I was getting killed, things got a LOT quieter half way through the second though!
    Obviously a really good game, the thing I like the most is the cohesiveness of the team right now (Yes I know it’s easier after a win). Looking forward to next week.
    Moo, you and I are on the same page.

  57. doubledink says:

    I was pleased with what Jennings brought.

    To Housh they said, “Believe or leave

    I haven’t been so pleased with the defensive line in years.

    Trufant is going to have a huge year. he looks as good as ever.

    I was pleased how Julius hit the hole as soon as they put him in. His running is what started the offense moving in the 2nd quarter.

  58. SandpointHawk says:

    Enough with Housh already, he was a locker room cancer. On the field he ran 7 yards and stopped, caught the ball and fell down. Why would anyone trade for a 7 million dollar a year diva? I never like the signing, he wasn’t a number 1 receiver by any means, and I’m glad to see him go.

  59. 1. What surprised you about this win?

    With the new full size NFL players on the D line, I thought they could contain Gore. I did not think they could stop him completely.

    2. Yes, it’s one game, but are the Seahawks better than you anticipated?

    No, I think they are who I thought they were. They are bigger, faster, better players. The score indicates that SF is worse than they actually are imo.

    3. Does this game – based on the Hawks and Niners performances – change your expectations for this season?

    Not really. I expected the division to be pretty close anyway, all teams getting at least 5 wins, no team getting more than 10. Maybe it’s closer now, and maybe StL is now the third team?

    4. Who gets the game ball?

    Hmmm, Pete Carroll. Even though he obviously needs to be fired for trading away HoFers Josh Wilson and Houshmanzadeh…

    Nice to have a reason to watch MNF tonite anyway.

  60. gonefishin69690 says:

    Hawks offense always seems to have a case of the 1st half “sputters”, but with the way the Defense has been playing, it looks like win or lose, we will be in every game. The only expectation i had going into the season was to see some “intensity.” I saw it, from the bench to the players. If we can continue to play with that level of intensity, then we have a good shot at a winning season. I love the way PC gets into the game. In sports, the job of any coach is to keep the level of excitement up. PC does that. Have the right attitude going into every game, and you always have a chance to win. Opportunities only unfold for those who are looking for them, and a player with a poor attitude, will miss every opportunity that comes his way.

  61. rramstad says:

    If we’re going to get all ticky tacky about the massive effect of the PI call (eight yards, first down) I’d be remiss to not mention that I can’t remember the last football game where the defense was called four times for encroachment… From my perspective two of these were totally bogus, with the 49ers #76 backing up before the snap, there was a third that was iffy, and one was legit. I think the referees really did everything they could, within reason, to mitigate the 12th Man for the 49ers, which is probably preferable to them calling us for excessive noise and having 67,000 people waiting next to their bus after the game…

  62. “If we’re going to get all ticky tacky about the massive effect of the PI call (eight yards, first down) I’d be remiss to not mention that I can’t remember the last football game where the defense was called four times for encroachment”

    I also recall a very bogus offensive PI call against Carlson – which I’d thought would be a pick play, but on replay, you could see it was just a bit of contact between him and his guy that had zero impact on the play – and it took away a completion.

    Just struck me as an overstatement to say that the one call in Seattle’s favor turned the whole game our way.

  63. 1. What surprised you about this win?

    Seahawks defensive front seven refused to lose their battles inside the 10 yard line. Easy to say but very difficult to do against a team like the 49ers. Not surprised that Singletary thought his 49ers would win all those battles, Boy was he surprised.

    2. Yes, it’s one game, but are the Seahawks better than you anticipated?

    Absolutely. Not only did the defense win every 3rd and 4th down battle they needed to win, but they created key turnovers and then the offense capitalized on every one of those turnover opportunities. This is exactly what you coach a football team to do. The team we saw on Sunday was more than just a lucky team, they were a very well coached and well prepared team.

    3. Does this game – based on the Hawks and Niners performances – change your expectations for this season?

    I had predicted that if the 49ers won on opening day, the Seahawks should go about 6-10, but if they could shock the 49ers on opening day, then they had a chance to go 7-9 and contend for the division title. I still think this.

    4. Who gets the game ball?

    The entire Defensive Front Seven. Yes, all of them. Bradley and Quinn used all their active linemen to help win this game: Bryant, Mebane, Cole, Clemons, Brock, Davis, Siavii, Balmer, and Curry (who moved to DE in the dime package throughout the fourth quarter). Tatupu and Hawthorne were everywhere. The 49ers were inside our 10 yard line three times in the first half, came away with only 6 points, and were shut out in the second half. What’s not to like? :-)

  64. letsworkitout says:

    Hawks will still be in the basement by seasons end with St Louis. To think otherwise is putting all your eggs in this single game. One game does not make a season. Hawks can’t live on Carroll’s emotions all season. They blew their wad on this one game. Mike Dropsie Williams will not be resurrected, Hass won’t make it through the season, the real depth of the DLINE and OLINE will kill the hawks, and the lack of a running game will be the final nail in the coffin.

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